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Civilian vs Jounin

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Kakashi hummed to himself, absently tossing his mission report and catching it one-handed, skimming the row of chuunin at the mission desk. There was one bright smile and perky ponytail missing from the usual lineup he could expect. He hummed thoughtfully as he was called up to the desk himself.

“Kakashi-san! You weren’t expected until tomorrow! . . .ah, that is- You finished your mission early?”

“Where’s Iruka?” Kakashi asked, turning over his scroll.

“Iruka-sensei? Oh, I. . .” the chuunin before him frowned. “I’m not sure; he traded out with Kiyoru-san.”

Kakashi glanced over.

“Oh, he didn’t say why, just . . . personal plans?” Kiyoru said with a smile. “Did you need something, Hatake-sama?”

Kakashi resisted the urge to wrinkle his nose at the manner of address.

“He went out with his boyfriend. The civilian, remember?” Rana said, rolling his eyes.

“Oh, right! They were going to check out that new foreign place, weren’t they?”

“His . . . boyfriend.” Kakashi said slowly, twitching, fingers curling towards his palm, hidden in his pocket.

“Yeah, some civilian who-”

“Thank you.” Kakashi bit out. “You’ve been . . . very helpful.”

He realised the entire room was staring at him and smiled tightly, closing his eye, lifting one hand in a jaunty wave. Then he slipped out the window, heading for the centre of the village.