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[tweetfic] Meadowfic with kittens

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But have you considered - Ye Zun, in a pretty meadow, laughing and happy, making a flower crown for the High King?

With echoes of the daisy chain he made in the maze...

And Zhao Yunlan laughing and letting himself be crowned...

And then slowly, hesitatingly, pulling Ye Zun down on top of him for a kiss amoung the meadow flowers, and around them the songs of birds and insects and the flash of colour off of pixie-wings...

And then Ye Zun pulled back and looked down at him. "I never finished the daisy chain I was making you, that day in the maze."

Zhao Yunlan's gaze softened further, and he reached up and gently stroked Ye Zun's cheek.

"That was the first time you called me yours," said Ye Zun. "You said I was one of your people to protect." There was - still - a note of wonder in Ye Zun's voice at the idea, though the confusion he had felt back then was gone.

Ye Zun reached down and traced the edges of the flower crown in Zhao Yunlan's hair. "I'd lit your bed on fire the night before... I hurt you then... Shen Wei took me to task over it...."

Zhao Yunlan replied not with words but by moving to offer his wrists to Ye Zun, for him to pin to the meadow grass as he had pinned them to the bed that night. Ye Zun's eyes darkened, and he moved to sprawl on top of him, pinning his wrists to the ground by his head and thrusting one leg between Zhao Yunlan's.

"Would the High King let his Knight Paladin possess him in front of all his realm?" he asked.

"Yes," replied Zhao Yunlan. "Most gladly."

Ye Zun reached out with his power, undoing the buttons of Zhao Yunlan's shirt and exposing the chest beneath, still thrilled that he was allowed this, permitted to use his power on someone so much stronger.

One of the kittens chose that moment to pounce on a daring meadow-sprite who had been too distracted watching them to notice its approach. Ye Zun glanced over at the movement, and saw how many of the fay were gathered watching them - dryads peeping from the forest border and undines rising from the nearby stream and pixies and sprites and sylphs scattered all about the meadow.

Ye Zun felt bile rise in his throat. He released the High King's wrists, and would have pulled away entirely had not Zhao Yunlan's hands come to rest on his hips, in gentle request that he stay. Ye Zun found, however, that he couldn't meet his eyes.

“I’ll not use you like that," he said firmly. "I’ll not demean my lord in front of his court and all his realm."

“Am I not High King?” there was only a hint of sharpness in his tone, but it was enough to make Ye Zun tense and look at him warily.

Zhao Yunlan stroked soothing, apologetic circles where his hands rested on Ye Zun's hips, and consciously made his body go pliant.

"My people can learn that pleasure shared willingly demeans neither party," said Zhao Yunlan softly, bringing a hand up to cup Ye Zun's cheek.

Ye Zun leaned in to the touch, his eyes closing. The playful mood was gone - in its place was a shared intimacy just as precious.

Zhao Yunlan sat up and gathered Ye Zun to him, and felt his heart do a rather interesting acrobatic manoeuvre inside his chest when Ye Zun melted into him, seeking comfort. He stroked Ye Zun's long hair and held him close.