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Majima had never seen himself as a particularly jealous or possessive person. Or at least, he’s tried not to. He’s only dated a handful of women and men since he got out of Sotenbori, and he never found himself being possessive of them. Hell, a couple of them cheated on him at one point, but it never really bothered Majima. His past relationships never had much of an impact. To him, they were more of a fuck-buddy than a lover, as terrible as it seemed. The other party seemed to think the same, considering the lack of romantic dates.

One man in particular, though, Majima might have considered more than a few romantic dates, and maybe a tussle in the sheets with. A man who fits the term, “tall dark and handsome” almost perfectly. A man that beat the shit out of him so often, it had become routine for them. The occasional drink in a secluded bar and trips to karaoke and bowling became routine as well.

Kiryu Kazuma.

Majima teased Kiryu about their nights out being dates, somewhat wishing that the other wouldn’t look appalled by the idea. Every time though, Kiryu would give him the same shocked or flustered look, and tell him he was being ridiculous. That wasn’t going to stop Majima doing it though, because Kiryu never explicitly told him to stop. He had hoped that one day, Kiryu would flirt back, no matter how strange it sounded.

Majima liked Kiryu in a way he couldn’t explain. A way that bordered on the edge of love, but not quite. They barely knew each other, despite how well they seemed to get along. Majima had been through things he’d never tell anyone, maybe not even Kiryu, and he was sure the younger man was similar in a way.

So it probably wasn’t love. Sure he had been wanting to bed Kiryu since he first laid his sights on the man, but it wasn’t love. Definitely not. Although, the extreme lust Majima felt for him was starting to eat away at him. Mainly his sex life. It was hard to sleep with anyone anymore. Sleeping with men or women, Majima would find himself wishing he wasn’t there. Wishing he was out fighting Kiryu, or just having a drink with the man. Hell, he even moaned Kiryu’s name during sex once and left with a bruise on his good eye.

One day, however, despite his thoughts towards himself, Majima felt real jealousy for once. It felt terrible.


Stalking Kiryu had become routine at this point, and the other man wasn’t surprised to see Majima pop out of trash cans and sewer lids anymore. His surprises weren’t completely unwelcome. Majima knew Kiryu enjoyed the fights too, judging by the occasional smirk on his face as they fought, and how exhilarated he seemed. Other than that, their relationship wasn’t deep. If either of them wanted it to be, there was a lot of work that needed to be done.

Speaking of Kiryu, Majima noticed a flash of gray out of the corner of his eye. Hiding behind the corner he just walked by, Majima peeked his head out from the wall. He eyed the back of the man curiously, before realizing just what was happening.

There was a woman there too. Real pretty, but definitely slept around a lot. Majima always had an eye for that sort of thing. But this woman was obviously hitting on Kiryu. The conversation was nearly impossible to hear, but Majima had an idea of what was happening. The woman was in a pose that especially exaggerated her breasts, and was leaning down. She was obviously trying to catch Kiryu’s attention. Majima rolled his eye, knowing that the guy wouldn’t get the hint.

She kept trying to move closer to him, and even tried to touch him at one point, but Kiryu never let her. He kept his distance and eventually walked away. The woman he left behind looked completely stumped, and like she was going to cry. Majima heard himself snicker, but was relieved nothing happened.



Majima cursed to himself as soon as he thought about what he had just felt. He clicked his tongue and walked away, knowing he’ll find Kiryu later on for a fight instead.


A good bout with Kiryu got Majima’s mind rolling again as he lay on his couch, still sore from the fight that occurred only minutes before. The couch did wonders for his back at least. Majima let himself calm down for a while, something he rarely allowed for himself.

Had Kiryu ever been in a relationship? For the longest time, Majima had thought he and his oath brother were a thing, but he saw no real attraction between them. Just a bond, like he and his own bro had. Not once had Majima seen Kiryu out with a woman at his arm. Sure, he had seen the man walk into cabaret clubs, but when he went in himself to investigate the woman he requested each time, there wasn’t much. The woman told him that Kiryu didn’t seem to be attracted to her sexually, and he never flirted. They just had regular conversations. Majima was unsure if he felt disappointed or happy at the revelation.

