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The daily life of (rich and not so rich) demigods

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“Okay. Five packs of cookies, two orders of leum kleum, a pound of soft caramels, and one batch of coconut pudding.” Pharm set down all the packages on his little counter top. The faces of no less than five big Ares cabin kids lit up. “That will be twenty drachmas.”

“What?! Twenty? Last week it was fifteen!”

“Prices went up.” Pharm said simply. “I had to practically beg the Wild Doctor Gang to buy me ingredients while they were out on their last quest. It cost me extra since Pha is pissed that Kit got bit by something particularly nasty.”

“But you can’t just-”

“Oh… And did I forget to mention…” Pharm smiled and pointed to the side. “That my boyfriend is here today!” The five Ares campers looked to the side to see the second eldest son of Poseidon glaring at them as he casually leaned against the wall. “So…” Pharm smiled a little more cheerfully. “Twenty drachmas?”


Can opened the door to the Hades cabin and no less than three skeletons came over and bowed to greet him. Can handed over his bag and slipped off his completely worn down sneakers and handed them over as well. The third skeleton lead Can down to the bathrooms where Tin was waiting with a bath drawn in a large black marble tub. 

“I absolutely love your skeleton butlers.” Can announced as he began stripping without a moment’s hesitation. “Like, the absolute best kind of butlers.”

“I bet you say that to all children of Hades,” Tin said dryly. 

“Technically I do because you’re the only one here.”

Tin opened his mouth, closed it, and then opened it again. “You’ve been taking lessons with Kao again, haven’t you.”

“Am I finally too clever for you?!”

“Just get in the tub.”


“Beam! Beam, you have to help!” Yo ran into the Apollo cabin and everyone turned to look. Not out of alarm, but mostly because the short son of Aphrodite had that effect on people. 

Beam had already jumped out of his bed. “What’s wrong? Did someone hurt you?”

“Worse! The Ares cabin kids are trying to hit on Pete again!”

Beam’s expression turned thunderous and his fellow siblings immediately turned away. “How many.”

“Twenty of the newest.”

Beam walked over to a patch of wall by his bunk and tapped it. The wall opened to reveal ten gleaming celestial bronze bows, a quiver, and a shooting glove. Beam slipped on the glove and strapped on the quiver. He ran his hands down his options before selecting the oldest and most worn looking bow.

“It’s been a while since I used you, my pretty songbird,” Beam said to his bow. “How about we teach some Ares boys a lesson?”

Yo’s eye twitched. “You… You’re using that one?”

Beam plucked the string and a beautiful note resounded in the air. Several of the other Apollo cabin mates harmonized with it while humming. “I think we should have some music while teaching. It helps children learn.”


It was past curfew when Win heard the scratching at the door of the Poseidon cabin. There was only one person it could be. Win ran over, careful not to wake Dean (Pete was out on a quest with Kao), and opened the door to find Team wobbling back and forth.

“Win… Hia… I can’t… I couldn’t…”

“Come.” Win held out a hand and Team took it immediately. “No sleep for the sleepy, no dreams for the dreamer.”

“Hia, please…”

“I’ve got you.” Win pulled Team into his bed and wrapped himself around him. “You’re safe. You’re with me.”

Team closed his eyes and his breathing began to even out. Although the oceans and seas were known for being rough and turbulent, Team knew of no calmer or safer place than Win’s arms.


“Is… Is Kongpob okay?” Arthit asked as Kao opened the door to the Athena cabin. “I haven’t seen him around for a while…”

“Oh, you have nothing to worry about, Arthit,” Kao said with a smile. “He’s been working on a serious project. But I think he’ll be-”

“It’s finished! Everyone come look!” Another Athena camper shouted. 

The sound of scrambling and feet stomping motivated Arthit to push past Kao and walk deeper into the cabin. All the way at the back, before a surprisingly large loom, Kongpob stood proudly as the rest of his siblings made appreciative noises. It was only once Arthit had managed to get to the front that he recognized what he was seeing.

“This… This is…” Arthit reached out and Kongpob took his wrist and pulled him closer to let him touch the work on the loom. “This is the tapestry I saw on my last quest…”

“Do you like it Arthit?” 

“How did you… When did you?”

“It was tricky… Especially since the original is supposed to be one of Arachne’s… So I had to get over some… Issues.” Kongpob winced. “But if it’s for you, how could I back down?”

“You… You duplicated a tapestry created by the mortal enemy of your mother, for me,” Arthit said faintly.

“Yeah… I did. Do you like it?”

Kongpob was allowed to enjoy Arthit’s look of wonder for another moment before he found himself being hit by the older son of Hephaestus. “You idiot! Why would you work so hard to copy something you hate to even look at!”

“I don’t hate it! It’s just not well documented! I mean, it’s useful that at least Arachne made a website for her designs during the last war against the gods-”

“You dummy! You idiot! You… You…” Arthit had stopped punching Kongpob’s arm. “You locked yourself away for more than a month for this!”

Kongpob looked up and smiled. “So… does this mean you missed me?”

“I thought you were sick and dying!”

“No… Just lovesick.” The entire Athena cabin and Arthit were torn between cooing and gagging.


“Ae… This is Pearl,” Pete said as he lead Ae to a particular stall in the pegasi stables. “Mom gave her to me as a tenth birthday present.” Pearl stuck her head out and Pete pet her fondly. “I hope you two get along well.” 

Ae made eye contact with Pearl, who seemed to regard him carefully. After a few sniffs and an offering of several sugar cubes, Pearl allowed Ae to pet her. Although the initial static shock was regrettable, Pearl seemed to get over her initial distrust quickly. Especially since Ae was the son of the god of the skies.

“She’s very nice,” Ae said softly. “You’re very lucky to have her.”

“I’m lucky to have you too,” Pete said before kissing Ae on the cheek. Pearl whinnied in protest. “Oh, hush you. Are you going to go tattle on me to mom?” Pearl winked and Pete frowned. “If you tell mom, I’m going to stop giving you those special apples you like that Pharm can grow!” Pearl whinnied in protest, but ended up huffing and avoiding eye contact. “Thank you. I’ll bring you two tomorrow.”

“You really have an interesting relationship with your pegasus.” Ae blinked. “She’s more like your sister.”

“She certainly thinks she’s my mom. I know that.” Pete scrunched up his face, but Ae pinched his cheeks to get him to stop. “Come on, I want to show you off to my siblings next. They’ll love you!”


“Didn’t Forth tell you not to try making me a magical bow that can also turn into a multi-tool?” Kit said as he cleaned the burns on Ming’s arms. “Even Kao said you didn’t get the mechanics right.”

“But Kitkat, you’ve been wanting your own special bow for a while now! One that collapses into a multi-tool would be so perfect for you!” Ming gave Kit a pout. “Is it really my fault that the thing blew up while I was trying to put in a corkscrew to be a wine bottle opener?”

“Yes.” Kit dabbed disinfectant on one of the burns a little harder than he normally would, making Ming hiss. “Yes, it is.”

“Na… Kitkat… Just kiss my burns better…” Ming continued to pout, but made his eyes as wide as possible. “Please?”

Kit sighed before muttering a prayer and kissing the largest burn on Ming’s arm. The was a brief glow under Kit’s lips and the burn shrank under the advance of fresh and new skin until it disappeared. Kit repeated the process on several other large burns. Ming’s smile became bright enough to rival Kit’s father, Apollo.

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As the entire Hermes cabin waits for their turn in the arena for sword practice, Can watches the lone Son of Hades. Tin moves with a brutal efficiency, whatever he needs to dispatch the living to the realm of his father. The cold glint of Stygian Iron leaves a trail of frost in its wake, glittering and ephemeral.

Sighing to himself, Can sets down his borrowed sword and walks over.

“Tin, aren’t you bored of practicing by yourself?” Tin barely waves Can off before continuing. “When was the last time we had a spar?”

“Depends. When was the last time you said I wasn’t allowed to touch you for a week?”

Can’s face turns just a bit red and Tin smirks. “THAT TIME WAS JUSTIFIED!”


“So, I’m bored.” Can draws his dagger, a foot long blade of celestial bronze. “Entertain me.”

Tin huffs and stops short on the next thrust of his blade. The entire Hermes cabin perks up with interest. It’s not often that they get to see Tin and Can sparring, the two more interested in their own private affairs in the darkness of the Hades cabin.

“You promise not to be upset if you lose, baby?”

“If I lose.” Can twirls his dagger between his quick fingers and Tin licks his lips. “And if I win?”

“Back massage.”

“Shit. Yes.”

Can rolls his shoulders and steps into the center of the ring. Tin follows behind and the two face off. Tin’s gaze is cool while Can smiles. A breeze passes, ruffling their hair for a moment. And then suddenly Can is upon Tin.

Can’s dagger moves lightning fast and the sharp clang of it clashing with Tin’s sword rings out. Can’s lips twitch as Tin’s movements are not the blunt and efficient swipes and stabs he had been using moments ago. Now, Tin is graceful, each move flows into the next, like a dance that only Can knows how to insert himself into. With such an invitation, how could he refuse?

After Tin’s next swing goes wide, Can moves in, closing the distance Tin’s sword provides as an advantage. But it’s too late when Can notices the quirk of Tin’s lips before he’s kicked back. Can catches himself before charging in again. Tin’s arm is already moving when Can rushes past.

Tin stands still and after a beat, his breastplate falls off, straps sliced clean through. The entire Hermes cabin cheers and Can turns around, smile wide. “I win!”

Tin points at Can’s shirt. “Are you sure about that?” Everyone watches as Can’s shirt falls off into taters. Can pouts.

“That was my favorite! I wore it on my first quest!”

“Looks like a draw, Cantaloupe.” Tin smirks, but it is a near thing. Can knows the only thing stopping Tin from smiling is the gaze of all Can’s siblings.

“Styx, could you both not use the arena for foreplay?” Kit complains as he walks past, Ming not far behind if the yelling is any indication. “There are young demigods that will think this is normal romantic behavior.”

Tin ignores him while Can screeches indignantly. Snacks and money exchange hands in the stands before Tin pulls Can away.

It’s time for Hades cabin free time now anyway. And he’d be doing Hermes cabin a favor by giving Can a chance to cool off.

