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...They can be something...much more ...

The life source of a always the people.

People can thrive in towns. They can grow, mature, and prosper.

However, some towns simply fade away in time, as people leave them due to unpredicted circumstances…

They can either leave...or die with the town.

And a town...can certainly die in due time.

Empty buildings, streets, parks, homes...a town can actually die.

It stays dead until people return...yearning for it to breathe again.

But...what if it doesn't want to?

What if all it the quiet?

The quiet...peaceful...sleep?


Izuku stared out at the window of the speeding bullet train, watching the passing fields go by.

Today was a school day, a Thursday. It was around early afternoon, and the class of 1-A were in their school uniforms, sitting in their seats as they rode a high-speed-rail train to their supposed class field trip. It was a long way to go from where they were, a little south of Japan, exactly two hours. They all had lunch back at the cafeteria in U.A. and went over to ride the train to their destination, bringing their suitcases with them. It was going to be an all-day field trip, meaning they all have to stay at a hotel, and return to Musufatu tomorrow.

Aizawa, their homeroom teacher, was there to accompany them further at the back, occupying two seats as he slept in his yellow sleeping bag. Each of the twenty students were seated in the passenger car as the train speeds through the country's terrain to their location.

Izuku was sitting near the window seat on the right side of the seating area, which Ochako was next to him, while across from him was Tenya and next to him was Tsuyu(or Tsu, as she wants to be called).

The green mop-haired boy turned his head to look across his seat and at Tenya, who was strangely quiet as he read a book to himself. Knowing Tenya, he would read the book close to his face as he would absorb every information, let it be a manual or a novel. Yet, he was holding in his hands on his lap. His expression was also...unemotive.

Izuku frowned. 'Man...poor Tenya. After hearing his brother's injury...he hasn't been himself.'

Tenya doesn't even look like he was reading the book. His gaze was just...dull and lifeless.

Next to Izuku, Ochako looked at her tall raven-haired friend in concern as well. She turned her head to glance at the boy next to her, which he turned his head to the chestnut-haired girl also, sharing the same expressions on their face: worry.

Tsuyu can also feel the awkward tension as well, knowing about Tenya's brother's incident. She decided to break it by saying, "So, *ribbit* what do you all think this field trip is gonna be about?"

Ochako and Izuku looked back at their frog quirked friend as they blinked in surprise at the question.

"Oh yeah. Aizawa-Sensei never told us anythin' about what this trip was gonna be." Ochako commented.

Izuku looked thoughtful, "Well...he did say we were all going to a town for a class field trip. That's all he said before taking his nap."

"Yeah. That was real informative of him, wasn't it?" Tsuyu jokes drolly as she ribbits.

"Heh, yeah." said Izuku with a slight smile. He looked at his phone for the time, "Hmm…he said it will be over an hour until we reach our destination. Wherever this town is that we're going to, it's definitely far away from Musufatu and U.A."

"Yeah. I wonder what we're gonna learn in this mystery town?" Ochako said with a happy smile. "Do you think this trip will have something to do with our internship?"

"Has to be. *ribbit* It starts tomorrow, but depending on us having suitcases, we'll be staying in this town for a day. This seems like almost a holiday for us if you ask me." Tsuyu commented.

"Well, whatever this place is, it has to hold some significance on becoming a Hero if we're heading there." Izuku said. He looked at Tenya, who was still 'reading' his book. "What, uh...what do you think, Iida?"

Tenya looked up from his book at Izuku, a little startled, "Oh, um...I, uh...I would think so too…" he then looked back down at his book.

Izuku frowned, as well as Ochako and Tsuyu.

"Iida…" Ochako began to say, but didn't know how to approach the topic.

"Hm?" Iida hummed as he looked up to glance at his fellow classmates.

All three of them seemed to be very concerned about him…

"...Um...e-excuse me for a moment." Tenya got up from his seat and placed his book on where he sat, not really bookmarking it as he closed it. He walked around them and went his way to the train's restroom.