Majima had never felt so confused. If Kiryu didn’t seem to be into women, was he gay? Of course, he couldn’t just ask. Well, …he could. But that would just feel rude, even for Majima. Dismissing the hopeful thought, Majima attempted to sit up.

“Forget it, I need a damn drink,” Majima spoke aloud to himself, willing his body to get up. Grabbing a beer from the fridge, he sat back down, wondering what to do with himself for the rest of the night.


Once again, Majima found himself staring down another woman. And not in the way he wished he was. Just like yesterday, Kiryu was being hit on by an attractive lady. Majima couldn’t see Kiryu’s face from here, but he had no doubt the man was as embarrassed as he was confused. The woman had some of the brightest blonde hair Majima had ever seen. Probably dyed, he figured.

Unlike the less busty woman from yesterday, this one was actually putting her hands on Kiryu. Her hands were placed on his broad chest, in a way that made him wish he was her at that moment. Majima was fuming at this point, seething in anger, in fact. He ground his teeth together, willing himself to not do anything. Too many possibilities that would end terribly for him.

What if they knew each other?

What if Kiryu was interested, and Majima would just ruin the moment?

What if Kiryu caught on to Majima’s weird feelings?

Yeah. Not gonna happen, Majima thought. He gripped the bat in his hand tightly, resisting the urge to smack the wall with it. People stared, but that wasn’t new for him. Kiryu eventually held her wrists and lightly pushed her away. The woman seemed to get the message, and left in a bit of a huff. Majima was thankful she didn’t cause a scene.

Now he could finally strike.

Kiryu’s face was downright hilarious before Majima hit him in the side with his bat.


Both he and Kiryu lay panting on the hard pavement. Their fight had somehow ended up in some nearby alley, giving them a bit of privacy to cool down. Kiryu had won of course, but that never mattered to either of them. Hell, if anything, it got Majima going.

“Majima-san,” Kiryu finally spoke, and his deep, panting voice made Majima shudder a bit.

“What’s up?”

“Did you… see what happened?” Kiryu asked sheepishly, sitting up to crack his neck. Majima scoffed.

“Ya mean that hot chick comin’ onto ya?” Kiryu’s face flushed a bit at his language but nodded carefully. “What, she not your type?” Majima couldn’t help but tease him, but a few answers would be nice.

“I-I wouldn’t put it like that. It’s just,” Kiryu began, but trailed off. His face was red hot now. “There’s s-someone else,” Majima smirked, even more intrigued.

“Oh? Who is it, ya can tell ol’ Goro-chan!” He exclaimed, crawling closer to Kiryu.

“I’d rather not,” Kiryu admitted, backing up a bit. Majima shrugged but calmed down. He knew it wouldn’t be easy to find out. Majima always liked a challenge.

“But I do gotta ask, why don’t ya go on dates?” Majima knew he was pushing the other, but he knew if Kiryu didn’t want to answer, he could just punch Majima in the nose. “Ya could have any woman or man ya wanted, trust me.” Majima laughed a little to ease the tension building. Kiryu thought for a moment.

“I know how people… look at me,” Kiryu said with a sigh. “Their gazes and actions towards me… they make me uncomfortable. I don’t like it.” This was the first time Kiryu had ever expressed his inner thoughts to Majima. It was weird, but it felt right.

“Well, sometimes ya gotta put up with it,” Majima commented, unsure of what to say. “People stare at me all the time!” He exclaimed, eliciting a small laugh from Kiryu.

“I think it’s the way you dress, Majima-san,” The younger man retorted. Majima gasped in an exaggerated way.

“Ya don’t think I’m a handsome devil, so cruel!” Majima pouted. Kiryu didn’t speak for a moment, and he seemed flustered when Majima looked over at him.

“Y-you… You’re a very handsome man, Majima-san,” He muttered, almost silently. Majima himself was baffled. Now that was unexpected. The older man felt his face growing hotter by the second.

“Eh? I uh…” Majima didn’t know what to say now. Kiryu sounded so damn earnest when he said it, there was no way it was just a joke. Right??? Majima stood up quickly, retrieving his bat from the garbage nearby. “I-It was fun, Kiryu-chan! B-But I gotta go now!” Majima’s voice cracked and stuttered, embarrassing him even more. At this rate, he couldn’t be even more obvious.

