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Safe With Me

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“Da! Da!”

“Aye, a leannan? What is it?” Jamie smiled down at his daughter dressed in the fluffiest of tutus with a flower crown adorning her copper hair.

“My dess so pitty! See me ‘pin!”

She twirled around and lost her balance, falling with a thump onto her diapered bum.

“Ye are the verra best at spinning, my wee chickie.” He laughed at her tiny pout and picked her up off the floor. “Now tell me how’d ye slip away from yer Mam again?”

Just then Fergus walked through the door, looking dashing in the Fraser tartan. “There you are, petite soeur! I have been looking for you everywhere! Partout, fauteur de troubles. ” He took Faith from his father’s arms and was gone again before Jamie could say anything.

He turned again to the mirror and straightened his kilt, brushing imaginary wrinkles out of the fabric. He wanted to look perfect today. 

It had taken two years to renovate Lallybroch into a recovery facility for minor victims of sex trafficking, but they finally opened the doors last month to their first guests. The main house remained their family home with both the Fraser and Murray families living together, but the addition had doubled the square footage and made room for 12 guests and 4 live in staff. 

They updated the outbuildings and were working with a therapeutic horseback riding organization to provide lessons and therapy sessions. Claire took over the garden, creating raised beds for each of their guests to cultivate and grow if they chose. She loved to spend afternoons in the garden, basking in the warm sun and helping the children tend the plants.

Jenny resided over the kitchen and became house mother to the whole brood, related to her by blood or not. Jamie and Ian had begun organizing training for area hospitals, businesses, and hotels on how to recognize trafficking and report it properly.

They worked with the FBI to find all of the children he had been held with in the trafficking ring, and six of them were able to be transferred as the first guests at Lallybroch. He smiled at the memory of meeting them and welcoming them into their new home with hugs and tears.

And today the stories he had told them on those long nights would finally be reality. 

He snuck a peek out the window and smiled at the sight below. White chairs were placed in rows up the courtyard with an aisle formed between them that came from the front door of the house to the arch in the stone wall. They had invited less than 100 guests, most of whom were already here and seated waiting for the ceremony to begin.

There was a knock at the door and Jamie turned to see Ian and Fergus grinning at him.

“Are ye ready, bhràthair?

“Aye,” the smile had not left Jamie’s face all day. “Is it time then?”

Oui , Papa. Let us go!”

Ten minutes later Jamie stood at the stone arch in the courtyard with one hundred pairs of eyes trained on him. He laid his hands on Fergus’ shoulders in front of him, squeezing in reassurance. Ian and John stood at his side.

The doors of the big house opened and everyone froze as Mary Hawkins strode out dressed in pale pink. Her cheeks bloomed rosy and the smile on her face was pure joy. It warmed Jamie’s heart to see her so healthy and strong.

Next came Jenny, in a dress designed to accommodate her 5 month belly swollen with twins. Jamie heard Ian chuckle behind him and smiled as his sister shot him a glare and took her place on the other side of the arch.

A chorus of awwws and sighs filled the air when Faith appeared with her hand secured strongly around her cousin JJ’s pudgy fingers. The little boy followed her obediently holding the ring pillow at a slant that made Jamie silently thank Jenny for knowing they needed to baste the rings on.

When they got to the head of the aisle, JJ ran to his Mum and Faith made a beeline for Fergus. She tipped her shining face up to get a kiss from her father and then whispered loudly enough for the whole courtyard to hear.

“Mama is so pitty, Da! You see her!”

Just then he did see her. Claire appeared in the doorway of his childhood home bathed in the morning sunlight and wrapped in white lace. Jamie blinked back tears, not wanting to miss one moment as she stepped toward him.

She smiled as she approached, reaching out to hand her bouquet to Jenny and then catching Faith as she tumbled out of Fergus’ arms toward her.

“See Da! Isna she pitty?”

“Aye, chick. She is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen.”

Jamie wrapped his arm around her shoulder and leaned down to rest his forehead on hers, letting his tears fall. Fergus was under his other arm and Faith clung to her Mama’s hip. Between them all, the small bump where the newest member of the Fraser family grew hid under Claire’s flowing gown.

After a moment to collect themselves, Jamie pulled back and the ceremony began.


“Well now, Mrs. Fraser,” Claire’s new husband growled softly in her ear. “Finally I have ye alone.”

A giggle bubbled up inside her and she squirmed as his rough stubble scraped her neck. 

“And do you have something in mind for me, Mr. Fraser?”

