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000 | before


They didn't know. They didn't expect. 

Not when Bella fell pregnant, not when she gave birth and discovered she was pregnant with twins.

The Cullens loved Renesmee, she was the spitting image of Edward and held Bella's heart and eyes. With her almost bronze hair and chocolate brown eyes, the pale and delicate hybrid was easily the most favoured out of the two girls.

Unlike Elizabeth.

Elizabeth Rose Cullen was a strange child. Her hair, in comparison to her parents, was pure white, and her eyes, were dazzling green.

Edward had choked down the urge to cry when Elizabeth small face reminded him of his deceased biological mother. He named her after his mother and his sister, seeing as Bella had chosen Renny's name.

Carlisle hypothesized that it was a malfunction of her hair chromosome pigmentation, but it wasn't like the human equipment he had would be any useful on a hybrid.

Elizabeth, opposite to her spoiled and loved twin sister, prefered the company of solace, away from the usual ruckus dog normally did whenever he dropped by to visit Renny.

She didn't hate her family, she just didn't feel like she belonged.

And it was okay, at first. 

As time flew by, Elizabeth was usually found in the attic, quietly reading or humming a few tones as she wrote her soul away. Edward secretly loved seeing how one of his daughters picked up his love for music, the melodies flowing through Elizabeth's mind filling the father with pride.

He loved Renesmee, he did. But Renny was momma's little girl, so Elizabeth was his.

He had heard her play the piano, and he was immediately ready to teach her the song he composed for her mother.

But their father daughter quality time had to wait, Bella had come home, rushing.

Elizabeth didn't understand, who was Irina?

Blonde strands of hair, nearly silver-ish white, framed her emerald green eyes that narrowed at the arising noise near the living room next to the piano.

Elizabeth quickly arranged her music notes and closed the piano, a few seconds later in her attic, away from her lively family.

The next morning, Elizabeth crept quietly downstairs. She wasn't scared, just cautious, last night gave everyone a big scare when her mother blew everything out of proportion.

She opened the living room's door, and saw how her father was teaching Renny how to play piano. Surprisingly, she didn't feel sad or envious. Just bored at the sight of her twin sister trying to impress their father.

Elizabeth quickly cozed up with Uncle Jasper on one of the littering couches as Auntie Alice came in with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. She was just about to doze off, calm and safe in Uncle Jasper's comforting aura, when the sound of glass and flowers screaming jolt her awake.

"The Volturi," Auntie Alice gasped. "They, they're coming for us."