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For the last ten minutes or so, Pete had noticed his best friend staring down at his notebook intensely.


Tin wasn’t taking any notes, having not glanced at the board once during this entire lecture.


To be fair, Pete wasn’t taking any notes either, writing Ae’s name in the margins of his notebook, maybe adding a love heart here and there.


He only just resisted writing Pete Intouch in the margins as well.


The point was Pete wanted to know what had Tin so distracted. What was he scribbling?


Maybe it could explain why Tin had been in such a foul mood lately?


Slowly, he moved closer, attempting to see over Tin’s shoulder at what he drawing/writing. Tin spotted him and tried to cover up his notebooks, but not before Pete saw what he was doing, covering his mouth quickly to muffle the squeal of delight.


“Tin, you’re- “


“- Sssh.” Tin hissed, trying to angle his notebook away from Pete’s curious eyes.


It was just some random doodles… everyone doodles a little in class.


And so what if he was writing Cantaloupe’s name…. it didn’t mean anything, and it wasn’t as though there were any hearts or anything.


Not like Pete probably had next to that Thai Programme’s name.


And he definitely wasn’t blushing.


As Pete continued to beam at him, Tin avoided all eye contact with him, focusing on the board instead of the notebook, scribbling down as many notes as he could.


When the class came to an end, and everyone started to leave, Pete grabbed Tin’s wrist.


“You should talk to him.” He whispered, “He’s confused and you know it.”


“He said he didn’t want to be with me, and that’s that.” Tin scowled, “Everyone’s not as lucky as you and that… Ae.”


“…. You still like him though.” Pete gestured at the notebook in Tin’s arms, “That says it all.”


There was nothing Tin could really say to that, glancing down at said notebook.


“I’m going home.” Pete sighed, “Maybe… maybe you should go to the pitch? Can should be at practice.”


“Home… you mean you’re going to his house.” Tin desperately tried to change the subject.


It didn’t work.


“Actually, Ai’Ae’s coming to mine after practice.” Pete raised an eyebrow at him, and Tin had to say for certain, that he wasn’t a fan of Pete’s sudden boldness, “You’ll let me be your best man, right?”


“…. What?”


“You’ll be mine.” Pete pouted, “It’s only fair.”


“Only fa- “Tin cut himself off with a snarl, “- I was writing his name. It doesn’t mean anything!”


“It’s sweet!”


“I don’t- I am not sweet!”


Judging from Pete’s smile, he was inclined to disagree.


Tin made a mental note to bin this notebook as soon as he could.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Hi! If you’re taking promts for 2gether, can I please request a SarawatTine oneshot with Sarawat standing up for Tine? Thank you



Sarawat would forever deny it when Tine asked, but he did take a certain enjoyment in sneaking up on him, surprising him with kisses that never failed to make Tine flush bright red.


It only got more enjoyable when Tine finally admitted that he did have feelings for the other teen, and they moved from ‘fake’ boyfriends to real ones.


At that moment in time, Tine seemed to be practicing another dance routine, muttering under his breath as he talked himself through the routine.


“Cute.” Sarawat couldn’t stop himself, only to frown at Tine’s flinch.


He never usually flinched that badly, causing Sarawat to frown in concern.


“Tine? Is everything okay?”


Tine looked vaguely uncomfortable as he turned to face his boyfriend, clearly forcing a smile onto his face as he moved closer.


“Don’t sneak up on me like that!” He scolded, “You’re going to give me a heart attack one day!”


The words were familiar, but the tone wasn’t.


Something was going on, and Sarawat was going to find out what it was.




It was surprisingly easy to find out what was bothering Tine… or rather, who was bothering him.


Sarawat knew he was popular, despite his anti-social nature, and it wasn’t hard to pick up on the gossip that spread across the many different campus areas. All it took was him and his friends to ask a few casual questions here and there to the right people, and he had a idea of who was involved in making Tine uncomfortable, and what they’d been up too.


He felt bad about going behind Tine’s back like this, but someone needed to stand up for him… and who better than his boyfriend?


Apparently, there were some people who disagreed with the knowledge that Tine was now dating a guy.


Sarawat kept an eye out for the group in question, moving to follow them as they headed for where the cheerleaders were practicing.


Tine was usually the last to leave, choosing to shower in privacy before helping lock up… this group were probably hoping to corner him while he was alone.


Before they could enter the changing rooms, Sarawat moved to stand right in front of the door, blocking their path.


“Don’t you have somewhere else to be?” He kept his face calm, despite not feeling that way in the slightest.


The group seemed shocked to see him, glancing at each other until a ‘leader’ was nominated and he stepped forwards, “We just wanted to congratulate the cheerleaders on their performance at the last game. Got a problem with that?”


“… You’re terrible liars.” Sarawat rolled his eyes, “Cheerleader practice is over and most of them have gone home, as you all know.”




“I think,” Sarawat started slowly, “you should start treating my boyfriend with a little more respect.”


“Respect?!” One of the other snapped with a sneer, “Why should we?”


Sarawat took half a step forward, watching as they did the same backwards.


“Leave him alone.” His voice was barely above a whisper, “Because if I ever hear you thinking about doing this again, I know where to find you all… understood?”


“We’ll leave him alone.” One of them muttered, not looking Sarawat in the eyes.




The ‘leader’ turned to the others, pushing them away from the changing rooms and back the way they came.


Sarawat waited until they were out of sight, before moving to lean against the wall, acting like he was just here to walk take Tine home.


Or back to his.


“You shouldn’t have done that.”


This time it was Sarawat’s turn to jump, spinning to the side to see Tine standing there, arms folded over his chest and glaring at him.




“Don’t be cute.” Tine frowned, rolling his eyes as Sarawat smirked, “I’m serious. You didn’t need to do that.”


“Were you listening?” Sarawat asked, glancing back at the door before taking a deep breath, “I know you said you were fine, but I know you… you weren’t fine. You never used to flinch like that around me and- “


“- I’m glad you did.” Tine interrupted, a light flush on his cheeks, “You didn’t need to, but thank you.”


The pair stared at each other, before Sarawat smiled and reached out to grab Tine’s hand, pulling him closer.


“You didn’t deserve what they were saying to you.” Sarawat said firmly, as they headed towards the car park, pausing only to place a tender kiss to Tine’s lips, “Understood?”


“Yeah… I understand.”

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Prompt from hissoriki: WinTeam. Anything is fine. Their limited scenes left us wanting to see more of their story and lives. I'd love to see your take them. Thank you!



Win hadn’t seen Team in almost three days… and yet, it felt like three weeks.


Exams periods were the worst time of the year.


Hopefully Team would understand.


“Team?” He whispered, as he tiptoed into his room, hoping that Team had accepted his Line message to stay the night, He expected to see the younger man spread out diagonally across the bed, therefore taking up all the space.


Or passed out at the desk after doing some revising of his own.


He didn’t expect to see him curled up on Win’s side of the bed, one leg sticking out from the duvet… and clutching a teddy.


Win had to slap a hand over his mouth to stop the squee.


Team with a teddy bear… it was just too much for him.


“Team?” He whispered again, leaning in to kiss his boyfriend’s forehead.


“Mmmmph, five more minutes.” Team mumbled, eyes still closed and squeezing the bear.


“Don’t I get a hello darling kiss?”


Team’s eyes fluttered open as he slowly lifted his head, hair ruffled and sticking up on one side, cheeks creased with sleep line, “P’Win?”


Win muffled this squee by leaning in for a kiss, pecking Team’s lips with his own, “I missed you.”


“Mmmm.” Team yawned widely, not even seeming to notice Win moving away to slip into the bed behind him, wrapping his arms around him.


“So… what’s the teddy called?”


“… What?”


Oh yeah. Team was definitely awake.


“The teddy… in your arms… that you’re currently cuddling. What’s it called?”


Team shoved said bear under the covers, acting like it never existed, prompting Win to cover his mouth with the back of his hand, trying to suppress his laughter.


“Shut up P’Win!”


Up until that moment, Win had managed to contain his laughter… but the indignant look on Team’s face and the fact that the lump of the bear could still be seen, was too much for him. Titling his head back, Win cackled, his chest shaking as he almost choked on his laughter.


“You are so cute.” He bit down on his lip to try and stop laughing.


“I’m warning you P’Win!”




Team narrowed his eyes, forehead scrunching up at the action before leaning in closer.


Win lit up at the action, believing that Team was going to initiate a kiss…. Only to get smacked in the forehead and shoved off the bed.


“Go sleep on the sofa.” Team turned over.


“The- this is my room.” Win pouted, “The sofa’s cold.”


“Don’t care.”


“… Can I have the teddy since I don’t get to cuddle you.”


Looking back, Win thought that he probably deserved having the bear thrown at him.

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Prompt from tamtasisi: Sarawat/Tine having a sweet kiss, already as boyfriends 😊



If someone told Tine he would be here, having a cute, real date with Sarawat, he would have laughed in their face.


And yet, here he was.


“Here.” Sarawat was holding out a spoon of ice cream, a fond smile on his face as Tine slowly opened his mouth, “How’s this?”


Accepting the spoonful, Tine hummed in delight, locking the little bit that was left at the corner of his mouth, “Is that…. Bubblegum?”


Sarawat nodded, the fond look on his face not changing. He scooped some more up, moving as though to feed Tine again, only to pull it away at the last second, shoving it into his own mouth as Tine pouted.


“Ask nicely, and I’ll let you have some more.”


Tine glanced around. It was fairly late at night, and the ice cream store was pretty deserted. Thinking quickly, he leaned over the table just as Sarawat was putting another spoonful in his mouth, pulling the other teen into a kiss, humming in delight at the taste of the ice cream in Sarawat’s mouth.


When he finally pulled back, he couldn’t help but beam at the shocked look at Sarawat’s face.


It didn’t last long, as a challenging look replaced it. Sarawat raised an eyebrow, scooping up another spoonful of ice cream and bringing it to his mouth.


Challenge accepted.


Tine swooped in for another kiss.


It was sticky and extremely sweet, but Tine didn’t care.


“I should have done this from the beginning.” Sarawat muttered when it finally ended, “We could have cut out a lot of pining and misunderstandings.”


Tine held back a wince, nodding in agreement, “Yeah… have I said sorry enough for that?” He pressed a soft, tender kiss to Sarawat lips, “I never meant to hurt you.”


Sarawat melted at the cute pout on Tine’s face, not able to contain his glee had finally being with the crush of his dreams. It felt like there were butterflies in his stomach, “I know… but I’m not going anywhere.”




Tine stared at him for a few moments, eyes scanning over his face. Before Sarawat could say anything, Tine’s hands come up to cradle the other man’s face, thumbs running softly over Sarawat’s cheeks.




Tine remained silent, pressing his forehead against Sarawat’s, eyes closed. Their lips were close as they simply breathed.


Slowly, Sarawat wrapped his arms around the other man, sliding his hands up and down Tine’s back in a soothing gesture.


Slightly pulling away, Tine captured Sarawat’s lips in yet another kiss, swallowing the startled moan Sarawat let out, when he let his tongue dart out slightly.


“Our ice cream is going to melt.” Sarawat chuckled.


“But- “ Tine pouted, “- You’re so much sweeter.”


There was a pause, before Sarawat got to his feet, pulling Tine up with him.


“Come on. We’re going back to mine.”


“We are?”




Who was Tine to argue?

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Prompt from Pieholler: And any happy moment for KornIn would be delightful



Korn pulled up in front of In’s house, switching his lights off quickly so that In’s Father couldn’t see them. He stepped out of the vehicle, hoping that the sound wasn’t too loud in the dead of the night.


It was a little chilly tonight.


Hopefully, In remembered to bring a coat out.


It was dark outside. Korn had made sure that he parked in between the streetlights, to ensure that his car wouldn’t be seen.


Less than a couple of minutes later, the front door of In’s home could be heard opening and slowly closing, the slight creak shattering the silence. It didn’t take long for the figure of In to be seen rushing through the gateway, carrying two heavy-looking bags with him.


Korn quickly rushed to open the boot, helping the younger teen place them into the boot along with his own. He closed the boot and turned to look at In. Even though it was dark, it was hard to miss the beaming grin on the younger boy’s face.


A smile that he’d soon be able to see every day for the rest of his life.


He wrapped a hand around the back of In’s neck, pulling him into a light, chaste kiss.


Another thing he would be able to experience for the rest of his life.


“Let’s go.” In whispered when they finally broke apart, neither of them wasting time, climbing into the car.


In’s cheek was red in the dim light.


Another argument with his Father?


They should have done this a lot sooner…. Were it not for the lack of money, they would have. It was a better idea than buying a condo in the city where their families would never leave them be.


Korn hoped his Father never found out he’d been… borrowing money from the family account, grateful for his Father’s job for once in his life.


It was all worth it.


Finally, they had enough money and courage to leave and make it on their own. They could leave all this behind them and start again. Overcome with glee, Korn leaned over to kiss In again, before starting up the car and pulling away as quickly as he could.


“Can’t this car go any faster?” In looked just as happy, practically bouncing in his seat.


“There’s no point in us doing this, if I get pulled over for speeding.”


“Party pooper.”

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Prompt from PieHoller: If you're willing a happy little piece for the boys from history 3 Modc too.



“Honey, I’m home!” Hao Ting yelled, a beaming grin on this face as he removed his shoes, making sure to line them up along with the others.


Xi Gu was very clear about that.


“I’m in the kitchen!”


Was it just him, or did Xi Gu sound a little nervous?


Frowning, Hao Ting slowly made his way into the kitchen, watching as Xi Gu emptied some noodles into boiling water, before coming up behind him and wrapping his arms around that slim waist and pressing in close.


“I’ve missed you.” He muttered, pressing a kiss to the side of Xi Gu’s face, moving the collar to one side, intending to kiss his neck… only to stop.


“Hao Ting?” There was that nervous tone as Xi Gu turned around in his arms, looking up at him apprehensively.


“Is that… is that one of my t-shirts?” Hao Ting finally managed to force out, despite the fact that the shirt was hanging off Xi Gu’s shoulders (making it a little obvious who’s it was), “Is that- “


“- I must have picked it up by mistake.” Xi Gu muttered, looking anywhere but at Hap Ting, even as the taller man’s hands slid down his back and to his hips, “Let go, I’ve got to cook.”


He tried to turn back around, only to get part of the way, before Hao Ting was turning him back around. He tried to be stern, as he crossed his arms. “Hao Ting… let go.”




“Hao Ting!”


“What?” Hao Ting had, what could only be referred to, as a shit-eating grin on his face, sliding one hand down to the front of Xi Gu’s jeans and cupped his dick, his smile only widening when Xi Gu’s breath hitched.


“Hao Ting.” Xi Gu’s face was barely above a whisper, as he turned his head away. Hao Ting followed the motion, capturing Xi Gu’s lips in a kiss, nipping slightly at Xi Gu’s bottom lip.


“You didn’t have work today, did you?” He then whispered, pulling away and looking Xi Gu in the eyes.


“No? Why?”


Hao Ting sighed, “I can’t stand the idea of people staring at you in my shirt.” He mumbled, “You look so… cute!”


Xi Gu rolled his eyes, “They can look…” He sighed, “… But there’s only one person who gets to touch. Besides, I would never wear your clothes out of this apartment.” He raised an eyebrow, “Happy?”


“Very.” Hao Ting grabbed Xi Gu in another searing kiss, running his hands up and down Xi Gu’s back, “You’re mine.” Hao Ting hissed, breaking the kiss.


Xi Gu reached up to grab Hao Ting’s chin, making him look him in the eyes, “You’re mine too.”


“…. I love you.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from MelHK_Luka: I would like to see something with Tin and Pete defending their boyfriends, like maybe after both their relationships finally become publicly known some stupid people from the school (aka TinPete fans or just generaly toxic people) would corner Ae and Can and start saying bullshit (like how they were just with them for money, etc), maybe Ae would get overwhelmed and/or angry. And then Tin and Pete would arrive and Tin would understand right away what was going on and would be very angry and annoyed and Pete would be confused at first but then someone would say something mean about Ae and I would actually like to see Pete get angry and somewhat explode taking everyone by surprise xD



“Leave Ai’No alone.” Ae rolled his eyes, pulling Can away from their Captain, “I’ll buy you some food, okay?”


“Really? Yay!”


Heading over in that direction, Ae pulled out his phone to send a quick text to Pete, inviting him to come and join them, knowing that Pete would probably bring Tin.


And when Can wanted food, Tin was the one you wanted around.


Rounding the corner, they passed a group of girls.


Ae was the first to notice the vicious glares they sent them.


“You’re Ae and Can, aren’t you?” The self-proclaimed leader stepped forwards, the other girls moving to surround them.


“Yes.” Ae carefully placed his phone back in his pocket, “Why?”


“You need to break up with Ai’Pete.” She sneered, before turning to Can, “And you need to break up with Ai’Tin.”


“What?” Can pouted, “Why? We just got together?”


“Yeah.” Ae echoed softly, not liking where this was going, “Why do we have to break up with OUR boyfriends?”


“Because you’re not right for them!” Another girl cried out, nodding as the others all agreed.


“You just want them for their money!” A second opinion was called out, followed by another round of agreement.


Ae and Can turned to each other.


“No way!” Can was the first to protest, “I hate it when Ai’Tin throws his money at me! I can’t be bought!”


“Same with me and Pete.”


Internal warnings were going off in their heads.


“You’re just saying that because you’ve been confronted with the truth!” The leader folded her arms over her chest smugly, “We all saw those new shoes you were wearing Ae, and don’t think we didn’t see Tin buying you that brand-new phone, Can!”


“I didn’t ask him to buy me those shoes!” Ae felt his temper rising, “He did that of his own accord, and I hated it!”


Can nodded, scanning the group. The situation with Tin buying him the phone was a little different, and he was smart enough to sense that the girls wouldn’t understand that.


And then he saw a familiar face.


“Hey!” He pointed at a girl near the back, “You’re one of Lemon’s friends, from that Pete x Tin club she’s in!”


And then, the situation became clear.


“You want us to break up with them, because you want Pete and Tin to be together!”


That didn’t help with Ae’s temper… Pete and Tin was still a sensitive subject, despite the chances of them being together were slim to none.


“Not just that.” The girl snapped, “You’re not good enough for them! Ae, you’re rude and aggressive! We’ve seen you dragging poor Pete away whenever someone even looks at him!”


Oh, how to explain that Pete liked that.


“And you hit Tin!” Another girl pointed at Can, who frowned.


“He deserved that!”


“Not helping.” Ae hissed with a wince.


“Well he did deserve it!”


“Who deserved what?”


Everyone turned to the right, as Tin and Pete made their way over. Pete looked a little curious over what was going on, whereas Tin appeared to know exactly what was happening.


“Ai-Pe- “ Ae began, wanting to his boyfriend away from this group as soon as possible, only for Tin to intervene.


“If you’re talking about the time Ai’Can hit me…” He began, which of course, he already seemed to know (indicating that the pair may have been there a lot longer than any of them were aware), “… I did deserve that.”


“But- “


“- Pete and I are friends, and that’s all we are ever going to be.” Tin moved to pull Can closer, “Can is perfect for me? I love that he doesn’t expect me to pay for food or our entire dates. I love that he punched my brother in the face when Tul pushed his luck. I love the way he looks when he plays football. I love the smile on his face he gets when I cheer him on. I love him!”


“But- but- “ The lead girl looked ready to burst into tears, “- But you and Pete would be so cute together!”


“Yeah!” Another girl pouted, “Better than Pete being with this… bully!”


“Yeah, we all know how you treated Chompoo!”


“What?!” Ae frowned, “I-I never did anything to her! She was my friend!”


“She liked you and you rejected her!”


Ae frowned in confusion, “But… I was dating Pete then.”


The insults continued. Whilst they had moved on from poor Can, not wanting to get on Tin’s bad side, Ae was fair game.






You’re cruel to poor Pete.


He could do so much better than you.


Each and every word was like they were stabbing him in the heart, and honestly… maybe they had a point.


Pete was too good for him.


Maybe he should-




Everything fell silent as Pete stormed forwards, grabbing Ae’s hand, a glare on his usually peaceful face.


Ae had never heard Pete shout like that, and judging by the shocked look on Tin’s face, he hadn’t either.


“You’re wrong!” Pete snapped at the girls, who also looked taken aback, “Ae is the sweetest person I have ever met, and I love him! He’s saved me again and again and again, and never asked for anything in return!”


“He asked you to be his boyfriend! That’s something!”


“I wanted to be his boyfriend, it’s not like I’m owing him anything!” Pete’s voice now sounded like he was on the verge of tears, “And I like it when he pulls me around, it makes me feel safe and secure! Like he’s doing to protect me, to let me know that I’m his and nobody can change that.”


“Ai’Pete- “Ae tried to interrupt, not wanting Pete to reveal the more intimate details of their life, not in front of these girl and Tin.


“- No!” Pete turned to face him, cheeks flushed slightly out of sheer frustration, “I don’t want to hear all this! All you’ve ever done is protect me and look out for me! Why wouldn’t I choose you?!”


Without giving them a chance to think up a response, Pete pulled Ae away, the pair closely followed by Can and Tin.


“I didn’t know you could shout.” Tin smirked at his best friend, still clinging onto Can’s hand as they strode away. And then he seemed to notice the look on Ae’s face, a look of exasperation flashing across his face. “Come on.” He tugged on Can’s hand, “Let’s go and get something to eat.”


Can noticed that they were heading away from Ae and Pete, causing him to resist slightly. “Wait, what about- “


“- I think they have their own thing going on.”


It was then that Can noticed Ae pulling Pete away, a pleased, but suprised look on Pete’s face.



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Prompt from MelHK_Luka: For TharnType I would like to see a mix of jealousy with protectiveness from Tharn and/or Type. Like maybe some guy would flirt with Type and at first Type would get annoyed and try to ignore him, but then the guy would insist even more and become rude and forcefull to the point where Type would be so unconfortable that he would have flashbacks about his past (because it doesn't matter how much time passes stuff like that stays with you forever and can be triggered any time) and would start to panic and then Tharn would appear and become angry at the situation and protective over Type (this would be after Tharn and Type were together for quite some time already, so everything is okay with their relationship btw).


I just decided to do this one 😊 Hope you like it 😊



The university bar was really crowded tonight.


It always was at the beginning of the new school year. New students all hoping to meet the love of their life now that they were away from home.


Of course, lots of them paid attention to Tharn on the stage, something which Type wasn’t overly happy with.


Which is why he was sitting at the bar, keeping a careful eye on the stage, just in case someone got too pushy. Tharn spotted him out of the corner of his eyes and gave him a soft smile, directing some of the song towards him, before turning back to his audience.


And then he felt someone tap him on the shoulder.


He turned, frowning at the person who dared interrupt his oogling.


The kid (though he probably wasn’t more than two years younger than Type) could be considered pretty. Curly hair that was slightly tinted, eyes highlighted with eyeliner, wearing a tight t-shirt and skinny jeans… he was good-looking, Type had to admit that.


“Hey.” The ‘kid’ scanned him from head to toe, making him roll his eyes, “Wanna buy me a drink?”


“Not really.”


“I’m Dew.” The other student wasn’t put off by Type’s attitude, leaning in closer, his giggle obnoxious right down Type’s ear, “So what’s your name?”


“… Type.” He tried to shuffle his stool away, only for Dew to follow him.


“Type.” Dew’s hand made his way onto his thigh, making Type flinch, his breathing speeding up.


Oh God… not here…. Not now.


“You look nervous.” Dew’s hand moved a little higher, Type’s hand tightening around his nearly empty glass, “Maybe I should get you another drink? Something a little stronger?”


Type managed to shake his head, pushing Dew’s hand away and trying to turn away, hoping the young man would get the message.


“There’s no need to be rude!” A hand grabbed his shoulder, forcing him to turn back around. “I was just being friendly.” Dew then pouted, “If you’re not interested in men, you just have to say so.”


Type could have lied in that moment, but the words got caught in his throat.


Unfortunately, he hesitated for too long and Dew went back in for the kill. “Maybe… curious.” He leaned in closer, placing a hand on either side of Type’s head, leaning against the bar and therefore preventing the older man from getting away.


Type’s mind immediately flew back to that chair sitting in the middle of that dusty room, the rope hanging from the arms.


“It’s okay…” Dew whispered, “… I’ll be gentle.”


He couldn’t speak, he couldn’t move, eyes squeezed shut as he focused on trying to remain calm.


He didn’t notice Dew leaning in for a kiss.




Type’s eyes flew open, as a familiar figure pulled Dew away.


“What are you doing?” Tharn asked, voice a little tenser than usual, although if you didn’t know him well, you probably wouldn’t notice.


“Hey!” Dew wrenched his wrist away, “What’s your problem? We were just talking!”


“Talking? It looked more like you were being a creep and not knowing when to leave.”


“He was just a bit nervous!” Dew looked over at Type, “Right?”


Type still found it hard to breathe, not quite finding the words to say.


“Type?” Tharn appeared in his eyeline, concern written all over his face, “Are you okay?”


It took a while for Type to muster up the awareness to nod, but it clearly wasn’t believable, as Tharn’s expression darkened.


“Right.” He muttered under his breath, wrapping his coat around Type’s shoulders, rubbing them slightly as a form of comfort, “Better?”


“Yeah. “Type muttered, feeling a little embarrassed at the incident., turning away, only to see that the rest of the bar were giving them curious looks.


“You should have seen that he was uncomfortable.” Tharn turned to Dew, straightening up as the younger student took a small step back.


Tharn was tall, but with his soft-spoken nature it was easy to miss.


When he was like this however, it was intimidating.


“You should have seen that he wasn’t happy with what you were doing and backed off!”


Dew hesitated for a moment, before folding his arms over his chest, “Who are you to tell me to back off! He wasn’t saying no!”


“I’m his boyfriend.”


Dew’s flirty and cheerful disposition disappeared in an instant. “Oh.”


“Yeah… Oh.” Tharn took one more step forwards, as Dew made a hasty exit.


He didn’t need to shout to get his point across… that was something Type loved about him.


“-pe. Type!”


Feeling a hand slide up his arm, Type flinched slightly, only to grab Tharn’s hand when he tried to pull away.


“Are you okay?” Tharn placed his hand around the back of Type’s neck, only pulling him into a kiss when Type nodded. Everything around them melted away as their lips moved against each other, escaping into their own little world.


And of course, there was a little hint of possessiveness on Tharn’s side as well.


Tharn slowly pulled away and Type couldn’t help but chase his lips, wrapping his arms around Tharn to stop him from pulling away.


“Let’s get out of here.” Tharn whispered, fingers rubbing small circles into Type’s shoulders, “I think we need a quiet night in.”


“… Cuddles?”



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Prompt from Helloooo: Hiii! Is it possible to have a prompt where fighter and tutor were best friends when they were young but a fight broke them up which made fighter bully tutor to an extreme till high school. Fighter made friends leave tutor and all the angst. Even though they are separate, fighter is always obsessed with Tutor. Possessive fighter would be great too! Then, maybe in the last year, tutor gets asked out by a new guy and fighter get angry and they sort of makeup? And maybe have a R rated scene with top fighter if you comfortable with it! You change the storyline to what ever fits you:) thanks!!



Maybe if Fighter had always been a dick to him, it would be easier.


But he hadn’t


Not in the beginning.


Once upon a time, him and Fighter were the best of friends, doing everything together…. And then Tutor’s family fell on hard times, and when Fighter tried to give him money to pay off Tutor’s fathers’ debts, Tutor lashed out.


Looking back, that was probably the start of it.


Hurt by Tutor’s anger, Fighter changed for the worse. Overnight, it was like he decided Tutor was inferior to him and singled him out, chasing away any friends that Tutor might have made and making his life a living hell up until high school.


Busted noses.


Being slammed into lockers.


Hurtful comments about his family, things that Tutor never though Fighter would say…. His Father, yes, but never Fighter.


Tutor hoped that once Fighter left their High School, this would end… and it did… for a couple of years.


He really should have checked that Fighter didn’t attend this uni.


He should have picked a different faculty.


“Hey! Tor!”


What was once a cute nickname from their childhood, was now dreaded.


Tutor picked up his pace.


“Hey! Stop!”


He went to round a corner, only for his arm to be grabbed and for him to be slammed up against the wall.


“Why are you running away Tor?” Fighter sneered, “I thought you’d be happy to see me after all this time.”


“You thought wrong.” Tutor snapped, “Now, let me go!”


“Who was that boy you were speaking to?”




Tutor frowned, nervously looking Fighter in the eyes, “I- I don’t- “


“- Who. Was. He?”


“You mean… Saifah?”


Fighter audibly took a deep breath, before moving to grab Tutor’s shoulders, his grip tightening to the point where they would probably leave bruises. Then he mumbled something.




“I said…” The grip tightened even further as Tutor resisted the urge to cry out, “… is he your boyfriend?!”


“W-What?!” Tutor squirmed, trying to get away, “No! He’s all hung up on Zon, we’re just friends!” He lashed out with his leg, kicking Fighter in the legs, before pushing him back a couple of steps, “Why should you care?!”


Fighter looked stunned for a moment, before his face twisted into a sneer. “Because you’re mine.” He whispered, “Understand?”


Caught off guard, all Tutor could do was stare, wincing as Fighter pushed him back against the wall as he stormed away.




He was Fighter’s?


Why did the words bring a flush to his cheeks?




This strange behaviour continued for several more months.


Whenever Tutor was seen with someone new, Fighter was there in an instant, making vague threats about making sure everyone knew who he belonged to.


It was high school all over again.


Something had to break soon.


“Hey! Tutor!”


Turning, Tutor waited as another student from his class rushed to catch up with him.


He was sure his name began with an M.


“Hey.” M panted, nervously rubbing the back of his head, “I was just wondering…” He trailed off, prompting Tutor to raise an eyebrow, patiently waiting for him to finish, “… I was just wondering if you wanted to go out this weekend? Just us?”


“Like, on a date?”


M brightened up, but before he could say anything, Tutor felt a familiar hand wrap around his wrist, before he was being pulled away.




Tutor continued to struggle as he was dragged away, eventually managing to kick the other man on the back of the knee, sending him crashing to the ground.


“Why won’t you just leave me alone!”


Fighter stayed where he was, staring up at Tutor in shock as the younger teen continued.


“For years, you have made my life a living hell!” Tutor practically screamed, “Beating me up, slamming me into walls, chasing away anyone I ever got close to, WHY?! BECAUSE I WOULDN’T ACCEPT YOUR CHARITY?!”


“It wasn’t charity!” Fighter snapped, “I wanted to help, I wanted to make you happy again, and you just… you just- “


He didn’t need to finish… Tutor knew exactly what he’d done.


Pushed Fighter away out of humiliation, believing that his best friend was mocking him, waving all his money in his face.


“Look.” Fighter pushed himself to his feet, holding his hands up into the air, as if to say ‘just give me a chance’, “I know how you get and… maybe I shouldn’t have been such a dick to you, but- but you hurt me Tor.” He sucked in a deep breath, eyes squeezing shut momentarily, “And… I didn’t know how to… stop.”


“You didn’t know how to stop.” Tutor mocked him, “Well isn’t that the perfect excuse.”


“I know.” Fighter’s voice was muted, “But… I don’t think I can do this anymore.”


“What? Torture me?”


“Hmmm… and see you with other guys, not when I want you to be mine.”


“Yours?” Tutor was taken aback, “What do you- “ He flinched as Fighter darted forwards, grabbing his hands and intertwining their fingers.


“I like you.” Fighter blurted out, “I’ve liked you since we were young and the sight of you with anyone else… I-I can’t stand it!”


A thousand thoughts ran through Tutor’s head, but before he could vocalise any of them, Fighter pressed his lips to his.


Oh… well okay.


…………………………Three months later……………………………


Tutor groaned low in his throat, back arching off the bed as Fighter froze.


“Hey, you okay?” He whispered, hands stroking down Tutor’s thighs where they were wrapped around his hip. He wasn’t even fully inside, the tip of his cock just barely pushing past the tight ring of muscle.


Even after half an hour of preparation, Tutor was still extremely tight.


“I’m okay.” Tutor groaned through gritted teeth.


“Tor- “


“Slow… go slow!”


“I will.” Fighter assured him, dribbling a little more lube where his cock was pressed up against Tutor’s body. “Deep breaths. Tell me if you need me to stop.”


Tutor nodded, taking slow breaths as Fighter leaned over to kiss his collarbone, carefully pushing his hips forward. There was a moment of resistance, before Tutor finally relaxed enough to allow the head to pop in.




“Big.” Tutor choked out, hands curled into the sheets, prompting Fighter to reach out and intertwine his own fingers with the younger mans’.


“Does anything hurt?”


“No, just… big!”


Fighter chuckled softly, working his way in a little deeper until his hips were pressed tight against Tutor’s ass. Once the younger man had relaxed enough, he started to move, smirking when one thrust had Tutor crying out and arching up against his chest.


“P’Fight! Please!” Tutor’s hands moved to grab Fighter’s shoulders.


Keeping up the angle, it took very little time at all before Tutor was clinging to him, legs tight around his hips and short nails digging into his back, making soft little sounds with every thrust.


“Harder.” Tutor suddenly whispered, “Fuck me like you mean it, I can take it.”


Fighter smirked, “With pleasure.”


He pulled out much to Tutor’s surprise, pulling him to his feet and lifting him up until his back was against the wall, pushing inside once again.


Tutor got his wish.


His breaths came in pants as he clung onto Fighter’s shoulder, the man pounding into him over and over again.


He’d never been so full before.


Fighter kissed at his neck, teeth grazing over sensitive skin as Tutor moaned.


He was so stretched, to the point where he knew he’d be feeling this tomorrow.


“More, more please!” He begged, one hand moving to tug on Fighter’s hair.


Never one to disappoint, Fighter’s thrusts got harder and faster and withing seconds, Tutor was crying out, cumming harder than he’d ever came on his own.


“God, I didn’t even touch you.” Fighter groaned, continuing to thrust, even as Tutor went limp in his arms.


Tutor just moaned, trying to catch his breath as Fighter groaned his name, pressing in as far as he could as he came.


For a moment, they just stood there, Fighter’s forehead resting against Tutor’s flushed neck.


“You know…” Tutor sighed, “… If you hadn’t been such a jerk, we could have been doing this a lot sooner.”


“Shut up.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: first real date of Sarawat and Tine? After they admit their feelings and decide they want to try it for real. I kindly expect some awkwardness and cuteness ^_^



“I want to kiss you!”


The words were blurted out so quickly, that Sarawat was sure he hadn’t heard them correctly. Looking up from his meal, he narrowed his eyes at Tine, who was giving him a hopeful look.


And then Tine panicked.


“It’s okay if you don’t want to.” He exclaimed nervously, “That’s fine, but you kept wanting to when we were fake dating, and I know it’s our first real date and if you’re not the sort of person to kiss on the first date, that’s fine.”


“I- “


“- I just really want to, and you keep biting on them like that so I can’t help but look, and I don’t even know if you’re doing it on purpose, or- “


“How did you get all those girls to agree to go out with you?” Sarawat interrupted, “I thought you were meant to be smooth… what happened?”


An affronted look flashed across Tine’s face, “I didn’t like that like I lov- like you!”


Choosing not to comment on the slight slip-up, Sarawat smirked. “Sure.” He teased, as Tine narrowed his eyes at him from across the table.


Sarawat knew he was playing hard to get.


Tine deserved it after the weeks and months Sarawat had spent being his fake boyfriend, pining after him… and to see him so flustered like this was adorable.


Maybe he should keep it up for a little longer.


Tine, clearly not liking how Sarawat’s thoughts had started to drift, had now started to pout, bottom lip sticking out and everything.


It was too cute.


Leaning across the table, Sarawat kissed Tine on the cheek, before drawing back, unable to hold back a smile.


Tin froze, a flush on his cheeks, “I-I… thank you?”


Sarawat rolled his eyes and waited, knowing that Tine hadn’t gotten the hint. “You know… you really should kiss me back.” He prompted, a tinge of annoyance in his voice.


“What if you don’t like it though? I’ve only kissed girls before and- “


“- Oh my god.” Sarawat groaned in frustration, before leaning in and pressing his lips to Tine’s, effectively shutting him up.

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Prompt from tamtasisi: an you please write about pocky kiss? What Tine and Sarawat thought during it??? Also when Sarawat was locked by Tine, what Sarawat thought being locked by his crash and being so close to him? ❤ i am so in love with them 🙈


It’s a bit of a mess, so I apologise :S



This wasn’t happening.


Sarawat could barely hear the oohing from the watching crowd, his eyes focused on Tine moving closer, that damn pocky in his mouth.


He couldn’t suppress a nervous guilt as he took the other end into his mouth.


Was he really about to do this?


A wave of nerves overcame him, and he found himself letting go of his end, and turning his attention to the crowd.


“You need to eat it too! Bit by bit Wat!”






‘How was he meant to persuade Sarawat to be his fake boyfriend if the other student wouldn’t even do this’, Tine thought to himself, wriggling the pocky up and down in his mouth to try and catch the other student’s attention.




He just had to get this over and done with.


Sarawat took the other end back into his mouth, staring Tine down.


“Get it as short as possible!”


‘Come on Sarawat, get it over and done with.’ He started eating it bit by bit.




‘Oh God… he was actually eating it.’


Tine’s knew he must have looked completely panicked as Sarawat moved closer, their lips brushing against one another for a split second, before Sarawat pulled away, an almost challenging look on his face.




‘Oh God, their lips had brushed, stay calm, stay calm Sarawat.’ Sarawat desperately hoped the panic he was feeling internally didn’t show on his face.


He didn’t even hear the news that they’d passed or the girls squealing all around them.


As everyone moved to leave, Sarawat frowned at the look on Tine’s face.




“What are you thinking about?” Tine tried not to flinch as Sarawat slapped him on the arm, “Everyone’s gone on their break.”


How could he be so calm?


They practically kissed, and Sarawat looked completely non-plussed.


“I was thinking about what you did!” He blurted out, “You think you can mess with me all you want?”




Okay, they were back in familiar territory now.


Teasing and bickering.


“You mean the kiss?” He ignored how his own heart fluttered at the words, fighting to keep the smirk on his face as Tine’s eyes widened.


“It wasn’t a kiss! It was just a game, why do you have to be so serious about it?!”


“Why are you being so hot-headed now? You just asked me to be your boyfriend yesterday… a little kiss from me won’t hurt.”


He then decided to make a hasty exit.


This whole evening had been both exciting and frustrating, and quite frankly, he needed some time alone.




How could this be worse than the pocky? The feeling of having his high school crush so close to him… seeing the alarm in Tine’s eyes as Green’s voice got closer and closer.


He wanted revenge on Tine for threatening to lock him in there overnight, he never actually intended to alert Green as to where they were hiding.


He could still feel Tine’s warm hand over his mouth, the action forceful but not painful.


Could he really be blamed for the direction his thoughts went in?


And then Tine’s phone started to ring.


Any sane person would have left Tine to his fate… nobody could accuse Sarawat of being sane though.


And now Green thought he slept in lockers.


Now, as well as being anti-social, he was also a weirdo.


Oh well, at least the bet he’d made with Tine wouldn’t go anywhere.


Surely there was no way that he could pass?


There was no way he’d have to pretend to be his brush’s fake boyfriend, right?

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Prompt from Strawberry9090: Sequel to Chapter 4



“You are so adorable.”


Tine flushed bright red… ever since Sarawat had practically dragged him home from the ice cream store, he hadn’t stopped flushing.


“Especially when you blush like that.”


“Shut up.” Tine whined, desperately wishing for his blush to go away, as Sarawat leaned in to kiss him on the cheek, wrapping his arms around Tine until the other boy relaxed into it with a content sigh.


Tine wriggled until he was practically on Sarawat’s lap, his legs wrapped around the other boy’s waist and his arms around Sarawat’s neck, a look of determination on his face.


He kissed Sarawat’s lips, keeping it short as Sarawat pouted.


Before Sarawat could pull him into another one, Tine titled his head slightly, moving to nibble at Sarawat’s ear instead, who moaned. Spurred on by the sound, Tine slowly moved down to suck on his neck, smirking as Sarawat’s moans got louder.


“T-Tine!” Sarawat pulled him away from his neck to kiss him on the lips, moving to lie down, pulling Tine on top of him.


Over time, their shirts were thrown onto the floor, and Sarawat’s hands were all over Tine’s soft skin, slowly moving down to Tine’s jeans. However, as soon as he moved to unzip them, Tine visibly tensed up.


“I-I- No, I’m not ready yet.” Tine stuttered, a slight quiver in his voice.


Shit… he didn’t mean to push Tine this far.


“Sorry, I- “


“- It’s okay, it’s okay!” Tine pushed himself into a seated position, only just seeming to notice that his shirt was off as he sheepishly covered himself, “I’m just… not ready yet.”


Sarawat could understand that. “That’s okay.” He smiled softly at the other boy, leaning up to peck him on the lips.


Despite what he thought at the beginning, he didn’t regret his decision to be Tine’s fake boyfriend.






“I… really, really like you.”


Sarawat chuckled, “I really, really, like you too.”

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Prompt from Strawberry9090: Could we get a scene with jealous, and a little possessive Sarawat and oblivious Tine?



What should have been a good day was now ruined.




The name alone made him seethe with jealousy.


He’d been busy with exams and so hadn’t seen a lot of Tine for almost two weeks, and apparently, in that time, someone else had gotten close to HIS boyfriend.


Someone who brought Tine food everyday, listened to his problems and even walked him to his classes nine times out of ten.


And the flirting… oh god, the flirting!


It made Sarawat want to mark his territory, just a little bit. Every time Trai smiled at Tine like that, it woke every possessive instinct in him.


Even now that Sarawat had finished his exams and was back to spending more time with his boyfriend, Trai didn’t show any signs of backing off.


“Here, I made sure to save you a pudding.” Trai said, usual charming smile on his face as he handed Tine said pudding. Tine’s eyes lit up with glee, and it was only the knowledge that he would upset the other student, that kept Sarawat from snapping.


“Yes!” Tine whooped, eagerly tucking into the pudding, not even noticing how Sarawat was glaring daggers at his new ‘friend’.


Unable to take the way Trai was touching Tine… simple, little gestures like a hand on his arm, a friendly pat on the back, Sarawat moved to sit next to his boyfriend, wrapping on arm around his shoulder and pulling him closer.


“Want some?” Tine held the pudding cup up to Sarawat, that cute, oblivious smile on his face.


“Mmmm.” Opening his mouth, Sarawat allowed Tine to feed him a spoonful of the pudding, sending an almost vicious smirk to Trai as Tine glanced away.


“I should get going.” Trai didn’t seem all that bothered by Sarawat’s posturing, “I’ll see you tomorrow Tine?”


“Yep, see you tomorrow!” Tine waved goodbye to him, before turning to Sarawat and frowning at the look on his face, “What’s wrong with you?”


Sarawat felt like his brain had short-circuited slightly, “He’s a bit of a creep.” He blurted out, wincing at the way Tine rolled his eyes.


“He’s my friend and- “


“- And he wants into your pants.”


“Wat!” Tine snapped, “No he doesn’t!”


Sarawat chuckled wearily, “You didn’t even know I liked you until I kissed you! And even then, you tried to play it off as me just being drunk!”


He knew he’d gone too far when Tine visibly seemed to bristle.


“You- You- “Tine pointed his finger at Sarawat, pulling away from him, “You’re just jealous!”


“Jealous?!” Sarawat scowled.


“Yes! Jealous! Just like when I wanted to try and go out with Pear! Jealous!”


“Do you want to go out with Trai?!”


“No, because we’re not interested in each other like that!”


“Fine!” Sarawat threw his hands up into the air, “Fine, go and have dinner with him tomorrow then!”


“I will!”






They glared at each other for a moment, much to the horror of their friends watching, before storming off in different directions.


Sarawat regretted the argument almost immediately. He hated fighting with Tine, they had wasted so much time fighting before they got together, and he’d vowed never to waste time like that again.


Tomorrow. He would apologise tomorrow.




The following day, when dinner was just coming to an end, Sarawat rushed to the cafeteria, spotting Tine in the distance.


“Tine!” He called out, rushing over, “I’m sorry.” He blurted out, “You were right, I was jealous… still am. I don’t like Trai and I still think he likes you, but- “


“- He asked me out on a date.”


The jealousy flared up in Sarawat’s chest again, almost making him forget that he was here to say sorry, “Did he now?” He forced out through gritting his teeth.


“Yeah.” Tine sheepishly rubbed the back of his head, “I said no obviously.” He then smirked, “Nobody can compete with you after all.”


Sarawat’s lip spread into a wide grin, cheeks heating up slightly at Tine’s words.


Neither of them could be certain who leaned in first. Their lips met in a gentle, perfect kiss.


“My boyfriend.” Sarawat hummed into the kiss, fingers threading through Tine’s hair.


“No… You’re MY boyfriend.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: Sarawat/Tine - changing the bedsheets does not get interrupted.



Sarawat liked chests.


To be honest, when it came to Tine, he liked pretty much everything about him, but to touch his chest just one time… he could die a happy man.


He didn’t expect it to be so easy to push Tine onto the bed and crawl over him like, even if Tine protested slightly.


He didn’t move to get away though… he just lay there, staring up at Sarawat.


Sarawat was half expecting his mother to burst in, but there was nothing but silence. Slowly, he started to lean down, covering Tine’s mouth with his, hands already moving to slip underneath Tine’s shirt.


Tine flinched slightly at his cold hands against bare skin but made no effort to move away as Sarawat’s hands got closer and closer to his chest.


His fingers found the twin nubs, rolling them between his fingers as Tine moaned into the kiss. Suddenly growing bold, he pushed Tine’s shirt up, pulling away from the kiss, only to move his mouth to Tine’s chest instead, gently licking and sucking at his nipples as Tine cried out in shock.


Glancing up, Sarawat couldn’t help but smirk at the flush on Tine’s cheeks as he stared at Sarawat in shock.


“What- what are you doing?!” Tine eventually managing to force out, whimpering as Sarawat blew on his now damp chest, “Wat, I- “


Sarawat just raised an eyebrow at him, as Tine frowned.


“Do you like me?”


It took all of Sarawat’s self-control not to groan.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Can isn’t Stupid! Every one keeps saying Can isn’t smart just because of how he acts and talks. Tin goes to pick Can up after the Sports Science Exams and finds Good and Can laughing pointing at the top of the list where it’s 1) Can 2) Good. Can’s yelling about beating Good this time. Most of the guys in that class don’t seemed phased but Tin is shocked as well as some of the Seniors. Turns out Can’s not stupid and is actually taking some hard Physiology classes. He only has trouble with English.



Tin was fully expecting it to be like any other day.


He’d go and pick up Can from the Sports Science building, buy him dinner and try and persuade him to go out on a romantic date that weekend.


Of course, they had just had their exams… Can would be feeling a little down, especially after all the complaints about him failing ‘everything’ over the past two years.


Maybe he would be up to being a little spoiled?


The thought was enough to put a slight spring in his step as he hurried up slightly.


He spotted the crowd first, all gathered around the notice board.


He then heard his Cantaloupe’s voice rise high above the hustle and bustle of the crowd.




Tin frowned for a moment, before smiling… Can must have passed then. Slowly, he moved closer, ignoring how the crowd quickly parted at the sight of him.


It was clear his reputation was still in place, even if he had been dating Can for almost two months now, and the majority of the school had seen him be a complete pushover with the Thai Programme student.


By the time he reached the front of the crowd, he saw that it was Can and Good at the front, Can eagerly grabbing onto his friend’s arm and bouncing up at down.


At first, Tin thought it was just because he was excited about passing… and then he actually heard the words that were being said.




Good just accepted being shook around like a ragdoll, nodding slowly as he also stared up at the board.


“Yes… you… did.”


Tin frowned, turning his own attention to the exam results.


It was then that he saw it.


Number one, top marks – Cantaloupe Kirakorn.


“What?” The word escaped before he could reign it back in, prompting Can and Good to spin around and face him.


“Ai’Tin!” Can bounded over and grabbed his arm, pulling him closer and pointing at the board, “I finally beat Ai’Good! Number one spot!”


“But- I thought- “ Tin felt like he needed to alter his entire world view, especially when he glanced around to see that he was the only one even remotely surprised.


“You… thought… what?” Good asked, a slightly suspicious look on his normally placid face.


He definitely knew what Tin was thinking.


And unfortunately, Can seemed to guess as well.


“What? You thought I was dumb?” Can pouted, narrowing his eyes at Tin as the taller man avoided looking him in the eyes, “Asshole! I’m not an idiot, just because I’m loud and talk a lot and- “


“- Cantaloupe, I just- “


“- This is a top university with the best results in the country! How else do you think I got into it? It’s not like my family could buy a spot or they just liked me because of my fantastic personality or- “


“- You never told me!” Tin finally snapped, the crowd around them falling silent, “You play the part of an idiot, what did you expect me to believe?!”


“IDIOT? I’ll have you know- “ Can cut himself off as Good tapped him on the arm.


“He… has… a… point.”


The pair stared at each other for a moment, before Can rolled his eyes and turned back to Tin, pointing at the boards.


“This is the hardest class in the Sports Science program.” He stated bluntly, “Physiology 5. Usually Good beats me to the top spot, because I hate studying, but the exam had a huge essay question on Johannes Muller and the Theory of Specific Nerve Energies, which is my specialist subject so of course I nailed it and- “


“- and you’re not an idiot.” Tin finished, a soft smile on his face, “I get that now.”


“Yeah!” Can nodded, “It’s just English I have a problem with because, well, English is one of those languages that’s too complicated for its own good!”


“And Physiology and the… theory of nerve energies isn’t?”


Can just shrugged, before noticing the look on Tin’s face.


“Are you… angry at me?”


“I just- “Tin sighed, “- Why didn’t you ever tell me this before?”


“You never asked!”


“So… you just let me believe it?”


“I didn’t even know you thought that!”


As Can stepped closer, getting up in his face, Tin pulled him into a tight embrace, kissing him quickly on the forehead, before moving to pull him away from the crowd.


“Hey, wait Ai’Asshole! I need to- “


“- I’ll buy you whatever food you want.”


“But, P’Good- “


“- can fend for himself. We’re getting food and then we’re going back to mine.”


“Back to yours? Why….” Can trailed off, flushing a bright red, “… Hey! Hey!”


As Can continued his token protests as he was pulled away, Techno emerged from the building, frowning at the sight.


“What’s wrong with Can?” He asked Good.


“Tin… didn’t… know… he… was… smart.”


Techno frowned, “Of course he is? How else would he be in this class?” He then glanced at the scoreboards, “Aww… he got higher than I did, when I took this class!”

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Prompt from Vandywritez: Well, I have a request couple.. Forth and Beam.. out of all the couples from 2 moons this pair is the best.. so anything portraying their possessiveness, love and cuddles.. and ofcourse a hot kiss please🙂🙂



It was their anniversary.


Forth had had this evening planned for almost a month, booking the table way in advance at Beam’s favourite restaurant.


It was going to be perfect.


With all the exams and studying they had to do, it was rare to have an evening like this. Don’t get him wrong, Forth loved just ordering takeaway and making out on top of the duvet… but this just had to be perfect.


Beam got home a little late from his study session, eyes wide as Forth practically forced him into a suit, wearing one of his own.


“Forth, where are we going?”


“You’ll find out in about twenty minutes.” Forth playfully slapped Beam’s butt, as he made an indignant noise, “Come on, let’s go!”




They pulled up to the restaurant in Beam’s car (Apparently, there was no way Beam was getting on Forth’s bike in this nice suit), and honestly, the smile on Beam’s face already made Forth’s night.


They walked up to the front desk hand in hand, the woman behind it smiling at them.


“Do you have a reservation?”


“Yeah, for Jarmonhum?”


She scrolled through the list, before waving a server forwards to lead them to their table.


The food was fancy, but amazing as the pair settled into an easy conversation.


For a while, it seemed like everything was going to plan, and then…


“P’Beam? Is that you?”


Forth tensed up slightly at the sight of the, frankly gorgeous girl, coming towards them. The only solace he had, was that Beam looked just as uncomfortable. He got to his feet, turning to meet the girl.


“Mae, I- “Beam stopped as the girl leaned up to kiss him on the cheek.


Forth couldn’t stop the growl from escaping, not even feeling slightly sorry when Mae turned to look at him.


“Oh.” She scanned Forth up and down, clearly liking what she saw, “Who is this?”


“My boyfriend.” Beam bit out, having seen the appreciative look as well.


This made Forth feel a little better, as he held out his hand for her to shake. “Forth… nice to meet you.”


“Hmmm.” She then turned her attention back to Beam, twirling a lock of hair in between her fingers, “So, what have you been up P’Beam?”


Before Beam could answer, Forth piped up, “It’s our anniversary.” He stated, hoping that she’d get the hint.


“Oh… how long have you been together?”


“A year today.”


Mae nodded, though it was obvious she wasn’t that impressed. “Oh… so it’s still new?”


Beam, who had re-taken his seat, kicked Forth lightly under the table, almost as though to warn Forth not to make a fuss.


Forth just shot him a pleading look as Beam winced.


“So Forth, what do you study?”


Ignoring the lack of honorifics, Forth sighed, “I’m an Engineering student.”


“And you’re dating a future Doctor.” Mae turned and smiled at Beam, “Smart choice.”


Beam cleared his throat, “Mae… what do you mean by that?”


“Well… it’s not like being an engineer will pay as much as being a Doctor.”


“Actually…” Forth leaned forwards, “… You’d be surprised. Don’t worry, Beam and I will be able to contribute equally to any bills.”


Which was true… even without his small family fortune.


“Of course you will.” Mae’s tone was patronising, as Forth saw red. He got to his feet, neatening his jacket, shooting Beam a pointed look.


“I think we should get going.” He stated, “It’s been lovely talking to you Mae, but we’re going to go and have some anniversary sex.”


Mae gasped sharply as Beam groaned, shaking his head at the smug look on Forth’s face. Taking Forth’s hand, they paid their bill and headed out of the restaurant.


“Was that really necessary?” Beam sighed, rolling his eyes at Forth’s delighted cackle.


“She deserved it…. Kissing you on the cheek like that and making all those comments.”


“Forth, I- “


Forth spun him around, pinning him against a nearby wall, “You’re mine.” He kissed Beam hungrily, a hard knock of teeth and tongues as Beam melted into it. He licked past the medical student’s lips, hips moving up at the same time, causing Beam to moan.


“Forth!” Beam pulled away, “Let’s at least get to the car!”


They ran through the parking lot towards the car, and Forth couldn’t get it unlocked fast enough.


Beam pinned Forth to the back seat, shutting the door behind him. Forth wrestled with Beam until he was the one on top, grinding down as Beam whined. To stop Beam from wrestling with him further, Forth pinned his wrists above his head and whispered lowly in his ear.


“When we get home, I’m going to make you scream.”


Beam laughed, only to be cut off by Forth’s mouth.


Overall, Forth considered this anniversary a success.

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Prompt from Samanthaa23: Can I request waterboy? Specifically Achi and Kluay? Maybe how they got together eventually. Fluff and maybe R rated too? (: pleaseeeeee. There are just not enough stories about these two ):



Achi was fed up.


He and P’Kluay had been in this weird stage of ‘dating’, ‘not dating’ for almost three months now and Achi wasn’t sure where he stood.


Were they boyfriends or not?


Their entire relationship was built on teasing… so maybe all P’Kluay needed was a little teasing to push him into a decision?




It worked… a little too well


Achi let out a sharp gasp as he was pinned against the wall of the now-deserted locker room, Kluay’s body pressed up against him.


“Someone’s been a little naughty, eh Tootsie?”


Achi shrugged, trying not to act like he was affected by Kluay’s actions.


“Bending over in front of me like that…. Could you be more obvious.”


“I dropped something!”


Kluay just chuckled, pressing closer, “You wanted my attention, admit it.” He pressed a quick kiss to Achi’s cheek, “And now you have it.”


Achi opened his move to reply, only to gasp again as one of Kluay’s hand moved down to his pants, lightly pressing at his cock. “Please, I- “


“Please?” Kluay smirked, “I would have done this sooner if I’d known it would teach you to respect your seniors!”


“I carried you on my back, how is that not respect?”


“I know another way…” Kluay glanced around, before pulling Achi out of the locker room and towards an empty room. He pushed the younger student inside and locked the door behind him, turning to Achi with a smirk.


“On your knees.”


“… What?!” Achi panicked.


This not gone according to plan.


“On… your… knees.”


Or… maybe it had gone a little too well.


Slowly, Achi went to his knees, reaching out for Kluay trousers as his senior stepped closer, pulling them down to reveal the already-leaking cock, before wrapping his lips around it, tongue fluttering against the underside as he swallowed around it.


“Ah!” Kluay was clearly surprised by the action, hands flying to Achi’s hair, gripping it as the younger student slid up and down his cock, coating it in saliva.


Achi then pulled back, leaning on his heels to smirk up at Kluay.


“Why did you stop?” Kluay whined, eyes dark with desire as he stared down at Achi “Tootsie, come on!”


“Call me by my name.” Achi scowled, leaning further back.


“But- “


“- Call me by my name.”


“Achi, please!”


Taking some satisfaction in his small victory, Achi engulfed Kluay’s cock again, swallowing around him until he came. Once Kluay had finished cumming, Achi pulled back staring up at Kluay.


The older student looked amazing as he came down from his orgasm.


Kluay’s disorientation didn’t last that long though, as he fell to his knees, pulling Achi into a spine-tingling kiss. Achi arched up, trying to draw attention to his own hard cock, only to gasp as he was yanked to his feet and pushed face first into the wall, his trousers and underwear pulled down to his ankles.


“P’Kluay, what- “Achi cut himself off as a surprisingly slick finger slid inside his ass, pressing his forehead against the wall as he moaned, “- Wait, wait, wait!” He frantically reached behind him, grabbing at Kluay’s wrist, “Not here, not here!”


Within seconds, the finger was removed and his pants were pulled back up, along with Kluay’s


“Come on, come on, come on!”




Kluay just about had the presence of mind to drag him to his dorm room, before Achi’s pants were back around his ankles and he was lying face down on Kluay’s bed, the older student going back to stretching him.


“Have you ever done this before?”


Achi groaned, “It’s a bit late to be asking that!”


“I know but- “


“- No.” Achi groaned, “But don’t you dare stop!”


It didn’t take much longer for Kluay to decide that he was ready, rolling a condom on before lining up and pushing forwards into Achi’s tight hole as the younger student moaned.


Once he was used to the sensation, Achi started to move along with the thrusts, prompting Kluay to hold his hips hard, his thrusts getting harder and faster.


“Close!” Achi groaned, “I-I’m close!”


Unable to find the words to speak, Kluay wrapped his hand around Achi’s erection, stroking him to orgasm. As the younger student squeezed around him, crying out as he came over the bedsheets, Kluay jerked through his own orgasm, collapsing against Achi’s back, nuzzling his lover’s neck as they both regained their breath.


Both of them groaned as Kluay slipped free, rolling onto his side and pulling Achi into a hug.


“Are you okay?” He asked, “I didn’t hurt you did I?”




They were silent for a moment, before Achi sighed. “I-I want to be your boyfriend P’Kluay.”


Kluay turned to him in shock, “I thought we were already?”


“What?!” Achi shot into a seated position, “What do you mean we already were?”


“Well obviously we- Ah! Tootsie, no!”


Achi ignored him, continuing to hit him with a pillow.

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Prompt from Adee: Ummmm,,,,, kong and Arthit are already dating eachother by the time sotus starts. And you know that the hazers were harsh right? So what if Arthit was very harsh to Kong because he didn't want anyone to find out. And so kong felt that Arthit was embarrassed to be his boyfriend and start to feel insecuse, like "he deserves someone he can be proud of and not me" but then Arthit finds out. After that my imagination runs out, but happy ending please.



Arthit was harsh… Kongpob knew this.


At first, Kongpob saw it as a challenge.


But now that they were together it was almost… hurtful.


“KONGPOB!” Arthit’s voice shattered through his thoughts, “ARE YOU DEAF AND DUMB? REPEAT WHAT I JUST SAID!”


Kongpob remained silent, eyes widening as Arthit stormed closer.




“I didn’t hear you.”




“I didn’t hear you!”


Everyone fell silent as Arthit’s eyes widened, fists clenching by his side.


“Get. Out.” The head hazer growled, “NOW!”


If he was expecting Kongpob to argue, he would be surprised, as the younger student stormed out of the hall, slamming the door behind him.




Arthit frowned over the table at his boyfriend.


Ever since the slightly tense hazing session that afternoon, Kongpob had barely spoken to him, merely moving his food around his plate.


“Kongpob, are you okay?”


Kongpob shrugged, “Just… tired I guess.” A moment later, in a much softer voice that Arthit almost missed, he muttered, “Tired of being a dirty little secret.”


The spoon slipped out of Arthit’s hands, landing in his bowl with a loud CLANK as Kongpob squeezed his eyes closed, obviously not meaning for Arthit to have heard him.




“Sorry, didn’t you hear me?” Kongpob said spitefully, before visibly taking a deep breath, “I don’t like lying to people, that’s all.”


“We’re not lying to them.” Arthit shook his head, “Nobody’s asking if we’re together, so we have nothing to lie about.”


“No, but when we make plans and my friends want to go out, I can’t tell them I have plans with you, can I?!”


Arthit remained silent.


“Exactly!” Kongpob gestured at him, at the look on his face, “Because then you’d be embarrassed! Ashamed at the knowledge that someone knew we were spending time together!”




“Don’t say it like that! Have you told any of your friends that we’re together?”


“I- “ He bit his tongue.


He hadn’t told anyone.


Shrinking in on himself slightly, guilt and shame swirling around in his stomach until he felt slightly nauseous, Arthit pushed his food away. It wasn’t that he was ashamed of what they had, or whatever Kongpob was trying to imply… but he needed time to figure this all out.


This was new to him.


Kongpob let out a bitter laugh, “See? I can’t keep doing this! I can’t spend all afternoon getting screamed at by you because you still want to keep us a secret, and then come back here and play pretend like this!”




“This isn’t a real relationship P’Arthit!” Kongpob pushed himself to his feet, “We don’t go on dates, you seem determined to prove to everyone that you hate me outside of these four walls and- “ He cut himself off suddenly, before slumping back into his seat, “- and maybe we should end this now. You can date someone you’re proud to be with and I can get back to my life.”


“Kongpob…” Arthit couldn’t keep the waver from his voice, “…. I-I’m sorry, I- “


But Kongpob was already on his feet, moving to leave the dorm


“KONGPOB, WAIT!” Arthit couldn’t help but use his hazer voice, wincing when Kongpob spun around to glare at him, tears in his eyes. At the sight, Arthit fought to lower his voice, keeping it as steady as he could, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’ve screwed this all up but… I-I don’t know how to fix it! I want you to be my b-boyfriend but- “


“- You do?” Kongpob asked in a small voice, “You’re not… ashamed of me?”


“Never.” Arthit stated, a lot more confidently than how he really felt.


“… And you’ll stop being so harsh during the hazer sessions?”


Arthit nodded.


“And… you’ll think about telling our friends?”


Arthit froze.


He knew what his friends were like… the teasing would be endless.


But he faced losing Kongpob if not.


Thankfully, Kongpob seemed to sense his internal dilemma, a soft smile spearing on his face as he leaned forwards to gently kiss Arthit on the lips. When he pulled away, Arthit took a couple of deep breaths before asking, “What was that for?”


“For seriously considering it.” Kongpob answered, “I know you’re a private person P’Arhit, so… so you don’t have to tell them. Not right away.” His smile then turned shy and hopeful, “But… one day?”


“Yeah… one day.”

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Prompt from Adee: Ming thinks that kit doesn't like him, like kit always says he is busy and all that, also happy ending, my heart can't take a sad ending after tincan



Ming never thought of himself as insecure.


Why would he?


No, he never though himself as insecure… not until he met P’Kit.


Not until he realised that P’Kit didn’t like him in the same way… why else would he always be busy when they’ve got plans?


Ming just wished that the older student would admit it to him, that he wouldn’t keep stringing him along like this.


P’Kit didn’t seem to notice that anything was wrong, but that was probably due to the fact that he wasn’t around… or paying attention to Ming in the slightest.


Ming wasn’t sure he was ready for when P’Kit told him the truth.




It was a random morning when everything came to a head.


Ming had spent almost the entire night worrying, slumped over at the school cafeteria table as he picked at an omelette.


He didn’t expect P’Kit to sit opposite him.


Well, P’Kit and the others, including Yo and P’Forth.


Ming couldn’t even muster the energy to smile.


“Ming?” Yo sounded concerned, “Are you okay?”


“Yeah… yeah I’m fine.”


“You don’t look fine.”


“Well I am, okay?!” Ming instantly regretted snapping at Yo when he glanced up to see a hurt look on his best friend’s face. Silently, he got to his feet, grabbing his bag and storming away, ignoring how Yo called out after him.




It wasn’t a surprise to find Yo waiting outside his dorm-room later that evening.


“Talk to me.” Yo immediately demanded upon seeing him, “And don’t give me any of that, ‘I’m fine’ crap again.”


For a few moments, Ming wondered if he should even answer, before he sighed wearily. “I don’t know… it- it’s hard to explain.”


He opened his door, letting Yo in.


“P’Kit was worried.” Yo took a seat on the bed, “Usually you’re bouncing all around him but today… you actually ignored him.”




“Ming, is everything okay between you and P’Kit?” Yo’s eyes were practically burning a hole into Ming with how hard he was staring.


“I don’t- I don’t think P’Kit likes me… the same way I like him.” Ming coiled in on himself a little, trying not to show how upset he was.


“Ming, why do you- “


“- He’s always busy!” Ming interrupted, “I’ve even asked if he wanted to study together, just to be with him, and there’s this… look on his face before he says no. The only time I see him is when we all eat together, never just the two of us!”


“Have- have you told him this?”


Ming scoffed, “What am I meant to say? Hey P’Kit, I’m so happy you agreed to be my boyfriend, but I’m so insecure that I need you to spend time with me, even if it means neglecting your studies… how wonderful do I sound.” He then sighed, “Maybe… maybe I should have taken the first hints and left P’Kit alone.”


“Ming- “


“- Sorry Yo… I’m not in a mood to hang out at the moment.”


There was a moment of silence, before Yo audibly sighed. “I’ll see you tomorrow Ming.”






Ming tried not to wince at the familiar voice, forcing a smile onto his face as he spun around. “P’Kit!”


Kit was clearly not fooled by the smile, folding his arms over his chest. “N’Yo said you needed to speak to me?”




“I don’t appreciate you setting your friends on me.” Kit scowled, “Especially little Yo.”


Someday, they were all going to learn just how much of a vicious bitch Yo could be, and Ming could barely wait.


“I didn’t set him on you!” Ming snapped, “He’s my best friend, I tell him practically everything, just like he tells me everything!”


“So, you talked to him about our relationship?!”


“What relationship?!” Ming threw his hands up into the air in exasperation, “When do we ever do things, just the two of us? Everything time I ask, you’re always busy!”


“I have exams to study for, homework to do!”


“And I’ve offered for us to just study together, but you’re too busy for that as well!”


Kit’s eyes widened slightly, “I- “


“-P’Kit… if you don’t like me in the same way, you need to tell me.”




“That’s what I thought.” Ming moved to leave, only for his wrist to be grabbed.


“I don’t know how to do all…” Kit gestured vaguely, “… this.”




“Relationships.” Kit rolled his eyes, “Anyone who showed an interest in me, was only doing it to get closer to Pha.”


Ming grimaced at the thought… he’d heard too much about Pha ever since Yo first saw him.


“And then you came along… some kid who didn’t care that I was moody and cursed a lot” Kit sighed, moving to grab Ming’s hand instead, “I do like you N’Ming.”


“You- “


“- But I didn’t know how to tell you that.”


“P’Kit, I- “


“- I’m surprised it took you this long to break.” Kit sighed, “Ming… I’m sorry.”


“You don’t have to be sorry!” Ming took both of Kit’s hands in his, his usual smile on his face, “You never have to be sorry! I’m sorry for not talking to you and telling Yo instead and- “


“- N’Ming.” Kit rolled his eyes fondly, “Would you like to have dinner… just the two of us?”


“Can I have a kiss first?”




“That wasn’t a no!”

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Prompt from Anonymous: s it possible to write a prompt in which tine is sick, but still go to campus but then sarawat knows, so sarawat take him home and take care of him? thank youu!



Sarawat only just heard his phone ringing over his guitar practice. He glanced at the time, noticing that it was ten minutes past twelve.


Tine’s first class would be ending around now.


Grabbing it, he answered, only to frown at the vaguely familiar voice.


“Hey… this is Fong… I’m a friend of Tine’s?”


The name definitely sounded familiar.


“Ummm…. Tine’s not well, like really not well?”


Worry creased Sarawat’s forehead as he placed his guitar to one side, “He’s sick?”


“Yeah, he has a fever and he’s pretty much lost his voice.” Through the speaker, Sarawat could hear someone coughing harshly in the background, “We told him to go home when he came in this morning, but you know what Tine’s like and now he’s refusing to go home!”


“…. And you want me to help?”


“Ummm, ye- “


“-I’m on my way. Tell me where you are.”




Tine’s friends all glanced over when the door opened, and Sarawat made his way inside.


“That was quick!”


Sarawat just hummed, glancing over at Tine, who hadn’t looked up from where his face was buried into his folded arms on the table. Moving to stand by Tine’s desk, Sarawat ran gentle hands through his hair, massaging slowly at the scalp.


“Wat?” Tine glanced up, blinking groggily up at Sarawat, his voice raspy and so unlike his usual, smooth tenor.


“That sounds bad.” Sarawat pressed his palm to Tine’s forehead, wincing at the sticky heat he felt there, “You need to go home… you shouldn’t even have been out in the first place.”


The tone was reprimanding, and Tine knew it.


He tried to protest, only to choke slightly as burst out into a coughing fit; raw, choked sounds that shook his entire frame as he hunched in on himself, clearly trying to control it as Sarawat started to rub his back soothingly.


“Come on.” Sarawat whispered, helping Tine to his feet, “Let’s get you home.”


“C-class.” Tine mumbled, allowing his arm to be wrapped around Sarawat’s shoulders as extra support.


“No.” Sarawat scolded, “No classes for you, not for a few days, you can barely walk!”


“S’just a headache.”


“Shut up… nuisance.”




In the end, Sarawat decided it was easier taking Tine back to his. Helping Tine into his bed, he made sure the other student was comfortable, bundling him up under the blankets.


Getting Tine to take some aspirin was slightly harder, with Sarawat breaking the tiny tablet up so as to avoid aggravating Tine’s throat further.


Tine was asleep in minutes, not even flinching as Sarawat placed a cool cloth on his forehead to help bring the fever down.


He looked cute now… but he was in for such a lecture about going to class when sick when he woke up.


Hopefully there was some soup in the kitchen.




The itch at the back of his throat was the first thing Tine noticed when he slowly woke up. Groaning in pain triggered an unwelcome round of coughing that scraped painfully against the raw sides of his throat.


Someone helped him into a seated position, keeping him steady until the coughing fit died down, leaving a burning sensation behind. A cold hand pressed against his forehead, causing him to shiver.


Everything hurt.


He succumbed to the pull of sleep seconds later.




Sarawat was halfway through watching a movie when Tine flopped down next to him, hair sticking up in all directions.


“It lives.”


Tine didn’t even acknowledge the remark, head resting on Sarawat’s shoulder as the other student pressed a hand to his forehead.


“You’ve still got a fever, but it’s not too bad… how’s your head?”


Tine shrugged.


“Is your throat still sore?”


The look Tine shot him was unimpressed, making Sarawat roll his eyes.


“You’re feeling a little better then.” He flicked Tine on the forehead, “That’s for going to class when you knew you were ill.”


Tine opened his mouth, only to receive another flick to the forehead.


“Don’t speak, you’ll only make your throat worse.” Sarawat sighed, “Do you want something to eat? Soup?”


Shaking his head, Tine pouted, clinging onto Sarawat’s wrist.


Unable to stop the smile that tugged at the corner of his lips, Sarawat shuffled slightly to give himself enough space to run his fingers through Tine’s hair.


This was… nice.


This was possibly the best day of his life.


In a while he would have to get Tine up properly and make sure he ate something, before he had another aspirin and get some more sleep.


But that could wait… for the moment, Sarawat was content with his current position. One hand on Tine’s shoulder, the other inching closer to Tine’s hand as they remained tucked away from the rest of the world.

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Prompt from iscoobychick: I was wondering if you could do a Saifah/Zon fic where Saifah gets really jealous or possessive because of someone hitting on or talking to Zon? I would just love to see the normally chill Saifah just snap maybe leading to a steamy kiss.



Zon’s back hit the wall, causing him to gasp sharply, his hands automatically flying up to push at his ‘attackers’ chest.


“W-what are you doing?!”


He was ignored as Saifah leaned in, pressing a kiss to Zon’s neck.




“The way she looked at you….”


Zon shivered slightly, knowing exactly who Saifah was talking about.




Ever since the cute boy concert, she had been messaging him, trying to get him to meet her so that they could ‘talk’.


It was like she’d completely forgotten that he’d caught her kissing another guy when they were supposed to be dating (of course, this ended up with him dating said guy, but he wasn’t about to point that out).


Except that she did seem to have forgotten, as proven by the way she sidled up to him, one hand stroking along his arm.


And then he was promptly yanked away.


“Sai, I didn’t- “


Saifah cut him off, slamming their mouths together, startling a moan from deep in Zon’s chest. The kiss was harsh, so unlike Saifah’s usual kisses.


As their tongues tangled together, Saifah sucked gently on Zon’s tongue, both hands on either side of Zon’s head, holding him in place, hot palms cupping his jaw.


Zon never wanted it to stop.


Hips start grinding against him as a firm thigh insinuated itself between Zon’s legs as Saifah finally pulled away, Zon sucking in some much-needed air.


Saifah’s eyes were dark and heavy as he scanned Zon’s face, his chest and then back to his face.


“Let’s get out of here.” Saifah whispered.


“I-I have class!” Zon protested, even though his fingers were clenched in Saifah’s t-shirt, almost pulling him closer.


Saifah just smirked, leaning in to nuzzle at Zon’s ear, kiss-swollen lips brushing against his ear, the sudden puff of warm, moist air sending a contrasting shiver of ice down Zon’s spine.


“Maybe I should just leave a mark right here.” Saifah whispered, running one finger softly over one spot on Zon’s neck, “So that everyone knows who you belong to.”


Zon inhaled so sharply that he almost choked, eyes widening at the wicked smirk on Saifah’s face.


And then Saifah leaned in.




“Zon… what’s that on your neck?”


“… A pest bit me.”


“What, like a mosquito?”


“…Not quite.”

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Prompt from XxlightXx: I would like to see Win being protective to Team in a other chapter. Another Scenario could be where Team is doing self-harm and Win walks into it. I love to see a protective Win.




Team was panicking, plain and simple. One mistake that could have been fixed, but his brain refused to slow down. It felt like his whole world was falling apart.


How could he forget that graph on a very important report?!


By the time he got to the dorm, his hands were shaking so much that he struggled to get his key in the door. With a stroke of luck, he managed to get the key in the lock, stumbling into the apartment, falling against the door to close it behind him.


As soon as he was in the privacy of his own room, tears started to stream down his cheeks.


His body felt cold from all his hyperventilating.


As he let himself fall onto his bed, he couldn’t stop his body from shaking even more, anxiety fully overcoming him as sobs broke free from his throat.


When he finally managed to suck in a desperate breath, he sought out the one solution he always found himself going to.


He let out a sigh of relief when he held the thin razorblade in his hand, pulling down his pants slightly until he could see the bare skin of his hip.


It was the only place people couldn’t see the scars.


By the time he finally felt calm, there were small droplets of blood all over his bedding. Yes, he was still shaking and there were still tears running down his cheeks, but he could breathe properly now. Slowly, he got to his feet, knowing that he needed to shower and patch up the more serious wounds before changing the bedding.




Team froze.


Maybe if he ignored it, it would go away.


“Team?” Win’s voice come through the door, “You home?”




“N’Pharm said you didn’t look well earlier… I brought soup!”


Team slammed a hand over his mouth, desperately praying for Win to just go away.


“Good thing I have a spare key, huh?”


Double shit.


Just as he heard the key in the door, Team couldn’t keep quiet anymore. “Please don’t come in!”


His heart was speeding back up, panic rising in his chest.


“Team… are you alright?”


Team took a deep breath, “I’m fine… just please don’t come in, I-I- “


“You don’t sound fine.” Win paused for a moment, “I’m coming in.”


Team threw a duvet over the blood stains, before rushing into the bathroom, closing the door seconds before Win entered.


“… Team.” Win’s voice was calm, “What’s wrong?”


“Leave me alone!” Team snapped, “I’m fine.”


“If you’re fine, then you can open the door and show me.”


Team remained silent, hearing a sigh on the other side of the door. Desperately, he grabbed some toilet tissue, hoping to stem the bleeding so that it wouldn’t show through his clothes.


He didn’t have time to change the bedding… so he’d have to persuade Win to stay at his.


He tried not to cry.


He tried to hold it together.




Team glanced over in alarm, noticing that the door was now open and Win was standing in the doorway, looking at the bloody pieces of tissue, the drops of blood on the floor… and then to the wounds themselves.


Opening his mouth, Team couldn’t think of the words to say.


“I’ll get a washcloth.” Win whispered, moving closer, “You shouldn’t use tissues for that.”


Team expected him to be disgusted or disappointed… anything but what Win was right now.


Win knelt next to him, gently encouraging him to sit on the toilet as he gently cleaned the wounds.


It was all too much for Team.


The tears started to fall again, words like “sorry” and “you don’t have to do this” blurting free through the sobs.


“You don’t have anything to be sorry for.” Win admonished gently, “I came here to check up on you, I was worried… I’m glad to be here, okay?” He placed the stained washcloth by the side of the sink, as Team stared at his hands.


