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Caught Red-Handed

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"You know, Lan Zhan, don't you think we should face off?" Wei Wuxian said. "After all, our first battle on the eaves, I was too busy preserving the wine to fight properly."

"Preposterous," Lan Wangji replied, stone-faced as always.

Wei Wuxian wouldn't quit bugging him that easily. "It's all right, it would be a friendly match! I wouldn't really hurt you or anything." He leaned towards Lan Wangji, who dodged, and winked. "Come on. Have you truly never wanted to test your sword skills against an opponent as formidable as me?"

That warranted a glare. Wei Wuxian seized the opportunity to throw an arm around Lan Wangji's shoulders and pull. "There's even a nice spot just over there! Come."

Lan Wangji tried to break free, but before he could do so, Wei Wuxian had pulled him to the picturesque clearing and drawn his sword. He had no choice but to trade moves.

The trees murmured and wind hummed as they flew past each other, swords gleaming in the sunlight and clanging on contact. After perhaps thirty moves, Wei Wuxian gained the upper hand and relentlessly pursued it until Lan Wangji accepted defeat.

"Young Master Wei is an accomplished swordsman," Lan Xichen said from the side. "Congratulations."

"Congratulations," Lan Qiren repeated, though he didn't sound that happy about it.

Lan Wangji took a look at their sudden audience, then looked at the clearing around them. His eyes widened in the largest expression of emotion Wei Wuxian had witnessed from him. He turned and fled.

"What?" Wei Wuxian called after him.

Lan Xichen smiled. "Don't worry, Wangji is shy in some things, but he'll open up to you more now that you're married."

"Married?!" Wei Wuxian couldn't believe his ears. "What?!"

Lan Qiren and Lan Xichen exchanged a look. "Did he not tell you?" Lan Qiren asked, grave. "This is a sacred place of the Lan clan. You have defeated him in ritual combat here, and now you are married."

"N-no," Wei Wuxian said. His legs felt weak. "What."

"I'll talk to him," Lan Qiren said. He swept off at a brisk pace.

Wei Wuxian was left alone with a concerned Lan Xichen. Okay. He'd married Lan Wangji by accident, and now he'd made Lan Wangji look bad. He swallowed. "It's my fault. I wanted to spar with him and thought this looked nice. I didn't know it was a sacred site. Lan Wangji didn't start it, I swear!"

Lan Xichen stared at him before sighing. "So it's like that. Very well. I suppose that under the Lan clan's rules, this means you can get an annulment whenever you wish." He searched Wei Wuxian's face. "But I do think you would be very good for Wangji. He likes you very much."

"Your uncle doesn't seem to agree," Wei Wuxian said.

"He appreciates your smarts," Lan Xichen said. Wei Wuxian would've called him a liar had he not been so disoriented there was no solid land left in the mists of his mind. "He thinks Wangji could do with more exposure to the external world as well."

Wei Wuxian absentmindedly nodded and tried to wrap his brain around being married to Lan Wangji. "Uh ... do I need to stay here?"

Lan Xichen's smile grew wider. "I thought it would be good for Wangji to accompany you to Lotus Pier when you leave. Uncle must've finished talking to him by now. Let's go."

As Wei Wuxian followed him through the restful groves, he realized that Lan Xichen was truly happy at his little brother's nuptials. He was probably already planning the wedding feast in his head. He didn't even seem the least bit upset at the disruption of natural order inherent in the younger brother being wed before the elder.

When they arrived at Lan Wangji's rooms, Lan Qiren was in the entry chamber. He sighed at the sight of Wei Wuxian. "While you have erred, it was Wangji's responsibility to inform you of the purpose of the sacred place. You will not be punished."

"Is Lan Zhan all right?" Wei Wuxian pushed through the next set of doors without waiting for a reply.

Lan Wangji was there, to the side of the room, gazing straight in front of him. He was wound tight as a bowstring and his hands were clenched into fists. It was a wonder he wasn't vibrating.

Wei Wuxian approached him. "Hey." He stepped in front of Lan Wangji and put his hands on Lan Wangji's shoulders. "Hey. It's all right. I know we've started off on the wrong foot and I've gone out of my way to annoy you. If you don't want to be married I can just annul it, okay?."

No verbal response, but Lan Wangji wasn't that kind of person. Instead, he closed his eyes and his lips twisted minutely.

Did he actually want to be married to Wei Wuxian? Wei Wuxian swallowed. "Of course, if you do not object, I will take responsibility for my actions. Lan Zhan?"

Lan Wangji looked up at Wei Wuxian, gaze intent. His look was burningly intense. "Good."

Wei Wuxian squeezed his shoulders. "Great! Then-"

He was cut off by Lan Wangji pulling him into a hug. He could only laugh as he thought about Jiang Cheng's face when he heard the news. Behind them, Lan Qiren sighed. Wei Wuxian couldn't bring himself to care.