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Fa la la la la! Time for Some COCK!

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The lights on the Christmas tree sparkled, throwing dotted light on Enji’s broad, thick thighs. Smiling slyly at the gawking, flushed expression on his three pets’ faces, he spread his legs open a little wider, making more than enough room for them. Standing straight up from a mass of wiry bright red pubic hair was his pride – a thick, girthy cock that was impatiently waiting for his pets to get moving. Wrapped around the base was a ribbon tied in a big, albeit messy bow. He couldn’t blame them for being gobsmacked, though. After all, he had told them that he’d be working Christmas morning so their “gift” would have to wait until that evening. Catching them off guard like this, seeing the hunger blatantly dominating their expressions, it was almost too delicious for him to take. Lazily reclining against the back of the couch, Enji rested his scruffy cheek on the curve of his fingers. They were so cute…Izuku, Katsuki and Shouto, standing in the doorway in their pjs, each one sporting a visible erection, practically drooling as they waited for him to give the word.

After indulging in their adorableness a little longer, Enji rumbled, “Well, what are you waiting for? Come over here and unwrap your gift.”

It was like someone came up behind them and shocked their cute little behinds. He’d hardly stopped speaking before they were rushing forward to smoosh together between his thighs. Izuku was squished in the middle with Shouto to his left and Katsuki to his right. Chuckling low in his throat, the corner of his lips curling up in a satisfied smirk, Enji shivered at the sensation of Shouto’s, Katsuki’s and Izuku’s hot tongues pressed to the base of his cock, right above where the ribbon was tied. Breathing heavily, their pants and moans filling up the room, they moved up and down his length, lathering the skin with a heavy layer of saliva. A bright spark of pleasure ignited in the pit of his belly. Three gorgeously flushed faces gazed hazily up at him as they worshipped his cock. Katsuki and Shouto were gently playing with his heavy balls, rolling and kneading the orbs in their hot, sweaty hands. Izuku’s attention was entirely focused on his cock – he sucked firmly on the stretch of skin at the base, just above where his balls again.

He’d been planning on teasing them for a while longer but…seemed his patience was at an end.

“So good…” Enji murmured, reaching down to gently stroke Shouto’s ear, earning himself a shiver, a moan and a dazed, wanting look. “Let’s skip the foreplay, though. Time to fully indulge in your gift. Open up wide.”

They were quick to scramble backwards. Perched on their knees, hands cupped in front of their chins, tongue pushed out of their mouths, they looked up at him pleadingly, silently begging for his cock. He took his time in getting to his feet, letting his gaze roam greedily over their trembling bodies. Before he made his decision, he leaned over to tug down their underwear, letting their cute, plump cocks bounce out. As usual, Izuku was soaked. Precum dribbled in streams off his little penis. The sight of it made Enji’s mouth water. Katsuki and Shouto were similarly drenched, though not quite to the dripping level…yet. However, while Izuku was doing an excellent job of carefully regulating his breathing, Katsuki was panting heavily. His mouth was stretched open the widest, revealing two rows of stark, strong white teeth. Shouto was in-between the two extremes – panting but at a slower pace.

Setting his hands on his hips, he glanced between the three for a few seconds, keeping them waiting for him to make his decision. They were so gorgeous, so beautiful, so cute – it was always so difficult to make this decision, but he couldn’t make his precious pets wait much longer. Knowing that there was no way he could just decide, Enji nodded to himself, having come up with the perfect way to determine who went first. Squatting down, he looked each of his pets in the eye and said in a firm, strong voice, “Do not make a sound and do not move. Understand?”

They nodded in unison, visibly trembling. He let them hang there for a moment before abruptly reaching over to roughly pump Izuku’s cock. Eyes widening, his thin hips bucked forward, driving his plump length through the tight ring of Enji’s fingers. A split second later, he made such an adorable disappointed look that it took nearly all of his self-control to stop himself from leaning over and kissing him. With that, Izuku was put at dead last. Enji released his drenched cock, paused for a moment then went to Shouto’s, slipping his hand down to powerfully squeeze his balls. That got nothing out of him, unsurprisingly, but when he quickly moved up to firmly rub his palm against the tip of his twitching dick, Shouto choked out a sharp gasp. A little disappointed in his son for not holding strong, Enji turned to Katsuki.

