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beck and call

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“You called, CEO Zhu?”

Three soft knocks come closely followed by a gentle, yet teasing voice. Zhu Yilong looks up from the paperwork on his desk to where a tall, lanky man leans against the threshold. He’s dressed in a paper-thin white shirt with the first three buttons undone, which teases a fraction of the beautiful tanned skinned underneath. 

Zhu Yilong can see the shadows his collarbones create, the curved line of his narrow waist.

He looks back down to his papers with disinterest. “You’re supposed to wait until you’re allowed entry after knocking, Xiao Bai.”

“What are rules good for if not for breaking,” Bai Yu drawls, moving into the office with languid steps and letting the door drift shut behind him.

He plops down gracelessly into one of the chairs in front of Zhu Yilong’s desk, sprawling without a care. His boot-clad feet come up to rest on the corner of the desk closest to him and he’s rummaging in his jeans for a cigarette—how he fits the pack in those pockets when his jeans always seem painted onto his skin is still a mystery to Zhu Yilong—but stops when he notices the glare Zhu Yilong has directed at his feet. He doesn’t bring them down.

After a few minutes in the silence of the office, broken only by the soft shuffling sounds of the papers rustling between Zhu Yilong’s hands, Bai Yu lets out a long suffering sigh.

“You know. I was under the impression that this was a booty call,” he says, unashamed of the words that leave his mouth. Zhu Yilong stiffens and shifts in his chair. Bai Yu arches an eyebrow at him. “I did wonder what had finally managed to break the mighty Director Zhu’s composure that he was calling me for a booty call to his office in the middle of the day—but I guess I was wrong.”

Zhu Yilong’s eyes never stray from the papers before him, but Bai Yu can tell that his attention isn’t single-focused anymore. A beat passes, and then Zhu Yilong’s hands are carefully shuffling the papers back into their folders. He extends his arm out to the side of the desk and presses a button.

Bai Yu watches in awe as blinders close over all of the windows that surround Zhu Yilong’s office, which is plunged into darkness and shortly after illuminated once more by the light bulbs turning on and casting a soft light into the space. He lets out an indigned exhale. Rich people.

Zhu Yilong folds his hands on top of the desk. “You were not mistaken.”

“Oooh,” Bai Yu says, voice playful and eyes sparking with mischief. He lowers his feet off the desk in one swift move and rests his elbows on it instead, leaning forward with his head supported by his hands and grinning at Zhu Yilong. “You gonna fuck me over your desk, Long-ge?” His eyes roam over the neat desk, hungry. “Or maybe let me ride you on that comfy-looking chair you’re always sitting on?” He bats his eyelashes at Zhu Yilong and lets his grin turn lecherous and sly.

Zhu Yilong shakes his head silently and Bai Yu can hear him as clearly as if he had talked out loud. Shameless.

“Come here,” Zhu Yilong says instead and swivels his chair around to the side, giving Bai Yu a very clear instruction as to where here is.

Bai Yu stands up from the chair with a little spring, excitement and arousal already making his blood run hot. He walks around the desk and to where Zhu Yilong is sitting, absolutely ready to jump onto his lap and kiss the hell out of that beautiful mouth.

A hand stops him in his tracks.

Zhu Yilong looks at him from over the fingers of his hand and Bai Yu feels a hot shiver run through his body as their eyes meet. Zhu Yilong’s pupils are dilated, his brown irises swallowed almost entirely by the black, and there’s a quiet storm brewing there. Bai Yu feels lightheaded with the rush of blood and want.

It’s dead silent inside the office as Zhu Yilong’s hand moves downwards, his fingers indicating a simple and clear command: kneel.

Bai Yu’s breath hitches as he finds himself already on his knees, the action not even processing in his brain before his body has moved, the soft carpet underneath him cushioning the worst of the blow to his knees. His mouth goes dry as Zhu Yilong watches him in silence, eyes somehow both burning hot and ice cold as they roam over Bai Yu in front of him, giving a minute nod of appreciation.

