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My Past Come Home. My Future Lead The Way.

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“So Fam! Of course once I bypass this simple hiccup it should all-“ the Doctor was cut off by the TARDIS lurching suddenly, and violently. The motion launching her away from the controls and onto the floor. An action that she was frantically quick to try and resolve, stumbling to her feet and grabbing tight onto the console before it could throw her off again with a loud call to her companions. “Sorry! Sorry! This is- this is sort of normal, hang on! Just need to get the stabilisers!”

“Doc!” Graham shouted across the console at her, pressed up against the console as the TARDIS began to lurch to the side once more. “Don’t you know how to fly this thing?”

“She’s just being a bit temperamental! Hang on! I’ve got it!” The Doctor reached out, one arm looped through the handrail at the outer edge of the console to hold herself close to it as the ships lurching changed direction.

Ryan was pressed up against on of the coral pillars around the console, his arms gripping on for dear life as the Doctor’s ship decided today was the day she wanted to get temperamental. Yaz was scrambling to keep a grip of the console with one hand as she reached out towards Ryan with the other, panic on her face.

“Ryan! Hold on!”

“Doctor!” Graham snapped again and she continued her stretch across the console with gritted teeth, cursing this new regeneration’s short arms. She was all but on top of the console before she managed to hit the needed button and the resulting lurch from the ship into stillness threw her back to the ground with a thump as the lights went out across her ship with a pitiful flicker. They came back on just a few seconds later but the phenomenon itself was enough to make her worry.

“Everyone alright?” She finally asked with a quiet groan of pain at the new bumps and bruises across her person at being tossed around, “Sorry about all that, the TARDIS can get a bit fussy and sometimes she refuses to co-operate with me and-“

“Who are you? What’s going on?” The Doctor’s eyes snapped across the console at the sound of a voice she hadn’t heard in near a millennia. Her eyes fell upon the redhead who was looking especially disheveled, miniskirt and all, and she was staring at the Doctor in that questioning way that meant that she was scared but was doing her best to hide it. The Doctor remembered being so proud of her when she spoke up looking like that. Facing her fears.

“Amelia Pond?” The Doctor’s voice sounded about as confused as she felt honestly in this moment and the Scot blinked back in equal confusion over this apparent stranger knowing her name.

“Do I know you?”

“Fish fingers and custard, Pond, fish fingers and custard.” The Doctors beamed at her and watched the realisation flash in the red head’s eyes as they widened in shock and disbelief.


“Okay! What was that? Felt like we just hit the mother load of turbulence!” Rory’s voice had both of their head’s snapping round to the doorway that led further into the TARDIS. The man didn’t see them at first, instead he paused in the doorway and looked out at the console room, his face the picture of utter confusion, “uhhh, Doctor? Did you redecorate while I was asleep? I was only sleeping for a few hours? How did...?”

“Rory! Hello! Both of you!” The Doctor tossed her arms around Amy who was still staring at her in shock but the woman appeared to have enough wits about herself to hold her back.

“Uhhh hi?” Rory looked to his wife who hadn’t looked away from the Doctor yet who finally pulled back, “do we know you? Where’s the Doctor?”

“Present! Sorry, something must have happened, little hiccup. Maybe our TARDIS’s collided or something? Or short range time teleport, who knows?” She paused and her eyes widened, “oh, that means the Fam should be with your version of me.”

“I’m sorry what?” Rory finally made it down the steps to his wife’s side and the Doctor darted forward to hug him quickly. The motion to which Rory just stood there, confused, for most of it.

“She’s the Doctor. I think somehow we’ve traveled to the Doctor in the future. Where... he’s a woman? Apparently?” Rory’s face went blank for a moment as his brain raced to catch up with the information and the Doctor grinned, pointing to Amy with a proud look thrown her way.

“100 points to the Scot.”

“Okay, great, thanks. How? Is my next question. You were a man?”

“And now I’m a woman. See we can regenerate when we’re dying and-“

“You died?!”

“Dying, keep up Pond. Anyway, when Time Lord’s are dying we can sort of cheat death. Regenerate but it changes every single cell in our body. There was always a chance of gender change. Not that that matters.”

“Right.” Rory finally seemed to react, shaking his head a little as his hands flailed for effect, “right sorry. So I’ve gone to sleep, got woken up by the TARDIS going crazy and now we’re in a future TARDIS with a future Doctor who’s also a woman? I’m getting this right?”


“Pretty much.” Amy muttered, then looked back to the Doctor who a still uneasy smile, “okay then Raggedy man- er, Woman, how do we get back to our own Doctor? And I’m assuming you want whoever you’re travelling with now back.”

“Would avoid any possible paradoxes yeah. As lovely as travelling with you both again would be.”