“Stop that.” Win gently encouraged Team to look him in the eyes, “I know what you’re thinking…. You are not weak, not for this.” His hand moved to rest on Team’s back, drawing circles with his fingers in a soothing way, “You are one of the strongest people I know.”


There was no chance of the tears stopping now.


“It’s okay… I’m here, I’m not leaving you.”


What had he done to deserve someone who cared this much?


There was something about having Win hold him like this, that made it hurt less.


It made him feel like one day, he might be okay.


One day.


Right now, he was fine with just being held in Win’s strong, protective grasp.

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Prompt from Anonymous: I don’t know if you’re accepting nsfw prompts, but if you are, could we maybe have some power bottom Tutor pwease??



Tutor loved the sight of Fighter panting with need, head tossed back, jaw clenched. The sheets in his tight grasp were threatening to tear under the force of his grip.


He was trying so hard not to break his promise to Tutor.


“Tutor… please!” Fighter gasped, lips shaping around a breathless moan as Tutor sucked him hard, tongue sliding against the slit of Fighter’s cock.


Fighter was painfully hard, and had been for a while now.


“T-Tutor…” Fighter’s head moved from side to side, back arched slightly, “… I’m so close, please!”


Tutor smirked around his mouthful, running his hands up and down Fighter’s thighs, feeling like he could do this forever if it meant Fighter kept calling his name like that. Fighter’s cock twitched in his mouth and Tutor hummed in delight.


Slowly, he pulled back, keeping his lips pressed against Fighter’s cock every inch of the way, releasing him with a wet pop. Fighter was trembling, whimpering as he obediently waited for permission to touch Tutor as the younger student moved to straddle him, rubbing his cock on Fighter’s abs.


“Please… let me touch you.” Fighter breathed out, leaning his head back as Tutor kissed up his neck, paying special attention to his Adams apple.


“Not yet.” Tutor ran his fingers through Fighter’s hair, keeping him still as he started to nibble on Fighter’s neck, hoping to leave small marks that everyone could see. As he did that, he shuffled slightly until Fighter’s cock was pressed up against his rim.


“Tutor, please!”


“Not yet.” Tutor whispered again, lowering his hips and guiding Fighter’s cock into himself.


That half an hour he’d spent preparing himself before this study session hopefully had been enough.


“Ah! Nnn, ah!”


“Stay still.” Tutor scowled, hoping that Fighter couldn’t hear the tremble in his voice, sinking down as far as he could, before rising up again, repeating the motion. Finding a rhythm, he leaned down, teasing Fighter by pulling away when the older student tried to kiss him, “Ten seconds…” He whispered, “… I’ll let you touch me for ten seconds.”


Almost immediately, Fighter cupped Tutor’s face, pulling him in for a desperate kiss, sliding his tongue in as deep as he could.


When the ten seconds were up, Fighter obediently laid back down, only for Tutor to pull him into another kiss, clenching around him as they got closer and closer to orgasm.


“So good… you feel so good!” Tutor whispered.


Each thrust lit up flashes of white light behind his eyelids. Shifting his position slightly, Tutor moaned in pleasure as Fighter’s cock pressed against that perfect spot, his orgasm coursing through his veins. As he clenched down, he was vaguely aware of Fighter cumming inside him, causing him to moan again as he slumped forwards.


There was silence for a moment, before Fighter started to squirm underneath him.






“I love you… but we should really take a shower before we fall asleep.”


Tutor wriggled slightly, still enjoying the feeling of Fighter inside of him…. And the sensation of cum drying on his sweaty skin. “Fine.” He eventually mumbled, “But you’ll have to carry me.”


“Why?!” Fighter asked in concern.


“Because this is the one area of our relationship you can spoil me in.” Tutor pushed himself up slightly, clenching around Fighter and taking delight in the look of bliss that flashed across his lover’s face, “However, I think you can go another round. Right?”


“W-whatever you want!”


Another smirk as Tutor leaned back in for a kiss, “I. Want. More.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: If you are still taking prompts then can we get some LBC slutty Pete? There is so not enough of it!



It all started out as a normal day.


Ae was currently doing some last minute studying for an upcoming exam, as Pete scrolled through his phone, finding it difficult to concentrate.


Thanks to exams and their busy schedules, the pair hadn’t properly had sex in almost two weeks. Of course, they managed to grab enough time for quick hand-jobs, but it was never enough.


He wanted to do something special for Ae to celebrate him completing his final exam, help him de-stress.


Hopefully, he’d like the package Pete received that morning.


“-ete? Pete?”


Startled out of his thoughts, Pete flushed at the concerned look on Ae’s face. “Sorry, what did you say?”


A soft smile appeared on Ae’s face, “I have to go to my exam now… I’ll see you later?”


“Mm, I’ll see you later.” Pete slowly got to his feet, kissing Ae on the cheek, dodging any attempts that Ae made to pull him in for a proper kiss, “No, you have a exam!”


“Just one kiss!”


“It’s never just one kiss!” Pete giggled, pushing Ae away, “Go on!”


Ae looked disappointed as he headed out of the room, but Pete knew he wouldn’t be disappointed later.


Or, hopefully he wouldn’t.


As soon as he knew there was no chance of Ae coming back anytime soon, Pete headed to the shower to clean himself up, shave his legs and prepare himself as best he could.


He didn’t want Ae to waste any time on that.


Getting out, he dried off as much as he could, before heading into the living room and opening up the package.


The first thing he pulled out was a black velvet crop top, followed by black lacy underwear, the sight of which was enough to make him blush.


Not as much as the garter belt and matching thigh highs did though.


Carefully getting changed, he examined himself in the mirror, taking a deep, calming breath.


Ae will love this.


Taking another breath, he grabbed a robe, wrapping it around himself before moving to sit on the sofa, waiting for Ae to come home.




“Pete? Pete, I’m- “Ae stopped, staring at Pete on the sofa, “- Pete?”


“I- “ Pete gasped as Ae suddenly darted forwards, pulling him to his feet, running his hands up and down Pete’s body.


“What are you wearing?” Ae almost growled, pupils blown wide as he tugged at the robes, encouraging Pete to strip.


“I-I thought you would like it?” Pete resisted the urge to smirk, already knowing that Ae liked what he saw if the front of his pants was any indication.


“Go to our room, and don’t you dare take any of that off.” Ae ordered, voice deepened by lust, as Pete rushed away.


Pete waited for what felt like forever but was probably only a few minutes. He was hard and needed relief desperately as it was starting to hurt.


When Ae finally came into the bedroom, he smiled softly as Pete almost jumped to his feet in eagerness. He quickly walked over, pinning Pete down and kissing him, easily taking dominance, like he wanted to do earlier that day.


When he had enough of that, Ae started to kiss and bite at Pete’s neck, making marks all the way down to Pete’s hips, before sitting back to admire the sight.


“Sit up.”


Pete was quick to obey, eager to see more of this dominant Ae.


Ae took his pants and boxers off, “Get down here.” If he was surprised at how quickly Pete moved, he didn’t show it, simply watching as Pete took Ae’s dick into his mouth, before Ae could even ask him to, running his tongue along the top as Ae gasped in surprise.




Pete couldn’t help but feel a twinge of satisfaction at Ae’s surprise.


When Ae felt that he was getting close to the edge, he pushed Pete’s head back, not wanting to cum too soon, ignoring the whine that Pete let out.


“Do you… want me to fuck you?”


“Ae!” Pete flushed, even as he nodded, “You don’t need to ask, you- just- come on!”


Grabbing some lube from the bedside table, Ae pushed Pete back onto the bed, pulling the panties to one side, not wanting to remove them completely.


When the first finger slipped in with ease, Ae groaned. “I can’t believe you- did you do this when I was out? Did you prepare yourself, wishing it was me instead?”


“Ae, I- “


“- Did you?”


“Yes! Yes! Plea- AH!”


During the babble, Ae had lubed himself up, slowly pushing into Pete until he bottomed out, listening to Pete’s moan of pure delight.


He pulled all the way out, leaving just the tip in, before pushing back inside, setting a steady rhythm, pounding into Pete fast and deep.


“More! More!” Pete groaned, feeling tears come to his eyes at the sheer pleasure, “Please, Ae!”


“Do you think you can cum without my hand on your cock?”


“Wha- Ae! Please!”


Changing his angle slightly, Ae smirked as Pete arched his back, crying out at the pleasure.


“AH! AE!”


“You can do it.” Ae whispered, “Come on Pete, come for me.”


“I-I- please! Harder!”


Ae was all too happy to oblige, groaning when Pete clenched around him, tipping him over the edge.


When Pete felt Ae start to cum inside him, he moaned out his own pleasure, cum splattering all over his abdomen and new outfit. After Ae pulled out, Pete could feel it starting to drip down his thighs, causing him to smile in pleasure, turning over slightly to hide his expression in the pillow.


He loved this feeling.


Aching and well-used.


After Ae had cleaned the pair of them up, helping Pete out his outfit, the pair snuggled up together in the bed.


“You could have just asked you know.” Ae chuckled, eyes on the discarded lingerie on the floor, “You didn’t need to go through all this.”


“I like dressing up for you.” Pete murmured back sleepily, “It makes me feel good.”


“…. Then you should do it more often. I can’t have my Koon’Chai feeling bad.”


But Pete was already asleep, a content little smile on his face.

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Prompt from Anna: I also have a request, could you do a tharntype one about type having a nightmare and tharn protecting him?



Type didn’t know why he was here.


He shouldn’t be here.


Walking through the dark room, he paused at the soft sobbing in the distance.


His heart sunk to his stomach.


Sitting on a chair, was a familiar looking child, tears streaming down his cheeks as a shadow stood over him.


Type froze in horror at the sight.


He needed to get out of here!


He wanted to stop the dark figure, but his body just wouldn’t move as the darkness swirled all around him.




He woke with a startled gasp, sitting up straight as he panted with fear, sweat pouring from every pore in his body as he trembled.


Glancing around, he spotted that he was in the room he shared with Tharn, who was sleeping peacefully beside him.


A dream… it was just a dream… a fucking nightmare of a memory.


He buried his face into his quivering hands, trying to calm his breathing. He was wide awake now, too terrified to go back to sleep.


What if another nightmare was waiting for him?


“Mmmm… Type?”


Type stiffened, looking down next to him to see Tharn slowly sitting up, rubbing the sleep from his eyes. “Sorry…” He ran his fingers through his hair, trying to appear as normal as possible, “… Did I wake you?”


Tharn shook his head, blinking a few times, before looking over at Type, instantly knowing that something was wrong.


Type was looking everywhere but at Tharn’s face, shifting nervously from side to side, a slight tremble in his limbs.


“Type… are you alright?” He reached out to touch his boyfriend’s shoulder, “You don’t look so good.”


Type flinched from the touch, causing Tharn’s hand to stop mid-air, eyes widening in shock.


Now he knew that something was wrong.


Slowly, he drew back his hand, “Type, what’s wrong?”


“Nothing.” Type snapped, still not looking at him, before rubbing his eyes wearily, “Just… just go back to sleep. I need to clear my mind for a bit, I’ll be right back,” He moved to get off the bed, only to stop short when he felt a hand grab at his arm. “Tharn- “


“- Please don’t lie to me.” Tharn scooted a little closer, “Did- Did you have a bad dream?”




“I want to help you.” Tharn’s voice was firm, “Please.”


Type just looked away from him, down at his hands


Tharn grew worried… whatever the nightmare was, it must have been a bad one. Knowing that there was not point in pushing Type, he moved until he was kneeling in front of Type, wrapping his arms around his boyfriends’ neck and pulling him close.


“T-Tharn.” Type made no attempt to push him away, “What are you doing?”


Tharn stayed silent, simply running his fingers through Type’s hair. He wasn’t going to force Type to talk, but he needed to show the other that he was there for Type whenever he was ready.


Sitting there, head against Tharn’s chest, Type felt a wave of relief wash over him.


Tharn was here… Tharn would protect him.


Tharn smiled softly as he felt Type’s arms wrap around him, bringing them closer together. He could feel his boyfriend trembling still, although it wasn’t nearly as bad as it had been. “It’s all right Type, I’m here. Everything’s all right.”


Type just held him tighter.


“It- “ He nervously cleared his throat, “- It was about… back then.”


He didn’t need to say more. Tharn knew exactly what he was talking about.


Softly, he took hold of Type’s cheeks, stroking over them.


“He can’t hurt you here.” He whispered softly, “Never again. Not while I’m here.”


Type stared at him for a few moments, before slowly nodding, allowing Tharn to coax him to lie back down on the sheets, the other student snuggling up to him.


“Go back to sleep.” Tharm murmured softly, “I’ll be here the whole time… everything’s alright, I promise.”


“… I love you.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: I would love a fic where team is being super soft to win.



It was supposed to be a nice day.


Win had plans and everything!


He had all the picnic supplies packed, all of Team’s favourite foods perfectly organised in the basket…. It was a miracle Team even agreed to go.


“Shit!” He pressed his head against the glass, “I can’t believe it’s raining.”


Team joined him by the window, lips quirking slightly at the sight, “I like rain… everything else goes quiet. The only thing you hear is the rain… it’s peaceful.” He then glanced over at Win, “It means we can stay inside… wrap up in blankets and ignore the rest of the world.”


He then moved away, gesturing for Win to follow him into the small kitchen area.


Win watched as his boyfriend started pulling things out of the cabinets.


“P’Win, can you grab some extra blankets and pillows from the airing cupboards and put them on the sofa?”


Win shrugged and did as he was told, grabbing as much as he could carry and bringing them over to the sofa, before sitting to wait for Team in curiosity.


A couple of minutes later, Team walked back into the room, carrying two steaming mugs in his hands, setting them on the table before rearranging the blankets and pillows until they were all wrapped up, sitting right up next to each other as Team leaned forwards to grab the two mugs.


In a certain twist of events, Win found himself leaning against Team, the younger student’s arms coming up to wrap around him.


“This is nice.” Win whispered after a few minutes of comfortable silence, enjoying the warmth of the hot chocolate as well as the feeling of Team wrapped around him.


Team was silent for a moment, before kissing the top of Win’s head and humming in agreement.


The silence continued, the pair of them sipping their hot chocolate in silence, simply enjoying being around each other. Once finished the mugs were placed back on the table, and Win snuggled in closer.


“I could get used to this.” He whispered after a while.


“… Me too.” Team looked down at where Win’s head was resting on his lap, unable to stop himself from smiling as he ran a hand through Win’s hair, loosening the ties in his hair as Win snuggled closer, a happy sigh escaping him.


Yeah. He could definitely get used to this.

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Prompt from Stormborn_88: I always feel like the History:Trapped season should've gotten a 2nd season about Jack and Zhao, loved that ever smirking Jack with his red hair, his leather gloves and his job with the mafia together with the sweet innocent Zhao (for whom he'd change his life <3). So, this plus my weakness for protectiveness would love a story about them were Jack has to be the bad ass he is/was in the mafia world to protect his boyfriend!



The sun shone through the gap in the blinds.


Zhao Zi grumbled at the light, turning over to bury his face into Jack’s bare chest, fingers tracing over the abs.


“That tickles.”


Zhao Zi yelped as Jack rolled them over until he was on top, his usual grin on his face.


“Good morning.”


Zhao Zi couldn’t help but smile back up at him, “Good morning Jack.”


“Do we have any plans today, or can we just…” Jack ran his hands along Zhao Zi’s hips, “… Stay in bed all day?”


Zhao Zi pouted, “I thought we were going to the market today to pick up some food?”


Chuckling fondly, kissing the pout away, Jack nodded. “Okay, okay… the markets’ it is.”




Something was off.


Jack couldn’t help but tense up… he felt like he was being watched.


“Jack?” Zhao Zi frowned, “Are you okay?”


He forced a smile onto his face, not wanting to worry his baby. “Of course, I am… c’mon, I think I see some squid for sale over there.”


“Yum! Squid!”




They were just perusing through the meat stalls when Jack’s phone rang. With a sigh, he pulled it from his pocket, noticing that it was Tang Yi.


This in itself was suspicious.


After the whole ‘betrayal’ thing, Tang Yi and him had kept their distance from each other… he honestly thought Tang Yi might have deleted his number by know.


“Hello?” He answered, giving Zhao Zi a reassuring smile.


“Jack, where are you?”


“Ummm… at the markets.”


“You need to get home right now.” Tang Yi ordered, “Shao Fei has just heard reports that Zhao Zi’s been targeted by a rival gang.”


Jack was instantly on edge, glancing over at Zhao Zi, trying to act as calm as possible.


“Why?” He eventually managed to force out.


“Why do you think?”


Him… Zhao Zi was in danger because of his relationship with Jack.


Cutting off the call immediately, Jack pulled Zhao Zi away from the stall.


“Jack, what’s wrong?!”


“Shorty, we need to go.” Jack kept his eyes open for any sign of a threat, “I need to get you out of here.”


Zhao Zi, thankfully, didn’t argue, allowing himself to be led out of the door.


As Zhao Zi climbed onto the bike, Jack spotted a black car pulling into the car park, window rolling down.


And then he saw the gun.


“SHORTY, GET DOWN!” Jack reached out to pull Zhao Zi off the bike, moving slightly to one side to act as cover, just as the gun fired.


He grunted at the sudden pain in his left side, one hand flying to the source, as he quickly realised he was bleeding.






Managing to drag them to cover behind a nearby car, Jack ducked down at the sound of more gunfire, keeping his hand pressed against his wound to stop the bleeding. “Stay down.” He ordered Zhao Zi, taking out his own concealed gun and firing back, ignoring the pain in his side.


“GET HIM!” He heard someone cry out from the cry, giving him a better idea of where to shoot.


The ensuing grunt was worth it, followed by the sounds of tires bursting as he shot the closest two out.


“Come on.” He growled, “Come out to play.”


Before the others in the car could even think about making a run for it however, there were the sounds of sirens coming closer as police cars surrounded them on all sides.


Knowing that Zhao Zi was safe, Jack rested back against the car, groaning in pain.


“Jack! Jack!” Zhao Zi placed his own hands over the wound, pressing down as Jack yelped, “You’ll be okay, you’ll be okay!”


That’s all Jack remembered before he blacked out.




Jack groaned as he slowly came to, opening up his eyes to see that he was in the room he shared with Zhao Zi.


Zhao Zi.


The gunmen!


Barely noticing the bandage around his mid-section, He forced himself into a seated position, only to groan in pain and fall back down to the bed just as Zhao Zi entered the room.


“You’re awake!” Zhao Zi came rushing over, “Don’t move! Don’t move!”


Before Jack could ask if he was okay, Zhao Zi continued.


“That was amazing! The way you shot that guy through the window and…”


Jack could only listen to him fondly.


He was definitely whipped for this officer.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Zon gets asked to model for their school or something and Saifah is supportive but becomes pouty when Zon gets admirers and especially when they interrupt their date time.



Saifah had never once complained about how cute Zon was.


Why would he?


Not that Zon’s looks were all that Saifah was interested in, but they certainly didn’t hurt.


And then Soda and her friends asked Zon to model for their cute boys page… well, more like they bullied him into it, but no-one wanted to point that out to them.


Saifah loved it.


At first.


At first, it was fun to tease Zon with the pictures, before making sure that his boyfriend knew just how special and gorgeous, he really was.


And then everyone else seemed to see it as well.


They all seemed to come out of nowhere, interrupting their dates, pulling Zon away from him during lunch.


It was driving Saifah crazy!


“Zon! Zon!”


As they sat in the restaurant, Saifah resisted the urge to snap at the girls that were now crowding around their table, their hands brushing over Zon’s shoulders and arms


Zon looked just as trapped as Saifah felt, eyes widening with every second.


Saifah only lasted another few minutes before he snapped. Pushing himself to his feet, he walked around to the other side of the table, pulling Zon to his feet.


“Saifah, what- “


He didn’t let Zon finish, smashing their lips together. His hands moved to Zon’s lips, pressing their chests together as he took Zon’s bottom lip between his and pulled slightly.


“Mine.” He whispered possessively when they finally parted, both needing to breath.


“Yours.” Zon nodded in agreement, “But- “


They heard a camera shutter click, prompting them to turn to the side, where the crowd of girls was still watching them, clearly all trying to contain their glee.


“Ummm.” One of the girls stepped forwards, her phone at the ready, “Can you… do that again?”


“Yeah!” Another girl piped up, “Just one more time?”


Saifah leaned over as thought to kiss Zon again, only to whisper in his ear. “On the count of three, run.”


“Wha- “


“- Three, run!”


Grabbing Zon’s hand, Saifah dragged them out of the restaurant (thankful that they paid before receiving the food), pulling him back towards the closest dorm.


Everyone would know Zon was his the next day.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Can I ask for Zon and Saifah are forced to be apart because of quarantine so when they finally meet up they have really hot sex?



Three months.


It had been three months since the country was placed on an almost complete lockdown due to the pandemic, and Zon hadn’t seen Saifah face-to-face in all that time.


He didn’t realise it was possible to miss someone so much.


Yes, they facetimed at least once a day just to talk, but it wasn’t the same.


Just as the news broke that the quarantine was over, Zon’s phone started to ring immediately. He smiled when he saw Saifah’s name, tapping the answer/camera button as quickly as he could.


“You’re coming over, right?!” Saifah eagerly exclaimed.


“Uh- “


“- I’ll order some takeout! Your favourite?”


“I- “


As Saifah pouted dramatically, Zon felt his resistance waver.


“- Okay.” He found himself saying, “I’ll be there soon… I love you?”


A soft smile appeared on Saifah’s face, “I love you too my Zon.”


The screen went dark and Zon took a deep breath…. Before going to take a cold shower.




Almost as soon as he knocked on Saifah’s dorm-room door, it was fling open and he was dragged inside. He barely had enough time to see Saifah bouncing on the balls of his feet, before he was being pulled in for a sweet kiss, Saifah’s hand around the back of his head, deepening the kiss ever so slightly.


“God I’ve missed you.” Saifah groaned, “Phone calls and facetime only does so much!”


“I know.”


“Strip, now!” Saifah spun Zon around and pushed him towards the bed.


They both practically ripped their clothes off, throwing them in the vague direction of the washing hamper, before Saifah pushed Zon down onto the bed, just staring down at him for a few moments, almost in awe.


“You look… stunning.” He eventually whispered, leaning forwards and running a hand over Zon’s head, running his fingers through the soft hair.


“Yeah?” Zon breathed.


“Yeah… but then again you always do.”


Zon flushed bright red at the words, turning his face away with an embarrassed grumble, only to gasp when Saifah’s hands trailed down his chest to tweak at his nipples playfully.


“I missed you so much.” Saifah sighed happily, leaning over and kissing Zon, reacquainting himself wit the feel of the other boy’s lips against his, before breaking the kiss and moving to grab the bottle of lube from the nightstand. Squeezing a bit onto his fingers, he locked eyes with Zon, slipping two lubed fingers inside the shorter male, stretching him out slowly.


“Fuck! Fuck!” Zon whined. It had been so long after all, and his fingers were no where near as long as Saifah’s.


Once he felt that Zon was stretched out enough, he rolled a condom onto himself before moving to lie on the bed, gently encouraging Zon to straddle him, helping Zon lower himself down onto his cock.


“Tight.” Saifah couldn’t help but gasp.


Zon couldn’t even seem to find the words to say, revelling in the sensation of having Saifah’s fingers digging into his hips, trying to pull him closer. Deciding to take the initiative for once, Zon leaned forwards to place his hand on the headboard for leverage, before lifting up a bit and then thrusting down against Saifah’s cock, his other hand stroking himself in time to the thrusts.




When he felt one of Saifah’s hands join his, Zon couldn’t help but glance down and smile.


No words needed to be said.


The only sound in the room was their soft gasps as they moved in unison. It didn’t take long before they were both coming, Zon groaning as he collapsed gently on top of Saifah, humming in delight when he felt his boyfriend’s hand moving through his hair again.


“That was amazing.” Saifah whispered.


“Mmmm.” Zon pressed a sweet kiss to Saifah’s chest, wriggling a bit as he felt Saifah slip out, rearranging himself until he was by Saifah’s side, his head on his boyfriend’s chest.


Saifah knew they couldn’t stay like this… he knew that they had to clean up soon. But with the sensation of Zon’s breath against his chest, he soon found himself drifting off.


He spared a quick moment to press a kiss to the top of Zon’s head, before wrapping his arms around him.


Clean up could wait… at least for a couple of minutes.

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Prompt from Stormsong44: Do you think you could do a Saifah/zon fanfic? They're literally the cutest. If you do, maybe it could be about the latest episode where they're just cuddling on the bed and zon sister walks in on them, and zon gets really embarrassed but saifah is all proud and thinks zon is the cutest thing ever?



“This is… nice.”


“Hmmm.” Saifah felt like his heart was going to beat right of his chest with how cute Zon was being.


At that moment, Zon was resting his head against him as they curled up together. Saifah absent-mindedly twirled a lock of the shorter man’s hair between his fingers. Zon sighed and sank further against Saifah, all but purring at the sensation.


And then there heard the knocking on the door, before it opened.


Neither of them had a chance to react as Zol came rushing into the room. As soon as she saw them, her hands flew up to her mouth, barely containing the squeal that escaped.


“Zol!” Zon looked completely mortified, “You’re meant to knock and then wait for me to say that it’s okay to come in!”


“Sorry, sorry!” Zol didn’t make any move to leave though, her eyes fixated on what she saw on the bed, “Are you two… cuddling?! Together?!”


Saifah opened his mouth to say yes, only for Zon to wriggle furiously in his arms, clearly trying to get out of Saifah’s grasp.


“It-it’s not what it looks like!” Zon tried to protest, only for his sister to scoff.


“Really? Because from here, it looks like you two are cuddling, P’Saifah lovingly petting your hair.”


Saifah has never seen Zon go that particular shade of red before, not even during their accidental kiss.


“Zol! Get out!”


“Make me! If you think you can pull yourself away from your BOYFRIEND for long enough!”


Zon wriggles got even more furious, to the point where Saifah was struggling to keep him there.


He wasn’t ready for this moment to end…. Not yet.


“Come on.” He sighed, glaring at Zol, “Get out.”


“Can I add this to my story?”


This time, Zon did manage to get free, “You mean the story you DELETED?!”


Zol was gone in an instant, Zon following on close behind as Saifah turned his attention to the ceiling.


Well, it was nice while it lasted.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: How well do you really know him? Someone (IDK who up to you.) Confronts Tin after the whole double rejection asking him what he did to Can and then how much did he really know the other man and maybe he was pushing to hard.



“Hey! Hey you!”


Tin frowned, glancing around, spotting a senior dressed a familiar looking football uniform rushing over to him.


Not the one Can always pestered for food… the other one.


Staying where he was, Tin raised an eyebrow as the senior stopped in front of him.


“We need to have a talk.”


Tin smirked, “No, we- “ He stopped as the senior grabbed his arm.


“It wasn’t really a request.”




Can frowned as he watched Type drag Tin away, moving to follow, only for his arm to be grabbed by Techno.


“Ai’No, what- “


“- Come on, I’ll buy you some pork skewers.”


“But, Ai’No!”


“Try not to think about it too much.”




“Just so you know.” The senior sighed as he let go of Tin’s wrist, “This wasn’t entirely my idea, but Can’s my junior, and with the way he’s been acting lately, we’re all a little bit worried.”


Tin raised a brow, leaning back against the wall, studying the senior. “And that concerns me how?”


“… Let’s call this an intervention.” The Senior sighed, “We need to talk about Can.”


“What about him?”


“We’ve all noticed the changes. He’s not been his usual self for a few weeks, and we all agree that it probably has something to do with you.”


“Why would you think that?” Tin asked warily.


The senior gave him a steady look, “Because he went from ranting about you, to defending you and moaning about his ‘feelings’… to not talking about you at all.”


That… hurt Tin more than what he thought it would.


“Speaking from experience, here’s what I think happened.” The senior began, “You started developing feelings for him, so you started pushing the matter.”




The senior waved his hands, “Pushing to spend time with him, kissing, things like that… being pushy.” He waved his hand in the air in a sort of ‘moving on’ gesture, “Now, Can has never had feelings like that, so of course he’s confused…. And I don’t think you paid attention to that.”


“I- “


“- I know how it happened.” The older student sighed, “You thought you were both on the same page. He accepted your kisses after all, maybe even asked for one or two?” Without waiting for Tin to respond, he continued, “And then, when he said that he didn’t want to be your boyfriend, just your friend you felt hurt and decided to cut him out of your life.”


“I- “


“- But then you hurt his feelings, and now we have to deal with a mopey Can and you need to do something about it.” The senior jabbed a finger at him for emphasis, “You rushed into this with him, and now you’ve got to fix it!”


Tin rolled his eyes, not wanting to admit that the older student was right. “So… what do you think I should do?”


“Use your head. Be his friend first, and then, if you’re lucky, a relationship will follow.”


Before Tin could leave, the older student grabbed him by the wrist, giving him a warning glare.


“Don’t. Push. Him.”


Nodding, Tin turned to leave again, only to stop and turn back around, “You said... you had experience with this?”


“Just… be patient with him, okay?”


As the older student walked away, Tin vaguely heard him mutter something about ‘there not being a Lhong to mess everything up’?


Pushing it to the back of his mind, Tin took a deep breath.




He could do that.

Chapter Text

Prompt from Katie_Emm: Who are you? (Protective Win) At a Swim meet someone from Team’s past is there and greats the younger boy. This person upsets Team and prompts Win to react.



“You look nervous.”


Team straightened up at the whisper near his ear, “No… why would you think that?”


Win raised an eyebrow, glancing around as swim teams from other colleges all mingled together. Team had been tense ever since this event was announced, and now that they were actually here, it was like he was about to pop out of his skin.


“Team.” Win reached out to take his boyfriends’ hand, only to frown when Team flinched away, “You’re fidgeting more than Pharm whenever Dean is cute to him. What’s wrong?”


“Nothing… it’s nothing.”


But even a blind man could see that he was lying.


“Just… stay with me?”


“Whatever you want Team.”


How could Win say no?




Most of the meet-and-greet event had passed by when Win realised what was bothering Team. He’d snuck over to the snack table on the request of Team, promising to bring back some of his favourite Lays flavours.


One his way back, he saw someone getting a little bit too close to HIS boyfriend.


And Team did not look happy about it.


Quickly, Win made his way over, catching the last bits of the one-sided conversation.


“- was starting to think you were hiding from me.” The stranger sneered, “Don’t tell me you’re still hung up about all that shit in high school?”


Team remained silent.


“Come on…” The stranger brushed his fingers over Team’s cheeks, not seeming to notice how Team flinched away, “… your cheeks look cute now.”


Win darted forwards, intending to give this stranger a piece of his mind, but the man was already blending back into the crowd.


“Team?” He placed himself in front of his boyfriend, desperately trying to get the other man to look him in the eyes, “Team, are you okay?”


Slowly, Team shook his head.


“Who was he?”


“He-he went to the same high school as me.” Team shook himself, clearly giving himself a mental talking to, “It’s stupid, it was years ago.”


“… I’m guessing he wasn’t a friend?”


“No… not at all.”




Leaving Team with Dean (who looked like he was seconds away from running out of this event himself, but for entirely different reasons), Win headed off to try and find the teen from earlier.


“… Yeah, we used to call him a chipmunk because of his cheeks. It looked like he was always storing food in there.”


“Chipmunk doesn’t sound too bad?”


“There were other names but I can’t remember them all!”


Fist clenched tight, Win headed over to the group, taking some satisfaction as several members noticed him and took a step back. He grabbed the stranger by the shoulder, pulling him over to an empty corner.


“I’m only going to tell you this once.” He hissed, “Leave Team alone. If I see you try and speak to him again, believe me, I will make your life very, very unpleasant.”


Seeing that the other man looked sufficiently unnerved, Win whirled around… only to come face to face with a shocked-looking Team.


“Win, I- “


Neither of them noticed the other teen slinking away.


“- I’m sorry.” Win interrupted, “I couldn’t let it go though.”


Team stared at him for a few moments, before smiling shyly and moving a bit closer, wrapping his arms around Win and pressing a kiss to his lips.


When Team pulled away, Win could only blink in shock.


“What are you- “ Win glanced around.


Team was never one to kiss in public.


“Just accept it.” Team rolled his eyes, “Or I won’t do it again.”


Unwilling to miss this chance, Win beamed and pulled Team into another kiss.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Move in with me. Win asks Team to movie in with him as the other young man spends pretty much every night in his room anyway and prompts the DTR talk.



Team didn’t know how it happened.


Six months of… whatever this was and most of his clothes were over at Win’s…. yes, he’d been staying over there a lot lately, but that was just practical…. Win was helping him study after swim practice, and it was always too late when they finished.


It was easier to sleep over, and Win always bought his favourite food.


It wasn’t just clothes though. There was his toothbrush… his textbooks…he even bought his own shampoo only to leave it at Win’s place.


So, maybe he had a small freak out.


“P’Win?” He asked nervously that night, prompting Win to look up from his dinner, cheeks slightly chubby from the mouthful of food.




Team wanted to ask… but that would just make things weird. Instead, he shook his head and smiled. “Nothing.”




Win knew that Team had practically moved in.


He didn’t mind. He loved having Team around, seeing Team’s things in his space.


But he wasn’t even sure Team knew he’d moved in… or if he even wanted to.


“Should I tell him?” He asked Dean, “Or should I just… let it happen and hope he doesn’t notice?”


Dean almost looked disappointed in him. “This is something you and Team should be talking about.”


“But what if he doesn’t want to?!”


“That’s why you need to talk him.” Dean explained slowly, “Communication is important.”


Win hated to admit it, but when it came to communication in relationships, Dean was the champion.


“Talk to him.”




Things were awkward now, and Team was 90% sure it was his fault.


“What if he doesn’t want me to move in?” He asked Manaow and Pharm one day, “What if he thinks I’m being intrusive and he’s just too polite to say anything?”


“You’re dating!” Manaow frowned, “Moving in together is the next step.”


Team wanted to argue with her about the dating thing, but it was not worth getting into that argument.




Later that evening, as they ate, Team felt more and more uncomfortable with each passing second.


Win also looked uncomfortable, which was one small mercy.


“I need to talk to you about something.” They both said at the same time, blushing in unison as well.


“I was in your bathroom the other day and I saw, like all my things and- “Team cut himself off when he saw the smile on Win’s face.


“- and you’ve moved in.”


“Y-You know?”


“Of course I do! It’s my room.” Win smirked, “I thought you didn’t know though.”


Team flushed bright red, “I didn’t realise it was that obvious.”


“Don’t worry.” Win reached out to grab Team’s hand over the table, “I love that you’ve practically moved in… do-do you like it?” His voice was a little uncertain at the end.


“W-well I- I wasn’t sure if… if we were ready for that.”


Win was silent for a moment, before a soft smile appeared on his face, “Team… you’re my boyfriend, right?”


“I- Yes?”


“Which means that moving in together is the next best step.” Win suddenly paused, “But if you really don’t want to then- “


“- I want to! I want to!”


Win relaxed visibly at the confirmation, “Then… Team, will you officially move in with me?”



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Prompt from DipshitRichie: Do you also take props for SaifahZon? If so, could you maybe write a story about possessive Saifah??



If you were to ask anyone if Saifah was a jealous person, most people would say “No way, he’s so laid-back.”


Usually, that was true.


Until Zon showed up to school with his glasses on.


Now where had that sight been all his life?


Unfortunately, everyone else seemed to have the same thought.


As they sat together, trying to get some work done, Saifah could feel everyone staring at them… he could FEEL how much they wanted Zon.


It was like they’d forgotten Zon was his.


Stunned by the sudden thought, Saifah shook his head, trying to focus back on his book, even as Zon gave him a curious glance.


When he next glanced up, he spotted a small group of girls making their way, giggling behind their hands as they focused in on Zon… until they saw the look on Saifah’s face.


As they beat a hasty retreat, Saifah couldn’t stop the sneer curling at his lips.


Serves them right.


However, even as he was focused on those girls, he almost missed Fai sidling up to Zon, placing a hand on his shoulder and whispering “call me” in his ear, before slinking away, missing the dirty look Saifah was giving her.


“You’re not calling her.” He growled, even as Zon frowned in confusion.


“I- I know?” Zon’s eyes then narrowed behind his glasses, “Why, were you thinking of- “


“-Why are you wearing your glasses?” Saifah asked, leaning in a little closer, even as their friends all paused in their current conversations, eyes turning to the pair of them.


“I-I had a headache.” Zon flushed, “I haven’t been wearing them as often as I should so- HEY!”


Saifah had already got to his feet, taking Zon’s wrist in his hand and pulling him away from the table, barely giving him enough time to grab his bag. Those that paused to stare at them were sent running away when Saifah glared at them.


“Saifah! What are you doing?!”


Did Zon not notice how everyone had taken notice of him?


Didn’t he realise what everyone was probably thinking?


“Saifah! Saifah!”


Finding a quiet corner, Saifah pinned Zon against the wall. Zon’s breath hitched, muscles fluttering and clenching as Saifah’s fingers brushing against his abdomen. His scalp ached as Saifah’s other hand moved up to his hair, tugging at the strands until Zon bared his throat, back bowing and hips stuttering forwards.


And then teeth bit into the flesh of his neck, followed by the sensation of warm, soft, wet lips sucking kisses of the stinging mark. Zon’s breath started coming in pants and gasps, whining keens breaking free with every kiss and nip.


When he started to squirm, Saifah then captured his lips in a kiss so fierce that Zon knew his mouth would be swollen and bruised for hours.


“Couldn’t stand their eyes on you… or her hands.” Saifah muttered, voice dark and rough as he nipped along Zon’s jaw. His hands framed each side of Zon’s neck, thumbs just underneath his jaw so that he could move Zon any way he wanted, “Like you would be their’s.”


Zon barely thought about the teasing he would get from their friends, too focused on the sensation of Saifah’s mouth on his skin.


“but you’re not, are you MY Zon?”


Zon didn’t even know what Saifah was saying anymore, could barely understand the words.


“You’re MINE, aren’t you Zon?”


“Yours.” Zon murmured back, “Yoursyoursyoursyours!”




As Saifah pressed a soft kiss to Zon’s hair after the hopeful words, the shorter teen couldn’t help but chuckle fondly.


“I promise.”

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Prompt from Wilting Flower: I was wonder is you could write something about aepete (only if you don’t mind) I always liked the idea that one day trump pushes to far and Pete just finally gets mad and does something about it because I feel that although pete is sweet he can get mad and really intimidating when he feels he needs to be



Really, Ae should have expected this.


They’d cornered him on the way home from football practice, knocking him off his bike before pulling him out of sight.


Trump hadn’t really taken part in the beating, only kicking him occasionally when he spotted a gap in between the punches his ‘friends’ were handing out.


When he finally managed to get to his feet afterwards, he stumbled back over to where his bike was, thankful that it was still there.


He should have gone home… but he needed to know that Pete was alright, that Trump hadn’t gone after him as well.


It was slow progress, but eventually he made it.


The last thing he remembered, was Pete opening the door with a shocked “AI’AE!”, before everything went black and he passed out.




Pete hovered near the corner of the room as Ae’s parents worried over their son.


If Ae knew how much this private room cost, he wouldn’t be impressed… but Ae was unconscious, and Pete knew exactly who the cause of it was.


Knowing that he wouldn’t be missed, he quietly snuck out of the room and pulled his phone out, heading out of the hospital and to a quiet area of the car pack.


“Ai’Tin?” He whispered, when his friend picked up, “I need a favour.”


//”A favour?”\\


“… I need to… borrow some of your people.”


//” My people? What are yo- Oh… are you sure?” \\


Pete told him the story, as Tin hummed in understanding.


//”Alright… I’ll see what I can do.” \\




Trump had no idea how he got here.


But he knew he wasn’t going to enjoy it.


“Why are you doing this!” He yelled at the men keeping him prisoner, “I paid of most of my debts! I just need a little more time, I promise!”


The obvious leader frowned in confusion. “We don’t care about that.”


“Y-You’re not… then why- No, please no!”




Ae groaned as the light hit his eyes, barely hearing someone gasp to his right, before the lights went dim again.


“Ai’Ae? Are you okay?”


Weakly, Ae nodded, managing to open his eyes again, glancing over to see Pete staring at him in concern.


“Are you okay?” Pete brought Ae’s hand up to his mouth, before pressing a kiss to the back of it.


“Y-Yeah… you?”


Pete nodded carefully, “Better now that I know you’re okay.”


The pair smiled warmly at each other, with Ae gentle moving to tug on Pete’s hand, trying to pull him into the bed with him, even as Pete protested.


“Ai’Ae! Ai’Ae!”




Later that day, as Pete nipped out to grab them something to eat and to ask when Ae could leave, Ae frowned as Tin entered the room.


“So, he hasn’t told you yet?” Was what Tin opened with, making Ae frown in confusion.


“Told me what?”


Tin looked unsure for a moment, before shrugging and taking the seat next to Ae’s bed, “In a poorer room than this, Trump is lying in bed with police guards… with nails in his palms.”




Tin nodded, “The police looked into his past and believe it has something to do with the gambling debts.” He then shrugged, “Of course, they’ll soon learn about him being behind the attack on you and all the harassment with Pete, and they’ll be more concerned with arresting him, but that’s just something to look forward too.”


There was something about Tin’s voice, that made Ae think that maybe this wasn’t true.


“He deserved it.”


The statement came before Ae could press Tin any further, prompting them both to glance over to the doorway, where Pete was standing.


Ae had never seen this before… Pete was actually… angry?


That rage, that quiet, restrained power was slightly terrifying… and also slightly arousing as well.


“Ai’ Pete?”


Pete glanced over at Tin, before the rage all seemed to evaporate out of him and he visibly relaxed, “He hurt you Ae… I wasn’t going to let him get away with it.”


Ae felt like his entire world had been flipped around on its head, forcing himself into a seated position, only to yelp in pain.


“Ai’Ae!” Pete raced over, helping him sit up as Tin lest the room, sensing that they needed some time alone.


“Pete, I- “


Pete cut him off, flinging his arms around him and burying his face in his neck, “I’m sorry.” He whispered, “I just… wanted to protect you, like you protect me!”


“It’s alright.” Ae whispered into that oh-so-soft hair, “It’s alright.”

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Prompt from Vandywritez: Would love to have a Korn-knock fic... together with me series.. they are another hardcore couple that cannot be missed.. how bout a little angst for Korn because of knock's relationship with plern and a fluffy change in stance with Korn and knock getting together..



Korn should have pulled away when he had the chance.


Really, he should have pulled away when he started having feelings for his best friend, but he couldn’t bring himself to do it.


He didn’t know how long he could keep smiling for.


He didn’t know for how much longer he could keep watching this foolish dream slip away.




Knock wasn’t annoyed.


Korn could date whoever he wanted to… even if the thought made his skin crawl.


Even if he got a strange pang in his heart because of it.


He should have realised something was wrong when Korn didn’t want to go out with him the night before Plern’s arrival.


And then he stopped inviting Knock over.


And then they stopped hanging out altogether.




Korn forced himself not to think about Knock on his date.


Knock and Plern… and whatever they were doing.


Mentally shaking himself out of that line of thought, Korn forced himself to focus on the slightly one-sided conversation.


His date was sweet and attentive who wanted to know him better… but there was no banter. There was no snarkiness.


Not like there was between him and Knock.


Again, he had to mentally shake himself.


He missed Korn, but this was better for both of them.


This continued on for a few weeks.


Really, it was no surprise when he was broken up with, and honestly, Korn didn’t even remember most of the conversation.


Oh well…back to pining it seemed.




“Hey! HEY!”


Korn tried to ignore the familiar voice, speeding up slightly until his wrist was grabbed.




He was spun around, and forced to look his… friend in the eyes, only to frown in confusion at the sight of tears in Knock’s eyes.


“What the hell is wrong with you?!” His friend snarled, “I haven’t seen you in over a month!”


“I-I was busy!”


“Busy? With your new boyfriend?!” Knock frowned, “If this is about how me and Plern get when she comes to visit, you don’t have to worry about that anymore.”


“… What?”


Knock shrugged, “I was worried about you… and she was getting more and more annoyed with me, and then I was getting annoyed with her, and then she said it was GOOD that you’d suddenly… cut me out of your life!”


“I- “


“- So, we broke up.”


Korn felt like his heart had sank down to his stomach at the words. For a moment, there was a spark of hope, only for common sense to catch up and snuff it out.


Knock still had a hold of his wrist.


“Your boyfriend doesn’t think I’m a homophobe does he, because I’m really not, I- “


“- We broke up too.”


Knock seemed shocked for a moment, “You… why?”


“It didn’t feel right.”


Knock was silent for a moment, and then frowned, “What do you mean it didn’t feel right?”


“Not the right… person.” Korn mumbled, pulling his wrist free before continuing on his way, trying not to roll his eyes as he heard Knock rushing to follow.


“So, who is the right person?!”


“It doesn’t matter… I’m pretty sure he’s into woman only.”


“But- “


“- I have work to do.” Korn sighed, “I’ll… call you later.”


And then he was gone.




Knock knew he had some serious thinking to do.


He wasn’t homophobic, he knew this. Korn was his best friend in the entire world, how could he be.


Then why did the thought of Korn having a boyfriend send a shudder up his spine?


Tapping a pencil against his notepad, he frowned, desperately trying to think.


And then it hit him.


He wasn’t homophobic.


He didn’t like the thought of other men touching Korn… because he wanted to be the one touching him.


Well… this is a revelation and a half.




“Korn! Korn!” Knock was so thankful that he spotted his friend out in the marketplaces again, “KORN!”


He almost tackled his friend to the ground when Korn turned around.


“I love you!” He exclaimed, uncaring of the crowd around them, “I love you Korn!”


Korn’s eyes widened, and then watered before he was pulling Knock into a hug.


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from axel_prple: aaaand now a part 2 plz ;) (Referring to Chapter 16)



Beam gasped as he was pinned up against the wall.


“You are so beautiful.” Forth whispered, before pressing his lips to Beam’s, leading the medical student over to the bed and pushing him down onto it, helping Beam get rid of his shirt, before doing the same for him, “Hands above your head.”


Once Beam obeyed, Forth placed a hand on Beam’s abdomen, running down it with teasing fingers, before moving them up to thumb at Beam’s hardened nipples.


“F-Forth… hnn!”


Beam groaned uncontrollably when the foreign touches sent pleasure straight to his cock, eyes flying open when Forth leaned over to plant soft kisses on his abs, clearly paying attention to every noise that Beam made so that he knew where to go next.


He then moved to pull Beam’s pants down, smirking when Beam was quick to lift up his hips in order to help. Once that obstacle was gone, Forth couldn’t help but press a finger against the bulge in Beam’s underwear, watching as Beam twitched.


“F-Forth…” Beam choked out, “… Forth, please- “ His voice cracked in desperation.


“Patience, patience.” Forth pulled the underwear down slightly, until Beam’s cock was released.


Beam propped himself up on his elbows when he sensed hot air breathing onto his cock, just in time to see Forth lower his head and take it into his mouth.


“Oh fu- Forth!” He almost right there and then, “Forth!”


Forth struggled slightly to fit all of it in his mouth, but he knew he made up for it with his enthusiasm.


He felt Beam tensing up, which was the only warning he got before he was pulled up away from Beam’s cock, rolled over and pinned to the bed.




Beam didn’t speak, simply pulling Forth’s pants and underwear off, pushing Forth back down when Forth tried to get up, the bed squeaking under the pressure.


In a slight daze, Forth watched as Beam rummaged about for the lube. Once he found it however, he didn’t get straight to work.


Instead, he leaned over, pressing his lips against Forth’s neck, making the engineering student whimper. It was a gentle and doting kiss, until Beam nipped just below his ear, causing him to inhale sharply at the slight pain.


Beam then nibbled all the way down to Forth’s collarbone, paying close attention to the tattoos, opening the bottle of lube as he went. Slipping a cushion under Forth’s hips, he brushed slick fingers against Forth’s rim.


“Relax.” He whispered, slowly slipping his index finger inside. It didn’t take long before he could add the middle finger, the pair switching it up so often and having sex on a regular basis that preparation never took too long, as evident by how quickly he was able to add the ring finger, Forth taking several deep breath to adjust..


“B-Beam!” Forth groaned when the fingers inside started to move in and out steadily, hugging his legs closer to his chest, yelping when Beam’s fingers brushed against that special spot inside, his lower body arching.


“Gorgeous.” Beam whispered, “I’m not surprised she look at you.”


The mood should have been ruined by the mentioned of Mae, but Forth couldn’t help but smirk at the show of possessiveness, only for it to turn into a whine when Beam pulled his fingers free.


“Come on.” He groaned, “Get on with it!”


He sounded a little desperate, but he didn’t care.


“I need to get a condom.” Beam sighed, thankfully already slipping one on.


“Beam, I swear- “


His complaint turned into an indecent moan as Beam finally pushed inside, pausing for any signs of discomfort, before slowly continuing to push inside.


“B-Bea- Nnngh!”


Beam let Forth claw at his back, sinking deep into the engineers’ body, brushing Forth’s sweat-damp hair away from his forehead as he started with a gentle motion.


“Beam, f-faster…”


Beam ignored him, keeping his thrusts hard, but slow, brushing over Forth’s sweet spot over and over again.


“Right theeeeeere, AH! Faster, Beam, please!”


No response.


“Please Beam!” Forth cried in frustration.


“Beg for it.”


Forth blinked in shock, “I-I- I want- “


Beam waited patiently, not even moving now.


“I-I want you to manhandle me… fuck me like we almost did at the back of the car.” Forth blurted out, only to cackle as Beam twitched inside him, clearly excited by the words.


The cackle was soon cut off when Beam pulled out almost all the way, leaving only the tip inside, before giving a powerful thrust right onto Forth’s sweet spot.


Forth’s mouth opened automatically, but before he could scream, Beam repeated the action, forcing Forth to move his hands to the headboard, in order to stop his head from hitting it.


Only little squeaks escaped from him as Beam continued with the harsh, fast thrusts, their bodies colliding and creating a lewd, rhythmic, wet smacking noise.


Forth felt like he was losing complete control of his body.


“B-Beam- Ah! I’m- I’m gonna- “


He locked his legs firmly around Beam, hugging him tight as his orgasm overcame him, cum spurting out of his dick, spattering all over his chest and stomach, toes curling as he quivered.


“Aah! Beam, wait- I- ah!”


Beam didn’t stop, pulling Forth onto his lap so that they were face to face, causing Forth to convulse slightly at the feeling as Beam seemed to get deeper inside him.


“Shit.” Forth groaned, “Y-You’re gonna kill me.”


Beam seemed pleased by this, taking a firm grip of Forth’s ass and rocking his hips back and forth, lifting Forth up and down slightly as Forth’s cock started to stiffen up again.


Knowing that he was being pushed towards a second orgasm, Forth tangled his fingers in the dark strands of his boyfriend’s hair, forcing Beam to look up before closing in for a messy kiss, only pulling away when he came again, gasping sharply and falling limp.


“Oh god… Forth!” Beam’s arms tightened around him as he too, tipped over the edge.


Gradually, as they both came down from their high, Beam’s grasp on Forth relaxed as he withdrew from the warm body.


“God…” Forth groaned, falling back, “… You’re amazing.” He twisted slightly to smirk at his boyfriend, “Next time, we should try it in the back of the car.”


“Never in a million years.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: Can I request SaifahZon future fic, where Saifah comes home from work really horny and wants to do naughty things to Zon but their moms are there for a surprise visit and he is effectively cock blocked 😂



Saifah had been thinking about this all frickin’ day.


From the moment he left his shared apartment, leaving a shirtless Zon still in their bed, he had been fantasising about pinning Zon to that bed and just having his way with him.


Readjusting himself in his trouser, Saifah entered the apartment as quietly as he could, hoping to take Zon by surprise.


Zon was always so feisty when startled and that made for some fantastic sessions in bed.


The lights were still on, so Zon was probably either in the kitchen making something to eat, or working on his book, all curled up on the sofa, all cute in those glasses.


He’d wrap his arms around the shorter boy, making sure he knew just as hard Saifah was.


First, he’d peel Zon’s clothes off of him and throw him down onto the bed, pinning him down as he prepared his boyfriend for the main event.


Maybe he’d even give Zon a strip tease, peeling himself out of his uniform?


He couldn’t wait.


It was only when he entered the living room, that every feeling of arousal disappeared.


“Mum!” He yelped, quickly moving his work satchel around the front of him, hoping it hid the evidence of his previous thoughts, “What are you doing here?”


The two women on the sofa beamed up at him.


“We decided to pay you two a surprise visit!” Saifah’s mum beamed up at him, taking a sip of tea.


“Hmmm.” Zon’s mum nodded her head, not seeming to notice the sly smirk on her Zon’s face.


Zon clearly knew what Saifah was thinking about.


“So, how was work?” Saifah’s mother asked, patting the seat beside her, “You’re looking a little tired sweetie.”


“Yeah.” Saifah muttered nervously, glaring over at his boyfriend when he heard Zon mutter about Saifah being “disappointed” instead.


Zon was wearing a jumper that was clearly Saifah’s, and if Saifah focused enough, he could the edges of a hickey he’d left the previous evening.


He’d worn that on purpose, Saifah just knew it.


He was wearing those short pyjama bottoms on purpose as well, knowing how his ass looks in them.


“We were just talking about Zon’s new book.” Zon’s mother spoke up, “How much did the last one make again?”


“Mum, stop it.” Zon flushed, “It did well, but not that well.”




It was Zon’s funds that helped them buy this apartment after all, and Saifah was quick to point that out, smiling as Zon flushed.


Maybe this evening wouldn’t be a total waste after all.


Providing their Mothers’ didn’t expect to be staying the night.

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Prompt from Lila: It always felt incomplete to me that Trump was suddenly just gone and out of the picture in LBC. I'd love for him to get a bit of 'payback'. And there should've been one last meeting bt him and Ae. I mean I love the protective side of Ae a lot, can't get enough of it 🤗



Tears poured down Pete’s face as he covered it with his hands. His nose dripped, causing him to sniffle every other second. The hiccups echoed throughout the room, each one more pitiful than the last.


“Pete…” Ae stopped everything the moment he entered the apartment and saw Pete having a meltdown on the sofa, “… Pete, what happened?” He was on the sofa in a few strides, wrapping his arms around Pete and pulling him close to his chest so that Pete’s face was tucked into his shoulder.


He didn’t care if he could feel Pete’s tears seeping through his shirt… none of that was important, not when Pete was sobbing.


All that mattered was making sure Pete was alright and taken care of.


“I-I-I- “Pete stuttered, before breaking into a fresh batch of sobs, burying his face into Ae’s chest.


He hated feeling this weak.


“Shhh, it’s alright.” Ae ran his fingers through Pete’s light hair, rubbing soothing circles onto Pete’s back with the other hand, “Breathe, deep breaths… I’ve got you, okay, I’ve got you.”


Pete shuddered out another breath, managing to shuffle through his hiccups, “Trump… he-he-he- “


He didn’t need to say anything more.


Ae knew exactly what he was talking about.


“He’s not going to harass you ever again.” Ae whispered, “I’ll take care of it for you, I promise.”


Pete immediately shook his head frantically, pushing back against Ae’s grip so that he could look his boyfriend in the face. “No!” He protested, “What if he- “


Ae pressed a kiss to Pete’s face, “Just… trust me Pete. Don’t be worried…. He won’t be allowed to bother you ever again.”




Ae was about ready to lose his mind.


He’d been looking for that… bully all day, and nobody had seen any sight of Trump.


Resting against the wall, Ae sighed wearily, desperately trying to calm down.


How dare Trump continue to abuse HIS boyfriend… Pete was HIS, how dare he continue to come after him?


If it weren’t for the fact that the International College was where Pete clearly belonged, he would try and persuade his boyfriend to transfer to engineering… where he could keep an eye on him all the time. Walk him to classes. Sit next to him in classes and make sure that he was safe all the time.


As that wasn’t an option though, he had to make sure Trump never came near Pete again.


It was coming to the end of the day.


Ae sighed, making his way back across campus, back towards his and Pete’s meeting place. However, when he arrived, Pete wasn’t alone.


A familiar figure was standing there, as Pete cowered on the ground.


What annoyed Ae the most though, was that there were people on the outskirts of the carpark, all watching, and none of them choosing to do DAMN thing to stop this!


“HEY!” Ae bellowed, taking a small smidge of delight as the crowd all flinched, as well as Trump, “What the hell are you doing?!”


Trump spun around, and whilst his eyes did widen slightly at the sight of Ae, he didn’t seem to have the braincells to realise how much trouble he was in.


“Leave him alone!” Ae hissed, getting right up in Trump’s face.


“Make m- UGH!”


Ae’s fist was flying forwards before Trump finished, driving a solid punch into his jaw, watching with satisfaction as the bully crumpled to the ground, leaning to one side in order to spit out a tooth.


“Y-You bastard!” Trump spat out a mouthful of blood, “You- “


“- What?” Ae raised his fist again, “Not enough?”


Personally, he wished Trump would push his luck. One more punch might make him feel better.


Much to his disappointment however, Trump scurried away. Once he was out of sight, Ae rushed over to Pete, crouching beside him and wrapping his arms around him, as Pete slumped forwards, fingers grasping Ae’s shirt.


“Thank you.” Pete whispered, voice heavy with tears, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!”


“Ssh, I’m here.” Ae held him close, glancing over and spotting a bloodied tooth lying on the ground, “I’m here.”


Keeping a small trophy wasn’t too bad… was it?

Chapter Text

Prompt from Pieholler: It's Sarawat/Tine this time with a misunderstanding. After ep7 Sarawat confessed so for Tine it means they're dating now, Wat keeps being sweet and thoughtful and it's all going great Tine is just a bit shy. A couple of months in something happens and Sarawat asks if that means they can start dating and Tine being confused because "dude we have been dating, all of our friends know and I even told my brother"



Sarawat was quite proud of himself.


He’d confessed, and Tine hadn’t gone running for the hills.


He’d flirted with Tine, paid him compliments every day, and Tine showed no signs of panic.


This continued for a few weeks, to the point where Tine was even happy to spend the night at Sarwat’s dorm, and even sleep next to him!


No time would be better than this.


They weren’t doing anything special. He was teaching Tine a few more chords, as he slowly built up his courage.






“… I love you.”


Tine glanced over at him, before beaming. “Love you too.”


Frowning, Sarawat leaned forwards, “No… I LOVE you.”


“Yeah, and I love you too.” Tine looked so confused.


“You’re not… surprised?” Sarawat asked, “Going to panic?”


Tine shook his head, “I admit it’s a little soon, but we did the fake dating for months and now that we’re actually dating, I- “


“- What?!”




“We’re… dating? Already?”


“Well, yes?” Tine frowned, “You confessed that you liked me, and then we started going out. Everyone knows that! My friends, your friends, I even told my brother!”


As Tine started babbling on about how his brother was pining over someone he met once or twice, Sarawat mentally started to curse himself.


How did he become the oblivious one?


When did that happen?


All those nights together watching films, or eating, or listening to Scrubb.


The fact that they shared a bed!


Those dinner dates.


They’d been boyfriends for a few weeks.


“I am… such an idiot.”


This stopped Tine in his tracks, as he turned to Sarawat and chuckled nervously, “What?”


“Of course we’re dating!”


“Of course we are… Saraleo!” Tine pouted, “I know you didn’t ask me out officially, but- “ His eyes widened, “Did you want me to ask you out properly? Is that why you’re so confused?! Shit!”


Before Tine could say anything, Sarawat reached out and grabbed his hands, “No, no, no… I want to do it.”


Whilst he couldn’t help but cringe at his own words, Tine’s smile softened as he quietly said, “Alright… go on then.”


“Tine Teepakorn… Nuisance- “


“- Hey!”


“Will you be my boyfriend?”


Tine’s smile was bright as he squeezed Sarawat’s hands, “Sure… that means you’ve got to be nice to me though.”


Sarawat snorted as he chuckled, forehead landing on top of their joined hands, “Nuisance.”




“Your Saraleo.” Sarawat pushed himself up slightly to kiss Tine.


“Mmm, my Saraleo.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: I'd love to see jealous Kit, jealous Pha, jealous Beam, jealous Arthit. Obviously in their own chapters, and each with happy endings. The jealousy would be during an established relationship. I want to see some "out of character" behaviour, especially with Kit and Arthit, as they might not usually act out, possessively or overcome with sexual needs, but I'd love to see your take on that. To be honest, I can see future Kit and future Arthit acting this way, especially once they're comfortable with their sexuality because they're both a Tsundere, I can totally see them snapping and taking everyone by surprise.

Jealous Kit is first!



Kit left his office with a sigh.


15 hour shifts… he hated them.


At least he had a couple of days free now though. Time to spend with his husband of just over a year.


He was in the middle of texting said husband when he heard a familiar laugh coming from the entrance hallway, prompting him to speed up slightly.


It wasn’t that he missed Ming or anything… he just wanted to know why his husband was here, that’s all.


Pushing his glasses up his nose, he rounded the corner only to stop at the sight of Ming leaning over the receptionist desk, dressed in a well-fitted suit that clung to him perfectly.


He was speaking to Achara, a relatively new girl on the administrative team, who always had her har and nails done, wearing a uniform that didn’t look like it fit her very well.


A little too tight in Kit’s opinion.


He stopped and watched as Ming and Achara talked… they seemed to be very friendly as they both started to laugh again, the sound making Kit clench his fists slightly.


What could be so funny?


Teeth as well as fists clenched, Kit moved closer, until he was able to wrap an arm around Ming’s waist.


“Doctor Intochar!” Achara gasped, “I was- “


“- Not doing your job and speaking to MY husband?” Kit raised an eyebrow, “I find it hard to believe everyone in this hospital has suddenly recovered.”


His tone was harsh, and he knew it, grabbing Ming and dragging him out of the building.




Kit spent the entire ride home, staring out of the window, jealousy coursing through his veins.


That woman had flirted with his husband, and Ming had done nothing to stop her!


They arrived home, and as soon as they were inside, Ming turned to Kit. “What was that?!”


There was just a hint of anger in Ming’s voice.


“She was flirting with you.”


Ming opened his mouth to reply, only to gasp when the shorter man grabbed his upper arms and pinned him up against the wall. It wasn’t like Kit’s grip was harsh, or being pinned up against the wall hurt… it was the fact that Kit had down it in the first place.


“P’Kit- “


Kit closed the gap before Ming could finish, and Ming found himself opening up automatically, moaning as Kit’s tongue swept across his palate, making his knees weaken slightly.


He never seen Kit take control like this.


“You are mine.” Kit hissed as he pulled away, nosing at Ming’s jawline, pressing kisses along Ming’s neck and collarbone.


Ming groaned as he felt deft fingers unbuttoning his shirt.


“Mine.” Kit whispered again, and Ming quickly remembered why they were here.


Gently, he pushed Kit away, wincing when a look of hurt confusion flashed across Kit’s face, before it was replaced by his usual, ‘bitchy’ expression. Not wanting Kit to jump to the wrong conclusion, he grabbed his husband’s hand, rubbing his fingers over the wedding band.


“I think we need to talk.” He stated, practically dragging Kit over to the sofa, the pair of them taking a seat as Ming took Kit’s hands in his own, “What was all that about? What you said to Achara back at the hospital?”


Kit refused to look him in the eyes, focusing on the way their wedding rings glinted in the low sun coming in through the windows. He was snapped out of his thoughts however, when Ming squeezed his hands and said, “Well?”


“She was touching you… flirting with you.”


Ming looked confused for a moment, only for a look of realisation to cross his face, “Achara? She’s a friend from high school. I haven’t seen her in years so we started talking.”


Achara… one of the 15 before Ming met Kit probably.


Kit pulled his hands away from Ming’s, rubbing a thumb across his ring.


Ming was married to him.


Ming was married to him.


“So… what were you laughing about.” Kit asked, trying not to sound too paranoid.


“We were talking about how similar how soulmates were.” Ming smirked, “Apparently you and her WIFE are a lot alike.”


Kit knew he’d gone bright red, looking down at his knees as a wave of embarrassment flooded his body. “O-Oh.”


Ming chuckled, getting up to put the kettle on.


When Kit got all embarrassed like this, it was best not to tease him… that usually led to Ming being banished to the sofa.


“Do you want a cup of tea or coffee?”




A moment later, slim arms wrapped around his waist as a face buried itself into his back.


“Coffee please.” Kit mumbled.


“Coffee it is.”


“… You’re still mine.”


“I know P’Kit, I know.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: I'd love to see jealous Kit, jealous Pha, jealous Beam, jealous Arthit. Obviously in their own chapters, and each with happy endings. The jealousy would be during an established relationship. I want to see some "out of character" behaviour, especially with Kit and Arthit, as they might not usually act out, possessively or overcome with sexual needs, but I'd love to see your take on that. To be honest, I can see future Kit and future Arthit acting this way, especially once they're comfortable with their sexuality because they're both a Tsundere, I can totally see them snapping and taking everyone by surprise.

Jealous Pha!



Pha was possibly one of the few students who chose not to spend the majority of his nights at a bar.


Don’t get him wrong, he did enjoy going out for a drink, but when they were filled with his ‘fan club’, it was a chore.


Even now that he’d found his little Yo, it was still a chore.


The air was thick and heady, as Pha took a sip of his drunk, nodding along with whatever Beam was saying.


Yo had insisted on this night out, wanting them all to celebrate exams finally being over, and because Yo asked, Pha couldn’t say no.


Speaking of Yo…


Pha glanced over to the bar, where Yo had headed just a few minutes ago to get him and Ming a drink, only to straighten up, eyes narrowing.


The man talking to Yo was… handsome, Pha had to admit. Blonde, wearing very tight clothing and currently leaning close to HIS boyfriend.


“Pha? Pha!”


Pha ignored Beam and Kit and he made his way easily through the crowd on the dance floor, and in less than thirty seconds, he was standing right next to Yo. He knew he shouldn’t cause a scene, but he didn’t really care. There was a feeling that he couldn’t control welling up inside of him, and all that mattered at the moment, was that he was close to Yo and this stranger wasn’t.


He wanted to say that up close, the other man wasn’t all that handsome, but he was, and it grated Pha to admit that in his mind.


Placing a hand on Yo’s shoulder, he forced himself to smile when Yo turned and beamed up at him, “P’Pha! This is Thara! He runs a study group for one of my lectures.”


Yo was talking as if nothing was wrong.


As if he himself didn’t go through all this with Pring.


“You should go.” He found himself addressing Thara, not caring about being polite in that moment as he pulled Yo away from the counter and through the club. The movement was so sudden, that Yo didn’t have time to protest until they were already out of the bar.


“P’Pha, what are you doing?!” Yo asked, confusion lacing his words.


The fresh air calmed him down slightly, but his hold on Yo’s wrist was still tight as he led the younger man into an alleyway, pushing Yo into a wall and kissing Yo without restraint.


The first noise of Yo’s confusion was muffled by Pha’s tongue, and it only took a second before he was kissing back just as fiercely. When Pha pulled away, Yo’s eyes were blown as he panted through red, red lips.


“P’Pha…” His voice was low as a smirk slowly spread across his face, “… what’s gotten into you?”


“I didn’t like how he looked at you.” Pha whispered, slotting a leg between Yo’s, rocking up as Yo bit his lower lip and arched his back., “I know he wanted you.”


“But I wasn’t- “


Pha didn’t let him finish, kissing him again.


Yo moans against his mouth, jerking as Pha rocked against him, only to hiss when the kisses turned into slight nips. “Fuck, P’Pha.” He gasped, as Pha moved his mouth down to Yo’s collarbone, biting there as well, “I don’t care what Thara wanted, I’m yours, I promise!”


Pulling away again, Pha winced at the size of the bruise on Yo’s neck, brushing a finger along the mark.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered, frowning when Yo shook his head.


“Don’t be. I like them.” Yo beamed, grabbing Pha’s hand and leading him back out to the main street, “Come on, let’s go back to my dorm.”


“Ummm- “


“- I think the whole floor needs to know that I’m yours, hmmm?”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: I'd love to see jealous Kit, jealous Pha, jealous Beam, jealous Arthit. Obviously in their own chapters, and each with happy endings. The jealousy would be during an established relationship. I want to see some "out of character" behaviour, especially with Kit and Arthit, as they might not usually act out, possessively or overcome with sexual needs, but I'd love to see your take on that. To be honest, I can see future Kit and future Arthit acting this way, especially once they're comfortable with their sexuality because they're both a Tsundere, I can totally see them snapping and taking everyone by surprise.

Jealous Beam!



Beam sighed, running a hand through sweaty locks as he jogged back towards the apartment.


A few months ago, his therapist suggested a morning run every day to help combat his bouts of depression, in combination with his medication, and whilst it took Beam some time to get into it, he had to admit, it seemed to have a positive impact on his mood.


Opening the door, he opened his mouth to call out for Forth, only to spot a note on the floor, a messy FORTH scribbled on the front.


“Forth?” He called out, smiling when he heard a vague noise from the kitchen, “There’s a note here for you.”


“Don’t you mean a letter.”


“No, a note. It must have been slipped under the door!”


“What does it say?”


Bending over to pick up the note, Beam opened it up, only to frown when he saw what was written.


‘You were so beautiful yesterday.’


… What?




“… It says that you were beautiful yesterday.” Beam couldn’t take his eyes off the words.


Usually, Forth was the slightly possessive one in their relationship, but not right now.


Maybe he should just laugh it off…. But there was something off about the whole situation.


Like how the note was posted under the door… like Forth had been followed home.


“I was beautiful yesterday?” Forth emerged from the kitchen, leaning against the door-frame with a deliberately ‘flirty’ pose, “Surely I’m beautiful every day?”




“Beam?” Forth frowned, taking a step closer, “What’s wrong?” He glanced down at the note, “Are you jealous?”






It wasn’t that he thought Forth would ever cheat on him, but it did bother him that somebody else thought they had a shot with Forth.


They didn’t.


“I wonder who it is.” Beam muttered, turning away from Forth’s knowing gaze, “And do they know about me?”


“It’s probably one of the new kids.” Forth shrugged, “So, no, probably not.”


Beam frowned, “Are you- are you kidding?” This was the same man who’d used his first year hazing group to ask Beam out for dinner.


“Beam.” Forth pouted, “It’s not like any of them have a chance, you know that.”


Beam didn’t look at him.






“Babe?” The nickname finally got Beam to look up at him.


“I’m sorry.” Beam eventually sighed, “I just- I don’t like the thought that someone else thinks they can have you… even if they can’t.” He moved over to Forth, moving a hand around the back of Forth’s neck, playing with the short strands at the back and leaning their foreheads together in the process.


“I know…. But honestly what do you want me to do?”


“Tell the new ones… tell them… that you have a boyfriend and that none of them have a chance!”


“Done.” Forth nodded, quickly pressing his lips to Beam’s.




The next day, Beam confidently made his way over to the Engineering department.


Sometimes a physical display was more effective.


He heard Forth’s ‘head hazer’ voice before he saw him, leading up towards the back of the building.


As he rounded the corner, he caught Forth’s eyes and couldn’t help but smirk when the other man lit up at the sight of him.


It was easy to spot the disappointed first year.


“Hey!” Beam decided to play it up just a little, “Are you almost done? I was thinking we could go out for dinner.”


Judging by the look on Forth’s face, he wasn’t exactly being subtle in his attempts.


“Sounds nice.” It was clear that the engineering student was trying to hold back his laughter, “I have a bit to go yet. Meet me by the gear in about ten minutes?”


“Sure.” Making sure that the group was paying close attention, Beam pulled Forth closer for a deep, searing kiss, nibbling slightly on Forth’s bottom lip. When they finally pulled away, they were both out of breath.


“You’re going to ruin my reputation.” Forth whispered.


“You love it.”


“I love YOU.”


Beam practically preened at this, catching a definitely unhappy first year scowling at him, “I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: I'd love to see jealous Kit, jealous Pha, jealous Beam, jealous Arthit. Obviously in their own chapters, and each with happy endings. The jealousy would be during an established relationship. I want to see some "out of character" behaviour, especially with Kit and Arthit, as they might not usually act out, possessively or overcome with sexual needs, but I'd love to see your take on that. To be honest, I can see future Kit and future Arthit acting this way, especially once they're comfortable with their sexuality because they're both a Tsundere, I can totally see them snapping and taking everyone by surprise.

Jealous Arthit!



Don’t get him wrong, Arthit was thrilled that he’d been invited to Kongpob’s parents’ anniversary dinner… but how could he be expected to go through an entire evening with Kongpob looking like that.


He had never seen Kongpob look as stunning as he did in this moment. The way the material of his dress pants clung to his ass was borderline obscene, and it seemed that everyone else at this party had noticed it as well.


Looking back, he should have known that Kongpob wearing something this form fitting would result in some unwanted attention, but he’d been too lost in his own thoughts to even think about that.


That was the last time he let Kongpob look at him like that.


Arthit bit back a growl when some socialite’s daughter gave Kongpob a flirty smile, standing far too closer to him.


He couldn’t lash out and lose his temper though, not at such an important event.


Jealousy was a whole new feeling for him. Before Kongpob, no-one had been important enough to arouse such feelings in him, not even when Namtam started dated Tum.


But he couldn’t stand the idea of someone else touching Kongpob.


Jealousy burned in his gut, and all he wanted to do was grab Kongpob and hide him from the rest of the world.


“I am going burn all of his suits when we get back home.” Arthit muttered in frustration, taking a sip of his drink, before continuing to mutter to himself, “Kongpob loves you, and would never cheat on you. You have no need to be worried.”


Then again… they had been together for years now, surely everyone knew by now?


What kind of person would flirt with someone they knew was taken?


As these thoughts whirled around his brain, he almost missed Kongpob excusing himself from the group he was with and head towards the bathroom.


Arthit moved to follow him immediately.


Kongpob was washing his hands when Arthit entered the room, locking the door behind him.


“P’Arthit, what- “


Arthit didn’t let him finish his sentence as he shoved his boyfriend against the wall and claimed his lips in a hungry kiss, grabbing Kongpob’s hips as he did so… and then to his ass, squeezing It possessively as Kongpob gasped into the kiss.


“What has gotten into you?!” Kongpob groaned, hands on Arthit’s shoulders, as the older student sucked on his neck, his whole-body tingling with pleasure.


Instead of replying, Arthit pulled him out of the room and out towards the exit.


“Wait, wait! I have to say goodbye to my- “ Kongpob stopped, catching his mother’s eyes across the room, gaping when she took in the situation, giggled behind her hand and waved him off, “- Never mind then.”


Arthit missed this though. He was too focused on spending the rest of the night marking Kongpob as his, so that no one would dare approach him again.

Chapter Text

Prompt from Adee: Hmmmm...petekao on a exchange programe to kongarthits college, and kao and em confusion. Ohh what about Pete and kong bonding over having cute but fiery boyfriends, again with the exchange shit



“An exchange programme?” Arthit frowned, “Is all this really necessary?”


Kongpob shrugged, smiling softly at the pout on his boyfriend’s face, “It’ll be nice to spend time with people from another college.”


“I think it’ll just lead to trouble.”


This prompted a chuckle from Kongpob, as he leaned over to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek, “You think everything leads to trouble.”


“And I’m usually right.”




Pete couldn’t remember when he got separated from Kao, but he was relieved when he spotted his boyfriend chatting to an unfamiliar female student.


Alright, he was a little bit jealous, but after everything they’d been through, he knew better than to lash out and push Kao away.


The girl looked completely smitten by his boyfriend though, a soft smile on her face.


He moved closer, frowning when Kao didn’t turn around at his approach…. And when did he get one of this college’s engineering shirts?


Pushing it out of his mind, he wrapped an arm around his boyfriend’s waist and pressed a kiss to his cheek.




Pete yelped as he was pushed away, stumbling to the ground as the girl covered her mouth in shock and Kao rubbed at his cheek frantically, staring down at Pete in shock.


“What are you doing?!”




“No… my name is Em.” Em winced and gave Pete a waii, “Sorry for the misunderstanding but.. I’m not who you think I am.”


The girl was starting to giggle now that she’d gotten over the shock.


Pete felt like he was about to pass out. “Then… my boyfriend has a twin I didn’t know about.”


A crowd was starting to gather, a sea of red shirts all around them.


“Pete? Pete!”


Pete groaned as Kao (or at least he hoped it was Kao) pushed his way through and moved to kneel next to him.


“Are you okay?”


“Oh my god.” Both the girl and one of the other students gasped, “Look at that!”


“Cousin Kao!” The strange twin beamed, as Kao glanced between him and Pete, clearly taking in Pete’s red cheeks and the way the girl was giggling.


Kao gave the twin a suspicious look, before turning back to Pete with a sheepish smile, “I see you’ve met my cousin, Em… people tell us we look a lot alike.”


“Yeah.” Pete replied faintly, “I-I- “


“… He kissed me on the cheek.” Em cut in, cheeks just as red as Pete’s. Pete then started to consider which remote island would be best to spend the rest of his days on. Far away from anyone who would ever know or talk about this.


Of course, that meant he wouldn’t be able to take Kao.


“I didn’t know you had a boyfriend.” Em then spoke up, “Does Aunt- “


“- Yes.” Kao interrupted, clearing his throat nervously, “It’s still a little new for her, but… yes.”


Em then turned to Pete, a soft smile on his face. “It’s very nice to meet you then.” He gestured to the girl beside him, “This is my girlfriend, May.”


“Nice to meet you.” Pete knew his voice was shaking as Kao helped him to his feet, “Sorry about… all that.”


“Yeah… “ Em winced, “… Let’s not mention it again, okay?”


“Deal!” Pete allowed himself to be dragged away from the crowd, vaguely hearing one student say to another.


“See! Nothing but trouble!”




Once the embarrassment finally managed to die down and Pete felt like he could go out in public without wanting to just cry, he found himself eating in the cafeteria as Kao had a meeting with other tutors in the college.


Pete couldn’t help but wonder if other tutors had gone through what Kao went through.


Probably not.


Lost in his thoughts for a moment, Pete almost missed the person taking a seat opposite. Turning, he frowned at the sight of an engineering student sitting there… one of the ones from the crowd if Pete remembered correctly.