Again, Zhu Yilong’s hand moves in silence as his fingers curl inwards this time. Bai Yu shuffles forward on his hands and knees until he’s right in front of Zhu Yilong’s spread legs, mouth watering at the strain he can see against the zipper of his pants.

Electricity crackles in the space between them as Bai Yu leans forward slowly, never breaking eye contact, and he places his hands on top of those exquisite thighs hugged by the expensive fabric of his beautifully tailored suits and—

Zhu Yilong clicks his tongue. “No hands.”

Anyone would’ve thought the contact burned him with how fast Bai Yu retrieves his hand from Zhu Yilong’s thighs. He folds his arms on his back instead, securing the grip by holding one wrist with his fingers out of habit.

Above him, Zhu Yilong hums in approval. One of his hands moves to Bai Yu’s hair and he strokes, the caress almost too intimate for the high-tension atmosphere. Bai Yu leans into it, almost purring, and he looks up at Zhu Yilong from between his eyelashes. His lips are parted, breath coming in faster and faster, and he knows exactly the kind of picture he paints like this, on his knees before Zhu Yilong.

“Impatient,” Zhu Yilong says, but his breath is starting to become labored and the fabric in his pants is getting tighter, so Bai Yu isn’t fooled for a second. He grins and licks his lips.

With a gentle but firm hand, Bai Yu’s head is guided to his crotch. Zhu Yilong pops the button on his pants with his free hand, but that’s all the help Bai Yu gets as he’s lowered further. He grips the zipper carefully between his teeth and slowly lowers it, anticipation crawling up his back until he can finally, finally move forward and run his nose along the line of Zhu Yilong’s erection straining the fabric of his boxers, mouth at it through the thin layer of cloth and breathe in the clean, sharp scent of his arousal.

A shudder runs through his body as Bai Yu moves from the base of his cock and up the shaft in delicate, teasing kitten licks that drag the fabric across sensitive skin. He laps at the wet spot in the underwear that precum’s soaked through a little more forcefully and almost feels himself purr at the tightening of Zhu Yilong’s fingers in his hair.

He can tell that Zhu Yilong is holding himself back from moving as the muscles of his thighs tense and relax in time with Bai Yu’s ministrations and he grins inwardly. Who’s the impatient one now?

Unsure if he’s indulging in his own desires or granting Zhu Yilong’s, Bai Yu finally moves up to the waistband of the boxers, carefully pinching the elastic between his teeth and dragging it downwards, making sure that his teeth graze the skin at Zhu Yilong’s abdomen as he does. Zhu Yilong sucks in a sharp breath, his legs opening wider the slightest bit as Bai Yu hooks the elastic of his underwear underneath his balls. He takes a moment to suck and lick at them, which grants him a small pat of approval from the hand in his hair.

Bai Yu licks a wet stripe up the underside of Zhu Yilong’s flushed cock, movements slow and sensual, mentally cataloging all of the ways he can see the muscles in Zhu Yilong’s thighs and abdomen contract the closer he gets to the tip. He licks into the slit when he does, grinning at the groan that it pulls from Zhu Yilong.

Satisfied with his teasing—at least for now—Bai Yu finally lowers himself and wraps his lips around the head, sucking intently for a few seconds and then letting go with a wet pop. Zhu Yilong lets out a low moan and Bai Yu dives in again.

He doesn’t stop at just the head this time, though; he lowers himself further and further until he can nose at the hair at the base of Zhu Yilong’s dick and he moans around it, body ablaze. The stretch on his jaw feels amazing and he can barely breathe and it’s fucking glorious. He sucks, throat contracting around the fullness in his mouth and Zhu Yilong groans, low and drawn-out.

Mind in a daze, Bai Yu thinks that he could stay right here, like this, forever, and it wouldn’t be an issue at all. It would be a non-issue. Being able to hold Zhu Yilong in his mouth throughout the day, bringing him pleasure by the most minute of movements of his throat and tongue and getting to watch his reactions and listen to the sounds he makes, actually sounds like pure bliss.