They watched him go, eyes filled with sadness for the young man.

"Man, poor Iida." Tsuyu remarked. "He hasn't been himself at all these past days."

"Yeah...ever since he got the news about his brother, he acts so...distant," Ochako said with pity.

Izuku didn't say anything, only sitting in his seat as he thought about what he could do to try to and help his friend.

'This is really bad...I can only hope this field trip will get his mind off of it at least...I mean, I can understand, the person that he looked up to the most is hurt, that being his older brother, but he's gonna make a recovery, so...I mean, this type of line of work is evident, but it's really taking a toll on Iida. I really hope he'll be himself when the internship comes. I just never seen him so dejected befor-'

"Um, Deku?"

"Huh!?" Izuku looked up and at Ochako. "Uh, y-yeah?"

Now Tsuyu began to say to him with a sweatdrop, "Uh, you're muttering out loud again, Midoriya."

"Eh?!" Izuku's eyes widened in surprise. "Oh...uh, s-sorry." He said with a sheepish blush.

"Hey, it's no problem." Tsuyu said with a ribbit. "I actually agree with what you were saying. Maybe this whole trip will be a good thing for him...whatever it'll be." Her eyes then looked a little poignant. "I mean, I don't blame him. If it were my younger siblings that were injured by some jerkwad Villain, then I would be kind of in the dumps as well."

"O-Oh, you have siblings, Asui?" Izuku asked her with a smile.

Tsuyu nodded at him. "Mm-hm, yep. My younger sister and brother. And as I said before, please call me Tsu."

"Huh?" Izuku blinked in confusion, but realized that he didn't call her by the name she told him to call her. "Oh! Uh, s-sorry Tsu!" He frantically said back.

"No problem." Tsuyu shrugged nonchalantly. "It happens."

Ochako smiled as she said, "Well, either way, maybe we can help him out? He's our friend, and he really needs some comfort and support right now. Besides, he's our class representative! He represents our class, and it's our job to assist him!"

"Yeah," Izuku commented with a smile. "Also, it's almost been a week, and the last time I heard from the Hero News, Ingenium is recovering quite well. Iida has to feel at least relieved upon knowing that. And that's all that matters, if his brother's alright."

Tsuyu looked over them and saw that Tenya was coming back over to their seats. "Here he comes." she whispered, "Act natural."

Both Izuku and Ochako nodded and played it normal as they can be around a society of superpowered users.

Tenya walked back over to his seat, picked up his book, and sat back down, opening his book again and reading somewhere that was undoubtedly not where he left off.

All three of them just sat there, as Tenya was quietly reading…

Izuku decided to break the ice after a minute. "So, Iida, you, uh, ready for your internship?"

Iida looked up, "Oh, a matter of fact, yes. I am. I'm...most certainly ready to learn how I can benefit my goal to become a...a better hero."

Ochako smiled, "Well, I'm really excited to meet up with Gunhead! Maybe he can give me tips on how I can be an even more formidable fighter! Bakugou surely let me realize that I need to be more aggressive when it comes to one-on-one battles."

Izuku frowned when Uraraka mentioned his former childhood friend. He glanced at the seats that were next to theirs, which occupying them were Bakugou, and on his left, Todoroki. In front of them were Kirishima and Kaminari respectively.

Leaning back in his chair, Midoriya thought back about his battle against Todoroki, how he lost and didn't get any good offers from the fights he had...well, except for All Might's teacher Gran Torino, which he is excited about. He was just lucky he had at least one. However, he suppose the loss wasn't all that bad...he didn't have to fight Kaachan.

He cringed. That was a match-up he was glad that didn't happen.

"Either way, I think it's really cool you even got an offer, Midoriya. I mean that in no disrespect whatsoever, by the way. You were really good out there, even though your quirk is kind of strange." Tsuyu said to him.