“Ummm- “


“Don’t worry.” The student smirked, “Everyone around here’s seen worse.”




The other student nodded, “Let’s just say that most of the engineering department has heard me say to the head hazer, that I was going to claim him as my wife.”


Pete winced. Kao would kill him if he ever said something like that, and he told the other student so.


The other student chuckled, “He came close… but we’re dating now, so I like to think it worked in my favour.”


Pete couldn’t help but smile at the thought. How often had he though the same about him and Kao?


“Sounds like you were made for each other.” He stated, “They do say opposites attract.”


“Like you and… Kao?”


“I’d like to think so.”


The other student stared at him for a moment, before he beamed, “My name’s Kongpob by the way.”


“… Pete.”


“Sooo…” Kongpob smirked, “…does your boyfriend push you away when you try and kiss him in public?”


“Let me tell you about the time- “

Chapter Text

Prompt from Adee: untamed Zhuiling?



It was easy to fall in love during a time of crisis.


It was hard to court said person after everything had died down, and everything returned to normal.


Not that Jin Ling would have it any other way. Lan Suzhui was worth it.


“I think the return of Senior Wei has brought out something…. new in Suzhui.” Jingyi greeted the new Jin Sect Leader as they walked through the Cloud Recesses, “He’s not breaking the rules or anything like that but he’s definitely going to force Teacher Qiren into an early grave.”


“… Are we talking about the same Lan Suzhui? One of the best cultivators of this generation? A ‘true’ member of the Lan clan?” Alright, maybe he was gushing a little, and judging by the sly smirk on Jingyi’s face, it was a little obvious.


“Well, he was lucky not to get killed last time.” Jingyi sighed, leading Jin Ling to Suzhui’s hanshi, “Try and convince him that we need him to stay alive.”


“I will do my best.” Jin Ling said.


Knocking on the door, before entering, Jin Ling sighed at the sight of Suzhui lying on his bed, leg elevated and ankle wrapped in bandages, eyes closed reflectively.


“I heard you had some trouble with a fierce corpse?”


“Hmmm.” Suzhui opened his eyes and smiled warmly at Jin Ling, “It was killing farmers who strayed too far from a path in a nearby village. I tracked it down, but as you can see, it got the better of me.” He smiled, “Don’t worry. The healers all say that with my golden core and a bit if rest, I should be better by morning.”


“Good.” Jin Ling cleared his throat, taking a seat next to his future cultivation partner (if he had anything to say about it), reaching out and lightly placing one hand on top of Suzhui’s, “Does it… does it hurt terribly?”


Suzhui shook his head, “Not really. Not so long as I don’t think about it too much.”


“According to Jingyi, you’re going to force Lan Qiren into an early grave.”


Wincing, Suzhui sighed, “Were it up to Uncle Qiren, I would be stuck here preparing to be the new Sect Leader when Uncle Xichen steps down.”


Ah yes… ever since the ‘incident’, Lan Xichen had gone into seclusion and showed no signs of coming out any time soon.


A lot had changed since the death of Jin Guangyao and his exposure.


Which was something Jin Ling had yet to think about.


Would Suzhui even want to become the cultivation partner of the nephew of the man who led to the destruction of the Wen clan… people who Suzhui once considered his family.




Snapped out of his thoughts, Jin Ling turned back to Suzhui, who was giving him a concerned look.


“Are you okay?”


Clearing his throat nervously, Jin Ling nodded, turning away in the hope that he could hide the flush on his cheek, “Would you like a drink?” He asked, “I have some herbs that help with pain if you want?”


“You carry herbs like that with you?”


“… Apparently my mother used to. She liked helping others.”


A soft, knowing look appeared on Suzhui’s face as he struggled into a seated position, before reaching out for Jin Ling’s hand, “I’m sure she’s proud of you… like I am.”


“You are?”


Beckoning Jin Ling closer, Suzhui seized the opportunity and gave the younger teen and peck on the lips.


“More than you know.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from EekTheSnitch: Is it possible to write a My Engineer prompt where Ram continues to force King to work on his fear of dogs, and over time, falls in love with King, and finally expresses it to him in a super cute Ram way? That would be awesome if you could!



“Cool boy!” King waved frantically at the younger student, racing over and beaming at him, “How has your day been? Do you need any help with homework? I could help you review it?”


Ram just nodded, as King’s smiled widened.


“Great! Let’s buy some food first and then we’ll find somewhere to si- “ King froze at the sound of a familiar barking.


And there were no benches nearby for him to jump to safety.


Jumping behind Ram, he tried not to whimper as the dog came bounding up to them, mouth open and tongue lolling out. Instead, he buried his face in Ram’s back, silently begging for the dog to go away.


When there was nothing but silence, King eventually pulled away, seeing that the dog was gone now, as Ram glanced over his shoulder at him.




Ram just frowned, before gently grabbing King’s wrist and pulling him down the path.


“Oh yeah, you want help.”




The minute that his last class for the day ended, King was shoving his books into his bag and heading out of the room, only to nearly run into Ram.


“Oh… hell- HEY!”


As Ram grabbed his wrist, pulling him away, King glanced back at his friends, who all looked a little stunned.


“Cool boy! Cool boy, what are you doing?!”


He was led outside to a bench and gently pushed to sit down as Ram took a seat next to him, pulling a phone out of his pocket.


“Ummm- “


Ram held up a hand to stop him, before turning his phone around to show King a photo of a puppy… a sleepy puppy.


“I- “


Ram swiped to show him another photo, this time of the same puppy playing.


“Are you- are you trying to help me with my fear of dogs?” King vaguely remembered reading something about this in an old psychology book… and the thought made him smile.


Ram really wanted to help, and if he was willing to put this much effort into it, then how could King refuse?


“Can you send me these photos?” He asked, smiling when Ram’s eyes widened in surprise, “Then I can look at them on my own?”


Ram nodded eagerly, already looking down at his phone to do so.




King didn’t expect the photo of the full-grown husky at the end, and he wasn’t ashamed to admit that his anxiety levels spiked at the sight.


All those teeth.


King could feel a cold sweat break out on the back of his neck, his breathing speeding up at the sight. He stared at the picture until his fear levels started to die down.


It was a dog, but it wasn’t going to jump out at him.


When he felt like he could breathe normally, he moved onto the next picture, which was slightly easier.


And that night, when he messaged Ram crowing about his success, his heartbeat sped up just a little at the smiley face he got back.




King felt like his heart was going to beat out of his chest, lips pressed together, and breathing frantic.


It wasn’t even alive, why was he so scared?!


And then someone tapped him on the shoulders, causing him to jump in surprise and spin around.


“Cool boy! You scared me!”


Ram just frowned at him, glancing down at the stuffed toy on the bench table.


“Do you like it?” King refused to look at it, “It was my favourite teddy before… before the dog attack. Mum found it in the attic for me.”


Ram tilted his head to the side.


“What am I doing with it?” King guessed, as Ram nodded, “Well, I’ve been looking through the pictures you sent me and I don’t get too scared with them anymore, so I went for the next step.”


Ram looked incredulous, reaching over to grab the toy, holding it up… before a warm smile appeared on his face, which made King’s heart flutter slightly.


“Cute.” Ram muttered, before his eyes widened and his face flushed bright red.


“Cool boy, are you- “King yelped as the teddy was thrown at him, as Ram made a hasty exit.




The next time King saw Ram, the younger student was feeding one of the campus dogs.


So of course, King remained a safe distance away, watching as Ram got to his feet and glanced behind him, spotting King instantly.


King watched as the younger man made his way over to him, reaching out and taking his hand.


His hand… not his wrist… his hand.


King could only stare as their fingers intertwined with each other, not even realising they were getting closer to the dog, not until Ram suddenly stopped.


Tearing his eyes away from their conjoined hands, King whimpered at how close he was to the dog, pulling at Ram’s hand. “Cool boy please, I- “


And then he felt Ram’s thumb rub soothingly against his knuckles.


It was almost like the other student was reminding him that he was still here.


He squeezed his hand gratefully.




They got closer and closer to whichever dog Ram was feeding that day, Ram’s hand always in his.


King was always too focused on the dogs… he never saw the looks Ram would give him.


A couple of months passed and soon, King was able to sit on the bench, close to where Ram was feeding one of the dogs, with minimal anxiety.


But he still hadn’t built up the courage to touch one of them.


Slowly, he moved off the bench and moved a little closer, flinching when the dog glanced up curiously, followed by Ram doing the same.


“Can I?” King whispered, giving Ram a nervous smile when he nodded.


Slowly, King stretched out a trembling hand towards the dog only to stop.


“It won’t bite.”


King glanced over at Ram in shock, watching as the other man shuffled closer, placing a hand on his shoulder in comfort.


“He’s a sweetheart.” Ram continued, “Just a little pat.”


“Maybe it’s too- AH!” King gasped when he looked back, noticing that the dog had lifted his head so that it would bump against King’s palm. He immediately retracted his hand, only for Ram to reach out and stop it.


“It’s okay.” Ram brought King’s hand closer and gently pressed a kiss on the knuckles, “It’s okay.”


As Ram let go, King slowly moved his hand back and touched the dog’s head.


“Soft.” He murmured, his hand quivering as he tried to relax.


The dog barked playfully and licked his hand, making him yelp in fear and shuffle backwards, only to mentally curse himself. Yes, he’d made progress, but it was too slow, slower than he’d expected.




Ram felt completely and utterly lost.


He’d never felt like this before.


He’d never found anyone cute, let alone a boy.


What was going on?


“Ram?” His little brother knocked on the door, before opening it slightly, “That senior… P’King is here to see you.”


“P’King?” Ram frowned in confusion, before his eyes widened in alarm.


King had only just managed to muster up the courage to pet one of the dogs from the campus, there was no way he was going to be able to manage three fully grown huskies!


Jumping to his feet, he rushed towards the door, almost pushing his brother out of the way in his haste to get to the living room before-




Ram stopped and stared at the scene.


King looked uncomfortable, that much was certain, but he was on the sofa with Tang at his feet. When he looked up, he gave Ram a shaky smile, “You needed some notes for your mathematics class, right?”


“I- “ Ram watched as one of the dogs started to lick King’s hand, the other boy flinching at the sensation.


But King didn’t focus on that. Instead, he looked a little unsure at Ram’s reaction.


“Unless… you wanted to wait until tomorrow… and not have me come to your house?”


Ram shook his head, eyes widening as a hurt look flashed across King’s face and he got to his feet and headed towards the door.




King stopped as Ram rushed forwards and grabbed his hand.


“I… don’t want you to go.” Ram whispered, “I was just- “ He stopped, glancing over at the dogs who were watching the scene curiously, “- surprised. You’re really not afraid anymore?”


“Well, as long as they’re not… jumping up or anything.” King glanced over at the dogs, “I think I should be- “


“- I like you.”


King spun back to Ram, jaw dropping open in shock as Ram took a step back, looking just as shocked as he felt.


“… What?”


Ram just shook his head, taking another step back.


“Cool boy.” King’s voice was serious, “What did you just say?”


Uncertainty was written all over Ram’s face as he looked away.


“Did… you just say that you liked me?”


Ram stared at him for a moment, before giving King a short, snappy nod before turning away and moving to head further into the house.


“Wait! Cool boy!”


Ignoring how the dogs all barked in excitement, believing that this was a new game, King darted forwards and grabbed Ram’s wrist.


“I like you too!” King blurted out, “And honestly, I was planning on getting you a flower or something to tell you but- “


He was cut off as Ram leaned over and kissed him on the cheek.


“I… guess I don’t need the flower?”


A shake of the head.


“You…. Want the flower?”




King beamed, already knowing exactly what he was going to buy.

Chapter Text

Prompt from theprocrastiwriter2: I was wondering if you could write about Xia En (I think that was the mean twin) and Gao Xiao Chun (he was the cutie that didn’t get much screen time, but they were always trying to de-pants him lol). Anyway, the scenario would be Xiao Chun walking in on Xia En looking at the yaoi manga they bought to understand Hao Ting and Bo Xiang more. At this point, Hao Ting and Bo Xiang have been in relationships with their boyfriends for a while, so Xia En is kind of curious of how it would be with a guy. He’s always teased Xiao Chun about being pretty, so he aggressively convinced him to act out what’s happening in the yaoi manga so he can see what it’s like to be with a guy. This should take place in the boys’ locker room well after hours.



“Have you seen my phone?”


Gao Xiao Chun glanced up at him, pausing in his sweeping.


Yet another punishment for a ‘small’ prank for their group.


Well… him and Xia En.


Xia De had more sense, and Hao Ting and Bo Xiang were so focused on their boyfriends, that they didn’t want to get into trouble.




“No.” Xiao Chun looked around, “Not that I can see.”




Looking around, he moved to look back in his locker, thinking that he’d left it in there. Rooting through his sport’s uniform (which smelled… questionable), his fingers stumbled upon a familiar book.


Why did he even keep this?


He and the rest of the group were fully supportive of Hao Ting and Bo Xiang’s relationships, they didn’t need this.


And then he heard laughter behind him.


“Is that the yaoi book?” Xiao Chun cackled, “Did you actually keep it?!”


“I- “


“- Were you that curious?”


Oh yeah… that was why he kept the book. With two friends having boyfriends, he wanted to know what all the fuss was about.


Except he didn’t have anyone to experiment with.


He watched as Gao Xiao Chun continued to laugh, leaning against a locker in order to support himself.


Or maybe he did.


Darting forwards, he grabbed his friend’s shoulder, spinning him around and pinning him to the locker, leaning in and brushing their noses together as Xiao Chun fell silent instantly.


For a moment, all they could do was stare into each other’s eyes.


It was Xiao Chun who took the first step though, angling his head and pressing his lips to Xia En’s. It was chaste and sweet, pulling back, only for Xia En to claim his lips again.


This time, it was demanding and passionate, as Xiao Chun gripped at his shoulders.


When he finally pulled away, they panted and stared at each other.


“Do you… want to suck my dick?”


Xiao Chun spluttered, wanting to back away, only to find that he couldn’t. “What?!”


Xia En glanced behind him, where his locker door was still open, revealing the book.


“I-I want to know what the big deal is… why chose to be with a guy and not a girl?!”


Xiao Chun frowned, “I-I don’t think you can choose who you’re attracted to like that and- “


“- Please.”


There was a moment of silence, as they stared at each other, neither of them breaking eye contact.


“Xiao Chun.” Xia En started to push down on the shorter teen’s shoulders, until Xiao Chun went to his knees, watching as Xia En pushed down his pants. Xiao Chun met Xia En’s gaze again, hoping for some encouragement or maybe for Xia En to laugh and say this was all a joke.


Xia En just raised his eyebrows, his cock sliding across Xiao Chun’s cheek and leaving a smear of precoma behind.


“You’re so pretty.” Xia En hissed, grabbing the base of his cock and angling it until it pressed against Xiao Chun’s lips, “Please, please, please!”


Slowly, Xiao Chun nodded, moving his hands to hold Xia En’s hips in place, opening his mouth and catching the head in his lips, sucking on it lightly.


How did that yaoi manga go?


What did the seme say?


Something about covering his teeth.


He didn’t have to worry about his technique for long though, as a sharp thrust sent his head slamming back into the locker as Xia En came into his mouth.


Xiao Chun choked slightly on the sudden mouthful, pushing Xia En away and spitting it out onto the floor.


“Shit…” Xia En hissed, “… shit, shit, shit!”


“You are such a virgin.” Xiao Chun wiped his mouth, grimacing at the taste, “That was like… five seconds.” Slowly, he pushed himself back to his feet, rubbing at his sore knees. However, when he tried to get back to cleaning the floor, believing that Xia En was going to leave and give up on this yaoi stuff, he felt his arm being grabbed as he was pulled onto Xia En’s lap.


“Hey! What are you doing?!”


Xia En didn’t answer, instead pulling Xiao Chin’s head closer, aggressively kissing him, hands on Xiao Chun’s ass.


“You’re making the most amazing sounds.” Xia En whispered, “Let’s do it.”


“Do what?”


As Xia En glanced over at his locker, Xiao Chun’s mouth gaped open.


“Seriously? We’re in a locker room!”


“Nobody will come in! Not for another hour at least!” Xia En was already pushing Xiao Chun to his feet and pulling his pants down.


This wasn’t a fun, embarrassing little game though.


“Xia En!”




“What are you doing?” Xiao Chun tried not to groan as Xia En groped at his now bare ass.


“I want to fuck you.”


“WHAT?!” Xiao Chun started to struggle slightly, “Come on! You don’t need to- “


“- Please?” Xia En frowned, “I-I just want to know what all the fuss is about.”


“And that’s meant to convince me?!”


“I have lube… and condoms in my locker!” Xia En, “I was going to give them to Xi Gu as a joke, but then I figured Hao Ting would probably kill me.”


“You- “ Xiao Chun cut himself off, groaning, “- Fine! But if we get caught, I’m blaming you!”


“You agreed to it! You said yes!”


“Peer pressure!”


Xia En frowned, “If you really don’t want to, then- “


“- Come on. Let’s just do it.”




Xiao Chun groaned as a hesitant finger brushed against his hole, moving up and down slightly.


And then he heard pages flicking.


“Are you… reading the manga?”


“I’m just seeing what I need to do!” Xia En protested, “Do I just lube it up and… stick it in?”


“NO!” Xiao Chun twisted around, “They don’t do that in the manga!”


“Wait, wait, wait!”


The lube bottle clicked open, as Xia En tried again, circling around Xiao Chun’s rim a few times before finally pressing inside, pushing into about the second knuckle before pulling out again.


“The bottom in this seems to have a g-spot?”


“Ummm.” Xiao Chun squirmed uncomfortably, “It-it’s called a prostate.”


Xia En wasn’t the only one who had been curious, except that Xiao Chun had actually done the sensible thing and talked to Bo Xiang about it.


And had been mentally scarred.


Xia En pushed his finger in and out a bit, before gently slipping in another finger. Xiao Chun found himself rocking his hips back involuntarily.


“Is that enough?”


“N-No…. try another one.”


Xia En struggled for a bit to get another finger in, and Xiao Chun winced when he did, feeling an actual sting at the sensations.


“Slow down… slow down.”


Eventually the sting disappeared, and Xiao Chun sighed in relief.




Xiao Chun glanced behind him, only to yelp as Xia En pulled him to his feet, taking a seat on the bench and pulling Xiao Chun onto his lap and into another kiss.


There was a bit of fumbling as Xia En put the condom on, shuffling them around until the tip of his cock was at Xiao Chun’s hole.


They went slowly, the pair of them gasping for breath until Xia En was all the way inside. They took a moment to simply stare at each other, both looking a little dazed and astonished.


And then Xiao Chun felt Xia En’s cock twitch inside him, causing him to moan and squeeze down hard.


They started off slowly, their rhythm clunky and wild.


Xiao Chun reached down to stroke it frantically, wondering if he could ride Xia En, as was drawn in the manga. However, when he attempted to lift himself, his shaking legs wouldn’t hold him.


Oh well, if this was working for Xia En, who was he to try something else.


Xia En was the one to come first (which Xiao Chun wasn’t that surprised at from the earlier blowjob) as his hips jerked upwards, right into Xiao Chun’s prostate. Xiao Chun yelped, burying his nose in the crook of Xia En’s neck, tears filling his eyes, cumming all over his fist.


For a moment, they just sat there, breathing heavily and clinging onto them. Xia En finally pulled away, taking a hold of the back of Xiao Chun’s neck and gently pulling him into a soft kiss, and Xiao Chun couldn’t help but melt into it.


Maybe… maybe this was what it was all about.


“Huh.” Xia En muttered, tone full of awe as he slowly pulled out, fingers already moving back to Xiao Chun’s hole, dipping them in a bit as Xiao Chun hissed.


“S-Stop!” He protested, “It’s sensitive!”


“Sorry.” Slowly, Xia En helped him to his feet and helped him get dressed, “Do you need a lift home? Xia De’s picking me up.”


“Ummm… yeah.” Xiao Chun usually walked home but he knew he couldn’t manage that today.


Xia En seemed to read his mind, a smirk appearing on his face, “Do you need me to carry you home?”


“Shut up!”


“… Can we do this again?”


Xiao Chun frowned uncomfortably, “I’m not- I don’t want to be- “ He sighed, “- I’m not bottoming or giving you a blowjob next time!”


“But- “


“- You want to know what ‘all the fuss’ is about, then you can try it both ways!”


Xia En turned bright red. “I-I- “


“- Got it?!”


“…. Fine.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from YoongisBottomLip: I have a request if you’re still taking them. It’s like imagine if Pete is walking home and he get jumped by that one jerk p’trump and he shoots Pete so Pete has to go to the hospital. Then Ae gets a call from the hospital and rushes there and gets really protective. I love protective ae lol.



It wasn’t that Pete expected his life to be a fairy tale as soon as he got a boyfriend, but he never expected this.


He had been minding his own business, walking to his lessons on a beautiful spring morning. Turning the corner, he was suddenly grabbed from behind, his yell muffled as he was slammed up against the wall, the back of his head throbbing in pain.


When he opened his eyes, he couldn’t help but whimper slightly in fear.


Trump smirked, clearly delighted as he slid a hand into Pete’s back pocket and pulled out his wallet, removing the small amount of money he found.


When Trump’s hand moved back to his ass, Pete immediately started to struggle, lashing out and kicking, anything to get this man away from here.


As soon as Trump took a step back, letting go of his face, Pete decided to make a run for it, knowing that he couldn’t beat Trump in a fair fight, not like Ae could. As he was making his getaway though, he heard a loud BANG, followed by a sudden, stabbing pain in his leg that caused him to fall to the ground.


Clutching at where the pain was, Pete glanced back in fear, eyes widening at the sight of Trump making his way towards his, a gun in his hand.


He- he’d been shot?


Trump had shot him?


And judging by the look in Trump’s eyes, he would do it again.




Startled by the sudden sound, Trump dropped the gun and made a run for it, as Pond and Cha-Aim came running towards them.


Cha-Aim spotted Pete first.


“AI’PETE!” The amount of blood was obvious, pooling on the ground. She turned to Pond, who was staring at the scene in shock, “CALL AN AMBULANCE!” She screamed, before rushing over to Pete, “Ai’Pete, you need to keep talking to me okay, stay awake!”




“Hey, hey, stay awake!” She slapped Pete’s face lightly, “The ambulance is coming, you need to stay awake!”


Pete tried, honestly, he did… but everything soon went dark.




Pete heard voices.


It sounded like they were speaking underwater though, he couldn’t make anything out.


Someone sounded stressed… he wished they’d be quiet though; he was so tired.


And then he became aware of the terrible, searing pain in his leg, making him feel like he was burning from the inside out. He might have screamed, before passing out again.




When he next came to, he heard beeping by his bedside. He groaned, and the next thing he knew, someone was holding his hand tightly.


“Ai’Pete?” Ae’s voice sounded full of tears, “Come on, Ai’Pete wake up for me, please.”


“A-Ae?” Pete replied, voice just over a murmur. His voice was hoarse, and his throat hurt like hell.


“Thank god.” Ae sighed in relief, “Can you open your eyes?”


Pete slowly obeyed, wincing as the light hit his eyes. Ae’s face was directly above his, a bruise on his cheekbone.


When he tried to reach up and cup said cheekbone however, Ae stopped him, pressing a kiss to the palm.


“How are you feeling?” Ae asked softly.


“… Sore.” He gave Ae a reassuring smile, “But I’m okay.” He then frowned, “What- what happened to your face?”


“… Pond told me it was Trump who did this.” Ae hissed, “The police were called, but they couldn’t find him… so me and Tin did.”


“You and- “Pete felt like he was in an alternate world, “- what did you do?”


“I- “There was a knock on the door, as Ae leant back, “- I’ll tell you later, I promise.”


“Ai’Ae- “


“- I promise sweetheart.” Ae smiled, as the door opened up and Pete’s mother made her way inside, starting to cry in relief at the sight of Pete awake and smiling.




Pete spent another two weeks in the hospital, where he and Ae never seemed to get a minute alone, not with all the visitors, doctors and nurses coming in and out of the room.


Not that Ae wasn’t his usual doting self, bringing Pete food whenever he asked, bringing him whatever he wanted.


If Ae could sleep on the sofa in the room, then he would.


“Ae.” Pete winced as he took a seat on his sofa, “Ae… about what we talked about before-“


“- Ai’Pete, I- “


“- Please?”


Ae hesitated for a moment, before sighing and taking a seat on the sofa next to him, “Just… promise me you won’t be too upset.”


Pete nodded, watching as Ae took a deep breath.


“Okay… so we knew Trump was behind the shooting, everyone knew, it was all over the uni in less then a couple of days.” Ae stated, “But the police weren’t getting anywhere in finding him, and it was so frustrating! So, I… might have met up with Tin to try and find him.”


“You and Tin…”


Ae shrugged, “We learnt to get on.”




“… know it’s not enough, but that…little shit didn’t have that much on him!”


Ae smirked at the sound of Trump’s voice, turning to Tin and whispering, “How did you find him?”


“He owes money to these people.” Tin shrugged, “Only makes sense that he’d try and hide with them… what are you going to do?”


“… Have you called the police?”


“They’re on their way.”


“Good… then I’m going to keep him here until they arrive.” And before Tin could stop him, Ae was heading into the building.


Thankfully, there were only two other man aside from Trump standing there.


“Who the fuck is this?!”


Trump spun around, eyes widening at the sight of Ae before a sneer quickly appeared. “Just another cocksucker.”


Ae dodged the first poorly-thrown punch, pushing Trump into a nearby bar-stool, before spinning around and punching one of the other men in the face. As he heard sirens get closer, he got slightly distracted, only for his shoulder to be grabbed as he himself was punched in the face.


Cursing furiously, Ae wasn’t ashamed of fighting dirty, kicking out at his attacker, hearing something snap in the leg as the man fell to the ground screaming.


Trump tried again, only for Ae to lash out again, breaking the other man’s nose, just as the police entered the building.


****End Flashback***


“I got lucky really.” Ae sighed, “Tin told them that Trump had started it, and because he’d literally shot you, they were willing to over-look what I’d done.”


“Ai’Ae…” Pete reached out and took his hands, “… You-you could have gotten in trouble, you could have been hurt, why- “


Ae silenced him with a kiss.


“Because I wasn’t going to let him think he was just going to get away with hurting you.” Ae whispered, when they finally pulled away, “And he’ll never do it again.”


“I love you Ai’Ae.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from peachylittlepanda: Maybe something where some girl is hitting on Dean secretly and Pharm accidentally sees it but Dean doesn't know. Pharm is hurt but doesn't tell him and pushes Dean accept the girl's confession because Pharm feels like Dean would be better with her than he would. Kind of like how Pete was to Ae at first in LBC but not exactly the same (if that makes sense?) Happy ending also if possible <3



Pharm was miserable.


He hadn’t seen or even really talked to Dean in over a week, and even though it was through his choice, he still hated it.


Siam was in Dean’s study group and had apparently broken up with her boyfriend a little over a month. At first, Pharm had been sympathetic to her, only knowing of this because of Dean’s daily re-count of his day.


It wasn’t until he decided to surprise Dean with some home-made desserts, that he saw what was really happening.


Siam was flirting with Dean… and Dean was oblivious. That or he was ignoring her… or maybe he was entertaining it.


Pharm watched through the doorway, before turning to leave.


Dean didn’t get any treats that day.


As Dean spent more and more time with his study group, Pharm started to think about much easier it would be for Dean to be with Siam.


There would be no worries about homophobia.


Dean wouldn’t have to worry about this red string of fate tying them together, which meant that he was always looking after Pharm.


It would just be easier.


Don’t get him wrong, Pharm loved Dean and it was killing him to think of Dean with someone else.


But it would be easier for Dean.


Whilst avoiding Dean at university, Pharm had also been dodging his calls and line messages. It physically hurt for him to away from Dean for so long, but it was better than seeing Dean fall for Siam.


(Even if he could practically hear Intouch screaming in his mind)


At the present moment in time, he was in his warmest and most comfortable pyjamas, staring blankly at his wall, when he heard a knock on the door.


Silently, he debated whether or not he should open it.


There was only one person he wanted to see right now… and it was also the last person he wanted to be at his door.


All these conflicting emotions were giving him a headache.


The second knock was louder… and then there was the sound of a key in the door.


Oh yeah… he’d forgotten that he’d given Dean a key.


The look on Dean’s face was a mixture of concern and anger as he made his way into the room, eyes instantly focused on Pharm.


“Pharm.” Dean sighed in relief, “You’re alright. I thought that maybe you’d had a bad flashback and- “ He stopped, shaking his head, “- Are you not feeling well? Is this is where you’ve been hiding for the past week?”


Pharm felt like his heart was aching at the hurt tone in Dean’s voice.


“Whatever I did… I’m sorry.” The older student whispered, “Please just tell me what it was, I hate not seeing you.”


And suddenly, Pharm felt worse than before…. Hurting Dean like this was the last thing he ever wanted to do. “I-I just thought that maybe you and Siam needed some time alone?”


Dean looked completely confused, “Why would Siam and I need to be alone… besides, we’re never alone. We’re only hang out in our study group.”


Pharm felt like his stomach was flipping around, “I just… thought it might be easier for you.”


“… Easier for me?” Dean’s voice was low as he moved closer, until he was standing right in front of Pharm, “You think I want to be with anyone else, aside from you? My soulmate?”


“But she- “


“- isn’t you.” Dean reached out, gently stroking his fingers through Pharm’s hair, making the younger man gulp, face turning bright red, “Why would I want anyone who isn’t you?”


“P’Dean, I- I- “


“- I forgive you.” Dean smiled fondly at him, “Just… promise to talk to me next time you have these thoughts. Don’t shut me out again, okay?”


“I promise.”


Dean leaned over to kiss him lightly on the lips, “Good… I’d hate to punish you.”



Chapter Text

Prompt from peachylittlepanda: If you would prefer something else, can you do one where Pharm is terrified of thunderstorms and needs to be held during the thunder and loud rain. We all know he needs to be protected cause he's a tiny baby, and since UWMA ended I've needed more Pharm in my life.



Pharm stared out his dorm window at the darkening sky.


He knew it was silly, being afraid of a little thunder, and yet, when the rain started to pour down and lightning lit up the sky, he felt his entire body tensing up.


So, he buried himself further into one of Dean’s hoodies, climbing into the bed to hide under the covers. Dean wasn’t there to comfort him, and probably wouldn’t be here for another 20 minutes, having travelled to the shop for some snacks.


The storm had come out of nowhere, catching him off guard, and he could only hope that Dean was coming home as quickly as possible.


Because Dean knew how he got with loud noises, and thunder was definitely involved in that.


It was getting closer.


Pharm pulled the blankets closer around him, squeezing his eyes closed in order to feel as safe as possible, breathing in Dean’s scent.


He cursed himself for the tears that sprang to his eyes at a particularly loud clap of thunder.


Just as he expected, nearly 20 minutes later and the door opened up, and he didn’t need look up to see that Dean was frantically putting the shopping bangs somewhere to the side for later, before rushing over to the bed.


“Hey…” He murmured, pulling the covers away from Pharm’s face, “… I’m so sorry, I had no idea it was going to- “


A crack of thunder interrupted him, as Pharm peeked out from his cocoon, eyes watering. “It’s okay P’Dean.” He whispered, bravely reaching out to pull Dean down next to him, “I-I- “


Gently, Dean pulled Pharm until the younger man’s head was resting on his chest, running his fingers through Pharm’s hair in a soothing manner, before kissing his forehead. “Why don’t I make something for us to eat tonight?” He whispered, “Maybe stir fry?”


“… Can you just stay here? Just for a while.” Pharm murmured, pressing closer.


“Alright.” Dean’s grip tightened around Pharm, hugging him to protect him from the storm, “I’ve got you.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from Anonymous: SaifahZon!! Zon likes rough sex but doesnt know how to tell Saifah 😅



“Harder, Saifah!” Zon couldn’t hold the words back, “Fuck, fuck, fuck!”


Before Saifah, he never knew sex could feel this good, and yet, he couldn’t help but feel like it could be better.


“I’ve got you my Zon.” Saifah whispered soothingly, tone gentle as he slowly thrust into Zon, “I’m going to make you feel so good.”


Zon clenched his jaw.


At the beginning of their relationship, he loved it when Saifah talked like this, but now…. Zon found himself wanting more.


He found himself wanting Saifah to just use him. Use Zon’s body and take what he wanted. He wanted Saifah to want him like that, like Zon was just too much to resist.


But he didn’t know how to bring that up, not when he knew Saifah was too nice to even consider doing that to someone he loved.


“Saifah, come on!” He whined, frustration in his voice.


He knew it was stupid to be frustrated, when he hadn’t even told Saifah what he wanted.


Biting back the words he desperately wanted to say, Zon felt Saifah sitting up, pulling him up with him.


“Use your words.” Saifah murmured into his ear as they settled on their knees, Zon leaning back against Saifah’s chest. His thrusts slowed, and Zon felt himself flush bright red.


He couldn’t get the words out.


Therefore, instead of speaking, he reached back with one hand, grabbing Saifah’s hair, pulling him close into a slightly harsher kiss than usual.


“F-fuck me.” He whispered, when they finally pulled apart, “I-I want you to use me, b-be rough with m-me!”


Saifah’s eyes went wide, his pupils dilating until only a thin ring of brown could be seen.




The quiet plead was barely out of his mouth when he suddenly found himself face down on the mattress, a strong hand holding his head down, ass in the air as Saifah continued to fuck him, his thrusts steady and bordering on brutal.


“Fuck.” Saifah hissed, “Fuck, you’re loving this aren’t you?!


“Yeah…” Zon groaned, shifting his arms slightly for better balance, only to yelp at the sharp stinging slap on his ass, followed by Saifah reaching over to pin his wrists to the bed.


“Don’t move.” He growled, “You wanted me to use you, remember?”


Zon keened as Saifah’s cock battered against his prostate, cumming not long after, shouting as his dick pulsed, untouched and ignored.


Saifah held him down through it, fucking him through it, thrusts jerky and erratic.


When Zon eventually came down from his high, he realised his legs felt like jelly and he was slowly starting to slip from his position with every thrust Saifah made.


So sensitive from his recent orgasm, Zon squeaked at every thrust, feeling both pain and pleasure at the movements.


The squeaks then turned into a yelp as Saifah pushed him all the way down, silently encouraging Zon to open his legs up further, still inside the shorter man. Once Zon was flat, Saifah laid on top of him, preventing Zon from doing anything as he continued.


When Saifah did come, he did so with a growl and a rough bit to Zon’s shoulder, causing Zon to cry out, dick twitching from where it was trapped between him and the mattress.


For a moment, they stayed where they were, until Saifah carefully pulled out, heading towards the bathroom without a word.


All Zon could do was just lie there and wait for Saifah to come back.


Hearing the footsteps return, Zon hissed at the feeling of cold dampness against his skin.


“Cuddle time now.” Saiffah whispered when he was done, leaning over to kiss him softly, “Are you okay?”


“Hmmm, never better.”

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Prompt from Mrs_Harry_Holmes: Would you consider doing Waii and Apo from waterr boy? Oh something fluffy after they’ve reunited? Thank you :)



As soon as Waii knew Apo was coming home, he vowed to be ready and waiting for him at the airport.


He didn’t tell anyone where he was going, wanting this moment to be private between the two of them.


He swore to himself to not act like a love-struck fool, and yet, the second he saw Apo come around the corner, he couldn’t stop himself from running towards him and into his arms.


From the way Apo dropped his bags and returned the hug, he seemed just as happy to see him.


When Waii pulled back, he could see Apo’s eyes tearing up a bit. Before he could say anything though, Apo leaned up and gently kissed him right on the mouth, just a chaste little kiss, but it was worth everything to Waii.


It took a moment for the two of them to emerge from their own little world, a red flush on Apo’s cheeks as he realised that they were getting more than a few curious looks from passer-by’s. Sheepishly, Waii took a step back, picking up Apo’s bags and silently gesturing that they should leave.


“I can carry my own bags!” Apo protested, with a soft smile


It was just like old times, to the point where Waii felt embarrassed at the tear he felt streaming down his cheeks.


There were times where he was worried that Apo wouldn’t come back. He would lie awake, staring up at his ceiling, thinking of all the different scenarios.


What if Apo found someone he liked in America?


What if he decided that Waii wasn’t worth the effort, despite all that they’d been through?


Apo saw the tears, a look of worry flashing over his face as he placed the bags back down on the ground and pulling Waii into his arms.


“I missed you.” Waii whispered, as Apo whispered little reassurances in his ear.


He never wanted to let go again.


Apo seemed to understand that, pulling Waii into another sweet kiss.


“Let’s go back to yours.” Apo whispered when they pulled apart, tangling their fingers together, “And have a proper reunion.”


“… I love you.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from Ashkimchi: Could you please do jealous Dean (NSFW) from UWMA?

Sorry, I wasn't feeling well when i wrote this, so I completely forgot about the NSFW aspect :S If you want me to write another one that is NSFW, just let me know



Pharm clapped furiously as he watched Dean shoot ahead of the other swimmers, resisting the urge to get to his feet and whoop.


Maybe he would have done if Manaow had joined him, but with her busy doing an assignment, he was here alone.


“Hey, is anyone sitting here?”


“Ummm?” Pharm stared at the newcomer with wide eyes, trying not to glance around the virtually empty stands, “Okay?”


As the stranger took a seat, Pharm heard the bell signalling the next race, turning his attention back to the pool, knowing that Team was swimming in this one.


“I’m Fah.”


“Ummmm, Pharm.”


“So… who are you here for?”


Pharm didn’t answer as the race came to an end, with Team in a close second, prompting him to cheer along with everyone else as their University edged to the top of the board, getting first place. Completely forgetting about Fah, Pharm made his way down to the side of the pool, not noticing how he was followed.


When Dean spotted him, he beamed, “Hey sweetheart.”


“P-P’Dean!” Pharm flushed bright red.


Dean never really used pet names like that in public, and certainly not in front of people that they didn’t know very well.


He squeaked when Dean suddenly lifted him into his arms and spun him around.


“P’Dean! You’re going to get me wet!”


As Dean placed him back on the ground, Pharm spotted Fah standing a short distance away, a disappointed look on his face.


“Oh…” He muttered, “… I thought- “


“- You thought wrong.” Dean cut him off.


Sheepishly, Fah left and Dean wrapped his arms even tighter around Pharm, ignoring Pharm’s protests about getting wet, as he pressed their lips together.


Pharm was surprised to say the least, flushing as the swim team whooped and whistled, but he responded eagerly. As they pulled away, Dean never loosened his grip, leaning their foreheads together.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered, probably referring to the public display of affection, “I just saw that guy next to you and- and I got a bit…”


As Dean struggled to find the words, pharm took pity on him.


“Jealous?” Pharm giggled when Dean nodded sheepishly, “You know I barely said a word to him?”


“Doesn’t matter.” Dean frowned, “He was interested in you. You’re mine.”


Pharm couldn’t stop the pleased smile from appearing on his face.


“Yeah… I’m yours.”

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Prompt from JemDragon84: Pharm and Dean are passionate in bed... leading to scratch marks on Dean’s back, Which his team mates raze him for but he is proud of, and which can’t be hidden, and of course At some point a fan Sees said marks and snaps a shot of it and posts it on the fan site. Which of course makes Pharm become a tomato. I hope that is okay. In was more courageous and Pharm is so painfully shy, I want Pharm to be brave and outgoing...somewhere with Dean.



“Ah! P’Dean!”


Pharm was on his hands and knees, head falling down between his shoulders as another sharp thrust rocked him forwards, almost causing him to lose his balance.


“P-P’Dean! Ah!” He hissed as Dean’s grip tightened on his hips, “Ah! Not so hard! Not so hard!” He moaned, feeling the head of Dean’s cock rub hard against his prostate.


“Sorry.” Dean whispered, pausing for a moment, as he withdrew from Pharm’s body, flipping the younger boy onto his back, encouraging him to wrap his legs around Dean’s waist, before thrusting back into the warm body below him.


Pharm groaned, eyes rolling into the back of his head at the new position, squeezing his legs tight to bring Dean closer.


“Is that better?” Dean asked softly, smiling as Pharm flushed bright red.




Dean leaned forwards, capturing Pharm’s lips in a kiss. Without thinking, Pharm draped his arms down Dean’s back, digging in as Dean’s cock started to pound into his prostate.


Dean hissed as he felt the sharp pain run down his back, causing him to speed up his thrusts… which of course, only made Pharm dig his nails in harder as he fought to contain his wails.


“S-sorry.” Pharm whimpered, kissing along Dean’s jaw in apology.


“It’s okay, it’s okay.” Dean gasped, quickening his pace, prompting a “Oh!” of pleasure from Pharm as they both tipped over the edge.


Neither of them noticed or even thought about the red lines running down Dean’s back.




The photo came out of nowhere.


Dean wasn’t sure who had taken it, and no-one on the swim team was sure.


Their practices were fairly popular after all, so anyone could have seen the marks and taken the photo.


Personally, Dean believed it was a member of the ‘Boy Love’ fandom, which gave him a good reason to try and limit who could watch the practices…. Or at least ban photo taking.


Injuries weren’t common in swimming (unless you ran around the pool or messed about on the diving board), so everyone’s attention was instantly drawn to the dark red marks that ran down Dean’s back.


“Win, stop pressing on them!” Dean hissed, backing away from his friend, who had a vicious smirk on his face.


“I never would’ve believed it if I hadn’t seen it with my own two eyes.” His best friend wasn’t put off by Dean’s tone, “N’Pharm, who would have thought you were into that sort of- MMPH!”


Having lost his temper slightly, Dean slapped a hand over Win’s mouth, growling something in his ear as Pharm flushed bright red.


“I was just saying!” Win danced away from Dean, “Who knew Pharm had claws like that?!”




As Dean chased his friend around the room, Pharm groaned in mortification and buried his face in his hands. “Just kill me now.” He murmured to himself.


He could swear he heard In’s laughter in the distance.

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Prompt from JemDragon84: Del and Don never heard of their great uncle In, can Del overhear a conversation Between her Mom and Grandmother about how Pharm reminds her Mother of In, and this leads to Grandmother telling the family about the love of their uncle In and Korn. Del & Manaow would sigh the romance of how the families now connected by the younger generation. And the the hopes of the Fathers with the red thread will lead them Back together.

Or both families come together to honor In and Korn on In’s birthday, and they tell the story to the kids. Wether Those not in the know, are told the truth about Dean and Pharm, I would leave to the author, but I think the kids knowing the story of tragedy and why the Elders we’re scared but supportive.

I went for the first option and kind of left Manaow out :S She didn’t really fit in my opinion :S



Del yawned as she walked into her Grandma’s garden. Exams had stopped her from visiting for quite a few weeks now, and now that they were over, she was determined to spend time with one of the most important people in her life.


The older woman wasn’t in the garden…. Nor was she in the kitchen.


If it weren’t for the fact that the door was unlocked, Del would think her grandmother wasn’t home at all.


“Grandma?” She called out quietly, just in case the older woman was asleep, “Grandma.”


“... So odd.”


Hearing her mother’s voice, Del was overcome with curiosity, moving a bit closer in order to hear better.


“Pharm… he reminds me of Uncle In.”


Del frowned. ‘Uncle In’? She’d never heard of an Uncle In before.


“Yes… I expected that he would.” Her Grandmother sighed, “They are… similar in a few ways.”


“… I remember Uncle In always smiling.”


“Yes.” Her Grandmother chuckled, “He was such a cheerful young man.”


There was such sorrow in the older woman’s voice, prompting Del to take a step back, suddenly feeling like she was intruding on something personal.


At that moment, she heard her Father call out, prompting her to back away quickly, almost backing Don, who gave her a concerned look.


“Is everything okay?”


“Y-Yeah I just…” Del sighed, “… I don’t know.”




With Dean away for a swimming competition, it was them four at Grandma’s for dinner.


Del knew she should have kept quiet.


She knew she should have pushed her mother and grandmother’s conversation from her mind… but she just couldn’t.


“Who was Uncle In?”


Silence followed the question. There wasn’t even the sound of anybody eating.


“He- He was my younger brother.” Her Grandmother sighed wearily, placing her utensils down on the table.


“… We’ve never heard you talk about him before.”


Her Grandma sighed, leaning back slightly, “It’s… painful to speak of him. To speak of what happened.” She shook her head, “And for such a long time… we weren’t even allowed to speak of it, not without hurting my Mother and Father.”


“What… what did happen?”


Even her Mother looked curious at the question.


“Your Great Uncle In…” Grandma cleared her throat, “…. He fell in love during his time at University. At the time though, it wasn’t a relationship anyone approved of.”


Del understood immediately, “He was… gay?”


“Yes… my Father could have forgiven that one day. It was who In decided he loved, that my Father couldn’t deal with.”


“… Who?”


“There was… a family. The Ariyasakuls. The Father was a known enforcer for a vicious gang, and In… fell in love with his oldest son, Korn.”


“Was Korn like his Father?” Don asked.


“No… It was obvious to everyone that Korn wanted to get away from his Father. Not that it stopped people from being afraid of him.” Grandma smiled softly, “In was the only one to get close to him, to break down those defenses.”


“And then?”


The older woman took in a deep shuddering breath, “And then… it was In’s birthday. I don’t know how long they’d been together, but it was obvious that In wanted to just.. get away from it all.” She glanced over at her daughter sadly, “It was like every other time he left… he hugged you, promised that he would see you later… and then he was gone, and- and- “ She cut herself off, “- and I never saw him again.”


Don and Del remained silent as their mother reached out to take her own mother’s hand, watching as their Grandmother covered her mouth with the other, tears streaming down her face.


“They both… took their own lives that night.” She sobbed, “My Father and Korn’s Father had gone to their new apartment, wanting to separate them… and Korn’s Father had brought his gun.”


Del felt a little sick at the thought of these two young men, who felt like they had no other choice.


“I don’t know if my Father would ever have accepted In, even without Korn in the picture.” Their Grandma wiped away her tears as best she could, “I can still remember the funeral… how Father and Mister Ariyasakul tied a red string on each of their fingers, tying them together.”


“Like… they wanted In and Korn to find each other again?” Del whispered, mind already flashing to Pharm.


And how he reminded their Mother of her Uncle In.


“Yes.” A soft smile appeared on Grandma’s face, “So that they would find each other again in another life.”

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Prompt from JemDragon84: Dr. Phana over years nurses talking about cute rich business man being injured, then upset to hear it is one Mr. Wayo Panitchayasawad in the hospital. Beam is his attending doctor, who warns Kit to get to Phana. So the nurses get their hearts broke to see the handsome Dr., fussing over his baby. Thus now everyone knows who Dr. Handsome ‘Wifey’ is. Ming comes eventually telling Yo “No more!” No lessons Yo. Driving is just something you will never be able to learn.” Good thing the family can afford a driver. And Yo, being adorable person he is, pouts in defeat. Which in turn sets everyone off laughing. I can just see Beam on the floor.



Dr Phana Kongthanin smiled at his patient, looking down to write something in her chart.


“You should be ready to get out of here in a week or so.” He confirmed, looking over at the woman’s partner, who sighed in relief before taking the others’ hand.


“You might be home in time for your birthday!” She whispered in excitement, “Thank you Doctor, thank you!”


Hanging the chart back on the foot of the bed, Dr Phana smiled warmly, “Don’t thank me, it’s all you.” Leaving the room, he pulled out his phone to send a quick text to his little Yo, asking him how the driving lessons were going.


As he headed to the lunchroom, he overheard one of the nurses chatting about a new patient to her colleague.


“- businessman. He got into a car accident, received a nasty hit to the head.”


“The cute one in room 207?” Her colleague questioned, “Mister Panitchayasawad? I would never have pegged him for a dangerous driver?”


Pha didn’t hear the rest of the conversation, already rushing towards the stairs, only to nearly bump into Kit on the way.


“Pha, I was just- “


“- Yo! Where’s Yo?!”


“Beam sent me to come and get you, Yo’s had a slight accide- PHA, wait!”


Pha pushed past his friend, racing towards Room 207, catching the attention of several nurses on their breaks, who all rushed to follow him.


Pha practically ripped the door off it’s hinges as he burst into the room, only to stop short at what he saw.


“Thank god I’d finished the stitches before you did that.” Beam sighed, placing a bandage on Yo’s head, “Didn’t Kit explain to you, it was just a small head wound.”


“No, obviously not!” Pha rushed over to the other side of the bed, pulling Yo closer, placing his hands on his husband’s cheeks, “Are you okay, what happened?!”


“P’Pha, I- “ Yo flushed bright red, trying not to look Pha in his eyes and turn away.


Nobody noticed the disappointed and almost heart-broken looks on the nurses faces as they watched the scene from the doorway.


They didn’t even realise that their beloved Doctor Phana was even married, and certainly not to the heir of one of the most famous, and productive businesses in the country.


That would explain why most of their flirting attempts went unnoticed.


What Pha did notice however, was how Ming started to chuckle.


“Shut up Ming!” Yo snapped.


“Just… tell them how this happened.” Ming cackled, “Go on, tell them!”


Yo glanced towards Pha, Kit and Beam, before sighing, “I… was learning how to drive… in an empty car-park because Ming says he doesn’t trust me anywhere else.”


“And rightly so!”


“Hm… well I panicked when a cat suddenly ran out in front of me.”


“Way, way in front of him!” Ming interrupted, “Whilst he was going about five miles an hour!”


“So, I slammed on the brakes and called it a day.” Yo frowned.


“So…. You bumped your head as you braked?” Pha asked, frowning at the bandage.


Beam mentioned stitches…. Surely a simple bump wouldn’t cause that.


“Tell them the full story!” Ming was practically on the floor from laughing, dodging Yo’s attempts to grab him, “Go on, tell him the full story!”


Yo remained silent.


“Alright.” Ming got to his feet, “So Yo panicked and moved to get out of the car…. Except his foot caught the pedal and he fell face first out of the car, slicing his head open on the ground!”




… Until Beam started to splutter, quickly covering his mouth with his hand and turning around to hide his face.


“My poor baby.” Pha glared at Beam’s back, “Maybe… maybe you should just let your driver take you places from now on though, or one of us?”


“But- “


“- Sweetie.” Pha made sure he was looking his husband in the eyes, “Let your driver take you places, or one of us. No more driving lessons.”


Yo pouted, but nodded anyway, as the room was filled with Beam and Ming’s cackles.


None of them noticed the nurses slipping out of the room, closing the door behind them.

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Prompt from mik9win: Could you do one where vulnerable Tutor breaks down and finally tells Fighter the real reason why they're breaking up? Tutor was so headstrong and trying so much to harden his heart, he never told Fighter after all, Fighter had to find out from Zon's texts. What if Tutor couldn't do it in the end, couldn't be so strong after all?



Tutor meant to do this quickly… like ripping a plaster off your skin.


And then he saw the look on Fighter’s face, and all words got caught in his throat.


How could someone who looked at him with so much love and emotion in his eyes, be related to the man who wanted this relationship to end.


“P’Fight, I- “ He couldn’t say anymore, a sob building up in his throat as their eyes met.


“Tutor?” Fighter had a twinge of hope in his eyes.


“I-I- “ Tutor reached out to touch Fighter’s arm, only to draw it back, “I never wanted it to be like this.”


“Then why- “


“- Your Dad knows about us!” The words almost reverberated along the open corridor, as Tutor slapped his hands over his mouth.


He never intended to tell Fighter.


He never wanted to cause a rift between P’Fight and his Father…. Especially not after the situation with his own Father.


“W-what?” Fighter’s face had paled at the words, not resisting as Tutor grabbed his hand and pulled him back to his dorm, knowing that there was less chance of them being interrupted in there.


“He… came to the café. Asked me to sit with him.” Tutor turned away not wanting to look Fighter in the eyes, even as tears streamed down his face, “He started talking about how you were his only child, and that he wanted to see you happy and married with children.”


“Tutor- “


“- I tried to argue that-that we were happy, that your happiness mattered, but then- “ Tutor held back a sob, “- He said that he wasn’t happy…. That the only way to make him happy, would be to see you with a regular family and that I should stay away from you.” This time he couldn’t hold back the sobs, “He said that I shouldn’t tell you, which-which seemed odd to me, so I-I-I- “


Fighter’s face was darkening more and more, fury clouding his eyes as he reached out and pulled Tutor closer.


“I told him he had to speak to you.” Tutor whispered, “I didn’t want to break up with you… I-I just thought that he should speak to you and- “


“- and he refused.” Fighter finished, already piecing together the different components in his mind, “…. How much did he offer you?”


Tutor’s head shot up to look him in the eyes, a wave of shame and guilt flashing across his face.


“I didn’t take anything from him.” He whispered, almost desperate for Fighter to believe him, “Please, I didn’t!”


“But, you still tried to break up with me!”


“I wanted you to be happy!”


“I was happy with you!” Fighter pushed Tutor out at arms length, forcing the younger man to look him in the eyes, “I don’t want some perfect wedding with some girl that’s been forced on me. I want to have the perfect wedding, with you!” He smiled warmly at the other man, “It’s no more than what we deserve.”


What little air that was between them felt electric.


“I’m glad you told me.” Fighter whispered, “But I won’t let you break up with me for that reason. My Father… can go rot in hell. He’s never cared about my happiness before, and I find it hard to believe he’s suddenly started caring now.” He leant in closer, brushing his lips against Tutor’s forehead.


It was a hesitant kiss, but it still made Tutor look up, those vulnerable, brown eyes wide and shocked.


“I love you.” Fighter whispered, “And I will never give you up that easily.”

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Prompt from KoreanBIGminioN1024: Could I request one involving Japan/Tanthai. I have to admit to being a bit of a hard stan when it comes to them and i have seen ZERO smut for them. If you cant that ok to btw lol i still wanted you to know how amazing i think your writing is.

I wasn’t sure what kind of smut you wanted, so I just went with general first time smut 😊



“It’s late.” Japan stated, on one of their ‘cat’ dates, “Can I stay here?”


“P’J.” Tanthai’s mouth gaped open.


He should really say no.


This relationship was too new, surely?


“I- Sure!”






Tanthai had never regretted saying sure so much.


Japan was pressed right up against him, and he couldn’t help but pull him closer, despite his earlier protests of trying to sleep on the sofa. As Japan moved even closer, Tanthai took a chance and moved his hand down to his P’s ass and squeezed it lightly.


Japan gasped sharply, looking up at Tanthai in shock…. Before he moaned and relaxed into it, pressing his face into Tanthai’s warm skin, probably to hide the flush on his cheeks.


Seizing the moment, Tanthai pulled Japan onto his lap, making the older student gasp again.


“Tanthai, I- “


“- Is this what you want?” Tanthai interrupted.


“I-I- “ It was clear that Japan was psyching himself up somewhat, taking a deep breath before nodding in determination.


“Is it… have you done this before?”


“Have you?”




Japan looked down at Tanthai’s chest, before shaking his head, indicating that he hadn’t down this either. Slowly, Tanthai pulled the older student closer, pressing their lips together, as he slid his hands into Japan’s shorts.


Japan was unsure at first, but when he nipped at Tanthai’s bottom lip, Tanthai was quick to roll them over, pinning the other to the bed.


“Tanthai- “


“- Are you okay?”


“I-I- yes! I promise, I’m okay.”


Beaming, Tanthai leaned in closer, nipping at Japan’s neck, his ears, his soft lips as Japan’s legs wrapped around his waist, hips lifting for more.


Pulling away slightly, Tanthai reached over to fumble in his bedside for the lube bottle he kept in there. Once he had it, he encouraged Japan to roll over onto his front, pulling down his shorts.


“This might sting a little.” He whispered, knowing from past experience of lone sessions in the shower. Quickly, he slicked up his fingers, pushing in one finger, then two after a minute and then three, definitely too fast for someone who hadn’t done this before.


Mentally, he winced.


He should really slow down.


Japan didn’t seem to mind though, pushing back against the fingers with nothing more than a hiss if got to be too much for him.


“Are you sure you want to- “


“- Tanthai!” Japan interrupted impatiently, “Please!” The older student’s voice was slightly muffled as he buried his face in the pillow, only pulling his face away when Tanthai gently encouraged him to turn his head to one side, revealing tear-filled eyes and red, flushed cheeks.


Sliding on a condom, Tanthai pressed up against Japan’s entrance, slowly slipping aside as Japan called out his name breathlessly.


The pair of them didn’t last long.


Japan snapped his hips back, moaning at the sensation, coming the moment Tanthai touched him… all it took was one stroke.


Despite Japan starting to whine with over-sensitivity, Tanthai wasn’t finished quite yet. Still moving inside Japan, he pulled the older student up with an arm around his waist, letting Japan bounce up and down, head lolling back on Tanthai’s shoulder, babbling about the younger man’s cock.


As Japan clenched with each thrust, the sensation bordering between being painful or pleasurable, Tanthai gritted his teeth, coming inside as he allowed Japan to flop back down onto the bed, face down in the pillow as Tanthai carefully pulled out and threw the condom away.


“P’J? P’J, are you okay?”


The only answer was Japan’s steady breathing.


“Fast asleep.” Tanthai whispered fondly, “We’ll talk about this in the morning.”

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Prompt from Id0cdzg: Tine and Sarawat are drinking with their friends when man shows tine a picture of the guy he likes. Seeing that it’s his brother he faints from the shock. Leaving a protective Sarawat and a confused man. Until Sarawat friends look at the picture and explains it’s his brother




The bar was relatively quiet, it being the middle of the week.


Sarawat had his arms around Tine as Man and Boss mucked about on the other side of the table.


“Look at you two!” Man cooed teasingly, “Who would have thought we’d ever get here?”


“Not Sarawat.” Boss stuck his tongue out at his friend, who rolled his eyes good-naturedly, “Hey Man, how long do you think it’ll take for you to find the love of your life?”


“Love of your life?” Tine chuckled, “Really?”


“You don’t understand!” Man groaned, pulling out his phone, “He’s so smart, cute and- and- and we’ve barely spoken to each other, but I know he’s the one for me! Look!” He held up his phone, showing Sarawat and Tine the screen with the sly photo he’d managed to take of his love.


Nobody expected what happened next.


Tine stared at the photo for a few moments, before his eyes rolled back in his head and his head dropped down onto the table face first.


“Tine?” Sarawat was stunned for a moment, before he really started to panic, “Tine!”


Man stared at Tine in shock for a few moments, before looking at the photo on his phone with a satisfied smirk, “I told you guys he was cute.”




It didn’t take long for Tine to resurface, blearily blinking until he saw Man’s concerned face.


“You!” He pointed at the other man dramatically, “You-you- That’s my brother!”




“W-what?” Man’s mouth gaped open, as he glanced back at the photo, “This is- he’s your brother?”


Pulling his own phone from his pocket, Tine quickly tapped at the screen, before showing Man a photo of him and his brother… the same man from Man’s phone.


“P’Type.” Tine stated, “He’s my older brother.”


“I- “ Man glanced between the two phones, before practically slamming the phone onto the table, diving across the table and grabbing Tine’s face, ignoring how Tine yelped as he brought their faces close to one another. “INTRODUCE ME!”


“I- “


“YOU NEED TO INTRODUCE- AH, AH, AH!” Man yelped as his wrist was grabbed, and he was pushed away, wincing as Sarawat glared at him, pulling Tine closer almost as though to say ‘Mine!’


“I- Don’t even know if Type likes men?” Tine frowned, “But… I can- “


“- Introduce me?” Man wasn’t deterred by Tine’s unsurety, leaning forwards eagerly, only to back away, holding his hands up into the air in mock surrender when Sarawat gave him a warning glare, “Please, please, please, please- “


“- I’ll think about it, okay?” Tine shrugged, “Type is… he’s a very private person, and I’m not sure he’s looking for anyone right now.”






“Have you thought about it yet?!”


Tine yelped as Man jumped out of a nearby bathroom stall, “Man! No, not yet!”




“Have you thought about it!”


Tine tried not to flush as Man screamed across the football pitch at him, focusing on his routine as he shook his head angrily at the footballer.




‘Have you thought about it yet?’


Tine almost missed the note pressed up against his classroom window, but when he did, he hid behind his textbook, trying to avoid looking at Man’s hopeful face.




“Have you thought- “


“- ALRIGHT!” Tine snapped, “I’ll give him a call tonight, I promise just please! Let me have a moment of peace!”


“You’re the best!” Throwing his arms around him, Man squeezed Tine tightly before running away before Sarawat could say anything.


“You didn’t tell me I’d have to deal with your friends like this when I agreed to date you.” Tine groaned, head falling onto the table.


“I have to deal with your friends and their shared brain cell, and you have to deal with Man and Boss.” Sarawat shrugged, “All part of the deal.”






Type looked around the café, resisting the urge to turn and leave.


Why did he let Tine push him into doing these things?


“Just meet him.” He muttered under his breath, “What’s the worst that could happen?” How could he explain to his brother he was too busy pining over someone he’d only seen once or twice?


He should really just leave.




Glancing over to where he’d heard the shout, Type’s eyes widened at who he saw rushing towards him.


“You’re… P’Type, right?” The man he’d seen at the lectures and retreats gave him a nervous smile, “Tine’s brother?”


“I- Yes?” Type gave the man an awkward wave, mentally scolding himself, “And you are- “


“- Man. I’m Man!” This time it was the other man’s turn to be slightly embarrassed, visibly wincing at his eagerness, rubbing the back of his neck nervously, “Do you want to… find a table?”


“Mm.” Type nodded, as they both went to sit down, “How-how do you know Tine?”


“I’m his boyfriend’s best friend.”


“… His boyfriend?”


Man’s eyes widened, “Oh… please tell me you knew.”


Type was about to snap that he did not know (obviously!), only to be cut off by the server arriving to take their order.


Type made a mental note to have a word with Tine later.




Later, as they pushed their empty plates to one side, Man nervously cleared his throat, “So… I don’t know if you recognise me, but- “


“- You sat next to me in the lecture earlier this year.” Type interrupted, “And you were on the spiritual retreat.”


“Y-Yeah.” Man stuttered, “And- and I really liked you, so when Tine said that you were his brother, I might have… pressured him into setting this up.”


“… I think I would have more excited if I’d known it was you.” Type confessed quietly.


Man reached across the table to take Type’s hand, eyes fixated on Type’s face, “Really?”


Silently, Type turned his hand over and laced his fingers through Man’s. “Really.”


“So… do you fancy doing this again?”


“I’d like nothing more.”

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Prompt from Adee: I need some Ming and yo friendship, something like giving shovel talks to kit and pha



The knocking at his door was loud enough to reverberate throughout the dorm-room, waking Pha up instantly.


“Coming…” He muttered into his pillow, “… I’m coming.” Untangling himself from Yo, he pressed a kiss to the corner of his darling’s lips, unable to stop the smile on his face as Yo’s nose crinkled in his sleep, making soft snuffling sounds as he buried his face into his pillow.




Quietly cursing, Pha stormed over to the door, only pausing to pull on some boxer shorts before wrenching the door open, only to frown at the sight of Ming standing there.


“N’Ming?” He narrowed his eyes at the younger student, “What are you doing here?”


“I came to see you.”


“… Oh?”


Ming straightened up, and honestly, Pha was a little unnerved by this.


If Ming wanted a fight, Pha knew he stood no chance against the first year.


“Yo is my best friend.” Ming started, “You might be some brilliant doctor, but I know how to break every bone in the body, so if you even think about hurting him in any way, shape or form… I’ll make it very difficult for them to put you back together again.”


It should have sounded ridiculous… and yet, Pha found himself nodding quickly.


“Cool.” Ming’s terrifying demeanour vanished as he beamed at Pha, “See you tomorrow!”


And then he was off, rushing down the corridor.


“… Goodnight?” Pha waved weakly, before slowly shutting the door and leaning his forehead against it.


“Who was that?” Yo asked as he climbed back into bed (coming out as “Woszat”)


“…. Ming. I think I’ve just been given the shovel talk.”


This caught Yo’s attention as he sat up slightly, only for a smirk to spread across his face. “Were you scared.”


“Oh yeah.”


“Good. Then he’s done his job.” Yo snuggled back into his pillow with a satisfied smile, “I’ll really have to pull out all the tricks when Kit gets that stick out of his ass and admits that he likes Ming.”


“… What?”




Kit took a moment outside Ming’s door, slumping back against the wall.


It wasn’t far for his knees to be this wobbly, it wasn’t that good… oh who was he kidding.


If it weren’t for the fact that he had a lecture and needed to grab his notes from his own room, he would stay in bed… with Ming.


Groaning as all his muscles ached in a pleasurable way, Kit pushed himself away from the wall to continue down the corridor, only to curse and slam right back into it.


Yo smirked.


How could he have forgotten about Yo?


“How long have you been standing there?” Kit snapped.


“Long enough to see you sneaking out of my best friend’s room.” Yo’s eyes flickered to the door, “At seven o’clock in the morning.”


“I- “ Kit felt a little faint.


“He’s my best friend, you know.”


“I know.”


“He really likes you.” Yo continued, ignoring him, even as Kit flushed, “So, take good care of him.” Yo’s eyes narrowed, “Or I’ll have to kill you…. And my father can make that happen. All it will take is a click of my fingers.”


“N’Yo- “


“- Didn’t you ever wonder what happened to… Park?”


Kit thought back. He knew that Yo’s father had campaigned for Park to be removed from the university… but then again, it wasn’t as though anyone had really seen Park after he ran for his life, Pha chasing him.


An unnerving thought now that he thought about it.


“I-I will.” Kit cleared his throat, mentally cursing himself for the slight stutter, “Promise.”


“Good.” And then Yo was leaving, not even bothering to say bye.


All Kit could do was stand there for a moment, until he heard Ming’s door opening, the younger student peeking out as he wiped his eyes sleepily.


“P’Kit.” Ming beamed, “You’re still here.” He reached out to brush his fingers against Kit’s arm, “Do you want to get breakfast with me?”


He really needed to get his notes… but not when Ming was smiling at him like this.


“Sure.” He muttered, acting like his knees weren’t still weak. He chose not ask if Ming was aware that Yo was scary, and that he thought it was his job to protect Ming.


“Why are you out here?” Ming asked, “And did I just hear Yo?”


“I- “ Feeling, Ming’s fingers over his wrist before entwining with his own, “- Nevermind. It wasn’t important.”


Ming scanned Kit’s face for a moment, before a small smile appeared.


“It’s okay.” He whispered slyly, “I threatened Pha first.”



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Prompt from Adee: All the why r u couples talking or something, like for lunch and all of them emitting PDA vibes

Got to be honest, I really struggled with this one.



“Really, that’s your idea of keeping PDA to a minimum?”


Tutor glanced up at Saifah, glaring at him as Fighter ran his thumb over his knuckles soothingly, not even flinching when the older student leaned over to kiss him on the cheek, resting his cheek against Tutor’s shoulder.


“Zon is practically on your lap.” Tutor hissed, “You have no right talking about PDA.”


Saifah shrugged, wrapping an arm around Zon to keep him steady. “Japan and Tanthai are practically spooning.”


“We’re cuddling!” Tanthai pouted, ignoring how Japan tried to dislodge him, “It’s normal couple behaviour. Look at Blue!”


The pair glanced over to Blue, who was snuggled up to both Champ and Dew. Champ was giving him pecks on the lips, whereas Dew was being more passionate, cupping Blue’s face as they practically made out, Champ rolling his eyes fondly beside them.


‘Possessive’ he then mouthed at their friends.


Tutor wished he had their confidence.


“Sweetheart, stop squirming.” He heard Saifah whisper to Zon, lips brushing over the younger students’ ears, making them turn bright red.


Glancing around, it was hard to avoid looking at some form of PDA, which prompted him to glance down at Fighter, who had pulled away from his shoulder and was staring down at his hands.


He knew Fighter was slightly insecure about their relationship, especially after their break-up… no matter how many times Tutor apologised.


When he saw Fighter yawn slightly, a wicked idea popped into his head, prompting him to lean over and whisper in his boyfriend’s ear.


“Look how red P’Fighter’s got!” Zon suddenly announced, as everyone turned to them and stared.


Needless to say, they got out of there pretty quickly.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Just a possessive Zon, flip the script a bit.



“Come on Zon, dance with me.” Saifah pouted, tugging on Zon’s hand as the younger man tried to have another sip of his drink.


“No!” Zon rolled his eyes, “Not when everyone can see!”


“But I want to dance with my boyfriend!”


“Not in front of everyone, I can’t dance!” Zon whined right back, feeling slightly buzzed from the drinks that he’d had already.




Whatever reply Zon was going to give was interrupted, as a stunning girl, wearing a red dress that clung in all the right places, came and stood close to Saifah… too close for Zon’s comfort.


Instantly he went on the alert, glaring daggers at the girl, who didn’t even spare him a second glance.


“Dance with me!” She pouted up at Saifah, as Zon’s hand clenched around his glass.


There was no need to be jealous, it wasn’t like Saifah was going to say-


“- Sure. One dance.” Saifah answered, a stunning smile on his face, which twisted Zon’s stomach in an unpleasant way.


Saifah didn’t even look at him, allowing himself to be pulled towards the dance floor.


Zon tried to look away, act like he wasn’t bothered… but he couldn’t, not when the girl was wrapping her arms around Saifah’s neck as they dance.


Saifah wasn’t touching her though, which was a point in his favour.


And then she leaned up to whisper something in Saifah’s ear, giggling up at him.


Zon gulped down what was left of his drink, slamming it onto the counter and striding over to Saifah, as they both turned to face him.


“I’d like to dance with my boyfriend now.” He growled, as the girl sneered over at him and Saifah’s eyes widened in surprise.


“B-Boyfriend?” The girl sputtered, causing Zon to smirk.


“Yes, boyfriend. We are dating each other.”


“Zon?” Saifah looked almost amazed by the proclamation, pulling away from the girl and turning to him instead as Zon held out his hand.


“One dance.” He muttered, grabbing Saifah’s arm and pulling it around him.


“I thought you didn’t know how to dance?”


Zon scowled, “You’re mine…. And I want everyone to know it.”


“Z-Zon.” Saifah whispered in shock, not quite believing what was coming out of Zon’s mouth.


“Only I’m allowed to touch you.” Zon pouted, “Only I’m allowed to dance with you.” As if to prove his point, he leaned up and pressed his lips to Saifah’s, nipping at the taller student’s lower lip, making Saifah gasp in surprise, helping Zon to deepen the kiss.


After the initial shock of Zon taking charge like this, Saifah kissed back just as hard, arms tightening around Zon’s waist and bringing him closer.


Finally, when the need for oxygen got too great, they pulled apart, Zon staring smugly up at Saifah, despite the flushed look on his cheeks. “Mine.”


Saifah knew he was grinning like an idiot at this point, “Yep.” He nodded, “Forever.”


“Mine.” Zon pulled him in for another kiss.

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Prompt from Cheney: So I was thinking of a story where another guy tries to flirt with Zon at a nightclub. I know it's probably already a cliche but I really can't get enough of them two 😍❤️



“There you guys are!” Tutor called out, waving his hand to try and catch Saifah and Zon’s attention, “We thought you weren’t coming!”


“And miss your birthday? No way!” Saifah waved at the others on the table; Fighter, Day, Hwahwa, Japan, Tanthai, Champ, Blue, Dew and Zen. Together, he and Zon shuffled into the booth, Saifah wrapping his arms around Zon almost immediately.


At first, the night started off fine… and then everyone started to drink just a little too much.


Zon slid off the seat, grabbing Saifah’s hand, trying to drag him towards the floor, “Dance with me!”


“I am nowhere near drunk enough for that!” Saifah cackled.


Zon pouted, and Saifah almost gave in… there was no way he could resist that look. Saifah managed to shake his head again, watching as the pout turned into a frown.


“Fine, I’ll go and dance on my own then!”


“Zon- “


Thankfully, the dance floor wasn’t too crowded as Zon headed over to it, drunkenly swaying from side to side. It couldn’t even be remotely classed as dancing and yet Saifah was unable to take his eyes off of him.


He was maybe about five seconds from caving in, when he saw the stranger come out of nowhere, dancing behind Zon, hands dangerously close to his waist.


Zon didn’t even seem to notice, at least not the man made an attempt at grabbing his ass, making him spin around in shock.


Saifah’s glass nearly shattered in his grasp as he slammed it down on the table and started to make his way over to HIS boyfriend. He could see the stranger whispering something in Zon’s ear, as the shorter man tried to back away.


Grabbing the stranger by the shoulder, Saifah pulled him away, “Get away from my boyfriend,” He practically snarled, as Zon moved next to him, pressing up against him.


“We were just having a little fun!” The man protested, “He was enjoying it too!”


“No, I wasn’t!” Zon immediately protested


“You heard him.” Saifah stood in front of Zon protectively as the stranger took a step closer, “Fuck off.”


The other man stood there for a moment, before mumbling something incoherent and backing off, disappearing into the crowd.


And then he felt Zon press up against his back.


“You were jealous.” He giggled drunkenly.


“No… I was being protective.” Saifah protested weakly, “They looked like serial killers.”


“So…. Maybe you should dance with me? Make sure nobody else comes close?”


Saifah knew what Zon was doing… but how could he say no?


Saifah pretended to think about it for a moment, turning and slowly sliding his hands down to Zon’s waist, pulling him closer, “Well, if you really think it will help.”


“Mmmhmm, show everyone that I’m all yours.”


“Done and done.” Saifah leaned in closer, pulling Zon in for a kiss.

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Prompt from Thefriendyouhata: I think that would be an interesting addition with zol seeing how truly upset she makes Zon with all her novel crap. Let Zon be with Sia and finally have enough of Zol being a rabid fangirl



“200 hits after half an hour!”


Zon frowned at the familiar voice, turning around to see his sister waving her phone around.


“I thought your brother told you to delete it!” One of her friends hissed, “What if he finds out?!”


“He can’t tell me what I can and can’t write.” Zol scoffed, “Besides, he’s just jealous. He knows that none of his sc-fi crap will ever get the same number of hits.”


It hurt him to hear her say that… even if part of it was true.


Shoving his textbooks back into his bag, he stormed over to the table, forcing a smile onto his face, “Hey, what are you talking about?”


There was panic all over Zol’s face as she straightened up indignantly, “W-what does is matter to you?!”


Her friends remained silent.


“I thought I told you to delete that story.” Zon fought to remain calm, even as Zol rolled her eyes.


“It’s popular, why would I delete it?”


“Did you at least delete my name from it? Your own brother?”


“No!” Zol protested, “Why should I? Everyone loves you and Saifah! The anticipation for when he finally makes you his ‘wife’ is driving my hit count through the roof!”


“His w-w-wife?!”


“Yeah!” Zol leaned forwards, “Unless it’s already happened?”


“You-you- “ Zon grasped at his bag straps, trying to stop himself from tearing up in front of his sister and her friends.


She promised.


But she hadn’t and now hundreds of people were reading about him and Saifah…. And believing that was how their relationship actually was like.


Zol wouldn’t have written about Saifah being needy when he was ill, all wrapped up as ZOn cared for him.


She wouldn’t have written about how Saifah always listened to him, backing off if he sensed that Zon was even the slightest bit uncomfortable.


He could bet her story was all about Saifah pinning him to the wall and having his way with him.


“He has hasn’t he?!” Zol misinterpreted the look on his face, “Zon, you have to tell me everything!”


“No he doesn’t.”


Zon flinched, feeling an arm wrap around his shoulders, only relaxing when Saifah gave him a quick squeeze.


“You don’t have any right to know what we do together.” Saifah’s voice was cold.


“I-I- “ Zol seemed at a loss for words.


“You promised you would delete him from the story, and you didn’t.” Saifah continued, “Isn’t is a bit creepy to be writing about your brother like that?”


“No, I- “


“So it’s okay for you to be writing about your brother having sex?”


Even Zol’s friends were looking a little unsure.


“Apologise to your fans, but explain why you’re going to have to delete the current story.” Saifah’s was calm, never raising it once, “We don’t mind you writing about original characters or ones from a TV show or something… but not about real people, real lives.”


“I-I- “ Zol cut herself off, nodding sheepishly, lowering her eyes to the table.


“Good.” Saifah then moved to pull Zon away, until they were somewhere private, “Are you okay?”


“Yeah, just- “Zon sighed, “- A little hurt I guess.”


“Understandable.” Saifah held his arms out, waiting for Zon to move closer and bury his face into his chest.


“Thank you.” Zon muttered.



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Prompt from Lissy_Lou15: I love the idea of Team being jealous. Like someone is hitting on Win and Team realises how much he hates it, how much he wants to be the only one who interacts with Win like that. Then Team does something really bold infront of Win to make the other person back off and this really surprises Win and Team is never like that and that makes Win go all soft, which leads to cute fluffy Win/Team 🖤



The line was long, much longer than Team expected.


At least twenty.


Team hated every. Single. One. Of them.


Then again, he knew it would be like that as soon as the Swim Team announced that they would be doing a Kissing Booth for the fundraiser…. And when Win was then roped into it.


Win was attractive, anyone could see that.


Team just didn’t expect it to be this popular.


Watching from the sign-up booth, he watched as Win kissed a group of girls for exactly three seconds each, something that he promised Team would happen.


It didn’t stop this sickly feeling in his stomach though, as he picked at the packet of crisps in front of him. They still had another thirty minutes or so before someone would take over and Team felt like he was going to lose his mind.


It was hard not to notice the same person re-joining the line for the fifth time.




Perfect bloody Oak, with his perfect bloody swim scores.


From his place at the sign-up table, Team could see Win’s eyes widen slightly, at the sight of Oak, saying something along the lines of ‘Oh, it’s you again’ as Oak put the money into the jar, eyes darting over to Team as he gave him an apologetic smile.


Team tried to be understanding about it, really he did, as Win turned his attention back to Oak, allowing the other to press their lips together.


And then Oak tried to pull Win closer, tilting his head to try and deepen the kiss, the crisp in Team’s hand crumbled to dust.


Win pushed the Oak away thankfully, covering up any uncomfortableness with an awkward laugh.