He gets pulled out of his fantasy by the hand in his hair pulling him up and off Zhu Yilong’s cock, and he tries to frown up at the offender, but he only manages to look at Zhu Yilong’s concerned frown through desire-hazy, half-lidded eyes. His lips are parted and his breath is coming in hard and fast.

Zhu Yilong looks at him for a few seconds and then he huffs out a breath, a small smile stretching his lips as he shakes his head in disbelief. His free hand moves over to Bai Yu’s cheek and Bai Yu nuzzles into it, eyes falling all the way shut.

“Xiao Bai, Xiao Bai,” Zhu Yilong admonishes, tongue clicking. His voice is light and teasing, but there’s no hiding the way desire deepens it. “Breathe.”

Bai Yu obeys automatically, and only then does he realize how much air he’d actually been missing out on. He lets out a raspy chuckle. After a few seconds of catching his breath, he moves his head away from Zhu Yilong’s gentle palm and shifts on his knees, moving to swallow Zhu Yilong’s cock down once again. It’s already crime that he’s neglected it for as long as he has when it’s presented so beautifully in front of him and he will not let it continue.

He bobs his head up and down the length, swirling his tongue around the head and sucking, pulling out soft gasps and low groans from Zhu Yilong one by one, humming in delight. He loses himself to it, body reduced almost entirely to his mouth and the movements of his head and tongue. He knows he’s hard, has been since Zhu Yilong had made him go down to his knees with nothing but a hand gesture, but the urgency of his own arousal fades into the background as he concentrates on licking and sucking, bringing pleasure to the man above himself.

Suddenly, something inside Bai Yu starts vibrating.

A keen is pulled from him as Bai Yu’s body lurches forward with the sensation, hand tightening around his wrist almost painfully to stop his arms from instinctually coming out to find support for his body as his legs start trembling. The movement makes the head of Zhu Yilong’s cock hit the back of his throat and he pulls out quickly with a cough, resting his forehead on the fabric-clad thigh next to him.

The vibrations spike up and Bai Yu whines, hips snapping forward into thin air as the urgency of his own neglected erection that had so peacefully faded to the background before suddenly hits him like a sack of bricks.

“Hmm,” Zhu Yilong hums above him in satisfaction, a smile obvious in his voice as he looks at his phone. Bai Yu looks up at him, panting, and watches as Zhu Yilong presses something on his phone once more. “So you did wear the plug.”

“You—” Bai Yu starts, then hisses as the vibrations change pattern. He buries his face into Zhu Yilong’s thigh for a second before continuing, “You told me to.”

“I did.” Zhu Yilong nods, hungry eyes roaming all over Bai Yu’s body, until they finally settle on his swollen, parted lips. “I believe you were also called here for something other than just sprawling on the floor.”

Bai Yu whines, burying his face into Zhu Yilong’s thigh once more for a few seconds as he tries to compose himself enough to go back to sucking Zhu Yilong off. He manages and takes Zhu Yilong in his mouth once again, keeping up a comfortable rhythm for a few seconds, and then the vibrations inside him spike up again and he sobs around the fullness in his mouth, eyes watering at the corners.

He’s painfully hard now, and acutely aware of it, of the way the fabric of his jeans trap his erection. His hips snap forward once more, finding absolutely none of the friction he’s craving. He pulls off and moans, high and cut-off as the plug inside him shifts minutely with the movement of his body. His back arches, taut like a string about to snap, and he shifts to sit on his ass, the movement of his hips finally finding a purpose in the position as the plug inside him moves with the snap of his thrusts.

Bai Yu strains his neck and bites down on his lip as the tension inside his body crescendos, and he thinks he might just come like this, inside his pants and completely untouched. His climax is right there, he only needs the smallest of stimulation and he opens his mouth to start begging for it, please, he just wants to come— 

A foot comes down on top of his crotch with just enough pressure that the edge of his climax retracts with the pain, and he curses as his body curls inwards. The plug inside him stops vibrating.