“What?” He heard Kiryu speak, but he paid no mind to him. No way he could even look at the man now. Majima walked away quickly, ignoring Kiryu’s distant pleas to stop. No way he could face the other now, so he trudged back to his apartment as quickly as possible.  


It had been a little less than a week since their last encounter, Majima reminded himself. Kiryu was good at ignoring previously awkward situations before, so why was Majima so hesitant? Kiryu wouldn’t bring it up unless it seemed right. So he really had no reason to feel so apprehensive. Majima was wandering around town at this point, looking for something to do. Maybe he should find Kiryu. Maybe a fight would do some good for him.

Just as he was thinking about the man though, he noticed his signature gray suit yet again. He was down some grimy alley this time. Ducking behind a large flashy sign, Majima watched closely. Another damn woman. This time, however, it was different. When Majima finally got a good look, he saw that this woman was actually coming onto him. Literally.

She had her arms wrapped around his neck, her breasts pressing into his chest. And by the look on Kiryu’s face, he didn’t like it. His hands were pushing on her shoulders gently, but insistently. He didn’t want to hurt her, obviously, but Majima wished he would stop being so nice for once. He was Yakuza.

Majima’s hand gripped the side of the sign tightly, the lights on the side breaking. A low growl escaped his throat.

Kiryu was his.

Kiryu was his property.

Majima’s mind was going a mile a minute with the possibilities of handling this situation. He opted for the least violent, but probably the worst option.

Majima stood up from his crouched position and made his way over to the two. The woman was still hanging on Kiryu, and he could hear her speaking.

“Come on hot stuff, take me out to a hotel, I could show you a good time~” She cooed, her voice filled with lust.

“L-Listen, like I said, I really don’t-” Kiryu began, but Majima had already heard enough. Poor guy was getting harassed on the streets.

“Oi! Oi!” Majima exclaimed in a loud voice, walking up and pushing the woman off of Kiryu. Both were shocked to see him there, and the air became tense. “Whaddya think you’re doin’ trynna bed my Kiryu?” Majima seethed, resisting the urge to call him his boyfriend. The woman’s face was priceless. She was utterly dumbfounded.

“What?” She spoke, her voice filled with anger now. Majima scoffed and mimicked her position from before, hugging onto Kiryu’s neck. At least he didn’t struggle to reach his neck, unlike her. Kiryu was silent, obviously just as lost as the woman. The lady scoffed, obviously not believing his ploy. “Oh please, how do I know you’re not just some stranger?”

Majima huffed, took Kiryu’s face in his hands, and kissed him. Kiryu froze for a moment before looking into Majima’s eye. He got the idea quickly enough, reciprocating the kiss as best as he could. The woman gasped quietly, and sauntered off quickly, exiting the alley. Majima pulled away immediately, knowing he was no better than that woman at this point.

He just kissed him, without any kind of permission. For all he knew, Kiryu probably didn’t-


Kiryu was kissing him now. Majima still had his arms wrapped around his neck, so he moved his hands to grip at Kiryu’s hair, eliciting a low groan from the other. The kiss turned messy quickly, their tongues dancing together. Majima moaned loudly into his mouth as Kiryu’s hand gripped his ass harshly.

When the two separated, neither knew what to say. Their steamy makeout session left both of them breathless and wanting. Before Kiryu could say anything, Majima locked their lips together again, knowing that words would ruin the moment. He pushed Kiryu against the wall nearby. Kiryu grunted as his back scraped against the rough bricks, but welcomed the kiss.

Majima rolled his hips against the younger man’s, the two of them moaning in tandem. Majima continued his pointed thrusts, desperate for stimulation on his cock. Kiryu’s hands on his ass aided in their grinding, and Majima loved how rough the other was being right now. Kiryu was so quick to deny those women, yet here he was, grinding against Majima in some alleyway. Majima felt special knowing that he was different.

The two separated once more, both still silent. When the reality of the situation finally dawned on Kiryu, his face reddened greatly, his hands leaving Majima’s asscheeks. “I-I Majima-san, I didn’t mean to-” Kiryu tried to stammer out, but Majima just pushed his hand against his mouth. Kiryu made a muffled and confused noise at the action.