Team glanced up to see Dean standing over him, a concerned look on his face.


“You can leave if you want.” Dean sighed, “I’ll stay.”


“I- “


“- Go on.” Dean had a knowing look on his face, watching as Win finished another kiss, glancing over at the pair and beaming at Team.


He didn’t seem to have noticed that Oak had re-joined the line…. But Team had.


“Thank you P’Dean.” He waiied politely, dumping the rest of his crisps in a bin, before rushing to join the line, trying not to tap his foot impatiently as the line moved forwards.


Win didn’t seem to have noticed that Team had joined the queue, frowning at the sight of Dean sitting there.


“Hey, do you have any spare change?”


Startled out of his thoughts, Team glanced up, only to see that it was Oak who had spoken, prompting him to shake his head with a scowl.






Oak pouted, “Come on, you’ll understand when you kiss him!!”


Team had to bite his tongue, before he could blurt out that he’d had his tongue down Win’s throat more times than he could count.


“Maybe he’ll let me with just this…” Oak muttered, “… since it’s for a good cause and everything.”


Again, Team bit his tongue as they reached the booth.


“I’ve only got this left.” Oak stated, holding out his change, “Think I can get a kiss anyway?”


“I… really don’t think that would be fair.” It was clear that Win was forcing himself to be polite.


“Come on, nobody has to know.”


“It’s not fair to the charity though.”


“Well…” Oak leaned in closer, “… maybe we can meet up later? Go out and get some coffee?”


“He has plans!” Team snapped, unwilling to keep silent as Win visibly straightened up and beamed.




Oak frowned, “You… know each other?”


Team ignored him, gently shouldering past him, shoving the correct amount of change into the jar before grabbing Win by the back of the neck to haul him in for a kiss, making sure to deepen it for at least ten seconds.


When he finally pulled away, he made sure to keep his fingers in Win’s hair.


“Can we go and get something to eat after this?” He pouted, as Win kept the dopy look on his face.


“Whatever you want babe.”


Ignoring the pet name (for once), Team pecked Win’s lips one more time for good measure, before turning and sending a slightly smug smirk over at Oak.


“See you later… sweetheart.”


He didn’t look back to see whether or not Win kissed Oak… he was the only one who got to kiss Win for free after all.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Could you do one with Fighter and Tor apologizing to each other and actually talking about what happened with a little of fluff or maybe a nsfw end please



“How could you do this to me?” Fighter’s voice was heart-breaking, eyes watering, “Didn’t you trust me to make my own choices?”


Tutor was in the middle of the bed, not looking at Fighter, almost in shame.


“I didn’t think you would let someone… do that to you. Bully you like that.” Fighter shook his head, “I never expected that from you.”


Tutor looked up, hurt and regret in his eyes. “I- I just wanted to protect you.”


“Protect me? I’m not a child, I don’t need your protection, especially not from my father!”


“But- “


“- What were you thinking?!” Fighter’s voice was soft and a little bit desperate.


“I… just wanted you to be happy.” Tutor whispered tearfully, “Don’t be angry… I just wanted you to be happy.”


Fighter closed his eyes and sighed.


It was a trembling sigh, eyes shut tight. He was trying to hold the tears in ever since Tutor tearfully told him that they should break up…. But he couldn’t hold them back any longer. The tears started running slowly down his cheeks, as he turned his head to let out a soft sob, all the emotions of their break-up and subsequent arguments rushing out.


There was no stopping them.


Fighting to keep his face turned away from Tutor, Fighter missed the younger student shuffling closer, Tutor cupping his face with his hands.


“Don’t cry.” Tutor whispered, “I’m sorry.”


Unable to resist, Fighter wrapped his arms around Tutor, pulling him into a hug as the tears continued to flow, his breathing ragged and uneven.


“Don’t ever do this again.” He whispered, “You need to trust me.” He pulled away slightly, wiping away the tears and snot with the back of his hand, “I can’t have a boyfriend who treats me like a child.”


“I know.” Tutor’s voice was so low, you could barely hear it, “I’m sorry.”


Fighter took Tutor’s face in his hands, kissing him as hard as he could, “I can’t stand the thought of you leaving me.”


“I-I won’t leave you… never again.”


Another kiss, this one deeper as Fighter allowed himself to be pushed down to the floor…. He didn’t want to take the offensive, not after… the incident. He knew that Tutor needed him, as the younger man ran his hands all over his body, before moving to unbutton Fighter’s jeans.


“On the bed.” Fighter whispered, “Please, on the bed.”




Fighter felt like Tutor had been preparing him for hours when the younger man finally pushed inside, causing him to whimper Tutor’s name breathlessly.


Tutor’s whole body seemed to change the second he entered Fighter, as he paused for a moment, closing his eyes and just breathing out, body relaxing against Fighter’s.


It was like he was completely overwhelmed by what he was feeling.


And then he started to move his hips.


“Fuck… Tutor, ah!”


Tutor started moving quicker, leaning in close so that his lips were right by Fighter’s ears. “I’ll never leave you again, I promise!” He whispered, thrusts getting faster and deeper, “Never again.”


Their breathing grew quicker and quicker, Tutor’s moans getting louder and louder, pushing himself in as far as he could as Fighter’s moans intertwined with his own.


“P’Fighter.” Tutor moaned his name one more time before he came, collapsing on top of Fighter.


When they had both calmed down and their heartbeats slowed, Fighter grabbed onto Tutor tightly, whimpering at the sensation of Tutor still inside him.


“I’ll never leave you.” Tutor whispered again, gently pulling out and nestling into Fighter’s side., “Never again.”

Chapter Text

Prompt Katie_Emm: This really deserves a sequel to. Maybe P’No talking to Can. (Referring to Chapter 31


“Why did P’Type want to talk to Tin?”


Techno winced, “He… just wants to have a word with him.”


Can was silent for a moment, before he almost seemed to deflate, sinking into himself. “I won’t be any good at it.”


“Good at what?” At first, Techno was sure he was talking about an upcoming match or class.




Techno remained silent, giving Can the chance to continue.


“It’s… confusing and amazing at the same time.” Can whispered, staring at his hands.


“It can be.” Techno admitted, having seen the beginning of Type and Tharn’s relationship (and nothing was more amazing and confusing that that shit-show), “But… it’s best not to fight love when it does come to you, okay?”


“And, how do you know you’re in love.”


“You just… know.” Techno didn’t really know how to explain it.


“… I think I like Tin, but I don’t know if I love him.” Can shook his head, like that would help sort his thoughts out, “When I was with him, I- “ He paused in thought.


“Happy?” Techno frowned, “… Loved?”




“Right…” Techno sighed, “… Just, try and keep an open mind, okay?”


“Yeah… okay.”




It was Monday evening after practice when Can first noticed the bag of lamb skewers near his locker.


He’d been practicing his shots long after the others… maybe someone forgot it?


He eyed it warily for a moment, before picking It up and taking it into the office that some of the physical education teachers usually used, placing it in their fridge.


They probably forgot it.




It happened again, this time appearing near his locker before practice.


This time he shared them with the others on the team, missing the scowls from the familiar figure watching from the side-lines.




This happened for the rest of the week.


Before practice, food would just be waiting on the bench, which was then inevitably shared out amongst the others (no matter how strangely P’No and P’Type stared at him).


It wasn’t until the weekend came around, that Can actually realised that he missed the free food.


Hence the reason he was getting changed to go to Ai’No’s and beg him to take him to the market and pay for his dinner.


Except, that he opened the door and Tin was on the other side, hand raised mid-knock as they both blinked in surprise at each other.


“W-what are you doing here?” Can forced out, trying to act like he didn’t care.


Silently, Tin held up a familiar looking bag full of lamb skewers.


“You… got me food?”


“Yes.” Tin frowned, “Like I have been doing all week.”


Can opened his mouth, only to stop as his brain started to process the information and he just stared at Tin in shock.


“I…want to eat it together?” He finally blurted out, “I think we need to actually talk.”


“Yeah.” Tin still looked a little shocked, “Yeah, I think we do.”




The look on Tin’s face as they sat down was nearly enough to make Can give up, just apologise for wasting Tin’s time, turn around and go home.


He wasn’t stupid.


He could see the dark bruises underneath Tin’s eyes, the tired schlump of his shoulders and how he didn’t look as well put together.


Was this all because of what happened between them?


“Cantaloupe… Can- “ Tin stopped, his tone so defeated as he spoke.


It would be easier to call it quits now, but Can couldn’t help but remember what Ai’No said;


//” But… it’s best not to fight love when it does come to you, okay?” \\


“I’m sorry.” Can eventually blurted, unable to think of any other way to begin, “I-I didn’t mean to hurt you.”


Tin’s expression was cautious, suspicious and guarded, before he sighed wearily, “No, it’s me who should be sorry… I pushed you too far, and I tried to push you into something you didn’t want to do.”


Can had the distinct impression that Tin had never really had to apologise to someone before.


It was nice to think he was the first.


“Can we… take this once step at a time?” He eventually whispered, smiling at the glimmer of hope in Tin’s eyes.


“Okay. One step at a time.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: I would absolutely love a fic of first time toy play! Didn't matter the fandom or specific toy, but like... Tharn finally convincing Type to try out a butt plug after months and months of asking, Pete shyly showing Ae his cute vibrator for the first time, Sarawat and Tine getting a dildo as a prank gift from one of their friends and deciding why not give it a try anyway... Also if you're uncomfortable writing smut about it, is be fine with a silly take! Your fics are amazing!




Type hissed as Tharn pulled out, hating the empty feeling.


He then frowned, expecting Tharn to collapse next to him, pulling him in for a hug, only for Tharn to stay where he was. Curious, Type went to look over his shoulder, only to stop when Tharn broke the silence.




Type knew that tone. That was Tharn’s ‘please indulge me in my kink’ tone.


And Type knew exactly what kink Tharn wanted him to indulge.


“If you have that butt plug in your hands, I’ll kick you.” He threatened, wincing when he felt something hard and rubber pressing against his hole.


Tharn dodged the kick.


“Please?” Type didn’t have to look to know that Tharn was pouting, “Just for one day?”


“I am not fucking wearing one of these all day!”


“Not even if I promised you locker room sex after your practice?” Taking Type’s silence as an agreement, Tharn pushed the toy in slightly, rubbing Type’s back as the other man buried his face into the pillow, hissing as the wider part of the butt plug made its way inside. When it was finally inside, Type pushed himself to his knees, slowly turning round to glare at Tharn.


“I’m taking it out before football practice.” He growled.


“Then no locker room sex.” Tharn slapped his lightly on the hip, “Now go and have a shower.”






Walking with it was hard.


Every step made it press up against his prostate, which sent sparks right to his cock. By the time he got to his first class, he was impossibly turned on. He thought about darting into the bathroom to jerk off, only for Ai’No to grab his hand and pull him inside.


Resisting the urge to swear at his friend, he went to sit down, nearly cumming in his pants as the plug moved even deeper.


The next five hours passed by in a blur, and honestly, Type remembered none of it.


He didn’t take part in the football practice, choosing to stand on the side lines, lingering in the locker room as the others left, ignoring Techno’s concerned looks.


Ten minutes after the others had cleared out, the door opened again as Tharn made his way inside.


“Come on.” Tharn beamed, “Let’s go into the showers.”


“I am never doing this again.”


“We’ll see.”




“Ai’Ae!” Pete flushed bright red, burying his face in his hands as Ae knelt over him.


“Ai’Pete.” Ae chuckled, “Open your eyes.”


“No!” Pete whined, as Ae’s hand ran up his thigh, the engineering student almost seeming to enjoy how goose bumps appeared on the pale skin, “You’re going to be mad.”




Noticing that Ae sounded almost amused, Pete slowly opened his eyes only to yelp and close them again at what was in Ae’s hands.


He couldn’t believe he’d forgotten about…. That.


He just shoved it into his underwear drawer after the last time.


“I want to see you use it.”


It was almost comical how quickly Pete’s pupils widened.


“Ai’Ae, I- “


“- Please?”


Ae looked like he was seconds away from cumming at the thought…. Until his mistook Pete’s silence and obvious blush as a rejection, setting the vibrator back down on the bed. “We don’t have to. It was just- “


Pete couldn’t help but smile. Ae was so good to him. Slowly, he pushed himself into a seated position and reached out for the toy.


It was odd… thinking about how often he used this toy before he met Ae, only to practically throw it away as soon as something… someone better replaced it.


Sensing that he was okay to continue, Ae leaned down to connect their lips together in a slow kiss, pulling back and smiling at the flush that had spread down Pete’s face, his neck and his chest, his lips deliciously swollen.


Ae wondered if Pete knew just how beautiful he was, both inside and out, feeling like he was luckiest person in the world to have someone like this under him.


“Ai’Ae?” Pete’s quiet voice broke him free of his musings, causing him to jump slightly, eyes wide as Pete handed him the toy.


“It’s okay.” Ae whispered, “Just tell me if you want me to stop.” He shuffled down the mattress to settle between Pete’s spread legs. He felt the other man tense, prompting him to rub his hands along the inside of Pete’s upper thighs, knowing that that would help soothe any nerves Pete felt.


“You’re so hard.” Ae whispered, brushing one finger along Pete’s cock, as Pete whimpered at the dirty talk.


Preparation didn’t take long, Ae easily slipping in one finger, a second one following on quickly as he gently scissored them in and out, Pete rolling his hips with the sensation.


“You’re so beautiful.” Ae whispered, adding more lube to his fingers and slipping a third one inside.


“I-I’m c-c-close!”


Ae nodded, grabbing the vibrator, lubing it up and pressing it against Pete’s hole, “Ready?”


“Mm.” Pete nodded shyly, eyes rolling back in his head as Ae switched it on, slowly moving the vibrator inside. His mouth hung open, an uncontrollable stream of moans falling from it as Ae moved the toy in and out slowly.


It wasn’t long before Pete’s orgasm crept up on him, heat coiling deep in his stomach as Ae laced his fingers with his.


He couldn’t remember much of what happened after his orgasm hit him like a truck, only coming to minutes later in the warm embrace of Ae’s arms.


“Love you.” He managed to mutter, before his eyes slipped shut.


“I love you too Ai’Pete.”




Boss and Man honestly intended it as a prank.


A not-so innocent prank, but a prank none-the-less.


“I told you we shouldn’t have stopped for something to drink.” Man hissed as they hid in the closet, their little ‘prank’ lying out on the bed, the front door closing downstairs as they heard Tine and Sarawat’s voices downstairs, “We could have gotten away!”


“Shut up, shut up, shut up!”


“I don’t think we have anything in the fridge.” They heard Tine sigh, “I’ll nip out to the store.”


“We can just order something.”


“We can’t order something every night.” Tine chuckled, “Don’t worry, I won’t be long.”




Boss and Man stuck their tongues out in mock disgust as there was the sound of kissing.


“Promise.” The door opened and closed again, followed by the sound of someone coming up the stairs.


They both knew exactly when Sarawat spotted the dildo on the bed, a sharp intake of breath filling the room.


“What the- Boss.” Sarawat hissed, as Boss in the closet automatically opened his mouth to protest, only for Man to quickly cover it.


They were both involved, why was he the only one blamed?!


Through the gaps in the closet door, they say Sarawat take a seat on the bed, avoiding looking at the toy.


And then he did look at it…. And continued to look at it, before a sly smirk appeared on his face and he removed his shirt.


Boss and Man glanced at each other, both mouthing the same thing.




Because Sarawat was now removing his pants.


There was no way he knew that Boss and Man were still there… he honestly believed they were smart enough to get out before they came home.


He was pulling their last gag gift of lube out of a drawer now, and Boss and Man couldn’t have stopped looking quick enough.


There was the click of a lid, and Boss was the first to panic.


“WE’RE SORRY! WE’RE SORRY!” He screamed, bursting out of the closet, hands covering his eyes as he stumbled down the stairs blindly, knowing that man was probably doing the same, “MY EYES! MY EYES!”


Under the covers of the bed, Sarawat couldn’t help but chuckle as his friends made their way out of his home, slamming the door behind them.


For a moment, he entertained the possibility of getting dressed and hiding the sex toy… only to look at it again.


Well… he was already undressed with the lube out.


And Tine did get a good result in his recent test. He deserved some sort of an award.




Tine dropped the bags on the ground when he heard the moaning coming from upstairs.


“Pervert.” He muttered, already removing his shirt and rushing up the steps, a noticeable tent in his boxers, his pants already undone and just barely hanging off his hips.


Sarawat froze, one hand curled into the sheets, the other on the butt of the dildo.


“Fuck.” Tine whined, moving closer as Sarawat parted his legs even wider, the limbs glistening with sweat and shaking, “Fuck, fuck, fuck.”


He removed his pants and boxers, grabbing a hold of the end of the dildo and tilting it upwards with a shallow thrust. Sarawat swore, both hands clawing at the sheets as he panted at the suddenness.


As Tine used his other hand to jerk Sarawat off, it didn’t take long for Sarawat to orgasm, both hands flying up to Tine’s arms, nails digging in.


Once he came down from his high, Sarawat looked happily exhausted as Tine pulled the dildo out, looking at it curiously.


“Have you always had this?”


Sarawat just smiled.

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Prompt from mimi: Tharn and Type are in Type's hometown and while they are walking they end up in the place where Type was abused (sorry I didn´t know how to say it ) and Type has a panic attack and Tharn gets all protective and takes care of Type.



“Type, you need to breathe with me, okay?”


Tharn’s hand on his back was gentle and soft, nothing like the hands of… him. He was rubbing little circles on the space between his shoulder blades, talking to him, voice low and quiet.


Type honestly wasn’t hearing a good half of what was being said, but Tharn’s voice was soothing and it was enough to keep him from totally toppling over the edge.


“That’s it…” Tharn continued, “… Keep your head down, all right. Stay calm, I’m just going to- “


Tharn moved to stand up, only for Type to panic and grab his shirt.


What if Tharn was caught as well? What if he was tied to the chair and- and- and-


“Hey, hey it’s alright, I’m not going anywhere.” Tharn stopped where he was, “I was just getting my phone to see if your Dad could come and- “


“- NO!” Type snapped, breathing quickening, “Not him… I-I-I don’t need him, I-I need you.”


Tharn seemed to have been stunned into silence at this, keeping a gentle hand rubbing back and forth on Type’s back.


“We need to get away from here.” Tharn eventually sighed, “It’s not doing you any good to stick around here.”


“I-I don’t know if I can!” The pain in his chest was getting worse now.


“Alright… do you want to try some water?”


Type started to shake his head, no, because that would mean Tharn leaving, but Tharn was quick to stop him, “It’s okay, I brought some with me. I’m not going anywhere, okay? But it might make you feel a bit better.”


Type nodded shakily, reaching out to accept the bottle, only to realise that his hands were shaking too hard to actually hold it.


Pride be damned.


Just wanting this feeling to stop, wanting to feel like his mind was his own again, Type allowed Tharn to help, taking tiny, little sips, taking care not to spill any.


“It’s alright.” Tharn whispered, “Take as long as you need.”


“I-I-I don’t want to be here!” Type snapped, trying to force himself to his feet.


Tharn, to his credit, didn’t argue with him, simply helping him to his feet and wrapping his arm around him. Type leaned into Tharn’s chest, completely drained as Tharn started to lead him away from that place.


It was meant to be an innocent walk.


How could he have forgotten about that place?


“I love you.” Tharn whispered, “I’m here, and I love you.”


Ah… that was why.


How could he think of that place when he was with Tharn?

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Prompt from Samanthaa23: Can you do a No/Kla fic? I know a lot of people don't like their pairing but I do love them after reading the book. Maybe a rewrite of their scene in LBC where No a lot more sober and even more into it?

With agreement from the prompter, it has been changed to a one-sided No/Kla, and a sort of fix it, where No is more sober and finds Kla in his bed actually talks about it with Kla.



“I’m fine Ai’Type.” Techno groaned as he leaned heavily against the wall, flashing a lazy, drunken smirk at his friend, “You don’t want to keep Ai’Tharn waiting.”


“Brat.” Type rolled his eyes, “You sure you’ll be okay going up the stairs?”


“Yes… if I do it slowly.”


“Alright.” Type clapped him on the shoulder, “I’ll see you tomorrow.”


“See you tomorrow.”


As Type closed the door behind him, Techno slowly started his trek upstairs, stumbling in through his bedroom door and flopping onto his bed… only to yelp as someone grunted in pain.


“What the- “ He wrenched the covers off his bed, eyes widening at the sight of Kengkla staring up at him, “- N’Kla, what are you doing in my bed?!”


“I-I- “


“- Why aren’t you in Ai’Nic’s room? What if I’d come home a little drunker and- “ He stopped at the look on Kengkla’s face.


He almost looked… disappointed?


Techno knew he was naïve… but he wasn’t stupid.


“Kengkla…. What are you doing in my bed?”


“I-I-I- “ It was clear that Kengkla hadn’t thought this far ahead, “- I like you, and I thought- “


“N’Kla.” Techno’s quiet sigh stopped him, “I’m sorry but…” He took a seat on the bed, groaning to himself.


He was just a little too drunk for this.


Batting Kengkla’s hand away when the younger man tried to pull him closer, Techno shook his head, “I’m sorry but… you’re my brother’s best friend. I just don’t think of you like that. I never have.”


“Never?” Kengka’s voice hitched in the middle.


“Kengkla… you’re a kid.” Techno looked over at him, only to wince at the unshed tears in the younger kids’ eyes, “You’re in high school, so… no, never. Sorry.”




Techno frowned at the blank look on Kengkla’s face.


“I don’t mean to hurt your feelings.” He sighed, “But… I can’t change how I feel. You can’t change my mind.”


For a moment, it looked like Kengkla was going to argue, before he suddenly pushed himself off the bed and rushed towards the door, ignoring how Techno called out for him.


Overwhelmed with a feeling of guilt, Techno flopped back onto the bed, throwing an arm over his eyes.



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Prompt from vokdas: Omg now i would really like to see team being protective



Team would be lying if he said he hadn’t found Win annoying when he first joined the swim team. All the pestering and weird flirting.


He got used to it eventually, even if PDA wasn’t really his thing.


It was hard to resist someone like Win though… it was like he was a moth being drawn to the light of Win’s smile.


Cheesy, yes, but that was how he felt.


It was only when they were six months into their relationship, that Team discovered what Win was really like.


Win was… protective.


Team couldn’t count how many times, Win had stood up for him or any of his friends.


To the people who hated Dean and Pharm being together.


To people being cruel towards the younger members of their friendship group.


To those who tried to flirt Pharm, Dean or Team, knowing that they were taken (he really hated it when someone flirted with Team in front of him).


Or when rival swim teams started fights, leading to Win jumping in front of Team, protecting him from a hastily thrown punch. Of course, what no one saw coming was Win losing his balance on the wet floor, falling and cracking his head on the ground.






Team didn’t get into too much trouble for hitting the other member. Yes, he now had a warning, but it was worth it.


Win needed stitches in his head because of that… bastard.


And so, Team vowed that he was never going to let that happen again. It was time to change the script a little.


The minute Win got released from the hospital, Team refused to let him do pretty much anything.


He wanted a glass of water from the kitchen?


Forget it, Team was already on his feet.


Win lasted a little under two hours before he got fed up.


“Please, please let me get up and move around a bit!” He pleaded, “My muscles are going to atrophy at this rate!”


“The Doctor said you should move as little as possible.” Team continued to bustle around, “You have a concussion… and it’ll be taking your muscles weeks to atrophy and you only have to sit there for a few days.”


Win pouted.


“And what if you slip on the floor and hurt your head again?” Team fretted, “Or twist your ankle!”


It was funny, but Win could see the actual worry in his eyes.


“Can I at least go to the bathroom on my own?”


“I’ll help, but you’ll have to wipe your own ass.”


Well, at least he still had some dignity left.


“Are you okay? How are you feeling?” Team was back, sitting on the edge of the bed, reaching out and taking Win’s hand, clearly concerned by Win’s silence.


“I’m fine, I promise!” Win resisted the urge to roll his eyes, “Don’t you have a class?”


“Yeah, but- “


“- I don’t want you falling behind just because of me.” Win sighed, “Go on. I promise I won’t go anywhere.”


“Should I take you to the bathroom first?”


“Team, I’m fine!”


“Call me if you need anything, anything at all! I can leave and- “


“- I. Will. Be. Fine!”


Team paused at Win’s tone, before leaning over and gently kissing his boyfriend’s cheek. “I’ll be back soon.”


“I know.”


“Try to sleep.”


“I will, I will.”

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Friendship: Can/Good/Ae and minor Champ/No/Type
The Football/soccer club decided to do a Seniors VS Juniors game for fun and some how a bet on losers buy the winners Dinner. Much to the Seniors surprise the Junior’s win because of Can and Good who work really well together, like they pass the ball to each other without looking and the other is just there at the right place and time. With Ae leading them. While the Junior’s celebrate Ae let’s the Seniors know that his High school use to play Can and Good’s and he’s knew what they could do when he made the bet.




“Seniors verses Juniors?” Type raised an eyebrow and smirked at the younger trio, “You have to be joking.”


Ae shook his head, “Nope. With all this extra training you’ve been putting up through, I haven’t had a proper date with Pete in over a week!”


“Me neither!” Can piped up, only to frown, “Except… with Tin… obviously.”


“My…. Legs are…. Aching.” Good slowly nodded in agreement with his friends.


“We have an important match against an opposing university in less than a week, we need to practice!” Type protested, throwing his hands up into the air when the three juniors simply stared at him, “Fine… if you three really think you’re ready, then prove it. You three, against me, Champ and Techno.”


“We can do that.” Ae spoke up, “Let’s make it a bet. The losing team has to buy the winning team dinner for a week, deal?”


“Don’t we do that anyway- Ow!” Techno winced as Champ nudged him in the side.


“Deal.” Type agreed, shaking hands with Ae, “Let’s say Friday, at six?”


“Sounds good.”


As the Junior trio left, Techno shook his head.


“I have a bad feeling about this.”


Chuckling, Champ threw his arm around the shorter man’s shoulder, “What’s there to worry about? We’re Seniors, they’re Juniors! We have way more life experience than them!”




“I have come to a conclusion…. That life experience isn’t worth shit.” Champ gasped, hands on his knees as the Juniors scored yet another goal, “How are they doing that?”


That, was the way Can and Good didn’t even have to look at each other as they passed the ball.


The ball was being left, right, backwards, forwards and even over the top of Techno, Type and Champ’s head.


They were currently three goals down.




… Four goals down.


“I have so many regrets right now.” Champ whined, “Type, can we just- “


“- No.” Whereas Champ was willing to hand over victory and surrender, Type was determined to see this through to the end.


“We still have thirty minutes to go, we can pull this back!”


Techno opened his mouth to protest, only to shut his mouth when Type shot him a vicious glare.


None of them seemed to notice the smug look on Ae’s face as the game continued.




The thirty minutes flashed by, and the end score was 4-1, to the Juniors, who were all whooping in glee.


“Barbecue! I want barbecue!” Can cheered, as Good slowly nodded in agreement.


Ae turned to the Seniors, a smirk on his face, “I guess we’re having barbecue.”


“Yay for us.” Type muttered, rolling his eyes before turning away, “Come on then, let’s get this over and done with.” His phone was in his hand, probably sending off a text to Tharn about the unfairness of it all.




“I have something to confess.” Ae stated, as Can and Good bickered over what to get (which, with their totally different speaking speeds, was usually hilarious to watch), “I…. knew that they could do that.”


“And by that, we assume you mean the creepy not looking at each other thing?” Champ piped up, as Ae nodded.


“Yeah, my high school used to play against theirs’ all the time, and we’d hate it.” Ae groaned, “I remembering going to tackle Good once, because I thought he was an easy target, and he just looked at me, smirked, flicked the ball over his head to Can, who headed the ball into the goal.” He shook his head, “All I could do was stand there in shock.”


“Yeah, I can imagine…. Why have we never seen that before?!”


Ae shrugged, “Free food. They had to make sure they won.”


“And… the idea that we could win against other universities wasn’t a good enough incentive?” Type threw his hands into the air, “Unbelievable!”


“Don’t blame me!” Ae leant back slightly, “I don’t understand their thought process!”


“Right.” Type thought to himself for a few moments, before a wicked smirk appeared on his face, “N’Can. N’Good.” He called out to get their attention, “I’d like to make a deal with you two.”


“What… kind… of deal?” Good asked.


“If you do what you did today against the other universities and we win the match, we will pay for your lunches for a whole week afterwards!”


“Deal! Deal, deal, deal, deal!” Can whooped.


Nobody noticed Techno sulking at the end of the table.


“We do that anyway.”

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Prompt from JemDragon84: I just watched My Bromance the series.... any chance you can do something for the Bank/Golf fans? But, what if Bank decided to follow Golf? What if they didn’t let themselves be separated? Secret communications through friends? Or Bank Running away to the US? Just a HEA? The TV show gave a semi good ending ( lot of lose ends, but still better then the film). Does that help inspire an idea?



Golf was going to America.


Golf was going to America because Golf’s Father wanted to separate them.


He wanted to separate them because they’d been careless and got caught.


“We should have been more careful.” Golf whispered.


They’d both snuck out of the house, knowing that this might be the last chance they’d ever get to talk.


They were both crying. Now was not the time to hold emotions back.


“So… what are we going to do?” Bank asked, his quiet voice, broken by sobbing hiccups, shattering the silence.


Golf looked down at him. Bank had his eyes closer, head resting against his shoulder. He sounded tired and sad… so vulnerable.


“I don’t know.” Golf answered honestly. He didn’t know, he couldn’t see any way around this… unless.


“We could leave… right now.”


There was a moment of silence, before Bank slowly pulled back a bit, looking up at him, “L-Leave?”


Golf nodded, “If we stay… I’ll be sent to America, and you’ll be here, we’ll be separated! So let’s just, pack what we need and leave, run away!”


“What about school and- “


“- We’ll figure it out, I promise.”


It took a moment, but Bank eventually nodded, “A-alright.”


Golf pressed his lips to Bank’s quickly, before pulling away, “If we’re going, we’d better be going now. We’ll have to be gone before morning.”


Bank nodded in agreement, “Alright, let’s go then.”


They rushed back to the house, sneaking in through an open window, grabbing bags and anything they thought they’d need. Clothes, passports, laptops, chargers, etc. They then tiptoed downstairs, filling another bag full of food and some bottled water.


Then they took some cash from a purse lying on the table, Bank filled with so much guilt that he just had to leave a note behind.


They loaded up the car, speeding away as quickly as they could, knowing that the engine would have woken their parents.


Bank’s phone started to buzz almost immediately, prompting him to glance at the screen, seeing his Mother’s name and picture flashing up.


He pushed it into his bag, ignoring how it stopped, before starting up again


The pair sat in silence for about half an hour as what they were doing really sank in.


They were running away.


What were they going to do?


Where were they going?


They really hadn’t thought this through.


Bank glanced over at Golf, “Where are we going?”


Golf kept his eyes on the road, “We’ll fill up the tank in the next town, then drive as far away as possible.” He replied softly, “When we need to sleep, we’ll park somewhere quiet and move to the backseat, it has plenty of room and it means that we can save money. Once we’re far enough away, I’ll get a job and we’ll go from there.” He paused, “As long as we’re together, we’ll be fine.”


“As long as we’re together.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from Giulia: Can you write a story about tharn and type? Tharn and type talk about type being the top and then tharn accepted type being the top for once and they will do it with type top. R rated please <3





The air around them seemed charged with electricity.




Tharn smirked around his mouthful. He loved it when Type got so desperate that he could barely speak.




Tharn could only pick out his own name, the rest was just moaning and whining pleas. Type’s hands were tangled in Tharn’s hair as Tharn slipped a finger between Type’s ass, teasing at his entrance, as he took Type in deeper.


“Ai’Tharn… Ai’Tharn… wait! Stop!”


The word “stop” was accompanied a swift hit to the head as Tharn immediately stopped what he was doing, pulling off of Type’s cock, glancing up with a worried gaze.


“Ai’Type, what’s wrong?” Tharn moved back up the bed, frowning at the look on Type’s face.


“I-I want to try something.” Type muttered, pushing himself into a seated position.


“Try something?”


Type took a deep breath, before finally making eye contact, determination written all over his face, “I want to try what we talked about.”


Tharn paused, mind flashing back to last night, a drunken conversation where Type paid particular attention to his ass, compliment after compliment spilling out of his mouth.


‘I wanna top… just once’ Type had whined, grabbing Tharn’s ass, “Just… wanna make you feel good too.”


“We… didn’t really talk about it.” Tharn eventually forced out, “You were a little drunk, but- “


“- We don’t have to if you’re not ready.” Type was clearly disappointed, but forced a smile onto his face, lying back down, preparing for Tharn to continue.


“Type.” Tharn pulled Type back into a seated position, hoping that he didn’t look too nervous, “We can try it… if you really want.”


Type nodded with a grin, guiding Tharn back so that he was the one lying against the mattress with a deep kiss. Tharn took that as agreement from Type’s side, breaking their make-out session to reach over to the nightstand to grab the lube.


Taking a deep breath, Tharn pulled him closer, spreading his legs for Type to kneel between. He’d been half-hard the whole time he was blowing Type, but now the anticipation had him fully erect. “You’re going have to take your time stretching me out….” He whispered, nerves getting the better of him, “… It’s been a while.”


The look Type gave him was one of Tharn’s favourites.


Snarky. Bitchy… almost like Type was silently asking ‘why are you treating me like an idiot.”


Tharn couldn’t help but but kiss the look away, yelping into it as a slick finger worked in between his cheeks.


“I know how this works.” Type grumbled, pushing the first finger in a little too quickly, making Tharn hiss in pain.


And just like that, Type started to panic.


“It’s okay, it’s okay!” Tharn grabbed him, stopping from backing out entirely, “Just… slowly, okay? Like I was with you?”


Type nodded, waiting for Tharn to relax around his finger.


“Okay…” Tharn nodded jerkily, “… you can move them.”


Type obeyed, taking care to move them a lot slower this time, eyes on Tharn at all time, watching for his reactions. What Tharn liked and didn’t like, quickly learning where to bend his knuckle to make Tharn’s hips jump off the bed slightly.


Soon Tharn relaxed around him further, as Type leaned over, pressing his lips against Tharn’s neck and jaw, making Tharn sigh softly.


“You-you can add a second finger now.”


It seemed to last for hours.


Tharn’s voice broke more and more as they continued, toes curling, his grip on Type’s hair tightening as he was filled, stretched and teased to the edge.


Not long after Type added a third finger, dragging them over Tharn’s prostate, Tharn desperately started to tap Type’s shoulder. “I-I’m ready! Fuck, I-I’m ready.”


Type smirked, pressing against Tharn’s prostate one last time, before removing the fingers and settling between Tharn’s thighs, Tharn’s ankles hooked high behind Type’s back as the pair shared another kiss.


“Go slow.” Tharn whispered into the kiss, “Go really slow.”


“I know.” A strange look flashed across Type’s face for a moment, before he muttered, “Love you.”


“Love you- Mmm!”


Type rolled his hips, pressing inside slowly, paying careful attention to Tharn’s face. When Tharn flinched at the stretch, Type paused, waiting until Tharn relaxed again before moving.


“Oh G-god!” Tharn whined, “W-why didn’t we do this sooner?”


“Because you’re a possessive bas-AH!” Type’s retort was cut off as Tharn clenched the lower half of his body.


“Sorry, were you about to say something?”


For his attitude, Type did exactly that, pulling back and snapping his hips forward in a quick motion that made Tharn moan slightly.


“That’s it… like that.”


Type grabbed Tharn’s hands, pinning them to the bed beside his head, kissing him hard, repeating the thrusting motion again and again and again until Tharn couldn’t get out a coherent word if he wanted to.


Not that Type was much better, the pair of them simply panting for air.


After a few minutes of this, Type paused, pulling a frustrated groan from Tharn’s lips.


“Type, come- AH!”


Type grabbed Tharn’s hips, pulling him further down the bed, before starting up again.


Now, Tharn was shouting, every rock of Type’s body slamming his cock into Tharn’s prostate until he was shaking hard beneath him.


“Tharn, I- “


Those words were all that was needed for Tharn to tip over the edge, body jerking, breath catching in his throat, cum spurting onto his belly.


He barely noticed Type cumming as well, collapsing on top of him, bodies sliding against one another.


“Love you.” Type pressed his lips to Tharn’s throat, gently pulling out and rolling over, pulling Tharn into his arms.


“W-we need to clean up.” Tharn murmured, suddenly feeling exhausted.


“Hmmm, in a bit.”

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Prompt from Mlkleber: Would love more Win/Team protective/loving stories!



The scream echoed throughout the room, and Win was sitting up before he was fully awake.




He felt around the bed, only to frown at how empty it was, prompting him to look over at the sofa. Team was sat there, a blanket wrapped him indicating that he’d snuck out of bed a lot earlier to sleep there.


He looked up as Win got out of bed, dark circles under his eyes, sweat soaking through his t-shirt.


“I’m here.” Win whispered, “I’m here.”


Team shuddered, “It’s okay… it’s okay.”


He pushed Win away, dropping the blanket on the floor and heading to the kitchen, filling up a glass of water, downing it in one go.


Win watched from the sofa, sighing as Team pulled the damp t-shirt off, throwing it in the direction of the washing basket.


“I’ll be fine.” Team almost seemed to be talking to himself, “I can try and sleep for a few more hours, and drink some extra coffee in the morning.”


“You need to sleep properly.” Win gently spoke up, “We’re coming up to a week of poor sleep for you?”


“I don’t- “


Win was on his feet and wrapping Team in his arms, lifting him up and carrying him back towards the bed, curling himself around the younger boy protectively.


“Sleep.” He whispered, “I’ll keep watch, you’re safe here.”


Knowing that there was no way to win this argument, Team relaxed slightly in his boyfriend’s grasp.


“Safest place in the world.” He murmured sleepily, curling up further, sighing in relief at the warmth he was feeling.


Warm and safe.


Win made a satisfied noise, arms settling around Team, holding him securely in place.


Team didn’t remember falling asleep.




When Team next woke up, dawn was lighting the sky outside the window.




He rolled over to look his boyfriend in the eyes.


“Are you okay?”


Team nodded, “I’m okay.” He rubbed his eyes and shifted around, curling up on Win’s lap, head resting against Win’s knee, as Win gently stroked his hair.






Trying not to fall back asleep as Win continued to stroke his hair, Team frowned up at him, “Did you get any sleep?”


“Yeah, I did.” Win smiled warmly down at him, “Don’t worry about that, okay. If you need more sleep, then get more sleep, okay?”


“I-I have class- “


“- You need sleep more, okay?”


“O-Okay.” Team closed his eyes, sleep coming to him quickly again.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Team is insecure about his body(probably after someone made a offhanded comment) and it triggers his insecurity so he starts eating less and working out more to the point he is miserable. And win being a good boyfriend by practically worshipping team's body to show him that he is worth it? Along the lines of this, it can be NSFW.



The first time Win noticed that something was wrong, was on Valentine’s day. He came after lectures with chocolates and the biggest bag of Lays he could buy, only to nearly drop them to the floor at the sight of Team standing in front of the mirror in just his underwear, turning from side to side, examining himself.


He seemed upset, touching his body… a look of disgust flashing across his face which made Win frown.


He’d seen that look before.


On his own face.


Slowly, he backed out of the room.


Team would feel humiliated if he knew he’d been seen.


This time, he knocked on the door, clearing his throat and forcing a little cheer in his voice, “Team?”


“Don’t come in yet!” Team called out, voice panicked. There was the sound of drawers opening and closing, some soft curses as he obviously stubbed his toe on something, before the door flung open to reveal him dressed.


Like he hadn’t just been looking in the mirror at himself.


“Ooo, are those Lays?” Team eagerly snatched them away, “And chocolate!”


“Happy Valentine’s Day!” Win tried not to frown as Team took the treats.


Maybe… it was just a one-time thing?




Win didn’t miss how Team wasn’t eating as much as he usually did, and it was killing him not to say anything.


“Hia, wait!” Team whined as Win nipped at his neck, undoing the buttons of his shirt.




“C-can I keep the shirt on?”


Win frowned, “Why?”


“Just… because, okay?!” Team refused to look him in the eyes, fiddling with the cuffs of his sleeves


Win could never so now to him, not when Team looked that hurt…. So, they ended up doing it like that, with Team bouncing on his cock, shirt firmly buttoned up, his face buried in Win’s neck as he gasped and moaned through it all.




It got worse.


“A salad?” Win frowned as Team nibbled at his lunch.


No Lays, no rice or omelette… just salad.


“Not feeling that hungry.” Team muttered, “I’m going to the pool afterwards by the way, I need the practice.”


“In what universe?” Win’s frown deepened, “You’re one of the best on the team?”


“And one of the biggest.” Team muttered, voice low.


“What?!” Win shook his head, “Biggest? Who- did someone say something?”


Team seemed to realise he’d said his last statement out loud, flushing, before shaking his head, not meeting Win’s eyes.


“Team… don’t lie to me.”


Team looked like he was on the verge of tears, “I- “




“It was just… something I overheard after practice from one of the new ones.” Team must have seen the look on Win’s face, as he quickly added, “It was nothing really, just an off-handed comment about my thighs and gut, and I over-reacted, it was nothing.”


Win reached out to take Team’s trembling hands in his own, thankful that it was just them.


“I couldn’t stop focusing on it though.” Team whispered, a stray tear rolling down his cheek.


Win was going to have a serious sort out of the swim team after this…. Anyone who even thinks nasty thoughts about his baby was going to be kicked out.


“I kept thinking about all the ways that I’m not good enough, that I was disgusting and- “ As Team cut himself off, Win quickly moved into he was sitting next to his boyfriend, pulling him into his arms.


He was going to prove Team wrong.




He stared with hot, desperate kisses, making sure that Team’s lips were swollen by the end of it as he pushed his boyfriend onto the bed, moving to grab the lubricant from the bedside drawer… only to find the chocolates he’d given the other boy on Valentines’ day.


He’d only eaten about two.


And now he had a plan.


Ignoring Team’s confused look as he placed them on the bed, Win removed his clothes and Teams, moving until they were resting against the headboard. Grabbing a chocolate, he put on inside his mouth, quickly pulling Team in for a kiss, slipping the melted chocolate inside the others’ mouth with his tongue as they kissed.


As they kissed, Win’s hands moved to caress Team’s ass and thighs, moving down until his mouth was hovering over Team’s cock, reaching over to pop another chocolate in Team’s mouth, before taking Team into his mouth, moaning as he did.


Team shuddered in pleasure, mouth open as he gasped, chocolate dripping out of the corner of his mouth.


“You have such a pretty cock.” Win whispered as he pulled off, using his thumb to wipe the chocolate away, offering it to Team who sucked it off eagerly, “You are so gorgeous, so perfect.” Win grabbed the lube this time, “You’re always perfect.”




“You have no idea how sexy and perfect you are.” Win continued, as Team stared at him with wide eyes, prompting him to press their foreheads together, “You’ve captured my heart… did from the very first moment I saw you.”


Team looked a little dazed, before wrapping his arms around Win, giving him a quick, but sweet kiss.


“I… love you.” Team whispered, almost unsure as to how Win would take it.


“And I love you.” Win whispered, slicking up his fingers, pressing one finger into Team slowly as he took Team’s cock back into his mouth.




When he felt Team relax, he added another finger, smirking as Team grabbed his hair, removing the ponytail so that he could get a better purchase on the long strands.


Pulling off Team, Win then went to sucking hickeys all over Team’s left, inner thigh.


“G-Gonna come!”


“Come then.” Win pressed a finger against Team’s prostate, nipping at Team’s thigh at the same time as Team came with a yelp. As Team panted, coming from his high, Win moved up his chest, nipping and licking at the exposed skin, scraping his teeth against sensitive nipples.


Team’s cock twitched again.


“I love you.” Win couldn’t hold back the words, “I love you so much. Every part of you, from the tip of your hair to your toes. Everything!”


Team was looking at Win with wide and misty eyes, lower lip wobbling slightly… only to lunge at Win, pulling him into a hug.


“I love you too.” He whispered, shoulders trembling, “Now, please… please Win!”


The pair kissed again, as Win checked that Team was properly prepared. Once he was sure that Team was ready, he hoisted Team’s legs up, pushing them until his knees were almost touching his shoulders, lazily rubbing his cock against Team’s hole and balls.




“Yes, please!” Team whimpered as Win’s cock pressed against his rim.


Making sure he was slick enough, Win thrust all the way in, until his balls hit Team’s ass. When Team nodded, indicating that he was ready, he started to thrust in and out. The smell of sex and arousal filled the air, and all that could be heard were their pants, gasps and moans.


“Harder!” Team begged, blunt nails clawing Win’s back as he obeyed, “Fill me up, p-please!”


At the begging, Win came with a shout, his whole body spasming, world blacking out for a moment. After a moment, he recovered, cock still slightly hard as he moved to pull out, only for Team to tighten his hold around him.


“N’Team- “


“I-I want to do it again.” Team whispered, “Please?”


Win’s cock twitched, “You’ll be sore tomorrow.”


“T-that’s fine. I want to be sore.” Team stated in determination as Win groaned.


Slowly, he started to thrust again, fingers reaching up to pinch swollen nipples, making Team gasp sharply. The mess of his previous release made a wet and obscene sound that echoed throughout the room.


Win couldn’t help but stare at Team. Messy hair, blown pupils, skin flushed as he eagerly took what Win had for him.


Pressing soft kisses onto Team’s skin, Win sent a prayer to that the next time Team looked at himself in the mirror, he would see what Win saw.


How beautiful he was.


Speeding up the pace, Team came with a yell, clenching hard around him, eyes rolling to the back of his head. Win thrusted once, twice more, before following him over the edge.


“You… are going to be so sore tomorrow.” Win whispered, pulling out and rolling to the side.


“Mmmmm… thank you.”




“… For loving me.”


Win rolled over, pulling Team closer, “I’m going to make sure you always feel like that… we’ll work on this together.”



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Prompt from Mrs_SnowPitch: Do you perhaps have in mind writing a story about what happened after Blue and Dew closed the door? Thank you ( ◠‿◠ )



Blue’s bed was big for a first years.


That shouldn’t have been the first thing Dew focused on, but it was.


Yes, the exchange that led to them being here was flirty… but now that they were actually alone, it seemed that neither of them wanted to make that first move.


In the end, it was Blue who scooted closer. “I- “ The younger man licked his lips nervously, “- I want you to kiss me.”


Slowly, Dew leaned in closer, pressing their lips together softly, bringing one hand up to cup Blue’s jaw. Blue kissed him back, with shy open lips, closely followed by a curious tongue. It was uncoordinated and amateur, but with an eagerness to learn.


When Blue moved to cup the back of his head, bringing him closer, Dew’s breath caught in his throat, instantly deepening the kiss.


“Can we…” He murmured as they broke apart, “… can we do a little bit more?”




Lying back on the bed, Blue allowed Dew to practically lie on top of him as they kissed, Dew nipping at Blue’s lower lip occasionally.


Blue never thought it would feel like this.


As they got further and further into it, Dew end up completely on top of Blue, arms on either side of Blue’s head as he tried to keep his full weight off the younger man, deepening the kiss further and further.


He didn’t want to push Blue too far, even if the younger man was wrapping his arms around him, pulling him closer.


When they finally had to pause to breathe, Blue looked a little stunned.


“Wow.” He whispered, cheeks flushed bright red, as he rolled onto his side, encouraging Dew to roll onto his back. “I mean… wow.”


He shuffled closer, nestling his head into Dew’s neck as Dew’s hands creeped around his waist as they simply held each other.


As they did so, Dew couldn’t stop thinking of going further.


He wanted to suck on that lovely skin and mark Blue as his.


Make sure Champ knew exactly what was going on between them.


“So….” Dew nervously cleared his throat, “…we can do this more often, right?”


Blue pulled back slightly, before a coy smile flashed across his face and he pressed a quick kiss to Dew’s cheek. “Of course!”




Blue kissed him again, this time on the lips.


Dew took that to mean yes.

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Prompt from In: Would you do one about Korn and In? I need them more on this site to fill the hole in my heart lol



Korn wasn’t paying attention to the book he was reading.


Not when In was fast asleep, head on his lap, wrapped up in a blue blanket and looking like the most adorable thing to ever exist.


As if he knew that he was being thought about, In shifted in Korn’s lap, starting to wake up. When his eyes finally opened, hazy with sleep, Korn couldn’t help but run his fingers through that soft brown hair.


“Did you sleep well.”


“Hmmm.” In yawned, giving Korn a sleepy smile, before snuggling closer.


“You must have needed it.” Korn whispered, “You were asleep for over two and a half hours.”


“You’re too comfortable.” In muttered, “Way, way too comfortable.”


Korn chuckled, “Sorry to disappoint then, but you need food. We both need food and maybe a nice cup of tea.”


With a dramatic sigh, In pouted up at him, “Fine… but can we have shrimp?”


Another chuckle, “You’re so spoiled.” He brushed the back of his fingers down In’s neck as he moved to get up, knowing that In would follow.


Knowing that he’d bought some shrimp the day before, Korn went to cook (having decided to learn when he decided to buy an apartment with In) as In cleared the table. It didn’t take long and soon, Korn felt the other man wrap his arms around his waist, burying his face into Korn’s back.






“It’s difficult to cook when you’re clinging onto me like that.”


In hummed in agreement, but didn’t let go, as Korn rolled his eyes.


Thankfully, it didn’t take long for the food to be ready, as they both ate in silence, with In volunteering to wash up.


He did, but not without a broken plate or two.


After dinner, the pair sank back onto the sofa, Korn with his book and In with his blanket, curling himself up against Korn. When Korn continued to pay attention to his book, In huffed sulkily, headbutting Korn’s shoulder softly until the older man closed it with a sigh, before placing his arm around In’s shoulders.


In made a soft, contented noise in the back of his throat and shifted closer.


As far as both men were concerned, this was exactly how life should be.

Chapter Text

Prompt from Katie_Emm: Can we get a sequel for what happens when he gets Ae home from the hospital? Sequel to Chapter 35


Ae napped most of the day when he was brought home from the hospital, and when he wasn’t sleeping, he kept up with his physical training, walking around the room in the hope that he would be able to go back to playing football once all this was over.


It was about twelve at night when he limped into the kitchen to get himself a drink.




Bracing himself against the counter, Ae turned slightly to see Pete standing nervously in the doorway.


They hadn’t really talked since he was released… what with Pete at school or talking to the police about Trump’s harassment of him, and Ae sleeping.


“It’s late.” Pete whispered.


“I know.” Their conversations had never been so awkward before, “You- you should really be asleep.”


“I-I tried.” Pete ducked his head sheepishly, running a hand through his hair, already messed up from what little sleep he managed to get, comically fluffy.


Ae loved this look on him.


“I just…” Pete winced, “… can’t stop thinking, you know?”


“Yeah, I understand that.” Ae took a sip of the juice, watching as Pete scanned him from head to toe.


He’d been doing that a lot since the beating. And every time, as he met Ae’s eyes, he flinched, almost like he expected Ae to be disgusted by what he did.


As if Ae could ever be disgusted of Pete.


Pete didn’t seem to understand that though, so it was time for Ae to be more direct. Taking a deep breath, he shuffled closer, until he was close enough to reach out for Pete’s hand, kissing his knuckles.


“I hate that you had to make that decision.” Ae whispered, “But I will never hate you for it.”


“I- “


“- In a way, I’m actually glad you did it.”


Pete frowned, as Ae rushed to explain.


“You know he’s never going to come after you again. The problem has been dealt with… you’re safe.”


“Ai’Ae.” Pete’s voice was shaky, tears in his eyes, “I-I- “


“- I know.” Ae pressed his forehead to Pete’s, “I love you too.”


For a moment, they sat there in silence, until Ae pulled back, wincing at the ache in his chest.


“We should really get you back to bed.” Pete whispered, helping Ae to his feet, arms around Ae’s waist.


They were halfway to the room when Ae leaned over, pressing a quick kiss to Pete’s lips.


“Best medicine ever.” He whispered.



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Prompt from Ivilll: Ohoho~ then may I request some power struggle (in bed cough cough if you catch my meaning) between Pete and Kao from Dark Blue Kiss which ultimately ends with Pete winning? And maybe some NSFW ahem but only if you're comfortable with it :) Thanks~



“I could definitely hold you down.”


Kao stopped mid-sentence, glancing over at Pete, who raised an eyebrow at him… almost daringly.


“And… what brought this on?”


Pete shrugged, “Just a random thought.”


Slowly closing the book, Kao made his way over to the bed. “Really?” He got onto the bed, smirking as Pete straightened up expectantly, “I’d like to see you try!”


At the word ‘try’, he darted forwards, but before he could grab his boyfriend, Pete had scrambled out of bed, stopping and turning just out of arm’s reach.


“Too slow.” Pete taunted, beckoning him with a lazy finger, making Kao blink in surprise.


With deliberate slowness, he swung his legs over the edge of the bed. They stared at each other for a few moments, before Kao lunged forwards, hands out to grab Pete. Pete dodged out of his reach, cackling manically as he poked Kao in the ribs.


As Kao tried to grab his wrists, they both fell to the ground in a flurry of limbs, giggling madly.


Eventually, with a few bruises to show for the effort, Pete managed to get Kao’s arms behind his back and shove him to the floor, making Kao’s knees hit the ground with a THUD! Panting and grinning, Pete kept a hold of him as Kao struggled.


Finally, after a minute of straining, Kao gave up.


“Alright, you got me.” He chuckled, sounding mildly impressed as Pete beamed, leaning forwards to press his lips to the hollow space behind Kao’s ear.


“I did, didn’t I?” He whispered, using one hand to hold Kao’s arms in place as he reached out to grab a spare tie that was hanging on a nearby chair. “Stay still.”


He carefully tied Kao’s arms behind his back, before moving them both, taking a seat on the edge of the bed, Kao in between his legs.


“Look at me.” Pete gently ordered, leaning forwards as Kao turned his face up, cheeks flushed, eyes bright and half closed. He bit his lip, eyes flickering away from Pete’s


“Did I say you could look away yet?”


Kao then rolled his eyes, “No.”


Well, he wouldn’t be Kao without a bit of attitude.


Pulling his cock out of his pants, he slowly started to stroke it, watching as Kao’s eyes followed the movements hungrily.


“You want my cock in your mouth, don’t you?” Pete asked, watching Kao’s face. Kao bit his lip again and nodded.


“Use your words.”


“Yes.” Kao whispered softly


“Yes what?”


“Yes… I want your cock in my mouth.” Kao’s cheeks were bright red.


“How much do you want it?”


There was a pause where Pete was sure Kao was going to snap at him, but he watched as the other man took a deep breath, “I want it in my mouth, please.” He begged, “Please let me suck your cock.”


Pete gulped, unprepared for the words that made his dick twitch. “That’s so hot…. Come on then, show me.”


Kao shuffled forwards, mouth wrapping around the head of Pete’s cock, warm, wet and soft, starting to bob his head. Pete moaned, grabbing the nape of Kao’s neck, gently taking control of the pace. Kao took it in his stride, taking Pete’s cock deeper into his mouth with each movement.


The sight of Kao on his knees, so submissive before him brought Pete close to completion quicker than he expected.


“I’m going to cum. You want that, right?” He murmured, as Kao nodded around his cock, increasing his pace.


Pete kept his eyes on him, fully appreciating the sight of the man he loved, on his knees, sucking his cock. A swell of affection overcame him as he pushed Kao’s head down until his lips hit the base of his cock, coming with a groan.


As he recovered, he let go, allowing Kao back off his cock, the other man taking a deep breath.


“Was… that good?” Kao asked, as he was helped to his feet, Pete placing a gentle kiss on his lips.


“It was amazing!” Pete whispered, “Now get back on the bed and I’ll do something nice for you.”

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Prompt from migoooks: hi uhm i'm a sucker for day and tew in sotus s and i was hoping if we could have a prompt where tew and day are on a date when day saw the bullies that made him leave his previous school? and maybe see an aggressive and protective tew? MAYBE WE CAN HAVE THE PROTECTIVE PARENTS KONGPOB AND ARTHIT TOO? Sksksksks



The first time Tew went to meet up with Day during the exchange week, where other colleges would come and visit, his boyfriend looked a little nervous.


“Are you okay?”


“It’s nothing.”


Tew didn’t miss the fact that there was a coffee cup on the ground, the ice liquid a small puddle underneath.


Almost like it had been dropped… or knocked out of someone’s hands.


The second time, when they had a ‘double date’ planned with Kongpob and Arthit (not that Arthit would ever call it that), Day was bright red, knuckles white as he clutched at his bag straps.


“I didn’t get the score I expected on a test.” He muttered when Tew asked, a strained tightness in his voice.


One that Kongpob and Arthit noticed as well, which was probably the reason why they allowed Day to pick the restaurant.


On the third day, Tew noticed the small bruise on Day’s hand… almost like he’d been grabbed.


“How did that happen?” Arthit asked, staring at it in concern.


Day slid it carefully under the table, muttering something about banging it on a door, bring their casual conversation to an awkward halt.


As Day made his excuses, scurrying away to meet with someone for tutoring, both Kongpob and Arthit turned to Tew.


“What’s going on?” Arthit scowled, “If you’re- “


“- P’Arthit.” Kongpob was quick to intervene, “I don’t think Tew has anything to do with it.” A serious look appeared on his face, “But do you know what’s upsetting him?”


Tew shook his head. “I don’t know… but I’m going to find out.”




Day had told him that he was bullied in his old school but didn’t go into details.


Tew felt like he should have pushed the matter.


“And you’re sure that this is the reason behind the strange behaviour?”


Tew nodded, “I checked the exchange school list. His old school is definitely on there and all this started when they arrived. What else could it be?”


“And… that’s why we’re following Day like a trio of creeps?” Arthit hissed.


“We need to know who it is, right?” Kongpob defended their actions, “And then we can… kindly warn them off.”


Day was heading down a shortcut that Tew knew led to the food court. Their group followed, only for four men, a similar age to Day, block his path.


“Again?” They heard Day whispered, flinching as he was pushed against a nearby wall.


That was enough for Tew.


“HEY!” He yelled, rushing to Day’s side, knowing that Arthit and Kongpob weren’t far behind.


They all looked stunned by his arrival, especially Day, whose eyes were wide as Tew moved to step in front of him, pushing one of the other students away, causing him to stumble into his friends.


“Day, are you alright?” Tew turned to him.


“I-I… yeah.”


Kongpob and Arthit were standing in between them and the other group, keeping them at bay, even if they outnumbered them.


” What the hell man?!” The leader snapped, “We were just talking!”


“Bullshit.” Tew hissed, making sure Day was behind him as he straightened up, “You’ve been making his life hell since he got here!”


“You do know what he is right?”




The leader scoffed, a smug smile appearing on his face, clearly thinking that he had the upper hand, “He’s gay! A fag!”


“Yeah.” Kongpob shrugged, “So are we, what are you going to do about it?”


Arthit looked less than happy at the statement but stood by his boyfriend anyway.


“We- “


“- Listen to me!” Tew snapped, pushing past the other two, “If you ever lay a hand or say a word to Day again, so long as I live, they will never find your bodies! Are. We. Clear?” He didn’t let them answer, before he was turning back to Day and pulling him away.


“Tew! Tew!” Day wrenched his wrist free from Tew’s gentle grip, “Why did you- I didn’t need you to- “


“- Why didn’t you tell me?” Tew interrupted, “Or Kongpob? Or P’Arthit? We could have done something sooner.”


Day was silent for a moment, before sighing, “I… thought I could handle it. I’m not exactly the same kid they chased away.” He winced, “And… I didn’t really want them coming after you as well.”


Tew felt like his heart was going to explode, reaching out to take Day’s hand, only for Kongpob to speak up.


“They won’t come after you again.” Kongpob promised, “P’Arthit and I will have a word with the event organisers.”


“We will?” Arthit muttered, although it was clear he agreed.


“Yes, we will.”




The next time Tew and Day saw the bully group, they didn’t say a word to them, clearly avoiding their gaze.


“I wonder what P’Kongpob and P’Arthit did?” Day asked in hushed wonder.


“I sense it’s best not to ask.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from April: Can I request a bottom Kongpob please?? Bonus points if he's shy and embarrassed because of something P'Arthit did!!



Kongpob was acting strangely.


Kongpob was acting strangely… and Arthit wanted to know why.


Hence the reason he was sitting on their bed, staring at the door in determination, watching as Kongpob entered the room only to stop in his tracks.


“P’Arthit?” Kongpob frowned in concern, “Are… you okay?”


“Mm.” Arthit narrowed his eyes at him.


“…. Did I do something wrong?”


“I don’t know, did you?” Arthit snapped, “Because you’ve been acting strangely lately.” He ignored the sinking feeling in his stomach, silently dreading what the younger man would say.


Was he thinking of breaking up?


Had he met someone else?


Kongpob actually looked a little unsure at the words, “I… It’s just- I just wanted to talk to you about something.”


Yep, definitely the break-up talk.


Slowly, Kongpob went to sit by Arthit’s side, nervously wringing his fingers together, “I wanted to ask if you… wanted to try a bit of role reversal?”


Arthit… was not prepared for that.


“W-what are you- “


“I just wondered if you wanted to… try doing it the other way around.” Kongpob was visibly nervous, an unfamiliar look on him.


“I- like me… in you?”


“Yeah… like you in me.” Kongpob took a deep breath, shuffling closer, “I-I want to try it.”


Arthit had no idea where this came from, but couldn’t stop the nerves from bubbling up, freezing as Kongpob leaned in for a kiss.


It was short and chaste at first.


And then Arthit decided to take the lead, pressing forwards a little, gaining a choked moan from Kongpob.


He was in charge today.


Kongpob accepted it almost eagerly, one hand moving to Arthit’s nape as he pulled him closer.


They continued to kiss, all of their clothes slowly making their way onto the floor. Arthit ran his hand down Kongpob’s abdomen, to his hip bone, like Kongpob had done so many times to calm him down.


“Y-you should prepare me.” Kongpob said shakily, “The lube- in the nightstand.”


Arthit was shocked at how quickly he moved, opening the bottle and coating his fingers with the substance, warming it up. “Have you ever done anything like this before?” He asked, “I mean, by yourself?”


Kongpob nodded shyly, watching as Arthit gave him the best reassuring smile that he could.


“Lift your leg.” Arthit felt detached slightly, feeling like he was in an alternate universe. Kongpob slowly obeyed, breathing a little ragged and Arthit didn’t miss the sharp intake of a breath when he brushed his finger against Kongpob’s rim.


“Are you ready?”


Kongpob nodded, not taking his eyes off of Arthit as the older man leaned in to kiss him, pressing his finger inside slowly.


It felt unreal.


He pressed his finger further inside, keeping eye contact with Kongpob the entire time. He loved how the younger man’s mouth fell open in a silent moan, his pupils dilate making his eyes almost completely black, dark with lust.


He was uncharacteristically silent, something that Arthit was really not used to.


It was intriguing to see someone else experiencing this for the first time.


“This… feels so good.” Kongpob eventually managed to force out, only for his eyes to widen in surprise as Arthit slid a second finger inside. Arthit’s own moan slipped free at the sight of Kongpob feeling so much pleasure at what he was doing.


And he was the first one to make him feel like this.


He dipped down to catch a moan that was just about to slip from Kongpob’s lips, trying not to cum at the mere sight of the younger man falling apart in front of him, two fingers working in and out of Kongpob’s hole.


When Kongpob felt relaxed enough, Arthit set the pace a little quicker, as Kongpob groaned, hands flying up to grab at Arthit’s shoulders.


Taking it as a green light, Arthit carefully removed his fingers, making Kongpob whine.


“It’s okay.” Arthit’s voice was rough, “I’m just going to add another finger. Tell me if it’s too much.”


Kongpob nodded, wide eyed as Arthit pushed three fingers inside, Arthit leaning over to kiss at his neck and throat.


It didn’t take long before one of his fingertips brushed against Kongpob’s prostate, causing the younger to yelp slightly, practically jumping off the bed.


“K-Keep going!” He begged Arthit, “Fuck!”


After a while of fingering and aggressive kissing, Arthit knew that Kongpob was close, prompting him to pull away.


He was close as well, and there was a chance that he wasn’t going to last much longer.


“Breathe Kongpob, breathe.” He whispered, kissing the younger man again as he pushed himself inside.


Kongpob winced.


Arthit was bigger than he expected.


“P’Arthit- “


“- Sssh.”


Kongpob winced at how cringy he sounded as Arthit started a slow pace.


“Does it feel good?”


“Fuck, yes, fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” Kongpob’s arm moved around Arthit’s neck, nails digging into the older man’s back as the pace sped up slightly.


How had he never tried this before?


Oh yeah… because Arthit was the boss outside the bedroom, so he took control in it.


Trying to muffle his moans, he sank his teeth into Arthit’s shoulder, who yelped at the pain.




“Sorry, sorry!” Kongpob pulled away, whining, “It’s just- too much!”


“Do you want me to- “


“- Don’t stop!”


The thrusts got harder and harder, Arthit losing more and more control.


“I’m gonna- “Arthit cut himself off as he came inside Kongpob, the younger man following on soon afterwards. Having never felt that before, Kongpob felt like he was going to lose his mind, pulling Arthit in for a desperate kiss.


As they both came down from their high, Arthit gently pulling out and rolling to the side, Kongpob let out a breathless chuckle.


“We… have to do that again sometime.”




“… Fancy another round.”





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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Achi/Kluay - The there’s only one bed trope.



Achi… was not impressed.


He wasn’t impressed that they got less than two days’ notice for this cross-country trip.


He wasn’t impressed by how crowded the coach was on the way here, or how slowly it took.


His lack of enthusiasm was apparent, as other members of the swim team took care to avoid him.


Well, all except one.


Ignoring how Kluay was practically leaping at the chance to share a room with, Achi unlocked the hotel room door, only to stop in the doorway, eyes widening at what he saw.


“Oh!” Kluay peered over his shoulder and started to cackle, especially when Achi threw his bag to the floor in a fit of frustration.


“They knew about this.” Achi hissed, storming over to the double bed, glaring down at it as though it were the cause of all his problems.


Personally, Kluay thought this was perfection.


He could see Achi’s cheeks turn slightly pink, not looking him in the eyes, indicating that he was probably having the same thoughts as him.


Their relationship was new, and honestly Kluay didn’t think they’d get to this stage so quickly.


Not that he was complaining.


Achi didn’t really seem to be complaining either though, so maybe Kluay could work with this. Swallowing and hoping that he wasn’t reading everything wrong, Kluay dropped his bag to the ground and moved to sit on the bed, trying to catch Achi’s eyes.


“Maybe… this isn’t a bad thing?” He ventured, “Right?”


Achi glanced over at him, arms folded over his chest, his usual scowl on his face.


“… We’re putting a pillow in the middle of us.”



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Prompt from nowatchmenaynay: hiii can you write one on Misu and Shinjyoungi? i don't have a prompt but anything nice and long on these two would be great! ^_^



Shingyouji watched as Misu-san entered the room, trying not to scowl as the older student didn’t pay him any attention, instead laughing at something another student had just said to him.


It was obvious he didn’t do a very good job at hiding his displeasure though, as Misu-san caught his gaze and raised an eyebrow, almost seeming to be amused. The older student made a gesture for Shingyouji to follow him as he made his way out of the room.


He didn’t look back to see if Shingyouji was following… he knew he was.


They entered Misu-San’s dorm room, the older student locking the door behind them.


“Jealous Pet?” Misu asked, turning to face Shingyouji, hands in his pockets.


Shingyouji bit his lip and shrugged, butterflies fluttering through his stomach. Misu-san gestured to a spot on the floor in front of him, “Sit.”


Shingyouji was quick to kneel, head bowed as Misu took a seat on the bed, spreading his legs and pulling Shingyouji closer until the younger man was in between them.


“Talk to me Pet.”


“I-I- “ Shingyouji shrugged, “- You were- “


“- Is it because I didn’t pay attention to you straight away?”


Grateful that Misu-san had given him an out, Shingyouji nodded as the older student chuckled.


“Poor Pet.”


Shingyouji looked up at Misu-san hopefully, straightening up when the other man smiled at him… a proper smile, which was rare.


“I have a gift for you.” Misu-san then stated, reaching over to his bedside table, pulling a drawer open and pulling out a small box, handing it over to Shingyouji. “Open it.”


Hands shaking slightly, Shingyouji opened up the box only for his eyes to widen at what he saw.


A collar.


MIsu-san ran a hand down Shingyouji’s exposed throat, making the younger man shiver, “You know what this means?” Misu-san gently took the collar from his hands, fitting it around Shingyouji’s throat snugly.


“I-I’m… yours?”




Shingyouji’s mouth open and closed, clearly struggling to find another answer. Thankfully, Misu-san seemed to take pity on him. “I’ll always take care of you… you’re important to me.”


At a loss for words, Shingyouji couldn’t stop the smile from spreading across his face as Misu cupped his face with his hands. He melted at the contact, responding eagerly when the older student leant down to kiss him.


Misu-san then stood up, pulling Shingyouji up with him as they continued to kiss, slowly removing each other’s clothes as they went. Misu gently guided Shingyouji to the bed, laying him on top of the covers.




Takumi Hayama and Giichi Saki walked in some time later, hesitating in the doorway at the sight of Misu and Shingyouji curled up together on Misu’s bed, Shingyouji looking half-asleep already.


Takumi frowned, “Is… is Shingyouji wearing a collar?” He whispered.


Almost immediately, Shingyouji’s eyes shot open, cheeks flushing furiously red. “We-we were just- “ He sputtered, only for Misu to cut him off, placing a hand on the younger man’s knee.


“I was just reminding Shingyouji of his place in my life.”


The words were ominous, but it wasn’t hard to see the care behind them.


“Shingyouji.” Giichi spoke up, “Are you alright?”


“Yes Giichi-san.” Shingyouji nodded shyly, cheek still red as his fingers nervously ran along the collar. He didn’t take it off though, not wanting to offend Misu-san like that. When Giichi continued to examine him, looking for who knows what, Shingyouji started to squirm under his scrutiny.


Misu smirked.


“I’ll be honest.” Giichi broke the silence, “It’s a little more than I wanted to know about your sex life, but remember that you don’t have to do everything he says, right Shingyouji?”


Even as Misu glared at the other man, Shingyouji nodded shyly.


“I-I know.”


“Alright.” The stern look vanished from Giichi’s face, “I trust you.”


“You trust him, what about me?” Misu yelled indignantly as the other couple left the room, “I… really hate them sometimes.” He muttered.


“Hmmm.” Shingyouji hummed, snuggling into Misu’s embrace


“… Do you want me to take it off now?” Misu then asked, stroking a hand through Shingyouji’s hair.


“Can I- can I keep it on? Just for a bit longer?” He looked up at the older student with pleading eyes.


“As long as you want Pet.” Misu promised, placing a kiss to Shingyouji’s forehead, smiling as the younger man snuggled even closer.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: It’s a big Swim Meet and the UWMA and Water Boyy swimmers are all there and set up next to each other. Dean’s a little gloomy cause Phram couldn’t come and observing the other team especially Achi/Kluay interacting while Win’s more focused on Team then the others. Maybe they also know someone on the other team idk up to you



“Are you going to mope for this entire competition?”


Dean ignored Win, eyes scanning the crowd again as though anything had changed in the last minute.


Pharm had a big test to study for, as well as a small task for his cooking club. There was no chance of him making it to this competition.


So, yes. Maybe he was sulking slightly.


“And this is why I love having a boyfriend on the swim team.” Win chuckled, rolling his eyes as he turned his attention back to Team, who was getting ready for his first race.


He did love seeing Team in his uniform.


As Win oogled his boyfriend, Dean’s attention was caught by a startled yelp on the other side of the room. He glanced over to see a relatively short student from the opposing uni, hitting another, older man who was starting to laugh.


They reminded up of Win and Team in a way.


He watched as the older student finally managed to grab the younger one, pulling him into his arms and kissing at his face. They looked so happy, and honestly, Dean was starting to feel like the world was against him.


“Ummm, I think you should stop staring at them.” Win hissed, breaking Dean out of his daydreams, “Because they’re- “


“- Hey!”


Dean winced, glancing back over to the other team as the shorter male stormed over, stopping a few feet from them with his arms folded over his chest.


“Do you have a problem?!”


“I-I- “ Dean floundered slightly, vaguely hearing the race come to an end.


“Achii, maybe you should- “The other student made his way over, only for his eyes to widen, “- Dean? Win?”


“You know them?” Achii turned to his boyfriend as Dean and Win got to their feet.


“Yeah, I know Dean and Win from…” The other man flushed, “… Just a few events.”


Achii was silent for a moment, before he sighed and rolled his eyes, “From the rich boys club? Really P’Kluay?”


Kluay at least looked a little sheepish, quickly changing the subject when he saw Team approaching. “Is this N’Team or N’Pharm?”


Pulling Team closer, Win beamed, “N’Team. My boyfriend.”


“Hia!” Team flushed as he gave a weak little struggle, but there was a soft smile on his face.


“Nice to meet you.” Kluay smiled warmly at him, “Is N’Pharm here?”


Dean shook his head, “He’s got a test to study for.”


“Shame, I really wanted to- “


“- Wait, wait, wait!” Achii piped up, a frown on his face, “So… you guys aren’t… homophobic?”


Dean and Win’s mouth gaped open for a moment before Win burst out into laughter.


“What? Why would we be- “


“- He…” Achi gestured at Dean, “- was staring at us.”


“Because I was missing my boyfriend!” Dean was quick to defend himself, “Not because I’m homophobic!”


Achi looked a little uncertain still, barely relaxing as Kluay pulled him closer. “Don’t worry.” Kluay whispered soothingly, “After we win this competition, we’ll all have a meal together… then you’ll see just how sickening Dean can be with his own boyfriend… or so Win has told me.”


Dean was shocked for a moment, before spinning around to glare at his friend, who was already making a hasty retreat.


He would have his revenge.

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Prompt from Dina Desai: could you please write a one-shot on Fujita Yuma and Onishi Naoto from Ikari (Rage) 2016? i'd love you forever! Xoxo

I decided on an AU where *Spoilers* Naoto didn’t die.



Yuma awoke early, instinctively reaching over to the other side of the bed, only to frown at how cold it was. His fingers twisted in the smooth sheets as he slowly pushed himself to a seated position.


Had he imagined everything that had happened since Naoto left… since Yuma suspected he was the killer the police were looking for?


Had the heart attack been fatal?


Had it all been a dream?


Yuma’s throat constricted, tears building in his eyes. He didn’t know what he would do if it was all a dream. He closed his eyes against the brightening day, sun streaming through the curtains. As he slowly started to wake up fully, he realised that he could smell fish grilling in the kitchen.


That was no dream.


Slowly, he got out of bed, making his way out of the room and into the kitchen…. And there he was.


Naoto moved around the kitchen as he continued to make breakfast.


“Naoto…” Yuma found himself whispering, staying where he was as the other man turned and moved closer, one arm wrapping around his waist, the other hand moving to stroke Yuma’s head soothingly.


“Are you okay?” Naoto whispered, clearly seeing the upset in Yuma’s eyes, his concern only deepening when Yuma closed his eyes and leaned against the other man’s chest.


“You’re here.” Yuma whispered, voice almost child-like.


“Of course I am… I could never stay away from you for long.”


“… You left.”


Naoto’s arms wrapped around him gently, “I won’t leave you again, I promise.”


With Naoto’s heart condition, it wasn’t a promise he could really keep, but Yuma appreciated the words. He leaned up and brushed his lips against Naoto’s. There was a pause, before Naoto pressed closer, deepening the kiss, leading Yuma into the main room and then towards the bedroom, where Yuma was pushed onto the bed.


“I left to protect you.” Naoto whispered, “I didn’t want you to- to feel obligated to be with me.”


“So… why did you come back?”


“… Because you have become one of the most important things in my life. I could never let you go.”


Yuma felt his eyes were closing, Naoto’s fingers sliding through his hair.


“I’m sorry that I hurt you.” Naoto continued, “But I’ve learnt now… I will never hurt you again. I love you Yuma.”


“I-I love you to.” Yuma whispered as he fell asleep, safe and secure.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Protective Can. Somehow Tin gets Can to accompany him to one of his family’s fancy business dinner’s. Probably with the offer of fancy food, all he can eat. Tin’s off by himself watching Can his mask slipping when his approached by an old “friend” who wants to make nice. Can pushes in suddenly with a plate of food offering some to Tin before acknowledging the other and being his charming self.



Free food.


That was the only reason Can had agreed to come along to this thing, and honestly, Tin wouldn’t have bothered if it hadn’t been for the vague threats his Father made.


And so, he’d forced Can into a suit that made Tin consider disobeying his Father, and here they were. Tine lingering on the edge of the dancefloor, as Can searched for something more substantial for them to eat, rather than trying to catch one of the servers with those tiny morsels.


Can couldn’t see the point in them.


Taking another sip of his drink, Tin tried not to let the stares of the party-goers bother him.


He didn’t need them.


He had Can.


“Well, if it isn’t Tin Medthanon!”


Tin tensed up at the oh so familiar voice, looking around for an exit only to find none. Forcing a smile on his face, he turned to the right, to see Mil striding up to him, that smarmy smirk on his face.


“And here I thought your parents had locked you up in a tower to make sure you didn’t embarrass them again.”


Tin just took another sip of his drink.


“What?” Mil moved until he was in front of him, “You’re not still mad about that party, right?”


Another sip.


Ignore him.


Don’t respond and he’ll just give up.


He’d forgotten that Mil wasn’t one to give up, as the slightly older boy grabbed his wrist and yanked, causing him to spill some of his drink over his shirt.


“Don’t you dare ignore me.” Mil hissed, “Or do you want me to tell your parents what a little who- “


“- Ai’Tin!”


Suddenly, Mil was taking a few steps back as a small figure came in between them, a plate in either hand.


“I told you I’d be able to charm Auntie into giving us some proper food, that we don’t have to chase down!” Can smiled at him, seemingly unaware of the tension as he handed Tin one of the plates.


