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Wallow in My Footsteps

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Robbie Rotten adjusted the headband that squeezed his forehead just a little too tight. His palms were sweaty and he couldn't seem to grip the Mind-Me-Matic ray gun tightly enough.

"This is it," Robbie said, his voice cracking. He gave a loud harrumph. "Are you ready?"

Sportacus bounced on his feet and shook his arms out, limber and relaxed. He grinned at Robbie. "Hit me with your best shot."

"Okay," Robbie muttered. He tugged on the headband one more time before raising the ray gun. His aim was shaky as he pointed the device in Sportacus' face. "Here we go."

Robbie squeezed the trigger and the world flashed white.

Sportacus blinked away the spots in his eyes. For a second he could make out Robbie's silhouette through the bright light. When it cleared Sportacus saw himself standing there, looking back at him. The headband clinched in a vice against his temples. He tucked the Mind-Me-Matic ray gun under one arm and used both hands to pull the headband off.

"Remember the deal," Sportacus said with Robbie's voice. "I'll switch us back at the end of the day." The Sportacus in front of him sighed and adjusted his cap.

"If you're sure about this. I won't do anything too bad..." Robbie glared with Sportacus' eyes. "As long as you don't do anything too good."

"It's good to be good, Robbie," Sportacus said with a wink. "If you try it, you might find that you like it."

"It's good to be bad," Robbie said. "Maybe you'll find that out for yourself." When he smirked it made Sportacus' mustache twitch whisker-like on either side of his nose. "Remind me, why was it you didn't want to tell the kids what we're doing?"

"I don't want them getting into trouble, that's all," Sportacus said. "They would want to use your invention too if they knew, and it's hard enough keeping track of two people who've switched places. Don't you think so?"

"It looks like I do," Robbie said. He tapped his chin, still smirking. "But would Sportacus think so? I'm not sure."

"Well, you'll have all day to figure that out." Sportacus turned away, tucking the headband and ray gun in the crook of his arm. "I'll put this somewhere safe until the evening. See you later."

"Somebody's in a hurry," Robbie mumbled, a kernel of anxiety lodging in his throat as he watched his body walk away. He dismissed it with a grunt and spun around on one heel. "Well, who cares what Sporta-copy's got planned for me— I mean, himself."

Robbie took one step in the opposite direction from Sportacus before halting. What did Sportacus have planned for him— for Robbie? It had been Sportacus' idea to use the Mind-Me-Matic today. The energetic elf had been downright enthusiastic. Considering how their first foray inhabiting each others' bodies had been involuntary and disastrous for everyone in town, Robbie still couldn't wrap his head around why Sportacus was so intent on doing it again.

As for why Robbie would agree to such a strange request from Sportacus? He had his reasons, and they were enough to push any lingering reservations out of his mind. Robbie indulged in a deep stretch, flexing the powerful muscles in his arms and back. He cracked his knuckles and grinned.

"Time to get to work."