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The Marriage contract who become real

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Zhang Yuan have found his alpha from one contract marriage.
The guy with who he was married was Jing Ran, who was one huge designer and architect.

Zhang Yuan doesn't understand why Jing Ran doesn't touch him at all, he just takes care of him.
They are supposed to really have a bond and mark after 2 months to prove that the relationship is okay. But it's was so weird because Jing Ran tell him all the time "Think about to taking your suppressant"

They only kissed one time and it's was after one date and Jing Ran was one good kisser, he wanted more, he was frustrated.

Zhang Yuan decide to ask for advice at Yang Xiuxian who was with Hu Yang, they had one child, they were the cutest couple even if they had difficulty in the past.
Zhang Yuan was so jealous of all of this, so he kinda drinks more than he should drink.

"Your alpha will be not happy," says Yang Xiuxian while trying to stop Yang Xiuxian.

"I don't care, he doesn't care about me, I don't even know if he wants me, I don't know why we are married," said Zhang Yuan who was ranting a lot.

Yang Xiuxian décide to call Jing Ran for taking Zhang Yuan before he does one mistake when Jing Ran arrives he takes Zhang Yuan like bridal style

Yang Xiuxian tell at Jing Ran "Please take care of him"

Jing Ran answer "Don't worry"

When they arrived at their home, Zhang Yuan décide to kiss Jing Ran and say "I want you, please take me"

"You are not in state, sweetheart"

"I want you," say Zhang Yuan and he kisses him hard.

They had sex, where it's was a little gentle, Jing Ran has done his best to not bite his neck or mark him because he doesn't want to do it now that Zhang Yuan was like this.

When Zhang Yuan wakes up the next day he was so upset because he was alone in the bed.
He hated that Jing Ran was not with him.
But what he doesn't know is that Jing Ran was in the house searching for emergency pill and water.

"Take this please" say Jing Ran when he came back

"Why should I take it?"

"Trust me" and he kiss the forehead of Zhang Yuan.

Jing Ran was trying to keep it cool because of what happen, yes the sex was hot, he really wanted more of Zhang Yuan but he wanted more.
He wanted more when they will both have feelings because right now they don't have the best feelings, he feels that his Omega doesn't want totally him.
Jing Ran wanted that it's was the choice of Zhang Yuan for have a family and for have his mark,that why he give him the emergency pill.

Soon there was one gala were was invited Jing Ran for his job and he wanted to bring Zhang Yuan but he doesn't know if he wanted it.
When he asked it Zhang Yuan have said "Yes I would be with you and also I want to say sorry for last night for what have happen"

"It's okay don't worry," said Jing Ran.

Jing Ran was so in love of Zhang Yuan since they have met at university and he was his senior. He knew it's would take time, he can wait.
So he tries to be focused on his job, he really wanted to stay calm with Zhang Yuan.
They were supposed to work together but he is on holiday because of the contract marriage.

It happens that Zhang Yuan still comes to the job just for see Jing Ran and ask him "Do you had lunch?"

"No, I didn't have time"

"You need to eat too" say Zhang Yuan while ordering food

They have eaten together, Zhang Yuan have been with Jing Ran the whole day and when they were at home for sleep Zhang Yuan says "I always liked you from university".

Zhang Yuan always thinking it's was not one mistake to be with Jing Ran because he always liked him. He was handsome and very kind.

Jing Ran kissed his forehead and goes in his room.
They had separate room because Jing Ran didn't trusted himself with his feelings.

When he was taking his shower he said "I have almost failed"

Jing Ran was trying to be in a mode very caring, he doesn't want to hurt Zhang Yuan because for him, he is still innocent and for him, he is like fragile that he doesn't want to break because of his possessiveness and Jealousy.



They had to go to the doctor for a check-up and also for the condition of Zhang Yuan.
Zhang Yuan was still not pregnant and the doctor says "You need to gain a little weight"

When they have leave ' the doctor office Jing Ran say "You need also to take care of you and eat" and he caresses his cheek

They go eat in the shopping mall and after eating Jing Ran says "Let's go do shopping together"

Zhang Yuan asked, "What for?"

Jing Ran answer "It's my gift for tonight and our little party we have do go"

when Zhang Yuan was trying the clothes, Jing Ran begun to be a little red

At the evening, there was the gala and Zhang Yuan was presented as the fiance of Jing Ran.

When they arrive at home, Zhang Yuan had his hand linked to Jing Ran "You can sleep by my side tonight"

The next day Zhang Yuan wakes up in cherished arms and Jing Ran says "Maybe I should meet your family"

and Zhang Yuan says "I don't want to go home, my parents don't want me back"

Jing Ran was a little shocked and Zhang Yuan say "They hate I'm one Omega, so since university I work hard and even part-time for be okay"

Jing Ran says "So they don't know about us"


"We can maybe go first at my home if you wish to not be with your family, but we can also travel a little just the two of us"

Little later where they were eating breakfast Zhang Yuan ask "What I should bring to auntie"

Jing Ran says "You will call her mom and she will be totally happy"

The mom of Jing Ran likes Zhang Yuan even if he too thin.

