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Wake Up For Me

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"This is the nurse's station. You'll need to check in here before you do your rounds. There will always be another nurse here with you so if you ever need help, you can ask for it. At the moment, we're in a funk. Most of the patients here in the ICU are in comas. You can tag with me while I finish my rounds." The older woman gestured with her hand for Beth to follow and she did. Nerves were eating away at Beth's insides. Her first day at her new nursing job with the ICU and she was anxiously running everything she knew through her head to make sure she didn't screw up. The older nurse, Carol, led the way into a room and picked up the clipboard at the foot of the bed.

"This is our newest patient. He was in a motorcycle accident over a week ago and hasn't woken up since. Thirty-five year old male suffering from multiple fractures and bruising along with internal bleeding. Police said he was speeding on his bike and a car ran a red light and hit him. At least he was wearing a helmet but the doctors found evidence of the impact still causing some head trauma which is what they think has kept him out of it for so long…Doctor Greene, your father, was his surgeon. You'll need to change the dressings on his wounds soon." Beth watched as Carol read off the chart before moving her blue eyes to the man in the bed. His dark brown hair was slightly long, his bangs brushing his closed eyes and the ends just touching his shoulder.

His face was uninjured, thanks to his helmet, and Beth found herself drawn to his features. A bandage was wrapped around his chest and one of his arms was in a cast. She was certain there were more injuries hidden beneath the sheet covering him but from what Beth could see, he didn't seem to be in too bad of a shape. Beth stepped next to the man, looking at his vitals and reading them aloud to Carol, who recorded them on the board before putting it back in its place and turning to leave.

"We need to complete our rounds, and then you can come back and change his dressings. I'll be going home by then," Carol told her from the door and Beth nodded and walked to follow her out.

"What's his name?" Carol looked at her curiously and Beth nodded her head toward the man in the room.

"I'm not sure. When you see as many as I have, you quit looking." Beth frowned and went back into the man's room and looked at his name on the chart. She walked back to his side and gently took his uninjured hand, giving it a light squeeze.

"My name is Beth, Daryl, I'm going to be looking after you."