Bai Yu looks up from his position on the ground, up the line of Zhu Yilong’s leg and to where he’s looking down at him from the chair, cheek supported by one of his hands, frowning and looking displeased.

“I never said you could come,” he says, voice dark and sharp, and Bai Yu’s mouth opens in a mix between a hiss and a sob as Zhu Yilong’s foot presses down against his crotch once more. The blunt edge of his nails are digging into his skin as he tries to stop himself from shoving at Zhu Yilong’s leg.

“I—I’m sorry, sir,” Bai Yu stutters, words coming out almost as an automatic reflex. He looks up at Zhu Yilong, desperation written in his face and the taut lines of his muscles. “I’m sorry, but please, can I come?

“Only when I say so,” Zhu Yilong answers, voice leaving no room for dispute, and Bai Yu whines as he lowers his gaze to the floor once more.

Breathing in slowly, Bai Yu wills his confused body to relax once more, and he hears Zhu Yilong’s soft hum of approval above him. The foot pressing down on his crotch lifts up, but not before giving his dick a gentle nudge that has Bai Yu’s breath catching in his throat. He bites down on his lip to suppress a moan.

His mouth closes around Zhu Yilong once more, starting off the movement of his head slowly. His lips feel tender and swollen by now and there’s a trail of spit trickling down the side of his mouth, their abuse more than obvious. Shortly after, Bai Yu feels the plug start up its vibrations inside of him again, but they’re low and gentle, a thrum that enhances the pleasure he feels coursing through his body but does not overtake it.

He only gets a few moments in this comfortable lull before the vibrations of the plug spike up again for a few seconds then come back down. Bai Yu whines around Zhu Yilong as his hips buck and he can feel the tension tightening his muscles again, his orgasm starting to build back up. Zhu Yilong repeats the pattern a few more times—high, then low, then high again, then low—until Bai Yu feels tears forming at the corners of his eyes and dripping down his cheeks with his desperation once more. Coherent thoughts crackle away as his mind is filled only by an unspoken plea of please, please, please—

Bai Yu comes to a decision as his mind clears for a second and he steels himself, breathing in deep through his nose. Two can play this game.

Putting the desperation and urgency of his release in the back of his mind with great effort, Bai Yu lowers himself down on Zhu Yilong’s cock until his nose reaches the hair at his base and swallows around him, hard . He hears Zhu Yilong’s choked-off moan in response and he keeps himself from trying to grin around him, moving up and down the length ever-so-slightly as he hollows his cheeks and throat around it.

Zhu Yilong’s hand comes back onto his hair and he grips it hard, earning him a moan from Bai Yu that reverberates around his cock and pulls a twin moan from his throat. Bai Yu moves back up quickly, leaving only the swollen head of Zhu Yilong’s cock in his lips and sucks around it, tonguing at the slit in earnest. He can see Zhu Yilong’s free hand clutching tightly at his own knee, the muscles in his hips and thighs taut, body trying to burst out of his iron-strong self-control. 

Bai Yu moves back down and moans deliberately around him. Zhu Yilong’s hips stutter and the head of his cock hits the back of Bai Yu’s throat and Bai Yu almost laughs, satisfied. The hand in his hair pulls him off almost rudely, and Bai Yu lets himself be manhandled, sitting back onto his heels as Zhu Yilong looks him down with fury in his eyes.

His lips are red, swollen and spit slick, eyes half lidded and sparking with mischief. The threadbare thin shirt he’s wearing seems to float around him, allowing Zhu Yilong full view from above him to the expanse of bare skin underneath, nipples hard and perked up. When he laughs, all too satisfied with the work he’s done, it comes out as a croak, throat thoroughly ruined.

Zhu Yilong feels his blood running hot and something snaps inside of him—his control, his shame, his desire.