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Saifah watched Zon as he walked along the Long Island Sound with some of the demigods of Camp Half Blood. The Son of Mercury appeared to have been taken under the wing of two Sons of Aphrodite, Pete and Yo as they had introduced themselves. And if anyone asked, Saifah was watching purely as a security concern for a fellow member of Camp Jupiter. 

(The less said about the outburst Saifah had had after seeing Pete for the first time and finding out that he was related to Tutor, the better.)

Zon appeared to be in one of his overthinking moods as the other two talked at him more than talking with him.

“Is it really so hard to talk about,” Pete asked as he picked up a rather pretty seashell. “You feel it in your heart, don’t you?”

“It can’t really be… It’s so…”

“So what,” Yo asked.

“So cliche.” Zon picked up his own shell and threw it back into the water. “I swear it’s a curse from my sister.”

“Do you think we should talk to Can about it? He’s surprisingly good at curses for not being a Son of Apollo,” Pete said as he picked up another shell.

“Ugh, please don’t mention Sons of Apollo.” Zon made a face. Saifah, as one Son of Apollo, also made a face. 

“It’s not like I’ve been that bad…” Saifah muttered as memories of how he wasn’t exactly that great at getting Zon’s attention came to mind.

“Well you have to talk about it some how. Or you’ll never feel any better.” Yo sat down in the sand and patted the spot next to him. “Come. I’ve got an idea.” Zon sat down and Pete sat down on the other side. “When you think of him-”

“I didn’t say-”

“Shh!” Yo pinched Zon’s lips shut and Saifah felt his hand twitch as if he could smack the hand away from Zon’s lips from so far away. “No resisting! This is the problem! This is why you overthink!” Yo released Zon’s lips and Pete pat Zon on the head.

“Just think of whoever it is. And then sing the song that comes to mind,” Pete said. ”That’s plenty for a first step”

“Give it a try,” Yo said with a nod. 

Zon frowned, but closed his eyes. The three boys sat in silence for a minute before Zon’s mouth opened.

“No chance no way I won’t say it, no no…”

Pete smiled and sang along. “You swoon you sigh why deny it oh oh.”

“It’s too cliche I won’t say I’m in love,” Zon looked to the setting sun and Saifah watched the light play across his face. “I thought my heart had learned its lesson. It feels so good when you start out.” Zon turned back to look at the ground. “My head is screaming, ‘Get a grip boy! Unless you’re dying to cry your heart out!’“ Zon’s voice faded to a whisper, but Saifah could read his lips. “No chance no way I won’t say it, no no. 

“At least out loud I won’t say I’m in love…  “

“Well… Now that was very informative.” Yo and Pete both put an arm around Zon and pulled themselves closer. 

“It’s okay. You don’t have to say it out loud yet. But you should acknowledge it,” Pete said. 

“Accepting your feelings is the first step to either getting what you want, or getting over it,” Yo said in agreement.

“But what if… What if it isn’t real?”

“Even if it’s not ‘real,’ you got something from that love. It will be a lesson and a memory you carry forever,” Pete said as he rubbed Zon’s back. “But I think… These feelings are more real than you think.” Saifah paled as Pete looked right at him. It was in that moment that Saifah realized just how Pete and Tutor might remotely be related, beyond their godly mother. “And that goes both ways.”

Saifah slowly backed away, resolving to let them finish their talk. 

At least until Pete stopped staring at his exact location. 

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Kit pulls his bowstring taught, Pha and Beam alongside him as they aim for the targets more than fifty meters away. It is an easy enough target, practically a warm-up for any child of Apollo.


At the sound of Ming yelling, Kit’s shot goes wide and the entire cabin practicing with him winces. Ming’s yelling has a particular reputation among children of Apollo for it’s lack of ability to ever be in tune. 

(How a Son of Hephaestus that can keep so many weapons and machines in tune can’t tune his voice is a question no one can solve.)

"Kit! Do you have time today?! Let’s go climb the rock wall together!” Ming bounds up to Kit smelling of burning coal and welding bronze. Kit almost hates it.


(And it would have to be almost. Because Kit knows the smell of Ming like the back of his hand. Has learned it so many times over and over in the nights spent in either of their cabins or days wandering the forests and beach. It’s a part of Ming. And Kit, unfortunately, loves Ming in his entirety.)

“Idiot, don’t you see I’m doing archery with my cabin right now,” Kit hisses.

“Oh, it’s okay. Kit is overdue for a break,” Pha says as he takes Kit’s bow from his hands despite them only just starting. “Go with Ming.”

Kit snarls at Pha, but Pha and the rest of his siblings give Kit hopeful looks, knowing they will get no practice done so long as his boyfriend is being disruptive. 

Kit only sighs and Ming grabs his wrist. “Thanks, Pha! I’ll bring him back in one piece,” Ming says before dragging Kit away.

Ming’s grip is a bit rough from callouses, but his touch is gentle. And yet Kit frowns, feeling the heat radiating off of the younger boy.

Kit knows the warmth of the sun. He feels it simmer under his skin in daylight hours as his father soars across the sky. He can almost see it’s ebb and flow in the infirmary when he heals his fellow campers. And at night, Kit knows it fades as the moon rises.

But for some reason, it pales in comparison to the heat of the forge and flame in Ming’s touch. So bright and hot in the sticky summer sun that Kit wants to wrench his arm away. 

And yet he doesn’t.

Because Ming, for all his heat and volume and brightness will never burn him. Kit knows that much. 

“I’m so happy, it’s a date with my Kitkat.” Kit winces because it has been a while since their last proper date. “So I’m going to make the most of it! Afterwards, let’s go to Pharm’s snack bar! I heard he made some really good new recipes today!”

“Ming...” The words Kit should say get stuck in Kit’s throat. Words about saying sorry for being negligent. Words of reassurance. Words of kindness and love and devotion. 

Words should not be so hard for a Son of Apollo, a god of song and poetry. And yet Kit always finds himself tongue-tied when it comes to Ming. 

“You’d better not pick the hardest setting today,” is all Kit says at last.

“Aww... I love you too, Kitkat,” Ming replies as he continues to lead the way. 

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“Tor!” Pete ran to catch up to his twin. At least, the word twin was used in the loosest sense. 

Pete was born of Aphrodite, a passionate love with beauty and grace. Tor was born of Venus, no less passionate or loving, but a passion that could drive men to war. Their father had attracted both aspects of the goddess at once. Handsome and charming, but cunning, dignified, orderly, and ruthless.

Both bore him a son and so one lived in Camp Half Blood and the other in Camp Jupiter.

There, the similarities ended. And there the arguments began. No matter how much they loved each other.

“You don’t get to talk to me about fighting for what I want,” Tutor said sharply while crossing his arms. “Not when everything has always been handed to you!”

“That’s because I ask for it.” Pete crossed his arms as well. 

Had anyone passed by, they would see twisted mirror images. One soft and comfortable in his skin with a spine of steel. The other rigid and rough, eyes ready for war, even if his still soft heart was born to love.

“You’ve had the luxury to ask. I’ve had to take,” Tutor said with a frown. “I’ve fought for everything at Camp Jupiter. I refuse to let it all go just because of a dumb boy!”

“And what would you lose?” Pete gestured to all of Tutor. “Tor, you are a general in the legion. The first Son of Venus to be so. Who would challenge you just because you might like-”

“Stop! Don’t you say it!”


“Gods damn it.” Tutor pinched the bridge of his nose. “Why are you always like this?”

“Because I don’t think it weak to acknowledge my emotions!” Pete stomped his foot and for a second, Tutor saw a glow around his twin. “Now, you want to tell me why you’re afraid.”

Pete’s words echoed around them in their corner of the woods around Camp Jupiter. The power of Pete’s charmspeak was hard to deny, but Tutor bit his tongue and the pain gave him an edge. “No!”

“Tor…” Pete sighed and sat down on a log. “Emotions and love, our understanding of them, are gifts from mother. To deny them is to deny half your heritage.”

“It’s a heritage that’s done me no favors.” Tutor reluctantly sat next to Pete. “Every single one of them has thought I wouldn’t make it in the legion just because I’m a child of Venus, that I’d be rank and file. If I… If they find out I like Fighter…”

“What? Could a praetor demote you for being human enough to love?”

“Of course not!”

“So how would you lose?” Pete picked at the bark near his hands. “Would you lose your status? Or would you lose your pride?” Pete’s eyes softened as he took in the stiff profile of Tutor. “Would you be ashamed that you fell in love with the guy that antagonized you ever since you came to camp?” The tell tale red that crept up Tutor’s cheeks was answer enough. Pete smiled. “Understood then.”

“You don’t understand a damn thing!”

“I understand more than you want me to admit, Tor.” Pete stood up and dusted off his shorts. “Well, I’ll head back first then. And don’t worry, I won’t say a thing to Fighter.” Pete winked. “Yet!” Pete ran off and Tutor groaned before running after him.

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Tutor grunts as he stabs another monster straight through the gut with his imperial gold short sword before cursing every prophecy, augury, and oracle he’s ever met. What should have been a visit to Camp Half Blood just to see Pete had turned into a quest for Aphrodite to get her a limited restock of Circe’s collaboration eye shadow pallet. The twins had set off, but were ultimately followed by two more.

In the corner of his eye, Tutor sees Pete’s boyfriend, Ae, making his own way through the crowd that had ambushed them. Cold lightning follows the tip of his sword, as befitting of a Son of Zeus. His movements are brutal, but his style is chaotic, typical of Greek heroes.

On his other side, Tutor hears the clamor of Fighter’s sword and shield with an underlying clicking and whirring from the gears and mechanisms contained within, as also befits a Son of Vulcan. Why he chose to follow, Tutor leaves out of his considerations, unwilling to think of the implications. 

The one left unaccounted for was Pete. 

Tutor scans the surrounding area for cover, sure that his twin was probably hiding while the rest fought. The softness of Pete’s body held no real muscle and Pete himself had not drawn a weapon when combat began. 

And yet, Tutor finds Pete in the thick of things, monsters rising and falling in his wake.

