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Keep You (No Tie Affair mix)

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Zhu Yilong turned off the car, pulled out his phone and hit send on the drafted text. He’d been given a name, address, phone number, and the direction “to have a good time for fuck’s sake!” Why the hell did he agree to a blind date? These receptions were bad enough without having to be particularly pleasant for a stranger.

His gaze was drawn back into the plain but well-maintained lobby of the apartment building, a brightly lit stage compared to the gathering dusk surrounding his parked car. It had a single occupant, a man who seemed to define insouciant—hair just a bit too long for fashionable, white shirt sleeves pushed up his arms and long legs stretched out as he sprawled in one of the armchairs. Zhu Yilong didn’t see the harm in a brief fantasy while waiting for his date to emerge from the elevators.

The man picked up the phone resting on the arm of the chair, his handsome face becoming stunning as it animated from its meditative pose. After a couple of taps on the screen, the man looked straight at him and smiled.

Zhu Yilong now understood the idiom about pinching yourself to see if you were awake, as the man—Bai Yu, it seemed—stirred into motion, gathering a jacket from the other chair and walking—sauntering—to the door. Fuck! He needed to get himself together because this was not all in his head. It seemed he had a date with a walking wet dream. At least he kept enough wits about him to unlock the car door before Bai Yu reached for the latch.

“Zhu Yilong,” Bai Yu said, halfway between a question and a greeting, as he leaned into the car. A lock of hair fell over his forehead, just begging Zhu Yilong to reach out and brush it with his fingertips.

Zhu Yilong momentarily tightened his grip on the steering wheel and nodded in reply. “Bai Yu,” he said, as his date—his date!—settled into the passenger seat. “I hope I didn’t keep you waiting long.”

“Not at all. I’m less likely to pace if I wait in the lobby.”

That small acknowledgment of nerves accompanied by the gorgeous smile was devastatingly charming. Zhu Yilong had a feeling that this evening was going to be torture for other reasons now. How was he going to manage to make professional small talk with people he could barely stand to email when he had this fascinating man right there?

He started the car. “I’m sorry to be dragging you to a business reception. We don’t need to stay long, I just need to make an appearance.”

“I don’t mind, I’m good at small talk,” Bai Yu said with a wink as Zhu Yilong glanced over. “Use me as an excuse. Use me as a distraction.” There was a pause as Zhu Yilong pulled into traffic, but as he hit the red light at the first intersection, Bai Yu continued, “Use me as you like.”

The last was said in a softer, lower tone, the implication crystal clear. Zhu Yilong took a breath before looking over and the look he got back could only be described as smouldering. Attraction didn’t usually hit him this fast, and that it seemed to be mutual was very heady. Thankfully, Bai Yu didn’t illustrate his gift for small talk as they made their way to the hotel. He had enough to distract him from the traffic without having to try to carry on a conversation. The trip was relatively short and as he pulled into the hotel drive, Bai Yu adjusted his sleeves.

“I didn’t bring a tie,” Bai Yu said, possibly an apology but with an edge of defiance. Zhu Yilong’s gaze lingered on the shallow dip visible in the open collar.

“Good,” he said, giving Bai Yu a small smile. He got the flash of a bright grin in response and they both got out of the car.

Zhu Yilong handed off his keys to the valet and turned in time to see Bai Yu sliding into the jacket. The dark blue suit fit him well, yet Zhu Yilong couldn’t help feeling a hint of mockery in it. The classic uniform of the business world subtly subverted with Bai Yu’s haircut and facial hair and the lack of tie and…god, even the knowing smirk had the wrong type of arrogance. Not to mention the look in his eyes, which was certainly not the low-grade avarice that infused most of Zhu Yilong’s interactions, including most of his social ones.

Amusement reached Bai Yu’s eyes just as Zhu Yilong caught himself staring. He quickly dropped his gaze with a rueful smile, then ushered them into the hotel lobby. There were a number of events going on, creating different currents of suits and stilettos. He put a hand on Bai Yu’s back, just a light touch to steer him toward the correct room, but instead of moving forward Bai Yu hesitated, and Zhu Yilong’s palm created a solid connection at the curve of Bai Yu’s spine. He felt Bai Yu’s deep breath before quickly pulling his hand away. “We’re over here,” he said instead.

He glanced over to see Bai Yu watching him assessingly, then Bai Yu smiled, nodding. “Yes. I think some champagne would do us some good,” he said. By the time they’d reached the ballroom, those long legs had let Bai Yu take the lead so he was the one to reach for the sparkling flutes first.