There were some of Tin’s favourite foods on there.


“Come on.” Can then gently took his arm to lead him away, “Let’s find somewhere quiet before your Mother starts glaring at me again.”


Tin allowed himself to be pulled away, until they were in a quieter section of the house. Almost instantly, Can’s smile disappeared from his face as he took the plate from Tin’s hand, placing both on a nearby table, before turning back to Tin.


“Who was that jerk?” He asked, voice quieter than usual, “Ai’Tin?”


“I’m fine.” Tin mumbled, trying to shrug the unexpected concern off, not really knowing how to deal with it, “He was… just a- “


“- asshole.”


“It was fine.” Tin snapped, “I was handling it.”


As he turned away, he heard Can sigh wearily. “You shouldn’t have had to… handle it.” The shorter male moved closer, placing one hand on Tin’s back, “I leave you alone for a few minutes and- “


“- I don’t need you to protect me.” Tin muttered, sounding sulky even to himself as he turned back to Can, frowning at the smile on the other man’s face, “What?”


“What if I like protecting you?”


Tin couldn’t stop the flush he knew was appearing on his cheeks, shuffling self-consciously from side to side.


Can’s smile deepened for a moment, before it fell from his face, “Seriously… who was he?”


“A friend. Or at least I thought he was before my brother paid him.”


“You mean… at that party you talked about.” Can’s voice was low and quiet, as though he was worried someone was listening in.


Which was a possibility if Tin had to be honest.


Not trusting his voice to remain steady, he simply nodded, watching as Can’s face visibly darkened.


“I should have punched him in his smug mouth then.”


Tin felt a wave of affection rush over him as Can continued to rant about what he should have done to the other man, the threat including kicking, biting and various insults about his mother.


“I love you.”


Can stopped, “What?”


“I. Love. You.”


“I… really like you too.”


Tin would take it.

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Prompt from Kacilie: Can you write a tharntype where type gets injured or sick and tharn is worried and takes care of him



“So… how do you feel?” Tharn looked down at his boyfriend, who seemed to have given up trying to actually get inside, and was instead, leaning against the wall, looking like he was seconds away from passing out.


Thankfully, it was nice-ish weather.


“Shut up…” Type groaned, trying to push himself to his feet, only to fall back down, “… This… sucks!” Visibly trying to keep himself upright and his eyes open, Type forced a smile onto his face, breath coming in short, harsh gasps as beads of perspiration slid down his face.


“I should leave you here.” Tharn sighed, “Didn’t I say that you looked ill this morning and that you shouldn’t go to football practice?”


The annoyance in his voice could clearly be heard.


“You’re not my mother!” Type snapped, before groaning and leaning forwards slightly, muttering something unintelligible under his breath which didn’t sound very flattering.


And then he fainted.


“Type!” Tharn darted forwards, stopping Type’s head from hitting the ground. Sighing, he opened their door, lifted his boyfriend into his arms and headed inside to their room. He placed Type on the bed, removing his shoes, before covering him up.


Placing a hand onto Type’s damp forehead, he winced at the burning skin there. Quickly, he rushed to fill a bowl with water, bringing along a small hand towel and some fever reducers in the hope to cool Type down.


When he came back, Type had come to, already moving to get up before Tharn pushed him back down.


“And where do you think you’re going?”


“I’m thirsty!” Type snapped, voice weaker than usual, “Can’t I get a drink?”


Tharn couldn’t stop the laugh from bubbling free. Type looked like he was seconds from passing out if he dared attempting walking.


“You…” He forced himself to adopt a scolding tone, “… are burning with fever, and if you really think I’m going to let you out of this bed, then you must be mad. Stay in bed and let me take care of you.”


It said a lot about how Type was feeling that he didn’t protest at this, simply nodding silently and curling back under the blanket.


Tharn shook his head, setting the bowl and pills on the bedside table, wetting the towel, before gently patting Type’s forehead, wiping away the sweat and then around his neck as Type watched in silence.


“You don’t need to… play the nurse.” Type protested.


Fondly, Tharn leaned over to place a gentle kiss on Type’s head, before placing the freshly wringed out, cool towel on it, making Type sigh in relief.


“You’re my boyfriend.” Tharn whispered, “I can think of nothing more I’d like to do, than ‘play’ nurse for you.”


“Corny.” Type muttered, despite the soft smile on his face, burrowing deeper under his cocoon as he finally drifted off to sleep.


A wave of affection rushing through him, Tharn brushed his fingers through Type’s slightly damp hair, before heading towards the kitchen.




Type would need soup.

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Prompt from In: Could you do a dean/pharm that focuses on the size difference between them. Pharm is so cute 💕



Pharm really needed that spice… and Dean had been the last to use it.


Which means that it was just out of reach.


Don’t get him wrong, Pharm loved that Dean was trying to learn how to cook so that he could surprise and treat Pharm every so often.


This was a downside of it, though.


Try as he might, he could not reach the spice. He stood on his tiptoes, reaching as far as he could manage, but his fingers barely grazed it.


He knew that Dean had a thing for how much shorter Pharm was, in comparison to him, finding it cute and kissing Pharm’s cheek when he had to reach things for him.


He couldn’t have Dean helping him every time though, which only made Pharm more determined.


He tried again with his desperate reaching, trying to jump up a little. However, all that seemed to accomplish was pushing the spice further into the cupboard as he tried to grab it mid-air.


After nearly slipping and falling over, Pharm looked around for other alternatives… ones that didn’t involve pulling Dean away from his studying.


Cautiously, he peeked into the other room, sighing in relief when he didn’t see Dean. Hearing the shower, he quickly deduced where his boyfriend was, giving him the chance to grab a chair. It screeched slightly on the floor as he pulled it into the kitchen.


“Okay.” He addressed the silence, “I can do this. No need to bother Dean.”


Once the chair was pressed up against the counter, he tested it with one foot to make sure it wouldn’t wobble too badly, before moving to stand on top if it, clutching at the cupboard shelve frantically.


“Don’t look down.” He whispered to himself, grabbing the spice, “Don’t look down.”


He was just about to climb down and continue cooking when he heard a shocked “Pharm?” from the kitchen doorway. He flinched and the spice slipped from his hand before he could even blink, hitting the ground and spilling all over the floor.


Not that Pharm paid much attention to that, staring at Dean, who had a towel wrapped around his waist… and a hand over his mouth as his shoulders shook.


“P’Dean!” Pharm pouted, “Don’t laugh at me!”


“Sorry, sorry!” Dean fought to regain control, “It’s just… I’m sorry, I forgot that you couldn’t reach that top shelf.”


“That’s why the spices are on the lower half.” Pharm sassed back, as Dean held up his hands in surrender, “And now there’s a mess on the floor.”


Dean carefully moved forwards until he was right in front of Pharm… who wasn’t that much taller than him even on this chair.


“I really wish you’d waited for me to get it.” Dean sighed as Pharm placed his hands on his shoulders, allowing himself to be helped off the chair and away from the spice on the floor.


“I can’t rely on you for everything.” Pharm sighed.


“I want you to.” Dean hadn’t put Pharm down yet, silently encouraging the younger boy to wrap his legs around Dean’s waist, looking him in the eyes “You’re my boyfriend… I love helping you.”


Pharm blushed bright red, burying his face into Dean’s shoulder.


“Love you.” He muttered, still a little embarrassed


“I love you too… my tiny boyfriend.”



Chapter Text

Prompt from Sara: You know how TharnType season two is comming up and itll talk about their married life? Id love to read how Tharn asked his hand in marriage if youd like to write ❤



Tharn first broached the subject over breakfast.




“Mmm?” Type’s cheeks were bulging slightly from the mouthful of breakfast he had just shoved into it, “Mmmhmmmmm?”


Chuckling fondly, taking those mumbles as being ‘Yeah, what is it?’, Tharn took a sip of orange juice. “Do you ever think about getting married?”


Type’s eyes widened, as he fought not to choke at the question, turning away from Tharn as said eyes watered slightly with the effort. When he finally managed to swallow it all, he cleared his throat nervously, “What… to you?”


“Yes, to you!”




Trying not to show how hurt he was, Tharn lowered his gaze to his breakfast.


He would take the silence as a no.




The second time he brought it up, Type had been pulled off the pitch after being tackled and then accidentally kicked in the head… by an overeager Techno.


Type had no recollection of that one though… which was probably for the best as Tharn had to admit to being a bit panicked at the sight of the blood on Type’s head.


It wasn’t a very coherent proposal.




He tried for the third time during a football match that Type had ‘pre-booked’ the TV for weeks in advance.


It was nearly two in the afternoon, and they’d gorged themselves on pizza and beer, leading to them almost lying on top of each other, pleasantly sated as the match played on.


“Hey, Type.” He whispered, rubbing little circles onto Type’s back.


“Yeah?” Type answered, eyes never leaving the TV.


“… I love you.”


Type mumbled something that resembled ‘I love you too’, as Tharn continued a little shakily.


“I really- I’ve been thinking about this for a while because I really love you.” He was starting to ramble uncharacteristically, but he was nervous, so he gave himself a free pass, “I love you and I want to be with you forever, okay?”








“Of course… of course you’re asleep.”




The fourth time, Tharn decided not to mess around and beat around the bush.


He took Type out to a fancy restaurant, one where they had to dress nicely and know which utensil to use.


They’d never done this before and Tharn was determined to do it correctly, opening doors for his boyfriend, pulling out the chair for Type to sit down on… really, he should’ve expected Type’s reaction.


“Knock it off, I’m not a girl!” Type hissed, having just enough awareness not to cause a scene, “What are you doing?”


They sat opposite each other, as Tharn tried not to fidget.


“Are you trying to impress me or something?”


Tharn shrugged, “Maybe?”


Type frowned, but soon got distracted when the waiter arrived.


It was all a disaster.


They tried to order wine, only to realise that neither of them really knew anything about wine, they couldn’t pronounce anything on the menu, so they struggled through it. Their orders got mixed up with the table next to them, everything was too hot to eat, and the wine (when they finally managed to order some) was horrible.


Sharing the dessert was the best thing about the evening, but it didn’t stop Tharn from feeling discouraged as they left.


“You know…” Type sighed as they headed home, “… I really thought you were going to propose.”


“… Would you have said yes?”


Type shrugged, and Tharn gave up a little.




The fifth time was an accident.


They’d just finished having sex, Type rolling onto his back and looking up at Tharn with those gorgeous brown eyes. Tharn lay next to him, the sheets tangled around their limbs as Type snuggled closer, their kisses soft and chaste.


After a few minutes, Tharn felt a surge of courage.


“Hey, Type?” His voice was small and uncertain.


“Yeah?” Type was always a little sweeter after a good round of sex.


“I want to ask you something,”




“I- “ Tharn stared at Type for a few moments, soaking in the happy look on the other man’s face, “- Will you marry me?”


“… Yes.”


Tharn sat up slightly, eyes widening in shock, “Really?”


“Yeah, why don’t you believe me?” He glared at Tharn, “Changed your mind or something?!”


“Never! But it’s just- every time I tried, you just- I never- “


“Hey!” Type slapped his hand over Tharn’s mouth, cutting him off mid-rambling flow, “I love you, okay? A lot! All you had to do was ask properly!”


“I did!” Tharn yelled as loud as he could through the hand, as Type removed it.


“Not properly!”


Tharn glanced down at them and their naked bodies, before raising an eyebrow, “This isn’t exactly traditional.”


“True… we need to work on your timing.” Type pressed another kiss to Tharn’s lips, rolling on top of him. “Celebratory engagement round?”


“Of course.”

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Prompt from YoongisBottomLip: How about Ae and Trump get in a fight one day when Trump is picking on Pete. They’re fighting when Pete finally gets fed up. He beats Trumps ass while Ae and the crowd gathering watches in shock. You can add or take away whatever you want from the story!



This date had all gone horribly wrong.


Pete hovered uncertainly on the bench as Ae and Trump faced off against one another.


It was meant to be a simple date, holding hands as they walked through the park, ice cream on the bench, kissing it off each other’s lips.


Everything Pete ever dreamed of.


Ruined because Trump decided to pick another fight and Ae had leapt to Pete’s immediate defence.


Trump threw a punch that Ae only narrowly avoiding, stumbling back a couple of steps


Pete desperately tried to steady his breathing, fully getting to his feet. He knew Ae could take care of himself, but that didn’t stop him from feeling nervous.


He caught Ae’s eyes as his boyfriend turned to check on him, flashing him a reassuring smile only for it to vanish at Trump’s next words.


“You really think you’re good enough for him?” Trump snarled, “Some street urchin with no prospects, no money and no- UGH!”


Pete couldn’t’ listen to this any longer, not when Ae almost seemed to be believing the poisonous vitriol spewing from Trump’s mouth.


Before he knew it, he was tackling Trump to the ground, Ae’s shocked cry of “Ai’Pete!” echoing in his ears as he punched Trump in the face.


Pain shot up his hand and arm at the poorly thrown punch, but Trump grunted in pain, and that was all that mattered.


He threw another punch for good luck.




Pete ignored him.


Why did this make him feel so much better? Seeing that smug look disappear from Trump’s face at his own hand?


Why did this help?


“Pete, stop!” Arms wrapped around his shoulders, pulling him away before he could land another punch, pulling him off Trump and into a familiar grip.


“You’re okay.” Ae whispered in his ear, “You’re okay.”


Pete buried his face into Ae’s chest as his boyfriend helped him to his feet.


“Come on.” Ae pulled Pete away, as they had attracted quite the crowd, “We should go.”


“Ai’Ae, I- “


“- Later.” Ae’s voice was soft, no harshness to be heard despite the shortness of his words, “We’ll talk about this later.”




Later, as Ae was tending to Pete’s slightly swollen knuckles, Pete decided to break the awkward silence.


“I-I’m sorry you had to see that.”


Ae shook his head, leaning up to press their lips together. When they parted, Ae pulled him close, “I hate that you were pushed to that…” He sighed, “… But- “


Ae stopped, making Pete frown.




“- I… That was… amazing what you did.” Ae confessed, “I- I know your knuckles are hurting and our date was completely ruined, but honestly I-I just want to take you to bed right now.”


“Ai’Ae!” Pete knew his face was bright red, allowing himself to be pulled up from the chair, Ae’s hands moving to cup his ass.


“You’re right.” Ae sighed, “These wounds probably need washing… in the shower then?”


Well… Pete certainly wasn’t going to argue.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Hi! I love your writing :) I’m not sure if your write for PeteKao but if you do could you maybe do a NSFW with Jealous/Possessive Pete and have some point have him kiss the freckle on Kao’s nose 🥺 thank you :)



Pete had never really considered himself possessive before he got together with Kao.


He had jealous tendencies, but never full-blown possessive behaviour.


Striding into the library, knowing that Kao was probably studying right about now, Pete stopped when he saw the strange student leaning over the desk that Kao was at. He remained out of sight, waiting to see if this person was a friend or not.


Kao would not appreciate it if he rushed over, acting ‘like a caveman’ or so Kao liked to put it.


“I’m not sure where those would be.” He heard Kao say, “I’m not even sure this library would have them. Maybe try the business campus?”


“It’s not very important.” The stranger shrugged, leaning forwards, “Definitely not as important as spending more time with you.”


Alright, he’d had enough.


Stalking forwards, Pete moved to stand right behind Kao, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend as he glared at the stranger, who took a step back in alarm.


“Go and check the business library.” He growled, “You might have better luck there.”


“Y-yeah!” The other man took another shaky step back.


“Pete.” Kao hissed, “He was just- “


“- Leaving. He was just leaving.” Pete moved to Kao’s side, waiting until Kao looked over at him, before darting forwards and kissing the freckle on his boyfriend’s nose.


His weak spot.


Realising that the stranger was still standing there, Pete shot the man a vicious glare, not letting up until he was gone.


“Pete, oh my god!” Kao groaned, burying his face in his hands, “You didn’t even give a chance to deal with it.”


“Don’t care.” Shoving Kao’s books into his bag, Pete tugged him to his feet, “Come on.”


“Pete! I have a class in an hour!”


“Plenty of time.”




“You’re mine and no-one else’s.” Pete whispered into Kao’s ear as he fucked into him from behind.


It didn’t take them long to get to this stage.


They’d reached Pete’s home in record time, preparing Kao in a few minutes before sliding inside aggressively.


“If anyone dares think they have a chance with you…” He thrusted deeper into Kao, hitting his prostate again and again, making his boyfriend nearly scream out in pleasure.


Kao whimpered as he attempted to swallow the moans working their way up his throat.


Part of him loved it when Pete got like this… not when he was mere minutes away from being late to class.


He felt his boyfriend’s teeth against his shoulder and his body heat against his back.


“I’m going to mark you everywhere, make sure people know that you’re mine.” Pete could feel himself getting closer to the edge.


Kao came the second he heard those words, releasing onto the bed sheets with a moan. Pete took Kao’s hips and brought them back to his own, feeling the warmth around his cock for a few seconds, before pulling out, cumming all over Kao’s ass.




“Pete…” Kao’s voice was barely above a whisper, attempting to get to his feet, “… Maybe I can catch the last hour and- AH!” He was cut off, feeling Pete’s tongue on his skin, “- W-what are you doing?!”


“Cleaning you up. You have class, remember?”


“A class that started almost half an hour ago!”


Pete shrugged, nibbling on Kao’s skin and licking the cum. Once finished, he forced Kao to lie down, moving until they were lying side by side.


“You are mine and no-one else’s” He whispered, “Don’t you forget that.”

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Prompt from Crescent_God: Though , would it be possible for you to write a fic where Tine and another smart guy in his class will have a case study (not really sure with the term but more of a dry run on how they will tackle a case and defend each of their own side?) And all of the students need to attend this as it is a requirement for them to at least have basic knowledge on the law. Then the smart guy who is counter of Tine is really smart and the students and judge (and others who are part of the case study) are really impress. Though sarawat is also impressed, he's kinda jealous as well. It didnt help that some students also ship them.



Sarawat had been waiting for Tine to finish for almost fifteen minutes.


//Where are you? \\ He messaged his boyfriend, keeping his eyes on the door.


It took a few moments for Tine to reply.


//Sorry! We’re sorting out partners for a case study! \\


//Case study? \\


//More like a debate really. Be out soon! \\


Less than a minute later, the classroom door opened, and the students piled out, Tine eagerly bounding over to Sarawat, a big smile on his face.


“You didn’t have to wait.” He leaned closer his head was on Sarawat’s shoulder, “You must be hungry.”


“Yes, which is why we should go and eat.”


They got up to leave, only to hear someone call out behind them.


“Tine! Hey Tine!”


They turned to see another student running up to them,


“Hey Zen!” Sarawat watched as Tine beamed at the other… really, really handsome other student, “What’s up?”


“I was wondering when you’re free to meet up for this project.”


Sarawat turned away as the pair chatted, patiently waiting for Tine to finish.


It was then that he noticed all the girls taking pictures around them.


It was probably nothing.




It was not nothing.


ZenTine was trending on the cute boys page and Sarawat hated it so much.


How could these girls be so fickle as to who was shipped with who?!


Now… he might be able to deal with it, if it weren’t for the fact that Tine did nothing but talk about this project… and Zen.


Oh, Zen was so smart.


Zen could keep up with him in class, even when he went off on one of his tangents.


Sarawat hated how jealous he was at this, changing the subject every single time.


Tine never noticed.


It was amazing how stupid a smart person could be.


Over the weeks leading up to the project, a routine was built up. Sarawat would come to meet Tine after his Thursday lecture.


Tine would then talk about Zen and how their project was going.


But mostly about Zen and how ‘amazing’ he was.


And with each day, Sarawat got more and more jealous.


It all came to a head the day before the presentation/debate was due to happen. He was waiting for Tine in their usual spot, only to receive a message ten minutes after Tine’s class should have ended.


‘Sorry! No need to wait for me, Zen and I are going to go over our presentation one more time. He’ll give me a lift back.’


Sarawat wasn’t sure how to feel about this. He looked at the message for another few seconds before moving to head home.


Tine would be back later.




The next message arrived almost three hours later.


‘Hey, don’t wait up. I’m going to spend the night at Zen’s. Have to be up early to perfect this presentation and I don’t want to wake you.’


Sarawat stared blankly at the text, before replying, fingers moving quicker than his mind.




He collapsed into bed, ignoring his phone buzzing.




He shouldn’t have been surprised to find himself sneaking into the back of Tine’s class the following day.


He’d been planning to do this since he was woken up to the sound of Tine spouting law mumble jumble in his sleep, wanting to know more about the cute boy who had completely captured his heart.


He had 32 unread messages on his phone.




It was easy to see why Tine was considered to be the top of the class.


Sarawat couldn’t pretend to understand a thing about legal arguments, but he knew a good one when he heard it.


Tine didn’t overwhelm the audience with case after case after case that supported his argument. He used a case that could be considered the ‘leading example’ and then he used the latest case that supported his argument.


He didn’t input a date at every possible moment


It wasn’t dense and difficult to follow.


No long quotes or difficult, Latin words… plenty of graphs that simplified everything.


Sarawat was transfixed, as were the rest of the class and the professor by the looks of it.


As the lecture came to an end and everyone went rushing over to Tine, Sarawat hung out near the door, watching as Tine spotted him, an unsure look flashing across his face before he stormed over.


“That was amazing.” Sarawat spoke up before Tine could say a word, “You’ll be an amazing lawyer.”


“…. So, you’re actually talking to me now?” Tine wasn’t messing around.


“I- You and Zen were- “


“- working on our presentation!” Tine rolled his eyes, turning and pointing at something in the crowd, “Look!”


Sarawat followed the finger, eyes widening at the sight of Zen kissing a girl on the cheek.”


“That’s his girlfriend. She studies art but she just had to watch this lecture… like you.”


Sarawat knew his cheeks were probably bright red.


“Sarawat…” Tine took his hands, “… I like you, remember?”


“… I know.”


Tine rolled his eyes, giving Sarawat a quick peck on the lips, “Come on you little green-eyed monster.” He chuckled, “Let’s get something to eat and celebrate my top marks.”


“Can’t wait.”

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Prompt from SuLay_101: Can I request a saifah/zon possessive fic but instead of saifah being possessive it’s zon that gets possessive :)



Saifah never thought of Zon as a possessive person.


Or that he would get jealous about something like this.


He knew what Fai was like, he knew that what Saifah had with her was nothing more than a brief fling. He knew that Saifah had no feelings for her!


It wasn’t him who initiated that kiss and he certainly didn’t reciprocate it.


Not that Zon seemed to remember any of that.


“You still like her, I know you do!” Zon had clearly been over-thinking the entire situation since it happened, his mind making him believe that this relationship between him and Saifah was nothing but a cruel, elaborate prank, “You kissed her and-and- “


“- She kissed me!” Saifah protested, “I never kissed her back! She took me by surprise.”


Zon just continued to pace, running his hands through his hair, mumbling to himself (and just getting more and more worked up in the process.”


“Zon please, can we just sit down and talk about this?” Saifah sighed, spotting frustrated tears in Zon’s eyes.


For a moment, it looked like Zon was going to protest, only to collapse down on the sofa next to Saifah with a pout, curling up slightly.


Saifah felt a little sick, seeing his boyfriend like this. So insecure and unsure about himself.


“I haven’t even thought about Fai in months, not since long before we got together! Why would I?” Saifah raised his voice slightly,before taking a deep breath, not wanting to lose his temper. He thought their relationship was getting better, but if Zon was reacting like this over an obviously non-consensual kiss…


To his credit, Zon looked a little ashamed. “I’m sorry.” He whispered, starting to fiddle with his fingers, clearly unsure over what to say.


Saifah remained silent, knowing that Zon just needed a little bit of time.


“I- “ Zon stopped to take a deep breath, “- I don’t like seeing anyone else kissing you, and I know it’s weird and possessive, but it’s the truth.”


Another deep breath.


“The first time we kissed… it felt so right. It felt like I’d finally found who I was and- seeing Fai kiss you like that- I hated it!” Zon then looked Saifah right in the eyes, “I love you.” He stated firmly, “She doesn’t. I do.”


Saifah then found himself being pushed down against the sofa, Zon on top of him, kissing him fiercely. Everything happened so fast, Saifah was barely able to reciprocate before Zon was pulling away.


“I love you too.” He was quick to speak up, before Zon could over-think the situation.


Zon beamed, leaning over to kiss him over and over and over again. When he pulled back, Zon smirked.


“I love you more though.”


“Nope. I love you the mostest.”


“That’s not a word!”


Saifah shrugged, “Do you really want to argue about it, or do you want to make out some- UMPH!”


Zon didn’t give him a chance to finish, smashing their mouths together.


Something that Saifah didn’t mind at all.

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Prompt from Llamagirl42: HELLO YES can I request a Type & Techno Best Friend fic in which Techno is going crazy trying to be helpful best man while Type is being a grumpy nervous groom? Bonus points for Type being super sweet after the wedding bc his best friend is amazing~



Type was nervous.


He’d been on the verge of throwing up almost three times now on account of how nervous he was.


He barely noticed the knock on the door.


“Hey, so I’ve just had a fifteen minutes argument with the photographer, who was in completely the wrong position and- “ Techno’s eyes widened at just how pale his best friend was.


“What do you want?” Type grumbled, glancing up at the clock.


Eighteen minutes to go.


“Are you... that nervous about getting married?” Techno whispered, closing the door behind him as he entered, “I mean, you and Tharn have loved each other for like, ever and now you’re getting married and- “


“- I’m not nervous!” Type was starting to regret asking Techno to be his best man, as his best friend started flapping about like a nervous hen, making his way over and straightening out Type’s tie, smoothing out imaginary wrinkles from his shirt and blazer.


When Techno’s hands moved to help him tuck his shirt in a bit further, Type snapped, “Get off me!”, pushing Techno away, before burying his face in his hands.


He needed to breathe.


He couldn’t snap at Techno, not when his friend had pretty much helped to organise the perfect wedding.


Small and intimate, just how Type preferred it.


He’d found the perfect venue.


Helped to pick out the perfect suit.


The bachelor party was amazing.


The best man speech… less so.


Type had had to veto at least half of the stories that Techno had wanted to include, making the other man whine about how this was going to be the most boring speech ever.


Type had a feeling that everything that happened between him and Tharn was in that speech though.


“Just… say something nice.” He muttered into his hands, “So that I stop thinking about how this is the worst idea of my life.”


“I think…” Techno swallowed hard, “… I think you look amazing, and that Tharn is going to burst into tears when he sees you.”


Type couldn’t help but smile at that, lifting his head up from his hands, “Yeah?”


“Definitely.” Techno went to neaten out his tie again, ignoring how Type tried to back away, “You’ll be fine.”


Accepting that Techno possibly needed to do this as his own calming technique, Type lowered his hands


“I wasn’t nervous until I actually got into this monkey suit.” He sighed, “I made it through all the preparation and rehearsals just fine.”


Techno opened his mouth to say something, only to change his mind at the last moment.


Probably for the best if Type knew his best friend.


He didn’t need to be told he wasn’t as cool and calm as he believed.


He started to fiddle with his cuffs. “I still can’t believe he- “


“- Believe it.” Techno smirked, “Tharn is going to cry, you’re going to get married, and you’re both really going to enjoy the honeymoon and I want to know nothing about what you get up to on it.”


Before Type could reply, there was a knock on the door.


“Time to start.”



Techno turned out to be right, as Tharn was still wiping away the tears long after the ceremony had ended, up until the speeches were due to start.


“If you think you’re crying now, just wait for this.” Type muttered to his new husband, as Techno got to his feet.


“Why would I cry? He’s your best friend.”


“Yeah… he really is.”

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Prompt from In: Ok but why is everyone sleeping on Mek/Boss?! So freaking cute!!! Would you be able to do a really loooong smut scene for them? I just need more people writing about this couple lol



Boss sobbed beautifully as Mek fingers lightly brushed over that spot inside him, not giving him the full contact that he desperately needed. Groaning in protest, he wriggled and arched his back, silently begging for Mek to make him cum.


Inside, Mek pulled his fingers out.


“Use your words.” Mek smirked, “Come on, I don’t think I’ve ever heard you be this quiet.”


Boss’s cock twitched at the low purr in Mek’s voice, sounding so unlike himself.




“Please what?” Mek teased, stroking at Boss’s thighs.


“Please f-fuck me! I want it, I n-n-need it, please!” Boss managed to force out, spreading his legs a bit more, unable to do anything else since his hands were tied up above his head, eyes covered with Mek’s tie.


The anticipation was driving him crazy.


He didn’t see the way Mek stared at him, a hungry, aroused look in his eyes as pre-sum dribbled down Boss’s shaft.


Boss had already cum once before, the white mess on his stomach evidence of that.


Overstimulation was one of Boss’s kinks… but honestly Mek would have to class it as one of his own now.


“You’re so perfect.” Mek whispered, leaning down to give Boss’s erection a gentle kiss, making Boss gasp and shiver. As Boss attempted to arch his back again, Mek pushed his hips back down to the sheets, taking Boss’s cock fully into his mouth, backing off when he felt like Boss was close to cumming again.


Swallowing Boss’s whine with a kiss.


“Stop that.” He scolded, “You’re not allowed to finish until I’m fully inside, understood?”


Boss groaned as Mek kissed and mouthed at his jaw.


“Boss… use your words.”


“Y-Yeah! Okay!”


“Good boy.” Mek praised, reaching for the lube again and slicking himself up as quickly as he could, hissing at the coldness on his aching length. Taking a deep breath in anticipation, Mek lined up with Boss’s twitching hole, waiting until Boss relaxed and spread his legs even further in silent invitation.




“Have been for ag- AAH!”


Slowly, Mek pressed into that tight heat, listening to Boss pant heavily, clearly getting used to the intrusion until Mek was all the way inside, his legs crossing behind Mek’s lower back.


It was like he wanted Mek to be as close as possible, like he needed to feel more of him.


Mek groaned low in his throat at the action, hips snapping forwards involuntarily as he tried to angle his thrusts into Boss’s prostate.


“MEK!” Boss cried out in ecstasy, cheeks flushed a gorgeous red. He came less than half a minute later, creating more mess on his stomach, tightening around Mek who stopped to take in the sight.


Before Boss could come down off his high, Mek let his cock slide out until only the tip was inside, before thrusting forwards again, cursing under his breath at the sensation of Boss twitching in over-sensitivity around him.


“So tight.” He muttered, continuing to thrust, Boss filling the room with broken moans and pleads


“I-I can’t it anymore!” Boss cried out, “P-Please!”


Mek’s thrusts got harder and harder, hips snapping back and forth with each whine of his name.


Boss was starting to sob now, tears soaking through the tie. His entire body felt like it was on fire, thousands of needles torturing him from the inside. Due to the blindfold, everything was even more intense than usually, especially after two orgasms already.


It was both excruciating and fulfilling at the same time.


Mek couldn’t hold himself back any longer, not with how Boss was clenching around him. With one hand on Boss’s hip, the other hand moved to untie the tie around Boss’s head, making sure he didn’t pull on Boss’s hair or anything.


Watery brown eyes looked up at him as Boss blinked a few times, getting used to the sudden light.


All it took was for Mek to make eye contact with his boyfriend, before he was pressing deeply into Boss, grunting through an orgasm. Boss whined at the sensation of Mek’s cock twitching inside of him, his own erect cock following suite as he panted through his third orgasm.


For some time, they simply lay close to one another, Mek on top of Boss as they both tried to catch their breath.


Mek was the first to recover, unsurprisingly after only one orgasm, sliding gently out of Boss, untying him, before heading to the bathroom to fetch something to wash them off.


He didn’t waste any time, but by the time he made it back, Boss was already fast asleep.


Smiling softly, Mek cleaned his boyfriend off, taking care not to wake him up before moving to lie behind him, spooning him gently from behind, letting the exhaustion take over.

Chapter Text

Prompt from Crescent_God: can you also write jealous sarawat since man and tine is really getting close and they keep on bantering that makes sarawat jealous. It didnt help that other students start to ship them and then we can also see the reaction of tines friends and sarawats teammate. Little did he know that man is asking help with tine for type as man has big surprise for type.

I changed it slightly, I hope you don't mind :)



“You know…” Boss casually spoke up, sidling up to Sarawat at the bar, taking a sip of his beer, “… if you glare any harder, I think you might actually set them on fire. And then you’ll have to deal with P’Type, because he is terrifying, and I am not helping you with that in the slightest and- “


Sarawat tuned his friend out, eyes focused on Man and Tine as they chatted to each at the other end of the bar.


This had been happening a lot lately.


Man and Tine sneaking off to talk to each other away from Sarawat, only to stop their conversations when Sarawat moved close.


How many times had he seen pictures on the cute boy page of the pair eating lunch together, heads close together?


Nobody else seemed to be bothered by it though.


When he casually brought the subject up to Type, the older man waved his hand in dismissal, saying that it was probably nothing and that he trusted Man… this was then followed by a small glare and the reminder that Sarawat should trust Tine as well.


P’Dim and Green didn’t have any advice, the pair of them almost seeming to be secretive as they told Sarawat it was nothing he needed to worry about.


It felt like all his friends were hiding something from him.




The uncharacteristic concern in Boss’s voice made him look over, to see his friend giving him a worried look.


“Are you… actually jealous about Man and Tine spending so much time together?”


Sarawat shot him a withering glance, as Boss rolled his eyes.


“They’re friends Sarawat, that’s what happens when two people finally admit that they like each other in that ‘special way’, they make friends with the others’ friendship group.” Boss shrugged, “We hang out with Tine’s friends all the time.”


It was actually more like they’d adopted that group, but Sarawat didn’t quibble.


“There’s something going on.” He whispered, “I just don’t know what.”


“… I can’t believe you haven’t figured it out yet.”


Sarawat frowned, looking over at Boss who just smirked at him, not saying a word. For a moment, they stared at each other in silence, until Sarawat finally caved in, throwing his hands up into the air.


“Fine, I give up!” He exclaimed, “What haven’t I figured out?!”


Boss grinned cheekily, looking back over at Man and Tine, before answering Sarawat in an amused tone.


“You’ll find out.”


Sarawat gaped, but before he could question Boss further, Man and Tine made their way over to them.


“Sarawat, are you okay?” Tine asked, placing his hands on Sarawat’s cheeks, running his thumbs over the creases on Sarawat’s forehead, “So stressed!”


Sarawat just shrugged, gently pulling Tine’s hands away from his face, before pulling the other man into a hug.


“I’m fine.” He whispered, “Just… tired.”


“Oh… okay.” Tine clearly didn’t believe him, “Maybe we should go home then?”




He needed to find out what was going on.




Sarawat still had no idea what was going on between Man and Tine.


And it was starting to drive him a little crazy.




He turned, spotting P’Dim behind him.


“Can you help me clear up the music room?” The older student asked him, “The uni has been on my case about it.”


“Yeah… sure.”


He hadn’t even heard from Tine today.


Morosely, he followed P’Dim towards the music room.


He’d barely put his foot through the door, when suddenly there was a loud BANG, followed by him being covered in brightly coloured, music notes confetti.




Sarawat blinked twice, not fully understanding what was going on.


Wait… it was already his birthday?


He’d been so busy worrying about Man and Tine, that he’d completely forgotten.


“I… thank you?” Was all he could say, as Tine bounded over, an eager beam on his face.


“You were surprised, right?!”


“Y-Yeah! Very!”


“Great!” Tine grabbed his hands, pulling him into the middle of the room, “Me and P’Man spent hours planning it and making sure that it was perfect and- “


“- Wait, wait, wait!” Sarawat frowned, glancing between his boyfriend and best friend, “This is why you two have been all sneaky and whispering to each other? Because you were planning this party?”


“Yeah!” Tine then frowned, “Why?”


Sarawat debated telling him…. But he was so happy.


“No reason at all.” He smiled softly at his boyfriend, pulling him in for a kiss, “I love you so much.”


“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from Mariakoto: I want jealous and possessive Korn. Maybe someone from their college likes In and Korn gets jealous and possessive.



Korn had never really cherished or felt so deeply about a person to feel jealous over them.


He was protective over his brothers, but not possessive.


It wasn’t until he met Intouch, that he felt this need to love and possess one significant person.


The first time he felt like this, he barely recognised it for what it was. He didn’t have much homework to do, so he was reading instead.


He spotted In before In saw him.


He also saw the other student, who almost ran over to In in his eagerness. The pair chatted to one another, Korn unable to hear exactly what was being said, before they were heading off towards the library.


There was a slightly queasy feeling in his stomach as he shoved his book into his bag, following on behind them.


Making a slight detour, not wanting to make it look like he was following his…. Friend, boyfriend, whatever they classed themselves as, Korn walked into the library to see the two huddled close together at a nearby desk.


They looked good together.


Something hot and ugly unfurled in Korn’s chest. He wanted to pull In away… tell the other man that In belonged to him and only him and-


“- P’Korn? Are you okay?”


The sound of In’s voice snapped him out of his reverie.


“I just- “ Korn cut himself off, watching as a concerned look flashed across In’s face.


“Come on.” The younger man grabbed his arm, leading him back towards the door, “Let’s go for a walk.”




In knew Korn’s natural state was silence, but this was worrying.


He was caught by surprise when they rounded a corner and Korn pushed him up against the wall, pressing his body tightly against In’s. Without another word, he mouthed at the delicate skin there, sucking and licking ruthlessly.


“P’Korn…” In moaned, “… what’s wrong?”


He was enjoying it, but they were still in public, albeit in a relatively unused path of the college… this wasn’t like Korn at all.


Korn didn’t answer, focused on marking every inch of In’s skin that was visible.


Almost like he was warning others away, like he was being… claimed?


“You’re not jealous, are you?” In whispered, “Because Luk and I are just friends.”


The mouth at In’s neck paused in its’ ministrations.


“Mine.” Korn eventually whispered, “You’re mine, do you understand that?”


“Yes! Yes, I’m yours! No-one else’s!” In squirmed, trying not to moan and potentially draw attention to them, “How-how about we go back to mine and you show me exactly how much I belong to you?”




Korn never mentioned the incident, and In decided to just let it go for the time being.


However, jealousy was a green-eyed monster that refused to leave.


“In! Hey, In!”


Korn watched as Luk rushed over to their table, hesitating at the sight of Korn, before taking a seat next to In.


A little too close to In.


“I was hoping that we could have dinner together?” Luk questioned, “At another table maybe?”


Korn’s grip on his book tightened.


“Sorry.” In smiled, “But Korn and I are- “He stopped, glancing over at Korn, “- having a study session.”


“But, you’re one of the smartest in our- “


“- and he’s why!” In quickly interjected, an apologetic smile on his face, “Sorry, maybe another time.”


“Y-Yeah, okay.” Luk shuffled off the bench, almost running away at the force of Korn’s glare.


“P’Korn.” In gently spoke up, catching Korn’s attention, “You don’t need to worry about me choosing anyone else over you… I love you. I love how you can barely function in the morning without a cup of coffee. I love how you look when you read. I love how protective you are of those you love, I love you! Nothing will change that. No matter who tries to flirt with me, I’m going to belong to you… I’m yours.”


Korn was at a loss for words… he didn’t know it was possible to love this boy more than he already did.


Even if he did still want to find Luk and make him regret going after In.


Just a little.

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Prompt from Sara: o! Tharn had gone for internship or anything university-related somewhere that required him to travel and be far away for like one/two months, when he came back he was so anxious to see Type he went to meet him at the soccer field where he and techno were training the team as usual. I was imagining the scene where Type's image as the serious strong senior had a twist when as soon as he saw Tharn was back he ran and jumped into him not minding everyone watching, so that people found out his in love side 🤗😋😍



Type was having one of the most stressful days in his life.


Scratch that… one of the most stressful two months of his life.


Two months without sex, without Tharn and he was ready to kill Can if he whined at Techno one more time.


Stupid university band tour.


Not that he begrudged Tharn the chance to show off his talents, but he couldn’t understand why this couldn’t happen over the summer… when he had the chance to go with him and not be deprived of his cuddles and other fun activities.


Can was still whining.


“ENOUGH!” He snapped, stunning the younger boy into silence, “Five times around the track, now!”


“But- “


“- NOW!”


When Can set off and running, Techno turned to Type with a sympathetic look. “When’s Ai’Tharn coming back?”


“One week.”




Type was ready to pull his hair out from sexual frustration, and Techno could see that.


Skype sex could only go so far after all.


“Come on.” Type grumbled, “Let’s get a match started, take my mind off of it.”


As Techno started separating out the large group into two teams, Type’s phone started to ring in his pocket. Absent-mindedly, he pulled the phone out of his pocket and answered.




“You sound stressed.”


Type couldn’t stop the smile from appearing on his face, stomach fluttering at the teasing tone in his boyfriend’s voice.


“You’re not?” He questioned, “Is Skype sex really doing it for you? Or have you found a cute groupie to keep you warm?”


He was secure enough in their relationship that he didn’t think Tharn would eve cheat on him. Type from two years ago would never have been so calm at the mere thought.


“No and no.” Tharn chuckled, “I’m just as stressed as you, believe me… it doesn’t mean you can take it out on the poor first and second years though… It looks like you’ve actually managed to wear N’Can out!”


Type opened his mouth to reply, only to freeze.


How would Tharn see that Can was worn out?




“Ai’Tharn?” He whispered, knowing that his voice was slightly shaky, spinning around to scan the stands.


And then he spotted the figure on the edge of the pitch.




Type couldn’t hang up fast enough, barely managing to shove his phone into his pocket with the speed he was racing towards Tharn, ignoring the shocked cries behind him. Tharn, to his credit, caught him swiftly, encasing him in a hug as he spun around, Type’s feet lifting off the floor slightly.


Type buried his face into the other man’s shoulder, taking in that oh so familiar scent and revelling in it.


“I missed you.” He whispered, feeling Tharn nod against him


“I missed you too.” Tharn whispered back, pressing a kiss to Type’s lips, which quickly deepened.


When the kiss became a little too… risqué for public, Tharn pulled back with a fond chuckle.


“Wow, you really missed me.” He teased, “Kissing me in front of the entire football club.”


Type winced, glancing behind him to see that yes, the entire football club was stood there in shock.




“Is P’Type smiling?” Can asked, “Like actually smiling?”


“He missed Tharn, can you blame him?” Techno stated, watching the scene fondly. He resisted the urge to cheekily wave at his best friend, knowing that he would pay for it at a later date.




As Type and Tharn left, he turned back to the club clapping his hands together. “Alright, we probably won’t be seeing Type for about a week, so you’d all better behave whilst he’s not here!”


He didn’t need to look behind him to know that Champ was probably giving them a warning glare.


That was true friendship right there.


As they moved to split off into their teams again, Techno overhead Can mutter to Ae.


“Why won’t we be seeing Type for about a week?”


Techno was happy to let Ae explain that one.

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Prompt from Mariakoto: i want protective Korn maybe someone from the mafia hurts In and Korn shows his dark side for the first time ever. Thank you in advance!!!!!



In woke up that day feeling like he was being watched.


He didn’t want to admit that he was unnerved by the feeling, walking to his classes and feeling eyes on him at all time.


“Are you okay?”


He glanced over at Korn, forcing a smile onto his face at the concerned look on his boyfriend’s face.


“Yeah, I just… got a big test coming up. You know how it is.” In shrugged.


Korn stared at him for a few moments, before nodding silently. It was unclear as to whether or not he believed In, but he didn’t question him any further.


The strange feeling followed him throughout the day.


When his last class was over, In found himself terrified for the walk back to his dorm. He was so nervous, he ended up biting at his lip to the point of drawing blood.


‘Just focus on your date night with P’Korn’ he thought to himself, ‘Think about all the kissing and fun times you’re going to have when he arrives’


He rounded a corner, and everything went black.




When he woke up, he was lying on the cold ground, the rain from earlier that afternoon soaking into his shirt, the back of his head pounding. When he reached around to probe at the source of the ache, his hissed at the size of the lump there, feeling a wetness that he could only think was blood.


“Intouch Chatpokin.”


He flinched at the unfamiliar voice, trying to push himself to his feet, only for a foot to press down on his back, forcing him flat to the ground. In stiffened at the extremely vulnerable position, fighting to keep his voice level.


“W-what are you doing? Get off me!”


“What does the boss’s son see in you?”


In froze.


They knew about him and Korn.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He lied desperately, “I don’t know what you mean!”




Funny… it didn’t sound like a compliment coming from him.


And then he heard a clicking noise causing him to freeze.


Oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god, oh god!


“They’ll probably report it as a mugging gone wrong.” The man mused, “They usually do. The boss’s son will know, but what can he do?”


At the vague mention of Korn, In started to struggle, ignoring the pain in his head.


He couldn’t leave Korn, not like this!


He was struggled so much, that he barely heard the footsteps rounding the corner.


He heard his attacker yell though, the weight disappearing from his back, followed by a sickening crack. In lay there stunned for a moment, before slowly pushing himself to his knees, twisting around to lean against the wall, glancing to his right only to gasp in shock.


Korn was there, straddling a much older man, hands wrapped around the man’s throat.


“P’Korn- “In weakly called out, just as everything went black.




He awoke to a kiss against his brow, a gentle hand holding his.




“I-I’m alright.” In muttered, wincing at the ache in his head.


“You’re hurt…” Korn whispered, “… You passed out.”


It wasn’t hard to miss the sadness in his voice, prompting In to squeeze his hand.


“It’s not your fault.” He whispered, “None of this was your fault.”


“… I should have protected you.” Korn shook his head, “Maybe we should- “


“- If you even think about breaking up, you can forget it!” In snapped, before wincing at the volume of his own voice, “I can make my own choices. I stayed with you, I wanted to be with you of my own choice! I chose this relationship, and I chose any consequences that come of it!”


Korn stiffened as In pointed a finger at him.


“They can’t tear us apart, not like this!”




Feeling like he’d gotten his point across, In relaxed, hoping that the pain in his head would fade soon.


“That man…” He softly spoke up, “… Did you- “


“- No. But I wish I had.”


“No you don’t.” In reached out, gently forcing Korn to look him in the eyes, “You are not your Father… and you never will be.”


“How can you be so sure?”


In smiled softly at him, “Because I love you… someone who’s loved could never turn into a man like that.”


“I-I- “


“- I know.”

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Just Zon being all happy about being able to kiss Saifah when ever he wants.



The first time Zon kissed Saifah (or at least the first time he actually wanted to), it was after the concert.


It was at that moment, he knew he would easily get addicted to this feeling.


“So…” Saifah panted, when they finally pulled apart, “… I guess, this means you’re open to the possibility of us being boyfriends now?”




He could kiss Saifah whenever he wanted.


He nodded eagerly at the thought, agreeing to Saifah’s question without hesitation.




They were watching a video when Zon decided that he was going to initiate the kiss, shuffling closer to Saifah until he was practically on the other students’ lap.


Saifah didn’t look at him, but judging by the sly smirk on his face, he knew what Zon was planning.


“I thought you wanted to watch this?” Saifah teased, refusing to turn his head as Zon pouted.


When there was no sign of Saifah giving in to his silent demands, he leaned forwards to kiss his boyfriend on the cheek, only for Saifah to turn at the last second, the kiss landing directly on his lips.


Zon was quick to snake his hand round to the back of Saifah’s head, stopping him from pulling away as they kissed tenderly.


Not that Saifah showed any signs of wanting to pull away.


Plan: Kiss boyfriend was a success.




The next time was when they were all out at the club… and Zon was drunk. The drunker he got, the less he was able to stay away from Saifah, and in the end, he ended up dragging his boyfriend to the bathrooms, pulling him into a stall and locking the door behind them.


Before Saifah could asked what they were doing, Zon pinned him against the wall, pressing their lips firmly together. It was a slightly sloppy kiss due to all the alcohol, but it was passionate all the same.


Except that Saifah didn’t respond.


When Zon pulled away to ask what was going on, Saifah cut him off.


“You’re a little drunk baby.” Saifah whispered, “We should get you home.”


That… had been less successful.




Slightly humiliated by the failed attempt, Zon didn’t initiate anything for the next few days, trying to act natural when Saifah gave him a concerned look.


They were boyfriends.


It was just because Zon had been drunk… Saifah was big on consent, that was all.


It wasn’t because he didn’t want Zon anymore.




Trying not to let himself be overwhelmed by these thoughts, Zon glanced over at Saifah, staring at him for a few moments, before leaning over to give him a peck on the cheek.


It was innocent.


Completely innocent.


And then Saifah turned and pulled Zon onto his lap, capturing his lips in a passionate kiss. The second their lips touched, any tension or nerves that Zon felt melted away, unable to stop the grin that spread across his face.


When they pulled away, Saifah was smiling fondly at him.


“I’m glad you’re feeling a little better.” He whispered, one hand on Zon’s back for support and another on his thigh, “What was wrong?”


“… I want to kiss you all the time.”


Saifah frowned, opening his mouth to reply, only for Zon to cut in.


“I love kissing you but that night out, when you didn’t kiss me back, I-I- “


“- Started to overthink it.” Saifah sighed softly, “You were drunk and- “


“- I get it.” Zon kissed him again, “I was just overthinking it.”


Saifah nodded in understanding, kissing him again, before pulling away with a smirk.


“So… you love kissing me?”


“Shut up.”

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Prompt from KatrinkaRowan: Together With Me gang reunion when Fai comes for a visit from her work abroad. Friendship fic!



“Why are you like this?” Knock sighed as they walked down the street.


“What?” Korn smirked, “The cone is the best bit of the ice cream, especially the little bit of solid chocolate at the bottom!”


“You are just saying this to wind me up!”


“Isn’t that basically how your relationship works?”


At the familiar voice, the pair spun around, both beaming with glee at the sight of Fai standing there, her arms folded over her chest… until the pair charged towards her and wrapped their arms around her, prompting her to do the same.


“You two have been driving each crazy long before you decided you liked each other in this way.” She whispered fondly, pulling away to smile at them.


Knock, officially distracted from the previous discussion, returned the smile easily, “When did you get back?!”


“I finished my last week a couple of days ago.” Fai answered, “I came straight here to see everyone.”


“That’s great! Everyone’s going to be so thrilled to see you! Does anyone else know that you’re here?”


“I mentioned to Yihwa that I’d be back at some point, but I didn’t say when.”


Korn and Knock looked at each in excitement.


“We should invite them all to ours for dinner or something.” Korn stated, “Fai, you can then surprise everyone!”


Knock was already pulling his phone out of his pocket, sending the mass text. It didn’t take long for the replies to come pouring in.


Korn pulled Fai into a one-armed hug, “They’re going to love seeing you again, I swear.”


Thrilled at the knowledge that she was going to see her friends again, Fai beamed, before turning to Korn with a confused look, “Do you really prefer the cone of an ice cream, rather than the ice cream?”




Yihwa, Farm, Bright, Mew and Cho all arrived on time, making noises of appreciation when they smelt dinner.


“So, I’m wondering why you suddenly decided to invite us all over.” Yihwa smirked, “Considering what happened last time I came over.”


“You didn’t tell us you were coming!” Knock protested, “That wasn’t our fault, how were we supposed to know to stop?!”


“Yeah, I think you might have deserved that.” Came a familiar voice from the doorway, everyone aside from Korn and Knock spinning around at the sound of it.


“FAI!” All five guests yelled in excitement, darting forwards to wrap her up in a hug.


“What are you doing here?”


Fai rolled her eyes, “Is that how you choose to welcome me back after so long?”


“She found us this afternoon.” Korn explained, “We thought it would be a good idea to invite her over to surprise all of you.”


“But we thought she wasn’t due to come back for several days!” Yihwa stated, turning to Fai with a mock-betrayed look, “You lied to me?”


“How else was I meant to surprise you?!”


They all took a seat, tucking into the food as they pestered Fai with questions.


“Did you have fun? Make any friends?”


“None that are better than us, right?”


“There was slightly less drama over there, but it was fun.” Fai nodded, “I did feel very homesick though.”


“Admit it, you missed us!” Farm beamed


Fai paused, food halfway to her mouth, “Yeah...” She whispered, “… Yeah, I really did.”




After they ate, Fai brought out the bag she had carefully hidden from Korn and Knock, filled with small souvenirs.


It was amazing how much grown men and woman turned into children when presented with presents.


“I know I said I missed you…” Fai mused, “… but now that I’m back, I’m reminded of what I didn’t miss.”


Korn raised his bottle of beer, “To friendship!”


“To friendship!” The all raised their drinks for the toast.

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Prompt from Nerdqueen395: Could you write a chapter about protective Saifah or protective Dean? Thank you!

I decided to go for Protective Dean.



Everyone on the swim team knew that there were specific lines you didn’t cross.


You didn’t bad-mouth Team within earshot of Win.


You didn’t make cracks about Manaow in front of Pruk.


You shouldn’t even think about flirting with Pharm!


And jokes, no matter how trivial, about suicide were a big no-no.


They weren’t hard rules to remember, especially by those who broke them.


And then a new rule was discovered.


“What did you just say?” Dean voice was low, practically a growl. Any softness anyone might have heard in the past had completely disappeared.


The two newcomers to the team cowered in front of him, their only escape route prevented by Win standing in the doorway, arms folded over his chest as he too glared at the pair.


Ice, the taller of the two, cleared his throat nervously, shooting a look around at where the rest of the team was staring at them.


Nobody seemed to be in a rush to intervene.


“It-it was a joke, we swear!”


“A joke?!” Dean snapped, “Then you wouldn’t mind repeating it?”


“It really was a joke!” Songkam, the shorter one, protested, his eyes darting around to try and find another possible escape route.


It wasn’t hard to miss how others shuffled closer to Win, definitely making sure that the pair couldn’t escape.


“You don’t joke about things like that!” Dean shouted, both of the newcomers cringing back in the face of their Captain’s rage.


“W-we’re not the only ones who talk about it!” Songkam pointed at Win, “He was speaking about it first.”


“Not in a jokey way!” Win was the one to snap this time, “I was having a conversation with my boyfriend, which you overhead and then decided to have a joke about.”


Dean made an angry noise deep in his chest, hands clenched into fists as he stared at the two boys. Ice, seeing that there wasn’t a way out of this, swallowed hard.


“We… just didn’t expect Pharm to be the one to have a mental breakdown with a gun!”




Dean opened his mouth, chest expanding as he prepared to tell the pair exactly what he thought of their misguided, ignorant words, only for a shy, small voice to cut through the thick silence.


“P’Dean, stop.”


All eyes shot to where Pharm was gently pushing past Win, in order to get into the changing room, ignoring how Team and Manaow tried to stop him. He didn’t look upset as he reached up and cupped the side of Dean’s face, a soft but understanding smile on his face.


“P’Dean.” Pharm’s quiet voice broke through the silence, “They don’t know what happened.”


“All the more reason why they shouldn’t be making ignorant comments!” Dean growled, pulling Pharm into a one-armed hug, still glaring at the two newcomers.


It was obvious they should be grateful for Pharm’s interjection.


“You have an apology to give.” Dean hissed, “Don’t you think?”


“Lots really.” Win piped up, “One apology for Pharm, one for Team and I, for eavesdropping on our conversation and the last one for the swim team for wasting their time by being idiots.”


“We’re sorry!” “We’re sorry!”


The room was silent as the pair apologised profusely to everyone, only really pausing for a breath once they were done.


“Good.” Dean nodded, “Now get out.”


Ice and Songkam frowned in confusion.


“What are you- “


“- You’re off the swim team. Consider yourselves lucky that I don’t contact the Headmaster about this.”


And with that, a new rule was added.


If you were going to say anything about the boyfriends/girlfriends of the swim team, if you didn’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.

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Prompt from Anonymous: Hi I was wondering if you could write Jealous Tharn. thank you!



Tharn was suspicious.


He knew he shouldn’t be. Type and Techno had been friends for longer than he and Type had even known each other.


But did they really need to be so close?


The first time he saw them huddled together, he though nothing about it. The second time was the same… it was when they stopped talking as he approached, that he started getting suspicious.


He refused to be the possessive boyfriend.


It was a cliché and he refused to be a cliché.


But why was his boyfriend spending so much time with his best friend like that?


Sometimes they were so close that they were nearly kissing… Like this time. Letting the door slam shut behind him, he couldn’t help but feel satisfied at the way they practically jumped away from each other. He stared at them coldly for a few moments, before storming to the bedroom.


Techno seemed to have drawn the short straw, as he cautiously entered the room.


“Are- are you okay?”




Techno winced, “You- you don’t sound okay?”




Thankfully, Techno seemed to take the hint, leaving Tharn alone… with his negative thoughts.


Techno was small and cute… now that Type had learnt everything he could from Tharn, it made sense for him to choose someone who wouldn’t fight back or try and dominate him.


Type was the next to try.


“Bad day?” He whispered, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.


“Mmm.” Tharn glanced over at him, “You and Techno have been… close.”


“… What?”


“I think I’m going to go and visit my family.” Tharn sighed, getting up and moving to the wardrobe, reaching up to grab the suitcase.


“Look…” Type sighed, clearly taking a deep breath in an attempt to calm down.


Gone were the days of just lashing out left, right and centre.


“… I don’t know what’s going on with you- “


Tharn laughed dryly. Of course Type had no idea what was going on, he had no idea that his boyfriend was being completely unreasonable.


If he spent some time at his parents, then hopefully these feelings would go away.


“Tharn, we need to talk about this!”


Tharn turned to stare at him for a few moments, before he sighed wearily, “You’re my boyfriend.” He mumbled


“- What the hell are you- “


“- I know, I know! It’s so stupid but- “ Tharn ran his hands through his hair, “- but you and Techno are so close, and I think about how hard it was to get you to speak to me without snarling my name, like I was a piece of crap on your shoe and you both sit there, laughing and joking, and I wish it could be that easy between us! Why wouldn’t you go for someone like Techno anyway, he’s perfect for you and- “


“- my best friend.” Type interrupted, an uncertain look on his face, “Who’s currently going through problems of us own and is just helping me out.”


Tharn frowned in confusion as Type shook his head.


“You’ve completely forgotton haven’t you?!” Type grabbed Tharn’s arm, and pulled him back into the living room, ignoring the startled look on Techno’s face as he led him over to the kitchen cabinets. Letting go of Tharn, Type opened the farthest cupboard to the right, rummaging deep inside and pulling out a bunch of decorations and several presents.


‘Happy Birthday!!!’ one of the banners read, as Tharn felt a sinking feeling in his stomach.


Oh God.


“Yeah, you forgot.” Type groaned, “It would have been the best surprise in the world if you hadn’t been such a jealous prick!”


Tharn felt like he was going to have a panic attack.


Was it over?


Had he scared Type away?


Type was laughing though, a fond smile on his face as he stared at Tharn, “You are such a fucking moron.” He chuckled, “Like, seriously. If anyone were to look at us and guess which one was the jealous, possessive type, no-one would pick you.”


“Who was he jealous about?” Techno asked, watching as the couple glanced at other, before Type waved his hand in dismissal.


“Forget about it.” He turned to Tharn, “Come on. If you’re so determined to ruin your party, you can help us plan it.”

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Prompt from halsnzksndjd: Hi! I would greatly appreciate a fluffy sick fic with Arthit being stubborn about the fact that’s he’s under the weather and Kongpob is in class but he hears from one of the seniors that Arthit is sick and is at university. Cuddles and stubborn but soft Arthit would be greatly appreciated!!



This lecture was an hour long…and Arthit couldn’t breathe. If he blew his nose everyone would look at him, and he couldn’t bear that that. His nose was so clogged, he swore he could feel it close to his eyes.


A clogged nose that managed to be runny at the same time.


His head was pounding, and he was pretty sure it was over five thousand degrees in this room.


But he was not going to admit that Kongpob might have been right to be concerned.


His phone buzzed in his pocket, prompting him to pull it out and hide it under his desk.


Kongpob; Why is Knot texting me to buy you soup and pick you up?


Arthit shot a betrayed look at his friend, who completely ignored him.


Arthit; I have three more classes after this one. I’ll be fine. Stay in your classes.”


Kongpob; So, you are ill! I’ll pick you up when your class is finished.


Arthit could practically see the determined look on his boyfriend’s face.


As soon as the lecture finished, he was rushing out of the room, hoping to beat Kongpob and get to his next class, blowing his nose as soon as he was out of the room.




Arthit groaned into his tissue, “What are you doing here?” His voice didn’t sound as harsh as he intended.


“Taking you home, obviously.”


“Kongpob, I have classes!”


“I’ve already texted Prem, he’s going to copy his notes for you and grab spare homework sheets.”


Arthit attempted to argue more, only for Kongpob to take his hand, dragging him towards the car park.


“Prem’s notes are shit.” He muttered, “I need to- “


“- No.” Kongpob practically shoved him into the passenger seat, “You’re going home.”


“Fine!” Arthit huffed, crossing his arms over his chest as he was buckled inside. He knew that Kongpob knew that he wasn’t really angry though… in fact, he was actually a little relieved that he would be in his bed soon.


They were back at Arthit’s dorm in less than ten minutes, and Arthit fumbled out, legs feeling like jelly and his ears ringing, throwing him completely off balance.


“Still wish you could go to class?”


Arthit chose not to answer, leaning heavily against Kongpob as they headed inside.


Once inside, Kongpob placed Arthit onto the sofa, heading into the bedroom and coming back with sweatpants, a jumper, slippers, and a fleece blanket.


“You change, and I’ll go and make you some tea.”


Personally, Arthit would prefer some pink milk, but he knew there was no point in arguing. He wanted to get warm and quickly. Shucking out of his pants and uncomfortable shirt, he changed into the clothes Kongpob brought for him, curling up under the blanket in the attempt to hide from the world.


Kongpob came back a few moments later, a steaming mug of hot tea in his hands. “I put some lemon and honey in there. It should help.”


“Thank you.” Arthit whispered, an appreciative smile on his face as he took the cup, blowing at it before taking a small sip, Kongpob taking a seat behind him.


Arthit would forever blame the illness for the way he snuggled up to Kongpob. When Kongpob wrapped an arm around him, Arthit let out a happy little sigh, drinking the tea and allowing the hot liquid to sooth his aching throat.


As soon as he finished the drink, he leaned over to place the cup on the table, before moving to hug Kongpob a little more.


It was clear that Kongpob was trying not to say anything.


“You’re like a little cat!”


And he failed.


“P’Arthit, you’re so cute!”


“I’m sick and disgusting.” Arthit muttered, shuffling until his head was resting on Kongpob’s thigh. Almost immediately, Kongpob started to rub soft, soothing circles into his back and shoulders as Arthit slowly started to relax.


He wasn’t sure when it happened, but sometime after Kongpob’s massage, his boyfriend mumbling sweet nothings in his ear, he fell fast asleep.




He was quite disorientated when he woke up, having no clue what time it was or even what year it was. Slowly, he sat up, feeling weaker than he wanted.


“I think you’ve gotten sicker.” Kongpob commented.


Arthit just coughed, Kongpob rubbing on his back in an attempt to soothe the coughing fit. When he finally managed to stop, he groaned, “I feel awful!”


“You look awful.”


“… Thanks.”


Kongpob rolled his eyes, “I meant that you look like you’re feeling awful… aside from that, you’re perfect.”


“Hmm, nice save.”


Kongpob chuckled, attempting to shuffle free. “I should go and get you some soup. Chicken noodle sound okay?”


“Mmm.” Arthit sighed, not having the energy to keep himself upright, closing his eyes again.


He felt a gentle kiss on his forehead, before he was falling asleep again.




He wasn’t sure how much time had passed before he was being gently shaken awake.


“Come on…” Kongpob helped him into a seated position, handing Arthit the steaming bowl of soup, “… eat up.”


When Kongpob first mentioned soup, he honestly didn’t think he’d even be able to have one spoonful, so he was surprised when he was practically scraping the pattern from the bowl, his hunger over-taking him.


Once he was done, and the bowl was taken back into the kitchen, Kongpob retook his seat.


“I’m going to study for a bit.” His boyfriend whispered, “You just sleep, okay? Let me know if you need anything.”


Arthit was already half asleep though, tummy full and warm as he snuggled closer to Kongpob.


He was already feeling better.

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Prompt from Pieholler: Dowry seems to be a popular concept in Thailand and with mew and gulf joking about how many millions mew will need for gulf and remembering types father I had a sad idea. Maybe after university Tharn tried to get approval for marriage from types father without him knowing and gets asked for a tonn of money. Even if his family is wealthy he wouldn't ask them so he starts to work harder, maybe getting more and more jobs and spending less and less on himself and probably gettyng sadder every time he thinks of how many years its going to take. And there is type confused and worried because his boyfriend seems to need money but won't ask him for help. Give them a happy ending for me <3



“There you are. I thought you’d be late to the meeting you set up.”


Tharn took a deep breath, taking the seat opposite Type’s Father.


“Don’t tell me.” The older man stared at him, not a flicker of emotion on his face, “You’re here to ask me for Type’s hand in marriage.”


“…. Yes.”


Type’s Father hummed almost thoughtfully, “Which means that you’re paying me the dowry… since you’ve clearly taken on the groom role.”


Tharn desperately wanted to rush to his boyfriend’s defense, shout and scream that there were no ‘male’ and ‘female’ roles in their relationship… but shouting and screaming wouldn’t win him any brownie points with his potential father-in-law


“Yes.” He whispered quietly, trying not to grit his teeth as a, vicious smile spread across the older man’s face.


“20 million.”


Tharn felt like the floor had been snatched out from under him, “W-what?”


“20 million…. Nothing less.”


“I-I- “


“- Can’t afford that?”


“I will! I will!” Tharn desperately interjected, “I just… need a little time.”


“I’ll be generous… you have six months before I decide to pull my offer.”


Six months… he could do that.




He couldn’t do this.


Three months into the arrangement, and he was working three separate jobs, as well as taking on tutoring jobs at the same time for a little bit of extra cash.


He wasn’t spending much money on himself, not even when he needed new string for his guitar or a haircut.


Getting married to Type was the top priority right now.


Type, however, didn’t know about his Father’s request so it was unsurprising when he finally snapped.


“I thought we could actually spend an evening together.” Tharn heard Type growl, as he headed towards the door for his evening job, “You know, like an actual boyfriend.”


Resting his head against the doorframe, Tharn sighed, “I can cancel one of my tutoring sessions tomorrow and we can… watch a film here or something.”


“Tharn.” Type’s voice was softer now, and closer, “Three jobs as well as tutoring… what’s going on? If you’re having money problems, you can tell me.”


“No… I’m fine.”


Type scoffed, “Clearly not.” He slowly placed a hand onto Tharn’s shoulder, turning the taller man around, “Tharn… you’re exhausted. You look like you’re seconds away from bursting into tears.”


And of course, as soon as the possibility of him bursting into tears was mentioned, Tharn could feel himself tearing up.


“I’m… I don’t think I’m going to be able to do it on time.”


“Do what?” Type’s face creased in concern, pulling Tharn closer, “Tharn, what’s going on?”


Tharn couldn’t keep this a secret any longer, allowing himself to be led over to the sofa.


“I asked your Father if he would… let me propose to you.” He winced at the look on Type’s face, “Not because I think you’re the ‘girl or anything like that, but he already hates me and I wanted to get his approval!”


“And… he said no?”


“… He said I needed to give him 20 million for your dowry. I know I could just ask my parents, but I wanted to prove that I have the drive and the ability to work hard for something I want, but he only gave me six months to do it in, and it’s been three months already! It’s going to be years before I can save up that much money and- “


“- Tharn, Tharn, Tharn!” Type rushed to stop him, “First off, that dowry is bullshit!” He rubbed his thumbs over Tharn’s cheeks, wiping away the tears, “I am not worth that much, and don’t try to argue with me about that!”


Tharn’s mouth shut quickly.


“Secondly, you could propose with a ring from a tacky magazine and I would still say yes.” Type gave him a warning look, “You’d better not though… You’re not giving my Dad a dowry and that’s that.”


“I can’t just- “


“- Fine. You’re not giving him that much. Whatever you have saved up, he will have to deal with.”


Judging from the look on Type’s face, his Father was due for a very stern talk very soon.


“So, what you’re going to do…” Type continued, “… is quit two of those jobs, whichever ones you want. You’re going to finally get some sleep and then we’re going to have an amazing night out tomorrow.”




“Yes.” Type stated firmly, grabbing Tharn’s hand and pulling him to the bedroom, “I’ll call whatever job you’re meant to be at and let them know.”


“Type… I love you.”


“I love you too.”


Once he was sure that Tharn was asleep, Type grabbed his mobile and stormed into the living room.


It was time to give his Father a piece of his mind.

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Prompt from partizano_marcus20: Crossover of GMMTV Squad (SOTUS- Theory of Love- Dark Blue Kiss/Kiss Me Again- 2gether). ever since i saw that they gonna have an online global fanmeet, couldn't help but wonder: what if the squad had a series as one? Sitcom style? Hmmm :-?
2. The Squad but it's a bottom ones, a "breakfast club" style where Arthit, Third, Kao and Tine rant about their boyfriends (could be anything) heheheh
3. The Squad but its Tops, in a bar or somewhere, and they're braggin about their boyfriends or who's the best boyfriend hehehe

I combined these all together because they all fit perfectly.



The coffee shop was packed and most of the customers could probably hear Arthit’s rant…. But he didn’t care.


“He has no respect for privacy!” The oldest of the group hissed, “That box was under my bed for a reason, and he had no right to go snooping around in it!”


Third and Kao both nodded in sympathy. Tine, who was new to the group just stared, cup frozen halfway to his mouth.


“I mean, what did he even think was in there?!”


“Sex toys probably.” Third stated matter-of-factly, taking a sip as Arthit sputtered in indignation, “Khai tried to do the same. Not that we were together at that time, but he was hung up on this girl and wanted to have some fun with her and thought, ‘hey, I know! Third probably has sex toys, I’ll borrow one of his!’ Thank God I came back before he could actually see what was in the box.”


“… What-what was in the box?” Tine cautiously asked, not sure if he wanted to know the answer.


Third opened his mouth, only for Kao to cut in, “Pictures of Khai probably.”


“Shut up Kao!”


Dodging Third’s slap, Kao shrugged, “What?! Is it a lie?”




“So… what did Kongpob think about your secret teddy bear?” Tine fought to change the subject.


“He thought it was cute.” Arthit growled, “I’m older than him! I’m not cute.”


The other three all took sips of their coffee’s, not commenting at all.


“So…” Kao cleared his throat, turning to Third, “… How has Khai been? You’ve been posting a lot of… sexually frustrated posts from you.”


“That’s because I am sexually frustrated!” Third groaned, placing the cup on the table, hands started to gesticulate wildly, “We kiss a lot, like he never gets tired of kissing. He’s come to terms with being bisexual easily, but with anything else he just- “Third made a cutting motion, “- Stops.”


“Khai?” Arthit frowned, “As in Mister ‘Sleep with any Female who looks at him?’”


“Exactly!” Third pouted, “Sleeps with any girl, but not with his boyfriend!”


“Well, are you sure that he’s not- “


“- He’s not cheating on me!” Third snapped, interrupting Tine, sending the newest member of the group, shrinking back against his chair, “He’ll barely leave me alone, so I know he’s not cheating on me. He even dragged me to his mother’s for a very awkward dinner!”


“Weren’t you friends before all this?” Arthit asked, “You knew his mother before all this.”


“Yeah, but she doesn’t know that we’re together now and she kept Khai if he had a girlfriend yet, and he kept looking over at me and umming and aahing. It was awful!”


Arthit and Tine nodded in understanding, only to frown when they both spotted Kao squirming in his seat.




“It’s just…” Kao waved his hand, “… I haven’t exactly told my Mum yet. About me and Pete.” As the others all opened their mouths, probably to ask why, Kao waved his hand in dismissal, “I’m working on it, let’s just get back to Third and his sexual frustration.”


“He probably thinks you’re a virgin.”


They all turned to look at Tine, who flushed bright red.


“Well… that’s why Sarawat refused to even kiss me sometimes.” He explained sheepishly, “He didn’t want to push me too far.”


“Well… how did you get over that?” Third leant forwards in curiosity, trying not to smirk when Arthit did the same.


Kongpob was going to be in for quite the shock.


“I… kissed him till he dropped.” It was clearly an in-joke that they weren’t a part of as Tine smiled softly at some memory, “Turns out, I wasn’t the virgin in the relationship.”


The other three gasped in shock.


“Sarawat?!” Kao shook his head, “I never saw that coming.”


Tine was already covering his mouth, “I shouldn’t have said that.” He muttered through his palm.


“Don’t worry about it.” Arthit grumbled, “You’ll find yourself saying much worse things around these two. They have a way of pulling it out of you.”


“We have no idea what you’re talking about.” Third scribbled something in his notebook, probably Tine unintentional suggestion, “So Kao, how are you and Pete doing?”


“He’s his usual possessive self.” Kao shrugged, “If it weren’t for the fact that they’re having their own little meet-up right about now, he’d be texting me every five minutes. I had to fight to watch a film with my study group the other week.”


“So, same old, same old.” Third rolled his eyes, “You love it.”


Another shrug, as Kao beamed shyly. “It does make the sex more interesting.” He admitted, cackling when Arthit and Tine flushed bright red.


“Tine?” Third looked over at their newest member, “Anything you want to talk about? About Sarawat?”


Tine was silent for a moment, staring at his hands, “He’s… kind of perfect really.”


The other three waited, only to realise that Tine wasn’t going to elaborate any further.


“Go on!” Arthit gestured impatiently, “We’re going to need a little bit more to go off!”


“Yeah!” Kao agreed, “Like, is he actually perfect?”


“I-I think so.” Tine shrugged, “He makes me laugh, he makes me smile, he makes me feel… special. Like, who else saw me once when I was in high school and decided that I was the one for them?!”


The other three couldn’t argue against that.


None of them would admit to feeling a little jealous about it.




“- it was the cutest thing I’ve ever seen!” Kongpob stared dreamily into the distance, “The way his face scrunched up in indignation and he cuddled the teddy to his chest.”


Khai and Pete rolled their eyes at the lovestruck look on the other man’s face.


“I’m going to marry him.” Kongpob continued, “We’re going to get an apartment together… a dog or a cat… maybe both!”


“Aren’t you rushing into this?” Pete frowned, “Weren’t you just saying that you wished he would be more affectionate towards you and- “


“- That was before I saw how cute he was.” Kongpob waved his hand in dismissal, “We’re going to get married and adopt lots of kids.”




“Would you be a Suthiluck or a Rojnapot?” Sarawat cut in, “Because I’ve been thinking of asking Tine to marry me at some point and I don’t know what I’d prefer.”


“We’ll hyphenate.” Kongpob poke over the groans of the other two, “There’s no need to pick one or the other!”


Sarawat seemed happy with that answer, nodding in agreement, before turning to Khai and Pete. “Haven’t you two ever thought about marrying Third and Kao?”




“Neither of you? Really?”


Pete shook his head, but much to everyone else’s surprise, Khai slowly raised a hand.


“You’ve barely been going out six months!” Kongpob gasped, “And after all that you went through- “


“- Exactly! We’ve already gone through so much together! Most married couples haven’t gone what we’ve gone through!”


He had a point, and they all had to admit that.


“So… have you talked to him about it yet?” Sarawat asked.


“No.” Khai sighed wearily, “I don’t know how to bring it up in conversations. Every time I want to tell him, the words get stuck on my tongue and I can’t let it out. Maybe I should just propose and get it over and done with- “


“- You need to talk to Third about it first.” Pete warned, “At least get his feelings on the matter! You know what Third is like!”


“Yeah, you can’t just rush into this!” Kongpob nodded in agreement.


“But how do I even bring it up?”


“Talk to him in a place you both feel comfortable.” Sarawat advised, “And don’t just rush into it.”


“Spoken from experience?”


Sarawat winced, “Sort of.”


“Let’s just be thankful for two things.” Kongpob raised his drink in a toast, “To Sarawat finally asking Tine out, instead of fake dating for the rest of his life… and to Pete, for managing not to text Kao this entire time.”


“Shut up.” Pete glared at them all, “I don’t need to be texting Kao all the time.”


Almost in unison, they all started to speak up.


“Have I told you how pretty you are today Kao?”


“Who are you with? Can you sneak away for phone sex?”


“I want to hear your voice, can you call me?”


“Your voice gives me sweet dreams!”


“Enough, enough!” Pete growled, “I get it. So I like talking to my boyfriend, like you lot are any better?!”


“Fair point, well made.” Khai sighed, “We’re all just as bad as each other, let’s face it.”






“Pete… Pete, are you texting Kao right now?”


“… No.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: Jealous Pete (Pete/Kao), lusty Pete, Protective Pete, jelaous Kao, lusty Kao, protective Kao. I’d love to see a all 3 feelings with Kao because he is so mellow & soft.

Jealous Pete and Jealous Kao first 😊



Pete knew he had a possessive streak.


Kao was his and he would fight heaven and hell to prove it.


Which was probably why he was picturing strangling this first year, who was currently salivating over Kao.


They’re were standing in line at the small shop just off of campus, a small bundle of snack in their arms to get them through their upcoming study session.


They were only a couple of people away from paying, when Pete saw Kao turn around, a pleased look appearing on his face.


“Tine!” He sounded pleased, “How did that test go?”


Pete glanced over his shoulder to see a first-year beaming at his boyfriend… complete heart eyes if Pete had ever seen them.


“I was nearly the top of the class!” Tine was practically bouncing up and down in place, eyes never leaving Kao, “I couldn’t have done it without you!”


“You just needed someone to help you focus a little, that’s all.” Kao brushed off the praise, not noticing how Pete was fuming by his side.


“You helped me do that though!” Tine moved a little closer, “So… I was wondering if I could take you out for dinner some time? Maybe to that new restaurant just down the road? I’ve heard it’s gotten some really great reviews and- “


Pete couldn’t take this anymore.


Turning around fully, he wrapped his arm around Kao’s waist, pulling him close to his side, making Tine freeze mid-sentence. Kao looked over at him, opening his mouth, probably to ask if Pete was alright.


He didn’t get the chance.


Pete’s lips clamped down on his, tongue slipping past the surprised gasp Kao let out. He didn’t care who was watching, making the kiss hot and slightly dirty, Kao grabbing onto his arm as he struggled to remain upright.