The hand in Bai Yu’s hair pulls him up forcefully, and he hisses as he tries to stand on wobbly legs, both from kneeling for too long and the sudden rush of desire that’s rendering his knees completely useless. He almost falls back down, but Zhu Yilong catches him by the waist swiftly and pushes him forward onto the desk, unto which Bai Yu gratefully lets his weight drop.

“Wow,” Bai Yu manages to croak out through the mess that is his throat. It hurts to talk, but he can’t help himself as he teases, “So you are gonna fuck me on your desk, CEO Zhu?”

Bai Yu feels hands expertly thumb open the button on his jeans and lower his zipper in a flash, and he looks back to Zhu Yilong behind him with his head pillowed on his arms, languid and relaxed.

“Wasn’t planning to,” Zhu Yilong bites out, and forcefully pulls the waistband of Bai Yu’s jeans down his ass. Bai Yu hisses as the cold air of the office hits his bare skin and Zhu Yilong’s eyes turn impossibly darker as he realizes Bai Yu hadn’t been wearing any underwear. “But you leave me no choice.”

Zhu Yilong’s hands come up to Bai Yu’s ass and he bends down to nip at the top of one of his buttcheeks, to which Bai Yu hums in appreciation. He moves downwards slowly, nipping and pulling at the skin of his butt, until he comes face to face with the glittering blue jewel embedded at the base of the buttplug Bai Yu’s wearing, nestled between his cheeks. He blows on it, watching with rapt eyes as goosebumps raise on Bai Yu’s skin.

He kneads the soft muscle of Bai Yu’s ass with one of his hands, the fingers of the other ghosting around the stretched rim around the base of the plug. He hears Bai Yu’s sharp intake of breath as he nudges it and hums appreciatively.

On the metal base of the buttplug, underneath the embedded jewel but still visible through its refracting clearness, is engraved the character for dragon. Zhu Yilong traces the strokes of the character on top of the jewel, the movements of his wrist familiar as it’s a character he’s very intimately acquainted with. 龙, like the long in his name.

At first, he’d completely rejected the outlandish idea that his marketing team had come up with; a line of very exclusive toys, fabricated in the best of materials and in very few quantities by itself seemed like a very good concept, but then they’d told him they were naming it after him because he was gonna be the one to design, try and pick them. Zhu Yilong had stuttered his rejection out in a fit of embarrassment, ears burning crimson at the prospect. Following the usual marketing model, of course he would have to be the one to promote the line of toys, and he could already imagine the advertisements on their website with his face on them next to a row of sex toys, his own words advocating for their enjoyment and quality as he had been the one to personally try them and pick them.

It had taken a few weeks of prodding from his marketing team and over a dozen long nights spent laying awake weighing all the pros and cons of the idea before he had finally given in. It had been a much smoother and enjoyable process than he had thought, and the collection had sold out within a few minutes of release.

If anything, Zhu Yilong thinks as he pushes the buttplug in and out of Bai Yu shallowly, all of the embarrassment he had to go through while explaining to his team exactly why and how he’d enjoyed each toy was worth it if only for the night that he’d gotten to try them all on Bai Yu, one after the other and some at the same time. It’s worth it, too, for the little whines of pleasure that he can hear Bai Yu making against the wood of his desk as he thrusts the plug into him more forcefully, the way his hips start moving back to meet its thrusts.

Zhu Yilong pulls the plug out in one swift move and he hears Bai Yu whine at the loss. He places the plug on top of his desk—which he will now have to get disinfected—and pulls out one of his drawers, grabbing a small bottle of lube and quickly slathering some onto himself. 

One of his hands moves to Bai Yu’s hip to steady him and the other moves up his spine, bunching up the fabric of his shirt at his shoulders. He can hear Bai Yu’s breathing against the desk, fast and labored.