Keeping a half-full glass in his hand was one of Zhu Yilong’s standard techniques to survive events like this, but he didn’t usually drink any of the wine. Bai Yu’s silent toast seemed to be as irresistible as the rest of him, and Zhu Yilong found himself returning the smile in Bai Yu’s eyes as the glasses chimed softly. Bai Yu held his gaze as they both tasted the champagne, but then turned to survey the room as the glasses lowered. “Do you have a battle plan?” he asked, glancing back with a wink.

“I need to speak to our host, but otherwise, avoid as many people as possible,” Zhu Yilong said, dropping his voice, and Bai Yu moved in, matching his attempt at privacy.

“That’s why I’m here,” Bai Yu said.

“That’s not the only reason.” Zhu Yilong didn’t want Bai Yu to think he was simply a prop in this little show.

Heat lit Bai Yu’s eyes again and he shifted just close enough to brush the lapel of his jacket against Zhu Yilong’s shoulder. “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the evening will bring.”

Zhu Yilong could feel the flush rising in his cheeks as he took another sip of the wine. It was one thing to see this in the privacy of the car but for Bai Yu to flirt with him here was…. It was dangerous. And exhilarating.

He needed to get rid of the champagne. “I see the CEO’s EA.” He nodded toward the bar. “Can I leave you here for a minute? I’ll be right back.”

“I’ll try not to get into too much trouble,” Bai Yu said, a grin crinkling up his eyes.

Zhu Yilong was acutely aware of Bai Yu’s gaze on him as he walked away, the weight seeming as solid as an actual touch which only eased as the flow of the crowd moved between them. The assistant seemed in the middle of a logistical conversation, but she met his gaze with a polite nod so he knew that word of his arrival would reach the appropriate ears. He glanced over his shoulder as he waved over the bartender to swap out the wine in his glass for his more typical ginger ale. Bai Yu had been snared by the VP of PR of a rival firm, who was the definition of an ass. Zhu Yilong didn’t want Bai Yu to have to deal with that alone for long.

As he returned, he saw that the smile he’d grown used to was gone. There was still a polite curve to Bai Yu’s lips, but the look in his eyes was icy.

“CEO Zhu,” Wen Zixun said in the sticky sweet tone which always made Zhu Yilong want to punch him, “your companion is being very reticent about his business. Confidentiality is one thing, but he won’t even talk about the nature of his work.”

“Bai Yu is doing me a favour and if he doesn’t want to discuss business with you,” Zhu Yilong took a step closer, one that put him between Wen Zixun and Bai Yu, and lowered his voice as he looked Wen Zixun in the eye, “then take the hint.” The dismissal was clear enough that even this tick let go. Word would get around that CEO Zhu was in a mood, but that could have its advantages.

Zhu Yilong watched Wen Zixun’s sulky retreat as he asked, “Did I overstep?”

He turned back to Bai Yu in time to see the light flare back into his eyes along with the heat. “Not at all. You’re absolutely right. For me, tonight is all about pleasure.” Zhu Yilong looked down at his glass and tried not to lift it again. He had a feeling he was going to want to be hiding behind it often enough tonight.

Bai Yu closed the small distance between them, his tone turning intimate. “Tell me about something that pleases you. Something outside of this.” He made a gesture that encompassed the room, and Zhu Yilong knew it went even wider than the event. A personal question. A very open one, one not leading to anything, not obviously at least. Zhu Yilong couldn’t remember the last time someone had just wanted to know about him.

“I like music.”

Bai Yu made a slightly impatient but encouraging sound, and Zhu Yilong gave in and took a sip from his glass before adding, “I play the guitar a bit.”

“And sing,” Bai Yu said, his hand coming to rest on Zhu Yilong’s forearm. “Only someone who sings well is that modest.”

Zhu Yilong looked into Bai Yu’s eyes, sparkling with warmth and curiosity, and he felt something shift. He wanted to tell Bai Yu how nothing was more calming than the strings under his fingers and how nothing made him feel more alive than to stand in the middle of his living room, singing in full voice. Music was his sanctuary; he never wanted to talk about it. Had he really just met this man less than an hour ago? He broke the connection, lifted his glass, and Bai Yu’s mouth quirked in a half-smile as his fingers left Zhu Yilong’s arm in a lingering slide. Zhu Yilong asked, “Do you sing?” before taking a sip.