The glow of charmspeak around him, Pete dances between blows and bodies, the exertion making him look as lively and beautiful as ever. And when a monster’s guard is down, Pete lays his hand on their bodies and whispers.

It is always something different. A call for jealousy. A call for sleep eternal. A call for something far more violent and fatal. But Pete was not denied anything he requested, and in that way, Pete’s kill count rose. 

With everything said and done, Ae runs over and checks Pete thoroughly. Not a scratch to be found, not a hair out of place. 

“Good job, Koon Chai.” Ae pinches Pete’s cheek and Tutor frowns and rubs his own while Pete preens under the attention.

Later, as they all prepare to make camp, Tutor pulls Ae aside.

“Why didn’t you just keep Pete behind you,” Tutor asks. “Should you really be letting him fight like this?”

Ae raises an eyebrow. “Of all the people to complain about how Pete handles himself during a fight, I didn’t expect it to be you.”

“What he’s doing is dangerous.”

“It’s his answer,” Ae says as he crosses his arms. “I want to protect Pete. Pete wants to protect me.” Ae shrugs. “It works.”

“Aren’t you afraid he’ll die?”

Ae glares up at Tutor. “Of course I’m afraid. I’m afraid every moment I’m not by his side to take care of him. But he’s learned a bit about how to take care of himself. And why should I deny him that?” The smell of ozone is suddenly sharp in the air and Tutor feels the hair on his arms stand up on end. “And if someone does hurt him, it’ll be the last thing they do.” Ae huffs and the charge in the air dissipates. “But he always comes back just fine, not a hair out of place. He’d be upset if there was one.”

“Now that sounds like Pete.”

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Pha kicked back one cyclops before shooting another two in the face. Yo had been knocked out trying to save the captain of the ferry boat by a lucky hit to the head. Pha had repaid them three fold, but the damage was done and Pha and Yo were stuck behind enemy lines. Ming and Kit fared no better, forced into a corner on the deck below. Deeper still in the engine room, Forth fought to keep the boat going in the aftermath of a crude explosive while Beam gave him cover. 

Shooting down another cyclops, Pha looked behind him to see the green cast on Yo’s fair skin. If he didn’t receive treatment soon, problems would start to arise. 

Pha lamented the loss of ground as he took a few steps back to get closer to Yo, but he’d rather lose ground than lose the love of his life. Two more monsters fell to Pha’s bow and arrows before Pha made it to Yo’s side. 

Or at least, where Yo was supposed to be. 

There was nothing but a sticky trail of blood and a pool of vomit left. 

“Yo! Yo, where-” Pha whipped his head around to spot the shorter boy, but it took a moment before he realized that Yo had gotten into the main control cabin. Through the glass, Pha could see his glassy eyes and heavy breathing. “Concussion. Potentially severe. Lack of focus, heavy breathing…” Yo began to flail about, hitting a multitude of buttons until the PA system crackled to life. “Uncoordinated… Shit… Yo! Don’t hurt yourself further!”

“S-Sing…” Yo slurred out. 

There was a click and a whir before what sounded like gunshots resounded from Ming’s position. Several cyclopes fell before him, the muzzle forged into the fuller of Ming’s sword smoked as the the gap was quickly filled. “Yo! What are you doing?!”

Yo didn’t seem to hear any of them. He closed his eyes, pounded a fist against his chest and then the console before trying again.

“Sing… a song… of the stars at night
Sing them to sleep…
Sweet child of Aphrodite…”

Yo’s voice was shaky at best and the quality of the PA system did no service with the crackling interference. But the monsters began to slow and stumble, turning their heads towards the speakers.

“Sing high, sing low…
Sing soft and slow
Further and further
Fall deep into my charm
Sing my friends away from harm

Sing a song of the stars at night
Sing them to sleep
Sweet child of Aphrodite…”

As Yo continued singing, the glow of charmspeak flickered to life. His voice grew stronger and Pha found himself unable to look away.

“Where, oh where
Do the monsters sleep?
Sinking and dreaming beneath my feet
Lost in Tartarus
May they all weep

Sing a song of the stars at night
Sing them to sleep
Sweet child of Aphrodite…”

Yo suddenly coughed and the cyclopes began to shake their heads. Pha began firing into the crowd of them as fast as he dared. Judging by the sound of twanging bowstrings, Kit had the same idea. After another coughing fit, Yo recovered, his voice as powerful as ever.

“Sing high, sing low
Sing soft and slow
Further and further
Fall deep into my charm
Sing my friends away from harm!

This swamp of dreams is now your home
Sleep well
Sleep quiet
Sleep all alone!”

Yo nearly all but shouted the last words, causing all the cyclopes to fall around them. Even Pha found one knee a bit weak. 

“Got you,” Yo whispered into the microphone before falling over.

“Yo!” Drawing a short sword, Pha sliced open every cyclopes around him, turning them to sulfur and dust before running into the cabin for Yo. Cradling Yo’s head, Pha pulled out a flask and held it to Yo’s lips. “Drink. Come on, you have to drink…” Pha whispered. 

A small trickle of nectar dribbled out of Yo’s mouth, but Pha sighed as Yo’s throat began to work to swallow. With gentle fingers, Pha searched Yo’s head for the initial wound. At the touch of tacky blood and matted hair, Pha prayed, feeling the warmth under his skin spread into Yo’s body. Yo’s breathing became less shallow and color returned to his face.  

“Pha!” Forth and Beam burst into the cabin. “Is Yo alright?” Beam knelt down by Pha as Forth went out to help Ming and Kit finish off the remaining sleeping monsters. “Let me help.” Beam put his hands over Pha’s and also prayed. The glow under Pha’s hands grew stronger and Yo’s eyes finally opened.

“Pha? Beam?” Yo winced as he sat up with their help. “Did we win?” 

Pha pulled Yo tight against his body. “We did… We won… You are so amazing…” Pha whispered against the crown of Yo’s head. “Now please don’t charmspeak with a concussion ever again.”


Chapter Text

“I’m sure you’re all curious why I’ve gathered you here today,” Pete said as Yo set down a tray laden with snacks and tea.

“Not really,” Kao said as he picked up a dainty teacup. Kongpob did the same. “You’re obviously fishing for details about our love lives.”

“Oh? Is this literal tea time? Okay so I may have accidentally fucked up,” Win said as he reached for a scone. Pete gently tapped his hand.

“Scones are for good boys. If you fucked up, you don’t get scones,” Pete chided.


Pharm smiled and placed one in Win’s hand anyway. “Tell us what’s wrong.”

“I don’t understand how Win messes up all the time with Team,” Ming whined. “I need the help more. Kitkat refused my newest magic bow I made for him.”

“You literally made it unusable,” Forth said as he bit into a cookie. “I told you trying to make a laser sight with those materials was going to potentially be a problem.”

“But it would have been really cool!”

“Okay, but why am I here?” Tutor said as he crossed his arms.

“Because you’re emotionally constipated despite being a Son of Venus,” Saifah replied while holding up his teacup. “More tea please!”

“We have a separate session planned just for Tutor,” Yo said as he refilled the cup. “Don’t tell me we need to have a special one just for you, Saifah.”

“Of course not! I’m not messing up nearly as badly as these other guys.”

“I literally saw Zon running away from you, Saifah,” said Kongpob. 

“Okay, but that was because I was covered in goo from some messed up potion. Not because he doesn’t love me.”

“Debatable,” scoffed Tutor. “I saw genuine panic in his eyes.”

“And what do you know about genuine panic?” Saifah grinned. “Is it what you think is going on when you look in the mirror while thinking about Fighter?”

Tutor lunged for Saifah but was shoved back into his seat by Pete. “Enough of that. We’re all here to make sure things go smoothly.” Pete turned to Can. “Except for Can who’s just here for the food.”

“It’s really good food though,” Can said as he paused in stuffing his face. “Pharm gets better and better every week.”

“Can really doesn’t know that letting him stuff his face is how they get him to talk,” Kao asked Kongpob.

“He hasn’t realized it at all. It’s why he has his own tray of snacks.”

“These kids are too sneaky these days.”

“Okay but is anyone going to help me apologize to Team for making him think the horses and pegasi are talking about him behind his back or not,” Win complained loudly.

The entire group froze and Pete turned to Win slowly. Win immediately plastered a stiff smile on his face. “You. Did. What?”

“Uhh… I just thought it would be funny…”

“Team is chronically sleep deprived and filled with anxiety,” Yo said while pointing at Win with the cake knife. “And you honestly thought that would be funny?”


“We need something stronger than tea,” Pete declared. “Yo, get the tequila.”

Kao stared mournfully into his tea. “But I hate tequila.”

“That’s not what I remember last time-”


Chapter Text

After Dean meets Pharm and tries his desserts, whenever he eats ambrosia, it always tastes like Pharm’s cooking.

Of course, when Team eats ambrosia, it tastes like Lays.

Can likes being the fastest of all the claimed sons of Hermes, even without magical shoes.

Tin takes full advantage of having skeletal servants and the entire Hades cabin all to himself. (He’s lucky Can likes it because horror movies.)

Ming and Forth are like, “We want to make the thing because IT WOULD BE COOL.” Truly, they are sons of Hephaestus. Kao and Kong take one look at it and ask, “But why?” (The reason why is because if they get hurt, they can go see their baes in the infirmary and make sad puppy eyes until they heal them.)

Pete and Yo are considered to be the cutest boys in Aphrodite cabin. (Yo is actually also considered the most battle-ready boy in Aphrodite cabin. We won’t talk about why, but it involves a celestial bronze dagger and a Son of Ares that didn’t know how to take NO for an answer when asking Pete on a date.)

Ae is relatively new to Camp and thus hasn’t accumulated a wealth of magic items, etc. Not that he cares. He’d sooner punch a monster’s face in than rely on some hokey magic stick.

The motto of a doctor is usually, “Do no harm.” The motto of the Apollo born Wild Doctors is, “Take two arrows to the face and don’t call me in the morning.” Unless it’s Yo. In which case Pha says, “WHY DIDN’T YOU IRIS MESSAGE ME LAST NIGHT? I MISSED YOU BBY.”