When Pete finally pulled back, nibbling at Kao’s bottom lip, he smirked at the slightly dazed look in his boyfriend’s eyes.


He knew that Kao wasn’t completely distracted though, judging by the knowing look on his face when he saw Pete giving Tine some serious side-eye.


“Behave.” Kao hissed, before clearing his throat and turning back to Tine, “Sorry, but I already have plans with my boyfriend. Maybe some other time.”


They all knew there would be no ‘other time’


As Tine muttered a quick “sure’ and scurried away, the pair moved to check out.


“Don’t think I don’t know what you were doing.” He muttered, “Traumatising first years like that.”


“First years should keep their eyes to themselves.”


“Possessive jerk.”


“You love it.”


Both of them ignored the smirk the cashier was giving them.




The party was loud and full of grinding bodies, bottles of alcohol on every surface.


Kao… really hated clubs sometimes.


“Come on Kao.” He mocked, taking a sip of beer, “It’s just one night! Can’t I show you off to everyone?” He looked around, “I’ll take you to the club and then abandon you halfway through the night… like a jackass.”


He scanned the crowd again, hoping that Pete would pop up, his sheepish smile on his face and an apology on his lips.


Kao huffed, tapping his fingers against the bottle.


He needed to get some sort of tracker for his boyfriend sometimes, so he knew where he was at all-


Startled by the possessive nature of his thoughts, Kao took another hasty sip, turning his attention from the crowd to the row of drinks behind the bar.


Maybe he needed something a little stronger.


Or… maybe he needed to find Pete and get out of here.


Finishing off his beer, he moved to push through the crowd, avoiding the couple practically having sex on the dance floor, the girl dancing just out of everyone’s reach, the man shrinking away from a rather intense looking-


-Hang on.


Kao paused, turning on his heel to stare at the pair. Lights flashed overhead, and people were knocking into him in their drunken states, but he could see that the one shying away was Pete. He was smiling uncomfortably and shaking his head as his unwanted admirer came closer.


An admirer who was going to find out what a broken nose felt like.


“Really!” Kao heard Pete exclaim as he moved closer, “I need to be getting back- “


“- What’s the rush? Don’t you want to spend some more time with me?”


Kao started to seethe, not caring whose feet he stood on as he stormed over, inserting himself between the two with barely a glance at the stranger. Before Pete could say anything, he pulled his boyfriend into a kiss, his fingers curling into dark hair, their bodies pressing closer to one another.


“Hey!” The stranger exclaimed.


“What?” Kao growled back, keeping his arms around a now-blushing Pete as he nuzzled into his neck. Hopefully, he was conveying that Pete was off limits completely.


“See!” Pete looked at the stranger with a pleased little smile, “I told you I was taken.”


“By me.” Kao interjected, in case it wasn’t clear, a smug look on his face as he pulled Pete closer, “So piss off, before I make you.” The last bit was added under his breath, but the warning was clear enough.


The stranger stalked off and the couple relaxed.


“What did he even want?” Kao hissed.


“What do you think? He wanted to buy me a drink and have a dance.”


“I need to keep you on a leash.” Kao huffed, “I take my eyes off you and someone’s starting to steal you away.”


A pleased look flashed across Pete’s face. “I don’t care about them.” He whispered, “Why would I want anyone else?”


Kao couldn’t help but steal another kiss for that.

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Prompt from partizano_marcus20: What if Xia De started to pursue Xi Gu before Hao Ting could because he doesn't want to see Xi Gu having a hard life (or something else lol) i mean, in the series, we all knew Xia De had a thing to Xi Gu but sadly, it was not focused on. So, how would Xi Gu's Life be, if the love of his life is Xia De, not Hao Ting?



Xia De debated following his brother and friends off of the rooftop, leaving Xi Gu there.


Until he saw the sadness etched into Xi Gu’s features.


It was a sadness that Xia De had seen many times, mostly when Xi Gu was studying and they were messing about as a group.


It was an almost… wistful sadness.


The one time he’d seen Xi Gu, was the moment he knew he had a crush on the other boy. A forbidden crush that he didn’t dare tell his friends or brother about.


Yes, he had some suspicions about Bo Xiang, but it just wasn’t something you talked about.


Maybe…. Maybe it was time to do something about it though.


Knowing that they wouldn’t miss him, he headed back over to Xi Gu, and helped him to his feet.


“Come on.” He whispered, “Let me buy you something to eat.”


It was alarming how easy it was to lift Xi Gu up.


“I need to study.” Xi Gu attempted to pull away, only to stop when Xia De didn’t let go.


“You can study and eat, I-I just want to- “Xia de winced. Saying sorry didn’t seem enough.


“I… want to spend more time with you.”


Xi Gu Stared at him for a few moments, before slowly nodding.


“Alright…just this once.”




Once turned into twice, which then turned into every other day, until they were eating together every day.


Xia De was a little hurt that his brother didn’t seem to have noticed.


Although, Hao Ting had been acting strangely. Maybe it was because of that?


As Xi Gu tucked into his food without even a word of protest, books lying off to one side, Xia De seized his courage and cleared his throat.


“Can we… can we talk?”


He was dismayed to see Xi Gu’s face fall back into that sadness, as he placed the fork back on the plate.


“I-I don’t have the money to pay you back just yet, but- “


“- What?” Xia De waved his hands frantically, “No, no, no! Not what I wanted to say…I- “He took a deep breath, “I… wanted to ask you out? On...on a date.”




“I’ve liked you for a while, and I’ve loved just hanging out with you like this, but-but I thought that it never hurt to ask. Unless you’re not gay, then I’m really sorry and we can just- “


“- Okay.”


Xia De’s babbling came to a halt, “You… really?”


Xi Gu was staring into his food, “I-I can’t do much, and I still need to study, but- “


“- A movie then?” Xia De hoped he didn’t sound too eager, “I can pay, I don’t mind!”


“Alright.” Xi Gu gave him a shy smile, “A movie it is.”




His feelings for Xi Gu had come at quite a surprise.


Hao Ting watched as the smaller man made his way across the courtyard.


After his failed attempt to make the other boy late for the exam, seeing him climb onto the back of someone’s bikes, Hao Ting had started watching him closely, hoping to find another weakness.


And then he started to see him in a different light.


And when that happened, he ended up noticing something he never expected.


Xia De was the quieter twin, who didn’t really agree with their antics, so it was no surprise that they didn’t really notice him spending less and less time with them.


But… to hang out with Xi Gu?


He wasn’t sure if he liked that.


In fact, he knew he didn’t like that.


Don’t get him wrong, he liked how much happier Xi Gu seemed to be.


He didn’t like it when Xi Gu came in wearing that nice new scarf, clearly hiding a mark on his neck.


He liked how much healthier Xi Gu looked, and that fact that he noticed it, told him that Xi Gu was way too skinny before all this.


He hated how gentle they looked as a couple.


He liked Xi Gu.


He hated that he was too late.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: Jealous Pete (Pete/Kao), lusty Pete, Protective Pete, jelaous Kao, lusty Kao, protective Kao. I’d love to see a all 3 feelings with Kao because he is so mellow & soft.

Time for Lust!



Pete had never been particularly good with romance, but he was proud of himself for this one.


Fairy lights around the room, soft, sweet music playing form his speakers, homemade milk tea (which didn’t look half bad)… perfect!”


Kao had let out a surprised giggle at the sight, allowing himself to be fed the chocolate covered strawberries as they snuggled up under a soft blanket, happy, sated smiles on their faces.


God… his boyfriend looked gorgeous in this lighting.


Pete snuggled a little closer, holding Kao closer and kissing the side of his neck, just to hear him sigh so that he could capture those lips in a kiss as well. The kiss was brief as he moved to kiss along Kao’s jawline, feeling the moment where Kao’s pulse started to race in anticipation.


He quickly got both of them naked, pressing against each other, their lips becoming red and swollen from their kisses. Their bodies grinded against one another, their cocks flushed and thick, pressing up against one another.


Every touch made them burn hotter, driving their arousal to almost unbearable heights. Kao was quivering underneath him, breathing coming in fast, ragged pants, nails leaving small crescents on Pete’s back as they rubbed up against each other.


There were no words needed, save for their harsh panting and lustful moans. Sweat dripped from both their bodies.


Kao cursed under his breath squirming as their movements grew more rapid, both of them coming at the same time.




Pete loved Kao, he really did.


He especially loved Kao when he got like this.


At first, he didn’t react to the sudden kiss, letting Kao take control, nipping at his lips. Automatically, his hands moved to his shirt, fingers unbuttoning it until he felt Kao grab his wrists.




Pete raised a questioning eyebrow. “Why can’t I take it off?”


Kao flushed bright red, but the determined look never shifted. “Just… keep the suit on.” He replied.


For a moment, they both stared at each other, until Pete grinned confidently.


“You like me in a suit.”


Kao narrowed his eyes at him, “I would prefer it if you were in me as well.” He started pulling his own clothes off, “Unless you want to spend all this time bragging.”


Pete’s cock jerked as Kao stripped in front of him.


Honestly, he just wanted some tips for his interview tomorrow and to show off his suit that he’d bought.


This was a nice turn of events though.


Kao’s hand brushed against his chest, fingers catching slightly on the buttons as it moved lower and lower and lower, until it was cupping his hard length.


“It’s a shame you’ve got the interview tomorrow.” Kao mused, “Otherwise I would make you come like this.”


Judging by the smirk on Kao’s face, he knew what Pete was thinking, probably feeling the cock jumping under his hand.


Kao’s voice then dropped an octave lower.


“I think I’d prefer it if you fucked me though.”


Pete’s mind went blank… where was his shy boyfriend? Where did he go?


“But, if I’m in this suit, than how can I- “


Swiftly, Kao unbuttoned the pants and pulled them and the underwear down low enough so that Pete’s cock was freed.


He didn’t need much more encouragement than that, pushing a naked Kao to the ground and preparing him as best as he could, grateful that their sex life meant that lube was easily available in every room.


Kao had already locked his legs around Pete, silently encouraging him on.


He deserved a reward for this.


Pressing his fingers up against Kao’s prostate, he smirked as his boyfriend arched his back and practically screamed in ecstasy. However, it wasn’t long before Kao was taking control again, pushing Pete back.


“In me!” Kao’s demand was breathless, “I need you in me now!”


Pete was quick to obey, loving this new side of Kao, pushing in quickly and pounding into him in a savage, uncontrolled rhythm that Kao encouraged at every turn, begging for it with every gasp.


He surprised Pete once again when he pushed himself up onto his elbows and snapped his hips forwards, meeting every thrust with a moan that could only be described as ‘slutty’.


Pete loved it.


“You feel so good.” Kao’s eyes were shut, “I want to feel you all day tomorrow! Sitting down during work and feeling you!”


At these words, they came at the same time, Pete seeing stars behind his eyes. When the high finally died down, Pete gently pulled out and rolled off to one side.


“I… think I need to have this suit washed again.”


“I think I need to be out of the house when you go for your interview tomorrow… or this will happen all over again.”



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Prompt from partizano_marcus20: SOTUS- He's Coming to Me Crossover where Kongpob/Met is at crossroads on who to choose: Arthit or Thun


Guess which one is my favourite ship lol



Arthit didn’t know what to make of the look on Kongpob’s face when he came back from answering the door.


He’d never seen the younger man look that nervous before.


“What’s wrong?” He asked quietly.


Kongpob just stood there for a moment.


“That was- “He gestured vaguely over his shoulder, “- that was Thun. M-my ex-boyfriend.”


It was clear that Kongpob was uncomfortable as he took a seat on the bed beside Arthit.


“We were… together throughout the majority of high school.” He sighed, “And then, we were accepted into different universities and it just… fizzled out.”


“So… you never actually broke up?”


“We did! We did!” Kongpob protested, “It was just… more for convenience rather than falling out of love or anything like that.” He paused, “He’s moved to this university though… said that he’d done nothing but think of me since we broke up and I just- “


Arthit couldn’t listen to this anymore.


“Arthit, what are you doing?”


“Isn’t it obvious?” Arthit knew he sounded bitter, but he couldn’t care less, “You’ve chosen him, right? You came to the crossroads and realised that you still loved your ex-boyfriend and why be with someone as… someone like me when you can be with him!”


“What?” Kongpob shot to his feet, rushing to stop Arthit from leaving, placing his hands on the older man’s chest, “Do you really believe that?”


“What do you want me to say?!”


“I- “ Kongpob shook his head, “- I thought we’d gotten past this P’Arthit.” He reached out to take Arthit’s hands, “Thun is my past, you are my future.”


“So, you weren’t even tempted?”


Kongpob hesitated for a moment, before sighing, “Maybe… when we first started… this.” He gestured between them both, “And neither of us knew what we were going to be, or how it was going to end… maybe I would have been tempted to give Thun another try.”


“But- “


“But not now.”


Arthit felt like his heart had stopped for a second or two, seeing the serious look on Kongpob’s face, not entirely certain he’d heard what he’d just heard.


“Not… now?”


A soft smile appeared on Kongpob’s face as he shook his head, “I was trying to say, that when Thun told me he’d done nothing but think of me since we broke up, all I wanted, was for him to go away because you were here, and why would I choose him, when I was here with you?”


“You… chose me?” Arthit preened slightly at this.


“Of course.” Kongpob whispered, “Why wouldn’t I?”


Arthit bit his tongue slightly. He had an entire list of why he believed he wasn’t worthy of Kongpob.


“Thank you.” He whispered.


“You’re what I want P’Oon.” Kongpob chuckled, leaning in for a kiss, smiling into it when Arthit eagerly returned it.

Chapter Text

Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: Jealous Pete (Pete/Kao), lusty Pete, Protective Pete, jelaous Kao, lusty Kao, protective Kao. I’d love to see a all 3 feelings with Kao because he is so mellow & soft.

Protectiveness now!



Pete glared into his almost-empty beer glass.


With this his fifth or sixth?


Judging by the way the world was shaking, it was too many.


Kao was going to kill him.


Speaking of which, where was his boyfriend?


He said he was going out for a breath of fresh air… ages ago! Pete wasn’t sure of the exact time, but it was far too long ago.


Shoving himself away from the bar, stumbling outside into the cool night air in both an attempt not to throw up inside and to find Kao.


Barely two feet away from the door, he could hear a fight, one man hitting another in the stomach. The one being attacked let out a yelp, and instantly, Pete recognised the voice.




Someone was hitting Kao.


Someone was beating up his boyfriend.


Pushing himself away from the wall, Pete stumbled over, throwing a clumsy punch at the attacker, followed up by him then throwing up on the attackers shoes.


You know… just to add insult to injury.


The punch had done nothing but distract the other man, and the vomit just pissed him off. He was in the middle of ducking his head to throw up again when the attacker swung a punch at him, only clipping the top of head, sending him stumbling back into the wall.


“Pete!” Kao coughed out, pushing himself back to his feet, having been knocked to the ground, “Pete, stop- “


But nothing was getting through Pete’s drunkenness.


He was going to protect his boyfriend, no ifs, ands or buts about it.


He charged at the stranger, slamming into the man’s side with enough force to send him stumbling and then falling into the gutter. Once he was on the ground, he decked the man in the face, busting his nose.


“Stay the fuck away from my boyfriend!” He slurred, hoping he sounded more intimidating than he heard.


The man sneered at them but made no move to retaliate as Kao grabbed Pete’s arm and started to pull him away.


“Pete, why did you- “


“- I saved you!” Pete protested.


“By throwing up on him!”


“It still worked!”


Kao sighed wearily, “My hero.”




The tables turned a few months later, when they found themselves out drinking about.


“Another round for everyone?” Pete had just received his highest mark ever and felt like celebrating with his boyfriend and friends.


Kao had been giving him proud, soft smiles all night, and Pete had never felt better as he strode over to the bar.


“If it isn’t Petey!”


Until this moment.


He immediately froze, heart dropping to his stomach as he slowly turned around.


Not here, not now.


“Hello Ming.” He hissed, mentally chanting ‘don’t panic’. Images of black eyes and getting pushed harshly into lockers flew through his mind.


“I thought it was you!”


Ming was just as he remembered.


Like their high school days, Ming was backing him up against the wall, looming over him…. And then he was gone.


“Leave him alone!”


Kao was then delivering a particularly nasty left hook, one of their friends quickly pulling him away before he could land another punch.


Ming thumbed at his split lip, sneering at the gathered group. “Look at that… Petey’s found himself a cute, little boyfriend.”


“Piss off!” Kao spat out.


Ming glanced at them all for a moment, before seeming to realise that he was fighting a losing battle here, scoffing and spitting at the floor in front of them, before making a dignified retreat… well as dignified as he could with a swollen lip.


Pete remained frozen against the wall.


“Pete?” Kao turned to face him, “Are you alright?”


“Wha- yeah!” Pete snapped out of it, “Yeah, of course I am.”


Kao clearly didn’t believe him though, taking his hand gently and pulling him back towards their table, one of their friends buying the round instead. Once they were sat down, Kao pressed himself closer, radiating comfort from every pore.


“Pete… are you sure you’re okay?”


“You- “Pete paused, glancing over at him, “- You punched someone… for me?”


“You’ve done that for me.”


“Yeah but- “


“- We’re boyfriends.” Kao mock-scowled at him, “We protect each other, okay?”


“… Okay.”


Pete could live with that.

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Prompt from carriecnh12: Could you do a jealous Pete, and Can? We always get jealous Ae and Tin.



Can was pleasantly surprised that he was actually enjoying this party.


He loved Tin and these parties were a side-effect of dating someone as rich as him.


But he had never actually enjoyed one.


He leant back against the wall, a soft smile on his face as he watched Pete and Ae on the dancefloor. After all they’d gone through, it was nice to see them happy and in love.


Speaking of love… Can scanned the crowd, searching for his own boyfriend, only to frown when he saw a stunning woman skip over to Tin, her smile just a little too friendly. His eyes narrowed as she twirled a strand of her hair in between her fingers, giggling at whatever Tin said to her.


Can clenched his fist, before heading over to them, only relaxing when he saw Tin glance over at him and smile.


“Can, this is Kitty.” He introduced, as Can moved closer to him, “She was one of my best friends in high school.”


“Hi!” Kitty beamed, “I was just telling Tin how happy I was to see him here. Especially after everything that happened.”


“Yeah.” Can grunted, “Where have you been since then?”




He probably deserved the admonishment, but he wasn’t going to apologise.


Tin had felt like he was completely alone for years… if she was such a good friend, then where was she?


“You must be hungry.” Tin snapped, “Go to the buffet table or something.”


Yikes… it wasn’t his aim to piss Tin off so much.


Resisting the urge to throw his hands up into the air, Can stormed over to the table in question, ignoring the looks others were giving him. He stood there seething for a moment, stomach churning as he folded his arms over his chest.


And then the ice cream was brought to the table.




He grabbed one of the small bowls and headed back over to Tin and… her.


Let plan A commence.


Spoon in his mouth, letting some of the ice cream run down his hands, he waited for Tin to look over. As soon as he did, Can beamed at him, “Guess I did just need a little food.” He then acted shocked by the ice cream running down his fingers, “Shit.”


He then started to lick it from his hands.


The people at these kinds of parties had seen him do worse.


“M-Maybe you’d prefer a napkin!” Kitty managed to stutter out, looking away as Can finished licking his hand and the spoon clean.


“Couldn’t find any.” Can pouted, “Besides, you have to clean it off quickly or it gets sticky.”


With that, the last of Tin’s resolve broke. He grabbed Can’s arm and dragged him out of the room, the smaller man cackling as they went.




Pete chuckled as Kitty flounced off with a huff.


‘Well played Can’ He thought to himself, heading over to the buffet table to get him and Ae something to nibble on.


Looking around, Pete then froze when he saw Kitty had turned her attentions onto someone else.




Ae… who looked a little stunned by the attention, but wasn’t pushing her away either.


Pete tried to remain calm, keeping up a mental mantra even as Kitty eyed Ae in a not-so-innocent way.


And Ae still wasn’t trying to escape.


Pete barely realised he was striding towards them until he heard Kitty’s soft voice.


“You look so sad? Why?”


“Don’t worry.” Ae patted her arm gently, “It’s… it’s nothing- nothing important.”


Stopping, Pete felt like his heart was going to break. He’d noticed that Ae looked sad whenever Pete wasn’t looking… almost as though he couldn’t believe Pete was there with him.


Almost as though he knew Pete was thinking about him, Ae glanced over, stiffening as their eyes locked.


“Pete…” Ae said breathlessly, “… I- “


“- What’s going on.” Pete asked, a little shocked by his cold tone.


“We were just talking.” Ae whispered, a concerned look on his face, “That’s it, just talking.”


Kitty opened her mouth to protest, only for the couple to ignore her. All of Ae’s attention was on Pete as some of the anger and jealousy Pete felt melted away at the soft look in his boyfriend’s eyes.


“I-I know.” Pete whispered, as Ae slipped his hand into his, pulling him out of the room, much like Tin had with Can earlier.


Pete couldn’t help but shoot Kitty a slightly smug look as they did so.


They headed out into the gardens, the cool wind hitting their faces as Pete took a deep breath, giving Ae an unsure look… and their lips were pressed against one another’s, his hands tangled in Ae’s hair, Ae’s hands on his hips.


When they eventually pulled away, their heads rested against each other, eyes closed.


“I’m sorry.” Pete whispered, practically soundless.


“For what?” Ae was clearly confused.


“For everything.” Pete whispered, “For letting Trump get the better of me, for letting my Father control my life, for breaking your heart, for ruining tonight because I was jealous, for- “


“- Why were you jealous?” Ae whispered, “You are the only one for me and you always have been. What does Pond call it?”




“Exactly!” Ae made sure they were making eye contact, “No matter happens, we will always find our way back to each other.”


“Ae, I- “


“- I know.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Tutor/Fighter first






They were in the middle of a walk when they heard the voice to the left of them, and it took Tutor a few moments to process it.




Tutor pulled away from his boyfriend as they both turned to see a young lady, probably around their own age, waving eagerly at them.


“Cherry?” Fighter responded, sounding surprised. Tutor couldn’t help but shuffle closer, grabbing Fighter’s hand, trying not to glare at this… Cherry girl.


“Hi!” Cherry bounded over, pulling Fighter into a tight hug, not seeming to notice how Fighter and Tutor’s hands were intertwined, “It’s been so long! I never see you at any parties anymore!”


A rich girl… that explained everything.


“Yeah… too long.” Fighter’s hand squeezed Tutor’s, almost in reassurance as they pulled away.


“So, what happened?” Cherry pouted, “Where have you been?”


“My Dad and I… don’t see eye to eye anymore.” Fighter then held up their hands, “He isn’t a fan of my boyfriend.”


It comforted Tutor to hear just how happy Fighter was talking about them, but it didn’t make him feel a whole lot better.


“This is Tutor.” Fighter then introduced them, the smile disappearing from Cherry’s face.


“Nice to meet you.”


“Nice you meet you too.”


Their voices weren’t as warm as they could have been, leading Fighter to clear his throat nervously. “So… what have you been up to?”


As the girl went into a rant about her Daddy didn’t buy her the car that she wanted, Tutor resisted the urge to roll his eyes.


Oh, how the other half lived.


“We should grab something to eat together someday!” Tutor then heard Cherry say, dragging him out of his thoughts.


“Yeah, maybe.” Fighter replied, not even hissing when Tutor grip tightened for a moment, “I’m busy at the moment, but I’ll let you know when I’m free.”


Tutor clenched his jaw. Yes, he trusted Fighter… but there was a flash of doubt in his mind. Fighter had taken so long to come to terms with liking men… what if he decided it was easier to go back to women?


Fighter and Cherry said goodbye to one another, and Tutor and Fighter continued on with their walk.


“Who was she?” Tutor asked quietly, refusing to look over at his boyfriend. The venom in his voice was evident though.


“Cherry… we dated for a while in high school.”




Fighter glanced over at him, “What’s wrong?”


“Nothing.” Tutor pulled his hand away from Fighter’s


“Hmm.” Fighter smirked, “You’re not jealous, are you?”


“I don’t get jealous.” Tutor snapped a little too quickly.


“Really?” Fighter leaned in close, “Because it’s really hot if you are.”


“… It is?” Tutor couldn’t help but smile softly, all annoyance melting away.


“Yep.” Fighter stopped, turning Tutor to face him, “You are most… gorgeous person in the world. I would never think about being with anyone else.”


Tutor knew he was blushing, trying not to look Fighter in the eyes. “Love you.” He muttered, voice quiet.


“I love you too.” Fighter replied, gently kissing him on the forehead. “Now… feel like going home and re-claiming me?”


“Down boy.”




“So hot!”


Fighter chuckled as Tutor rolled away from him, trying to pull him back for a kiss.


“Stop it.” Tutor hissed, “What if someone- “


At that moment, someone cleared their throat beside him, prompting them both to look up quickly. Fighter was expecting Tutor to get annoyed at the stranger, but inside Tutor smiled warmly.


A smile that Fighter thought was his and his alone.


“Ae!” He wriggled free of Fighter’s grasp, pushing himself to his feet and pulling the shorter male into a tight hug, “When did you get here?”


“About a day ago.” Ae’s smile was small, but soft. Too soft to be looking at Tutor like that, “How have you been?”


“Good… better than I have been in a long time.” Tutor then (finally!) seemed to remember that Fighter was there, “This is P’Fighter by the way.”


“His boyfriend.” Fighter stated firmly, frowning when Tutor rolled his eyes.


Ae however, smirked.


“Pleased to meet you.” The shorter man actually seemed as though he meant it a little, before he turned back to Tutor, “Have you- have you heard from Pete recently?”


“No, sorry.”


Fighter only half paid attention to the conversation, too focused on how close Tutor and Ae were standing next to each other.


He didn’t even notice Ae leaving until Tutor was tapping him on the shoulder, a concerned look on his face.


“So.” Fighter asked, a little too casually, “Is he your ex?”


“What?” Tutor stared at him for a moment, before bursting into pearls of laughter, clutching at his stomach. It took several minutes for him to recover, giggling a little at the pout on Fighter’s face.


“He’s my brother’s boyfriend.” Tutor shook his head, “Or ex-boyfriend, I’m not sure what they class themselves as at the moment.”


“Your… really?”


“Ae and Pete, the great love story. The true endgame!” Tutor sighed, “Or at least, I hope it is.” He glanced over at Fighter, “He doesn’t like you.”


“What?! Why?!”


“You ignored him the whole time!”


“… True, but- “


“- Don’t worry.” Tutor beamed, “I plan for us to be together long enough for him to like you.”

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Prompt from Zazzel: Loving these! Was wondering if you could do a Tharn/Type fic with the two of them getting jumped by homophobic assholes. Would really love to feature protectiveTharn pissedoffTharn and hurtType if possible.



Tharn preferred remaining calm in the face of homophobia.


He won a boyfriend through this method, so he considered it a success.


There were times, however, when even he knew remaining calm wasn’t going to do anything.


They were walking home, literally fifteen minutes away from safety, when Type was suddenly crying out in pain, falling forwards as Tharn spun around, just in time to catch a fist to the face.




The yell was punctured with a kick to Type’s stomach, taking the breath from his lungs and pissing Tharn off in the process.


One minute, he was recovering from his own punch, the next he was kicking one of the attackers in the family jewels, and moving to tackle the other one to the ground, throwing a few punches before the other homophobe recovered and pulled him off.


A bad mood.


Elbowing the man in the face, Tharn went in for another go at the first one, only for familiar hands to pull him back.


“Tharn, you’re bleeding!” Type tightened his grip when Tharn struggled against his grasp, “We need to go!”


Now that Type had mentioned it, Tharn could feel the blood dripping from his nose. Quickly, he pressed his shirt sleeve against it, watching as the white fabric slowly started to turn red, Type pulling him away from the two attackers.


“Are you okay?” He asked his boyfriend, voice sounding a little odd over the pulsing of his busted nose.


Type refused to look him in the eyes.


“The back of my head.” He admitted, the wince obvious in his voice, “My stomach… and my chin.”


Tharn moved to check Type’s head first, only for his hand to be slapped away.


“Let’s get home first.” Type growled, “Away from those… jackassess.”


Tharn didn’t argue, letting himself be pulled along until they were finally home.


Thankfully, it was dark and they didn’t run into anyone else on the way there.


Once they were safely indoors, Tharn turned to Type, examining his chin first.


It would bruise, scraped and bloody from Type’s fall to the ground.


Silently, he went to grab from frozen vegetables from the freezer, holding one to his nose and handing the other to Type, who moved it to the back of his head.


For a moment, they just sat there in silence, until Type looked up at Tharn and sighed.


“You should put that at your knuckles.” He gestured at the melting bag.




It wasn’t hard to notice how tense Type was, as he clutched at his mid-section.


“Come here.” Tharn whispered, placing the bag on the side-table before lifting up Type’s shirt, hissing at how it was already starting to bruise, “We should go to the hospital, check that there’s no internal damage or- “


“- and tell them what?” Type sighed, “We got jumped by a couple of homophobes and had to run away?”


Tharn didn’t mention how he would have been more than happy to carry on the fight if it weren’t for Type pulling him away.


“It wasn’t our fault.” He whispered, “Those men were just… being bastards for the sake of it.” He shrugged, “Besides, I like to think they came out of it looking worse.”


Type rolled his eyes, “That doesn’t make me feel any better.” He moved to sit next to Tharn, placing his head on his boyfriend’s shoulders, “Can we… stay home for a while?”


“Whatever you want.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust for Tutor/Fighter



Fighter was panting heavily. He was on the bed, lying on his back, hair dishevelled with marks over his neck and chest as Tutor moved further and further down.


“T-Tutor.” He whimpered, feeling way too sensitive for this, “Tutor, p-please!”


Tutor just hummed in response, continuing to make hickey’s into Fighter’s skin. He loved Fighter like this, so needy and consumed with lust, practically sobbing with the force of it.


“P-Please!” Fighter tried again, “I-I need you!”


Tutor pulled away from him with a sly smirk, “You need me to do what?”


“F-fuck me!”


Slowly, Tutor moved up until they were face to face, kissing Fighter gently on the forehead as the older man spread his legs. He couldn’t help but chuckle at this, placing his middle and index finger on Fighter’s lips.


Almost immediately, Fighter wrapped his lips around those fingers, sucking and coating them with saliva as Tutor slowly to stroke at his cock. As Fighter started to wriggle uncontrollably at the sensation of Tutor’s fingers on his cock, Tutor pulled his fingers free from his mouth, circling him around Fighter’s hole inside.


He pushed them in slowly, trying his best not to hurt him, as Fighter’s jaw dropped open in a silent scream, eyes rolling to the back of his head. It burnt, but Fighter loved the feeling, especially when Tutor started to pick up the pace, curling his fingers up to that they brushed against Fighter’s prostate.


Body littered with purple and red hickey’s, Fighter’s knuckles were white as they clenched the bed sheets.




“I’m going to fuck you now, okay?” Tutor whispered.


Fighter nodded frantically, not even managing to find the words to beg for it.


With a chuckle, Tutor leaned open to grab the lube from the bedside table, slicking up his cock and pushing inside. Fighter gasped, rolling his hips as Tutor paused, letting the older man adjust to the feeling.


“So good.” Tutor whispered, pressing a quick kiss to Fighter’s mouth as he pushed all the way inside.


“Faster!” Fighter whined, moaning when Tutor obeyed, speeding up as he placed one hand on Fighter’s cheek, thumb wiping away the tears that had escaped. His moans were non-stop at this point, each one louder than the other as he ran his hands over Tutor’s shoulder, trying to pull him closer.


Tutor then angled himself in a way that he knew would hit Fighter’s prostate.


“F-fuck! Right there! F-Feels good!” Fighter babbled, “Harder, please, h-harder!”


Once again, Tutor obeyed, battering into Fighter’s prostate over and over again. His hand moved from Fighter’s cheek, to his cock, stroking it at the same pace of his thrusts.


“I-I’m close, are you- “


Tutor cut him off with a sensual, passionate kiss, just as Fighter came with a high-pitched whine, spilling all over Tutor’s hand and his own stomach, feeling Tutor smirk against his lips. Pulling away from the kiss, Tutor rolled his hips, chasing his own orgasm.


Seconds before he came, he moved to pull out, only for Fighter’s legs to wrap around him.


“Inside!” Fighter gasped, face flushing at the sensitivity, “Please, inside!”


Tutor came with a low groan, spilling inside Fighter, before gently pulling out and rolling to the side, the pair of them holding each other tightly. All was silent for a moment, until Fighter broke it.






“I love you.”


Tutor smiled, leaning over to give him a kiss.


“I love you too.”




Sometimes… Tutor thought that Fighter might as well go shirtless with how he wore his shirts.


It was very distracting.


He couldn’t help but admire his boyfriend… to the point where he didn’t hear Fighter calling him until the older man was tapping his knee.


“Earth to Tutor!” Fighter chuckled.


“Sorry I was just… thinking.”


“Must have been something important.”


Tutor shook his head, making sure he was focused on Fighter’s face and not that tantalising chest area on show. “No… did you need something?”


For a moment, Fighter scanned him from head to toe, a sly smirk on his face. “See something you like?”


Well, how could Tutor resist an invitation like that.


Moving on automatic, his hands slipped into Fighter’s shirt, fingers running over hard, dusky nipples, making Fighter moan.


Tutor was quick to capture that moan with a kiss, pressing their bodies close as they both struggled to remove their clothes.


Once he was able to, he then wormed his hand in between them, gripping their cocks, the pair of them thrusting into the grip.


Tutor was slightly ashamed to admit that he came first, even if Fighter followed him not long afterwards. Resting his head on Fighter’s shoulder, he relaxed at the feeling of hands stroking down his back.


“I knew you couldn’t resist me.” Fighter chuckled.


“Shut up.”

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Prompt from Unimportant: May i request one where Arthit is in a car accident and Kongpop is worried. Curious to see your take on it! Some angst but please have a happy ending! 🥰🥰 please and thank you soo much!!



There was a lot to hate about ICU waiting rooms.


The smell.


The company and how they randomly burst into tears.


The colour of the walls.


The uncomfortable seats.


The sheer amount of tension in the room.


After two weeks though, Kongpob knew what the worse thing was… How little time he was actually allowed to spend time with his boyfriend, and inside had to wait in the waiting room, until he was allowed inside.


Less than five hours every day, staring at Arthit’s bruised and battered face, gently rubbing his hand in the hope that the gentle sensation would wake him up.


But Arthit refused to wake up.


In fact, the doctors had warned him that Arthit might not wake up at all.


Arthit had been on his bike on the way to work when he was hit by a car thinking that the red light didn’t apply to it. The wounds had been severe, to the point that the Doctors’ worried that he wouldn’t make it off the operating table.


Funeral arrangements were mentioned, and Kongpob lost his temper.


Arthit’s parents might have been willing to set something up, but he wasn’t. P’Arthit was going to make it.


He was too stubborn to die.


Kongpob fiddled with Arthit’s gear bracelet, having started to wear it when this all began as a form of comfort. He rubbed his thumb over the etching on the actual gear like it was the only thing there to ground him.


For too long, he’d been alone with his thoughts.


Their friends had been there for them, but they all had their own lives to live.


They couldn’t spend every minute of their lives here.


Not like Kongpob.


His homework that his friends brought him each and every day, remained on a pile in the chair next to him. It was probably full of silly mistakes and tear-stained splotches, but he was handing it in (or at least his friends were) and keeping up his education.


Arthit would be proud.


If he would wake up to tell him, Kongpob would be the happiest person in the world.


At the moment though, his boyfriend was getting worse every day, looking paler, thinner than ever before.


Kongpob desperately tried not to over-think the situation.


Arthit would make it.


They would get married, be grouchy old men together. They would adopt children and make family decisions. If they were going to die, it would be together, as old men passing away together in their sleep, hands intertwined.


He glanced up at the clock, sighing he realised that he still had half an hour left before he would be allowed to go in and sit by Arthit’s bedside.


Maybe he could finish the draft for this project in that time.


As he got settled in to try and scribble some rough notes, a nurse emerged from the room, heading straight for him.


“Mr Suthiluck? Kongpob Suthiluck?”


Kongpob froze, fingers gripping the gear.


Was this it?


Was this the bad news he’d been dreading?


“Mister Rojnapot has woken up.” She smiled warmly at him, “He’s asking for you.”


“… What?”


“Mister Arthit Rojnapot’s awake.” She repeated, a little softer this time, “He woke up about half an hour ago. His motor abilities seem to be fine as he used a pen and paper to ask about you. He doesn’t remember the crash, but that’s completely normal in these circumstances. His vitals are stable, so if you want to- “


“- He’s okay?” Kongpob interrupted, “He’s going to be okay?” His hand slapped over his mouth, as he tried to muffle the relieved sobs.


Arthit was alive.


Awake, alive and wanting to see him.


Arthit wanted to see him.


Kongpob shot to his feet, smoothing out his clothes the best he could, hoping that he didn’t look as bedraggled as he felt as he rushed towards the room, only to stop in the doorway.


Familiar eyes immediately found his.


Arthit reached out to him, and Kongpob needed no further invitation. Rushing over, he took Arthit’s hand in his, feeling Arthit weakly return his grip.


“I love you.” Kongpob breathed, pushing back his tears, leaning forwards to kiss Arthit lightly on his cheek. “I love you so much.”


Arthit’s grip tightened and Kongpob knew what he was trying to say.


‘Love you too.’

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Tutor/Fighter



“Tutor… You’re bleeding.”


“Hmmm.” Tutor tentatively touched his split lip, flinching a bit at the pain. It was probably too much to hope that Fighter wouldn’t notice it, “I fell… into a wall.”


Fighter was already on his feet though, stalking closer to him, before pulling him into a chair. His eyes scanned Tutor’s face, his hand coming up to gently cradle his jaw. Brushing away Tutor’s hair from his forehead, he found another cut just above his eyebrow.


His cheekbone looked as though it was going to bruise soon as well.




“Yes?” Tutor hated how downtrodden he sounded as Fighter’s dark eyes turned murderous.


“Who did this to you?”


Hiding his flinch, Tutor forced a smile onto his face, “I told you, I fell.”


“Yeah… into a wall, right?” Fighter shook his head, “You’re a terrible liar.”


“I’m not lying!” Tutor hissed, tone betraying him.


Fighter crossed his arms and raised an eyebrow, waiting patiently for a moment, before sighing wearily when he realised that Tutor wasn’t going to just fess up who did it.


“Tutor, you know you can tell me anything.”


“Fighter, stop- “


“- Stop what?”


“Stop all this!” Tutor snapped, backing away from it, “I don’t deserve it.”


“Who told you that? The person who attacked you?” Fighter growled, “Was it another debt collector?”


“No- I- it was- “ Tutor sighed heavily, “It was just some homophobic asshole.”


He winced as Fighter’s face darkened in fury further, “Tell me everything.” His boyfriend ordered, “Start at the beginning.”


“There’s nothing really to really tell.” Tutor shrugged, “I left my last class to come here. Someone caught me by surprise and shoved me into a wall, which I didn’t lie about by the way, he punched me a bit, before he got spooked by something and made a run for it.”


He didn’t even realise he was crying, the events of the day having caught up with him, as Fighter leant over to wipe the tears away, before pressing a gentle kiss to Tutor’s lips.


Once he pulled away, he stared into Tutor’s eyes for a moment, before storming towards the door.


“I’m going to kill them.”


“You don’t even know who they are! I don’t even know!”


“Don’t care. I’ll find them.”





Tutor could hear Fighter shuffling around at around 3 in the morning, prompting him to roll over and slowly open his eyes.


“Oh god.” He groaned, taking in the sight in front of him.


Fighter just blinked at him, hair sticking up in all directions, a blanket wrapped around his shoulders as he clutched at it almost desperately. His eyes were glassy, and his nose was almost bright red.


“What are you doing?” Tutor slowly sat up, as Fighter gave him a woeful look.


It wasn’t adorable… it wasn’t


“S’ too hot.” He complained, sinuses obviously inflamed, throat sounding like it had been put through a meat grinder.


“Get back into bed right now!” Tutor hissed, “How are you even upright, right now?”


Fighter sniffed pathetically, “I can’t sleep. There’s some sort of white noise in my head that makes me want to throw up!”


“Come on.” Tutor rolled his eyes, reaching out to pull Fighter down onto the bed, tucking him back in. He wasn’t surprised when Fighter fell asleep less than three minutes later.


With a weary sigh, Tutor moved to the sofa.




Fighter slept for about six hours, before he awoke with a hacking cough, groaning as he pushed himself up to a seated position, the duvet now wrapped around his shoulder, only his head showing.


Tutor had been up for a while now, finishing off one of his projects.


At the sight of his pitiful boyfriend, Tutor pushed himself to his feet and headed into the kitchen to make some lemon tea, hoping that it would help with the sore throat at least. It must have taken him less than two minutes, but when he returned, it was to the sight of Fighter sitting on the floor, glaring at his legs like they’d just betrayed him.


Glancing up, he made ‘gimme’ gestures at the sight of the steaming mugs, taking an eager sip and moaning in a way that Tutor had really only heard in the bedroom.


“Poor baby.”


It came out a lot softer than he intended, as Fighter gave him a small smile.


Tutor felt his heart flutter at the sight.


“I’ll make you some chicken soup.” He sighed.


“Really?” He sounded so young, and Tutor couldn’t help but wonder if Fighter had ever received this kind of care when he was sick.


A wave of protectiveness surged through him, as he nodded in determination, “Really.”


“That… sounds really nice.” Fighter said tentatively, looking at Tutor like he hung the moon, “And some more tea?”


“Anything for you.”

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Prompt from Anonymous: i have a promp that chaam & pete become BEST friends. pete changes completely around her — he’s really comfortable and they have crackhead energy whenever they hang out. they have sleepovers & chaam sends ae cute/silly photos n vids of pete - but pete never knows! also, pete, chaam, ae and pond all have a sleepover but it starts w pond n ae studying/doing schoolwork but chaam & pete are good students & have finished all their work so they just dance around n have fun whilst the others do work 💗 also!! with my chaam and pete prompt, they definitely are the type of best friends who will start uncontrollably laughing at anything, and it happens when they’re eating lunch, or hanging out and pond and ae definitely look at their respective partners with so much love in their eyes sjsjsjsj. they also ABSOLUTELY burst out singing at random times!!



Chaam had been dating Pond for about four weeks when she realised that her and Pete were destined to be best friends.


“You are a braiding God.” She stated matter-of factly, practically feeling Pete’s blush, “How did you learn to do this?!”


“My Mum taught me.” Pete answered, finishing off the braid, “My Dad… She would get stressed and she always said this helped.”


“It does.” Chaam reached behind her to pat Pete’s hand in a reassuring manner, “It really does.”




“Who are you texting?” Ae frowned, leaning a little closer to his boyfriend, “Chaam?”


“Mm.” Pete nodded, “She’s promised to teach me how to cook.” He glanced over at Ae a little guiltily, “I don’t want to keep relying on you for everything.”


“Ai’Pete…” Ae reached out and gently took his hand, “… that’s really sweet, but you don’t have to- “


“- I want to though.” Pete beamed, “She’s promised to show me how to make some sort of milk desert. I could make it for your birthday!”


Better than Pete spending loads of money on football shoes.


Ae couldn’t help but approve of this new friendship.




“My girlfriend is feeding your boyfriend.” Pond pouted, “There’s something so mixed up about all this.”


“I’m letting him try my dinner.” Chaam rolled her eyes, “Just in case he wants to try nothing new tomorrow.” She then gave Pete a stern look, “You need some meat on your bones.”


Instead of getting flustered and blushing like Ae though he would, Pete rolled his eyes fondly, “So you keep telling me.”


Yep… this friendship was definitely a good thing.




From there, the friendship only flourished.


The pair would spend hours talking to each other, especially during double dating study sessions, when they’d finished long before their boyfriends.


Neither Ae nor Pond could really follow the conversation when they got like this.


But it was clear that Pete trusted Chaam, as he talked about the time his mother considered having him home-schooled when he came home with a broken wrist.


When Chaam pulled Pete to his feet and the pair stated dancing around the room, Ae and Pong couldn’t help but give each fond looks at the sight.


Yes, they were struggling to focus on their own work because of it, but it was worth every second of wasted time.




“So, should I thank you for giving Pond the idea to get me chocolate for Valentines’ Day?” Chaam giggled, “Because he’s been looking panicked for about a week.”


“He asked me for some ideas.” Pete nodded, fiddling with the bracelet that Ae had given him, “I didn’t realise he’d get you so much though.”


“I don’t mind.” Chaam reassured him, “It means he tried and there is nothing more attractive than that.”


Pete opened his mouth, only to flush bright red and close it again, making Chaam gasp sharply.


“Did you just have a dirty thought?!” She grabbed his arm, “Tell me, tell me, tell me!”




Both of them seemed to have forgotten that Ae and Pond were even there.


Not that either of them really minded.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Third/Kai



Third slammed the door behind him.


“I’m tired of this!” He spun around to face his boyfriend, “I feel like you don’t trust me!”


Him and Intouch were friends, that’s all, and Khai decided that was the perfect excuse to act like an asshole. An irrational, jealous asshole.


“He was practically drooling all over you!” Khai grabbed Third around the waist, pulling him closer, “Didn’t you see that?!”


“You’re delusional!” Third rolled his eyes, “You’re just being jealous for no reason!”


They were having this conversation at least every two weeks now, and Third couldn’t understand why Khai didn’t understand, after years of him pining, he would never betray Khai like that.


He was Khai’s and had been for years, but his boyfriend still got overly jealous.


He met Khai’s dark gaze, keeping eye contact with him until Khai let out a dry chuckle, shaking his head.


“I don’t know why I get so angry.” He whispered, hands moving down to Third’s ass, only for them to be slapped away, “Maybe it’s because of all those people who think they can have you.” He walked forwards, until Third was falling back onto the bed, Khai towering over him, “They think they can fuck you right?”


Third just cackled up at him, “And you think you can?” He smirked, knowing that he was just winding Khai up at this point.


Judging by the hurt look on Khai’s face, he might have gone a little too far.


“Look.” Third sighed, pushing himself up, “It doesn’t matter if someone did want to be with me like that… why would I ever say yes when I have you?”


“Yeah?” Khai perked up a little, “Promise?”


“I promise.” Third reached out, encouraging Khai to sit by him, “Now… how do you feel about some make-up sex?”






“Third, are you asleep?”


“Yes… deeply.”


Third did not sound impressed.


“I can’t sleep.”


“And now, neither can I.”


Taking a hint, Khai tried to turn his thoughts to other things in the hope he would get to sleep quickly.


He couldn’t be blamed for the direction his thoughts took.


“Seriously.” Third sighed, feeling a hardness against him, “Now?!”


Khai froze as Third wriggled a little bit.


“Thinking about me doing something special?”




“You were thinking about me, right?” Third’s voice devolved into a growl as Khai whimpered behind him.


“Can you blame me?!” Khai whined, “She was hot!”


Here, Third remembered the film they’d watched before going to bed… and the actress in it.


“I am a normal, red-blooded guy!” Khai continued to protest, “My thoughts ran away from me! I’m sorry!”




Khai knew that he was in trouble.


“Third… I’m sorry.” Khai whispered, “I honestly didn’t mean to.” He pushed himself up onto his elbow, staring down at Third, who had gone pale.


He was overthinking again.


Khai knew exactly what his boyfriend was overthinking about.


Was he, Khai, going to decide that this just working out for him? Was he going to turn his back on Third and go back to his numerous girls?


“You’re it for me.” He whispered, “For life Third.”


He pulled at Third, waiting until his boyfriend rolled over, before continuing. “I honestly think our love can last for all eternity.” He whispered, “You’re my soulmate, my destiny!”


Third didn’t look overly impressed with the flowery words.


“If a girl gave me her phone number now, I would throw it away!” Khai pleaded, “Right in front of her, if it meant that you would believe me that I wasn’t interested! And we both know I have very little chance with an actress like that.”


Hopefully Third wouldn’t pick up on the ‘little cha-


“You mean no chance.” Third smirked, “Right?”


“Yep! No chance!”

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Prompt from Anonymous: pete and ae are doing the do 👀 in ae and pond’s dorm room and then pond walks in without knocking or anything. pete is riding ae and so when ae sits up to cover them with the blanket, pete accidentally moans and has to shove his face in ae’s neck. and now, whenever pond wants to anger ae, he just mentions that moment and how hot pete looked and how cute his moans are 😳



“Ai’Ae!” Pete giggled as he was pulled into an empty stairwell, “Can’t you wait?”


“No.” Ae muttered into Pete’s neck, “Do you have any more lectures?”


“No, but- “


“- Neither do I.” Ae looked up at his boyfriend, giving him a hopeful look, which Pete succumbed to all too quickly allowing himself to be led back towards Ae’s room.


“What about Ai’Pond?!”


“He’s not due back for another couple of hours.”




As soon as the door closed behind them, Pete practically hurled himself into Ae’s arm, allowing his boyfriend to lift him into his arms, wrapping his legs around Ae as he was carried over to the bed. They fell onto the mattress, kissing each other fiercely, fingers fumbling with buttons, both too keyed up to take this slowly.


Preparation was quick, and soon, Pete was lowering himself down onto Ae’s cock with a moan of satisfaction, loving the ache and stretch of it as he moved up and down in a slow, deliberate rhythm. They were getting into it, skin glistening with sweat as Ae thrusted up into Pete’s body with fierce enthusiasm.


And then the door was flung open.


“Ai’Ae, do you know- OH MY GOD!”


Almost immediately, Ae was leaning forwards to grab the duvet and throw it over their bodies, pulling Pete down to lie on top of him.


Pete couldn’t stop the almost breathless whine that escaped as Ae’s cock jabbed right into his prostate.




Pond clearly had no self-preservation instincts, “You two you were- “ He paused, before smirking and imitating the noise that Pete had just made, shrieking and scrambling out of the room as Ae moved to get up and chase him.


As the door slammed shut, Pete whimpered, slowly pushing himself back up.


“Ai’Ae, what if Ai’Pond- “


“- Pond won’t say a word if he knows what’s good for him.” Ae bucked up his hips, trying to keep Pete’s mind off of the recent interruption, one hand moving to jerk his boyfriend off. Pete came with a yelp, spurting over Ae’s stomach, clenching tightly around him until Ae came as well.


They collapsed to the bed together, kissing and cuddling as the sun set in the sky.


Pete completely forgot about the interruption.


Until a week later.




Pond had been pushing his luck for a little over half an hour now, but Ae was determined to ignore him.


His best friend was almost like a toddler when it came to this.


If you ignored him, he would eventually give up.


Or he would escalate his attempts.


“Hey, Ai’Ae.” Pond leaned forwards, a vicious smirk on his face, “Have you told everyone about how cute Pete is today?”


Ae narrowed his eyes, “What are you- “


“Especially when he sounds like this.” And then Pond replicated the sound Pete had made when he burst in on them, the fake moan devolving into a shriek as Ae practically leapt over the table, hands outstretched to strangle Pond.


As the shorter male chased Pond, Chaam gave a furiously blushing Pete a sympathetic look.


“Come on.” She beckoned for him to get up, “Time for some time away from the boys I think.”


“Ai’Pond- “


“- Is getting what he deserves by the sound of it.”

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Prompt from Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust for Third/Khai



Third was wearing Khai’s favourite jeans on him… the ones that hugged his bum just perfectly.


He couldn’t tear his eyes away as Third chopped up some mango in the kitchen, not even seeming to notice that Khai was in the room.


He moved closer, pressing himself up against his boyfriend’s back, practically hearing him rolling his eyes as the knife work stopped.




“Hmm.” Khai kissed Third’s neck lightly, smirking as Third leant back into him slightly, able to feel just how hard Khai was already.




“What? We haven’t had sex since- “


“- last night!”


Khai ignored him, spinning him around and pressing their lips together, before pulling them over to the sofa and pushing Third down onto it, climbing on top of him, removing both of their shirts giving him free access to Third’s abdomen.


“K-Khai, please!” Third hissed as Khai nipped and licked down his chest and abdomen, “S-stop teasing!”


Khai chuckled, pulling down Third’s pants along with his underwear so that he could kiss up and down his thighs. Third writhed at the sensation, panting as Khai moved upwards, mouthing over Third’s cock now, swallowing it down to the root.


Giving blowjobs were not something he ever thought he would enjoy, but when he first heard Third make those noises, he soon grew addicted. As he felt Third trembling, Khai pulled away, “I want you to ride me.”


Third didn’t hesitate to change their positions, scrambling on top of Khai as his boyfriend pulled himself out of his pants. Finding the lube in between the sofa cushions, the preparation was quick due to their exploits last night.


Soon, Third was sinking down on top of him.


“Look at you taking it so well.” Khai murmured, grabbing Third’s hips and thrusting in time to Third’s up and down movements, their skin slippery with sweat, Third’s fingers digging into his shoulder as he struggled to remain upright, “I love the way you feel around my cock. I’m g-gonna- “


“- Inside, please come inside!”


Khai took Third’s cock into his hand, jerking him off as he came, Third following on not long after, cumming all over Khai’s chest. As Third eased himself off, collapsing onto Khai’s chest, he lightly slapped his boyfriend’s chest.


“Can I finish dessert now?”


“I’ve just had it- OW!”




The presentation had been a success, Khai had to admit that.


He didn’t expect this reaction though.


“Third, is this really the best time?”


Third just continued to hold him against the wall, sucking kisses in a line up his throat, hips rolling against Khai’s.


It was probably a good thing this classroom wasn’t used very often, as Khai lifted a leg to wrap around Third as he was pulled into a kiss. He let out a surprised moan as Third’s grip around him tightened.


He’d forgotten just how strong Third was.


Third then worked a hand into Khai’s shirt, reaching up to pinch at a nipple, making Khai arch up into the touch, breaking away from the kiss to hiss.


“Third, I-I really think we should at least move this to the bedroom.”


He was ignored as Third captured his mouth again, the sensation going straight to his dick. Shakily, he placed his hand on Third’s chest, moving it down until he was cupping Third’s dick, making his boyfriend’s movements stutter for a moment.


He stroked him once, twice over the top of his pants and Third was coming, biting down on Khai’s neck in order to muffle the groan. Third recovered quickly though, pulling back with a smirk.


“Can you stay quiet?”




Khai watched in amazement as Third sank to his knees, hands on the waistband of Khai’s trousers. He was so close to coming, and Third hadn’t even touched him yet.


His pants and underwear were pulled down far enough for his cock to spring free, Third swallowing it down less than a few seconds later, tongue swirling underneath the sensitive head, bobbing up and down.


“P-Please, I-I- “


And then their eyes met.


Khai came with a barely muffled groan, feeling Third clean him up with little kitten licks, before getting to his feet, pulling Khai’s pants up with him.


His lips were a little red and swollen, and there was probably a damp spot on his trousers… but Third looked completely unphased by what they’d just done.


Khai knew he must look like a state though


“I-I think I need another minute.” He admitted, knees feeling like jelly, “Or two minutes.”

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Awww, poor Pharm. Now we need Pharm showing up with snacks to pick Dean up and showing the girl he isn’t single. 😉 Referring to Chapter 50



Siam was beautiful and she knew it.


Pharm hesitated near the door of the study room, peeking through the windows as Siam shuffled a little closer to his boyfriend… who didn’t look impressed.


Glancing down at the box of Khanom chan, he took a deep breath.


Dean had said there was nothing to worry about and Pharm believed him…. But a point still needed to be proven. Carefully balancing the box on one arm, he knocked on the door and slowly opened it, smiling shyly when Dean perked up at the sight of him.


“Pharm.” Dean pushed himself to his feet, heading over to his boyfriend and kissing him on the forehead, “Why didn’t you tell me you were coming, I would have given you a lift or- “


“- It was meant to be a surprise.” Pharm giggled, “And it’s okay, it’s not too far of a walk from the cooking club.” He then held up the box, “I thought you might like some of these while they’re still fresh.”


Dean eagerly accepted the box, opening it up and taking an appreciative sniff of the dessert.


The moment was ruined however when they heard someone clearing their throat behind Dean.


“P’Dean.” Siam gently spoke up, an unsure smile on her face, “Aren’t you going to introduce us?”


She must have seen the forehead kiss.


Maybe she was just a little hopeful though, believing that she’s misunderstood the entire situation.


“This is Pharm.” Dean didn’t even hesitate, pulling Pharm close to his side, “My boyfriend.”


“Boyfriend?!” Siam’s eyes widened, “Since when?!”


“One year, nine months and seven days.” Dean answered promptly, an innocent smile on his face, “Why?”


Siam’s mouth slammed shut, a flush appearing on her cheeks as Dean pulled up a seat for Pharm.


“It shouldn’t be much longer.” He whispered, as Pharm smiled up at him.


“I don’t mind.”


His work was done anyway.

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Prompt from Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Third/Khai



Third was faking sleep and Khai knew it.


Half-curled up into a ball, back to the wall, it was clear that Third wasn’t relaxed in the slightest.


It was not how Khai imagined meeting his boyfriend’s dad for the first time.


“Third… are you okay?”




Khai winced, not knowing what to do for a moment, before moving to take a seat on the edge of the bed, noticing Third’s slight flinch as he did so. He couldn’t help but smile though when Third rolled over to burrow his face into Khai’s midsection.


They stayed there for nearly ten minutes, before Khai mustered up the courage to break the silence.


“Does… does your Dad talk to you like that often?”


Third didn’t answer verbally, but he stiffened up, pressing closer to Khai, almost using him as a shield against the very thought of the older man.


“Alright.” Khai tightened his hold on him, “You didn’t deserve that… any of that.”


Third shivered, clearly trying to hold it all together. His breath shuddered a few times, before he seemed to gain control again.


Khai hated it.


How many tears had Third shed over him, but he wouldn’t cry over what his Father said?


“It’s fine.” Third sighed, his voice rough even as he tried to hide it, “He’s just a little mad because I wouldn’t loan him any money.”


“No, it’s not fine.” Khai snapped “There’s no reason for him to speak to you like that!”


Third broke, breathing coming in quicker and harsher, almost like he was struggling. And then the first tear appeared, dissolving into harsh sobbing.


When he finally managed to regain control of his breathing, Third could only manage to force out a weak “I’m sorry.”


“You’ve got nothing to be sorry for. You have every right to feel like this, yeah?”


Third nodded shakily as Khai leaned over to press a kiss to his cheek.


“And if you need me to go and kick his ass, just tell me.”


“You couldn’t kick anyone’s ass.”


“I could try!”




Khai sat in the living room, trying to ignore the dark clouds that loomed outside.


He had an essay due in two days, he needed to focus on that.


Outside the rain pelted against the window, a streak of lightning flashing across the sky, followed by the rumbling of thunder.


Khai yelped and jumped in his seat, hand slapping over his mouth to try and cover the noise. He wasn’t very successful as Third looked up at him, a look of concern on his face.


“It’s okay.” Third whispered, “It’s just a storm.”


“I know!”


Another rumble of thunder echoed throughout the room, making Khai jumped again, squeezing his eyes closed in the hope that this was all just a bad dream. After another crash of thunder made him yelp even louder, Third came rushing around the table, pulling Khai into a hug.


“It’s okay.”


“I-I’m not afraid of storms!”


“Of course not.” Third didn’t even attempt to tease him, leading him over towards the bed, his grip tightening as there was another rumble of thunder, running his hand up and down Khai’s back. As they both lay down on the bed, Third very carefully didn’t mention the dried tear tracks on his boyfriend’s face.


He leaned back against the pillows, pulling Khai until the other man was leaning back against his chest, wrapping his arms around Khai as he handed him his headphones.


With Khai blocking out the sounds of the storms with music, sinking further and further into Third’s protective embrace, the pair soon fell asleep.

Chapter Text

Prompt from Katie_Emm: Now I’m just gonna have to see a fic of Dean Cooking for Phram if that’s cool.



Pharm was still sound asleep.




Dean slipped slowly out of bed and headed towards the kitchen, determined to make this anniversary perfect. He knew that he was nowhere near as talented as Pharm when it came to cooking, but he had spent hours watching his boyfriend in the kitchen.


Hopefully, he had picked something up.


He was as quiet as he could be creeping out to the kitchen, hoping that he could find everything without making too much of a ruckus and waking Pharm up.


Gai yang


Hot and fresh grilled chicken with sticky rice.




He went to the refrigerator and pulled out the chicken, giving it a quick sniff just to make sure that it was still safe to use.


They’d just bought it yesterday, but he was taking no chances.


The sticky rice had been soaking for nearly 24 hours now, so it should be soft and fluffy.


First he preparing the marinade for the chicken, coriander roots, lemongrass, garlic cloves and peppercorn for a thick paste, which was then combined with light soy sauce, dark, sweet soy sauce, fish sauce and turmeric powder and stirred until it was well blended together.


As the chicken marinaded in the mixture, for at least an hour, Dean set the oven to pre-heat.


This was why he purposely got up three hours before he really had to. It was a long process, but he hoped it would be worth it.


Once the oven was heated up, he waited for the chicken to finished marinading before putting it on a wire rack and putting it inside.


The chicken was close to being finished when a sleep-looking Pharm shuffled around the corner. “P’Dean? What are you doing?”


“Cooking breakfast for you.”


Pharm’s eyes widened slightly, looking extremely touched by the statement.


“I wanted to surprise you in bed.” Dean continued, opening up the oven to pierce the chicken with a thermometer, sighing in relief at the knowledge that it was cooked, “But I guess I was making too much noise, hmmm?”


“It was cold in the bed.” Pharm pouted, “I didn’t know where you were.” He glanced over at the chicken, where it was resting, “Gai Yang?”


“Yes, is that okay?”


Pharm nodded eagerly, “More than okay. It looks and smells really good.”


If Dean preened a bit at the praise, then that was between him and Pharm. “Go on.” He gestured back to the bedroom, “Back into bed, I’ll be there soon.”


Pharm beamed, moving closer and giving Dean a quick kiss on the cheek, before rushing off, clearly eager to be spoiled.


And Dean did love spoiling him.

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Prompt from Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Shao Fei/Tang Yi




Shao Fei was running late.


Damn Tang Yi and his octopus arms that kept him pinned against the bed.


“Shao Fei!” The captain yelled, “Interview in room 3!”


“Yes boss!”




Tang Yi had tried his best to keep Shao Fei in bed with him that morning, to no avail.


Stupid stubborn policemen.


He lasted less than an hour before he was giving up on getting any work done that day, grabbing his coat and heading to the police station.


Maybe he could persuade Shao Fei to have an early dinner together.


The captain wasn’t anywhere to be seen, but Zhao Zi spotted him, jumping to his feet nervously. “A-Fei’s in the middle of an interview at the moment.” He stammered, “I-I don’t think he’s going to be done for a while.”


Tang Yi resisted the urge to groan. This is what he got for dating a police officer.


“You have a room you watch these interviews in, right?” He was already heading straight for where he knew the interrogation rooms were, “Take me to the one I can watch Shao Fei in.”


“I-I- “ Zhao Zi made a frustrated noise as he followed on behind, clearly deciding not to argue as he lead Tang Yi to the room in question.


Through the large window in the room, Tang Yi could see Shao Fei seated at the table, a rather handsome man sitting opposite. Tang Yi didn’t really notice that though, eyes firmly on Shao Fei.


There was something about his boyfriend in interrogation mode that really got him going.


And then other man, the one being questioned, was leaning forwards, a flirtatious smile on his face. It made Tang Yi’s smile fade as he straightened up, eyes narrowing as the man then started to flirt.


The interview must not have been going well for him to resort to be a shameless hussy.


Shao Fei, of course, was oblivious.


He gritted his teeth as he continued to watch, hands itching to wrap around Shao Fei and show that probable criminal, that the person he was flirting with was in a committed, loving relationship.


“Ummm.” Zhao Zi winced, “Maybe you should wait in the main office?”




He was ignored as Zhao Zi dragged him out…. He could still remember a time when the shorter man was scared of him.


He remembered that time fondly.


It didn’t take long for Shao Fei to emerge from the interrogation room and back into the main room, smiling at the sight of Tang Yi sitting there.


“Hey!” He greeted fondly, before turning to Zhao Zi with a serious look, “He’s hiding something, definitely. Do some digging into his finances.”


“On it.”


As Zhao Zi shot off, Shao Fei turned to Tang Yi as he rose to his feet, placing a hand on Shao Fei’s nape.


“Hi.” Shao Fei greeted again, “Are you okay?”


“… That man wanted you.”




“The man in the interrogation room… he wanted you.”


Feeling Shao Fei tense up slightly, Tang Yi rushed to reassure him.


“I’m not mad at you or anything, I just- “


“- want to be the only one who gets to flirt with me during an interrogation?” Shao Fei smirked knowingly, “We can certainly arrange that.”


“Oh no.” Tang Yi shook his head, “Tonight, I show you who you belong to. We can have a little bit of roleplay session tomorrow.”


“I’ll bring my handcuffs home tomorrow then.”




Tang Yi walked into his office a week after the interrogation room incident, only to stop suddenly, surprised to find Shao Fei sitting on his desk.


They hadn’t managed to have their little roleplaying night as Tang Yi’s business suddenly got a lot busier, meaning that he was unable to spend long periods of time at home. Finding Shao Fei here was unexpected though, as he knew that it had gotten busy at the station as well.


His surprise quickly turned to pleasure as he smiled at the other man.


“Hello, what are you doing here?”


“Waiting for you.” Shao Fei didn’t look up at him, tracing out an unknown pattern on the desk. “Where have you been?”


“Meetings and things like that. Nothing very interesting.”


This got a faint smile from Shao Fei, but it was gone after a couple of seconds. Tang Yi frowned at this.


Something was wrong.


“Why were you looking for me?” Tang Yi asked, “Is everything okay?”


Shao Fei didn’t answer, and still didn’t look at him.


It was almost like he was sulking.


“A-Fei- “


“- You and that man that you were meeting with seem pretty close.” Shao Fei interrupted.


“What?” Tang Yi thought to himself for a moment, before he had a clue about who Shao Fei was talking about, “You mean, Peng Guiying?” He shrugged, “We’re friends.”




“Yes friends… like you and Zhao Zi.” Tang Yi wondered where all this was going.


“Me and Zhao Zi don’t sit that close to one another.”


Tang Yi came to the realisation very quickly. “Are you… jealous?”


Shao Fei straightened up, almost knocking things off the desk with the sudden movement, “What? No! Of course not!”


“You are, aren’t you?” Tang Yi smirked, knowing that he was right, “You’re jealous of Peng Guiying!”


There was a moment of silence, before Shao Fei rolled his eyes. “Fine… I’m a little bit jealous.” He admitted, looking everywhere but at Tang Yi.


“Why?” Tang Yi honestly felt a little confused.


“Why were you jealous of that man last week?!” Shao Fei snapped, “He was flirting with you.”


“… Was he?” Tang Yi resisted the urge the wince. He hadn’t been that oblivious, right?


“He’s rich, good-looking and- “


“- and he’s not the one who remembered my birthday and made a point of celebrating it with me.”


Shao Fei still didn’t look impressed. “You don’t get it!” He threw his hands into the air in exasperation, before reaching out and grabbing Tang Yi’s arm, jerking him forward into a hard, and wholly unexpected kiss.


It was a quick kiss, but just as passionate as some of their longer ones.


“Come on.” Shao Fei growled, “We’re having that roleplay session now!”


Tang Yi wasn’t going to argue.

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Prompt from peachylittlepanda: Hello and thanks so much for this! I know I requested already and you just did one of them, but I was wondering if I could also request a TharnType oneshot where Type has a one-sided love for Tharn, but Tharn seems in love and dating with Tar. Type has the hanahaki disease and his time is pretty much almost up since his love has been kept secret for a long time and is getting worse. Happy ending though please if you write this, cause I can't take any more heartbreak from TharnType. Thank you so much for considering.
P.S. If you could somehow add type being insecure about his body since Tharn is used to small/feminine guys in his past, that would be good too, but if not no big deal :)




The first time Type saw Tharn, he felt like he was frozen in place, staring at his new roommate.


He wasn’t willing to admit that he had feelings for another boy, let alone Tharn…. It didn’t stop him from coughing up petals a few days later.




It got worse one night when Type was dragged out to a bar, where Tharn was performing with his band, joking with a younger boy from the nearest high school, his laugh echoing throughout the room.


Type had never heard a laugh like it, so it was no surprise when he found himself running to the bathroom, hacking up even more petals into the toilet.




The high schooler was called Tar, and apparently Tharn was just his tutor.


Type wasn’t dumb though. Small and cute, Tar was Tharn’s exact type, and it was hard to miss how the pair looked at each other.


Of course, he was going to look at Tar.


Type wasn’t small or cute… why would Tharn even look at him?


As Tharn and Tar studied in the room, Type’s eyes kept flicking over to them, focusing on the way Tharn’s lips stuck out in a slight pout, the way his eyes glimmered in the light.


If Tharn asked him to do anything, he knew he wouldn’t be able to say no to those eyes.


Neither of them noticed when he ran to the bathroom.


This time, it was almost a whole flower.




Things started to fall apart in the new year.


They were in a bar, having a few drinks when Tar suddenly showed up. Type wanted to make a comment about how ‘kids’ shouldn’t even be allowed in here, only to be shushed by Tharn.


“Don’t worry, I’ll just get him some water and take him home.”


That was half an hour ago, and now Type was watching as Tar tried to encourage Tharn to dance with him, hands on the other man’s hips.


Type felt a burning sensation in his stomach.


He resisted the urge to go over there and drag Tar out himself, pull him away from Tharn… but who was he to interfere in their relationship? If Tharn wanted to date a high schooler, that was his business.


It wasn’t jealousy.


Or so he told himself until he felt the burning in his chest.


He started to cough, lungs feeling full all of a sudden. He excused himself to the bathroom, feeling tears well up in his eyes, as he spat up an entire flower, staring at it as it floated in the water of the toilet bowl.


A Daffodil.


And then there was another one… and another one… and another one.


When the wave stopped, he leant back against the stall door, trying to control his sobbing.


This wasn’t happening… not to him.




There was a bouquet of daffodils on Tharn’s desk.


“They’re from Tar.” Tharn explained at Type’s staring, “To apologise for the other night.” He then frowned in concern, “Are you alright, I didn’t see you leave.”


Type shrugged, “I… wasn’t feeling it, you know? Why daffodils?”


“They’re my favourite flower.”


“R-right.” Type’s mind flashed back to that flower floating in the toilet, “Makes sense.”




Type took great care to avoid Tharn after that, hoping that these feelings would just… disappear. That if he ignored his feelings, the Hanahaki would go away.


He stayed at Techno’s and ignored Tharn’s calls and worried texts.


‘Please tell me what I did.’ One of them read, ‘I just want to make it better.’


Reading it brought tears to his eyes and petals to his lung.


It wasn’t working.




Type couldn’t avoid Tharn forever.


Not with meddling friends like Techno and Champ.


“We don’t know what’s happening between you two.” Champ sighed, “But it needs to be fixed.”


Needless to say, it was awkward.


Type refused to make conversation, despite Tharn’s best attempts.


After Type was done with one of his ‘bathroom’ breaks, washing his hands to get rid of the blood on them, Tharn entered the room, practically cornering him.


“What the hell is the matter with you?!” He snapped.


“I don’t know what you’re talking about.”


“Is it about the gay thing?!” Tharn continued, “Because if it is, I hate to break it to you, but- “


“- just forget it!”


“No! Why should I?!” Tharn almost screamed, tears pricking his eyes.


“You wouldn’t understand!” Type snapped back, pushing past Tharn and storming away, rubbing his eyes in an attempt to stop the tears.




“Hello, one-nine-one, what’s your emergency?”


“I-I think I’m dying.”


“Sir? Are you hurt? Are you in danger?”


“I-I have Hanahaki and- and I-I can’t BREATHE! I-I don’t want to d-d-die!”


“Help is on its’ way, what’s your name?”


“T-Type, p-please! Hurry!”




The next time Type saw Tharn, his roommate was sat by his hospital bed, the bucket full of vomited flowers by his feet.


“You almost died Type.” Tharn’s voice was wrecked, eyes and nose red from crying, “Do you hear me? You almost died! They had to stick a tube down your throat to get you breathing again! They say you might need the operation, how could you be so stupid?!” His voice cracked dramatically.


Type could only sit there in silence.


“Why didn’t you tell anyone? Why didn’t you tell him… or her? Whoever it is who put you through this?!”




A knowing look flashed over Tharn’s face, as he leaned forwards. “I know you’re not… fully comfortable with your sexuality but why didn’t you say anything?”


“It’s you!” Type growled, “Because it’s you, and you’re happy with Tar, who’s small and cute, which I’m not and- “


“- Me?” Tharn was starting to cry again, one hand covering his mouth, “I-I’m so sorry, I- “


“- You’re happy with Tar. It’s not your fault.” Type then coughed up a few more petals which only made Tharn cry harder.


“Me and Tar aren’t together!” He sobbed, “He likes me, but he’s just a kid and I wanted him to wait until he was older and- “ He paused, before grabbing Type’s hand, “- I hoped that he would move on, because I love you! Not him!”




“I. Love. You.” Tharn smiled tearfully, “I can scream it if you want?”


Type decided it was easier to pull him into a kiss.


He didn’t feel the burning anymore.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust Shao Fei/Tang Yi



“Morning.” Tang Yi whispered, pressing a kiss to the back of Shao Fei’s neck, “Did you sleep okay?”


“Yeah… you?”


“Hmmmm.” Hands on Shao Fei’s hips, he turned his boyfriend around, appreciating the sight of Shao Fei wearing one of his t-shirts, the way it hung off of him. Taking a seat, he pulled Shao Fei onto his lap, cupping the other man’s cheeks and running his fingers through Shao Fei’s dark, messy hair.


Seconds later, they were removing their clothes, hands reaching out to each other once the clothes were on the floor, Tang Yi pulling Shao Fei into a kiss.


“Lie back on the counter.” He gently ordered the other man, “I’ll grab what we need from the bedroom.”


He ran into the other room, grabbing a condom and some lube, before making his way back. He prepared Shao Fei quickly, peppering the other man’s neck with kisses as he slid inside, loving every groan and whine that broke free. Grabbing Shao Fei’s legs, he moved with more gusto, leaning over to swallow Shao Fei’s yelps with a kiss, watching as Shao Fei’s eyes rolled to the back of his head.


Their breathing grew more laboured, sweat building on their bodies and their climaxes approached. Shao Fei’s hand moved up and down on his own cock as he got closer and closer, teeth digging into his bottom lip, back arching off the cool countertop as he spurted all over his chest, clenching around Tang Yi, who came shortly afterwards.


For a moment, they just stood there, panting through the aftermath, Tang Yi running his fingers through the mess on Shao Fei’s stomach, occasionally brushing against his boyfriend’s spent cock.


“Great.” Shao Fei groaned, the mess starting to cool and dry on his skin, “Now I need another shower.”


Tang Yi perked up at this, as Shao Fei rolled.


“Separately! I do need to go to work at some point today!”


“Do you really?”


“Yes! Get off!”




Shao Fei should have known that Tang Yi wasn’t going to sit back for this investigation.


One mention of a gang from one city over, and Tang Yi was acting like he was Shao Fei’s personal bodyguard.


But with Zhao Zi in the hospital, getting a gunshot wound stitched up, Tang Yi was his best option.


“We’re being watched.” Tang Yi reported, as they headed into a nearby alley, “To our right.”


Shao Fei, glanced subtly over in that direction, spotting a dark shape at the end of the alley, roughly the size of a fully grown man.


“One of Gu Peng’s men?”




The man started to move towards them.


“A-Fei…” Tang Yi warned quietly, only for Shao Fei to cut him off.


“- Kiss me.”




Shao Fei rolled his eyes, grabbing the front of Tang Yi’s jacket and pushing him up against the wall, pressing his lips to Tang Yi’s.


The footsteps got closer and closer.


Tang Yi gasped as Shao Fei nipped at his lower lip, squeezing his eyes closed as the footsteps reached them… and continued on.


Once the man was gone, Shao Fei pulled away, lips swollen, a smirk on his face. “Never fails. People hate public displays of affection.”


“I- “


Shao Fei stared at him for a moment, before grabbing Tang Yi’s wrist and pulling him out of the alleyway.


“The case can wait for a few hours.”




Tang Yi didn’t remember the journey back to the apartment, drawing a complete blank as Shao Fei dragged him to their bedroom, pushing him down onto the bed and climbing onto his lap. Shao Fei’s hand were soon fisted in Tang Yi’s hair, pulling a moan out of him.


He didn’t even see his boyfriend grab the supplies from the bedside table.


He felt Shao Fei tugging at the bottom of his shirt, prompting him to raise his arms in the air as she pulled it off him.


“Does making out in a dirty alleyway really do it for you?” Tang Yi gasped, as Shao Fei started to strip, pushing Tang Yi onto his back to remove his pants, “Or was it- “


“- The look on your face after I took control.” Shao Fei whispered, “That’s my new favourite look. Now shut up and let’s do this. I plan to arrest Gu Peng by the end of the week, and I can’t do that in here.”


“So romantic.”


“Shut. Up.”


“Yes Si-UNGH!”

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Prompt from Fanficchica: Could I make a request for a mingkit one??? I’d really like possessive/ protective Ming taking care of kit because he’s hurt or someone said something to him...just like Ming being an engineering badass because people think he’s just gonna keep his mouth shut and that kits the only sassy one in the relationship....if that makes sense? Thank you!!!



“Ming, why are you going out with P’Kit?”


Ming pulled his attention away from the window and the outside world, having been completely lost in his own thoughts about his date with Kit the night before.




“Why are you going out with P’Kit, that medical student?” The other student, who Ming honestly forgot the name of, leaned forwards with a smirk, “I’m surprised your cock hasn’t frozen off with how cold and frigid he is.”


The pencil snapped in Ming’s hand, as he slowly got to his feet.


“Shut up.”


The other student looked slightly alarmed, “What?!” He frowned, “You can’t be happy with him?”


“Except that I am!”