“I don’t think I need to tell ya this, but wasn’t it me who started this?” Majima spoke triumphantly. Kiryu moved his hand so he could speak.

“Y-yes but… Why?” Kiryu asked, unable to make eye contact. Majima scoffed.

“Well it was to keep that chick off o’ ya at first,” Majima told him. “But I didn’t expect ya to go that far~” Majima teased, pressing closer to Kiryu again.

“O-Oh. Right, thanks,” Kiryu mumbled out, still confused.

“Does this mean ya like me, Kiryu-chan?” Majima couldn’t help but ask.

“I don’t just kiss anyone, Majima-san,” Kiryu managed to put together a proper sentence, looking Majima in the eye. The older man felt his face heat up at the other’s response, not expecting him to be so confident. “Do you like me too?” Kiryu muttered, almost inaudible if Majima hadn’t been so close.

“Duh. I may be crazy, but I ain’t gonna send ya the wrong signals,” Majima retorted, smiling up at Kiryu.

“You’re not crazy,” Kiryu said but gave him a small smile too. “Do…Do you want to go somewhere more p-private?” Kiryu asked, and Majima immediately felt ecstatic.

“Oh? And what would we do there~?” Majima had to tease him now. He knew he’d never let Kiryu live this down. Kiryu couldn’t even answer now, but they both knew what that implied. Majima grinned maniacally and pushed himself off of the other. “Follow me.” Was all he said before he made his way down to the Hotel District, Kiryu following closely behind him.


Majima led Kiryu to the least flashy hotel he could. He knew the younger man would be nervous at any hotel, but the less attention the better. They were both thankful there wasn’t any way for the receptionist to see their faces through the tinted glass. After getting the key, Majima nearly dragged Kiryu up the stairs and to their room. Kiryu didn’t say anything as he let himself be manhandled into the bedroom.

It was covered in dark red wallpaper and a nearly black carpet floor. The bed was huge and had tacky rose petals strewn across it. The bedside tables would no doubt have the essentials. Majima quickly pushed Kiryu onto the bed, climbing atop him, straddling his hips. Majima craned his neck to nip and lick at the man’s neck, eliciting a few low groans.

Kiryu sighed heavily before speaking. “Majima-san,” He called out.

“Cut the formalities,” Majima whispered in response before biting down harshly on Kiryu’s skin. Kiryu spat out a curse at the feeling, his hands coming up to grip at Majima’s hair. He ripped the shirt covering Kiryu’s skin, making buttons fly everywhere.

“Watch it,” Kiryu began, but Majima bit down again to silence him. Majima continued to mark the man’s skin, leaving a trail of lovebites all the way down to his nipples. He brought a gloved hand up to pinch at one as his tongue lapped lovingly at the other. Kiryu moaned and squirmed at the stimulation, making Majima realize his chest was an erogenous zone. He bit down on the nipple in his mouth, making the other hiss harshly and the mixture of pain and pleasure.

Majima sat up, giving Kiryu a sharp grin. “What do ya want me to do to ya, Kiryu?” Majima teased, his hand groped Kiryu’s chest aggressively. Kiryu was silent for a moment, trying his best to gather his words to respond.

“I-I don’t know,” He whimpered. Majima chuckled quietly at his embarrassment.

“C’mon~! Ya gotta have somethin’ ya been dreamin’ of me doin’,” Majima insisted, rolling his hips against Kiryu’s. Kiryu cursed quietly, his hands coming up to grip at Majima’s thighs, massaging them gently. Majima purred at the attention.

Kiryu’s brow furrowed deeply in thought before he spoke. “I want you to…” He began, trailing off in embarrassment. Majima listened intently. “I want you to s-suck my dick.” He finally managed, his voice cracking slightly. Majima chuckled lowly.

“Really? I’m kinda surprised ya told me,” Majima continued to tease, Kiryu shot him a glare in response. “Your wish is my command, hot-stuff.” He spoke as he lowered his head down to be at level with Kiryu’s crotch. He licked the fabric of Kiryu’s pants, making Kiryu hiss. Majima nearly ripped his belt off in his haste to remove it, yanking the man’s pants down quickly.

“Oi, don’t rip those,” Kiryu scolded as soon as his trousers were off. Majima scoffed.