Pharm runs a secret snack shop out of the back of the camp store. He’s rolling in drachmas and cash. Dean would be jealous if he wasn’t getting “Secret Deliveries” during his canoe activity time. 

The last time Ming called Kit “Kitty,” Kit cursed him with only being able to meow for a week. Ming annoyed Kit so bad by howling like a tomcat that wanted to bang that Kit undid the curse after a day.

Beam has an ASSORTMENT of magical celestial bronze bows with all sorts of contraptions, a magic quiver that gives him any sort of arrow he can think of (within reason), and a shooting glove that unfolds into a shield. Because Forth doesn’t know the meaning of the word, “restraint.” Apollo would be annoyed that a son of his is getting more tricked out than he is if he didn’t have a direct link to Hephaestus himself. (Hephaestus has contemplated asking Forth for his blueprints. Just once.)

Kongpob doesn’t usually weave, but weaving is in the blood of any Child of Athena and once he heard that Arthit had once seen a very beautiful tapestry on a quest once, Kongpob spent a month researching it and trying to duplicate it. Arthit yelled at him over it, but still keeps it in a special chest by his bunk. If anyone looks at it funny, they get a magic sword to the face.

Ae has literally forgotten what he was going to do, staring into Pete’s eyes, just watching them shift and change color as Aphrodite’s do.

Kao invented a chip to stick into cellphones so that demigods could actually use them without attracting every monster in a five mile radius. Unfortunately, Pete took the prototype, used it on his phone, and promptly ended up staying underwater for five hours, messing the chip up. Kao didn’t talk to him for a month, no matter how many times Pete said sorry. (Or how many piles of Kao’s favorite fish he left outside the Athena cabin. That was a particularly bad move.)

Chapter Text

Beam stared at the bow awkwardly. It wasn’t the first time Forth had tried to gift him something in the span of their relatively new courtship, but the bow was surprisingly… plain. Aside from the lovely metalwork in the bronze, Beam couldn’t understand why Forth was particularly proud.

“So… is it just a bow?” Beam held it properly and judged the weight before practicing drawing the string. The draw weight was just right for Beam’s preferred rate of fire, powerful enough to pack a punch but not so hard to pull back that it would delay Beam’s firing speed. “It works pretty well.”

“That’s not all!” Forth handed Beam an arrow. “Hold it with a full grip and fire the arrow.”

Beam raised an eyebrow, but did as he was told. At the release of the arrow, the bowstring let off a low note, almost akin to the sound of a guitar. “What?”

“Ah! It works!” Forth smiled. “Now try shooting it while only holding the bow with your middle and ring fingers.”

“That’s incredibly impractical.”

“Just try it!”

Forth handed Beam another arrow and Beam did as he was told. Surprisingly, the bow was just as easy to pull as before and Beam released the arrow. This time, a higher note resounded in the air. 

“It… It’s playing music?”

“Not exactly. But I made it so depending on the position of your fingers on the bow, it plays different notes.” Forth smiled. “I call it the Songbird.”

“Do I have to fire an arrow to make it make a sound?”

“You can pluck the string and it should still work.”

Beam changed his grip and gently plucked the bowstring and a pleasant note rang through the air. “It really is like a songbird.” Beam blinked and rapidly plucked the string while changing his grip and before long a small tune emerged. “That’s… actually cute.”

“A cute bow for my cutest archer,” Forth said while wiggling his eyebrows. He missed the frown on Beam’s face.

“Are you asking me to play you a song, Forth?” Beam asked while reaching for his quiver. 

“What song will you play me?”

Beam notched an arrow and pulled back the string before aiming at Forth. “A melody of war.”

Forth’s smile turned just a bit awkward. “I was hoping for a love song.”

Beam’s smile turned sharp. “It can be one if you survive.”

Chapter Text

“Why do you stare at them?” Can asked one day as he and Tin sat on the docks while Dean tried to teach Pharm how to row the canoe properly. “Aren’t I enough for you?”

“Don’t be silly. Of course you are.” And in one of the rarest moments of PDA, Tin kissed the crown of Can’s head. “See?”

“I don’t see. What are you seeing if you keep staring at them like that?”

“The past and the present.”

Tin fell silent as he watched Dean and Pharm. The faintest wisp of ghostly forms lingered over their shoulders in broad daylight. It wasn’t a haunting or a possession, but something deeper, something sadder. The ghosts looked young, not much older at all than Dean or Pharm. And although they don’t seem to be able to acknowledge each other, they were content to watch as Dean and Pharm made eyes at each other. The shorter one sighed as Dean put his hands over Pharm’s to show him how to row. The taller one laughed at Pharm’s red cheeks and nervous smile. Both wore Camp Half Blood t-shirts. 

To do the right thing, Tin should call up Thanatos or deal with them himself to return them to Hades properly. The dead should not linger.

But Tin could see the two ghosts were too weak to do anything but stare at the couple just like Tin. The only thing they seemed to desire was fulfillment. And if watching after Dean and Pharm will allow them to move on, then Tin will not say anything. 

Can followed Tin’s gaze for another few minutes before the silence got to him. “I don’t get it,” Can said as he crawled into Tin’s lap. Tin allowed it, only glaring at the dryads and nymphs that had started cooing at them. “What past and present?”

“A shadow that yearns for that which it cannot have. A love that sighs, for they can no longer speak each other’s names.”

“Now you’re just being obtuse!”

Tin twisted his lips into a wry smile. “How about I just buy you some cookies instead when Pharm’s done with his lesson?”

“Hmph.” Can pouted and crossed his arms. “I want the really fancy ones. With jam in the middle.”

“Okay, how about one big linzer tart?”


“Three. Don’t forget you have sword practice today and if you keep getting sugar all over the practice swords, you’ll get in trouble.”

“Four, and you eat one with me.” Can widened his eyes and set his lips into a pout. “Pleaaaaaaase?”

Tin sighed and looked out at the ghosts, their forms flickering in and out as Dean and Pharm splashed each other. “Okay, four.”

“Yes! Now let’s go run some laps until they’re done so we have an excuse to eat them all!” 

Can laughed as he got up and pulled Tin to his feet. Tin moved to walk away, but the ghosts seemed to finally acknowledge him. They bowed before continuing their vigil. Tin only tilted his head in acknowledgement, which seemed to be enough for them. 

Chapter Text

Kongpob regretted very few things in his short demigod life. But few things compared to taking a wrong turn into an alley with a dead end around his own neighborhood. Especially with a herd of telchines chasing after him down the Hamptons. 

“Aren’t you guys a little far from home?” Kongpob asked as he sliced one into dust as it jumped at him. “Looking for work in this Titan-less economy?”

“The Son of Athena is being rather mouthy,” the lead one said as it waddled into view. “Maybe we should break his jaw.”

Kongpob raised his sword. “Come and try it.”

“Actually, don’t you dare.” The telchines and Kongpob looked up to see Arthit, holding an oddly shaped bronze top in his hands. “You’re on demigod turf, telchine. You sure you want to start a fight with us?”

“Arthit! When did you get here?!”

“Son of Hephaestus, do you think you can take on so many of us on your own?”

“Who says I’m on my own?” Arthit clipped the top to some sort of launching device. “Defend us, Draciel!” Arthit pulled the ripcord and the top went flying. The telchines jumped away, but then moved closer to investigate the strange bronze toy. 

“A toy to defend you?” The telchines started barking in laughter. Even Kongpob raised an eyebrow. Usually Arthit’s works were more successful. 

“Draciel, you lazy bum. Wake up!” At last a clicking sound emerged from the top as it continued spinning and unfolding until it became a giant mechanical turtle. “Charge them!” The turtle automaton finally obliged, ramming it’s celestial bronze body, lined with spikes and spinning at high speed, into the telchines, which all yelped and cried. “What are you waiting for, Kong?” Arthit pulled out his spear. “An invitation?”

Kongpob smiled. “I knew you were a nerd, Arthit, but Beyblades?”

Arthit threateningly pulled out another top. “Do you want me to sic Dranzer on you?”

Kongpob immediately turned back to the telchines. “Charge!”

Chapter Text

Saifah smiled as Zon started to walk towards him after reporting about his quest. However, before he could hug and kiss his boyfriend, Can swooped in and snatched Zon away.

“Sorry! Need to have a talk with the sibling, you know how it is. Bye!”

Saifah blinked, Can’s rush of words still processing along with the sudden absence of Zon. “But I didn’t even get to say welcome back yet!”

Zon crossed his arms as Can finally set him down a small distance away. “Explain yourself.”

“Na na, don’t be so upset. You’re not really older than me anyway!” Can pouted and Zon stuck his tongue out at him. “This usually works. Why isn’t the pout working on you?”

“I’m not your boyfriend. Why would it work on me?”

“Because I’m Can, duh.” Zon thought about that for a moment. 

“Okay, you might have a point. But what did you want?”

“You’re a Son of Mercury, but you can do words, right?”


“Words. You know, like you can actually make a sentence that makes sense.”

“Can, everyone can make sentences that make sense. I’m pretty sure it’s just you that has a problem.” Can pouted again and Zon rolled his eyes. Maybe he was getting affected. “Okay, so words? What’s your problem with words?”

“How do I… Tin always writes me really nice poems for when I get back from quests.” Can offered a slip of paper and Zon read it. The poem was surprisingly emotional and vivid. Zon hadn’t gotten to know the cold Son of Hades too well, but it was amazing to see how deep the currents ran. “Could you… help me write one for him? He’s away on a quest right now so I want to surprise him.”

Zon sighed: “Okay. One poem. And then you promise not to snatch me away from Saifah like that again.”

Chapter Text

“Toss your sword over, Child of Hades, or he dies.” The talons of Medusa’s sister Euryale scratched a thin line across Can’s neck. Can didn’t wince and looked more likely to start yelling if his carotid arteries weren’t on the line. “What are you waiting for?”

“Maybe he’s waiting for noon! Sweet Italian sausages on sale, 50% off from noon until three!” Stheno declared. At that, Can seemed to perk up in interest. 

Tin inhaled, exhaled, and threw his sword. The Stygian iron blade tumbled through the air in a graceful arc and stuck itself into the ground right in front of Stheno. 

“Now let him go,” Tin said plainly. 