“Mister Daichapanya!” The teacher shouted from the front of the class, “Something you’d like to share with the rest of us?”


“… No.” Ming grabbed his books and bag, “I need to go.”


“Mister Daichapanya!”




“I can’t believe you.” Kit scolded, “You just walked out of class?!”


Ming tried to focus on his boyfriend’s face, disappointed and annoyed as it was, it was easier than focusing on what his classmate had said.


No, Kit wasn’t like Yo, but Ming was glad about that.


He loved Kit the way he was.


A soft hand on his own brought him back down to earth, prompting him to look into warm, brown eyes.


“I’m trying to lecture you here.” Kit sighed, voice slightly playful (although only Ming could probably here that).


“Sorry P’Kit.” He whispered.


It was quiet for a moment, before Kit spoke up again, “You’re worrying me slightly.”


Ming couldn’t say anything. How could he hurt Kit’s feelings by telling him what the other teen said? Silently, he pulled the older student into a hug, feeling Kit tense up slightly before he finally relaxed.


“Alright.” Kit sighed, “But don’t think this means this conversation in over.”




The conversation was over… for a few days.


Ming didn’t know Kit was planning to pick him up after classes. He didn’t know that he would be held behind after class for the teacher to give him a concerned talk about his behaviour the other day and if everything was okay at home.


He didn’t expect to come out of the classroom to see a large crowd gathering.


Pushing through the crowd, he froze at the sight of Kit standing there, looking down-beaten, eyes on the ground as the student from the other day was yelling at him.


Ming felt a red mist descend over his eyes.


He couldn’t hear the exact words being said, but judging by the hurt look in Kit’s eyes, they followed along the same line as what the other student was asking him about the other day, except crueller and harsher.


He pushed forwards until he was standing in front of Kit, grabbing the other student by the tie and slamming his fist into the other person’s face.




Ming felt Kit grab his shoulders, forcing him to let go of the other teen as he was dragged backwards.


“Enough Ming!” Kit hissed, “We need to get out of here before you get into trouble. Even more trouble.”


Ming allowed it… despite not being happy about it.




Later that evening, it was obvious that Kit was troubled by whatever had been, snippier than usual as he practically stormed around the room.


Ming hated it.


This was a time for them.


This was a time for his soft Kitty to come out.


“He’s why I was in a bad mood last week.” He began, Kit stopping in the middle of the room, giving Ming the chance to reach out and pull him closer, “The things he was saying… you know that none of them are true, right?”






“… What did he say to you?”


“Stuff.” Ming winced at the look on Kit’s face, “I mean- he wanted to know why I was dating you, and didn’t seem to believe that you made me happier than anything else in the world.”


“Even though I’m cold and frigid?”


Ming clenched his fist, desperately needing to go back and show that other student exactly how happy he was. “You are not cold or frigid!” He took Kit’s hand in his own, “I know you’re not like Yo or Forth when it comes to showing physical affection, but I don’t mind that! You’re affectionate when it matters!”


“So, why didn’t you tell me when you were upset?”


“… Because I knew that it wasn’t true and I didn’t want to upset you for no reason.” He moved one hand up to Kit’s nape, squeezing it lightly as a form of comfort, “I wanted to protect you from that.”


A soft look flashed across Kit’s face at the quiet statement.


“That’s… sweet.” He eventually said, before scowling, “It doesn’t mean you should have broken his nose though!”


“Did I really break his nose?”


“I heard the crunch, you definitely did.” Kit stared at him for a moment, before leaning in and giving him a quick kiss, “Thank you.”




“No! Not anytime!”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Shao Fei/Tang Yi



The bar was too crowded for Shao Fei’s liking.


He’d come here with Tang Yi on one of their rare nights off, but he’d lost him some time ago. Knowing that his boyfriend had probably just got caught up in speaking to someone he knew, he ordered a drink, taking a couple of sips before placing it back on the bar in front of him.


He’d planned on just sitting where he was and waiting for Tang Yi to find him again, that sheepish, apologetic look on his face… but the bartender was persistent and stubborn.


“My shift ends in a couple of hours.” The bartender spoke up, “Maybe if your ‘boyfriend’ hasn’t found you by then, then we could catch a drink together?”


Shao Fei did not appreciate the disbelief in the word boyfriend.


“No.” He rolled his eyes, “Sorry, but I think I need to find my boyfriend now.”


He downed the rest of the drink, before moving to leave.


It hit him as he hopped off the seat. All of a sudden, he felt dizzy to the point where he was worried that he was going to fall to the ground.


He wasn’t that much of a lightweight.


He shouldn’t even be buzzed at this point.


Something was very wrong.


Desperately, he pushed through the crowded dancefloor, trying not to panic as he looked for Tang Yi. Thankfully, it didn’t take long to find him, talking to a small group of men, one of whom was Andy.


“Tang Yi.” He grabbed his boyfriend’s shoulder, voice barely heard over the volume of the bar as Tang Yi turned around.




Shao Fei winced, knowing that he must look as bad as he felt.


“What happened?”


“I-I think I need to go home.”


“Yeah, of course!” Tang Yi made his goodbyes quickly, gently leading Shao Fei outside as the world started to spin. He leaned heavily into Tang Yi’s side, unsure if he could remain on his feet for much longer.


Once outside, Tang Yi rang for Jack to pick them up, allowing Shao Fei to slowly lean against the wall and slide down to the ground.


“What happened?” Tang Yi knelt down in front of him, “Are you alright?”


Shao Fei found it hard to focus on his boyfriend’s face, feeling floaty and queasy. “That- that bartender.” He managed to spit out, “I-I think he put something in m-m-my drink.”


“The bartender?” Tang Yi’s expression went from concern to rage in a split second, “I swear I’ll kill- “


“- No, no killing!” Shao Fei quickly grabbed Tang Yi’s hand before he could storm inside.


He was feeling worse with each passing second.


“I won’t kill him.” Tang Yi reassured him, “I’ll make him regret that I hadn’t though.”


Jack pulled up moments later, emerging from the car with a concerned look as Tang Yi helped Shao Fei into the vehicle.


“I’ll be home soon.” He whispered, “I can’t let this go unanswered though.”


“… Promise not to kill him?”


“I promise.”




It took some time for Shao Fei to work up the courage to go out to a bar again.


It was like he was scared… more unnerved by what had happened. He was a police officer, wasn’t he meant to notice someone drugging his drink?


“I’m going to get us something to drink.” Tang Yi whispered, this bar a lot quieter than the other one, “Are you going to be okay?”


Shao Fei rolled his eyes, “I can take care of myself A-Yi!”


“Sorry, sorry!” Tang Yi held his hands up in the air in mock surrender, giving Shao Fei an apologetic look before moving to the bar.


It was then that Shao Fei noticed the group of men sitting at the nearby table.


Officers from another division.


Proper assholes who made his life difficult when they had to work together. Proper assholes who would probably know exactly who Tang Yi was.


Shao Fei tensed up, knowing that he was already glaring at the group.


If they even laid one hand on Tang Yi, Shao Fei didn’t care about his job, he would put them in the hospital.


“I remember being on the wrong side of that glare.”


Startled out of his thoughts, Shao Fei turned his attention to Tang Yi, who had a drink in each hand.


“Don’t worry.” The ex-gang leader had clearly spotted the group as well, “I can handle myself.”


“I know, I was just- “


“- I quite like having you looking out for me.” Tang Yi whispered, “But honestly, I’m fine.”


They completely forgot about the group until Tang Yi got up to fetch them more drinks.


“Hey, I know you!”


Shao Fei looked up sharply, spotting one of the officers grab his boyfriend’s wrist, stopping him in his tracks.


“You’re that criminal who fucked his way to freedom!”


Shao Fei shot to his feet, fists clenched as he stormed over, despite knowing that Tang Yi could get free easily, but didn’t want to cause a scene.


“Hey, do we get any of the same favours or- “


His words were instantly shut up by a swift right hook to the face from Shao Fei, forcing the man to release Tang Yi. Shao Fei then pulled his fellow officer out of the booth and threw him to the ground.


“You fucking- “


“- No!” Tang Yi grabbed his shoulder, pulling him back, “Use your head A-Fei!”


Shao Fei shot him a glare, before forcing himself to take several deep breaths, “Fine… I suggest you all leave.” He addressed the other officers, “Before I report you all for harassment, both sexual and physical, and I know for a fact that some of you can’t take another strike on your records!”


Neither could he really, but he didn’t mention that.


As the group sidled out of the bar, Shao Fei turned to Tang Yi. “Are you alright?” He then winced, “Sorry about that.”


“It was sweet… in a violent sort of way.” Tang Yi sighed, “Just, please don’t risk your job like that for me again.”


“You mean… no more than usual?”


“No more than usual.” Tang Yi chuckled, before pressing his lips to Shao Fei’s gently, “How about we get out of here?”


“Are you going to make breakfast for me tomorrow?”


“Let’s focus on tonight first.”

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Prompt from In: Ghaaaaaah so cute! Could I request a Man/Type fic from 2gether? I feel like this couple gets no love. :’( I can just picture Man being the kind of guy that makes Type come over and over without letting him catch a break lol



Man didn’t expect Type to come on his face.


They were at a point in the relationship, where Man knew all of Type’s little cues. How he let out little gasps, the way his thigh muscles tensed when he got close to the edge. Really, he should have known that Type was close, but he was so distracted listening to the cute little noises Type was letting out.


Then Type’s hips were bucking up under Man’s hands and he got a face full of come.


“Fuck.” Type’s voice cracked slightly, cheeks bright red as Man’s hands then started to trace the swell of his ass. Type arched his back at the sensation, squirming like he couldn’t decide whether to push forwards or pull away from Man’s fingers tracing his rim.


He was oversensitive, and this was Man’s favourite part.


“Remember, you can use the ‘oh so ridiculous’ safe word at any point.” Man teased, watching as Type rolled his eyes… much like he’d done when Man first brought up the idea of using a safe word.


“I know, I know! Stop teasing!” Type snapped, voice rough and thick.


Man fumbled with the cap of the lube, nearly spilling it onto the bed as he rushed to slick up his fingers. Type was relaxed from his orgasm, only clenching up slightly when Man pushed a finger inside.


“F-fuck!” Type’s voice was completely wrecked, despite their only being one finger inside of him, stomach muscles jumping underneath the skin as he struggled with the over-sensitivity.


Man kept a careful eye on his boyfriend’s reactions, sucking a hickey into Type’s thigh as he pulled the finger out and went back in with two.


“Nnngh!” Type whined, toes curling as Man’s fingers sank in deep.


How often had he jerked off at the thought of reducing Type to this? To the thought of watching Type twitch involuntarily around his cock, just on the edge of it all being too much for him.


He crooked his fingers a little, forcing another whine out of Type’s throat, before lining up a third finger.


Type was bright red and Man loved it.


“Tell me you want it.” He whispered, “Or I’ll stop.”


“D-don’t stop- “ Type gritted out, pushing against Man with needy jerks of his hips, clenching around Man’s fingers, “- P-please!”


Man couldn’t say no to a plea like that, pulling his fingers out and rolling Type onto his stomach, nipping at the back of his boyfriend’s neck, nuzzling into the think skin behind his ear.


Type just groaned, too far gone to be anything but needy.


Chuckling fondly, Man pulled Type’s hips up until he was on his knees, most of his weight balanced on his shoulders and upper chest, arms sprawled out in front of him. Man couldn’t resist licking his way down Type’s spine, spreading him open and licking lightly over his hole.


“I like you like this.” He murmured, “Are you happy like this?”


Type nodded, blindly reaching out to grab a pillow and shoving it under his hips as he nodded quickly. He was still soft from his previous orgasm but getting harder with each passing second.


Man wondered how it felt, his body responding too soon, the sensations just on the edge of pain. He squeezed more lube into his hand, slicking himself up, before sinking inside of Type, who tensed up immediately.


Man waited patiently, rubbing Type’s back and waiting for him to relax. Once he was sure that Type had fully relaxed around him, he started to move, watching his cock move in and out of his boyfriend, occasionally puncturing the thrusts with light slaps to Type’s thighs or nips to the shoulder.


Type just shuddered at the feeling.


Speeding up slightly, Man moved his hands to Type’s hips for a bit more balance, hearing a sob break free from his boyfriend’s mouth. He paused for a moment, unsure about the noise, until Type cursed at him, pushing back desperately.


“Alright, alright.” Man chuckled, changing the angle slightly and continuing, watching as Type turned his head to the side so that Man could see the overwhelmed tears brimming in his eyes.


He couldn’t help but speed up at the sight, Type bucking underneath him as he came again.


And Man didn’t even have to touch him.


Type’s sobs grew more high-pitched as he clenched around Man, Man coming seconds later.


It took him a few moments to come back down from his high, hearing Type make pained noises underneath him, prompting him to carefully pull out. Type tried to roll over onto his back, only to flop to one side, his body not seeming to cooperate.


“Here, let me help.” Man whispered, trying not to laugh as Type glared at his quivering legs. He gently moved Type onto his back, “I’ll get something to clean us up before we get all sticky.”




Quickly, Man went to grab a washcloth, coming back in to see Type wincing in pain.


“I ache all over.” He whined.


“Sorry.” Man gently started cleaning the cum off of Type’s skin and from in between his legs, “Did you… did you enjoy yourself?”


A lazy smile appeared on Type’s face, “Yeah…” He whispered sleepily, “… It was amazing… except for this part.”


“Yeah, the clean-up is never fun.” Man then paused, “Should I get you some painkillers or something?”


“Stop worrying so much.” Type reached out, trying to pull Man closer, “Come here. Stop worrying.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Jack/Zhao Zhi



It started with Zhao Zi’s cop friend.


Jack glared at the other man as the man leant in a little too close to Zhao Zi. Zhao Zi didn’t notice though, not shrinking away… as though this was a common occurrence.


Jack felt slightly sour at the thought.


When Zhao Zi laughed at something his work colleague said, Jack couldn’t stand back any longer, storming over and taking Zhao Zi’s hand, who looked up at him in confusion.


“Jack, what are you- “


“- Let’s go.” Jack gritted out, before dragging the shorter man away, holding onto Zhao Zi’s hand until they were far enough away.


“Jack? Are you okay?”


“I don’t like that cop who always tries to buy you dinner.”


“Jun Wei?” Zhao Zi’s frown deepened, “Why, is something wrong?”


“No, he’s just- “ Jack cut himself off, turning away from Zhao Zi and shaking his head. There was a reason Zhao Zi was a cop though, as he examined Jack for a moment, narrowing his eyes in suspicion.


“Are you… jealous?”


Jack paused for a moment, before turning to Zhao Zi and staring at him for a moment. When the silence continued, Zhao Zi grew nervous.




He yelped as Jack picked him up and threw him over his shoulder, heading straight for the bike.




Zhao Zi was startled as he was pulled into their home, Jack heading straight for the kitchen. He watched from the doorway as Jack pulled his apron on and started busying himself with making dinner.


“You didn’t answer my question.” He quietly spoke up, “Are you jealous?”




“Jack… please, what’s wrong?”


Jack begrudgingly turned to face Zhao Zi, slipping his arms around Zhao Zi and pulling him into a hug. “Yeah… I was jealous.”


Zhao Zi chuckled, “Why? No-one is going to take me away from you.” He reached up to run his fingers through Jack’s red hair, pulling him down into a kiss, gently pressing their lips together. It didn’t take long before Jack was deepening the kiss, pressing his tongue in as Zhao Zi moaned.


He pulled back, now targeting Zhao Zi’s neck with passionate love bites…. Ones that that Jun Wei would be able to see from space.


Zhao Zi giggled, “Love you.”


“I love you too.”




“Come on.”


Zhao ZI frowned as Shao Fei stormed past him, hitting the back of his chair to grab his attention. “Huh?”


“Tang Yi called.” Shao Fei sighed, “Him and Jack are at the bar, and I have had it with this case. So, we’re going out.”


“But… the report you asked me to do!”


“Do it tomorrow morning, it’s not important.”


“You said it was!”


“Shut up and come on.”




From the second they stepped into the dark bar, Zhao Zi could see that Jack had managed to draw a lot of attention.


Like that pretty woman with the blonde dyed hair.


Jack was way out of her league.


As soon as he stepped inside, Zhao Zi needed air. Ignoring Shao Fei’s attempt to pull him back, Zhao Zi turned, not noticing how Jack got to his feet, having just noticed they were there.


“A-Li An!”


Zhao Zi only just heard him, heading outside, even as Jack gave chase.


“What’s wrong?” Jack reached out to stop him, “Is something the matter?”


Zhao Zi glanced back at Jack, staring at him for a moment, before pulling at the grip on his wrist, yanking Jack forwards and pinning him up against the wall… much to Jack’s surprise.


“Zhao Zi?”


“Did you like her?”


Jack was practically trapped.


“She liked you.” Zhao Zi growled, one hand on Jack’s chest.


“We were just talking!” Jack protested, a small smile on his face, “Why would I have any interest in her, when I have you?” The smile morphed into a smirk, “Jealousy and all.”


Zhao Zi groaned, burying his face into Jack’s chest. “I don’t think I like other people touching you.” He muttered.


“So… you were jealous.” Jack teased, nuzzling against Zhao Zi’s cheek, “You’re so cute.”



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Prompt from Anonymous: Could we have a fic where pete sings for a talent show or something and ae is just 🥺 the whole time





Pete looked up as Ae entered his apartment, unable to stop himself from returning the soft smile his boyfriend gave him. “Hello Ai’Ae, is everything okay?”


Not caring that Ae was still slightly sweaty from football practice, Pete shuffled closer.


“It was okay… Can got chased around by Type for being a pest to Techno, but that happens pretty much every practice.” Ae stretched out, noticing how Pete’s eyes followed the movements, “There’s a talent contest tonight at the campus bar, if you wanted to go out?”


Pete froze, “I-I-I’d love to…” He began nervously, “… but I have a big project due, and I really need to work on it and- “


“- It’s okay.” Ae whispered, a smile on his face, despite the disappointed look in his eyes, “I understand.”


“You should go though.” Pete rushed to say, “You can have a night out with your friends.”


“I don’t want you to be here all alone.”


“It’s okay.” Pete smiled, “I probably won’t be much company.”


“You’re always good company.”


It was clear that Ae was still disappointed though.




Ae had to admit that he was a little upset that Pete wasn’t able to join them tonight, especially when Can brought Tin with him, and Techno was in between Type and Tharn, not seeming to notice their lovestruck eyes on him.


“Hey, isn’t that Ai’Pete?”


Ae’s head whipped around so fast, jaw dropping open when he saw Pete on the stage, in front of the microphone.


“My name is Pete Pichaya.” Pete gently spoke into the microphone, obviously trying not to look over at Ae’s group, “And I’ll be singing Your Song by Elton John.”


Ae felt his heart flutter.


“It's a little bit funny, this feelin' inside
I'm not one of those who can easily hide.”


This was his favourite song and Pete knew it.


“I don't have much money, but boy, if I did
I'd buy a big house where we both could live.”


It was like Pete was singing to him.


Ae was transfixed throughout the entire song, leaning forwards in the hope that he would catch Pete’s eyes.


When he did, he hoped that Pete could see how proud his smile was.


‘ I love you’ He mouthed, hoping that Pete could read his lips.


Judging by the tears building in Pete’s eyes, he could read them perfectly.


It was no surprise when Pete came first place.

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Prompt from Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust for Jack/Zhao Zi



Jack hummed happily as he leaned back against the pillows.


Zhao Zi was out celebrating with the rest of his division after a successful case, and nine times out of ten, he would come home in the mood for a little bit of ‘bedroom fun’.


He heard the front door open, following by shaky footsteps up the stairs.


Jack would never admit that he was practically shaking in excitement.


He loved it when Zhao Zi tried to take control, just wanting to be fucked because he was that horny.


He heard the bedroom door open, followed by the bed dipping down and a whining voice.


“Jack… I’m tired!”


Jack smirked as Zhao Zi shuffled closer, pants already on the ground, closely followed by his underwear. Zhao Zi then started to tug at Jack’s pants.


“Not too tired for that though?” Jack teased, not helping Zhao Zi in the slightest.


“Jaaaack.” Zhao Zi’s tugging got harder, “Come on!”


Jack snorted, wriggling until his pants were down low enough for his cock to spring free, giving it a couple of strokes before stopping, leaning over to grab the lube, only for it to be snatched from his hands. Jack watched with interest as Zhao Zi slicked his fingers up and moved them between his legs, preparing himself quickly.


“Zhao Zi, maybe I should- “Jack stopped as his boyfriend climbed on top of him, balancing on his knees as he reached behind him and slicked up Jack’s cock.


Jack’s hands immediately moved to Zhao Zi’s hips, steadying him as Zhao Zi lowered himself down. He whined as Jack slid inside, the sound turning into a yelp when Jack bucked up, pushing in further.


Zhao Zi leant backward, panting as he slowed his pace to almost a teasing level.


Smoothing his hands over Zhao Zi’s thighs, to his belly, reaching for the shorter man’s cock, listening to Zhao Zi’s moan as he made him cum. Zhao Zi groaned as he came, watching it spill across Jack’s belly and chest, placing his hands on the mess as Jack came soon afterwards.


Coming down off his high, Zhao Zi slid off of Jack’s cock, rolling onto his side as he slowly drifted off to sleep.


He barely registered Jack getting up to fetch a cloth to clean them with. Once he was done, he leant over to press a gentle kiss to Zhao Zi’s cheek, before joining him in slumber.




“C’mon Jack! Surely you’ve got a pretty girl to stick it into?”


Jack ignored his colleagues’ comments, cleaning down the bar for the night.


It was always this way. Once the majority of the customers were gone, the other bartenders would start talking about their recent conquests… or fantasies about their current partners.


Jack had to fight not to show how his own fantasies of Zhao Zi were affecting him.


He would never admit to Zhao Zi that he got inspiration from what his work colleagues talked about.




“Jack! How was- MMPH!”


Jack smirked into the kiss as Zhao Zi practically melted into it, allowing himself to be lowered to the ground. He nipped at Zhao Zi’s lower lip, knowing that that drove the younger boy insane, running his hands all over his boyfriend’s body.


He needed to get him naked and quickly.


Pulling his shirt over his head, he started to pull Zhao Zi’s pants down, mouthing along Zhao Zi’s neck, watching as the flush on Zhao Zi’s cheeks moved south to his neck. When he removed Zhao Zi’s t-shirt, he was pleased to see that the flush had moved down to his chest as well.


The words from his colleagues were still ringing in his ears.


He wanted to take Zhao Zi into his mouth, suck him off to completion. Turn him over and fuck him until he was hard again, stroking him until Zhao Zi came in his hand.


“Come on.” He pulled Zhao Zi to his feet, pulling him towards the stairs.


Later, he wouldn’t be able to decide which part he enjoyed the most.


When Zhao Zi’s fingers tightened in his hair, trying to pull him off his cock before he came with a groan.


Or maybe, it was when he took Zhao ZI on his side, their legs intertwined, whispering filth into his ear, thumb teasing the top of Zhao Zi’s dick until he was pleading for release.


Or how Zhao Zi had shouted his name at the top of his lungs, shaking apart in Jack’s arms, before sinking into the grasp, spent and done.

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Prompt from Cookie200119: So I have a very dark request, if you do not mind of course. I wish to request a ficlet where Pete is an agent that works for a spy company. His real lover is Ae, but Ae has no idea what Pete does in secrecy. And Pete is told to bond with and seduce his new target, Fighter, who is also an undercover spy, to gain intel. Pete has to change his looks in a subtle manner and to change his name and his natural sweet and respectful personality for a rude and bitchy one instead. But he ends up being caught by the time he is in the process of "seducing" and he has to explain it all to Ae. The rest is up to you <3 PS. Love your work



Pete was late again.


Ae wished he could say that he expected this, but this had been happening more often than not recently.


It was like Pete was a completely different person.


He’d even found an engineering shirt that definitely wasn’t his in the wash.


And now he was here, waiting for his boyfriend at a super fancy restaurant that he’d reserved for months in advance…. For their anniversary.


Pete had remembered that thankfully, but not this?


Sighing wearily, he looked up from his phone (having been desperately waiting for a text from Pete) and tried to catch the waiters’ attention, knowing that he would need another drink to deal with this.


And then he heard a familiar voice.


“P’Fight, you really didn’t need to go through all this trouble for me.”


Ae ducked down slightly, watching as a new couple entered the restaurant.


“Only the best for you Tutor.”


Peeking over the top of his menu, Ae felt his heart sink to his stomach at the sight of Pete allowing an older male to pull out his chair for him at the table next to him.


Except… that it didn’t appear to be Pete.


The hair was slightly more stylised, there was an un-Pete like smirk on his face.


He watched as Pete…Tutor leaned forwards, a flirtatious look on his face, reaching out to take Fighter’s hand.


He couldn’t take this anymore.


Getting to his feet, he stormed over to the table.




Both glanced over at him, and if Ae focused really hard, he could see the panic in Pete… Tutor’s eyes.


“Sorry.” A familiar, apologetic smile appeared on Pe- Tutor’s face, “I think you have me confused with someone else.”


“You’re Pete.” Ae stated stubbornly, “My boyfriend, who is out on a date with another man on our anniversary.”


There was a moment of silence, before Tutor winced, “Ah… Pete’s never talked about me, huh?”


“… What?”


Tutor turned to him, a soft smile on his face. “Pete… he’s my twin. We had a bit of a disagreement about our Father and went our separate ways a long time ago. Fighter saw him with, who I imagine was you.”


“I confronted Tutor as well, don’t worry.” Fighter gave Ae a reassuring smile… which didn’t work.


“So… you’re a twin that Pete never told me about?!”


“Sorry.” Tutor shrugged, “Is it so hard to believe? You know how sensitive Pete can be, I’m sure he’s not completely forgiven me yet. That or I’m a master of disguise and let’s face it, we both know I’m not as cute as Pete.”


Ae hesitated for a moment, before suddenly hearing his phone chime in his pocket, prompting him to pull it out, seeing that it was a text from Pete.


/Where are you? I thought we were meeting outside the restaurant? :( \


Ae’s eyes widened. Did he… did he give Pete the wrong information?


There were two of these restaurants near the university, at opposite sides.


Maybe Pete got mixed up with which one he meant.


Another chime.


/Ae… I’m sorry, but I’m going to my Mother’s. I can’t wait here all night. \




“I-I’m sorry.” Ae stammered, “I-I need to go! Sorry for the misunderstanding!”


“It’s oka- “


Ae was gone before Tutor could finish, rushing off to pay the bill, before rushing to try and apologise to Pete.


He should never have thought the worst about him.




Pete/Tutor resisted the urge to sigh in relief as Ae rushed off, shoving his phone into his pocket.


He was so happy that he’d perfected texting without looking.


His ‘mother’/handler would cover him for tonight, citing that Pete was too hurt to see Ae, believing that he’d been stood up on their anniversary, and yes, he would have to act the hurt boyfriend for a bit (not as long as usual as Ae wasn’t to blame), but his cover remained intact.


“Tutor, are you alright?”


Startled out of his thoughts, he forced a smile onto his face, turning his attention to Fighter again.


The other man was completely oblivious to who Tutor was, despite being in a rival agency himself. And it was this naivety that would lead to his downfall.


He needed to hurt Ae to make this night happen.


“I’m okay.” Tutor whispered, “I was just… worried about Pete, you know? I wish I could make him understand why I chose to be with Dad instead of Mum.”


“He will.” Fighter whispered, “Just give him time.”


Tutor wished he could say he’d miss Fighter after getting the information from him… but Ae was his future.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Jack/Zhao Zi



Zhao Zi winced at his reflection, at the bruise on his stomach.


That thug must have kicked him harder than he thought.


There was a slight swelling as well, one that was thankfully hidden by his shirts, so Jack hadn’t noticed… yet.


“A-Zi! Dinner!”


Slowly, Zhao Zi headed downstairs to the kitchen, the scent of the food killing what little appetite he had, as his stomach contracted with remembered pain.


“That might be the slowest I’ve ever seen you come down for food.” Jack teased, back still to Zhao Zi as the shorter man tentatively sat down. He forced a smile onto his face as the plate was placed in front of him, ignoring how the dull pain almost seemed to intensify.


“I-I don’t think I’m feeling too hungry.” His voice was soft and uncertain.


“… What?” Jack stared at him in shock.




Jack stared at him for a few moments, before shaking his head. “Just a few bites?”


“Okay… just a few bites.”




Later, he was lying awake in bed, Jack asleep beside him.


His mid-section was aching too much for him to feel comfortable and relax completely. It wasn’t an intense pain, but more of a discomfort…. At least until he felt a pain high in his abdomen, directly beneath his ribcage, followed by the taste of something acidic in the back of his throat. Holding back a yelp, he swallowed it down and carefully pushed himself upright until he was sitting on the edge of the mattress.


His belly felt bloated and taut, prompting him to palm the swollen flesh, mentally preparing to make his way to the bathroom. He grimaced as he got to his feet, resting against the wall for support as he breathed through the pain.


He walked slower than usual, quickly realising that he wasn’t going to make it.


“Zhao Zi? What’s wrong?”


Jack must have heard him getting up, as the older man was suddenly there, cupping his elbow and helping to keep him on his feet.


“Zhao Zi?” Jack was clearly worried, as Zhao Zi opened his mouth to suggest that maybe they should go to the hospital.


And then there was a sharp pain in his stomach.


Instead of speaking, he ended up puking, noticing that the thick liquid was as red as blood before everything went black.






When he came to again, everything was bright white, almost blinding.


He attempted to move, only to hiss as something pulled in his mid-section, sending a dull pain running through his body.


“Zhao Zi?”


He felt Jack’s hand grip his tightly as he looked over.


Jack’s usual grin was on his face, but there were bags of exhaustion under his eyes, hair stuck up messily on all sides.


And was that blood on his shirt?


“Wha’appened?” His voice came out croaky.


“You were kicked yesterday on the case, which you didn’t tell me about, and a vein in your liver was ruptured because of it.” Jack sounded as exhausted as he looked, “You had to be rushed to surgery.”


Zhao Zi winced, licking at his lips in an attempt to moisten them. His throat was so dry.


Jack noticed, picking up a glass of water with a straw in it, holding it up to Zhao Zi’s mouth. “Slow sips, not too much.”


When Zhao Zi felt a little better, he opened his mouth to apologise, only for Jack to hold up a hand. “They had steel-capped boots on A’Zi… you could have died, don’t you get that?!”


“I- “


“- I could have lost you, because of some thugs that though they could get away with it!”


Here, Zhao Zi’s eyes went to the blood on Jack’s shirt.


“Sssh.” Jack had noticed the look, reaching out to press the button to the morphine pump, “We’ll talk about it another time.”


Zhao Zi didn’t even bother to argue, letting the drugs drag him back under.




Jack was not having the best of days.


Fifteen minutes late for his new job, which led to a scolding from his boss, followed by his final warning.


He couldn’t lose another job, which meant that he couldn’t fight against being forced to stay overtime.


Which of course meant that he couldn’t pick Zhao Zi up from work (his boyfriend only just having returned since the ruptured vein incident), and it meant that he couldn’t cook the meal that he planned.


And now the wind and rains were starting to pick up.


He needed to get home though, despite the risks.


It really should have been no surprise when his bike skidded dangerously along the road… and went onto it’s side, sending Jack flying across the ground.


At that moment, he could swear that he felt something in his leg snap, before everything went black.




Waking up was not as effortless or as pain free as he would ideally hope for.


He came around to the sound of steady beeping and the smell of antiseptic…. Not that he could really smell it through whatever was in his nose. Clumsily, he reached up to try and remove it, only for a hand to grab his own and pull it away.


“Zhao Zi! I think he’s waking up!”


“Jack?” His other hand was grabbed, “Jack! Can you hear me?!”




“How are you feeling?!”


“H’urts.” He managed to slur out, tongue feeling like a brick in his mouth.


“He must be hurt if even he’s admitting to it.” Another voice spoke up, “And he’s on the good drugs as well.”


“Need b’tter ones.” Jack forced out, feeling Zhao Zi’s grip tighten.


“Can we get him better drugs?” Zhao Zi stated with all seriousness, “I’m sure we have better drugs in the police store-rooms.”


“A-Zi! No!”


“I was joking… mostly.” Zhao Zi certainly didn’t sound like he was, “Can we increase the morphine, let him sleep some more.”


“No.” Jack mumbled, despite sleep sounding like a fantastic idea, “W’anna know wha’ happened.”


“You were driving too fast in the rain, came off your bike and broke your leg in three places.” Zhao Zi’s voice was stern, and Jack knew that the moment he felt a little better, he would be getting the lecture of a lifetime, “I got a call from A-Fei, telling me that you were being taken into surgery.”


“M’ bike?”


“Totalled.” Tang Yi answered, “You got off lucky.”


Zhao Zi’s grip tightened, as Jack decided that he didn’t want to ask just how bad the damage to his bike was.


“You’ll need physiotherapy.” Tang Yi continued, only to stop at a slightly feral growl from Zhao Zi, “But… we can talk about that later.”


“Yes. Later.” Zhao Zi sighed, “Don’t worry Jack, I’m not going anywhere.”


“P’omise?” Darkness took him once more before he could hear the reply.

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Prompt from Shadow4263: Could you do a Kao/Pete one maybe some fluff of Pete worrying over Kao since he got sick.



Pete rubbed Kao’s back as he struggled through another coughing fit, wincing at every weak gasp that his boyfriend let out, as he fought to catch a breath. His throat and chest ached in sympathy listening to the hacking cough, feeling the way it wracked Kao’s body.


Two weeks of pneumonia.


Kao still felt weak from the fever, his chest and throat sore and his voice a gravelly croak from hours of coughing.


As Kao moved to lie back down, Pete started to rub his chest instead.


“We still have some soup left.” He whispered, “Do you feel like eating something?”


Kao gave him a look of disgust.


“It’ll be warm.” Pete pushed on, “It’ll make your throat feel better and-and you need to eat.”


Kao stared at him for a few moments, before nodding wearily, knowing that it was not to argue.




“Here.” Pete gently pressed the bowl into Kao’s hands, “There’s plenty more where that came from if you need it.”


Kao nodded in understanding, taking a few spoonful’s of the thick broth, before a grimace flashed over his face and he moved to hand it back over to Pete. “Enough.”


“Alright… enough for now.” Pete placed the bowl on the bedside table, wincing at how much was left.


Kao needed to eat more or he would start to waste away.


“I feel gross.” Kao croaked.


“Not to me.” Pete reassured him, “I promise, when you feel a little better, you can have a bath, okay?”


“Hmmm, tomorrow?”


“We’ll see how you feel.”




“You can leave me to have a bath alone you know.” Kao tried to snap, only for the sentence to come out a lot weaker than he preferred, “Change the sheets or something.”


“And risk you passing out and drowning? No way.” Pete continued to help Kao get undressed, the water already in the bath. From there, he helped his boyfriend settle into the hot water, making sure he didn’t slip right under.


Kao couldn’t help but let out a sigh of bliss at the sensation, feeling the hot water soothe his aching muscles.


He felt Pete gently wet his hair, before fingers started rubbing at his scalp and the scent of shampoo filled the hair. It was incredibly soothing and Kao felt like his muscles were turning to jelly.


“Lean forwards.” Pete gently whispered after rinsing it out, starting to scrub Kao’s back as Kao rested his chin on his knees, letting out a half-sigh/half-moan as the soap cleared away the layer of sweat and dirt he imagined was there.


He felt vulnerable… but also safe with Pete there.


Feeling clean finally, Kao watched as Pete sat on the edge of the tub, stroking a few strands of hair away from Kao’s forehead, lazily letting his fingers brush through the damp strands.


“Want to join me?” Kao asked, already half asleep.


“No, no, no.” Pete gave him a soft smile, “This is just for you.”


“Thank you… I know looking after someone when they’re ill isn’t fun.”


“I don’t need it to be fun… I need to make sure you’re feeling better.” Pete leaned over to kiss Kao on the forehead, “It’s my job as a boyfriend.”


“Hmmm, can my boyfriend carry me to bed?”


“Whatever you want.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Can/Tin



Can desperately wished he could have slept in.


He was already missing his bed.


And now he was at another fancy, posh, rich party with his boyfriend, wondering why he was even there.


He sighed, resisting the urge to run his fingers through his neatly styled hair, knowing that it would just earn him ‘the look’ from Tin.


He hated ‘the look’.


Almost like he’d read his mind, Tin gently nudged him in the side, “I know.” He whispered, “I hate them just as much as you do, but it’s only for an hour more.”


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Can sipped at his coke, nearly missing the man striding up to them.


“P’Tin.” He greeted Can’s boyfriend, before turning to Can with a confused look, “And you are?”




The man looked almost… interested.


Not that Can was really paying attention to that though.




The evening was dragging on far too long as Can struggled to remain awake.


“I need fresh air.” He mumbled to Tin, who barely paused in his conversation to nod at him.


He was nearly free when the man from earlier grabbed his arm, stopping him in his tracks.


“Where are you going?”


“Um… bathroom.” Can thought of the excuse quickly, only to frown when he was dragged away from the large French doors that led to the outside world and freedom, “Hey! What are you- “


“- The bathroom is this way.”


Can wanted to argue, only to realise that he’d gotten himself into this situation




His other wrist was grabbed, as he turned his attention to a clearly pissed off Tin.


“What are you doing Oak?” Tin hissed.


“I was showing him where the bathroom is.”


“I can do that.” Tin reached over, prying Oak’s fingers away from Can’s wrist, “Come on Can.”


“Ah Ai’Tin!”


The grip wasn’t too tight thankfully, so once they were outside (and nowhere near the bathrooms), Can pulled himself free. “What’s wrong?”


“Why were you letting him drag you around?!” Tin snapped, “Didn’t you see the way he was looking at you earlier?!”




Tin stared at him, before groaning and shaking his head. “Of course, you didn’t.”


Can glanced between the open doors and Tin… and quickly came to a realisation.


“Were you… jealous?”


There was a moment of silence, before Tin was grabbing his wrist again, pulling him over towards the nearest wall, pinning Can to it before pressing their lips together in a passionate kiss.


When they finally pulled apart, Can couldn’t help but cackle slightly in victory. “You were jealous!”


“Shut up.”



Can hated to admit it… but he did sort of enjoy the rich lifestyle that Tin led.


Not that he would ever admit that to his boyfriend.


He even started to like the parties to some degree (although that was mostly for the food and pissing Tul off).


What he didn’t like however, was the attention Tin got from some of the rich girls at these parties.


It was obvious most of these girls had crushes on Tin, despite all the rumours that were flying around, and Tin never seemed to discourage them.


As soon as someone paid attention to Can, Tin was practically shouting to the world that he and Can were together… but when he was the one being paid attention to, he was silent.


Can hated it.


Tin was his boyfriend… his and no-one else’s.


Tin really should have expected to be pinned up against the wall as soon as they left the most recent gathering.


“Can!” Tin wriggled under the firm grasp, frowning when he realised that he couldn’t actually break free, “What are you doing?!”


“You’re letting them flirt with you.” Can stated flatly, keeping his eyes on Tin’s, “Why are you letting them flirt with you like that?”


For a moment, Tin’s eyes widened slightly before he glared down at Can, “It’s all part of an act. We flirt, knowing that it won’t go anywhere, but it keeps our parents quiet.”


“Your parents know you’re dating me though! Almost everyone knows it!”


No-one was particularly happy about it, but Can couldn’t care less.


Tin rolled his eyes though, “I wouldn’t expect you to understand it.”


Can was done being treated like he was an idiot, especially when Tin knew that he wasn’t.


“I see you flirting with them, and it makes me think that you’re cheating on me.” He whispered, making sure he sounded extra hurt to get through to Tin, “I don’t like it.”


Tin was silent for a moment, before his face fell, “Can, I… you know I don’t mean to- “


Can cut him off, cupping Tin’s cheek with one hand, moving it around to the back of his neck and yanking him into a kiss. Tin froze at his boldness, only reacting when Can deepened the kiss, gasping as the shorter man moved his hands down to Tin’s ass. Letting out a low groan, Tin’s hands clenched at the new suit that Can was wearing, not caring how expensive it was as they lost themselves in the sensation.


They remained that way for a good while, Can keeping Tin pinned against the wall as they kissed each other tenderly.


He almost felt bad when they had to end it for air.




“Yeah.” Tin’s face was flushed, a soft smirk on his face as he stared at Can, “All yours.”

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Prompt from TheWhutNow: i have a prompt????? okay so something like arthit coming to visit kong during one of the hazing (the first years were being hazed) and not just arthit like the whole gang???? and yknow what p'dear did??? something like that?? oooh and arthit tested how well the hazers were doing?? while kong and his friends weent at the back??? get what im saying???? and please add kong flirting with arthit in front of the first years



Ice had never seen Head Hazer Kongpob look this mad before.


Standing beside his other first years, he couldn’t take his eyes off of the hazing team and the unlucky pair standing at the front.


They’d put peanuts in Earth’s drink… and Earth was allergic to peanuts.


“You’ll be thankful to know, that Earth is going to be just fine.” P’Kongpob began, voice low and almost dangerous sounding, “Which is more than what I can say for you two.”


Ice wondered if everyone else was as terrified as he was, despite not being involved in this so-called ‘prank’.


“What the hell were you thinking?!”


Behind P’Kongpob, the rest of the team were looking just as stern…. Especially P’Wad, who Ice could honestly say, scared him the most.


“Someone tell me what you were thinking, right now!”


“It-it was just a prank! How were we meant to know he was allergic to peanuts?!”


“It’s one of the most common allergies out there!”


“He was the one who put it in!”


“You are BOTH to blame!” P’Kongpob snapped, “You for doing it, and you for letting him! You were both irresponsible and completely lacking in all common sense and human decency!”


“And that’s only the start of it.”


Ice and the other first years all flinched at the new voice, heads turning to the entrance, to see a group of fourth years entering the room.


“That’s P’Arthit.” Narowat, Ice’s friend, whispered to him, “He was the hazer when P’Kongpob was a first year. We are so screwed right now.”


“No. They are.”


“P’Arthit.” Ice wondered if anyone else noticed the slight smirk on P’Kongpob’s face, “To what do we owe the pleasure?”


“The teachers have heard about the allergy incident and wanted to make sure the punishment was appropriate for the crime.”


“They thought I would go easy on them?”


“The opposite.” P’Arthit smirked, as Ice felt a shiver run down his spine, “Apparently you had a strict teacher.”


“Are they flirting?” Narowat hissed, as Ice stared at the group standing behind P’Arthit… and how they were nudging each other, clearly trying not to laugh.


The rest of the hazers behind P’Kongpob seemed to be doing the same.


“I really did.” An almost soft look flashed across P’Kongpob’s face, before it was replaced with his stern look again, “They have two options open to them.”




“The first one…” P’Kongpob never looked away from P’Arthit, “… is that they are removed from all of these activities. They’ll lose the opportunity to put this as an extra-curricular activity on their resumes and they won’t get the support they may need from the upper years.”


“And the second option?”


“They stay with their classmates and continue to attend meetings… but when Earth comes back, they will be… his helpers. Whatever he needs help with, they will do, with reason and when me and the hazing team feel like they are truly sorry, they can stop.”


P’Arthit almost looked impressed by the options (Ice could swear he saw P’Kongpob preening).


“So, what is it going to be?”


Ice watched as the two cuplrits glanced at each other, before coming to a decision.


“Second option please.” “Second option please.”


Both P’Kongpob and P’Arthit nodded, the meeting coming to an end.


“Come on!” Narowat hissed, “I really don’t want to hang away here any longer than I have to.”


“Wait, wait, wait!” Ice pulled his friend to one side, “Is P’Arthit blushing?”


They both focused on the hazing groups, the two background groups groaning and making mock vomiting noises as P’Kongpob and P’Arthit stood less than an inch apart.


“He is!” Narowat hissed, “He is blushing!”


“Ssh! Come on!” Ice tugged on his friend’s hands, “Let’s go before either of them notice. Unless you want to do squats for the rest of existence.”


“I thought you liked it when I took control?”


At the statement from P’Kongpob, and the ensuing protest from P’Arthit, the pair quickly raced out of the room.


It was better not to know.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust Can/Tin



Tin thanked the driver as he got out of the backseat, swaying slightly from side to side. He was glad that he’d decided against bringing Can to this evening’s event, as Tul was on top form.


Can would have killed his brother.


Having drunk a little too much in order to deal with his sly comments, it took him some time to make his way up the stairs to the apartment he shared with Can. Entering the apartment, he flicked on the light, only to stop in the doorway.


“You were gone for ages.” Can pouted, “I missed you!”


Tin remained frozen in the doorway.


Can was clearly wearing one of his t-shirts, the fabric hanging off him slightly to reveal tantalising collarbones…. And nothing else.


Tin was on top of him in seconds, scrambling to find the small tube of lube they had around here from the last time this happened. Slicking up his fingers, he teased his fingertips over Can’s puckered hole, who keened and rocked back against Tin.


“Come on! Come on!” Can gasped.


“Remember when you used to be all shy about this?” Tin chuckled, “What happened to that Can?” He pressed one finger inside before Can could answer, his other hand stroking Can’s cock.


“Stop being a tease and come on!”


Tin pressed the second finger in, pressing his lips to Can’s, who moaned against his mouth, fingers scrabbling against the buttons of Tin’s shirt in an attempt to undo them. Pressing these two fingers up against Can’s prostate, he smirked as Can came with a yelp, shaking through his orgasm.


Tin barely waited for Can to recover, rolling the younger man onto all fours, pulling down his pants and underwear to reveal his own cock, before pressing inside.


Can must have been feeling sensitive, but it didn’t stop him from egging Tin on as his boyfriend started to pound into him, crying out in pleasure as his back arched.


“M’ gonna cum again!” Can groaned, a sheen of sweat on his skin, only to yelp again as he came again, Tin following on shortly afterwards.


Pulling out, the pair lay on the sofa for a while, panting heavily through their climaxes.






“Do you need me to go and kick your brother’s ass?”


“… Let me think about it.”




“Can, do you have the room key? I think I left my phone in there.”


“Yeah, I- “ Can glanced up, only to freeze in place


“Can?” Tin frowned, “Are you okay? Have I got something on my face or something?”


“Y-You’re not wearing a shirt.”


This was their first couple holiday. They had never gone all the way, and Can had never seen Tin looking anything but perfect.


And definitely not shirtless.


A pleased look appeared on Tin’s face as he looked down at himself, seeming to already know what Can was thinking. “Yeah… do you mind?”


Can quickly shook his head, “Not at all!”


“Good.” Tin smirked, “It’s a bit too hot out there for my usual clothes.”


“Y-Yeah.” Can couldn’t stop himself from staring.


“… Which means that I’m going to be shirtless a lot more often for a while.” Tin knew the effect he was having on his boyfriend, the smirk only deepening.


“Y-Yeah?” Can glanced around, frowning at just how many people were around.


He would need to get Tin back to the room… especially when Tin was giving him that look.


They came on this holiday for a reason, right?


“Can? Something on your mind?”


Can squirmed in his seat.


“It sure looks like there’s something on your mind.”


Can grabbed his drink, gulping down the rest of the soda, before getting to his feet and grabbing Tin’s arm, pulling him back towards the room. Once he was sure that they were alone, he pinned Tin up against the nearest wall, leaning up to get his mouth on Tin’s neck, digging his teeth in slightly.


“F-fuck!” Tin whined, feeling Can’s fingers playing around his swimming trunks’ waistband, bringing his own hands to rest on Can’s back, “Guess it didn’t take much to make you s-snap!”


“You’re so distracting!” Can growled into Tin’s neck, “I-I can’t handle it!” He pushed his hands beneath the waistband of Tin’s short, getting a hold of his cock as Tin shuddering in both surprise and arousal.


“J-Just because I was shirtless?”


Can nodded, even though really, it was because of a lot of things. He bit down again, making Tin’s head fall back against the wall, “F-fuck! Ca- Can! Fuck!”


He came, whimpering into Can’s hands, panting in pleasure as Can nuzzled against his neck, licking at it slightly.


“Mine.” He muttered.


“Yours…” Tin gasped, “… Now let’s get into our room and finish this.”



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Prompt from Anonymous: pete definitely has the power to get ae hard but just simply touching his shoulder or knee, and once he finds this out, he uses it to his advantage...



Ae couldn’t remember when it all first started.


When the slightest touch to his shoulder or knee from Pete would make him hard almost immediately, leading to him pulling his boyfriend into the nearest private area and… having a little fun.


He couldn’t even remember when Pete started to do it more often.


He definitely remembered when Pete grew bolder though, leaning over to nuzzle slightly at Ae’s neck when they were studying together, or stroking down his arm to calm Ae down if he was starting to get frustrated.


Pete knew the effect his touch had on Ae.


His innocent little Pete… was trying to get him riled up.


Ae loved the thought.




As if on cue, Pete’s soft voice broke through his thoughts, prompting Ae to lift his head and meet his boyfriend’s eyes. Silently, Pete made his way over to him, taking a seat next to Ae and enveloping the other boy in a hug.


Ae couldn’t help but pull him onto his lap, only to realise that Pete’s leg was pressed up against his crotch.


A surprised noise left his mouth.


“Ai’Ae?” Pete’s voice was innocent, but Ae knew better.


Especially when Pete’s leg started to move.


This was a lot more obvious than a simple touch to the shoulder or leg, but Ae could feel himself harden all the same, and he knew that Pete could feel that.


And then his boyfriend stopped, starting to move out of his lap.


Ae couldn’t take it anymore, pulling Pete back, smirking at the surprised yelp that Pete let out. “Nope.” He moved Pete’s hand to the bulge in his pants, watching as Pete flushed bright red, like he was surprised by it, “You’re going to finish what you started.”


They stared at each other for a few moments, before Pete slowly moved to his knees, pulling Ae’s pants halfway down his thighs, then followed by his boxers. Pete then took Ae into his mouth, making Ae cry out.


Pete’s mouth was hot and wet around him, and Ae wasn’t sure how long he’d last.


As Pete took Ae’s cock deeper into his mouth, Ae couldn’t help but run his fingers into Pete’s neatly styled hair to guide his movements. Pete let out a small sound when Ae tugged at his hair, groaning around his mouthful at the sensation.


Ae was close, and Pete knew it.


Which is why he pulled off of Ae’s cock with a pop.


“Fuck, Ai Koon Chai, please!” He tightened his grip on Pete’s hair, noticing how his boyfriend’s eyes darkened at the sensation, making a mental note about the reaction, as Pete took him back into his mouth.


Ae came with a shout, panting through the high…. And then he noticed the hopeful look on Pete’s face.


“Don’t worry.” Ae chuckled breathlessly, “I’ll give you what you deserve for being a tease.”






“Are you limping?”


Pete blushed bright red, “No!”


Tin stared at him for a few moments, before a smirk appeared on his face, “So, I’m guessing the plan you had worked then?”


The blush deepened.

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Can/Tin



Can loved it here in England.


Even if it was cold and wet most of the time.


Despite this, snow was now one of his most favourite things ever. It seemed endless, stretching out for miles all around, the sun reflecting off the frost and the frozen lake.


“We can go back to the hotel, if you want?” Tin asked quietly.


“Can we stay out for a bit longer?”


Tin’s eyes narrowed, “… You just want to go on the frozen lake.”


“Just a little bit, yeah.” Can started to tug on Tin’s arm, “It’s safe right? Like in the ice rinks on Youtube?”


“I really- “


It was too late. Can was already slowly making his way onto the ice, sticking to the edges at first.


“This feels wrong.” He eventually confessed, stepping out a little further, “I don’t think this is as steady as- WOAH!”


He heard Tin scream his name before he was plunged into freezing water. As a reflex, he gasps at the temperature, ice water filling his lungs. If he was cold before, he was freezing now, heavy clothing weighing him down. Desperately, he thrashed towards the surface, vision darkening as he heard a panicked voice overhead.


A hand grabbed his wrist in a vice-like grip, dragging him towards the surface and suddenly, Can could breathe again.


Coughing violently, he bent forwards, spewing up water as his limbs shook in exhaustion. Collapsing forwards, he rolled onto his side, eyes weakly going to his saviour.


Tin was silently crying by his side.


“It’s okay!” Tin’s arms were completely soaked, “S-someone’s called the ambulance service. Y-You’ll be fine, okay?”


Can just gasped for air, shaking too hard to even speak. His entire body ached, hair plastered his face, feeling like a popsicle.


A Can-popsicle.


The thought made him chuckle, before everything went black, Tin shouting his name as he passed out.


The next time he opened his eyes, they were in what seemed to be a hospital.




Tin was there in a mili-second, helping him sit up, hushing him gently as Can let out a pained sound.


He looked like he hadn’t stopped crying since Can fell into that lake.


“Are you okay? Does anything hurt?”


Can examined himself. He certainly felt warmer than before, although his feet still felt a little stiff and cold.


“I-I think I’m okay.” He whispered, hearing the wind howling outside.


Tin practically deflated in relief, pulling Can closer.


“I love you.” He whispered, almost desperate to make sure Can heard and understood him, “I love you so much.”


“Ai’Tin- “


“- I’ve never been so afraid.” Tin whispered, as though he’d never heard Can, “Ever.” He almost seemed to shudder at the memory, pulling Can closer. “You’re warm enough, right?”




Tin kissed his forehead, “Go back to sleep, if you need it. I’ll be here, I promise.”




After over a year of dating, Can hated lying to Tin, but there was no way he could tell him that he was going to speak to Tul.


“I’m surprised you agreed to meet.” Tul said as a greeting, opening the door to let Can in, “From what I’ve managed to learn about you, I expected a much ruder response.”


Can just shrugged., “I wanted to speak to you in private.”


“Oh?” Tul smirked, “How intriguing.” They moved into the living room, Tul taking a seat on the sofa, looking like he didn’t have a care in the world, “So, what do you want to talk about?”


“I want you to leave Tin alone. He’s doing well, and he doesn’t need you ruining his life again.”


Tul was shocked for a split second, before he covered it up with a smirk, “Is that love that I hear?”


It was a rhetorical question, that much was obvious.


Not trusting his voice, Can nodded.


“And Tin has you believing that I’m this bad guy who keeps ruining his life, is that it?”


“I know you are.” Can felt a surge of protectiveness flow over him, “So, you need to leave him alone.”


“Or what?”


“Or I’ll ruin your life.” It was Can’s turn to smirk now, “I wonder if your wife would like to know about a certain brothel you like to visit every Thursday night?”


Tul shrugged, “You have no proof of that.”


“Aside from all the photos I have.” Can shrugged, “You’ve grown too big for that blue shirt by the way.” As Tul paled, Can turned and headed for the door, “Just something to think about.”


Tul didn’t stop him.


As he left the Medthanan home, Can sighed in relief.


It had been sheer luck that he saw Tul going into the brothel that day, but it had worked out in his favour.

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Prompt from nunoo7: Can you write about how dean work hard to win pharm heart because pharm know what happen to Kornln so he didn’t repeat that accident and he keep refuse till ..... I will keep it to you



“I can’t believe you’re still going after N’Pharm!” Win exclaimed, looking at his best friend over the table, “He wants nothing to do with you! Can’t you see that?”


Dean was all too aware of that.


For some reason, Pharm didn’t even acknowledge the pull between them, rejecting Dean’s each and every attempt to court him.


“Dean.” Win’s tone changed slightly, “Maybe- maybe it’s time to give up on this.” It was clear that he’d chosen his words carefully, sympathetic for Dean’s plight, “Maybe it’s time to leave Pharm alone.”


“I-I don’t know if I can.” Dean confessed, focused on his fingers, rubbing at them anxiously.


It felt like something was tied around his index finger.




Pharm remembered everything.


His dreams were always plagued with the life of Intouch… and his death.


The knowledge that Korn killed himself in front of him, not even seeming to care about the effect that it would have on Intouch, and then Pharm.


He felt nothing but anger and pain when he saw P’Dean on induction day.


He wasn’t going to go through that all again, so when the older student did try to speak to him, Pharm gave him blunt responses.


Never again.




“Alright, N’Team said that he, N’Pharm and their friends are in this restaurant.” Win reported, “So, I booked us a table as well. We bump into them, and you strike up a conversation with N’Pharm.”


“Right… sounds like a plan.”




This was not a good plan.


Dean had never felt so nervous as he looked over at Pharm.


Win had managed to convince the younger students to share their table after a ‘booking accident’, and Pharm hadn’t said a word the entire time, picking at his meal.


“So, N’Pharm, how are you finding the- “


“- Sorry Phi.” Pharm interrupted, “But I think we still have some homework left to finish.”


“We do?” Team frowned, only to wince at the look on Pharm’s face, “Oh! Yeah! We do!” He apologised as well, before being dragged towards the cashier.


“Well…” Win sighed, watching the first years all leave, “… at least he stayed for at least half an hour, and they’re paying for their own food. That’s nice, right? It’s a start.”


Dean disagreed.


Maybe it really was time to give up.


“Dean…” Win gently placed a hand on his shoulder, “… You know half the uni population would love to have a date with you. Maybe you should- “


“- It’s just him.” Dean whispered, “It’ll always just be him.”




Pharm had spent the first few months of the school year avoiding the swimming pools, for obvious reasons.


“Please?” Team had begged him, “Just for this one competition, can you watch and support me?”


Team was his best friend; how could he say no?


It turns out, he should really learn.


“Leave me alone!” he ended up snapping at P’Dean, who had been trying to strike up a conversation for the last ten minutes, “Why can’t you just leave me alone!” He knew that tears were streaming down his cheeks, the frustration of the past few months finally spilling over.


Dean went silent, staring at the hard ground under his feet


“I know you feel like we should be together!” Pharm continued, “That we’re drawn to each other, but I remember what happened last time! I remember the pain you caused me, and I will not go through that again!”


He didn’t notice how the entire area had gone silent, all eyes on them.




He turned to P’Win, who was giving his best friend a sympathetic look.


“Maybe, we should take this conversation somewhere else.” He whispered, “Come on, both of you.”


He led them into the locker room, before heading back to the pool area, pausing in the doorway. “Just… I think you both have a lot to talk about.”


The door shut behind him, leaving the pair in silence.


“Pharm, I- “


“- Why are you doing this?” Pharm asked weakly, “Can’t you remember?”


“Remember what?” Dean tilted his head to the side slightly, “I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” He held up his hands as Pharm glared at him, “I don’t know what you’re talking about but…” He took a deep breath, “… But I want to be close to you. Every time you pushed me away, it hurt, but I didn’t want to give up.”


“You- “


“- If you really, really don’t want to even try and see where this goes, then tell me now and I’ll leave you alone, I promise.” Dean watched as Pharm turned away from him, “But… if you want to try, I promise I will never hurt you.”


Pharm couldn’t help but scoff, knowing that Korn had said the same thing once upon a time. “What makes you so confident that you won’t hurt me?”


“… Because I think I love you.” Slowly and cautiously, he reached out to take one of Pharm’s hands in his own, “And I’d like to be given the chance to prove it.”


“… One chance.” Pharm whispered, “And that’s it.”


“That’s all I need.”

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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Jealous Hao Ting/Xi Gu



Hao Ting had never really noticed it before, having never really paid his boyfriend much attention before all this began… but Xi Gu got flirted with a lot.


And he hated it with every fibre of his being.


He had been so thrilled at the beginning of the evening, when he’d managed to persuade Xi Gu to come out with him and his friends, to the local ‘high school friendly’ club, and now… now he was watched Xi Gu stood at the bar, eyes on someone from their rival school.


There was a small smile on his face that Hao Ting never thought he would see directed at someone other than him.


The other student wasn’t even that good looking, especially not compared to him surely?


Hao Ting downed what was left of his soda, suddenly done with the entire night. He got to his feet and strode over the pair by the bar, hoping that he didn’t look as jealous as he felt.


“Hey, I think I’m going to head home.” He piped up, interrupting whatever conversation Xi Gu was having, “I think Zhi Gang is staying, so he might take you home.”


Xi Gu’s attention immediately turned to him (which was a point for Hao Ting in his books), examining his face for a moment before a soft smile appeared on his face.


“No, I think I’ll go home as well.” He said, turning to the other student, “Thank you for the offer, but no thank you.” Without giving the man the chance to reply, Xi Gu took Hao Ting’s hand and pulled him towards the exit.


“You looked like you were having fun.” Hao Ting couldn’t help but mention, “You didn’t have to leave.”


“So, you could go home and fall into a jealous sulk?” Xi Gu teased, as they headed outside.


“… I wasn’t going to sulk.”


Xi Gu raised an eyebrow in disbelief. “If you really must know, he asked me out, and I said no… because I’m dating you, remember?”


“Oh… yeah. I know that, but- “


“- Hao Ting.”


“… Yeah?”


“Stop overthinking it.”




“No, no, NO!”


Xi Gu glanced up from his studies, unable to stop the frown from appearing on his face as Hao Ting chatted with his new online friend.


He was a little jealous, if he had to be honest.


This was their time… where they could actually talk and spend time together.


“Nah, just with my boyfriend.”


JUST with his boyfriend… as if Xi Gu didn’t matter.


He’d had just about enough of this.


“Hao Ting?” He spoke up, “What do you want for dinner?”


“Come on!” Hao Ting didn’t even flinch at his voice, “Aim!”


Being ignored wasn’t something new… but Hao Ting could hear him, surely? They weren’t sitting that far apart?


“Hao Ting? What do you want for dinner?”


This time, Hao Ting reacted, glancing over at Xi Gu quickly. “Sorry, what was that?”


“… What do you want for dinner?”




“Fine.” Xi Gu muttered, slamming his book shut, “Feed yourself.”


He fought to remind himself that Hao Ting still loved him, no matter what.


“Xi Gu? Xi Gu!”


Xi Gu was already making his way to the kitchen, barely hearing Hao Ting mutter a quick goodbye, before his headphones were thrown on the ground and he was running after Xi Gu.


“Xi Gu, what’s wrong?”




“C’mon, I know there’s something.” Hao Ting’s voice was sweet, as though he didn’t know.


“It’s just... I don’t like you spending all your time talking to your online friend, when this is our time together and I know it sounds stupid, but- “


“- It’s okay.” Hao Ting interrupted, looking a little fond, “I know, I should be paying more attention to you, it’s just… I don’t want to spend all my time studying.”


Xi Gu thought about it for a few moments, before he nodded in understanding.


“Alright… I think we can come to a compromise then.”




“Xi Gu!”


“I thought the aim of the game was to win the race!”


“Not by pushing me off the side of the track!”


“Still winning.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from Anonymous: PLEASE write something about pete doing that “walking in on my boyfriend naked challenge” on ae!!! ✨🐛


“No, the answer is eighty! You have to square that and THEN divide it by that!” Ae was sat in the middle of the living room floor, work spread out all around him, his laptop next to him with Zoom open.


“I thought the division came first!” Pond argued over the speakers.


“Look at your notes!”


Pete could hear Ae getting more and more frustrated through the open bathroom doors. Getting out of the shower, he reached for the towel and started to dry himself, mind turning to Ae as the frustration continued.


With exams coming up, he was used to helping Ae with his stress.


Maybe he could help now?


Wrapping the towel around his waist, he took a seat on the toilet and grabbed his phone, liking a few posts on Instagram, before pulling Tik Tok up.


‘Naked Challenge’?


Pete hesitated for a moment, before tapping on the video, eyes widening at the clips of people filming from their own POV, walking into a room in just a towel, standing in front of their unsuspecting partner and dropping said towel, catching the reaction on video.


He was wearing just a towel… and Ae was on a Zoom call.


Could this… help Ae?


Ae could never resist the sight of him naked, and sex always helped to relax Ae.


Pete took a deep breath, pulling up the camera on his phone, making sure it was filming from his POV, gripping the towel tightly, he headed out into the hallway and towards the living room.


Thankfully the laptop was facing Ae and not the door, so that Pond and Ae’s other friend’s wouldn’t get an eyeful.


Taking another deep breath, making sure the camera was focused, he stepped into the living room, as Ae looked up. Without breaking eye contact, he dropped the towel.


As the towel dropped, so did Ae’s jaw, eyes widening as he gawked at Pete.


“Ae? Ae? What are you- “ Pond paused and cackled, “- Oh! Is Ai’Pete doing something- “


The call was ended, cutting Pond off immediately as Ae closed the laptop lid, getting to his feet.


Pete couldn’t help but feel pleased at the reaction.


“Bed. Now.” Ae grabbed Pete’s hand and pulled him towards the bedroom.


“I-I wanted to help you relax- “


“- And you did.” Ae pushed him onto the bed, before starting to strip himself, “You always make me relax.”






“Love you.”


“I love you too.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Lust Hao Ting/Xi Gu



Hao Ting never knew that he had an oral kink.


More specifically, a Xi Gu oral kink.


“I didn’t know you liked strawberry yoghurt that much.” He whispered weakly, watching as Xi Gu licked at the spoon.


“Hm?” Xi Gu glanced up at him, before smiling brightly, “Oh yes! Thank you so much for picking some up for me!”


He had another spoonful, and Hao Ting actually felt his knees grow weak.


“Hao Ting, are you alright?”


“Y-yeah! Perfectly fine!”


“Right.” Xi Gu narrowed his eyes at him suspiciously, “We should probably get back to class.”


It wasn’t until Hao Ting was taking his seat, that he realised what he was feeling.


Lust. Pure lust.


Pushing it to the back of his mind, Hao Ting completely forgot about the entire situation… and least until they met up again later that evening for a ‘study session’


Except, it did turn out to be a study session.


A study session where Xi Gu was sucking on the end of his pen.


“Xi Gu.” Hao Ting’s voice cracked, prompting his boyfriend to look up, “Can you maybe not do that?”


“Do what?”


Hao Ting gestured vaguely, the notebook that he’d had on his lap to hide the ‘evidence’ falling to the ground. Xi Gu’s eyes went straight to his groin, followed by a smirk and a roll of his eyes.




“Shut up!”


Hao Ting’s eyes then widened as he watched Xi Gu placed his own notebook and textbooks to the side, slowly crawling over.


Hao Ting would forever deny the squeak that escaped his mouth as Xi GU’s fingers deftly undid his trousers and pulled out his hard cock.


“S-shit!” Hao Ting moaned as Xi Gu’s lips wrapped around the head of his cock, tongue flicking over the skin. Unable to stop himself, Hao Ting’s threaded his fingers through Xi Gu’s hair, almost directing his movements.


His fingers digging into Hao Ting’s thighs, Xi Gu let Hao Ting guide his head, teeth scraping over the hard shaft lightly as his tongue flicked the head of Hao Ting’s cock.


It didn’t take long for Hao Ting to come.


Swallowing the slightly bitter flood, Xi Gu gave the cock a final lick before sitting back.


“Feel any better?”


Hao Ting whimpered, “No, not really.”




Xi Gu wasn’t sure why he was feeling like this today.


Did all couples go through this?


Days of not wanting to be separated from them and to feel their skin against his.


He’d been feeling like this all day, and it was starting to drive him a little insane. He’d barely been able to concentrate all day.


“Xi Gu!”


Flinching at the voice he’d been dying to hear all day, Xi Gu spun around to see Hao Ting running over to him, a big smile on his face.


“Fancy studying together? My parents and sister won’t be home.”


It was like fate.


“Sure.” Xi Gu smiled weakly, “Sounds good.”




He couldn’t resist for long.


As soon as they were in Hao Ting’s room, he was pushing the taller boy towards the bed, watching as Hao Ting fell back onto it.


“Xi Gu, what- “


Hao Ting fell silent as Xi Gu undid his jeans and pulled his cock out, immediately taking it into his mouth. He showed no mercy for almost two minutes before pulling off and starting to take his own pants off.


“Please…” Hao Ting practically sobbed, “… Please, let me- “ He pulled the lube out from the side of the bed, slicking his fingers up before starting to prepare Xi Gu quickly.


Xi Gu lost his patience fairly quickly though, only allowing Hao Ting to use two fingers, before pushing the older boy back down and straddling him, carefully steadying Hao Ting’s cock before sitting down on it.


He couldn’t help but wince slightly in pain, but it was soon replaced with pleasure as Hao Ting’s cock hit his prostate perfectly, Hao Ting stroking at his cock in unison with the thrusts.


Hao Ting used his other hand to try and unbutton Xi Gu’s shirt, wanting his boyfriend to be completely nude. It took some time, but he eventually managed it, leaning up slightly to lick at one of Xi Gu’s nipples.


Xi Gu’s movements grew more passionate, completely losing himself in the sensation, as Hao Ting’s mouth moved from his nipples to his collarbone, using his nose to move the shirt collar out of the way.


“On my back.” He ordered, “Please, take me on my back!”


Hao Ting was quick to obey, rolling them over and increasing the speed of the thrusts, watching as Xi Gu jacked himself off, eyes rolling into the back of his head as he came all over his shirt.


Six thrusts later, and Hao Ting was cumming as well.


Pulling out, he moved to lie next to Xi Gu, the pair of them panting heavily after the act.


“So…” Hao Ting whispered, a sly smirk on his face, “… That was new.”


Xi Gu rolled his eyes, pushing Hao Ting’s face away, “Shut up.”

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Somehow Third and Pharm become friends and drag their boyfriends on a double date. Khai starts to feel insecure seeing how g*damn perfect Dean is with the whole waiting until he found Pharm and being the perfect devoted boyfriend. Plus look at him.
Maybe the past lives comes up idk that up to you.



Third had come up with the idea after meeting Pharm on a LGBTQ friendly Facebook page.


Double dating.


Khai hated the idea.


He was already fed up with hearing about ‘oh so perfect’ Dean, and how he and Pharm were soulmates, not being with anyone else other than each other.


How Dean had practically asked Pharm to marry him already.


How they were literally the perfect couple.


“You have sulked the entire way here.” Third snapped, “Lighten up will you? I don’t want you making Pharm feel unwanted or anything.”


“Won’t his precious P’Dean make him feel all loved up and special.”


“… Jealousy is an ugly look on you.”


Khai opened his mouth to protest, only for them pull up outside the restaurant, a couple waiting outside, who Khai assumed were Pharm and Dean.


“Third!” The shorter one waved in excitement, “Hi!”


“Hi Pharm!”


Khai took a deep breath.


This was going to be a long night.




Khai hated to admit it but Pharm was freakin’ adorable.


Seriously, no-one had a right to be that cute.


Being snappy with him would be like snapping at a puppy… and if he ever thought about it, he was sure that Dean would be on him in a second.


It was only as they sat there and chatted, that Khai could understand all of this soulmate business.


If soulmates did exist, they definitely existed in Pharm and Dean.


They seemed to feel every word that was being spoken by the other, even when it seemed that nothing was being said.


Dinner passed without incident, and soon they were leaving the restaurant, into the chilly evening. Almost immediately, Dean was removing his jacket and placing it over Pharm’s shoulders.


Khai glanced over at Third, who had his arms wrapped around himself, pointedly not looking at him.


The hint couldn’t be more obvious.


Removing his own jacket, he did the same for Third, who gave him a knowing smile.


Khai was almost surprised to find that he wasn’t ready for this date to end anymore.


“This was nice.” Pharm stated, “We should do this again.”


“Yeah, of course!” Third nodded eagerly, “There’s a fair coming up next month, maybe we can all go there?”


Plans were made and soon, the two pairs were splitting up, waving goodbye to one another as Khai and Third got into the car.


“So…” Third began, as they set off, “… You were acting… strangely.”




“Taking off your jacket to keep me warm, not staring at the waitresses- “


“- Hey!”


“- Sorry, but you were being weird.” Third shrugged, before a concerned look appeared on his face, “I don’t know how it’s possible, but if you don’t like Pharm and Dean, then you can just- “


“- I like them, it’s just- “ Khai shrugged.


“… Just what?”


“We didn’t have a good start, and then I hear all about Dean and Pharm’s perfect relationship and I can’t help but feel…” Khai shrugged again, “… A little envious.”


There was silence for a moment, before Third cautiously spoke up again.


“They don’t have a perfect relationship.” He whispered, “They’ve had rough spots… and it’s not like our relationship is terrible, right?”


Khai glanced over at him, taking in the nervous smile and returning it with a much more confident one.



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Prompt from LadyDerora_AriesPrincessSlyffindor: In fact, I’d like to request all 3 plots for the following ships too: Tutor/Fighter, Third/Kai, Shao Fei/Tang Yi, Jack/Zhao Li, Can/Tin & Hao Ting/Xi Gu. (referring to the jealous/lust/protectiveness series)

Protective Hao Ting/Xi Gu



Xi Gu groaned, not entirely sure why he was awake, eyes focused on the harsh green light of the alarm clock.


Not even half two in the morning.


Slowly, he pushed himself up and looked over at Hao Ting, who was still deeply asleep, curled up on his side. Xi Gu reached out and lightly brushed Hao Ting’s hair out of his face.


He couldn’t believe he’d ever gotten so lucky.


Figuring that sleep was a lost cause for now, he slowly got out of bed to get himself a glass of water, shivering slightly in the night chill.




The soft voice stopped him in his tracks, wincing slightly.


He didn’t mean to wake Hao Ting up.


“I’m right here.” He whispered, turning back around, only to frown when he saw that Hao Ting was still asleep… tossing and turning in place.


“No… please no.”


Xi Gu froze, heart dropping into his stomach.


“Someone- help, please!”


Xi Gu didn’t hesitate any further, moving to head back into the bed as Hao Ting’s breathing grew more panicked.


Quickly, Xi Gu switched on the light.


He knew exactly what Hao Ting was dreaming of.


“Wake up!” He begged his boyfriend, “I’m here, it’s just a dream!”


Hao Ting’s eyes snapped open with a jolt, darting around, wide but unseeing. Xi Gu fought to keep the soft smile on his face as reassurance, until Hao Ting suddenly shot up and pulled Xi Gu into a tight hug, arms a vice grip around him.


He could feel Hao Ting trembling.


“It’s okay.” Xi Gu whispered, returning the hug, “I’m here, it was just a dream.”


Hao Ting’s breathing was ragged as Xi Gu petted his hair soothingly. Less than a minute passed, before Hao Ting fully relaxed, slumping forwards like a puppet with its strings cut, sobbing into Xi Gu’s neck.


“Deep breaths… deep breaths.” Xi Gu whispered.


Eventually, Hao Ting’s sobs quietened down to the occasional hiccup, pulling away from Xi Gu but still holding onto his hands


“Hey.” Xi Gu smiled softly at him, “Want to talk about it?”


Hao Ting shook his head, as Xi Gu wiped his tears away.


Xi Gu then pulled at him, until they were both resting against the wall, cuddled up underneath the duvet, reaching over to switch the light off again.


“You can come and talk to me at any time.” Xi Gu eventually whispered after a moment of silence, “You know that, right?”


“… Because you love me?”


Xi Gu leaned over and kissed him, finding his lips easily in the dark.


“Because I love you.”




Xi Gu woke up, covered in sweat and his breathing laboured.


It was still dark outside, the only sound being his own sobbing.


It had been years since the car accident.


He shouldn’t still be having nightmares about it.


He brought his legs to his chest, letting his head fall onto his knees, hands tangling in his hair, nails digging painfully into his skull in an attempt to calm down.


“Xi Gu?”


Xi Gu flinched, looking up at Hao Ting, who was staring blearily at him.


“Xi Gu, what’s wrong?” Hao Ting asked gently.


“I-I’m fine!” Xi Gu forced out, “I just- “His sobs cut him off, as he buried his face back into his knees.


“It’s okay.” Hao Ting shuffled closer, “It’s okay, you’re safe. Nothing is going to happen to you, I’ll protect you.”


Immediately, Xi Gu was leaning forwards, silently asking for the hug that he so desperately needed, which Hao Ting was all too happy to give.


“Hao Ting?”




“I love you.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt from TheWhutNow: Because of this i have another prompt...hmm....something like pharm being oblivious to how many people like him (they keep touching him but pharms nice so he keeps quite) and pharm just keeps being sweet, so manaow team (who realise about it and tries their best toprotect pharm frpm being molested) have to keep quiet obout that from dean (cause they promised pharm that they would let him deal with it) but team tells win because he is very worried and win tells dean and the swimming club who help dean deal with the molesters (quietly cause they dont want pharm to know) dean even asks alex (because the molesters in drama club) to help him deal with them. (basiclally the swim team had grown very fond of pharm becuase he keeps bringing them food to eat and taking care of them so they see him as their brother) they dont tell team and manow becausee who know maybe they will tell pharm.
manow had recorded everytime someone had molested and talked inappropriatly talked about pharm and keeps it in a place so when pharm is ready to report them they will have proof.



Pharm couldn’t place exactly when it started.


At first, they just offered to help him with his work, almost pressing him up against the corridor wall in their persistence.


Then, when they went to see Manaow during her drama practice, the three boys were there again.


“We have kissing scenes we’d like to practice.” One of them whispered in Pharm’s ear, grabbing his arm when he tried to flinch away, “Maybe you could help with- “


“- Hey, Alex needs you!” Manaow’s voice was suddenly right there, as she pulled Pharm away, “Something about you needing to actually learn your lines and everything.” Before the other student could answer, Manaow was pulling Pharm away.


“Manaow! What are you- “


“- Pharm.” She was suddenly serious, Team making his way over as well, “You can’t be alone with them.”




His friends glanced at each other, before Team nervously cleared his throat. “Didn’t you see how they were acting?”


“Yes, but he was just- “


“- Being a creep.” Manaow cut in, sending a glare at the back of the stranger’s head, “Team, stick with him.”


“I don’t need- “


“- Got it.”


Pharm gave up.


He really didn’t need protecting though.




“He doesn’t even seem to realise what they’re doing!” Team hissed, as he and Win sat in the changing rooms, the rest of the team having already made their way to the pool, “We don’t know what to do.”


“Well… we tell Dean! Obviously!”


Team shook his head, “Pharm doesn’t even want me and Manaow involved, let alone Dean!”


“Dean would want to know though!”


“I know that, and you know that, but Pharm doesn’t want to bother him.” Team winced, “Not after everything that they’ve been through.”


“Surely that’s all the more reason to tell him!”