Midoriya snapped out of his thoughts. He completely spaced out that he forgot about the conversation at hand. Although, he did know of the topic, so he just said, "Oh, uh, no offense taken." he said with a smile. "And thanks. I'm glad I at least tried to advance through the tournament."

"Well, I'm sure you would have won it if Todoroki didn't suddenly decide to use his fire power on you." Ochako assured him.

Izuku rubbed the back of his head and chuckled nervously. "Well, he was tough. Whoever Todoroki selected, I bet that Hero will be really impressed with him."

"Heck, I'm impressed you stayed out long enough against Todoroki, especially with the injuries you've sustained, even with your quirk. *ribbit* You're definitely one tough guy to endure all that." Tsuyu encouraged him.

Now Midoriya blushed at the compliment, along with another chuckle, "Aw, c-come on, I-I'm just l-lucky, heh."

"Luck or not, you got what it takes Midoriya." Complimented Tsuyu with a point of her finger, a wink, and a cute smile on her face.

Feeling embarrassed, Izuku looked down at the floor, his cheeks tinted a little red. Tsuyu just snickered at Midoriya's display of humbleness.

Iida smiled slightly, thinking he should at least enjoy the company of his friends.

Uraraka, however, looked at Tsuyu with a questionable brow raised…

"Man, I wonder what this whole field trip will be about?" Kaminari asked the three other guys in their side row of seats.

"I don't know, but I got some reading material if anyone wants to pass the time," Kirishima said as he got out of his backpack some Japanese-translated graphic novels of old fictional superheroes.

Todoroki raised an interested brow. "American graphic novels?"

Kirishima chuckled. "Yeah, I kind of have a thing for these old American superhero comics. Although, like you said, these are more graphic novels than comics, because they tell a certain story with a superhero character. Got a range from DC, Marvel, even Dark Horse."

Bakugou looked at the spiky redhead oddly, then he sneered and scoffed. "Shit, you read those nerd books?"

"Hey, they're pretty entertaining. They tell really deep, complicated, and character-driven stories." Kirishima told him. "I only brought four of them conveniently enough, each of them being about my favorites, Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, and Hellboy. These guys are totally manly."

"Batman? Is he the one with no powers?" Kaminari asked in curiosity.

"Well yeah, but he can still kick major butt. Honestly, he's one of my favorites, because of his trials and everything he does without powers. He uses intellect, gadgets, instincts, stealth, martial arts, and pure determination and will to win against his opponents. He's totally badass and is really honorable, like a true Hero. He also has some pretty wicked villains."

Katsuki scowled as he listened to Kirishima describe this Batman. He scoffed once more. 'A Hero without powers...almost sounds like that fucking bastard Deku.' He glanced to his right at his former childhood friend, sitting with Four Eyes, Frog Girl, and Round Face. Midoriya was just sitting there as he was chuckling about something, looking nervous as usual with a blush on his face. He sneered at him. 'Pathetic extra. He's lucky he even got an offer from some Pro Hero. Who would even want that nerd, anyway?' The blonde shifted his gaze at Uraraka. 'Tch. At least Round Face actually put up some sort of fight. Of course, she lost against me in the end, but still, not bad for an extra. Deku said she thought all of it on her own...not that I trust that fucking punk.'

"Hey, uh, Bakugou?"

He grunted and turned to Kirishima. "What?" He asked in annoyance.

"Uh, I was just wondering, if you ever have a favorite American fictional superhero, what would it be?" Kirishima asked him.

"How hell should I know!? I'm not some damn nerd!" Bakugou exclaimed.

"Well, if you ever feel like reading one of these things, I suggest you read Wolverine. He's basically has metal material inside his body, which makes him immortal. Kind of complicated to explain, so you just have to read up on him online. He's kind of an anti-hero, and takes no prisoners, always cutting up bad guys with his metal claws that he shoots out of his knuckles. He's basically indestructible...well, almost."