“So easy? I thought I heard you were a tough bargainer, Child of Hades.” Euryale laughed. “How will you save your little friend now?”

“Friend? Don’t be mistaken.” Tin crossed his arms and started tapping his foot, as if he was impatient. “And I don’t need a weapon to save him either.”

“Tin! Now’s not the time to be a jackass!” Can called out. Stheno gagged him with a stack of dry crackers.

“Then humor me,” Euryale said. “What is he that you’d so easily toss your sword?”

Tin shrugged. “He’s my boyfriend.”

“Well, how can I let him go knowing that?” Euryale turned back to Can, almost salivating. “I don’t particularly have a taste for demigod flesh, but I wouldn’t mind a nibble if you’re the lover of the Child of Hades...”

Euryale moved in for a bite, the snakes in her hair hissing in a frenzy, but suddenly her head jerked backwards. The snakes all attacked the hand that held her, but found themselves biting bone. Stheno also suddenly found herself surrounded by skeletons and tried to fend them off with her sample tray.

“I also don’t need my sword, because I have an army.” Tin gestured dramatically in a wide arc as more skeletons dug themselves up from the ground to surround the Gorgon sisters. Each one armed with a different weapon. “Father won’t mind if I borrow them for a bit.” Tin walked forward, pulling his sword out of the ground, encouraging more skeletons to arise. Stheno wailed as she swung her tray, but it didn’t help. Euryale clung tighter to Can who now started to struggle since backup had arrived. “Now, would you please give me my boyfriend back? It’s almost lunch time and you wouldn’t like to see him when he gets hungry.”

Chapter Text

Camp Half Blood thought they had seen the end of the worst of the rivalry between the Athena and Poseidon cabins after the end of the Titan War. There, before the place where Poseidon had first thrust his trident to make his salt-water spring, Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase had declared the rivalry over.

Apparently neither of them had foreseen that years later, long after the two had gone to college together in Camp Jupiter, that Poseidon would have another son named Pete and Athena would have a son named Kao.

Nor could they foresee that the way the two clashed was actually worse than them.

The first insult came when Kao bested Pete in Capture the Flag. Pete had stood firmly guarding the way past the river that split the grounds in half. With the water providing an advantage, Pete had managed to thwart every camper that had dared to challenge him. At least until Kao had led Pete away with their clash, allowing his siblings to get through and seize the flag. Pete had been understandably upset at this failure. 

However, taking it outside of Capture the Flag to burst the pipes in the showers when it was Athena cabin’s turn to use them was the second insult. Kao was furious at the grievance being taken out of Capture the Flag. 

Athena cabin repaid in kind. Pete found himself at the mercy of a robotic owl, too fast for him to catch and too stealthy for him to notice. Except for when it swooped down to steal whatever it was he wanted most at that moment. A pen, his drink, his food, his clothes and towel after a shower, even his sword at one point during a training lesson.

Things started to take a turn when Pete and Kao were chosen for a quest. Over the week they spent hunting down the Nemean Lion, the two bickered endlessly over the best way to trick it into hurting itself. What ended up happening was Kao’s near sacrifice of himself to save Pete from being mauled. And in return, with all the fury of a storm, Pete drowned the lion in a sphere of whirling water.

After that, Pete and Kao were suddenly closer than anyone could believe possible. But it would take another month of bickering, another month of pranks and verbal jabs, and another month of silence before the two admitted that they wanted to be more than just friends. Their confessions sealed in a time honored Poseidon cabin tradition of kissing under water until everyone was sure there was no retrieving them.

Chapter Text

It was maddening, well and truly, but instead of protesting, Ae sat diligently while Pete’s soft hands gently smoothed sunscreen over his face. Pete’s warm weight on his lap was enough incentive if Ae was honest, but it was wearing thin since nothing else of interest was happening.

“It was just once. And it wasn’t even an actual sunburn,” Ae muttered under his breath as Pete started on the back of his neck.

“Aeeeee…” Ae didn’t have to open his eyes to know the pouty expression on the Son of Aphrodite’s face. “Sunburns are bad for you!”

“Pete, have you seen how tan I am already? I’m pretty sure getting darker or another sunburn won’t kill me.”

“I like Ae’s tan,” Pete said softly before delicate fingertips moved on to Ae’s collarbone. “But skin cancer can kill Ae!” Pete thumped Ae’s shoulder with the sunscreen bottle. “And I don’t want anything to happen to Ae, so sunscreen!”

“Okay, okay, sunscreen.” Ae held up his arms and Pete went to work covering them in the protective lotion as well. “Am I done after this?”

“Ae, you have to reapply every four hours.”

Ae’s hands twitched. “Pete, I don’t-”

“And because Ae is sooooo sweet to me, Ae will sit and let me reapply it again in four hours for him, right?” Pete whispered into Ae’s ear. The barest hint of lips brushing against the sensitive skin had Ae shivering and his new grip on Pete’s waist tightening.

Ae carefully licked his lips to avoid tasting sunscreen that could be hiding near the corners of his mouth. “I could be persuaded.”

“I thought so. Ae is best for me after all,” Pete said before pressing a kiss to the crown of Ae’s head. 


Chapter Text

Pete and Yo, as joint counselors of Aphrodite Cabin, often felt it was not only their duty, but responsibility to guide their younger siblings as new demigods, campers, and children of the goddess of love. For love was one of the oldest and most powerful things around. To deny such a fact could lead to misery.

(Tutor often pretended to retch when Pete gave that particular speech, but Pete knew he was getting through to his twin little by little.)

But their newest sibling, Pi, was more than a responsibility or duty. He was a case. A case requiring the guidance of Aphrodite Cabin’s most experienced members in order to avoid catastrophically broken hearts!

It all began the night Pi arrived in Camp Half-Blood. The Romans of Camp Jupiter had apparently decided to visit. Among them, one of Tutor’s newest probatio, a legacy son of Asclepius, Mork.

It was as plain as Fighter’s loving gaze for Tutor or Can’s love of cookies that Mork harbored feelings for their new sibling. Even more so, Mork’s eyes never left Pi’s form, even before Pi had been claimed as their sibling in a shower of rose petals and a magic makeover. Pete and Yo took note of this as they gently led Pi to the side to welcome him properly to their cabin.

The interrogation proper began that night as they settled Pi into his new bed.

“So… Who was that boy staring at you?” Pete asked as he laid down a stack of fresh sheets for Pi to dress his bed with. “Did you know him from somewhere?”

“What boy? All of the campers were staring at me,” Pi whined as he stuffed his pillow into a pillowcase. “It feels… so weird to have people watch me after they normally don’t…”

“Oh, so you don’t know Mr. Tall, dark, and handsome with the deep voice who kept looking for you over his shoulder while we pulled you back to the cabin?” Yo asked.

“Mork was staring at me?!”

“Ah! So you do know him!” Pete sat down on the bed gently, barely disturbing the sheets that Pi had just managed to pull over the last corner of the bed. “Tell us more about him.”

“What’s there to say,” Pi groused as he sat down in a huff. “I guess we sort of knew each other… He was friends with the guy I had a crush on and… we started bumping into each other more often…”

“So you never became friends?” Yo asked as he sat down next to Pi.

“Well…” Pi scratched at his nose. “I… we… He kind of… disappeared?”

Pete and Yo looked at each other before saying, “Ugh, Romans, Lupa,” at the same time.


“The wolf of Rome. She collects campers when they’re of age and brings them to Camp Jupiter. Often campers don’t go back home all that often once they’re probatio in the legion.” Pete made a face. “Things would have been a lot smoother if Tutor had to go home like I did.”

“I’m guessing Mork disappeared recently since he’s still probatio,” Yo said before laying a gentle hand on Pi’s knee. “And clearly he still remembers you.”

“Remembers how much he likes to piss me off more like.” Pi punched his pillow. “Always fussing, always insulting me, always getting in my way…”

Pete and Yo looked at each other again. “Pigtail pulling.”


“These boys…” Pete sighed before putting out a fist at the same time Yo made scissors with his fingers. “Yes! I call helping Pi!”

“Oh fine, I’ll deal with the Roman boy.” Yo waved the two of them off before side stepping a few other Aphrodite campers coming in for the night and leaving.

“Where’s he going?” Pi asked while blinking. “And what are you helping me with?”

Pete smiled and pinched Pi’s cheek. “Don’t worry about that. Now come with me, let’s get you set up with a good skincare routine and some SPF. You’ll need it tomorrow. We have archery with Apollo cabin and Kit is a mean instructor.”

Chapter Text

Theo and Pi are not as good at charmspeak as some other children of Aphrodite/Venus. Theo can only really do it when he’s not thinking about it and Pi isn’t confident enough to do it at all.

Theo’s real gift is the ability to see the emotional bonds between people, all of which are different colors for different kinds of bonds. Which means Tutor hates when Theo comes by ever since he said the bond between Tutor and Fighter was a passionately loving red.

Pi’s gift is a bit of a curse. His features can sometimes change like Aphrodite’s to be more like something he thinks someone will find more cute/handsome/beautiful. But if he loses sight of his own self-image, he starts to vanish. Mork is worried when Pi uses his gift because he loves Pi the way he is.

Bohn, being the Centurion of a cohort of his own, often butts heads against Tutor since Duen is in Tutor’s cohort. Bohn keeps trying to pull Duen away to do stuff with him, go on dates, etc. But Tutor continues to give him a tough time because of how Bohn made Duen think he was his Centurion and used that to make him do things.

It is absolutely no secret that Fighter gets “packages” from Pete. These packages are meant to, ahem, accentuate his “package” to tempt Tutor. The success rate is much higher than Tutor would have you believe at Camp Jupiter. Much much higher.

Ram has named every single one of his skeletal dogs. Every. Single. One. Pluto is very happy that Ram has taken so well to that present. The rest of Camp Jupiter wishes they didn’t have blood curdling howls though.

Eventually, Tine is the head of the Camp Jupiter Venus branch of the Aphrodite Cabin. AKA: Tine helps Pete and Yo give Camp Jupiter campers advice on their relationships in an official capacity. Tutor was offered the position but firmly said no. He does, however, keep a careful eye on the office. And sends Fighter over to break up any… issues.