Curling his hand around his jaw, he held his head in place as he pushed three fingers deep into his mouth, squeezing his tongue between the digits. The color in Katsuki’s face became even darker. The pace of his breath sped up but there was no hint of a moan or whimper. Satisfied with that lack of response, Enji began to rapidly thrust his fingers in and out of Katsuki’s mouth, fucking it like he would fingerfuck his hole. Drool dribbled down his chin. A powerful shiver shook his body but Katsuki remained still and silent, gazing up at him with heavy lidded eyes, blazing with naked, shameless want. That was good enough for him. Smiling widely, he pulled his saliva drenched fingers out of Katsuki’s mouth. Here was his winner, and the first of his pets to get his gift.

Tracing the line of his plush lips with the tip of his cock, Enji cooed, “You can be as loud as you want. If you want to cum, cum. If you want to touch yourself, don’t hold back. This is your gift. Now, tell me, do you want it?”

“Ye-Yesh…” Katsuki gasped, tongue still stuck out of his mouth, “Pleash…”

“Good boy.” Enji rested his large hands on the sides of Katsuki’s head. Bright red eyes, blazing with adulation and lust, gazed up at him. Stepping in closer, Enji got his cock perfectly lined up with Katsuki’s mouth then slammed forward, driving the entirety of his monstrous length inside. The tip slipped passed the back of his mouth to shove its way deep into his throat. Katsuki’s nose smooshed into his pubic bone, buried in the thick patch of red pubic hair. Incredible tight heat enveloped him. There was no hesitation from Katsuki, who instantly started to suck hard on him. His tongue rubbed playfully against the underside of his member. After being trained so thoroughly, he knew exactly where to tease him to make this already amazing sensation feel even better. Grunting, Enji brutally thrust into that welcoming hole, fucking his throat with a ferocity he knew was going to get his adorable little pet to cum quickly. He could never withstand his throat being messed like this for very long. Katsuki moaned loudly around his cock, the sound muffled by the massive meat pounding into his throat.

“You two.” Enji rasped. He didn’t need to look down to know he had Shouto’s and Izuku’s attention, “You want to make Katsuki feel even better, don’t you?”

“Yes-!” They gasped excitedly in unison.

“Go on, then. Make our little spitfire really squeal.”

Practically vibrating with excitement, Izuku quickly slipped over to scoot up close to Katsuki’s back. Reaching around, he began to roughly fondle his pecs, playing close attention to his cute, pink nipples. Izuku brought his lips to Katsuki’s ear. Between nipping at the lobe and shell, he whispered to him – little nothings that Enji couldn’t hear but didn’t need to. He knew exactly what his precious rabbit was saying, though that didn’t stop him from wanting to hear. As Izuku was playing with his chest, Shouto plopped himself down between Enji’s legs so he was sitting in front of Katsuki. In that position, Enji couldn’t see what he was doing but judging from the harsh, loud squeal he let out, he assumed someone was getting his other hole played with.

“Is he tight, Shouto?” Enji asked, his voice a raw pant.

“No.” Shouto laughed softly, “He was playing with himself last night and is still loose. If you wanted to, you could stick it in right now.”

“Oh? Is that so?” A broad grin stretched across Enji’s face, “Is that what you want, Katsuki? For your slutty pussy to be stuffed full of my cock?”

