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Love, Wisteria

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000 | collision of dreams


The War has ended. Good won, and Voldemort is dead.

Wisteria sighed in relief as her brown eyes met the form of her eldest brother as Neville swooped Luna Lovegood in his arms and kissed the blonde girl.

He was alive, she could finally breathe in peace.

Then, brown clashed against green and her breath hitched once more.

Harry Potter, the Boy Who Lived. Twice.

And suddenly they were hugging, fingers threading against her bronze locks, lips finally meeting.

They had gone to hell and back, together.

Wisteria Longbottom, Hermione Granger, Ron Weasley, and Harry Potter. The Golden Four, like the founders.

Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, Hufflepuff, and Slytherin.

"Will I ever see you again?" he uttered against her chapped lips. Emerald green searching something in the depths of the earthy brown.

"Maybe," Wisteria held back the urge to kiss the boy who lived, twice. "but I won't be the same the next time we meet."

And as soon as they collided, they parted.

"See you then, Longbottom." Harry smashed down the urge to hold her and never let go. His heart was breaking, but he knew hers wasn't his to hold.

"Farwell, Potter." disconnecting her gaze from the evergreen orbs she had loved once, back during fifth year, Wisteria swore that she will never forget his eyes.

She knew he would be okay, he had lived twice after all. Wisteria walked towards her brother and Lovegood, her love mending the cracking heart that was dangerously trying to break inside her.

"Brother." Neville turned around, seeing his twin sister. He let Lovegood down slowly and excused himself with a parting kiss. "Nevy, I..."

"I know, Wis." her brother only reached to her and pulled her into a hug. He whispered near her ear, "Don't forget to send letters, or I'll drag Potter's arse to hunt you down and bring you home."

Wisteria let out a misty laugh, "Alright, Nevy."

They hugged for a few more seconds before Neville pulled away first.

Wisteria was leaving, she needed time to stray away from the public eye of the Wizarding World. Heck, the Golden Four and their friends needed it, even Malfoy.

And what a better way to stay away from the spotlight than the Muggle World?

"I love you, Nev."

"To the moon and back, Wis."

And Wisteria disappeared in a whirlwind of magic.



It was night when she appeared, in the villa Grandfather Longbottom left her in his will.

Everything was draped with white cloth and the rooms were filled with dust. But with a swish or two of the wand, the cloths and dust disappeared.

The villa was built back when electricity didn't work, so Wisteria had to transfigure some chairs into candles and rearrange them in the chandeliers.

Then she moved to the bathroom and cleaned it thoroughly before using an incantation or two and filling the tub with warm water to bath herself.

"A new life, a new chance to start over." Wisteria whispered over the edge of the tub, leaning her forearms against the white marble. "Wisteria, let's do this."

After staying until she was sure she was a human size prune, Wisteria entered the first room she saw and flicked her wand to clean and pull some fresh sheets on the repaired mattress that looked new.

Then she transfigured the towel she had wrapped around her body into pyjamas and plopped herself onto the bed, welcoming the well deserved sleep.



Edward felt numb.

Leaning against his Volvo at the High School parking lot, his gaze couldn't help itself to gravitate to Bella Swan.

Bella Swan, in Jacob Black's arms.

" I'm sorry, Edward ." she had told him, " But, I realized that Jacob is the one. "

Edward had tightened his jaw and nodded once before walking away, at a vampire's speed.

Alice had a vision of Victoria nearing Bella and attacking her.

So obviously, Edward returned to Forks and united forces with the wolf pack to dismantle Victoria's army.

But, when he returned. Bella was with Jacob, and he discovered that in his absence, Black had imprinted on Bella.

And now he was forced to stay until the end of the school year, watching how the girl he loved love another man.


He shouldn't have had entangled himself with the likes of Bella Swan.

"Edward," Alice gripped his bicep tightly. The pixie girl had seen a flash of bronze hair dancing in the moonlight alongside Edward. "Edward." she repeated.

The vision came and went, and Edward froze when his gift forced him to presence it.

Another one . He was going to be the cause of the downfall of another one.

Should I just die? Do I deserv-

"Yes you do, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen." Alice snapped at him, tugging him towards the front doors of the building, tugging him towards Bella's retreating form. "Don't you ever go down that path, or I swear to God I will murder you with my own hands."

He just raised his hands defeatedly and trudged his way to History, where Jasper was already waiting for him and Alice.

"God help us all." Jasper muttered softly when he got a whirlwind of Edward's emotions.



As soon as the last bell of the day ringed, Edward Cullen was already halfway down the path to his car.

"Edward!" Bella's voice made him stop dead in his tracks. His body froze completely, making the panting brunette go around him to be face to face. It was obvious by her red face that she had ran behind him. "I wanted, I wanted to..."

Edward watched impassively how Bella waved her hands in front of her stomach as she tried to speak.

"I wanted to say goodbye, Edward." Bella let out a relieved sigh after she spoke. "Alice saw that you were planning on leaving tomorrow or the next day and, and," she blabbled as Edward started to frown, leaving ? "and I thought that this, that, well, that this would be the last time we would see each other so, so yeah." Bella took a deep breath and smiled at Edward, "Good bye, Edward Cullen. I hope the best for you wherever you go."

And Edward could only clench his jaw and nod at her stiffly like he did months ago when she chose the dog over him.

Bella was the one who was left frozen while Edward walked past her and into his Volvo.

Leaving? Where would he go? Brasil? Spain? Russia? United Kingdom?

He hesitated, Italy?