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No Dream Could Compare

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There was a certain warmth that came from waking up in the morning without needing to be woken up.  Like there was nothing else in the world needing to be done but simply wake up and enjoy those small moments in bed before having to get up.  Zhao Yunlan had never noticed how great it felt to simply slip away from his dreams into the morning. Usually there was something or someone that needed him up so early, or that he was asleep anywhere else but his bed. But this morning was truly warm and perfect.

Maybe because of the solid weight he was hugging in front of him.  A back pressed against his chest and a familiar profile laying on his pillows.  Their pillows.

Zhao Yunlan smiled and nestled his face against Shen Wei's shoulder blade, leaving kisses aplenty.  The muscles jumped underneath his lips, a sign that the other was awake now.  

That didn't stop him from leaving a few more before murmuring against Shen Wei's back, "Good morning, handsome."

A warm hand pressed over Zhao Yunlan's hand that was curled around Shen Wei's chest and resting against his heart.  There was a moment of it simply resting there, before the fingers slotted into place between his own. There was a soft squeeze that made Zhao Yunlan feel like melted butter at how full of warmth he felt.

"Good morning, Yunlan ."

Oh no.  

That voice, saying his name like that -full of tenderness, warmth, and love-, melted Zhao Yunlan into a figurative puddle of mush.  His arm squeezed tighter around the other into a hug as he attempted to bury his face fully into Shen Wei's back. He didn't want to let go of the other, didn't want to move away from such warmth.  He also didn't want his blushing face to be seen by the one who had caused it.

But Shen Wei thought otherwise, letting go of Zhao Yunlan's hand and turning in the one-armed embrace to face him.  In the soft morning light without his glasses and hair tousled from sleep, Shen Wei was utterly breath-taking right now.  Zhao Yunlan was speechless.

"You look amazing," Zhao Yunlan told him with the awe of someone so wholly in love.  He was, would always be in love with him. In a life of their making and full of love.

Shen Wei chuckled softly in the morning, though the rosy red in his cheeks made Zhao Yunlan grin more at the sight.  He then trailed his hand up to cup such a blushing face, drawing him into a short kiss, for now. There would be time later, later this morning and later today, for more.  Zhao Yunlan felt both no rush and an eagerness for them. A duality that came with loving Shen Wei.

Soft pawing at the window and sound of others waking up this morning traveling through the walls of their apartment filled their morning with soft background noises.  The sun continued to stream in its golden rays, brightening a new day. A day both men found lucky enough to be sharing together. There was nothing else that could feel better than such a day in love.

"I'll go let Da Qing in," Zhao Yunlan murmured, moving to get up and feeling Shen Wei's hand trail against his body as he did.  He smiled down at the other and earned a soft smile back.

As he got up from bed and slipped on at least a pair of boxers from the floor -as to not give Da Qing an eyeful-, Zhao Yunlan kept thinking how great this morning was.  Maybe it was just because he woke up with Shen Wei or maybe their own little world here in the apartment. But it was what it was. He liked it, liking being woken up so happily.

"You seem extra happy this morning," the fat cat purred out as he slipped inside once the window was opened up enough.

"I am," Zhao Yunlan replied, keeping the name-calling to himself this morning, "it's a good morning."

The cat looked up at him, cocking his head to the side, and then meowed out a happy sound before bounded over in steps far too quick for any cat his weight.  Instead of going to the kitchen where his food would be soon dished out for him, Da Qing chose to jump up on the bed. He began to purr and butt his head against Shen Wei, who smiled and scratched his head in return with a soft "Good morning, Da Qing."

Zhao Yunlan watched this happen before joining back in bed.  The warmth of love from Shen Wei and soft purring from Da Qing lulled him nearly back to sleep.  But no dream could compare to this reality. No dream would ever compare really.

It was a perfect morning.