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sick people (tend to be crazy)

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[ prologue ]



five years ago...



THERE WAS BLOOD IN THE BATHTUB. It came out from the newly ripped flesh and painted crimson the untouched pale skin or trailed over the tainted, faded pink lines adorning her thighs.

A shaky middle finger from her left hand dipped itself onto the daunting pool that was forming below her cold body. The fingertip coated itself instantly by the enriched crimson color.

Quickly, as if she was taken over by a manic episode, she started painting on her naked, untouched, body. Blood lilies, blood daisies, bloody stars, and bloody moons. 

She created a masterpiece at the expense of herself.

"What are you planning on studying after high school?" a soft voice hitched as it came from behind the wet, platinum blonde hair that stuck itself onto her ethereal features. She mocked, "Biochemistry, Miss Andersons? Your grades excel our past valedictorian!"

"Or perhaps," the soft, mocking tone turned twisted, soft features contorting into something more sinister, "bathing in blood, and water until morning comes and someone finds your corpse." 

There was a sudden noise, coming from a small, rectangular silver box that had written in neon, bold numbers. 00:00. Reminding her of the little time she had left in the shower before anyone got suspicious.

"Is it time, already?" the young girl sighed, dropping her red fingers from her body and holding onto the edge of the bathtub to stand up. "Time flies when you're having fun, it seems."

Cold water sputtered out from the shower head before flowing with more consistency at a hotter temperature. Calla winced when the transparent liquid trailed over her -quickly vanishing- masterpiece and reached her opened skin.

It burned, the pain burned.

It reminded her that she was still alive.

She pushed through the pain and thoroughly washed away the lingering, pink stains her blood left behind. No need to have the adults clinging onto her back, not letting her breathe.

Five minutes later, there was a soft knock on the locked, bathroom door. "Kallista! Are you done yet?" an overly mother-like voice seemed to be attached to the person who had knocked on the door.

"Just a second! I'm nearly done!" she shouted back, over covering her thighs with bandages and pulling her hair out of the insides of her over large shirt. "Give me a minute, please!"

She faintly heard the woman on the other side huff impatiently and walk away. Calla hurried her pace, not bothering to properly clip the bandage and pulled on her dark sweatpants. She threw her black towel on the laundry basket and hid the first aid kit where it belonged before unlocking the door.

The woman had her fist raised, nearly punching harshly onto Calla's face.

"Done?" the woman grabbed Calla's forearm harshly, tugging her out of the bathroom and pushing her down the hallway before the girl could answer, "Go to your room."

"Yes, ma'am." Calla answered in a soft tone, hurrying her lithe feet to take her to her safe haven. 

She quickly masked her face, the only indicator that she was in pain was the small ticks on the side of her neck or the flinching her hands did.


















[ graphic gallery ]










" in the end, we all bleed red."



" who is she? "