Chapter Text

For the twentieth time that morning, Tine straightened out his purple Camp Jupiter t-shirt under his baggy lavender cardigan, tousled his hair just so and plastered on what he hoped was a charming, yet trustworthy smile as he clasped his hands and sat up straight behind a far too large and heavy wooden desk for such a small office space. The only other features of the Official Camp Jupiter-Venus Branch of the Aphrodite Cabin were the magic mirror made by Fighter and Ming for Tine to call Pete and Yo for help, the filing cabinet for Tine to keep track of all his “cases,” the potted plant King had given him for luck (”It’s a gardenia,” King had said. “The scent will keep things calm.”), and a shadow outside the window that was suspiciously Centurion Fighter shaped.

(The emphasis on rank was because Fighter in his normal capacity as a person versus his capacity as a Centurion were two Very Different Things that Tine had been witness to. One was a fantastically devoted boyfriend to Tutor who could make any other child of Aphrodite/Venus but Tutor visibly swoon. The other was a man who could make a lethal weapon out of paperclips and thumbtacks if it meant keeping his cohort safe. The man standing carefully just to the left of the office where his shadow could be seen was Centurion Fighter. Tine had a suspicion as to why Centurion Fighter had been posted outside his office on the very first day of active counseling and that suspicion was named Centurion Tutor. Again, emphasis on rank intentional.)

Before Tine’s smile could falter, Sarawat swooped in from the corner of Tine’s eye to leave Tine a cup of his favorite blue soda and mess up his hair.


“You’re too nervous,” Sarawat said while not even looking in Tine’s direction which only served to piss Tine off even more. Or at least it would if Tine didn’t notice how Sarawat’s leg was bouncing with his own nerves. “You’ll be fine. You have a knack for this sort of thing, little nuisance. And it’s not even because you’re a child of Venus.”

Tine reached over and pinched his boyfriend’s back, causing Sarawat to yelp. “You’re not helping!”

“I’m not the one who was hired to help as a relationship counselor, I’m not supposed to help.”

“If you’re not going to help then get out and stop making me more nervous!”

Sarawat scowled and left, but not before giving Tine a little wink. Tine sat down, huffed, chugged a bit of the soda, and then sighed. His shoulders suddenly felt less tense and his chest less tight. Even a genuine smile gently curved Tine’s lips.

It was after his third sip of soda that someone knocked on Tine’s office door.

“Come in!” Tine pulled out a notepad and pen and set them carefully on the desk as he looked up to see his first “case” was not for a pair he’d ever expected. 

Ever since the Demigod Death Game, Bohn, Centurion of the First Cohort, and Duen, Legionnaire of the Fifth, had seemed to come to a reasonable point in their relationship. At the very least, Duen had accepted Bohn’s feelings and even reciprocated if the events that followed shortly after were any indication. (Wasn’t it true love if you opted to jump into a pit that led to the primordial abyss after your lover? Tine immediately stopped that line of thought as he remembered Sarawat’s hand reaching for him in the same situation.)

“Centurion Bohn, Duen, how can I help you both today?” Tine offered them both bottles of water from his mysteriously refrigerated desk drawer. 

The silence between all three only lasted thirty seconds, which was in Tine’s limited experience a new record for being around Centurion Bohn, before Bohn broke it. “Tell him to stop defending Tutor whenever Tutor tells him he can’t go on a date with me.”

“I’m not defending him!”

“You literally say that, ‘Centurion Tutor brought up some valid points and I really didn’t do some of the work he assigned me today so maybe we really shouldn’t go get dinner together in the forum,’ and that has happened FIVE TIMES in the last WEEK. It’s like you don’t actually want to go on a date with me.”

“Did I say I don’t want to go on a date?”

“You keep acting like you don’t! I’m not forcing you!”

“Okay, maybe we should all take a deep breath,” Tine said as he cut in and waved his hands in front of both Bohn and Duen. “Let’s start at the beginning.” Tine turned to Duen. “Duen, why don’t you tell me about the things Centurion Tutor tells you to do that you’ve seemed to forget several times?”

“It’s an honest mistake, I think,” Duen said as he crossed his arms. “I clearly must have forgotten something. Centurion Tutor would never interfere with my life like that just because he doesn’t want me to go on a date.”

“He would! He totally fucking would!” Bohn said while slapping the top of Tine’s desk. “He’s been pissed at me since I started chasing after you.”

“Wouldn’t you be pissed if another Centurion pretended to be the Centurion of your cohort?” Duen shot back.


Tine fought the urge to massage his temples. “Centurion Bohn…”

“Look, it was… uh… Just a strategy to spend more time around Duen, okay?”

“Rules are rules, Centurion Bohn,” Tine chided. “And if you haven’t formally apologized to Centurion Tutor…”

“I did! I so totally did! Ask Fighter! He was there!”

Tine looked out the window to see Centurion Fighter’s shadow was giving a thumbs up. “Uh… I suppose he agrees that you did?”

“So Tutor should totally take the stick out of his ass so Fighter can replace it with his-” Tine coughed and Bohn’s mouth clicked shut for a second. “I think Centurion Tutor and Duen need to let the past be the past and move on. I’ve already apologized and keeping us from actually developing our relationship isn’t going to do anyone any favors.”

“Duen, do you agree that you would benefit more from developing your relationship with Centurion Bohn?”

Duen fidgeted in his seat. “Well… I saved Bohn… Twice no less, for a reason…”

“Just say you like me! Why is that so hard?”

“Because I’ve never liked a boy before! I’m not someone who has been with boys and girls and doesn’t care!”

“Who said I didn’t care? None of them were the one!”

“Well I can’t-”

“Time out,” Tine declared before chugging the rest of his soda. The shadow of Centurion Fighter had shifted ever so slightly and it seemed another shadow had joined it. One that was suspiciously Sarawat shaped. Tine frowned at both shadows before returning his attention to Bohn and Duen. “You both have actually talked about your feelings properly right?” Tine turned to face Duen. “You didn’t just drive across California, fight another demigod, condemning them to Tartarus, and jump into the primordial void to save Bohn without actually saying you liked him, right?” Duen bit his lip and Tine turned to Bohn. “And YOU didn’t go through all that trouble to spend time with Duen without telling him that you were serious and that he wasn’t just another notch on your belt, right?” Bohn only coughed.

“My official diagnosis, you both need to actually confess you like each other,” Tine said with a flourish of scribbling on his notepad. “Here’s your prescription.”

Duen accepted the piece of notebook paper. “It just says, ‘Kiss him you fool.’”

“Take three and call me in the morning.” Tine jumped over his desk, pulled Duen and Bohn out of their seats, and threw them out the door. “We’re now closed for the day. Goodbye!” Tine then slammed the door shut on their shocked faces and rummaged through his desk. “Pete and Yo wouldn’t send me a magical desk without booze, would they?”

A familiar arm reached past Tine to pull out a bottle full of an amber liquid. “You’re not drinking without me, little nuisance.”

Tine turned to Sarwat with tears in his eyes. “Wat…”

Sarawat waved the bottle in Tine’s face. “Come on, let’s do shots while we sing your favorite songs together.”

“You really do love me!” 

Chapter Text

Pear smiled in wonder at the luxurious New York City penthouse suite Yo had just unlocked for them. All for a sleepover. “Are you sure it’s okay for us to use this?” she asked as she traced a finger over the mahogany dining table and bar top.

“Oh papa won’t mind at all,” Yo said as he waved in the rest of the entourage and the attendants carrying their bags. “He bought this place on the off chance mother wanted to visit and stay with him, but near family. You know how it is.” Yo pointed to the Empire State Building.

“Wow!” Pi ran to the window and admired the view. “The city looks… exactly the same huh?”

Pete laughed and pat Pi on the head. “The view of the rivers is nice from up here and it looks better at night.”

Tine looked into the rooms with Tutor. “Is it just a free-for-all on the rooms?”

Pete ran past and snatched his bag and Tutor’s. “Dibs on sleeping with Tutor in the same room!”

“Now hold on just a second!” Tutor ran after Pete. “Your feet better not be cold anymore or I swear to mother-”

“As if yours were always warm when we were little!”

While the twins bickered, Theo walked up to the bar and examined the labels. “Are… Are we allowed to drink all this?”

“Of course,” Yo said as he slid into a seat. “Papa won’t care so long as we’re staying in here and safe. But you,” Yo poked Pi in the forehead as he approached, “Are drinking juice all night.”

“But I can hold my liquor!” Pi objected.

“One, you are too young to drink,” Theo said firmly. “Two, the last time we let you drink, you stripped off all your clothes and danced with Akk in the middle of the cabin, and both of you unsuccessfully attempted to sing Lady Marmalade.”

“It’s okay,” Tine said as he sat down on the other side of Pi at the bar. “I’ll sneak you one shot.”

“You absolutely will not,” Tutor said, emerging from the bedroom with Pete at last. Both of them were an appropriate level of disheveled from a sibling pillow fight. “Pi is not even close to eighteen, much less twenty-one.”

“Oh it’s fine. We’re safe here,” Pete insisted. “But only one shot. Mixed into a bottle of juice. And you drink that the entire night.”


“What do you think everyone else is up to?” Tine asked as he accepted a soda from Theo. “I know Sarawat was very uh… reluctant to stay in Apollo cabin tonight.”

“Oh it’s fine.” Pete waved his hand and nearly hit Tutor. Tutor responded in kind by pinching Pete’s side. “Earn said she’d rather not come to Camp Half-Blood since she trusts us with our dear sister.” Pete gave Pear a tight hug and Pear laughed and hugged him back. “And as for everyone else but Pha, Ae offered to let them sleep in Zeus cabin while we’re gone.”

Tutor held his head in his hands. “Fighter promised he wouldn’t attempt to give advice.”

“Oh, but he’s been getting better at it,” Tine said with a smile. “Sarawat actually learned something from that one time you yelled at Fighter in the forum about his pants.”

“Please stop reminding me.”

“Is that why Mork keeps checking my closet for hot pants whenever he visits?” Pi asked as he threw himself onto the exceptionally plush couch. “Because Pete and Yo said I’m not wise enough for the power of hot pants, but Mork says checking is always good anyway.”