Zhu Yilong slides in swiftly, hips flush against Bai Yu’s ass, and Bai Yu moans at the stretch, his back arching beautifully. Unable to resist, Zhu Yilong stretches forward and worries Bai Yu’s earlobe between his teeth as he starts thrusting slowly. Bai Yu’s hand comes up and buries in his hair, pulling his head to him in a kiss that is more teeth and saliva than lips, but it’s just as good nonetheless. Zhu Yilong bites down on Bai Yu’s bottom lip, then moves down his jaw in peppers of kisses and bites until he gets to the space between Bai Yu’s neck and shoulder and bites down with force, pulling a surprised yelp from Bai Yu. When he pulls back, Zhu Yilong can see the clear mark of his teeth on Bai Yu’s neck and he grins, a surge of possessiveness coming over him.

He snaps his hips forward deeper as he moves to kiss and lick at Bai Yu’s shoulders, and watches as Bai Yu’s hands grip the edge of his desk for stability. His teeth graze over Bai Yu’s spine as he moves downward.

“Long-ge,” Bai Yu breathes out.

“I’m here,” Zhu Yilong says against his skin, peppering kisses all over his back as his hips thrust inside him, searching out the best angle.

Goosebumps rise on the skin of his back and his knuckles around the desk go white as Bai Yu suddenly yells, “Fuck, fuck—yes, there, baby—” 

Zhu Yilong grins and tries to remember the angle of his hips to hit Bai Yu’s prostrate again and again. Bai Yu keens at the attention, a light sheen of sweat covering his body and pooling at the small of his back, looking absolutely gorgeous stretched out over Zhu Yilong’s desk.

(He might have to replace the whole desk at this point, if this will be the only image he’ll see from now when he looks at it as he tries to work.)

The tension in his body starts building up as Zhu Yilong feels his muscles contract and the heat in his navel growing hotter and he snaps his hips forwards with a groan, draping himself over Bai Yu’s back and moving one of his hands down to wrap around Bai Yu’s leaking, woefully ignored cock. Bai Yu shouts at the sensation and his hips buck forward, then back onto Zhu Yilong’s cock, as if his body isn’t sure exactly what he’s seeking for.

Zhu Yilong chuckles breathlessly and says into his ear, “Xiao Bai, c’mon. You can com—”

Ah, yes, yes, please!” Bai Yu interrupts him, his shouts hoarse and absolutely too loud for the place they’re in.

Zhu Yilong’s hand strokes Bai Yu fast and sloppy, his hips never stopping their relentless thrusting, and it only takes a few seconds before Bai Yu is sobbing as his back arches and his nails scrape the wood of the desk, contracting around Zhu Yilong as he teeters over the edge and comes with a shout.

His body sags against the desk as he tries to catch his breathing. Zhu Yilong wipes his hand carelessly on the fabric of Bai Yu’s jeans and rubs soothing circles on his hips, peppering soft kisses at the base of his neck and all over his shoulders. Bai Yu sighs in contentment, but after a few seconds he blinks his eyes open and peers at Zhu Yilong over his shoulder, sliding his hips back minutely. Zhu Yilong’s hand on his hip tightens.

He pouts. “Long-ge.”

“Hmm?” Zhu Yilong hums against his skin.

“You haven’t come.”

“I haven’t.”

Bai Yu’s hips thrust back again and Zhu Yilong watches with fascination as goosebumps raise on his skin and he hisses. He does it again and his arms shake with aftershocks and oversensitivity. He fucks himself on Zhu Yilong’s cock for a few thrusts more until he stops for a moment to catch his breath and say, “Come inside me, Long-ge.”

Something surges inside Zhu Yilong and suddenly his blood is boiling hot once more, orgasm at the tip of his fingers, and he thrusts deep into Bai Yu. Bai Yu cries out at the sudden movement and his back arches, his face scrunched up as his body battles between pleasure and just this side of too much. It doesn’t take long for Zhu Yilong to spill inside him, only a few deep thrusts into him and then hotness is rushing inside Bai Yu.

Zhu Yilong lets his weight drop onto Bai Yu, who huffs under him. He hums, sated and content, as he moves his hips ever-so-slightly, only enough to feel the slide of the hot liquid still inside him. Zhu Yilong feels it as well, and he chuckles.