Bai Yu narrowed his eyes at the obvious diversion. “I can carry a tune. I don’t get booed off the stage at karaoke.”

“I’d like to hear that.” Bai Yu had a presence which was meant to be on stage.

Bai Yu licked his lips then angled toward Zhu Yilong’s ear, obviously willing to provide an impromptu demonstration right here. Zhu Yilong was going to have to be more careful; Bai Yu’s personal bravery wasn’t something he was used to in this environment.

“Sorry to interrupt.”

Bai Yu was close enough that Zhu Yilong could hear his impatient huff of breath before he stepped back smoothly, his face a polite mask.

“I’m never sorry to see you, Hong-jie,” Zhu Yilong said. He was relieved actually, he really wasn’t sure how he would have handled Bai Yu crooning in his ear. And Jin Hong, the host company’s CFO, was one of his favourite people.

“Feng Douzi would like a word but is afraid to come over after you made Wen Zixun cry.” As she spoke, Jin Hong took a long look at Bai Yu and then sent a questioning one to Zhu Yilong.

Just as Zhu Yilong was about to make introductions, Bai Yu leaned in. “Hong-jie,” he said conspiratorially, and Zhu Yilong blinked at his brazenness. “Would you happen to know if our illustrious CEO here sings?”

The grin on Jin Hong’s face removed any concern that she’d been insulted, but Zhu Yilong couldn’t help the frisson of trepidation as she shoved him toward her CEO. The thought of Jin Hong and Bai Yu joining forces was slightly terrifying, but at least he didn’t have to worry about Bai Yu being unpleasantly cornered again. As he reached CEO Feng, he looked back to see more formal introductions being made and he set his mind on getting the business part of the evening over with as quickly as possible.

He was topping up his ginger ale at the bar when Hong-jie whispered in his ear, “That was the most interesting conversation I’ve had at one of these events in years.” She patted him on the shoulder before moving back into the fray.

Bai Yu was sitting in a chair near their appropriated corner, but rose to his feet as Zhu Yilong approached. Zhu Yilong almost waved him back into the seat but changed his mind the moment Bai Yu started to move toward him and was glad he hadn’t as Bai Yu didn’t stop until he was practically pressed up against Zhu Yilong’s arm. “You have a fan,” Bai Yu said, grinning. “I feel bad that I let her work so hard to convince me that you were worth my time.” The smouldering look from the car was back. “But I didn’t want her to think I was too easy.”

“But you don’t mind telling me.”

“Telling you?” Bai Yu looked honestly confused, but that quickly changed to the increasingly familiar mischief. “Are you saying that to this point I’ve been...subtle?”

Zhu Yilong didn’t try to hide his grin this time. Bai Yu was funny. He was an outrageous flirt and was charming enough to get away with being wildly inappropriate and was looking at Zhu Yilong like he might…. Zhu Yilong didn’t even dare think it. But the card key for the room he’d booked at the hotel—and which he’d fully expected to retire to alone—kept intruding on his awareness, like it was growing heavier in his pocket.

“You look like you’re ready to get out of here,” Bai Yu said as he brushed his hand over Zhu Yilong’s shoulder blade. It took everything Zhu Yilong had not to just grab that hand and drag him to the elevator.

He was about to agree when a familiar voice called his name, and he knew he should not snub this greeting. “Soon,” he said.

“Soon” turned into “far too long” although it might have just seemed that way with Bai Yu by his side, looking politely interested and, thankfully, only touching him in the infinitesimal breaks between conversations. Zhu Yilong practically startled every time he felt a hand on his back, a brush against his sleeve—each touch like a live wire—only to have to tamp down his reaction as yet another greeting stopped his drift toward the exit. Eventually fate intervened when he saw his next probable torturer get diverted herself. He took a page from Bai Yu’s playbook, decided to fuck subtle and made a break for the door, trusting Bai Yu to take his lead.

He paused at the ballroom doorway and barely had to turn his head to see Bai Yu at his shoulder. Bai Yu looked tremendously amused, and Zhu Yilong couldn’t blame him. He had meant to do this properly—drinks, dinner, conversation—but when he sent a questioning look toward the hotel dining room, Bai Yu nodded toward the elevator with a questioning look of his own. Zhu Yilong knew it was rash but he wanted this. Badly. He hadn’t felt this way about anyone in….

