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BL Prompts

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For the last ten minutes or so, Pete had noticed his best friend staring down at his notebook intensely.


Tin wasn’t taking any notes, having not glanced at the board once during this entire lecture.


To be fair, Pete wasn’t taking any notes either, writing Ae’s name in the margins of his notebook, maybe adding a love heart here and there.


He only just resisted writing Pete Intouch in the margins as well.


The point was Pete wanted to know what had Tin so distracted. What was he scribbling?


Maybe it could explain why Tin had been in such a foul mood lately?


Slowly, he moved closer, attempting to see over Tin’s shoulder at what he drawing/writing. Tin spotted him and tried to cover up his notebooks, but not before Pete saw what he was doing, covering his mouth quickly to muffle the squeal of delight.


“Tin, you’re- “


“- Sssh.” Tin hissed, trying to angle his notebook away from Pete’s curious eyes.


It was just some random doodles… everyone doodles a little in class.


And so what if he was writing Cantaloupe’s name…. it didn’t mean anything, and it wasn’t as though there were any hearts or anything.


Not like Pete probably had next to that Thai Programme’s name.


And he definitely wasn’t blushing.


As Pete continued to beam at him, Tin avoided all eye contact with him, focusing on the board instead of the notebook, scribbling down as many notes as he could.


When the class came to an end, and everyone started to leave, Pete grabbed Tin’s wrist.


“You should talk to him.” He whispered, “He’s confused and you know it.”


“He said he didn’t want to be with me, and that’s that.” Tin scowled, “Everyone’s not as lucky as you and that… Ae.”


“…. You still like him though.” Pete gestured at the notebook in Tin’s arms, “That says it all.”


There was nothing Tin could really say to that, glancing down at said notebook.


“I’m going home.” Pete sighed, “Maybe… maybe you should go to the pitch? Can should be at practice.”


“Home… you mean you’re going to his house.” Tin desperately tried to change the subject.


It didn’t work.


“Actually, Ai’Ae’s coming to mine after practice.” Pete raised an eyebrow at him, and Tin had to say for certain, that he wasn’t a fan of Pete’s sudden boldness, “You’ll let me be your best man, right?”


“…. What?”


“You’ll be mine.” Pete pouted, “It’s only fair.”


“Only fa- “Tin cut himself off with a snarl, “- I was writing his name. It doesn’t mean anything!”


“It’s sweet!”


“I don’t- I am not sweet!”


Judging from Pete’s smile, he was inclined to disagree.


Tin made a mental note to bin this notebook as soon as he could.