“Why are you telling the baby about hot pants,” Tutor hissed at Pete.

“He was going to learn about them at some point,” Yo said, cutting in between the twins. “Besides, he can’t even bear to let Mork see him in his underwear. I don’t think hot pants will be an issue for a while yet.”

Pi began to whine and Pear went to console him while Theo poured himself two shots and downed them without blinking. Pete took in the deteriorating state of things and pulled out a phone. “Who’s ready for dinner then I guess?”

“You order dinner,” Yo said as he pat Pete on the shoulder. “In the meantime, clay masks for everyone!”

Tutor groaned. “The last one you used dried out my face.”

“Because you refused to use the moisturizer after! Total skincare, Tutor. TOTAL SKINCARE.” Yo shoved Tutor towards the bathroom and the rest followed him while Pete laughed and ordered almost everything on the room service menu. It was going to be a long night and they needed all the food they could get.

Chapter Text

Fah had always known that he and Dao shared a mother and were born to different fathers. That had never changed the deep-rooted love he had for his younger brother. As years went on, if anything, it only intensified his love as his brother’s father was apparently absent. But among the things Fah had expected to find upon returning home from his medical volunteering trip, finding out his baby brother was a demigod and had been whisked away to some place called Camp Jupiter by a pack of wolves who were not particularly concerned about ensuring Dao’s survival was not high up in likelihood.

“And you just let them take him?!” Fah continued pacing about as their mother sat on the couch, face betraying no expression but resignation.

“His father said it was the safest place for him.”

“And you believed him?!”

“Kumfah.” Fah stopped his pacing to look at his mother. “I would not have let Dao go if it could be avoided. But… There was one other reason Dao left willingly.”

“What was it?”

“If not just for safety but also for… That boy he liked some time ago. Khabkluen? His father said… Kluen was already at the camp.”

Fah scowled. “That boy that made Dao cry all the time? He left for him?!”

And thus, after a few days of investigation, research, and finding a friend of a friend of a friend who had a cousin named Frank Zhang that apparently went to Camp Jupiter at some point, Fah found himself outside the Caldecott maintenance service tunnel facing off against the one person he couldn’t believe his luck to find, Kluen.

Kluen’s face had not changed much since the last time Fah had seen it from Dao’s secret photos. Perhaps puberty had sharpened the line of his jaw, but his eyes were still the same, cold, uncaring, unseeing, like a marble bust. Fah scowled and Kluen merely kept the blunt end of his spear pointed at him.

“For the last time, tell me where Dao is!”

“You shouldn’t even be able to see us here,” Kluen said with a flat tone. “Leave.”

“I’m not leaving without Dao.”

“And who are you to come take Dao?” Kluen’s eyebrow raised ever so slightly. Fah wanted to grab the brat’s spear and use the tip to shave it off.

“I’m the one that’s watched over him for far longer than anyone else on this planet.” Fah stepped closer, using his height and broader shoulder to shadow over Kluen. “And if I say that I’m taking Dao away from here then I’m going to do it.”

For once, Fah watched an emotion cross Kluen’s face, annoyance, consternation, possessiveness. “No.”


“No mortals allowed.” Fah watched Kluen press something behind his back before giving him a polite smile. “We’ll have to escort you away.” The sound of stomping boots soon followed. “I respectfully hope you’ll understand.”

Fah tipped his chin up and clenched his fists. “Try me.”


“Don’t be nervous,” Prince said as he helped Dao adjust his breastplate as they ran to provide reinforcements. The security patrol was having difficulty outside the entrance of Camp Jupiter and had signaled for reinforcements. As part of the Fourth Cohort, which was the cohort on security detail that month, Prince and Dao found themselves rushed into armor and thrown into the fray. “I’ll help keep you safe.”

“Thanks…” Dao looked out at the mass of bodies being tossed around as they approached the entrance of the tunnel. “Wait… Fah?!”

“Fah? You know that guy?”

“That’s my brother! Fah, stop!”

Dao rushed over, doing his best to leap over his cohort members with Prince not far behind. He noted that while Fah had been throwing them around, none of them were particularly hurt. At best, they’d be left with bruises and sore egos. All of them except for Kluen, who was essentially bare-knuckle boxing Fah and both looked as if they were going to develop fantastic black eyes in the morning. As Fah pinned Kluen to the wall to deliver another set of blows, Dao jumped and managed to catch his arm.

“Fah, no!”


The momentary distraction had been enough for Prince to make his way through the chaos and tackle Fah to the ground. Against the pale blue sky, Prince’s features struck Fah harder than any of Kluen’s punches.

(Later, Kluen would say that he knew Fah was Dao’s brother and he’d been holding back out of courtesy.)

“Calm down,” Prince said as he did his best to hold Fah down. “You’re not going to get anywhere attacking everyone.”

Fah continued staring at Prince. “What-”

“If you’re really Dao’s brother, I’ll talk to someone and help, but you have to calm down.”

The light at that moment shifted and Prince’s features were highlighted in gold. Fah finally stopped struggling, only to say, “You’re really cute.”

Prince’s only reply was a beat of silence before knocking Fah out.


“So I’m staying here as long as you’re here,” Fah said later that day with an ice pack to his face after he woke up. “I don’t trust these… Romans?”

“Fah…” Dao sighed and sat down next to his brother on the cot he’d been permitted in the medical facilities. “You can’t actually be here. It’s against the rules.”

“I’m family. I have a right to be here and keep you safe from that guy,” Fah said as he jerked his chin at the door. Through the door, Dao saw the shadow of Kluen’s body and fought the smile creeping up on his face. “And you know, other reasons.”

“Other reasons?” Dao tilted his head. “Wait… You don’t mean-”

“I mean I have to teach these kids some actual medicine. Sure I’m still just a med student, but this level of intensive trauma care is god awful,” Fah said as he stared at the ceiling.

“Oh is that all? Nothing to do with the boy who tackled you?”

“Oh him? That’s a bonus. What’s his name by the way?” Dao only rolled his eyes and got up to leave. “Dao? Dao! What’s his name?!”

Chapter Text

“I can confirm,” Tine said into his magic mirror with Pete and Yo on the other end, “That Mork is definitely not doing well. He’s been sulking in the medical facilities all day.”

“What do you mean sulking?” Sarawat said from behind Tine as he watered the gardenia which had managed to thrive in Tine’s little office. “He’s been doing no different since the fight with Pi. I say toss him to Lupa.”

“Now now, I trust Tine has done the appropriate observations to make that call,” Pete said while Yo nodded next to him. “It’s in the slump of his shoulders, isn’t it, Tine?”

“Exactly!” Tine’s smile immediately brightened and Sarawat could hear it in his boyfriend’s voice. “Plus he’s ordered the same thing for lunch for a whole week, in particular, it’s Pi’s favorite lunch that he’s ordered all week.”

“Pi hasn’t been doing well either,” Yo said as he looked off to the side. “Even now he’s moping under his blankets.”

“I AM NOT MOPING!” shouted Pi from somewhere off screen. “I AM RIGHTFULLY UPSET!”

“YOU ARE SO MOPING!” Tine winced at hearing Theo raise his voice. “And for Mother’s sake, stay out of the fourth closet and stop trying to sneak sips of booze!”

“YOU’RE NOT MY REAL BROTHER!” There was a muffled thump and scuffling while Pete and Yo moved and the distinct sound of Akk groaning in pain.

“Yes, very much so still upset and moping,” Pete said as he appeared to sit down again. “Poor thing. Mork did a number on him, not coming for his birthday.”

“It’s really not his fault…” Tine bit his lip. “Mork is technically under the Fourth Cohort so Tutor and Fighter really don’t have a say…”

“Who is currently leading the Fourth anyway? I thought they didn’t have a Centurion for the longest time, which is quite odd,” Yo asked.

“Well… I heard they’re nominating Prince for it since he is a child of the Big Three and he’s done lots of service in the field and educating kids…”

“Prince? The one who’s got that mortal med student chasing him around?” Pete asked. “That’s another good story. You better keep us updated on that one too.”

“En… I’ll try, but since Prince is so busy dodging that mortal, he didn’t approve Mork’s leave in time. And now that Pi won’t talk to Mork, Mork can’t even plan to take leave to make it up to him.”

“Oh, that’s all?” Pete smiled. “I assume Mork is fully prepared to make it up to our dear little brother?”

“Absolutely.” Tine nodded firmly. “I helped him prepare a nice gift and everything.”

“Well then, surely you should get us in touch with this Prince. We’ll all sort him out in no time and he’ll approve Mork’s leave all in one go.”

“That’s too easy,” Yo said firmly. “But I like it. Set it up.”

“You’re really underestimating Prince…”

“No, but we might be overestimating how hot this mortal med student is.” Yo sighed. “They don’t make them like they make Pha anymore.”

“Well, I can promise you he is a catch and his name is similar. It’s Fah,” Tine said with a laugh.

“Now this is just copying!”

“Oh hush. Give us a call when you’ve got a date and time set up for us to talk to Prince. In the meantime, keep Mork’s spirits up,” Pete said to cut off Yo.

“Yes, sir!”

Chapter Text

Despite any status his godly heritage might bestow, Ae considered himself rather utilitarian and uncaring of most of the conditions he usually stayed in. He was used to rougher cotton sheets or sleeping on the floor, rooms that were too hot in the summer and a bit too cold in the winter, and maybe a lack of complete privacy here and there. Being at Camp Half-Blood, even with the cold and uncaring gaze of the statue of Zeus in his cabin was practically a resort vacation by comparison.

And then there was Pete.

Pete had taken one look at the sad cot and chest Ae had in a slightly out of the way corner of the vastly empty cabin and said, “No.”


“No. This isn’t a cabin, it’s a temple to Zeus.” Pete scrunched up his nose and Ae booped it, causing Pete to giggle. “I know it was made back when Zeus promised to not have children again, but now that we know he’s got kids, we can’t make people stay here like this.” Pete reached for Ae’s hand and Ae held his easily. “I can’t let Ae stay here like this.”

“So what do you recommend?”

“Does Ae trust me?”



