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Bleed for you aka Soulmate AU nobody expected...

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Derek-friggen-Hale, Captain of the basketball team, hottest guy in school, third highest in class ranking, Derek Hale was his Soul mate. Bound to him through the fates of old, to keep him company through whatever woes befall him on his epic journey through life and to only leave his side upon the arrival of Death. How does Stiles know this you ask? He was hit in the face with a basketball.
He’d been running late to 1st hour when it happened. After waking up late due to his alarm not going off, and rushing to the school ten minutes after he would have normally left his house. He had decided to take a short cut through the gym to get to Harris class when halfway across the gym he was shocked out of his panicked haze by the sound of a shout.
“Look out!” It was Derek Hale Captain of the basketball team yelling at him from the opposite side of the gym, and before Stiles had time to register what was happening a basketball-which he would later find had actually just left Derek’s hands in an attempt to make a basket from the far side of the gym- smashed into his face with the force of a thousand suns and broke his nose.

Okay, maybe it wasn't that hard.

His nose hurt though, so bad in fact that he hadn't heard the approach of the other boy until the hands covering his face were being gently pulled away by a pair of larger, calloused hands.

“Here let me see.” Derek murmured, leaning close to Stiles’ face to inspect for damage. He didn't have to look for long when not even a second after he had pulled Stiles hands from his face his nose started bleeding.
“Oh shit!”
Feeling the blood drip down from his nose, Stiles ripped his wrists from the other boys’ hands and covered his nose. He tried his best to keep the blood from escaping his hands but it was almost impossible, it slipped through the gaps in his fingers like water from a cracked glass and trailed down his hands to drip onto his ratty shirt. He did his best to stem the flow of blood but it only seemed to make it worse. Derek wasn't helping, the way he was staring at Stiles in horrified-shock; hazel eyes wide open revealing streaks of gold, and mouth hanging slightly open revealing the bunny like front teeth the other teen had. The image would have almost been cute if it wasn't for the fact that Stiles was the reason he looked like he’d just watched his cat get run over twelve times.

Saying he was horrified was an understatement, Derek was freaking out. He’s just hit a random kid in the face with a basketball hard enough to make him bleed! And not just a trickle of blood no, it was almost like a waterfall, gushing out and flowing down his face. And it wasn't stopping, no matter how frantically the kid tried to maneuver his hands it kept slipping past and down his face, his whiskey brown eyes wide in shock as he struggled with his hands. It would have been almost adorable but being as the kid was bleeding and it was Derek’s’ fault he didn't figure now was the time to be gawking. Who knew when Coach would come back from taking Greenberg to I.S.D for wearing obscenely bright shoes, where the hell did he think he was the circus and see Derek alone with a bleeding kid. With that thought Derek snapped into action.
After a moment Derek seemed to have shaken himself out of his shock, because he was in a burst of movement stripping off his slightly sweat stained tank top and began pressing it to Stiles face. Before Stiles could process what was happening the other boy was herding him out of the doors he had just ran through to get into the gym, and into the nurses office across the hallway.
With one hand Derek grabbed one of Stiles wrists and moved it to the shirt where he had him apply pressure while he knocked on the door with the other. Almost as soon as his hand had connected to the wood the door opened to reveal Ms. Morrell the school nurse ready with a small bundle of tissues.

“I had a feeling Mr. Stilinski would be seeing me sometime this morning. His father had called to inform the school that due to the sudden drop in temperature his son’s chronic nosebleeds would be acting up. Thank you for bringing him in Mr. Hale, I would have hated for something to have happened to him.” She said turning to usher Stiles in the office, handing him the tissues and gesturing for him to sit on the bed, before turning back to Derek only to find him already almost back into the gym.
Before he slipped back through the door however she called out to him,” do be sure to get something for that nosebleed of your own as well Mr. Hale I would hate for rumors to start flying, wouldn't you?”


This was not Derek’s best morning, it had started off with a wake-up call from Coach Finstock reminding him if he felt like playing varsity this year he would get his lazy ass up and make it to the morning practice, and had ended with him hitting his Soul Mate in the face with the same ball he’s been trying to make a full court shot with for almost half an hour prior. The worst part was that he didn't even know the guys name.