“I’d be more than happy to buy ya some more,” Majima retorted, stopping to get a good look at the sight before him. Kiryu’s cock was pressing up against the confines of his boxers, leaving a small wet spot on the fabric. Majima felt his mouth salivate at the sight, and he was more than eager to devour the man laid out before him. Restraining himself, though, Majima bent back down to mouth at the man’s dick. He moaned at the musky scent below him, wishing he could stay buried between Kiryu’s muscular thighs forever.

“Majima, please…” Kiryu whined, his hand coming up to lace itself in Majima’s hair gently. Majima giggled before finally pulling down his boxers. Kiryu was even bigger than Majima could have ever imagined. Long and thick in just the right way. Perfect just like the rest of him. Kiryu’s hand tightened its hold in Majima’s hair, eliciting a groan from the older man.

“Fuck, Kiryu~” Majima moaned before licking a wet stripe on the underside of the man’s cock, tracing each and every vein carefully. He couldn’t help but prolong the situation. He wanted to do everything and anything with Kiryu, but right now, he wanted nothing more than to choke on his thick length. Majima’s mouth enveloped the head of his dick, his tongue pressing onto the slit. Kiryu groaned loudly, his hand attempting to push Majima down further.

Majima obliged him, of course. He swallowed more and more of the man’s cock, all the way until his nose pressed against Kiryu’s abdomen. He inhaled deeply, falling in love with the musky scent. Majima swallowed around his dick before pulling off with a pop, his hand stroking it as he moved down to lap at the man’s balls. He sucked each one harshly, making Kiryu grunt at the sensation. The older man lifted away for a brief moment before sucking his cock back down quickly. He bobbed his head, letting Kiryu thrust into his mouth as he did so.

The whole situation felt like a dream to Majima. He never would have imagined he’d be in this situation, never thought he’d ever get to fuck Kiryu. For months he had been dreaming about this whole thing, but now that it was happening, Majima felt like his years of experience had vanished. He was sensitive like he was some kind of cherry-faced virgin all over again. Kiryu brought out the strangest emotions in Majima, it seemed. His thoughts were interrupted by Kiryu’s fingers digging into his hair harshly.

“Majima, Majima I-I’m gonna!” Kiryu moaned out, but his orgasm was delayed as Majima pulled away from him immediately. Kiryu gasped in surprise, his head lifting up to look at the other. “Eh?” Was all the younger man could muster. Majima chuckled lowly.

“Ya ain’t gonna finish without me, baby~” He purred, flicking the tip of the man’s dick in a mocking way. Kiryu hissed at the pain. “Ya wanna fuck me, big boy?” Majima teased, thumbing the button of his pants open. Kiryu nodded eagerly. “Gonna have to do better than that.” Majima couldn’t help but tease the man. It was too easy at times.

“P-Please…” Kiryu mumbled out, not looking at Majima’s face. The older man huffed, still not moving. “Please let me fuck you, Majima.” Kiryu managed to get out, still not looking at the other. Majima knew he couldn’t get much more out of the man, so he complied with a smirk.

“Take my gloves off will ya?” He ordered, hands coming up to Kiryu’s mouth. The man got the idea quickly, biting off each glove, careful to not bite Majima’s fingers. Unsure of what to do with them, Kiryu merely tossed them onto the floor. Majima craned his body to reach into the bedside table, poking around for lube. “They don’t have any damned condoms?” Majima spoke. He trusted Kiryu to be clean, sure. But there was so much to clean up afterward.

“This place was pretty cheap,” Kiryu stated matter of factly. He was right, but that didn’t change the situation. “We uh… don’t have to if you don’t want to.” Kiryu spoke. Like hell, Majima was going to put this off.

“Nah. If you’re cool with it, I am. I’m clean after all,” Majima said, straddling Kiryu’s lap once more. The man’s cock twitched with interest.

“I am,” Kiryu stated, his hands reaching to open Majima’s pants properly. Majima let him unzip his pants, and he helped Kiryu pull them off. Both of them now bare of clothing, Majima’s lust was finally starting to cloud his mind completely. Majima looked at Kiryu’s face, loving the way his chocolate brown eyes were glazed over with lust.