“Oh, aye,” he breathed as his teeth closed gently on her neck. “I have thought of little else since ye left my bed yesterday morning.”

Claire shivered as she felt her husband’s hands begin to unlace her wedding dress. His lips followed his fingers, kissing each inch of skin as it was exposed. The dress finally loosened enough to slip from her breasts, but it caught on the little baby bump it had been hiding.

“Och, what have we here?” Jamie’s voice held a smile and he turned his wife toward him. “It seems we arena quite alone, mo ghraidh.

He pulled the dress down and it puddled at her feet, then he picked her up, holding her close to his chest and brought her to the king sized bed in their honeymoon suite. 

Claire lay back, propped up on her elbows and observed her husband as he took in the full effect of her wedding lingerie.

The pure white lace stockings sheathed her legs to the top of the thigh, allowing glimpses of soft golden skin beneath the intricate rose pattern. Each stocking was secured with a satin strap to the garter belt designed to accentuate her pregnancy. She wore a strappy thong with a bit of the same lace covering her from his view.

Her belly was bare; the evidence of his child within her still just a gentle curve, not yet adding to the silvery web of marks that Faith had left behind.

Jamie’s eyes devoured her from the tips of her lace covered toes and slowly up her body to rest on the life he had planted there.

She smiled coyly as his fingers fumbled with the belt at his waist and the Fraser kilt hit the ground with a thump. His shirt was off in the next three seconds.

“Mr. Fraser, I seem to be having a startling effect on you.” 

A Dhia, mo chridhe. What have ye done?”

He knelt in front of her, parting her thighs and reverently bending down first to kiss and caress his unborn child. Claire felt pulses of electricity shooting through her nerves at his touch. Her head dropped back helplessly as his mouth worked lower. 

“Jamie, ah!”

“Did ye forget our vows already, mo nighean donn ?” He chuckled against her sensitive folds slick under their lacy covering. “With my body I thee worship, was it no?”

The big fingers unclasped the delicate straps and slid her garter belt and thong off together, leaving her pussy bare to his attention. Bare in more ways than one, as his perceptive eyes had seen at once.

“Sassenach,” he laid a kiss on the smooth petals of her core, then parted them with his calloused fingers and licked her from bottom to top, making her gasp and arch into his mouth. 

“I am in awe of you, mo bhean. ” 

“For my waxing skills?”

Again that chuckle vibrated against her swollen flesh and made her shake so he wrapped his hands around her thighs to steady her.

“For yer courage, yer spirit, the way ye love an’ care for me and the bairns.” He punctuated each compliment with a kiss and grinned as she writhed under his mouth. “That ye’d take such care on yer wedding night for a man you’ve been married to for years.”

It was true, in a way. They had been handfast back in Boston when it was clear the dream wedding at Lallybroch would not be a reality for a few years while renovations took place. This ceremony was mainly for Jamie’s little clan who had gathered from all over the world to fulfill a dream they all held onto in their darkest moments.

Claire smiled at the memory and then her mind was blown blank as her husband slid two fingers deep inside her and curled them, rubbing her flesh between his tongue and hand. She lifted her legs over his shoulders, cradling his head between her thighs and burying her fingers in his curls.

The ache deep in her womb intensified, building her higher and higher until it was only Jamie’s strong arms keeping her body secured to the bed. She let go with a loud moan, her body vibrating with release.

When her legs finally released her husband he rolled to the side with a grunt of contentment.

“You know, that was one of my first fantasies of you.” Claire whispered to him, stroking the hair from his brow.

“Oh, aye?” He opened his eyes long enough to glance up at her and grin. “Was that back when ye kept folders of my sex tapes on yer phone?”

“Ugh, nevermind. Too soon.” She covered her face with her hands and groaned as her husband laughed. 

“Nah, Sassenach. Dinna hide from me.” He rolled on top of her and pinned her wrists above her head, carefully keeping his weight from her abdomen. “I thank God for it. If I hadna gone through that time in my life we never would have met. Did ye ken that?”

He leaned down to kiss her, trailing his lips down her neck to her breasts, pushed up toward him in lacy white cups with a rosebud over each nipple. 

“I aim to be the only man ye lust after for the rest of yer life. And if ye need a few videos to tide ye over when I canna be in yer bed, let’s just say I know my way around a camera.”

Claire was flushed pink, which delighted her husband to no end. He used his mouth and hand and cock to worship his wife’s body until they both were satiated and drifted to sleep, safe in each other’s arms.