"Shit, why is he called Wolverine then? He sounds nothing like one! Wolverines aren't immortal and indestructible."

"I'm guessing he's called Wolverine because of his metal claws?" Todoroki dully suggested.

"And hey, wolverines can be a little dangerous from what I heard." Kaminari shrugged. "By the way, is it okay if I read the Spider-Man one?"

"Sure thing, man." Kirishima gave him the Spider-Man graphic novel. "Do you want to read one, Todoroki? I suggest Hellboy, he's kind of an anti-hero with a heart of gold. And that's saying something cause he's a demon! He also likes cats."

"...Hm. Okay." Todoroki said with a shrug. He really was interested in some of these graphic novels that influenced Pro Heroes of today.

Bakugou looked at them in disbelief. "You got to be fucking kidding me."

"Aw, come on, Bakugou, these are OG superheroes!" Kirishima said with a grin. "I really want to catch up on the Batman one, so I'll let you read the Wolverine one. I've already read it, and I think you might like the action in it. He's pretty brutal on his enemies."

Katsuki just stared at the graphic novel Kirishima was offering him. "...Tch. Whatever." He grabbed it and began reading Wolverine. "Just so it can pass some fucking time."

"There ya go!" Kirishima chuckled.

Growling, Katsuki read the first page of the graphic novel...and the second page...and the third page..and the fourth...fifth...

'...This guy's pretty badass.'

Momo was reading another encyclopedia that she brought with her on the trip. Jirou was sitting next to her near the window seat listening to her music on her phone, while across from them respectively was Mina and Tooru, chatting among themselves.

"I wonder what this field trip will be about?" Mina asked anyone who was curious enough.

"Who knows?" Said Tooru with a shrug. "Aizawa-Sensei just told us yesterday to pack our things and to get ready for a field trip after lunch."

"Yeah. For all we know, it could be a testing ground on how we should use our quirks." Mina said, cheeks puffed out in adorable frustration. "I hope that's not the case."

Momo lowered her encyclopedia on her lap. "Well, whatever it might be, it has to do with something that relates to being a Hero. They wouldn't just do this without a reason."

"I would think so too. Why else are we leaving school grounds and staying at wherever we're going for a day? It must be a pretty important place for us to go to before the internship." Tooru commented.

Jirou took out an earphone, hearing their conversation after the song ended. "Hey, as long as we're not doing any school work, that's alright with me. I think we need another field trip after the Sports Festival."

Yaoyorozu hummed in agreement as she nodded. However, her thoughts went back to the Sports Festival, how she lost against Tokoyami in just one easy fell swoop. She frowned at the humiliation on that day. She had no ill will against Tokoyami. Even if she did lose the battle, she would congratulate him on beating her in the match. But it was her own fault that she was so careless and sloppy from the get-go in her match...which doesn't make her feel any better when she relived the account in her mind.

She didn't let it bother her too much, made her feel...well, actually, it made her look like a fool. So much that she got some offers, but they weren't worth looking at(not that she doubted their place as a Hero). That day when she botched her match up, when she underestimated her opponent...she felt so inadequate. And those weren't the signs of a good Hero.

"So what are you thinking of trying to create, Momo?" Jirou's voice interrupted her thoughts.

Momo turned her attention to the earjack girl with a confused blink. "Huh?"

"Well, you're reading a huge ass encyclopedia, so you must be thinking of creating something, right?" Jirous asked.

"Oh...well, actually, I am trying to read up on how to make simple weapons, such as flamethrowers, combat knives, taser batons, and of course, rubber bullet guns. You know, just to be on the safe side. I have plenty of other reading materials to look over on how to make these kinds of things, so, yeah, that's what I'm thinking of creating." Momo explained.

All three girls beside Momo sweatdropped at the claim and at the weapons she listed.

"Uh...okay," Jirou said, blinking at the claim.

Momo felt sheepish by their looks as she rubbed her arm, "Um...too much?"