It seemed that a large group was checking in, so there was no possibility of a trip to the 25th floor alone. When the last of the other guests had disembarked on the 22nd, Zhu Yilong sighed into the silence of the momentarily private elevator and looked over at Bai Yu. “I’m sorry that took so long,” he said.

“We were barely there an hour.” Bai Yu laughed brightly. “I’m rather fond of anticipation.”

“I’m not,” Zhu Yilong said as the elevator door opened on their floor.

Bai Yu followed Zhu Yilong’s exit and laughed again, but lower and warmer. “Good.”

It wasn’t until he opened the door to his room that Zhu Yilong realized how much he was taking for granted. Although Bai Yu’s interest was crystal clear, Zhu Yilong had never actually asked what Bai Yu was expecting. He walked in first, letting Bai Yu decide if he wanted to follow or not, then turned at the sound of the door closing and saw Bai Yu leaning with his back against the panel, in the process of hanging his jacket over the door handle. Bai Yu raised his eyebrows as he put his fingers on the privacy lock, and Zhu Yilong nodded. The sound of the bolt sliding into place was surprisingly loud.

There was the man Zhu Yilong had seen in the lobby. It was as if he had taken off a polite social veneer along with his jacket. He licked his lips, drawing Zhu Yilong’s gaze which Zhu Yilong then let travel down his exposed throat to linger on the skin newly exposed by an additional open button. Bai Yu’s deep breath encouraged him to continue down the line of shirt buttons to slim hips, pushed forward by Bai Yu’s pose with his shoulders against the door, then along the length of the legs which had first caught Zhu Yilong’s imagination as Bai Yu has sprawled in the lobby chair, but now Zhu Yilong could see that Bai Yu’s trousers were cut close enough to cling to his thighs. Zhu Yilong flicked his gaze back up to Bai Yu’s face and found Bai Yu simply watching him, lips slightly parted which then pressed together as Bai Yu pushed himself away from the door.

Bai Yu held his phone in his hand, Zhu Yilong noticed. He seemed to be noticing a number of arbitrary details about Bai Yu as he sauntered into the room, long legs eating up the distance while making the movement seem languid—the silver ring on the hand holding the phone, the errant lock of hair which had slid over his forehead again, the slight peak of a nipple disrupting the fall of his shirt. He stopped almost within arm’s reach before tilting his head. “You look like you need to lie down, Long-ge,” he said softly.

Zhu Yilong couldn’t argue with that. The sound of his name in the familiar seemed to have tipped a balance somewhere and made him light-headed. He nodded again, feeling a smile start to tug on his lips. Bai Yu smirked, put a finger on Zhu Yilong’s chest and pushed him toward the bed. Zhu Yilong wanted to eliminate the distance between them, pull Bai Yu tight against him, kiss those inciting lips, taste, feel, but it seemed he was acquiring some small appreciation of this anticipation Bai Yu professed to like. The edge of the bed hitting the back of Zhu Yilong’s legs was more of a surprise than it should have been, but he let himself fall onto the mattress, making sure that when he settled against the pillows, there was more than enough room for two.

“Are you going to be joining me?” Zhu Yilong assumed that would cover the requisite permissions or at least open a discussion. He did not want to fuck this up. At Bai Yu’s growing grin, Zhu Yilong let some of the residual anxiety go and reached to loosen his tie, hoping Bai Yu would follow this lead as he had most of the other ones tonight.

Bai Yu set his phone down on the side table, then raked his gaze down Zhu Yilong’s body while he opened another button on his shirt, revealing more tantalizing hints of skin. “That was the agreement,” Bai Yu said with a wink as he looked into Zhu Yilong’s eyes again.

The word ‘agreement’ along with the wink set off alarm bells in Zhu Yilong’s head. “What do you mean,” he had to take a small breath to force out the word, “‘agreement’?”

Bai Yu’s grin faded a bit, and the amusement in his eyes turned wary. “I mean, that’s what I’m being paid for. Right?”

“Paid for?”

Zhu Yilong parroted the words without consciously understanding them until it hit him that tonight had all been an act, a professional performance designed to entice, arouse, make him hard, make him hope…. How could someone do that? But really, how could he expect anything else? In his world, it always came down to money.

“You were engaged on my behalf,” Zhu Yilong said through clenched teeth then took vicious control over his anger, his hurt, because it wasn’t Bai Yu’s fault. He shouldn’t be blamed for doing his job. “You’re an escort. Not a blind date.”