After a short hour of negotiating with Chiron and a week of renovations, Pete revealed the new interior to Ae. Instead of a dimly lit and cold temple, there was now a warm foyer where the statue to Zeus resided, flanked by large, magically burning fires and a place for offerings. Doors to the left and right led into the cabin proper with a common room, a shared bathroom, and a suite of several bedrooms.

“Of course, I made the best room for Ae,” Pete said as he lead Ae to the room furthest down.

The room was bright and airy with several windows and a view. It was also minimally decorated, but tasteful instead of bare, which Ae appreciated. There was plenty of room for Ae to put up any or trophies he wanted and instead of a sad chest, a simple wardrobe with shelves and drawers inside. The bed was likely the most extravagant thing in the room, large, clearly well padded, but firm, and covered in simple and plain sheets with a solid wood frame carved with an intricate geometric pattern.

“Do you like it?” Pete asked. Ae could feel Pete’s grip on his hand tightening and Ae smiled.

“It’s perfect. Thank you, Pete.” Ae cupped the back of Pete’s neck and pulled his boyfriend down for a kiss. “I love it.” Another kiss. “And I love you.” A third kiss.

“Ae….” Pete’s cheeks turned just a hair pink and Ae couldn’t resist kissing them softly.

“How about you help me break in the bed?”

“Hmm?” Pete felt Ae step forward and instinctively took a step back. “Do you mean-”

“It’ll be nice to have some actual privacy in my cabin for once,” Ae said as he pushed Pete down onto his bed. “I don’t trust those soundproof magic curtains in Aphrodite Cabin.”

“Aeee, they work really well!”

“And yet…” Ae said as his hands crept up Pete’s shirt to thumb at his nipples. “I always feel like you’re holding back.” Ae nibbled along Pete’s neck, feeling the son of Aphrodite arch his back beneath him. “So, I want you to let loose today. Help me celebrate this new room.”

“Mmm… Well… I do need to…ahhh… Make sure Ae… Nnn… Likes the bed…”

“It’s a nice bed. It’s got you in it.” Ae reached for the button on Pete’s pants. “So is this a yes?”

Pete wrapped his legs around Ae’s waist. “There’s lube in the bedside table.”

Ae smiled and popped open the button to Pete’s pants before leaning down. “That’s my boy,” he whispered before kissing Pete properly. “Now, lets see how soundproof you made these walls in my cabin.”

(The walls were plenty soundproof. But the way Pete walked as if floating on air afterwards was plenty of indication to the rest of camp at what had taken place in Zeus Cabin, post renovations.)

Chapter Text

As was typical of almost any time Tutor found himself sleeping over with a teenage Pete, after getting comfortable in pajamas (“Twinsies!” Pete declared as he pulled out matching pajama tops for him and Tutor), the application of high quality skin care (“For the love of god, MOISTURIZE THIS TIME,” Yo yelled as he threw a bottle at Tutor from across the room), and a few beverages (“TEQUILA IS MY FRIEND,” Pi shouted just before Theo tackled him away from the bar), it was eventually time for, “Frank discussions of sex and sexuality,” as Pete called them.

“It’s important as children of Aphrodite and Venus,” Pete said as he blocked Tutor’s path into their shared bedroom. “You have to embrace both emotion and sexuality, and that includes finding ways to feel sexy and comfortable in your own skin.”

“Okay, but why do I have to have that conversation with you,” Tutor grumbled. “It’s increasingly odd to have your twin brother provide tips on how to get your boyfriend off.”

“Well fortunately for you, today’s topic is embracing your sexy side, and not discussing sex,” Pete said primly. “Pi isn’t ready for that.”

“I’ll be honest and say he’s not ready to discuss his sexy side either,” Tine said as he poked Pi’s boneless form. “Are we sure he only had one shot in that bottle of juice?”

Theo picked up Pi’s wrist and let it drop back onto the couch. “Yeah, no this is about one and a half. Who decided to do a heavy pour today of all days?” Pear quietly looked the other way, nudging the bottle of liquor away from herself.

“We’re still working on Pi’s case slowly but surely. In the meantime, the rest of us,” Yo said firmly, “Should talk plainly with each other.”

“On the subject of feeling sexy?” Tine wrinkled his nose. “I mean, Sarawat still just likes touching my chest so… I guess I’m good? Is it feeling sexy if I’ve started to come around to that?”

“Maybe it’s sexy if you wear that leather harness I saw Pete buy for Ae yesterday,” Theo said as he walked to the bar. “Just put your pecs front and center.”

“Eh? Leather harness? Isn’t that expensive?”

“If you’re interested, I’ll tell you who I worked with to get that for Ae,” Pete said while patting Tine’s thigh. “He does good work and it’s worth the price. Genuine, ethically sourced, cruelty free leather.”

“Please, no,” Tutor said as he collapsed into a couch on his own. “If Fighter catches you wearing that, he’ll want one.”

Tine immediately recoiled. “Has… Has Fighter been watching?!”

“What? NO!” Tutor sat up and waved his hands. “Gods no. But if you and Sarawat are going to continue to stay in the barracks, make sure your door is shut.”

Tine’s face immediately turned red and Yo sighed. “Well, how about you, sister dearest. Want some catalogues for comfortable, affordable, and practical lingerie?”

Despite the blush growing on her face, Pear giggled. “That exists?”

“Mother sent me a few catalogues from some designers. Apparently the support is fantastic and the designs are pretty.”

“Oh, well then sure. I’ll take a look. It wouldn’t hurt to just see if there’s anything I like.”

“As for you,” Pete said as he watched Theo take another sip of liquor. “Have you considered-”

“I am not wearing a jockstrap and football socks for Akk’s locker room fantasy. Thank you,” Theo said plainly.

“Is that why you wouldn’t let me get the hoodie I wanted from Closet Two the other day?” Pi mumbled into a couch cushion. “I really wanted that-” Before Pi could finish, Theo ran over and slapped his hand over Pi’s mouth.

“If you finish that thought, I’m going to tell everyone about the video you wanted to send Mork.” Pi’s eyes widened in fear and he tapped out on Theo’s arm, but there was no avoiding the stony glare Tutor gave both of them.

“…what video?” Tutor said quietly.

Everyone in the room stood still before Theo picked Pi up and ran for a bedroom to barricade themselves in. Tutor gave chase and all hell broke loose again.

Chapter Text

Pi pouted at the messages on his newly modified cell phone. Thanks to a collaboration between Vulcan and Hephaestus campers, it was now safe for use without potential of alerting monsters to his location. Pi had immediately gotten the numbers of all his demigod siblings and messaging them had become a comfort during the school year, especially when asking for advice.

Tonight, Pi had sent his usual after-school greeting into the sibling group chat and after a beat, there were six replies from Pete, Yo, Theo, Tine, Tutor, and Pear all waiting for him.

“Are you going to say yes to Mork or not,” they all read.

Pi: It’s not that easy! And he asked in a really dumb way out of nowhere!

Pete: Sweetie, Mork has been pursuing you and only you for a year. If you don’t want to date him, it’s time to let him know so he can move on.

Tutor: Plz decide so I can approve leave or not.

Yo: Approve leave? It’s the school year! Also, while I support your desire for romance, Mork probably doesn’t know what else to try, Pi. You’ve rejected all other overtures.

Pear: It’s complicated. But also yes, maybe stop leading him on.

Tine: Very. On both accounts.

Theo: You’re not going to lose anything saying yes. Even if it doesn’t work out between you, you’ll always have us.
Theo: Also Tutor, lighten the fuck up.

As the chat dissolved into squabbling over Tutor’s rigid adherence to protocol, Pi looked back at the message Mork had sent.

Mork: I can apply for leave for a bit. Do you want to do something together? Like a date?

“I’m not leading him on,” Pi muttered to himself. “I never told him to chase after me.” Pi flipped back to the group chat and scrolled back to some of their previous conversations about Mork. “But I guess… I never told him no…”

At that moment there was a knock at Pi’s window and he found a dove gently tapping it. As soon as he spotted it, the dove flew away. Pi scoffed and turned back to his phone to find he’d stopped at a message he’d forgotten.

Pi: How do any of us know it’s actually love? Everyone keeps saying I should just know but…

Pete: It’s sort of like the horse in Velveteen Rabbit. You experience many things for a person or with a person.
Pete: Sometimes it’s instant, and sometimes over time it changes and you change and before you can realize it, you are in love.

Tutor: Gross.

Yo: So what did that punishment you had for Fighter because of the hotpants entail?

Tutor has left the chat.

Pete has invited Tutor to the chat.

Tutor: I hate all of you.
Tutor: Except Tine, Pear, and Pi.

Theo: What the fuck did I do?

Tutor: I’ll reevaluate you after another month.

Had he changed? Had his feelings for Mork actually changed? Pi thought back on the irritation he’d had for Mork at the start and where things were now.

Drunken escapades aside, things really had changed. He and Mork actively sought each other out whenever the other was at the corresponding camp. And although Pi put on a good show of continually looking irritated, it was hard to hide his smile after spending time with Mork.

When had spending time together with the guy he said bothered him become something he looked forward to? When had Mork become the person he looked for when coming to Camp Jupiter instead of Pear or Tine?

And if such was the case, what was the harm of one date?

Pi scrolled down to his most recent group chat messages again to find that the roast of Tutor had ended and Pete had sent another message about Mork.

Pete: You don’t owe Mork a date, Pi. But I get the feeling that you and Mork both want the date more than you let on. So what’s the harm in giving it a try?

Yo: Be brave. Accept your feelings. Even if it’s just uncertainty, accept that you’re not sure and give yourself a chance to find out.

Pi bit his lip and opened Mork’s message again.

Pi: What did you have in mind?

Mork: There’s a movie coming out next week. Wanna go watch that?

Pi: You’re paying for tickets!

Mork: Sure sure.

With a great heaving sigh, Pi collapsed back onto his bed and stared at the messages. Was he still scared and uncertain? Pi took a deep breath.

“I’m scared,” he said aloud. Another breath. “But I feel really happy right now.”

Even the flurry of messages in the sibling chat congratulating and teasing all at once were not enough to dampen Pi’s mood. And that, Pi supposed, was proof enough of the strength of his feelings in a way.