"Well, more like 'too unlike you'," Mina said with an awkward smile. "Why the arsenal?"

"Yeah, we're going on a field trip, not to war." Tooru joked and laughed lightly, until she actually paused to consider that. "...Right?"

Jirou gave Tooru a monotone stare. "Of course not. They would have to break a lot of laws to do that."

"Um...well, I…" Momo now felt a little silly for even revealing that bit of info. "It's just…"

Jirou then realized what it could be about. "Hey, Momo, come on, if you' know, still upset about...that, then, don't let it bother you so much."

"Bother her? What's bothering her?" Tooru asked.

It suddenly dawned on Mina. "Ooooh, you mean your match fight between you and Tokoyami at the Sports Festival? The one you lost?"

Kyouka glared at Mina while Yaoyorozu winced. "Y-...Yes." The Creation Quirk user looked down in shame.

"Oh, uh…" Mina sheepishly rubbed the back of her head and looked back at Jirou apologetically.

"Oh, that? Aw, come on, Yaomomo, don't feel bad about that loss. If you ask me, Tokoyami wasn't being fair. I'm sure you would've taken care of him if you had plenty of time." Tooru told her with assurance.

Looking up at the invisible girl, Momo gave her a slight smile. "Thanks Hagakure, but...I still feel like I've failed on being a competent Hero."

"Hey, it's why we're in U.A. in the first place," Jirou said in a matter-of-fact tone with a smile. "We're here to become better."

"But I-" Momo began to say, but she was cut off by the rocker girl.

"Look, don't worry about it. Life goes on. You think Midoriya let that loss against Todoroki affect him? No way! And he's probably the most awkward guy in our class!" Kyouka reassured her.

Momo blinked at the choice example her friend picked. "Midoriya?" She thought about their male green-mopped-haired classmate and saw beforehand that he tried to hold his own against Todoroki. While she doesn't know much about the guy, she surely can say that Midoriya endured a deal while he was fighting against someone like Todoroki. And even though he lost, he kept going with his path on being a Hero

But she would think that was different. She didn't make a move when Tokoyami lunged at her. Midoriya was doing all that he could to stay in the ring.

Either they missed that fact, or they really think highly of her.

She decided to mention that, but Mina interjected by saying, "Oh yeah! That fight was really extreme, especially with Midori using his quirk to fight Todoroki off!"

"Yeah...Midoriya's quirk is kind of strange." Tooru commented.

"Tell me about it." Agreed Mina. "I mean, he was pretty cool fending himself off from Todoroki's attacks, but his quirk looks like a drawback to some people."

"Hey, either way, you gotta hand it to the guy, he's really resilient on getting back up." Jirou complimented.

"Oh yeah, totally." Tooru nodded, " you all think the shy, awkward, nice guy vibe that Midoriya has is kind of cute?"

Mina, Jirou, and Momo blinked at Tooru.

"I mean, since we're on the subject of Midoriya, I'm just wondering...cause I...I think it is." Tooru said with a noticeable rosy pink color on her invisible cheeks.

The three of them stared at her...blinking again.

"...Well…" Jirou blushed a little, scratching the side of her cheek. "He's...I mean, he IS kind of cute in that really nervous type of way...I guess?"

Seeing that this conversation was right up Mina's alley, she grinned widely and teased Tooru, "Well well, I didn't know you had a thing for Midori, Tooru!"

Tooru blushed even further. "Oh, no! It's just that I find him cute! It's nothing like that!"

"Hey, I don't blame ya. He is pretty handsome, I would say." Mina winked mischievously back at the invisible girl.

"No! I was just-"

"Actually, he does have big hands. I wonder if that suggests anything~?" Mina snickered as she kept poking fun at Tooru, who was putting her hands to her blushing intangible cheeks in embarrassment.

Jirou just looked at the exchange with a slight flush on her pale cheeks, while Momo put her hand up to her mouth and blushed a pink tint on her face.