When they are in his room at the home of Jing Ran, Zhang Yuan found that Jing Ran have kept the pictures they take when they were at uni, he is smiling.
He also found that Jing Ranhad one ex in Italy and when he saw the picture Jing Ran arrive in the room and Jing Ran explain "I have loved her it's true but now she is nothing to me, my priority is you"

They sleep together this night again where after his shower Jing Ran help to dry the hair of Zhang Yuan and he looks at Jing Ran and they kiss.

They begun to be hot, but they both refusing even if Jing Ran say "I will not hurt you".

He goes in the bathroom for a long moment, Zhang Yuan was so frustrated that he begun to touch himself.
Zhang Yuan doesn't understand what happens "Does he not want me?" he says to himself before he starts sleeping

But when he try to sleep he feel Jing Ran against him and he was like one octopus and Zhang Yunlan was thinking he still have a chance.


The new plan of Zhang Yuan was to kiss more Jing Ran and also to maybe finally do it again and it's worked because he loved the kiss and they finally do this without be drunk.
Jing Ran was just so passionate and it's have happen just before the end of their holiday.

Zhang Yuan finally started working for Jing Ran where it's was so great to be his assistant even if they were working late, and that they don't go home together.
Sometimes Zhang Yuan has more work because of his absence so when he arrives at home he feels the scent of Jing Ran, the fact he has prepared food. He was feeling happy and home.

Even if they were fiance they were not always together even at work where at lunch they didn't eat together, but one day Jing Ran says "We should eat together, I miss you to be near to me"

Jing Ran was a little jealous because he saw that other alpha was near of Zhang Yuan and was trying to scent him and he just wanted to punch them, so he rested in control.

Zhang Yuan was smiling and blushing and say "I will eat with you"

Little by little Zhang Yuan starts to wonder about his phenomenon if it's the time to maybe have one family like Yang Xiuxian and Hu Yang, he knew that Yang Xiuxian had the baby by accident because he doesn't want to be bound but he changed of view because of Hu Yang. And Hu Yang has changed him and he doesn't want to leave him.

So Zhang Yuan say to himself a little sad "I'm not marked yet, I'm not bound yet..."

Jing Ran have seen that he was a little off and say and say "Do you have to work late or can we go home together"

"No it's okay I finish like you we can go home together"

In the car, Zhang Yuan says "I want that you mark me and bound me? What do you wait? We are together"

Why you ask this" say Jing Ran

"Just bite me, I want it please"

When they arrived home Jing Ran says "We need to talk now"

Zhang Yuan doesn't wanted to talk about that he wanted to smell Jing Ran so he leaves in the shower and used the product of Jing Ran for smell like him.

When he came back Jing Ran was already in bed and say "What's happen?"

Zhang Yuan say nothing but Jing Ran kiss him and say "I say I take care of you, you have to talk to me sometimes, I don't know why you have tell me this in car. "

Zhang Yuan doesn't wanted to answer and was falling asleep, he also wanted to cry a little.


For some days after it's was awkward between them, where they were a little apart, Zhang Yuan miss Jing Ran and his smell.

So he sleeps with the clothes of Jing Ran when Jing Ran was coming late at home and that he had fall asleep and he was a little crying "I miss you"

When Jing Ran have heard this it's have break his heart and he kissed the forehead of Zhang Yuan and then his neck and say "Good night"

Zhang Yuan opens his eyes and see Jing Ran, his eyes were misty.

Zhang Yuan begun to remember that Yang Xiuxian have left down the nightlife because he wanted to be loved and Zhang Yuan was the same he wished to be loved, he missed the fact of be take by someone.
That someone cherished him.
He knew the feelings of Jing Ran but he wanted more, he wanted the real bound, the real mark. He also wanted a baby but not now, maybe later if Jing Ran still wants it.

"Jing Ran you are here," said Zhang Yuan, he was scenting him

"If you want I leave, I will leave" say Jing Ran

"Stay, don't go" say, Zhang Yuan

Then Zhang Yuan continue to cry "You don't want to mark me it's because you don't want me anymore, you want to divorce me"

Jing Ran kiss him, it's was a sweet kiss but also with desire, Zhang Yuan returned the kiss.
Jing Ran wanted to make Zhang Yuan comfortable, they made love and Jing Ran say "Do you want it, the mark"

Zhang Yuan cried and say "yes"

Jing Ran have marked him and after Jing Ran say "I want to give you anything that you wish"

Zhang Yuan answer him "as long I have you"


They had to be apart a little after because of one trip for Jing Ran "I will be back soon, I'm sorry you can't be here with me. I love you"

"I know that I love you too"

During the trip, Jing Ran heard from Zhang Yuan one good news they were face timing and Zhang Yuan say "I'm pregnant"

Jing Ran was so shocked that he kinda hung up, Zhang Yuan get scared and tried to call Jing Ran but it's was Jing Ran who was calling him and say "I come back quickly"

The next day he was at the door with flowers and as soon he was in the room he had one velvet ring "Will you marry me totally? Be my real husband"