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breathin' (for noah kim)

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- introduction -

IT FELT AS IF THE SKY WAS FALLING, AND she was underwater and her lungs burned when the waves crashed against her chest. Everything was blurry, she gasped and gasped. But no air met her lungs, no touch comforted her, because Edward wasn't there .

She felt her throat burn then, was she screaming? Bella hoped she was. Screaming. 

For who, she did not know. And then, she heard his voice.


" Breathe, Swan. Breathe. "

She didn't know what it was. Clarity?

He held her. She hold on for dear life, it felt like it was her life on the line. 


" Breathe, baby girl, for me. Please, Isabella. Don't leave me. "


The clock struck, it was midnight.


















- cast -





[ jeon jungkook ]

"baby girl said what?"





[ kristen stewart ]

"shut up, kim."




- special mention cast -


billy burke as charlie swan

kim namjoon as ramon kim

kim seokjin as jin kim

min yoongi as himself

jung hoseok as jay jung

park jimin as christian park

kim taehyung as vincent kim


- the rest of the twilight cast as themselves -