While Mina teases Tooru more suggesting material about Izuku, Kyouka turned to Momo and said to her, "How did we get to where we're supposedly going, to talking about how cute Midoriya is?"

Momo smiled and shrugged. "I don't even know. I'm just stuck in the middle of all of this."

Jirou snickered at her response. "Actually, what do you think of Midoriya? He's been one of our most interesting and unique classmates so far."

Yaoyorozu blinked at her question. "I...uh...don't know? I've never really communicated with him before honestly...although I do have to say, he really does have a very peculiar quirk."

"Yeah. I mean, breaking his bones as he uses his quirk? That's crazy, I tell ya." Kyouka expressed her thoughts.

"Indeed…" Momo leaned against her seat as she relaxed. She looked at her phone at the time to see that it had been forty minutes upon riding the train to their destination.

'Depending on what Aizawa-Sensei said, it'll take us an hour until we arrive at this mysterious place we're heading to.'

...She sighed.

'Well, in the meantime, I'll just keep reading.'

And that she did, as she picked up her encyclopedia off her lap and read it.

They all fade into silence after that…

True to Aizawa's words, an hour had passed and they've reached their destination.

Once their homeroom teacher got up from his nap, he led all of the 1-A students out of the train and led them to the bus station with their things being carried behind them.

Izuku, who was also rolling his luggage behind him, decided to ask Aizawa about the trip, "Um, excuse me, Sensei?"

"Yeah?" Aizawa said, not looking at him as he walked ahead of them, leading them to the bus station.

"Um...y-you never really told us where we're going. You said a town, but...i-is there like a museum facility there, or…?"

Aizawa sighed. "Believe me, Midoriya, this trip is really important for you and your classmates to know about. Just know that it involves the usage of your Quirks."

"Oh, uh...okay…" Izuku trailed back behind with his friends

"Well, what did Aizawa-Sensei say?" Ochako asked him.

"He said it involves the usage of our Quirks…" Izuku said simply with a confused shrug.

"The usage of our Quirks? Aw man, I hope it's not anything like physical training. This trip would be a terrible break from school if that's the case. *ribbit* " Tsuyu remarked.

Uraraka frowned at that. "Yeah...not much of a field trip and more like a day of gym."

"Such is the path of the Hero," commented Iida. "We must not doubt our teachers if this whole trip is what they say it is."

"Still, this is kind of unimaginative. *ribbit* Traveling to a town by train for an hour and thirty minutes only to find out that we have to train our Quirks?"

"Maybe it's more than that?" Midoriya said inquisitively.

Nobody knows the answer to that, so they just kept walking to the bus station.

As soon as they all entered and took their seats in the bus, Aizawa made the announcement to them. "Okay, listen up. You're probably wondering why we're going to some town far away from Musutafu and U.A. Well, to be specific, we are just going to a town."

That raised a lot of confused brows.

"Uh...what for, Sensei?" Sero asked puzzled.

"You'll see when we get there. However, this isn't a physical training session."

"It isn't, Sensei?" Tsuyu asked with wide surprised eyes.

"No. This wouldn't be a field trip if it wasn't." Aizawa drolled.

"Uh…" Izuku raised his hand and said, "So then...we are going to a museum?"

Aizawa turned his head toward Midoriya. "...Somewhat."

Confused by that answer, Izuku just sat there wondering what he meant by that.

"Just know it involves the usage of your Quirks. Whatever that means to you, you have your Quirk and it's yours alone. Be responsible with it. Because great power comes with great responsibility." Aizawa sagely tells them.

The students all glanced at each other in bewilderment upon hearing that statement.

That is, until Kaminari asked Aizawa, "Wait, isn't that from Spider-Man?"

"...What?" Aizawa raised an eyebrow.

"Hey, yeah! I didn't know you read Spider-Man, Sensei!" Kirishima said with a grin.

"...Spider-what?" Aizawa asked in confusion.