“Ya wanna do the honors?” He asked, holding up the small bottle of lube. Kiryu’s face flushed at just the idea of fingering Majima. He nodded though, taking the lube offered to him. Majima leaned down to lay across Kiryu’s chest, kissing and nipping at the man’s neck again. Kiryu’s hand grabbed his asscheek gently, pulling it slightly. “Oh?” Majima moaned out. Kiryu’s finger prodded at the man’s ass, circling the ring. For someone who wasn’t into sex, Kiryu definitely knew what he was doing, Majima thought.

Majima let out a quiet curse as Kiryu’s finger breached his asshole. His fingers were thick. Much thicker than Majima’s own. The older man moaned quietly as Kiryu pumped the digit in and out slowly, obviously trying to be careful. “Fuck, ya don’t gotta be so gentle,” Majima begged, his hand grabbing at Kiryu’s bicep for support. Kiryu seemed to take his words to heart, whether it was for better or worse. He quickly pushed in another finger just a hair too early, pumping them in and out aggressively. Majima moaned at the dual feeling of pain and pleasure.

“Shit- that’s enough,” Majima whined out, trying to pull Kiryu’s fingers out his ass. The other man didn’t budge though.

“I don’t want to hurt you,” Kiryu spoke, prodding at his rim with a third finger. Majima wasn’t sure if Kiryu just cared about him, or if he was acknowledging how big his dick was.

“C’mon, I can take it,” Majima insisted. He was lying, really. Majima knew more than well that Kiryu’s cock would definitely hurt if they stopped prepping now. But he just couldn’t wait any longer. Instead of receiving a response from Kiryu, the younger man pushed in a third digit, scissoring the three fingers. He locked his lips with Majima’s to silence any further protests. Majima keened quietly, finally giving in. If Kiryu’s fingers felt this good, Majima was excited to feel how good his dick would be. Kiryu repeatedly pressed against his sweet spot, making Majima barrel towards the edge quickly.

“Kiryu-Kiryu if ya don’t stop…I’m gonna lose it,” Majima moaned, desperate to stave off his orgasm. He wanted to cum around Kiryu’s cock, not his fingers. Kiryu froze for a moment, his fingers still inside of him. Majima leaned up towards his ear, biting the shell. “Don’t ya wanna fill me up, Kiryu~?” He teased. That seemed to do the younger man in. Retracting his fingers, Kiryu found the lube again, slicking up his dick. Majima was nearly trembling in anticipation.

Majima abruptly sat up, his body screaming at him to lie back down, but he couldn’t help himself. Majima lifted himself up, the tip of Kiryu’s dick pressing against his opening. He watched Kiryu’s face shift from confusion to pure lust as he lowered himself down. The first few seconds were painful. Majima’s body was again telling him to stop and take a breather, but he refused to listen, instead of spearing himself on Kiryu’s dick. He let the entirety of the younger man enter him all at once, and He nearly screamed in pain, but he grit his teeth and held it in. Kiryu moaned loudly at the sudden tightness around his length.

“Majima, slow down,” Kiryu pleaded. Majima laughed quietly.

“Ya ever seen me slow down before?” He retorted, grinding his hips slowly, doing what he could to get used to the feeling of being so full. He hadn’t taken anyone this big since…Well, he’d rather not think about it.

Majima cursed loudly as he began to lift himself up, beginning to ride the younger man in earnest. The pain was mixing with the pleasure all too well now, making Majima moan and groan uncontrollably. Kiryu was surprisingly loud as Majima rode him. Both were incapable of words now. But Majima could feel his body slowing down, obviously pushed too far. He tried desperately to keep going, but he knew he was becoming uncoordinated, Kiryu’s dick no longer pressing against his prostate. Kiryu seemed to notice his struggles, thankfully. Kiryu pulled himself out, making the other whine.

Majima felt himself be manhandled onto his side, with Kiryu’s chest pressed against his back. The other grabbed his thigh, lifting his leg for easier access. Most people would shy away from Kiryu’s strength, but Majima more than welcomed it. Ready for the bruises that were sure to show the next day.