Team shrugged, not disagreeing, but not wanting to go against his friends wishes.


“Come on.” Win whispered, “We need to tell Dean and sort this problem out once and for all.”




“They what?!” Dean was ready to explode, the rest of the swim team tensing up behind him.


They all liked Pharm. He brought them sweet treats after tournaments, and kept their captain in a good mood, of course they liked him.


“They’re just being creepy at the moment.” Team explained again, feeling like he was betraying Pharm in some way, “Manaow records it when she sees it, but we can’t be with him all the time.”


“And they’re in the drama club?” Dean was starting to pace back and forth, “Did Alex put them up to it.”


“No, no, no!” Team quickly interjected, “Manaow’s already confronted him, and he’s been helping as much as he can. He can’t just throw them out though, not unless he’s confronted with actual proof that they’ve broken a rule of the university.”


“It’s a complicated situation Dean.” Win sighed, “We can’t just go accusing them of this, we need multiple witness to it.”


“So… we’re just going to let Pharm be bait?!”


“Manaow and I will protect him!” Team blurted out, “We promise!”


Dean stared at the younger man for a moment, before sighing wearily. “Fine… I want everyone on high alert though. I’m not willing to let them get away with this for too long.”


Everyone nodded in agreement.


None of them were willing for that to happen.




Pharm wasn’t really happy to be dragged along to the opening night of the play Manaow and the rest of the drama club were working on.


“Just for my scene, please!” Manaow had begged him, and how could he say no to that?


It was the intermission break when he got a text from Dean, telling him that he was on his way and that he would give him a lift home.


“That’s a nice smile. Why haven’t we seen that smile before?”


He couldn’t help but flinch at the new voices, glancing up to see three familiar students, still dressed in their costumes.


“I- “He stopped as the obvious ‘leader’ of the trio took a seat next to him, putting an arm around his shoulders.


“So, we still have twenty minutes before the play starts again.” The other student’s voice was probably meant to be seductive, but Pharm just felt sick, “How about you and me have a little fun?”


“N-No thank you!” Pharm tried to remove the arm, only to yelp as the grip tightened and another hand went to his hip.


“Don’t be such a bitch.” The man hissed, evident that he was starting to lose his temper, “I’m fed up with you playing the innocent.”


“I-I said no!” Pharm managed to wriggle free, shooting his feet and racing towards the exit, firing off a quick text to Dean.


//Not feeling too good. Heading home now. \\


He knew it would make Dean panic, but he wasn’t really thinking about that too much.


He didn’t see Dean and Win by the doorway of the theatre room




“Call the swim team.” Dean hissed, “We’re getting this sorted out once and for all.”




Dean, Win, Team and Manaow all watched from a distance as the three boys apologised to a stunned Pharm.


One was recovering from a busted nose, the other two hiding similar bruises underneath their clothes, and they all were more than aware of the consequences should they try again.


“I have all the videos if they ever try again.” Manaow whispered, “What exactly did you say to them P’Dean?”


“I gave them a fair warning.” Dean watched as Pharm smiled warmly at the three before spotting Dean standing there, waving at him in glee, “A completely fair warning.”


“Touch Pharm and die?”


“Not that drastic.”


Manaow caught Win’s eyes, who simply shook his head. She smirked.


She knew it had been drastic.


And Pharm would never know.

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Prompt from Solar_exlispe: Okay but 2moons, and Wayo, Beam and Kit go out drinking one night, mostly Beam and kit were the ones who dragged Wayo out because the guys wanted some time away from their boyfriends. They are at the club and are approached by these guys who sit down at their table, One of them knows Beam and Kit so they naturally start talking. As they're talking, kit suddenly stops, and forces the conversation to halt. Wayo looks to his right and sees Pha looking very angry. Kit sees the same with Ming and Beam with Forth. Jealously ensues. This prompt has been on my mind for a while 😂



“So, it’s just going to be us?” Wayo asked, as they headed into the club, “Really?”


“We’re fed up of Forth and Ming hovering over us.” Kit sighed, “So, we decided to give you the chance to get away from Pha as well.”


Wayo stayed silent. He wasn’t going to admit that he was a little tired of Pha’s constant attention as well, especially as the majority of it was due to what had happened.


He needed a little bit of his old life back.


“There’s a table over there, I’ll go and grab it.”


Thankfully, the club wasn’t too crowded, so they got their drinks fairly quickly, Yo sipping on some sort of strawberry flavoured drink as the music thumped overhead. It didn’t stop them from gossiping though.


“So, what are Forth and Ming doing that’s bothering you both so much?”


Beam and Kit glanced at each other, before Kit waved his hand in dismissal. “Well… it’s actually more that we noticed how frustrated you were getting with Pha constantly hovering over you.”


Yo opened his mouth to argue, only to close it again and sigh. “He’s acting like I’m going to break down at any moment! Like I’m constantly seconds away from crying.”


“You did go through something traumatic.” Beam stated sympathetically, “He’s just worried.”


“I don’t mind him being worried, I mind that he never lets me go anywhere on my own!” Yo gestured around them, “I never thought I’d be able to go out like this again.”


“He’s being overprotective.” Kit agreed, “I can understand why, but anyone could tell that you were getting frustrated with him.”


Before Yo could answer, three other students stopped at their table.


“Beam!” One of them smiled, “Do you mind if we sit here? Everywhere else was full.”


“Decha!” Beam greeted, “Sure, of course!” He then turned to Yo, “N’Yo, this is Decha, Earth and Tine. They’re in our classes.”


“Nice to meet you Phi.” Yo greeted them, as they took the seats opposite them.


“Yo is Pha’s boyfriend.” Kit stated.


“Trust us, we know.” Earth rolled his eyes, “I used to be in a study group with him.”


Yo flushed red at the implication, that even to near strangers in a study group, Pha would talk about him.


“You’re just as cute as he said.” Earth teased, laughing as both Decha and Tine nudged him in the side.


“It’s almost like you want to bring the wrath of Pha down on us!” Tine exclaimed, as the entire table burst out into laughter, taking the teasing for what it was.


None of them noticed the group on the table to their right.




“I can’t believe you dragged us into doing this.” Forth groaned, as Pha never took his eyes off the table that Yo was on, “Beam’s going to think I don’t trust him!”


“P’Kit’s going to be mad.” Ming didn’t look all that bothered by the statement, which was a little concerning.


“I just don’t want him to get hurt, that’s all!” Pha protested. It was a feeble excuse, and he knew it.


He knew that Yo was getting annoyed by his constant presence.


“Uh Oh.”


Having turned his attention away from Yo for a moment, Pha was surprised to see Forth and Ming glaring at the same table. Turning his own head that way, he couldn’t help but glare himself.


Who were they?




“- And then, he starts comparing us to the moon and- “ Kit suddenly stopped, all of them falling silent as Kit glared off to the right.


Beam and Yo turned to where he was looking and groaned in unison.


“Why am I not that surprised?” Beam sighed, burying his face into his hands as the three other students all glanced at each other nervously.


“We’ll let you guys deal with this.” Tine winced, noticing the look on Kit’s face, “Good luck… to them.”


When the three boys left, Kit was on his feet in an instance, storming over to the other table.


Ming, to his credit, looked a little ashamed as Kit beckoned for him to get up and follow him.


Not that he looked ashamed for very long when Kit led him towards the bathrooms.


Beam led Forth towards the exit, Forth looking a little less hopeful than Ming.


That left Yo and Pha.


“I’m sorry.” Pha winced, “But I was worried and- “


“- You followed me.” Yo sighed, “I just wanted some time out, to have fun without my boyfriend lurking over my shoulder!”


Alcohol always did make him more honest.


Pha just nodded, looking down at his hands.


“Well… P’Kit and P’Beam don’t seem that mad.” Yo chuckled, “Do you… maybe want to get out of here?”


How could Pha say no.

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Prompt from Kitty: Team becomes more insecure of his body and Win shows him just how much he loves it. Brownie points for thigh grasping because eesh.



Team had started to hide his figure from the others on the swim team again.


It was like that after every visit home, his Father sat in his chair and pointing out every little flaw that Team had, even when they were non-existent.


His lack of muscles despite swimming.


His midsection, including his stomach and thighs.


His cheeks.


Every comment beat him down a little further, and when he was back at Uni, seeing the other swimmers with their model-like bodies, Team felt more than a little inadequate. Especially when he was next to Win, with those gorgeous muscles, blonde hair, mischievous eyes and bright smile.


“Come on!” Dean ordered, “Everyone into the pool, time to see if anyone’s slowed down over the break.”


Team had never felt so uncomfortable in his swimming trunks before.


“Don’t worry.” Win came up to him, patting him on the back, after seeing him shiver, “I made sure the pool is a little warmer today.”






Practice went well, and Team soon forgot all about his insecurities, especially after shaving a couple of seconds off his personal record and receiving praise from Dean.


It only after he walked by the shower room’s mirror, that they all came rushing back to him.


The first thing he focused on, was his belly.


Almost in a trance, he started to grab the areas of his body that he felt were too fate, mainly his thighs, fingernails digging into them, leaving marks.


He must have been there for longer than expected, when he felt a pair of strong arms wrapping themselves around his body. It took a moment to register that the person holding him was his beloved Hia.


“Are you alright?”


At the quiet question, Team immediately broke down in tears. “I’m disgusting and fat, and you’re so perfect and- “ He was cut off as Win spun him around, cupping his cheeks before leaning in and pressing a gentle, but passionate kiss to his lips.


A kiss that Team couldn’t help but return and lean into, holding onto Win’s shoulder.


And then he remembered that they were in the shower-room, where anybody could just walk in.


Sensing Team’s tension, Win pulled back, a reassuring smile on his face. “Team… you are gorgeous.” He pushed Team back against the mirror, lifting one of Team’s legs into the air, leaning over and kissing at the marks left by Team’s fingernails, “I especially love your thighs… I love being between them more than anything.”


Team blushed bright red, wrapping his arms around Win’s shoulders for support as Win lifted the other leg up as well, kissing both thighs now.


“Nobody’s around.” Win whispered, “If we go into one of the cubicles, can I show you just how much I adore you.”


“I-I- “


“- We can home if you’d prefer?”


“Yes… please?”


Win chuckled warmly, “Whatever you want.”




Team’s skin felt soft beneath Win’s lips as he alternated between open mouthed kisses and sucking. Team’s back arched with every touch, whines breaking through bitten, slightly swollen lips.


Win couldn’t help but feel pride in how he’d managed to work Team up so quickly, grazing his teeth against the inside of Team’s left thigh, feeling those thighs clench up, hips bucking up slightly only for Win to pin them back down.


“H-Hia! P-Please!” Team had never realised just how sensitive his inner thighs were, not until Win was sucking hickys into them and reducing him to mush.




Win couldn’t take his eyes off of him, taking in the dilated pupils, the flushed face and chest, the tautness of every muscles.


It might have been cruel to tease him this way, but he loved what it did to Team.


“P-please!” Team’s hand blindly fisted in Win’s hair, his thighs covered in red and purple marks, hair stuck to his head from sweat, “P-please!


Win pulled back at the desperate plea, “Ride me?” He asked, trying not to seem too hopeful.


Team looked a little embarrassed, but nodded, making Win beam.


After all, Team never looked as gorgeous as when he was riding him.

Chapter Text

Prompt from K: I wanted to make a request for Saifah/Zon/Tutor/Fighter foursome. Please and thanks.



Zon drew the short straw again, making him whine.


“Really?” He could feel his cock hardening as the other three started to grope him, “This is rigged!”


“You say that every time.”


“Exactly! Every time! Rigged!”


He was ignored, led into the bedroom, stripped, and shoved down to his knees, before starting to remove their own clothing.


“You’re looking a little overwhelmed already Zon.” Saifah teased, kneeling beside him.


Zon opened his mouth to snap at his first boyfriend, only to shudder when Saifah grabbed his cock and slowly started to stroke it, whining when the sensation didn’t last as long as he wanted, Saifah pulling away with a smirk.


“I-I- “ Zon whimpered as Fighter moved underneath him, leaving Zon to awkwardly straddle him, Tutor and Saifah on either side, quickly preparing him, slick fingers twisting and turning inside of him.


When his whines threatened to get too loud, a hand was placed over his mouth, muffling his moaning and whining until they were sure that he was properly ready.


“Zon…” Fighter whispered, brushing one hand over their dicks, which were pressed up against one another, the sensation making Zon buckle slightly, “… You’re going to be a good boy, right?”


“Of course, he is.” Saifah chuckled, right by his ear, playing with Zon’s cock, “He knows that good boys get to cum.”


Zon breathed deep, trying to calm down. Eventually, he managed to regain his senses and nod.


“Good boy.” Fighter stated simply, grinning as Zon was lifted up once again, giving him the chance to line himself up properly. Zon gasped as the head of Fighter’s cock slipped inside him, slowly filling him up until it was fully inside of him.


“A-Ah!” Zon couldn’t help himself, groaning at the wonderful feeling of being filled in such a way, Fighter moving in short, little thrusts that brushed against Zon’s sweet spot, “Ah!”


“Come on Zon.” Tutor gently grabbed his head, turning it towards his own cock, “Don’t forget about us.”


Zon nodded, opening his mouth, only for Tutor to lightly slap his cock against his cheek, before shoving it inside. Zon took it eagerly, bobbing his head up and down, teasing the tip with his tongue, moaning as pre-cum dribbled out.


“G-od.” Tutor groaned, “How had I forgotten how good you are at this?”


Zon flushed bright red at the praise, feeling Saifah wrap his arms around him from behind, nibbling at his ear and making him shudder.


“You want to cum?” Saifah whispered, pulling him off of Tutor’s cock (much to Tutor’s displeasure) and turning his head so that he could kiss his boyfriend, “Huh?” He smirked, pulling away, “Do you think you’ve been good enough?”


Tutor was pushing his cock back inside his mouth quickly, before he could answer, Saifah’s hand on the back of his head, pushing him all the way down onto Tutor’s cock. Zon groaned, lungs straining as he deepthroated Tutor’s cock.


“I think he’s being a good boy.” Saifah eventually answered for him.


Zon gagged slightly, pushing back against Saifah’s hand in order to get some air, only to realise that he didn’t have enough leverage, Saifah’s hand a constant pressure. Sucking in some air through his nose, he fought not to gag again.


He knew that if it was truly too much, he was to click his fingers.


Tutor’s hand tightened in Zon’s hair, feeling the shorter man’s throat fluttering around his dick.


“Zon.” Fighter’s voice was dripping with lust, as he bucked his hips up, “Don’t forget about me.”


Zon pulled off of Tutor’s cock, thankful for the brief breather, before Fighter was grabbing the back of his head, pulling him down into a passionate kiss. When they finally pulled apart, he pushed Zon back up, grabbing the younger man’s hips before bucking his hips up again and again, feeling his cock sliding in and out of Zon.


Zon met the thrusts eagerly, bouncing up and down on the cock at a relentless pace, loving the feeling of calloused hands on his hips. Any moaning was muffling by Saifah and Tutor alternating shoving their cocks in his mouth. Whilst his lips were wrapped around one, he was jerking the other off, them taking it in turns.


“So good on my cock.” Fighter grunted, “Like you were m-made for it!”


Zon whined, which only spurred his three boyfriends on.


“So needy for our cocks.” Tutor chuckled


“Mmmm!” Zon had lost all ability to think, their paces increasing until they were all cumming; Saifah and Tutor all over him, Fighter in him, filling him up completely.


Feeling like he was drenched in cum, Zon slipped off of Fighter’s cock and fell limp to the ground, cock still hard as Saifah pinched the base of it.


This night wasn’t over yet.

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Wayo and Ming decided to go on a bro date to hang out away from their boyfriends. Of course Pha tries to crash and gets introuble and wines at Kit.



Really, Yo should have expected this when he planned a ‘besties’ day out with Ming.


Just them two.


No, P’Pha or P’Kit.


They walked around the mall for a while, Ming humouring Yo’s runway performance as he picked out some new clothes for free days (like the good old days), and then they went to their favourite restaurant.


It had started out as a really good day.


“Is it just me, or have these noodles got spicier?” Yo commented, taking another gulp of pink milk.


“A little.” Ming smirked, “They probably did it to match up with your spiciness.” He dodged the thrown spoon with a giggle, ducking under the table.


And then Yo spotted the figures sitting a couple of tables behind Ming.


Yo nearly choked on his mouthful. He knew the back of Pha’s head like the back of his hand, which only posed the question… of why was his boyfriend and P’Kit here?


At the very restaurant that Ming and him were at, on the one day they had taken for themselves.


“- at’s the matter?”


Yo tore his attention from the pair on the other table, forcing a smile onto his face, “Hmmm?”


“Are you alright?” Ming gave him a concerned look, “It’s not… you know who?”


“Who? Voldemort?” Yo teased, before shaking his head, knowing exactly who Ming was talking about, “No, it’s not him.” When Ming glanced down at his food to take another bite, Yo managed to catch Pha’s eyes, angrily gesturing for him to follow.


“I’m just nipping to the toilet.” He then stated, not even waiting for an answer, before he was out of his seat, storming towards the restaurant toilets.




Judging from the look on P’Pha’s face, Yo must have looked pretty angry.


“Why. Are. You. Here?”


“I-I was just making sure you were alright!” Pha defended himself, “That’s all!”


“I’m with Ming! Why wouldn’t I be okay?!”


“I just- “


“- hated the thought of me going out with anyone else, including my best friend?!” Yo snapped, throwing his hands up into the air in exasperation, “I can’t believe you!”


“N’Yo, I- “


“- No!” Yo lightly slapped the encroaching hand away, rolling his eyes at Pha’s dramatic pout, “I am spending the day with my best friend, and you are spending the night in your own dorm room… alone!”


And with that, he stormed out, heading back to the table.


Ming looked up at his arrival, a frown on his face. “Are you sure everything’s okay?”


“Positive.” Yo beamed, “Fancy going and getting some ice cream, I really think they’ve made these noodles spicier.”






“Soooo.” Kit smirked as Pha made his way back to the table, “What did he say?”


Pha just pouted.


“Ah, let me guess. You’re sleeping alone tonight?”


Pha’s head slammed down on the table as he let out a whine. Kit’s vicious smirk only deepened.


“I did warn you.”


“I knoooow.”


“So, what have we learnt?”


“… Listen to you?”



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Prompt from hey_im_okay: Kongpob gets into a fight with someone (about what idk) and Arthit (and someone else maybe?) find them and see how mad kongpob looks
it looks like kongpob is losing so arthit tries to stop the fight but in the end kongpob actually wins the fight



Arthit only became aware of the fight when he heard his boyfriend’s voice rising high above the rest.


“… your senior!” Kongpob sounded furious, “Have a little respect!”


They were a few days into the new year, which meant that there was new freshman to deal with. Every year, it was guaranteed that at least a few freshman would cause trouble.


Last year it was Kongpob, unsurprisingly, although Wad came a close second.


This year, it sounded like there were more issues than simply talking back to the seniors.


“Yes, I’m dating a man.” Kongpob continued, making Arthit flush slightly at how proud Kongpob sounded at that, “A wonderful, smart man who makes me happy. Why should that bother you in the slightest?!”


“It’s unnatural!”


Pushing himself to the front, Arthit arrived just in time to see the first-year punch Kongpob right in the face.


Arthit felt his heart stop in his chest as his boyfriend stumbled back, the rest of the hazing team moving forwards to catch him if he fell. Arthit opened his mouth to make this kid even regret having the slightest urge to touch his boyfriend, spotting Kongpob’s friend all doing the same, M and Oak already moving forwards to teach the kid a lesson.


Now, Arthit knew he couldn’t let this happen, not unless he wanted the hazing activities and SOTUS to be shut down forever.


But oh god, he wanted it to happen.


Before he could anything though, Kongpob had already regained his senses, kicking out at the freshman’s knees, sending him to the ground.


“Now you listen to me.” Kongpob hissed, blood streaming out of his nose, the first-year looking too stunned to even think about getting up and fighting back. Not when every hazer was standing behind Kongpob in a wall of solidarity, “I am going to say this once, and once only. You say that two people of the same sex is unnatural but know this… homosexuality is found in over 1’500 species, and homophobia is found in only one. Who’s unnatural now?”




Pressing a hand to his nose, wincing at the blood, Kongpob shook his head. “I will be reporting you to the Head of the Department for a hate crime. If you really want to study here, I suggest you start working on your apology.”


Kongpob turned to leave, only to see Arthit standing there, the serious look disappearing almost instantly as he visibly brightened. “P’Arthit!”


“Kongpob.” He reached out and grabbed his boyfriend’s arm, pulling him away from the crowd, knowing that Kongpob’s friends would deal with it, “What were you thinking?”


Kongpob pouted, “I can’t stand homophobia…. Why is it even called that? You’re not scared, you’re just an asshole.”


“You’re on the hazing team! You should have just walked away!”


Kongpob winced, knowing that Arthit was sort of right.


“But…” Arthit continued, “… I think you handled it better than I would have done.” He smiled softly, “Come on, let’s go and get you patched up.”


“Do I get a kiss to make it all better?”




“Kidding… mostly.”

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Prompt from Rosalyn: awwww omg and please keep SarawaTine coming cause they're the cutest couple ever!!can you do a fic with them going to an amuseent park date?i want Sarawat to stare at his Tine throughout the date ^_^



Sarawat groaned when he felt Tine pulling away, leaving a cold space next to him.


“It’s too early.” He whined, blearily opening his eyes to peer at his phone, “Not even eight am… on a Saturday!”


Tine didn’t say anything, practically bounding around the flat.


“Nuisance!” Sarawat scowled, “What are you doing?”


“Well, someone’s not a morning person!” Tine cackled, “I thought we could do something fun together! As a proper couple!”


Sarawat couldn’t help but preen slightly at the acknowledgement of them being a proper couple, “Oh… so where are we going?”


“Dream World. Hence the early start!”


“Dream Wor- that’s in Bueng Yitho!”


“Hence the early start, like I said. I want to have a full day there.” He clapped his hands together, “Let’s get dressed, we can get breakfast on the way.”


“Are you sure we can’t spend all day in bed?”






“Fun time!” Tine whooped when they arrived at the theme park, “What do you want to do first? Maybe a thrill ride?” He gestured to the nearest ride, “This one sounds fun. Any ride with plunge in the title, has to be fun!”


Sarawat looked up at the ride, eyes widening. It was one of those rides that rose you up super high, only to shoot you back down again. He wasn’t afraid of going on it, but he didn’t consider it to be fun. “Ummm, I don’t know- “


“- Are you scared?”


Folding his arms, Sarawat quickly shook his head, “No!” He knew he didn’t sound convincing, “I just… think we should go on something tamer. We have just eaten after all.”


“We ate hours ago!” Tine reached out and grabbed his boyfriend’s wrist, “Come on!”


When Tine looked at him like that, how could Sarawat say no?


They sat in seats next to each other, waiting for the ride to start. Sarawat’s breathing hitched when he felt his seat rising up only a moment later.


“Here.” Tine reached over and grabbed his hand, “Squeeze if you need to.”


Sarawat was all too happy to do that when they came to a complete stop high in the sky, remaining there for a moment. He kept his eyes closed, as they zoomed down to ground at high speed, trying not to scream the entire time.


Tine was cackling like a demon beside him.


When they were finally freed from the ‘torture machine’, Sarawat had never gotten out of his seat quicker.


“Let’s do something closer to the ground now.” He fought to remain calm


“But that was fun, right?”




“Not even a little bit?”


“Not even slightly.”


These were words he would soon come to regret.




Two hours and six terrifying rides later, Sarawat was thankful when Tine suggested a lunch break.


“You are having fun, right?” Tine sounded a little unsure, “Because if you’re not we can always go home and- “


“- I’m having fun!” Sarawat quickly interrupted, not wanting to see that disappointed look on Tine’s face any longer, “Honestly!”


He would never regret putting that smile on his boyfriend’s face.




“One more ride!” Tine pleaded, as the time ticked closer to eight pm, “Please?”


“It’s late, we should really be going back home and- “


“- Just the Ferris wheel! That’s it!”


Sarawat paused. How often had couples in shows gone onto Ferris wheels and had the most romantic times of their lives.


And it wasn’t the least bit scary.


“Only if I can hold your hand the entire time.”


Tine rolled his eyes, but relented with a grin, knowing that he’d won the battle, grabbing Sarawat’s hands and pulling him towards the last attraction.


They took their seats as the Ferris Wheel started to move slowly, until they were at the top.


“Wow.” Tine whispered, staring out at the view, seeing all the city lights from afar. There was almost a childlike wonder in his eyes.


Sarawat had never seen something so beautiful.

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Prompt from Multiple Prompters!!!: Chapter 56 sequel 😊

I tried my best to add all the elements that everyone mentioned in the comments 😊 For anyone who is unsure, Somkrit is played by the same actor who played Ae, In's best friend :)



Del was the first to notice that there was something…. Different in Dean and Pharm’s relationship.


Her brother had never been a particularly warm person, and then he met Pharm and everything seemed to change.


How they almost seemed drawn to one another.


And then there was how Grandma treated him.


Now, unlike Dean, her Grandma had always been warm and loving, but with Pharm, there was almost a sadness to her actions… as though she couldn’t believe he was really there, as though he was going to be snatched away from him at any moment.


And then she remembered the conversation she’d overheard.


Pharm reminded her mother of her Uncle In.


“Don…” She gently spoke up as they drove to their Grandma’s home, meeting up with their mother, Dean and Pharm for a family meal, “… do you believe in the red string of fate, like Grandma told us?”


“… You’re thinking of Dean and Pharm.”


Startled by her brother’s words, she turned to him, “So, you see it too?”


“How can I not? They’re the definition of soulmates.”


“Should we… tell them that we know?”


“What if they don’t even know themselves?” Don pointed out, grip tightening on the steering wheel, “Would you want to suddenly learn that you were the reincarnations of two teens who killed themselves?!”


Del had no answer for that.


They arrived at the home not long afterwards, entering the house to see that the table had already been set and the food was being placed on the table.


“There you two are!” Their Grandma beamed at them, “Come, come, have a seat.”


“Thanks Grandma.” Del’s eyes glanced over Pharm and Dean, who were whispering to each other, soft smiles on their faces.




Dinner was quiet.


Del knew that she and Don were part of the reason why, seeing her mother and grandma giving the pair of them concerned looks.


“Alright.” Their mother eventually broke the silence, “What is the matter with you two?”


They glanced at each other.


“Del? Don?”


“Nothing!” Del winced as her brother’s voice cracked.


“What he means to say… is that we wanted to ask Dean and Pharm a question?”


Don shot her an alarmed look, not believing that Del was actually going through with this.


Dean also seemed a little confused by her words, “Okay.” He said slowly, “What did you want to ask?”


“Grandma… was telling us about her uncle… and her uncle’s boyfriend.” The tension was almost unbearable as Pharm bit nervously at his lower lip, eyes fixed on Del, “And what happened to them.”


“Hm.” Dean’s eyes were also on her.


“… And that their fathers tied a red string between them, wanting them to find each other again.” Del took a deep breath, “We were just wondering- “


“- If Pharm and I were Korn and In?”


Del nodded, as her Mother frowned, however, before she could protest and state that what was being said was ridiculous, Dean spoke up, “We are.”




The only one who didn’t look surprised was their Grandma, which wasn’t much of a shock to Del.


“When- when did you find out?”


“Well… when we met each other, really.” Dean’s hand was on top of Pharm’s, almost as a comfort, “That’s when the dreams started.”




“Dreams of… In and Korn.” Pharm was the one to answer this time, “About their lives.” A slightly shaky smile appeared on his face, “I was always scared of loud noises… and now I know why.”


The implications were horrifying, and Del couldn’t help but tear up, watching as her Grandma and Mother both reached to Pharm.


“So… you did find each other again?” Don whispered, sounding a little in awe, “Woah.”


“Does anyone else know?” Del asked, “Manaow? P’Win?”


They both shook their heads, before glancing at each other.


“Maybe…we should?” Pharm hesitantly ventured, “Team as well?”


“Yeah… maybe we should.”




They decided to only tell Win, Team and Manaow, going out to the shopping mall over the weekend.


“So, you’re probably wondering why you’re all here.” Dean cautiously began, the other three all freezing mid-mouthful.


“This isn’t your, I’m leaving the swimming team speech is it?” Win frowned, “Or your dropping out speech?”


“Did you and Pharm elope?” Manaow asked, a daft smile on her face.


“No, no and no.” Dean rolled his eyes, “Do you remember at the beginning of the year, when we were talking about the red string of fate tale?”


Team was the only one who nodded.


“Well, there might be a bit of truth in it.”


Manaow’s eyes widened, pointing between them, “You and Pharm are- “


Dean nodded, as all three of them sat back in shock.


“So…” Win frowned, “… you’re past lovers who found each other again?”




“Who were you?” Manaow blurted out, practically gushing at the romance of it all.


“Well…” Dean glanced at Pharm, “… That’s when the story gets a little complicated.”


“Bad complicated.”


“A bit of both really.” Dean sighed, “A bit of both.”


****Flashforward Six Years*****


“Come on Uncle Somkrit.” Ae led his Uncle into the new restaurant, “Pete said he was going to meet us here soon.”


“Hmmm.” Somkrit glanced up at the restaurant sign, “Fate? Odd name for a restaurant?”


“Apparently it’s doing really well, despite only just opening up.” A host led them to a table, “Pete recommends the omelette.”


Somkrit smiled at the warmth in his nephew’s voice when he talked about Pete.


Times were different now.


Things were better now.


Somkrit only wished his best friend… In, had been given the same chance with Korn.


It wasn’t time for sad thoughts like that though, not when he was going to be meeting his nephew’s boyfriend for the first time.




Pete was a sweet young man, and Somkrit liked him instantly. He was a perfect match for Ae.


“You were right about this restaurant N’Pete.” He smiled at the shy younger man, “This omelette is amazing!”


It had taken him a long time to eat omelette’s again after In’s death, but this was definitely one of the best ones.


“You should tell the chef.” Pete smiled shyly at him, “He’s really nice.”


“He must be very busy and I- “


“- He won’t mind, I promise.” Pete caught the server’s attention, “This food is amazing, can we speak to the chef?”


“Of course!” The server beamed at them, “I’ll see if he’s available.”


Somkit turned his attention back to the omelette, not seriously thinking that in a restaurant like this, the chef would take the time out to-


“- Good afternoon, I hear you’re enjoying everything here today?”


Somkrit looked up… and froze.


The young man standing by their table froze as well, before covering it up with a soft smile. “Is the omelette to your liking sir?”


“It’s… perfect. Thank you.”


The younger man waiied politely, eyes suspiciously wet.


Somkrit put it down to the lighting.


“I’m happy that you are happy.” The chef stated, and somewhere there was a weight to the words.


A weight to the words, and yet… Somkrit walked away feeling lighter than he had in years.

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Prompt Katie_Emm: It can be used for any fandom or pairing really but I’d love a Theory of Love, Khai/Third and 2moons, Kit/Ming versions. One of the boys find themselves becoming a Cat Dad to a Mommy and kittens being all cute and protective over them. Its also the last one you expected to go mushy over kitties.

Khai/Third first



The meowing was the first indication that something wasn’t right.


Third frowned, placing the bag of groceries on the kitchen counter, “Khai?”


Silence… aside from little chirps which also sounded suspiciously like meowing.


“Khai… what is that noise?”




How could Third believe him when he used that tone of voice?


Entering the living room, Third froze in place. “Khai…” His eyes were on the sofa, “… why is there a cat... and kittens in our flat?”


The mother cat was on Khai’s lap, as he softly stroked her fur, a guilty look on his face… a guilty look which practically turned into a silent coo when one of the kittens stumbled over and licked at his hand.


“Khai!” Third snapped, startling the mother cat and her kittens. The mother cat jumped off of Khai’s lap and raced into the kitchen, the kittens scattering in all directions. When one raced under the sofa, Third groaned.


Who knows what’s under there?


“You scared them!” Khai pouted.


“THEY shouldn’t even be in here!” Third threw his hands into the air in exasperation, “Where did they even come from? Did you steal them or- “He stopped, “- Please tell me you didn’t just bring them in from the alleyway, Khai, think of the germs!”


“She needed rescuing!”


“From what?!” Third heard rustling in the kitchen, followed by the mother cat running past him with the meat that he had intended to cook for tea, “She clearly knows how to take care of herself! THIEF!”


“She had to feed herself and the poor babies!”


“We need to eat as well!” Third then felt tugging on his pants leg, prompting him to glance down, spotting one of the kittens slowly climbing up him. It made it to his waist, before he rolled his eyes and plucked it off, holding it up near his face, “Do you hear me? You’re a little thief.”


The kitten just purred.


“No. You are not cute.”


The purring continued, as a smug smile appeared on Khai’s face.


“That’s Chicken Leg.”


“… Pardon?”


“He’s all white, except for one tan leg, what was I meant to call him?”


Third felt older all of a sudden.


“Do you want to know what the rest are called?” Khai didn’t wait for an answer, point to a mostly tan one, “That’s Tuna.” To a fully white one, “Pork belly because he’s a bit chunkier than his siblings.” And then to a mottled one, “And that is Stir Fry.”


“… And the mother?”




There was a distant reply, almost as if the cat was responding to the name.


“Khai…” Third sighed, “… I’m not good with animals.”


Khai was pouting now.


“… Once the kittens are old enough to be re-homed, then we will and then Milkshake is getting spaded, agreed?”


Khai shot to his feet, wrapping Third in his arms, lifting him up and spinning him around, Chicken Leg and all.


“Love you! Love you! Love you!”




The morning after, Third woke up draped across Khai’s chest, frowning at the odd pressure on his back.




“Don’t move!”


Third froze, feeling the vibrations now. He then glanced around the bed, to see the kittens spread out.


“Khai… tell me Milkshake’s not on my back, and that’s why you won’t let me get up?”






“Awww, you scared the kittens again!”

Chapter Text

Prompt from Mari2986: BTW, could you write a Happy Ending AU for MODC where Yu Xi Gu had the accident but survived and the premise is him and Haoting adopting their first kid??? They just give me such dad energy!!!)



Hao Ting had had multiple reasons to cry in his life.


His sister stealing his toys when they were children.


His parents not accepting his relationship with Xi Gu.


The moment where he thought he’d lost Xi Gu forever thanks to a tragic case of bad luck.


And now he was here, sitting on the cold hard floor, crying over paint swatches.


It had been almost three years since the accident, and when everyone was sure that Xi Gu would survive his horrendous injuries, Hao Ting proposed.


He wasn’t giving the universe another chance to try and screw them over.


They were married on a perfect autumn evening, when the stars could just be seen in the sky.


Well… Xi Gu’s parents had to be involved as well, right?


And now, almost three years later, they were going to be parents. In a little over two weeks, he would be a Father.


Adoption had been Xi Gu’s idea. Hao Ting had been a little apprehensive, thinking that it was too soon, only for his mother to remind him that she had him not long after her and his Father got married.


They’d only been waiting two months before this call came in.


Xi Gu had rushed into the kitchen, where Hao Ting was cooking (having gotten into it when Xi Gu was in the hospital, hoping to bribe him to wake up with good food), his phone on speaker as they both got the news.


There was a baby due in two weeks, and his mother was giving him to the system.


Apparently, Xi Gu and Hao Ting were a perfect match.


Which led him to where he was now… crying over paint swatches in what would soon become the nursery.


He wasn’t crying because he was upset though, quite the opposite… he was just worried. What if the baby hated the colour? What if it looked weird? What if the baby preferred Xi Gu over him? What if he just wasn’t going to be a good dad?


What if he couldn’t handle all this?


“Hao Ting?”


Startled at the voice, Hao Ting rushed to wipe his eyes, only for Xi Gu to take his hand.


“Hao Ting, what’s wrong?”


“… What if I choose the wrong colour?!”


“I… don’t think they’ll mind.”


“They might!”


Xi Gu’s smile was soft and understanding, wrapping his arms around Hao Ting and pressing a kiss to his cheek.


“Let’s choose together.”




“Well, I think the baby likes it.”


They’d eventually chosen the right shade (simply known as brilliant blue). On the ceiling, were dozens of glows in the dark stars, carefully stuck on by Xi Gu.


And in the cot, was their new-born son.


Hao Ting sighed happily as they watched their son snuffling in his sleep. He was married to the person he loved, living in a perfect home with a child of their own.


This was a new beginning for them.


“So… you know you can buy a space themed cot mobile right?”




“You’ve already bought one, haven’t you.”


“Of course!”

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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Prompt Katie_Emm: It can be used for any fandom or pairing really but I’d love a Theory of Love, Khai/Third and 2moons, Kit/Ming versions. One of the boys find themselves becoming a Cat Dad to a Mommy and kittens being all cute and protective over them. Its also the last one you expected to go mushy over kitties.




The cat didn’t like Ming.


Not a surprise really.


Not that the cat would ever pass up an opportunity to sit on his lap, digging his claws in warning, just in case Ming ever thought about trying to pet him.


In the corner of the room, her kitten’s were watching with the same amount of judgement.


When Ming moved in with Kit, he could never have expected his boyfriend to be a cat dad to a mum and five kittens.


The mother cat was Luna.


The kittens were Mars, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn and Pluto.


And Kit adored them.


There was a clicking sound, indicating Kit’s imminent arrival. Ming yelped as Luna pushed herself off his lap (with a little claw help) and the kittens all rushed to the door, tiny mewls breaking free.


“Hello!” Kit beamed at the small crowd that had gathered by his feet, “And how have you all been today?”


Ming knew better than to think his boyfriend was including him in this.


Once the cat greetings were over, Kit turned to Ming. He looked a little tired, but mostly alright, hanging his scarf up for the kittens to pounce at and play with. Taking a seat by Ming, he moved until he was lying on his back, head on Ming’s lap.


Almost instantly, Luna and the kittens were clambering onto the sofa, all them fighting for the best spot on Kit’s chest. Kit immediately tried to cradle them as best he could, rubbing behind their ears, practically purring himself.


It was the cutest thing ever.


“I’ll go and make you a cup of coffee, if you want?” Ming gently spoke up, not willing to disturb them, but knowing that Kit liked having coffee when he got back.


“Hmmm, thank you.” Kit muttered, pulling Saturn closer and kissing his little head multiple times.


More than what Ming got, certainly.


As he made his way into the kitchen, Ming couldn’t help but wonder why the cats got all the kisses and not him? He’s the one who makes the coffee, not the cats.


“That was a big sigh.”


Ming turned to the doorway, to see Kit standing there, a fond smile on his face. A smile that made Ming’s heart beat faster.


“I- “


Ignoring the cats winding around his ankles, Kit moved forwards, grabbing Ming’s collar and pulling him into a kiss.


Luna ensuring meow of jealousy could have broken sound records, prompting Kit to pull away and coo at her.


That cat really didn’t like him.

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Prompt from thatawkwardcreature: SaifahZon pls!! how about Saifah and Zon dating and then suddenly Saifah starts being seen around with Faii and lying to Zon about it, and Zon one day finds them in a compromising position?



Zon lay in bed.


12 months. It had been almost 12 months since he and Saifah got together and started officially dating.


In fact, it was 12 months today.


Pulling out his phone, he quickly checked the time, sighing at the realisation that the facetime call that he and Saifah planned… was meant to have happened four hours ago.


He tried calling Saifah, only for it to go to voicemail every single time.


And he’d had no call from Saifah. Not even an apology text.


Sighing, he tapped the contact again. After a few rings, the call connected.


“Ai’Zon.” Saifah sounded like he was whispering but judging by the loud music coming from behind him, it was possible that he was shouting at the top of his lungs.


A club.


Why was Saifah at a club?


“Ai’Zon?” Saifah spoke up again, his voice louder and clearer this time, as he went out to hear better.


“Ummm, I was just- we were meant to have a face-time chat and- “


“- Oh, sorry!” Saifah did sound apologetic, “Tutor wanted us to go out, bad test, you know how it is, so we went to cheer him up.”


“Oh… yeah, that makes sense.”


“We’ll go tomorrow for something to eat.” Saifah promised, “Get some sleep, okay?” His soft was soft, and Zon had no reason to feel suspicious.


At least, until he heard a familiar voice calling out for Saifah, seconds before he hung up.


Why was Fai there as well?




They didn’t go out to eat.


In fact, Saifah and Zon barely saw each other, and Zon was starting grow anxious about it. Yes, he trusted his boyfriend, but all the absences, cancelled dates and Fai’s voice in the background of that call…. It was suspicious.


So, he kept his eyes out.


Saifah when they did spend time together, was always on his phone, looking guilty whenever Zon asked what he was doing.


Both Japan and Tanthai had seen Saifah meeting with a girl when he came out of class, although they couldn’t tell him whether it was Fai though.


“Zon, please don’t overthink this.” Tutor sighed one lunchtime, when Zon ranted and raved about Saifah not joining them AGAIN! “We’ve got exams and tests, he’s probably just busy studying!”


“He can do that at my house!”


Tutor rolled his eyes and gave up.




Zon knew he shouldn’t be following Saifah… that it showed a lack of trust in his boyfriend, but he really felt like he had no other choice.


It was Fai he was meeting.


Why would he be meeting with Fai?


And why, at this moment, would he be following her into her dorm room…. When he’d sent a text to Zon saying that he was going home to get some much-needed sleep before a test tomorrow.


His thoughts were in a mess as he slowly moved closer to the now closed door, heart pounding in his chest. He knew he was seconds away from crying but refused to let them fall.


Saifah was going to get a piece of his mind for cheating on him, then he would go home and cry.


As he pushed against the door, he was surprised to find it opening easily. And there…. On the bed was his boyfriend, Fai sitting on top of him.


Saifah’s eyes were wide in shock as they turned to the doorway.


“Z-Zon!” He stammered, “It- It’s not what it looks like.” He pushed Fai off, as she rolled onto her bed with a pout.


“Yeah.” Zon was surprised at how calm he sounded, “What does it look like?”


“I-I- “


The stuttering only confirmed Zon’s suspicions.


“So, you were still seeing her… behind my back?!” The tears were starting to fall now, “Was this entire year just a joke?!”


Saifah was on his feet in an instant, reaching out for Zon who flinched away from him.


“You cheated on me!” Zon hissed, “Tell me the truth!”


“What?! I would never cheat on you!” Saifah protested, pulling Zon into a hug, ignoring his struggles, “Yes, I admit to keeping things a secret, but I’m not cheating on you! Don’t you trust me?!”


“Let me go!”


“Not until you calm down and hear me out!” Saifah shuffled forwards, until they were back out in the hallway, the door shutting behind them as a modicum of privacy.


When the snuffling and crying stopped, Saifah tried again.


“I’m sorry.” He whispered, “Fai was helping me with an anniversary surprise for you. I should have cut it off when she kept making excuses to drag it on past our anniversary, but I really thought she was trying to help.”


“You-You lied to me!”


“Because I knew how you felt about her! I didn’t want to worry you!” Saifah winced, “Turns out, I ended up doing that anyway.”


“S-so, today- “


“- She said we could finish tonight, and I could give you the surprise tomorrow, but that it was in her dorm room and she needed help… and then she pushed me onto the bed and- “


And then Zon entered.


“I’m sorry for making you feel like I was cheating, but I swear, I would never do anything with Fai, not when I have you! I would never do anything to hurt you!”


“Saifah- “


“- Can we…. Can we have a late anniversary dinner?” Saifah pleaded, “Just the two of us?”


“… Alright. But you owe me big!”


“I know.” Saifah looked so relieved, “I love you.”


“I love you too.”

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Prompt Krati: could you please do one petekao. I love them

I wasn’t told anything specific, so here is some short fluff.



It was a normal day in autumn. The breeze outside was a little chilly, pulling the last of the leaves off the trees, and scattering the ones on the ground.


Kao was wrapped up in his coat, gloves on his hands, a scarf around his neck and Pete’s hat on his head, staring at Pete, who was lying prostate on the sofa.


With the chilly weather, came the flu and colds.


Pete had been battling a fever for over two nights now, coughing until he felt like his chest was hollow, having coughed up his lungs, limbs heavy as they moved. The sofa was his new home now, unable to even make it to the bed.


“How do you look even worse?” Kao eventually broke the silence, mumbling through the scarf as he placed the pharmacy bag on the ground and started to unwrap.


“I’m dying.”


“No, you’re not.”


“Dying I tell you!”


“Stop being so dramatic.” Kao picked up the bag again, giving it a little shake, “This should help.”


Pete watched as Kao headed into the kitchen, hearing the clanking of medicine bottles being placed on the kitchen table.


“Alright.” Kao came back into the room, “One spoonful of this should help with the cough, and I got some fever reducers as well.”


“I love you.”


“Yeah, yeah, love you too.” Kao muttered, “Snotty nose and all.”


Pete accepted the medicine with no fuss, settling back down as Kao went to go put a movie in.


“How does Disney sound?” He asked, popping the DVD in, the screen lighting up, “Disney is the best cure when you’re feeling terrible.”




“Of course!”


As the film started to play, Kao got to his feet and took a seat on the opposite end of the sofa.


“Kao.” Pete slowly pushed himself up, making sure the blankets wouldn’t fall on the floor, “I love you.” He stated again, in the sappiest way he could, leaning over to try and hug his boyfriend.


The key word being tried.


Kao dodged his attempts at affection, pushing him away as gently as he could. “Gross!” He groaned, “Just watch the film!”


Pete pouted at how difficult Kao was being about the entire thing. He just wanted a hug… one little hug!


He tried again.


“Stop it!” There was a soft smile on Kao’s face, indicating that he wasn’t too angry with Pete, “I don’t want your germs, get away from me!”


Pete was already practically on top of him.


“You’re supposed to be resting!”


“I am… on top of you!”


Kao’s glare was weak, and full of affection, definitely not the stern look he was going for. Gently, he pushed Pete back up and to the other side, tucking the blanket in around him, before kissing Pete softly on the forehead.


“I’ll go and get you something to eat.” He whispered.


“Soup? Your chicken soup?”


“Whatever you want.”


As if Kao would make anything else when someone he loved was sick.


The soup took a little over half an hour to make, but soon they were snuggled back under the blanket together, identical bowls on their laps.


Warm, comfortable and safe despite feeling ill, Pete drifted off to the sounds of the muses singing, Kao humming along beside him.

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Prompt from peachylittlepanda: 1: champno oneshot (Tharntype/LBC universe) where champ finds out what kengkla did to techno and he gets protective of techno and goes and makes kengkla admit to wrongfully assaulting techno. Maybe after that champ is even more protective of techno and he ends up confessing his love to techno and they maybe start dating? P.S. I'd love it even more if you added a scene where kla finds out that champ and no are dating and they rub it in his face as payback for the assault and manipulation if possible



“So, you just left him on the floor?” Champ cackled at the thought, heading up Techno’s driveway, “All for a booty call?”


//It wasn’t a booty call! \\ Type snapped, “//Tharn just… needed me. \\


Champ sniggered, “Yeah, for a- “


//- Just check on Techno! Make sure that he’s okay. \\


“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” Using the spare key that all of them had for each other’s homes or dorm rooms, Champ wandered into the home, sighing in relief when he didn’t find Techno just lying there.


At least he had the coordination to make his way up to his room.


“Ai’No?” He called out, “Ai’No, are you alive?”




Champ rolled his eyes, heading up the stairs until he was at Techno’s room, knocking on the door, “Ai’No?”


Someone moved in the room, prompting Champ to slowly open the door, hand over his eyes, “Scream if you’re not decent.”




Well, at least, he thought it was silent, until he heard what sounded like sobbing.


“Ai’No?” Lowering his hand, he frowned at the sight of his friend on his bed, arms wrapped around himself, shaking madly, “Ai’No, what’s wrong?”


Techno almost looked confused. His hair was a mess, and he was shirtless…. It was warm in here, so Champ was convinced that he wasn’t shaking because of the cold.


“I-I think I did something terrible.” Techno eventually whispered


“Terrible? You?” Champ shook his head, “Not possible.”


“N’Kla, he said- he said I- “ Techno’s eyes filled with tears, “- He said I took advantage of him! That I- that I- “ He couldn’t even finish the sentence, before he was burying his face in his hands, the loud sobs breaking free once again.


Took advantage? Champ pondered over the words for a moment, moving to sit on the edge of the bed, “Ai’No…. deep breaths. What happened when you woke up?”


“I-I was hurting and N’Kla was in the same bed and- and he said that I took advantage of him and that I should make up for it by being his boyfriend and- “


“- Woah, woah.” Champ rushed to stop him, “When you say that YOU hurt… where?”


Techno flushed, making a vague gesture towards his arse.


Champ saw red. “Ai’No…” He fought to keep his voice calm, “… You didn’t take advantage of him. He took advantage of you.”


“B-but I’m older and- “


“- And you were drunk. He knew this and he still- “ Champ made a gesture, sensing that Techno was starting to get overwhelmed at the new information.


“So… so he- “


“- He’s never going to get close to you again.” Champ promised, “You are not boyfriends, and at this point, you’re not even friends!”


And then they heard the front door opening again, footsteps rushing up the stairs.


“I suppose it’s too much to hope that that’s Ai’Type?” Champ whispered, before the door flung open to reveal a younger teen staring in shock at them.


“Who are you?!” The teen asked Champ rudely.


“Ai’Champ… Techno’s best friend.” Champ narrowed his eyes at the kid, “You must be N’Kla. Ai’No and I were just talking about you.”


“Y-Yeah, I’m Kengkla, P’Champ.” Kengkla waiied politely, “Ai’No’s boyfri- “


“- No, you’re not.” Champ got to his feet, taking no small amount of pleasure at how Kengkla took a step back, “You’re the person who took advantage of him when he was drunk… who raped him.”


“I-It wasn’t rape! He wanted- “


“- He was too drunk to consent to anything!” Behind him, Champ could hear Techno’s breathing getting shaky again, prompting him to storm over to the teen, grab his arm and pull him out of the room, shutting the door behind him.


He didn’t want Kengkla to look at Techno anymore.


“I-I- “


“- I hate people like you.” Champ snapped, “Spoiled kids who think that they can just go through life, getting whatever, they want, no matter who it hurts.”


“You don’t under- “


“- I understand perfectly!” Champ interrupted again, “Now get out of here, and don’t you dare come near AI’No again! If you ever attempt to contact him again, or even so much as look in his direction, I’ll ruin your life, understood?”


Kengkla nodded, face pale as he rushed towards the front door.


Satisfied that Kengkla wouldn’t be back anytime soon, Champ headed back into the other room, only to see a huddle of duvet and blankets, that almost seemed to be quivering.


“Are you hurt?” Champ asked, a wave of dread rushing over him. Would Kengkla even have bothered about proper preparation, or anything like that? “Should I call an ambulance?!”


“No, I-I think- “The covers moved slightly, as Champ realised that Techno was actually checking himself, “- I think I’m just sore. Really, really sore.”


Champ mentally promised, that that next time he saw that kid, he was going to rip his dick off.


“Ai’Champ…” Techno slowly peeked his head out from the covers, “… stay with me? P-please?”


As if Champ could ever say no to that.


“I won’t leave you.” He whispered, watching as Techno succumbed to emotional exhaustion, falling asleep within minutes. Once he was sure that his friend was asleep, Champ pulled out his phone to text Type and Tharn.


Kengkla was definitely not getting away with this.




Type and Tharn did not go easy on Kengkla.


The younger boy was permitted to finish school, but no university in the city, or many other cities would take him in.


He would have to go further afield if he wanted a proper education.


Not that Champ or Techno really cared about that… not when they were celebrating their six month anniversary.


“Let me treat you for once.” Champ gently scolded his boyfriend, “I know how much you spend on Can and Good.”


“I can’t help it!”


Neither of them noticed the figure who had just entered the restaurant. The one who froze at the sight of them, a look of anger flashing across his face, before it was replaced with a look of regret.


Kengkla turned and walked away.

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Prompt from MEEN: Ghost Ships! Ming/Yo



“Do you think P’Forth will like something like this?” Yo held up the quirky t-shirt, “For his birthday?”


Ming shrugged. He’d never really seen his senior wearing anything casual like a t-shirt before, but it looked like something Forth would wear.


“Ming!” Yo pouted, “You’re supposed to be helping me!”


“I’m trying! But I don’t know what P’Forth would want for his birthday!”


“You’re his junior! You’re supposed to know things like that!”


As they bickered good-naturedly, an older woman paused in the middle of her own shopping, giving them a soft smile. When they paused in their mini argument, Yo heading to another aisle to grab another t-shirt he thought Forth would like, she spoke up.


“How long have you two been together?”


Ming winced, “W-we’re not?”


“Well… you should be. You look great together.”


Ming knew he was turning red, stammering out his thanks, before rushing to find Yo.


It had been one week since Yo and Pha broke up.




“I’ve missed our movie nights” Yo snuggled closer to Ming as the opening credits for Howl’s Moving Castle appeared on the screen, not seeming to notice how his best friend tensed up slightly, “P’Pha never wanted to watch things like this.”


“What?” Ming frowned, “This is a cinematic masterpiece!”


“I know!” Yo placed a hand on his chest in mock shock, “You see, this is why you and I are forever!”


“Y-Yeah. Forever!”


One month since the break-up.






Ming should have seen this coming.


It wasn’t as though they cut the Doctor gang completely out of their lives. Ming was still Forth’s junior, and where Forth was, Beam could usually be found as well.


Along with Kit and Pha.


“He’s moved on!” Yo was practically sobbing as he stared down at the phone in his hands. On the screen, was a photo of Pha with his arm around another medical student (thankfully not Pring).


“Maybe they’re just friends?”


Yo’s sobs got louder.


It had been a little over six months since he and Pha broke up, and honestly, Ming was sure that was an acceptable time period before you were allowed to date again.


Taking a deep breath, he decided to seize his moment.


Gently, he pulled Yo closer, placing his hands on the shorter man’s cheeks, using his thumbs to wipe the tears away.


Yo looked right into his eyes, almost as though he was searching for something behind there. Whatever he was looking for, he must have found, as he was suddenly lunging forwards, pinning Ming to the sofa and pressing his lips to Ming’s.


Ming froze for a second, going through a mini overload, before melting into the kiss.


Years seemed to pass before they finally pulled apart.


“I’ve wanted to do that for years.” Ming confessed, voice barely above a whisper.




Ming nodded, “Since the second year of high school.”


“But you never- “


“- You were hung up on P’Pha… I didn’t want to get in the way.”


“And so, you dated everyone and anyone?”


Ming winced, “Well… I hoped that I might… get over you one day.”


“So… since high school?” When Ming nodded, Yo smirked, “Then you’ve got a lot of catching up to do.”


“I- what?”


The smirk only deepened as Yo pulled him towards the bed.


“O-Oh! That kind of catching up!”

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Prompt from Anonymous: You did a Ming and Yo giving a shovel talk, could we see the Doctor Gang doing the same?? Thank you!! I love your writing ☺️💐✨



“Why are we shopping for something that P’Kit and P’Beam might like?”


Yo ignored him, still searching.




“I just… think it would be nice to get them something!” There was no way he could tell Pha that the other two older students had given him the ‘shovel talk’, acting like he was going to break P’Pha’s heart.


He just wanted them to like him.


“You know…” Pha’s voice was gentle, “… It’s not like they hate you.”


Yo winced.


“Yo… why do you think they hate you?”


“They just…. Glare at me all the time! Like they think I’m seconds away from breaking your heart!”


“They haven’t given you the shovel talk have they?”


“No, but they keep giving me the shovel ‘glare’!”


Pha looked concerned for a split second, before he slapped his hand over his mouth, muffling his laughter.




“Sorry, sorry, sorry!” Pha reached out and took Yo’s hand, pulling him closer, “They’re all bark and no bite though.”


“P’Beam, maybe, but P’Kit definitely has the teeth for it!”


“Then… I guess you’d better not break my heart.”


“I wasn’t planning on it.”


“Good… me neither.”


Especially not after Ming’s own ‘shovel talk’.


Yo seemed satisfied with the answer, leaning up to kiss Pha, trying to make it a lot more passionate than was strictly appropriate.


Needless to say, bribery gifts were soon forgotten for the moment.




“He’s done what?”


Pha rolled his eyes at his friend, “He’s bought you both gifts, because he believes that you both hate him.”


“Hate him?”


Pha looked them both in the eyes, “Yes… hate him. He says you’ve both been giving him the ‘shovel glare’?”


They both seemed to know what he was talking about, judging by the guilty looks they gave each other.


“Stop it.” Pha ordered them both, “I love Yo and he loves me. That’s the end of it, okay?”


“…Okay.” “Okay.”


“And you’re going to apologise to poor Yo.”


“Fine.” “Fine.”




Ming hadn’t really ever been alone with just P’Pha and P’Beam, especially not after he and P’Kit started dating.


Possibly a good thing really, now that he was faced with the pair as he left his last class for the day.


“So, N’Ming…”


The blood froze in Ming’s veins at the low tone in P’Pha’s voice, and how it almost seemed to drip with menace.… and the dangerous smirk on his face.


Oh yes… this was revenge.


This was how he was going to die.


“… You and Kit have gotten pretty close recently.”


“Y-Yeah?” Ming realised he was being led away from the classroom… and therefore away from any witnesses.


“Kit’s never really had a steady girlfriend or boyfriend before… whereas you’ve had quite a few.”


“N-Not that many really!”


“That’s not what Yo says.”


Ming cursed mentally, vowing his revenge on his best friend, “I love P’Kit, I’m not going to- “


“- Really? You’ve only just started going out!”


“I’ve loved him for years!” Trying not to cower, Ming straightened up as best he could, “I-I love him, and I would never hurt him!”


“Well, we’re glad to hear that- ” It seemed like Pha was wavering slightly, only for Beam to roll his eyes and stand strong.


“- But he’s our best friend, and if you hurt him, or break his heart, then we will snap every bone in your body, and trust me, we know where they all are.”


“P’Beam, I- “


“- And then we’ll put you where they’ll never find you.”


Ming stopped breathing, in fact, he was a little afraid he might have peed himself slightly. This was the most scared he had ever been in his life.


He thought Beam was the nice one?!


He nodded frantically, hoping to convey his understanding.


“Good. Glad you- “


“- What are you all doing?”


All three of them flinched at P’Kit’s voice, spinning around as the shorter male headed straight for them.


He gave his friends a suspicious look, before turning to Ming and grabbing his wrist. “Come on. It’s you turn to treat me to something to eat.”


Pha and Beam let them go.


The message had been received loud and clear…they were sure about that.

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Prompt from peachylittlepanda: champblue oneshot (Why RU universe) where champ starts to get closer to blue after he saves blue from dew during the locker room scene.



Champ had never been interested in anyone at this uni, more focused on football and his studies.


And then Blue came.


At first, Champ had seen him as just another first year. Cute but slightly naïve. And then Dew had started to pay more attention to the first year as well, but not in a nice way.


Pulling Blue out of the shower as Dew pinned him against the wall was the straw that broke the camel’s back.


It was like the floodgates had opened up.


Champ couldn’t stop thinking about what it would be like to kiss Blue… hold his hand…. Go on dates.


Which led him to where he was now. Idly kicking a ball back and forth between his two feet as the pitch spotlights came on. It was late, which is why he was startled by the new voice on the pitch.


“P’Champ?” Blue moved a little closer, dressed in his uniform with a coat over the top, “What are you doing out here so late?”


“I was just… thinking.”


Blue tilted his head to the side, and it took all of Champ’s will not to coo at the sight.


“You look… tense.”


Champ scoffed, “I’m not tense, I’m fine, okay?”


Even before he finished the sentence, he knew that he didn’t sound fine. Therefore, it was no surprise when Blue spoke up again.


“You- you know you can talk to me about anything? Right, P’Champ?”


“… Yeah, I know.”


“Then why don’t you?”


Champ sighed, pausing in his repetitive movements, “I don’t- there are just some things that I need to figure out on my own. That I can’t really talk to anyone about.”


“What kind of things?”


Damn that first year curiosity.


“Just… private things, okay?”


Blue seemed to take the hint, but continued to watch him silently from the side-lines, shivering slightly in the cold.


He just looked so… vulnerable. Like he needed someone to take care of him.


Champ summoned up all the courage he had.


“I think… I might like you N’Blue, and not just as a friend or a team-mate. I mean, that I might be falling for you and it’s been taking some time to come to terms with that.”


He didn’t mention that he was dealing with it better than Dew was.


Blue stared at him, clearly surprised by the sudden outburst, taking a moment to process what was just said to him.


Champ was seconds away from taking it all back and making a hasty retreat, when Blue stepped forwards, closing the gap between them. He couldn’t even be sure that this was even happening until he felt Blue take his hands, go up on his tiptoes and press his lips to Champ’s


“I like you too P’Champ.”

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Prompt from MEEN – Forth/Phana



When the new year started and it became painfully obvious that Wayo wasn’t coming to this university, Pha threw himself into helping out the school clinic, needing to take his mind off of losing the love of his life.


It was there, that he met Forth.


The trouble-seeking Engineering student.


The one who flirted relentlessly.


One Wednesday evening, Pha heard the clinic doors open. He didn’t even have to turn around to know who it was.


“Good evening Doc!” Forth beamed at him, waving at him as Pha placed a box of expensive medical on the table in front of him. As the Engineering student moved further into the room, Pha noticed the limp, and upon closer examination, he noticed the ripped pants and the graze on Forth’s knee.


Nothing serious, thankfully.


Especially compared to some of Forth’s other injuries.


Pha gestured for him to sit on the bed, moving to the cupboard to fetch what he needed. Clean towels, sterile adhesive dressings etc. He washed his hands, before heading back, kneeling in front of Forth, who had already rolled up his pant leg, and washing the dirt from the wound.


“How do you even keep getting injured like this?” He eventually broke the silence, “The human body can only take so much you know.”


Deeming the wound clean, he then went to open the dressing, frowning at how the packaging refused to split. He would swear, hand on heart, that medical companies do this on purpose to make future doctor’s lives more stressful.


He could hear Forth trying to muffle his laughter, as he pressed the adhesive bandage down, making sure that it was secure.


“That should do it.” Pha softly announced, pushing himself to his feet, “You come here so often, anyone would think that you were trying to get hurt on purpose!”


It was a joke, and yet a serious look appeared on Forth’s face.


“What if I was? Getting hurt on purpose I mean?”


“Why would you- “ Pha paused, as Forth slowly smiled, one hand moving to cup Pha’s chin briefly, before moving to hold the back of his neck, fingers gently brushing against his cheek as he went. Forth’s other hand moved to Pha’s hip, slowly moving closer.


His touches were gentle, giving Pha enough chance to pull away from them if he wanted.


Pha stayed still, as Forth pressed their lips together, more chaste than Pha ever expected from the other man.


Without pulling apart, Forth managed to turn them, pushing Pha back onto the bed and straddling his lap.


Pha knew it was inappropriate, but he didn’t have the heart to push Forth away. He didn’t even fully register the pillows on the bed had been knocked to the ground, due to Forth’s hand running through his hair, tugging on the strands lightly.


He was going to look like he’d been making out with someone and honestly, Pha couldn’t care less.


When they pulled apart from each other, Forth looked a little flushed himself. “So… do you… want to go on a date sometime?” He asked, uncharacteristically nervous.




“Dinner? Tonight? I’ll pick you up!” Forth leaned in to give him another, much quicker kiss, “Better than always meeting up in here.”


Pha had to agree with that.


Maybe he wouldn’t have to deal with Forth coming in everyday.




Forth came in the day after their date with a sprained ankle and a sheepish smile.


‘Oh well.’ Pha mentally shrugged, helping his boyfriend to the bed, still too happy from their date to be annoyed, ‘This is what I signed up for.’

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Prompt from carriecnh12: Hi, could you do a promt where Good and Tin have some bonding time, wherr they talk about their relationships with Can and Good tells Tin that he understands him, and has his back the way he has Can's?

I…. really struggled with this one, sorry :S



Tin stuck to one end of the bench, as Good sat on the other.


It was awkward.


He’d never really had a full conversation with Can’s best friend before.


Usually, he would be alone on this bench, but Good had twisted his ankle early in practice and had been sent to rest.


Speaking of that….


“You should lie on the bench.” He cautiously spoke up, “Elevate your ankle.”


Good stared at him, before slowly doing as he was told, frowning when Tin shuffled further away. “Don’t… want… to… disturb you.”


Tin shrugged, silence falling between them once again.


“You and Can…” Tin sighed, “… You seem close?”


“We’ve been… friends…. Since… high school.”


“That long?”


“Hmmmm.” Good stared at him, “He’s…. never… had a… boyfriend before.”


“Yeah, I… figured that.”


Good stared at him for a moment, before a slow smile appeared on his face. “You… are… good for him. And… he… is… good… for you.”


“I… think I might love him.” Tin confessed, not believing that he was actually being so open with someone he barely knew.


“I… think… he… loves you… too.” Good pushed himself into seated position, reaching over to pat Tin on the shoulder, “You just… need to… give… him… time.”


“Yeah… time.”


“You… are… good for… him.” Good continued, “And anyone… who… is… good for… Can…. Is… a friend… of… mine.”


Tin glanced over at him, taking in the soft smile on Good’s face and slowly returning it. “Thank you… and if you need- “


“Ai’Good, are you okay?!” Can came rushing over, “Does your ankle hurt badly?!”


“I- “


“- Ai’Tin! I think he needs food to help him heal!” Can pulled out his puppy dog eggs, making Tin roll his own, catching the fond look on Good’s face.


They both loved him, in their own way.


“I think some dinner is in order.” Tin caved, helping Good to his feet, “Support his other side. Let’s get him to my car.”


“Can we get pork?!”


“Why don’t we let Good decide?”


“Pork… is… fine.”

Chapter Text

Prompt from peachylittlepanda: Can you do the same thing for TinCan from LBC? Referring to the Happy Ending from Chapter 58



Can dragged him out to breakfast the day after their ‘break up’.


“I did some thinking.” He said around a mouthful of a sandwich that he’d clearly bought as a pre-breakfast snack, “I think you should meet my mum.”


Tin damn near choked on his own spit, “What? Why? NO!”


“If you want to be boyfriends, then we have to meet each other’s parents!”


Hissing at him to shut up, Tin buried his head in his hands. There was no way he could just bring Can to meet his parents.


Can however, was still chatting along eagerly, “I was thinking about it last night, and I think that I do have feelings for you, but it’s not like Ae and Pete levels yet, so why not see how it goes and- “


“- You said that you didn’t want to be together.” Tin interrupted, feeling both angry and confused, “You just wanted to be friends, and you know what, maybe that’s for the best!” Ignoring Can’s protests, Tin shoved some bills into his hands, “Here, buy yourself something nice!”


He tried to storm away, only for Can to grab his arm.


“You gave me a chance yesterday, and I know I said no, but- “


“- I’m not letting you hurt me!” Tin snapped, “Not again!”


Once again, he tried to pull away, Can’s grip tightening.


“When I was thinking last night…” The words came out fast, almost like Can was trying not to lose his nerve, “… I was thinking about the future, and I couldn’t help but think about sharing a house with you, and how good you were with Gucci, and having a dog of our own and- “ Here, he flushed bright red, “- other things. I just couldn’t get your stupid face out of my head!”


“Oh yeah! That’s helping!”


He found that he was already thinking about what Can said.


Could he really see a future with him?


“I realised that I was just being as stupid as everyone thinks I am!” Can continued, voice growing more and more impassioned, “Of course I like you!”


Arms moving on automatic, he wrapped them around Can, feeling almost soothed by the gesture as Can eagerly returned the hug.


“So… are you willing to give us another chance?” Can whispered into his shoulder, not willing to part, even as people passing, pointed and stared.


“Yes… I think I can manage that.”


Tin didn’t even need to ask before Can was leaning up and pressing their lips together.


And suddenly, everything was right in the world.

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Prompt from MEEN: Ghost Ships – Fighter/Pete



Pete was, needless to say, a bit shocked when his brother dragged him to the engineering department to have lunch with him.


Tutor hated Pete being anywhere near the Engineering Department, citing that it was full of bullies who thought themselves above everyone else.


It was almost like he had completely forgotten HE was an engineering student!


“Right.” Tutor stared at him, gaze almost thoughtful. The intensity of it made Pete shuffle on his seat uncomfortably, forcing himself to take deep breaths in an attempt not to blurt out all his secrets. He and his twin had always had their rough spots, but Pete honestly thought they had been getting better even since they decided to do separate courses.


“R-right what?” He eventually managed to ask, forcing a small smile onto his face.


“How much longer to you plan to keep P’Fight waiting? He keeps coming up to ME to ask how YOU are… put him out of his misery and go out with him. Or don’t, whatever.”


Pete nearly choked on nothing, eyes widening as his brother smirked at him.


What could he say to that?


“Well?” Tutor pressed the matter.


“I-I don’t know what you’re talking about!” The response was fast, and somewhat strangled sounding, Pete’s nerves breaking free as a flush appeared on his face.


And then he spotted P’Fighter joining the lunch queue, a warm smile on his face as he talked to his friend beside him.


There was something about that smile that made butterflies fly around Pete’s gut, making him turn even redder. He quickly snapped his attention back to Tutor, hoping that his twin hadn’t spotted the lack of attention.


Judging by the look on Tutor’s face, he had.


“Either ask him out on a date, or I will do it for you!” Tutor hissed, “I won’t let you miss out on a chance of happiness just because you’re too shy!”


“I-I thought you hated P’Fight?” Pete knew his brother enough to know that Tutor wasn’t joking about asking Fighter out for Pete.


Tutor shrugged, “He makes you happy though. That’s the main thing.”


“I-I’ll talk to him… at s-s-some point! I swear!” His outburst had managed to get the attention of a few people, including Fighter, which didn’t help with Pete’s nerves at all.


Tutor clearly didn’t believe him though, pushing himself to his feet, moving slowly enough to give his brother the chance to stop him.


Pete simply floundered in place for a moment, still panicking, eyes wide as he stared at his brother.


And then Tutor headed over to Fighter.


“No, T-Tutor, wait!”


He was ignored as Tutor continued on his path. “Oi! P’Fighter!”


Fighter turned to him, all ready to argue, only for Tutor to cut in.


“Want to take my brother on a date?”


Pete buried his face in his hands, trying to hide his red cheeks.


Tutor and Fighter talked quietly for a few moments, before Tutor made his way back over.


“Alright, P’Fighter is going to pick you up from your apartment at seven pm tonight, so don’t keep him waiting. Wear something nice, he has the money, so he’ll probably take you somewhere fancy. Don’t worry, I’ve already informed him that he has to treat you right, or I’m going to make his life a living hell.”


Pete was still focused on the first part.


Fighter… said yes?


To a date with him?


Tutor continued to talk but Pete didn’t listen, eyes drifting over to Fighter, who seemed to have a flush on his cheeks as well.


It was… sweet.


Pete looked forwards to seeing more of it.

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Prompt from GeaMitology: Hi! Can You write more Champ Blue Dew? I think they are cute!



Blue’s gasp was followed by a whimper after he was woken up by the booming thunder outside. He stared at the window for a moment, only to hide back under the covers when he saw the flash of lightning through the curtains.


The next BOOM of thunder made him shudder.


Rain and wind he was fine with, but as soon as the thunder and lightning started, he couldn’t help but shake and shiver in fear.


“Blue?” Champ’s voice was tired, “What are you doing?”


“I-I can’t sleep.” Blue whispered back, trying not to wake Dew as well, despite the fact that his other boyfriend slept like a rock, “I think I’m just going to watch a film in the living room, see if that helps.”


“Well, I can get up and- “


“- It’s okay.” Blue quickly interrupted, “You can go back to sleep.”


“Knowing that you’re awake and clearly stressed out?” Champ leaned over and pressed a kiss to Blue’s forehead, “Never.”


Blue couldn’t help but close the gap between them, pressing against Champ’s chest, eyes closing. When the thunder echoed through the room again, he curled further into the other man, knowing that he was quivering slightly.


Champ kissed the top of his head, rubbing his back soothingly. “Stay here.” He whispered, “Dew and I will take care of you.”


“Dew’s asleep and- “


“- He can be a soothing presence.” Champ was already leaning over to wake him up though, shaking Dew’s shoulder. It took him some time to wake up, but when he saw his two boyfriends’ practically standing over him, Blue pressing himself against Champ, he shot up in concern.


“W’at’s wrong?” He slurred; tongue numb from sleep.


Champ just gestured for Dew to move over slightly, which he did, just as another flash of lightning and boom of thunder filled the room, Blue flinching at the noise.


Immediately, Dew understood.


He gestured for Champ to hand Blue over, watching as the older student then climbed in behind the youngest.


Blue relaxed almost instantly, enveloped in warmth and scents that he loved, the tension living his body. It was almost as though there was no storm at all. Champ’s arms were wrapped tightly around him, steady breathing against his neck as Dew’s lips pressed against the corner of his mouth.


He fell asleep a mere few seconds later, knowing that his boyfriends would protect him from the storm until morning came.

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Prompt from MEEN: Ghost ships – Ae/Tutor



Ae couldn’t remember how he and Tutor became friends.


The second-year student had been there from the beginning if he thought back to it. Offering up tutoring lessons (the irony didn’t escape Ae) , helping out the first years whenever he could.


He was closed off, only mentioning a twin once or twice.


He never mentioned anyone or anything else…. Which is probably why Ae was surprised to see a well-known debtor going after the older teen.


Thankfully, the fight was over pretty quickly, and soon Ae was helping Tutor back to his own room, knowing that Pond was out for the evening and that it was closer.


“I don’t think any of your shirts will really fit me N’Ae.” Tutor smirked from his seated position on the bed, “Although the thought is appreciated.”


“I-I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”


Tutor stared at him for a few moments, before an oddly vulnerable look flashed across his face and he starting to remove his shirt.


Darkening bruises seemed to stain every inch of his chest, making Ae hiss in sympathy.


Tutor however, just shrugged, “It’s nothing. I’ve had worse.” His eyes then widening as Ae moved closer, fingers tracing lightly over the bruises.


“What if your ribs are broken?”


“Then they’re broken… not a lot you can do about broken ribs.”


The air felt electric between them, as Ae fought to take a step back.


“I have some ointment for bruises.” He whispered, “It’ll help with the ache.” He rushed into the bathroom, frantically trying to calm his heartbeat down, hoping that he wasn’t bright red in the cheeks.


When he re-entered the room, having grabbed some bandages as well, the sun was setting, the colours making Tutor’s hair look like spun gold.


“S-Sit back.” He forced out, “I’ll put this on.”


“I can do it my- “


“- You have bruises on your back that you would never be able to reach.” Ae stood firm, “Please P’Tutor, just…” He trailed off, clearing his throat as he got started.


Tutor remained silent through the whole process, until Ae started to help him wrap his chest and ribs up. His gaze grew more intense as he reached out, hand cupping the back of Ae’s neck.


“You know… I once thought you might be perfect for my brother.” He sighed, tone softer than Ae had ever heard before, “I think… I can afford to be a little bit selfish this once.”


And then Ae found himself being kissed.


It was gentle at first. Only to grow more heated when Ae moved to push Tutor back down onto the bed. He quickly stopped when Tutor hissed in pain though.


“Shit, sorry!” He pushed himself, “You need rest, and I need to- “


“- Stay.” Tutor gently pleaded, “I know that we need to talk about this, so you might as well… stay?”


“… Alright.”




They talked.


They started to date.


So far, they’d managed to keep it under wraps for over two weeks, Ae spending more time in Tutor’s room than his own (which of course meant that he had to make up all sorts of excuses to keep Pond from prying).


Ae manhandled his senior onto the bed so that Tutor was underneath him, his shirt already halfway off his shoulders as he pulled Tutor’s off over his head.


“Tell me to stop.” Ae whispered, kissing his way down Tutor’s chest.



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Prompt from Katie_Emm: Dew/Blue. Blue/Champ. Dew/Blue/Champ. The morning after Champ see’s the two being really close and hears Blue ask if Dew wants to walk him home again today and he questions his actual feelings for the younger. Maybe he interrupts their convo.



“P’Dew, are you going to walk me home today, again?”


Champ was stunned at the words, pausing when Blue went rushing over to Dew, practically jumping at him.


He was even more stunned when Dew greeted him with a warm smile.


He’d only just come to terms with his growing feelings for Blue, and then this happened. Even with his fists clenched and his jaw tight though, he could see that this new relationship was good for the pair of them.


They were well suited for each other.


Blue’s innate cheerfulness would help to bring Dew’s mood up.


And Dew would be able to protect Blue if anyone else decided that the first year was an easy target.


Yes, they would be good to each other.


All he needed, was a minute to compose himself, and then he could go over to them, smile and laugh and be the friend they needed him to be.




Champ forced the smile onto his face as Blue spotted him, pulling Dew over by his hand.


The sight made his heart clench, but he quickly squashed it down. Even if they did look like the perfect couple.


Something must have crossed across his face, as Blue and Dew stopped in their tracks, glancing at each other with a frown, knowing looks in their eyes.


“We need to talk.” Dew grabbed Champ’s arm, pulling him away from the main pitch.


“B-but, practice!”


“We’re early, they can do laps or something.”


They pulled him over to the shelter, where they stood in silence for a moment.


Dew was the first to speak, taking a deep breath, “Blue and I… we have something we’d like to talk to you about.”


“Okay.” Champ thought he knew what was going to be said. This was them announcing that they were together.


They glanced at each other again, almost as though they were trying courage from each other.


“We want to date you.”


Champ’s eyes widened, mouth gaping open slightly at he stared at them.


“I thought we were going to ask him a little gentler than that?!” Blue hissed, lightly slapping Dew on the arm.


“I panicked!”


They both turned to him, almost expectantly.


“I… didn’t think you were going to say that.” Champ admitted, “I thought you were going to tell me that you’re together.”


“We are.” Blue beamed, “But we were talking last night, and we quickly realised that we both loved you and that we both wanted to date you as well as each other. All three of us dating… at the same time.”


“O-oh?!” He glanced over at Dew, who nodded in agreement.


For a moment, there was silence as they stared at him, clearly waiting for his response.


Champ felt like he’d been frozen in place though. It took him some time to recover, loo