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Family of Fanalis & RenKou's.

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There was always an issue with privacy in this house, considering so many people lived in it. It was what made Kouen and Mu check in at hotels once in a while, or go on vacations together, without the kids if possible, when they both had a rare day off at the same time. Because there was always someone around who might (and probably would) hear them.

Kouen leaned his back into the embrace he suddenly found himself in while he was in the middle of washing the pots and plates he couldn’t run in the dishwasher. He didn’t pull his hands free, only clutched the plate and the dish-brush a little tighter at the surface of the warm water.

“Hey beautiful,” Mu murmured into his neck, light kisses pressing against it. “What’s your address?” Kouen raised an eyebrow at his husband’s question, and the tone of his voice likely revealed the expression on his face. “What’s yours?”

Kouen could feel Mu smile against his skin, his breath hot and sending small shivers of electricity down his spin, and then a hand pressed against his chest. His index finger tapped lightly against the apron, enough for Kouen to feel it. “Your heart,” he murmured softly. Kouen lifted his head from his work to look at the mop of red hair and the patches of visible skin. “Cheesy,” he finally commented. he turned back to the sink and chuckled when Mu remarked with a slight pout against his skin, “Actually, I’d like if you called it romantic.”

Kouen shook his head. “I’m not going to do that. And stop that, I’m trying to do the dishes.” Mu had continued trailing kisses along his neck, and Kouen had a sensitive spot right below his ear. If Mu kept going he wouldn’t be able to focus.

Mu stopped, but not because Kouen told him to. Instead he turned his head toward the door, because there came a gagging sound from around the doorway, and then, the sound of rushing feet. Mu shook his head and sighed. “Children,” he said. Kouen hummed in agreement, then bit back a groan when Mu pressed a kiss right at the edge of that sensitive spot. “Mu!” He let go of the brush, and shoved a wet hand in Mu’s face. It resulted in a very undignified squeak and sputter from Mu. At least it pleased Kouen, even though it only kept Mu from kissing him a short while. At least the next one was less teasing, when he caught his jaw with a big, gentle hand and pressed their lips together.

This time the both of them ignored the sounds whichever child had seen them made.