Kiryu entered him again, the new angle let him go even deeper. Majima whimpered at the man’s slow pace but felt him gradually begin to speed up. Kiryu stopped for a moment, shifting in position. He thrust back in, hitting Majima’s sweet spot dead on. Majima nearly screamed again in pleasure, moaning each time Kiryu thrust back into him. The new pace was merciless, and it felt like Kiryu was using Majima’s body for his own pleasure. That thought alone turned him on to no end. He would gladly serve as the man’s cock sleeve if he could.

Kiryu’s mouth pressed against his neck now as his thrusts slowed down. He was trying to prolong both of their orgasms, making sure Majima didn’t put a hand on his cock. Kiryu thrust slowly and carefully, purposefully missing his sweet spot now. Majima keened at the feeling of Kiryu sinking his teeth into the elder’s skin, drawing blood. Kiryu lapped at the coppery liquid and nipped at more of his skin.

“Kiryu…Please, don’t tease,” Majima whimpered as the younger man’s hand pinched at his nipples harshly. Kiryu seemed to listen to Majima’s pleas for once. His thrusts became harsher and quicker, effectively silencing any more of Majima’s begging. Kiryu bit at his shoulder again, determined to claim the other with his marks.

The younger man continued to hammer in and out of Majima’s ass, turned him into a complete mess. He felt tears pricking at his only eye, and drool spilling from out of his open mouth. His entire body felt hypersensitive, and he could barely hear Kiryu’s moans over his own. Majima felt his orgasm creeping upon him again, and he made no move to stop it, instead of doing what he could to try and meet Kiryu’s unrelenting thrusts.

“Majima-I’m gonna…” Kiryu attempted to warn him, but he was cut off by his own orgasm overtaking him. Majima hadn’t cum yet but the feeling of Kiryu filling him up pushed him over the edge. Kiryu groaned as Majima tightened around him, making Kiryu groan loudly. The two lay panting, coming down from their euphoric highs. Kiryu pulled out and watched his own seed spill out from Majima. The older man shivered at the feeling of being empty again.

“Kiryu-chan, ya gotta let my leg down,” Majima pleaded, patting the man’s arm. Kiryu mustered out an apology and complied. “Damn.” Was all the man could say now.

“Yeah, damn,” Kiryu agreed.

“Never thought ya’d be so good in bed,” Majima admitted, he knew it sounded mean, but it was true.

“I’m not a virgin, you know,” Kiryu scoffed. Majima laughed too, turning around to face Kiryu.

“Well, I figured that. Ya ever been with a man before though?” Majima figured this was a better time than ever to ask about relationships.

“Actually, I’ve only been with men,” Kiryu muttered out, his face reddening a bit. Majima was stunned for a moment.

“Guess now I see why ya always reject those hotties on the street, eh?” Majima spoke, trying to ease Kiryu’s worries. The other let a small smile slip, making Majima’s heart skip a beat.

“Majima, were you jealous of those women?” Kiryu asked. Majima went silent for a good few seconds.

“What makes ya think that?” He tried to brush it off, but Kiryu was smarter than that.

“I’ve noticed you spying a couple of times, but you always looked so pissed,” Kiryu spoke, making Majima freeze up. “I didn’t think it was appropriate to ask until now, though.”

“S-So what? I just think that ya only belong to me, I’ve told ya that before!” Majima reasoned, making Kiryu laugh quietly at his reaction. The two fell into a comfortable silence, spooning one another. Majima couldn’t help but break it.

“Were ya always on top?” Kiryu looked down at him, but quickly looked away when they made eye contact.

“Y-Yeah, why?” Kiryu stuttered, not expecting such a lewd question.

“Oh really?” Majima spoke excitedly, his eye lighting up. “Ya wanna get dicked down sometime?” Kiryu froze for a moment, making Majima wonder if he said something wrong. The younger man’s face flushed even redder than before. “C’mon, no need to be so embarrassed. Ya just had yer dick in my ass.” Majima laughed.

“I suppose we could…” Kiryu mumbled out.

“Don’t worry hot stuff, I’ll be real gentle,” Majima pat his shoulder reassuringly. Kiryu chuckled a bit but settled down. Silence overtook them again, but this time, Majima welcomed it. Even though he knew the drying cum in his ass would be a pain the next day, he let himself fall asleep in Kiryu’s arms.

For the first time in years, Majima felt safe in someone else’s warm embrace.