Katsuki let out a desperate, high pitched wail. Cocking his head, Enji kept thrusting into his tight, hot throat while he considered it. He didn’t usually like to jump right to that. It was so much more fun to draw it out, to fuck their throats until they couldn’t speak then moving onto filling their bellies with his seed but…it was Christmas and his pets had been so good this year. They had worked hard at UA, got good grades, performed well in their internships…ah, he couldn’t withhold something from his precious pet. Not when he was supposed to be rewarding him. Taking a step back, letting his sopping wet cock slip free from Katsuki’s mouth, he didn’t give him any time to voice his disappointment. Grabbing Katsuki’s arm, he tugged him over to the couch. The look of near crazed excitement on his spitfire’s face was more than enough to make him feel good about his decision.

Plopping down, he yanked Katsuki up into his lap. Leading the tip of his cock to his twitching hole, he wasted no time, wrenching his hips down at the same time he was thrusting up, driving his cock into his perfect ass. A loud howl erupted out of Katsuki’s gaping mouth. Tongue hanging out, his eyes rolled back in his head, Katsuki clung to his broad shoulders as he bounced in his lap, repeatedly driving himself down hard onto his cock. Each time he slipped fully inside, his belly bulged out gorgeously. It was hypnotic – watching his stomach swell and deflate, swell and deflate. Glancing around him to Shouto and Izuku, who were both still kneeling obediently on the floor, despite the obvious desire to get involved etched cleanly on their faces, Enji jerked his head, a gesture for them to join in. Eyes widening, they quickly scrambled over, eagerly awaiting their next instructions.

“Shouto, fuck his ass. Izuku, you get his mouth. You don’t need to ask to cum. I want to stuff him full.”

“Yes-!” They both cried excitedly.

In a smooth, graceful movement, Izuku hopped up onto the couch to stand beside him. Enji reached up to squeeze his plump ass, both because he wanted to and to give him better leverage. Shivering, a trembling smile on his round, flushed face, Izuku brought his cock to Katsuki’s mouth. Exhaling sharply, Katsuki jumped forward, quickly gobbling up Izuku’s length. Moaning loudly, his mouth hanging open, Izuku curled his fingers into Katsuki’s hair, holding on tightly as he began to rapidly pump his hips. Scooting up close to his back, Shouto pressed the tip of his penis to Katsuki’s already stuffed full ass and shoved up inside along with Enji’s, wrenching an even louder scream out of Katsuki’s. His throbbing cock spasmed against Enji’s stomach. A trill of excitement rolled through him at the sensation of Shouto’s plump cock rubbing against his own inside the tight heat of Katsuki’s ass. If there’d been any doubt left, it was long gone now. This was exactly how he wanted to spend his Christmas morning.

Sliding his fingers between the plush cheeks of Izuku’s ass, he swirled the pads around the puckered edges of his hole a couple times then pushed two fingers inside. Izuku moaned wetly. His tongue hung out of his mouth. His eyes were heavy lidded and dazed. He shoved his ass back against Enji’s hand, grinding against him. Chuckling, so utterly enamored with his beautiful pets, he shoved in a third finger and started to roughly thrust them in and out of Izuku’s tight hole. The muscles clamped down strongly on his digits. Everytime he went to pull out, his hole sucked him back in. Playfully rubbing the calloused pads against his spasming insides, Enji’s focus shift between his three adorable pets – from Izuku’s dazed, flushed face to Katsuki’s wide eyed look of sheer ecstasy to Shouto’s determined, focused expression. His little spitfire wasn’t going to last much longer – that much was obvious.

Just as that thought crossed his mind, Katsuki abruptly stiffed up. A high-pitched whine came from deep inside his chest. Enji could see nothing but the whites of his eyes as his plump cock violently spasming, spraying hot jizz everywhere. Chuckling triumphantly, Enji switched over to shallowly pumping his hips, keeping most of his length buried inside to really mess him. His reward was Katsuki squealing even louder, his tanned, muscular body shaking with a powerful tremor. When he finally relaxed, Enji slipped his fingers out of Izuku’s ass. Quickly catching onto the hint, Izuku stepped back, giving Enji room to ease Katsuki off his cock. Shouto moved in to take him, carrying him with significant ease over to the other couch. He was going to need some time to recover before he was ready to go again. Since they had both failed the earlier test, Enji grabbed Izuku because he was closest. He shoved Izuku down onto his back. Sliding his hands underneath his legs, he pushed them up until his knees were at his shoulders. Panting heavily, his eyes bright with excitement, Izuku shivered and squirmed underneath him. Grinning lazily, Enji brought the head of his cock to Izuku’s entrance.