“You didn’t know.” The devastation on Bai Yu’s face was some consolation. As Zhu Yilong thought back to some of the flirting, the implications of some of the comments were clear. Now. At least Bai Yu hadn’t been deliberately cruel. “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have said anything—”

“It’s a good thing you did,” Zhu Yilong said as he pushed himself up and swung his legs off the bed.

“But you—”

“Sleeping with me under false pretenses would have been a very bad idea.” He pressed his feet into the floor, needing to feel the grounding as he asked, “Who hired you?”

“I thought you did!” Bai Yu said. “I don’t handle that part of it, they just tell me where to go and what to do and I—”

“And you do it.” The thought of other hands on Bai Yu, other mouths tasting that skin sent a burning cold through Zhu Yilong. He clenched his fists to keep from...he wasn’t sure what exactly but he knew that movement at this moment would be unwise.

“That’s the job.”

Bai Yu straightened from his placating posture, the personal courage that Zhu Yilong admired back in full force. He was very good at his job, Zhu Yilong could see that, and competence was always something that would garner Zhu Yilong’s respect. The man was fascinating and maybe if he had known…. But that wasn’t what he seemed to have been promised tonight and the hurt welled up again.

“Thank you for your time tonight. I’ll make sure you’re paid. You can go.”

Zhu Yilong expected Bai Yu to make a swift exit, taking advantage of the dismissal. Instead, Bai Yu crossed his arms and studied Zhu Yilong. That would usually spark his temper but instead it just made him curious.

“Look, if I’m being paid anyway….” Bai Yu trailed off and Zhu Yilong looked up, honestly interested in what he was thinking. “I’d like to have sex with you.”

The phrase poured out of Bai Yu’s mouth, swift and raw, and Zhu Yilong couldn’t help but hear the truth in it. It was nice to know that it wasn’t all a performance. That some of the attraction was real. But he couldn’t. Not this way. Not anymore. Not when he had thought that he’d finally made a real connection with someone and had those expectations crushed.

The feeling strengthened as he watched Bai Yu don his professional facade again, deliberately relaxing his stance and putting on the alluring grin before he said, “You want it, I want it. We might as well, right?”

“I don’t want it,” Zhu Yilong said as he dropped his gaze to the floor again, disappointed that the moment of honesty had faded so quickly.


Zhu Yilong looked up, the instinctive alarms sounding again, intensifying when Bai Yu stepped between his thighs. “I know what it looks like when someone wants me,” Bai Yu said, hooking a finger into Zhu Yilong’s loosened tie.

Bai Yu was pushing too hard for this to have been a simple arrangement for the evening. The anger flared, made hotter as Zhu Yilong grabbed Bai Yu’s hand to stop any further loosening of his tie. “Because you get a bonus for actually getting me into bed?” Zhu Yilong said, relieved that at least his voice sounded calm. “Because you’ve got a convenient camera to take a photo or two of us?”

What?” Bai Yu took a couple of steps back, the shock even more evident on his face than in his voice. “No! I wouldn’t— That’s not—” He shook his head. “No!”

It was gratifying to be able to—now—tell the difference between Bai Yu’s acting and an honest reaction. “I believe you. But you aren’t the only person involved in this transaction.”

“Look, I don’t handle the reservations, but the person who does wouldn’t—” Bai Yu shook his head again, certainty in his tone as he continued, “None of us would agree to something like that. Probably you just have a friend who thought you needed to get laid.”

Zhu Yilong dropped his chin and closed his eyes. Was it that obvious? “It’s also possible that you were meant to be a prank.” Very possible, considering who set him up on the ‘blind date’. Zhu Yilong was going to kill the bastard. Or worse—tell his mother that her baby boy knew how to hire a prostitute.

Thoughts of revenge were packed away for later as Bai Yu took a step toward the bed again, not quite between Zhu Yilong’s knees again but within reach. “Does it really matter so much?” he asked, brushing his fingertips along the side of Zhu Yilong’s jaw. “If I’m getting paid either way, then I’m not really doing it for money, right?”

One of the disadvantages of being able to spot the truth was now knowing that the attraction, the lust was also real. Zhu Yilong lifted his head away from the touch, not trusting himself to maintain any rationality with Bai Yu’s hands on him, and found himself staring at Bai Yu’s white shirt. “It matters. For one very important reason.”

