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A Devil To Dance With My Angels

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1400's A.D.


Things weren't always black and white for Kore. After all, you needed all the colors in the rainbow to make black or white.

Life for Kore was filled with variations of black and white, some good, some bad.

But all that Kore truly wished was to be happy.

Her mother worked for a pimp, and Kore never knew her father. 

It wasn't until her mother died of some kind of disease when the man her mother worked for laid his greedy eyes on her.

Pale porcelain skin, honey brown eyes, delicate rosy lips, and hair as dark as the night. Kore looked like a fragile doll.

The other girls tried to dissuade the man from tainting the girl, she was after all, four winters old. Half of them were never heard of since that day, and the other half were too scared to try and raise their voices.

But fate always worked on Kore's favour, and the sister of her mother managed to snuggle the girl out of the whore house.

Then Kore was left alone, walking through the streets of young Sicily into the darkness of the night.

It wasn't until a week after being left out in the cold streets of Sicily that Kore attracted the attention of three drunk men.

Pity for them, Kore had learned much during the seven days and seven nights out in the cold.

Throwing her hands up towards the men, a dark matter came up from the ground and trapped the three drunk men before they attacked her.

The sheer force of the dark matter ripped through the skin of the drunk men, and the scent of blood inadvertently attracted three creatures of the night.

Kore gasped as three blurry figures attacked the men held by the dark matter and ran as fast as she could from the scene.

But two other figures suddenly appeared, making the girl back away. 

Kore bumped into a third one, but their touch made her racing heart calm down as electricity trickled down her spine. 

Red eyes met honey brown, and Kore let out a scream before passing out.