“What do you want, my little one?” He cooed.

“Your cock!” Izuku whimpered shamelessly, wriggling his hips. “Please! Please, I want your cock!”

“Oh? And what do you want me to do with my cock, I-zu-ku?”

“Fuck my pussy!” He squealed. Both of his scarred hands fled down to his ass to spread the cheeks wide open, fully exposing his twitching hole. Gazing up at him pleadingly, tears clinging to long, thick lashes, Izuku gasped, “Please! Fill my slutty pussy with your cock! I want your thick, fat cock in my pussy!”

A throb of wild, raging heat raced up from the pit of his stomach, storming through his body with enough strength to make his breath hitch. All of his pets could beg so beautifully but no one managed to rile him up more with just words like Izuku could. Leaning down to capture those perfect pink lips in a deep, thorough kiss, Enji slipped his tongue into his mouth at the same time he thrust inside, driving his cock through that tight ring of muscles to sink deep into Izuku’s heat. He swallowed up a loud scream. Izuku’s hips strained up off the couch. His cock spasmed against Enji’s stomach. Pressing his weight down on top of him, using his body to keep his legs up, Enji rested his hands on either side of his head and gazed down into that gorgeous face as he fucked that addictive hole.

He heard the couch crept. Glancing up, he found Shouto sitting in front of them, quietly watching. An idea suddenly occurred to him. He turned back to Izuku, lightly kissing the corner of his mouth, “It’s not fair to leave Shouto out, is it, my little one?”

“N-No!” Izuku gasped, weakly shaking his head. “Sh-Shouto! Shouto!”

“Right here.” Shouto cooed, leaning down to lovingly trail kisses over Izuku’s flushed cheek.

“Shouto…” Izuku whispered happily, turning his head so Shouto could kiss his lips. “Not fair. Want-! Want Shouto feel good too!”

“It’s fine. I like watching you feel good.”

“No-!” Izuku whined, shaking his head again, “I want you to feel good, too! I wanna feel good together!”

“You gonna make him beg, you bastard?” Katsuki panted heavily from where he was slouched over on the couch. “If you’re not gonna feel good with him, then get outta the way. I’ll do it.”

“Kacchan, you already had your turn!”

“Shut up.” Katsuki mumbled, shakily getting to his feet, “If he’s not gonna-“

“Katsuki.” Enji said, his voice a low rumble.

Katsuki froze, his eyes going wide. He didn’t need to say anything – his little spitfire understood with just that. Clicking his tongue, he plopped down back onto the couch, turning his head away with a pout. It was so cute, it was almost unbearable. Biting back a chuckle, making a quick mental note that he needed to reward Katsuki for listening so attentively (the little outburst wasn’t something he was worried about – that was just Katsuki being Katsuki (he wouldn’t have that any other way), Enji looked back to Shouto, who looked entirely unfazed by the entire thing. Reaching up to curl his hand around the back of his neck, he tugged him down into a gentle kiss. Shouto’s lips were smooth and firm against his own. Exhaling slowly, melting into his touch, Shouto moaned softly when he slipped a tongue into his mouth.

“I do have to agree with Katsuki.” Enji murmured against Shouto’s lips, looking into those dazed, wanting eyes, “Are you really going to make Izuku beg, Shouto?”