"Aw, that's awesome! What other comics do you read?" Kirishima asked him.

"Interesting...I didn't know Aizawa-Sensei was hip." Todoroki muttered.

"Huh. You actually learn something new every day." Kaminari muttered as he scratched his head to absorb the information given to him.

"Comics? What are those? Do they have hot women in there?" said a grape-headed pervert named Mineta, who was sitting next to Kaminari.

"Actually, yeah, they do! Ask Kirishima, he'll let you look at one!" Kaminari told him.

"Whoa, no way, bro! No offense, Mineta, but I want my graphic novels to be clean and in good condition. Besides, it's not a lady book, it's about superheroes fighting crime! The OG manly stuff, man."

"Oh...okay then. I'll pass." Mineta said with a dismissive hand wave.

"Well, there is one superheroine character by the name of Black Cat. She does look pretty hot. I looked her up online and dayum they make some good art of her!" Kaminari told Mineta.

"A heroine derived from a cat? Sounds promising. And I love me some quality art, especially if it involves women!" Mineta says as she chuckled lecherously.

"Got you covered," Kaminari smirked as he got his phone out and let him view his screen.

"WOOOOOO! Holey moley! That is one hot fictional heroine! I should look at these comics more often! Hehehe!" Mineta giggled in a perverted way.

"Hey, I also looked up some more superheroines from comics. Check these gals out!" Kaminari showed Mineta.

"Ooooh! Now this gal I like! PowerGirl! Oh yeah! I wonder if that means she's the domineering type like Midnight?"

Everyone in the bus sweatdropped except for Aizawa at Kaminari and Mineta's now perverted interest of fictional superhero women.

Kirishima looked at them appalled. "...Dude, what have I done?"

Aizawa just stared at them, apparently not amused by all that's happening. In fact, his wraps came to life and grabbed Kaminari's phone.

"Hey!" Kaminari exclaimed.

"Hey! What gives?" Mineta exclaimed as well.

"As I was saying before all this occurred," Aizawa said in a threatening tone which made them(and everyone else) shut up instantly. "This place is actually more of a park, and...these park grounds need to be respected when you get there, so no, funny, business. At all."

Curious, everyone glanced at each other to see what they think about all of this, which their expression ranged from confusion and unease.

Momo, who's sitting next to Jirou, raised her hand and spoke. "Excuse me, Sensei, but what kind of place is this? Is it a shrine?"

Aizawa shook his head. "No, but it's a very serene place of what it once was." He looked at his phone. "We'll arrive there around twenty minutes."

Izuku was now interested in where they were supposedly going. It must be somewhere beautiful and important to make them go on a trip that was almost two hours away from their school.

As the bus drove them further into a wrapping and winding two-lane road around a mountain, there was a lot of greenery surrounding them. Everything started to look natural. No bullet train rails, not many roads were out here, and there were trees everywhere they go. It looked like a perfect place to actually go camping or even have a field trip.

It was also very...quiet…

Save for the humming of the bus.

The 1-A students were all actually mesmerized by the nature that was surrounding them. Izuku looked out from his window seat to his left, and could see from the large slope through the trees that there was a lake a little ways down from where they are.

And then, just enough so that he could make out a clearing through the trees, he saw it…

He sees...a town.

It was then he noticed a roadway sign that said the following:

Welcome to the Town of Chinmoku!

"Silence…?" Izuku muttered to himself in question.

"It certainly is beautiful out here." said the soft male voice that was Iida's.

Izuku turned to Tenya, who looked to be in awe of the area. The Quirk Inheritor smiled as he said. "Heh, yeah. I'm actually beginning to wonder if this field trip really is some sort of vacation."

Ochako, who was in front of them in her seat next to Tsuyu, turned around with a smile and said, "Oh, that would be so much fun! This whole area reminds me of when I was little with my grandpa! We used to go campin' as well as fishin' and everything!"