“What’s that?” said Bai Yu, his voice warm and soft.

Zhu Yilong raised his gaze to meet Bai Yu’s lovely brown eyes. “I don’t share.”

His eyes widened, and Zhu Yilong thought he heard a soft gasp before Bai Yu said, “I’m okay with that.”

Those four words set Zhu Yilong on firm ground again. He had set terms and they had been accepted—they were in a negotiation. At the very least, it would be interesting to see how far he could push Bai Yu before he balked at Zhu Yilong’s demands. The thought made him want to smile but he knew better than to show his hand that way.

“Oh?” he said, as he rose and put a hand on Bai Yu’s chest, pressing him back a trio of steps until he was resting against the wall. Bai Yu leaned his head back, showing his throat, and Zhu Yilong found he didn’t care if this was performance or an instinctive reaction. “You want me to engage you full time? Keep you?”

“What, go full-on Pretty Woman?” Bai Yu said on the edge of laughter. “Sure. I’ll be your ‘beck and call girl’.” Bai Yu’s tongue rested against his bottom lip as he paused, and Zhu Yilong couldn’t help but let his gaze be drawn to the movement. “If you pay me for it.”

Ah, the counteroffer. Zhu Yilong had wondered what it would have been like if he’d known who Bai Yu was—what he was—from the beginning and now he found that it didn’t matter one tiny bit. Bai Yu was still interesting and challenging and amusing and hot as hell.

“Twenty-four hours a day? Seven days a week?” Zhu Yilong said as he slid his hand up to rest his thumb on the hollow of Bai Yu’s throat, his fingers slipping into the collar of Bai Yu’s shirt. He’d been waiting to touch Bai Yu like this all night. “You couldn’t sleep with anyone else. On or off the clock.” He wanted this crystal clear. “There would be no off the clock.”

“Whatever you want,” Bai Yu said, leaning into the performance again with his tone and the tilt of his chin. Zhu Yilong knew just how to counter that. He raised his gaze to look Bai Yu directly in the eyes.

“I want you.”

Honesty. It seemed to be the weak point for both of them, judging by the surprise on Bai Yu’s face, the rapid blinking of his eyes. It was the one thing that made Zhu Yilong think that this might not be a total disaster.

“Then I’m yours,” Bai Yu whispered.

“Good.” Zhu Yilong could feel too many emotions surging under his skin. He’d made impulsive decisions before, but this one….

He dropped his hand and stepped away, instantly feeling the pull to return, press Bai Yu against the wall with his body. Another step and he turned away. A bit of space was what he needed to think about what was going to happen next. He took out enough cash for Bai Yu to get a taxi home and dropped it on the bed.

He realized, even as the bills were leaving his fingers, what it might look like to Bai Yu. Given the amount, insulting was certainly on the list, so he wasn’t surprised by Bai Yu’s flat tone. “I’ve already been paid for tonight.”

“That’s for a cab.”


“24/7 also means on my schedule,” Zhu Yilong said, cutting him off. They had reached their agreement and Zhu Yilong wanted to see if Bai Yu could abide by the terms. “Pack up a few things, enough for the weekend, and I’ll pick you up tomorrow.”

He turned as he reached the far side of the bed and saw that Bai Yu hadn’t moved, his expressions closed, seeming lost in his own thoughts. “I don’t live in that building,” Bai Yu said absently.

“Do you need more?” Zhu Yilong said, nodding toward the cab fare, and feeling nervous that this arrangement might fall apart. When had he become so invested in this?

Bai Yu blinked, shaking himself out of his preoccupation, then moved to pick up his phone. “I’m sure our new agreement,” he said, smirking at the word, “will cover it. I get paid in advance, by the way.” He took a business card out of his phone case and placed it on the bed next to the cash, all the while meeting Zhu Yilong’s gaze, then he walked to the door.

“Text me your address,” Zhu Yilong said. “You have my number.”

“The one from tonight is fine,” Bai Yu said, pulling on his jacket. “Tell me when.”

“Seven o’clock.”

Bai Yu paused a moment, then struck a hip-shot pose, using the door handle as counter balance as he leaned forward and purred, “A.M or P.M.?”

The man was incorrigible. And it seemed that Zhu Yilong had a masochistic streak as he fought his smile and replied, “P.M.”

Amusement lit in Bai Yu’s eyes as he opened the door, and as he stepped through, he called softly over his shoulder, “Sleep well, CEO Zhu.”