“You’re unbelievable,” he says into Bai Yu’s hair and ruffles it with one hand, his tone irrevocably fond.

“Hmm,” Bai Yu hums underneath him. “I only became like this because you spoil me too much.”

Zhu Yilong pushes himself up on his arms and grins down at him devilishly. “So you don’t want me to spoil you?”

Bai Yu peers up at him with one eye open, pouting. “No, no.” He tries to push himself up on his arms but gives up after they try to give out from under him, and instead motions at Zhu Yilong to come closer. Bai Yu places a quick peck on his lips when he does. “This is more than fine. I have the best husband.”

Zhu Yilong frowns down at him for a moment, but his eyes quickly become fond and his lips part in a warm smile, unable to keep up the act.

They clean up quickly with what little cleaning supplies Zhu Yilong has in his office—he will definitely have to install that shower sooner rather than later—and they sit on his chair afterwards, Bai Yu’s legs bracketing Zhu Yilong’s thighs as he sits on his lap and plays with his adorably mussed hair. Zhu Yilong runs his hands up and down Bai Yu’s back.

“Thank you, by the way. For coming,” he stammers out, the words clunky on his mouth. Bai Yu chuckles at the embarrassed expression on his husband’s face and thumbs at the red tip of his ear as he says, “Xiao Bai.”

It amuses him, that even after Bai Yu’s enthusiasm at the idea when Zhu Yilong had first proposed it and after all the times they’ve made use of it, he still gets embarrassed over asking Bai Yu to bring Xiao Bai out—Xiao Bai being the hooker character that Bai Yu plays for his husband. Bai Yu finds it adorable that, despite probably having a kink and fantasy list even longer than his own, Zhu Yilong still gets embarrassed over voicing them. It had been a struggle at first, but through the years they’d come to find a nice middle ground in which Zhu Yilong can ask for what he wants even if it still causes him to blush and fumble.

Bai Yu grabs his husband’s face with his hands and pulls him up for a short kiss. He looks down at Zhu Yilong with a sly grin as he says, “Whenever you want, CEO Zhu.”

Zhu Yilong rolls his eyes at the title he uses only when in Xiao Bai’s character but the tips of his ears redden again, betraying his fake exasperation. He lowers his eyes and his brows furrow as he brings one of his hands to Bai Yu’s chest and strokes over his nipples, clearly visible through the paper thin shirt.

“Ah!” Bai Yu yelps and swats at Zhu Yilong’s wrist. “Don’t. I’m still sensitive.”

Zhu Yilong arches an eyebrow up at him but lowers his hand to Bai Yu’s waist anyway. “Did you come here in this?” He asks, chin pointing to the very revealing piece of fabric Bai Yu has the audacity of calling a shirt.

Bai Yu scoffs. “Of course not. I wore a coat.” He sticks his tongue out and Zhu Yilong rolls his eyes. “I’m a very expensive hooker and I work exclusively for one person. Can’t have anyone else eyeing the wares.”

He places his hands on top of his chest, effectively covering his nipples and winks at Zhu Yilong, who adverts his eyes, but Bai Yu can see the approval of his words in the ghost of a smirk that tugs at the corner of his mouth. Before he can stop himself, he surges forward and places a kiss on the tip of Zhu Yilong’s nose.

Bai Yu lets himself fall forward and rests his head on top of his husband’s shoulder, whose hand automatically comes up to stroke at his hair. He sighs and burrows into Zhu Yilong with a warm feeling on his chest.

“You can pick Xiao Bai’s clothes for next time when we go home,” Bai Yu says, voice laced with sleep and eyes slowly drifting shut.

Zhu Yilong hums in approval and Bai Yu feels it more than hears it, the reverberations of his chest a pleasant sensation that lulls him further into sleep.

“I’d like that,” he hears Zhu Yilong say, but it’s already too far away for him to think of anything to respond.

With a sigh, Bai Yu’s eyes finally fall completely closed and he falls asleep, at home in the embrace of his husband’s arms.