"Aw, that's nice, Uraraka." Izuku smiled at the gravity girl.

"Hey, you too?" Tsuyu turned to Uraraka. "I would go camping and fishing as well when I was younger, but it's with my Dad. Sometimes my siblings come along when they were younger, but we moved to Musutafu when Dad and Mom got their jobs, so we never do that as much now. That, and I wanted to be closer to U.A." She turned to Izuku and Tenya, "Have you two ever gone camping before?"

Midoriya felt awkward as he answered. "Oh, uh, well...I, uh, I used to go play out in the woods in the park when I was...I was younger." He mumbled that last part. It was in a time when he and Bakugou were three-years-old and they used to venture around the park to pretend like they were stealth heroes.

"I have…" Tenya said simply as he looked out the window. "And I can say right now, this area is certainly outstanding for a nice hike in the forest. And look at that lake! It's magnificent. It...kind of makes you forget about your worries..." His expression looked so...peaceful right now.

Izuku, Ochako, and Tsuyu looked at Tenya, a little astonished about his sudden demeanor.

"Um…" Izuku began to say, but thought that he shouldn't really say anything at this point. Iida looked really happy upon seeing the view from where they were...Izuku smiled as he glanced at the forest, lake, and town below. He turned back to Iida and said, "Yeah, it certainly does, doesn't it?"

Tenya looked down at the shorter boy and nodded with a hum and a small smile. "It really is. I remember a time when, parents, and I took hikes around an area we go to that was around five miles away from town. We always have the most adventurous times…"

All three friends frowned, with Ochako saying. "Iida, it's gonna be okay…"

But to their surprise, Tenya actually and truly smiled back at them and said, " will be...thank you all."

Blinking at the sudden uplifted attitude that Iida displayed, Izuku, Ochako, and Tsuyu glanced at each other and back at Tenya.

Izuku smiled as well, happy that his friend was at least feeling at ease. "Hey, no problem."

Ochako and Tsuyu both smiled as well and nodded.

Iida chuckled a bit, "Maybe this type of environment will help clear my head a bit."

"Hey, just where the fuck are we going?" Said the rude voice of Bakugou, who was sitting next to Kirishima. "What is this, a damn vacation?"

Aizawa gave Bakugou a stern look for his language. "You'll see. However, I think we're nearing our hotel now."

"We are?" Todoroki said in confusion as he sat next to Tokoyami. "But Sensei, even though the sign says we've entered town, from where we are, we're not anywhere near this town of Chinmoku. Should we stay like in an inn over at this town if that's the case?"

"For your last question, yes. And in some way, we have entered town. But the place we're staying at is near it. Also, we'll be taking the scenic route to it after we check-in our hotel." Aizawa said.

"The scenic route?" Kyouka asked curiously. "You mean, this isn't it? There's another way that goes into this town?"

"In a way, yes. But we'll all be taking a tour bus there once we get all of our stuff settled into our rooms."

The students just stared at him, like he grew a second head.

"...I am sorry for my question, but...why are we taking another bus into the town?" said a bewildered Aoyama.

"Yeah, what going on?" Sero asked.

Sighing, Aizawa said, "I'll explain the reasoning when we get to our hotel. Which is"

The students looked to their left and saw a nice looking lodge hotel that was on a grassy hill. As soon as the bus was near the hotel's driveway, there was a sign that showcased its name, the place being called "The Lakeview Hotel". When they were in front of the hotel's entrance, they took in their surroundings a bit. There were people there as well, all of them looking like tourists.

It was then Izuku decided to ask the question that's on everyone's mind. "Uh, Aizawa-Sensei? What's...going on right now?"

"Well, as you can see, we are now in the town limits of Chinmoku. As for what all of this is, well...there's been a tragedy in Chinmoku here involving a Quirk user…" Aizawa narrowed his eyes into an intense stare at his students. "How much do you all know about the 'Silent Massacre in the Hills'?"