Shouto audibly swallowed. Pulling in a shaky breath, he shook his head. Offering a slight, pleased smile, Enji straightened up. There was no reason to issue an order. His precious son knew exactly what to do. Momentarily hopping off the couch, Shouto climbed back up so that he was hovering over Izuku. Smiling sweetly, Izuku wrapped his scarred arms around Shouto’s muscular back, tugging him down so they were pressed flush together. Like this, their holes were only a few inches apart. The pace of Shouto’s breath had already picked up – though that might be because Izuku was rutting against him, rubbing their erect cocks together. Pressing his fingers into the plump flesh of Shouto’s ass, he spread him open to reveal his hole. So cute, small and pink – far too delectable to not have a little taste. Enji dipped down to drag his tongue over the twitching hole, earning himself a loud moan.

Licking Shouto’s sweet taste from his lips, Enji said, “Katsuki.”

“Yes sir?”

“Come here, get up where Shouto just was.”

“Yes sir.”

Katsuki quickly filled the spot Shouto had been occupying. He glanced up questioning at Enji, looking for further instructions. Rolling his shoulders, ready to get his fun started once more, Enji just glanced pointedly down at Shouto and Izuku. Quickly catching on that he could do whatever he liked, Katsuki shuffled forward until his crotch was pressed to the top of Izuku’s head. Pushing up slightly, he dropped his cock onto Izuku’s face. There came a quiet giggle, followed by a soft moan from Katsuki. Mouthing, kissing and stroking his length with his tongue, Izuku was quickly joined by Shouto, who helped lather Katsuki’s cock in love. Panting softly, his eyes lightly closed, Katsuki gently stroked the back of Shouto’s head, weaving his fingers through his soft, two toned hair.

“Does it feel good, Katsuki?” Enji asked, content to just watch them enjoy themselves for now.

“Y-Yes sir, fe-feels so good…”

Slipping a finger underneath Katsuki’s jaw, he tilted his head back as he leaned down to kiss those soft lips. Inhaling sharply, Katsuki pushed into him, firmly returning the kiss with an intense energy. Sliding his hand up to curl around the side of his face, Enji reached down with the other to lead the head of his cock to Shouto’s entrance. He felt him shudder in anticipation underneath him when the burning tip pressed against him. He gave him a moment to build up all that excitement then moved, thrusting forward to drive his cock inside. Shouto moaned loudly, his hips straining up as Enji stuffed him full. There was just something so special about his son’s ass – maybe it was the thrill of fucking his own offspring, how own beautiful, adorable son but he could never control himself as well when he was inside that incredible pressure. Slamming hard into him, sending Shouto jolting forward every time their bodies collided, listening to him moan and whimper as he fucked his stomach, Enji slipped away from Katsuki, who let out the tiniest whine of disappointment.

Grinning, Enji grabbed a handful of Shouto’s hair, roughly yanking his head up. His hole tightened further around him. A loud cry erupted out of his lips. Immediately catching onto what Enji wanted him to do, Katsuki shoved his cock into Shouto’s mouth. Izuku giggled deliriously, gleefully watching Shouto being fucked from both ends. Not about to leave his adorable little one out, Enji slipped free from Shouto’s ass – replacing his cock with his fingers – and pushed his down to Izuku’s hole. The most gorgeous wail of naked, lusty delight poured out of him when he forced the walls of his ass open with the immense girth of his cock. Planting a hand on Shouto’s back, Enji pounded into Izuku’s hole, thrusting in deep so that he could feel every inch. He kept it up for around thirty seconds then switched back to Shouto. From there, it was moving back and forth between them – listening to their cries and wails as he pumped and messed up their slutty holes.

Pleasure rolled thickly through his veins. Sweat drenched his back, chest and underarms. Despite the room being fairly cool, he was burning up from the inside out. Incredible didn’t even begin to describe how this felt. Surrounded by his pets, being able to experience the slight differences in their holes, listening to their gorgeous moans – it was a fucking perfect Christmas. Only thing that could make it better was…well, continuing to fuck them until it wasn’t Christmas anymore. He was sure he’d hear no complaints about that. A hard tremor suddenly passed through Izuku’s legs. Jerked back to the present, Enji caught on to the increased, reckless pace of his breath. Grinning widely, knowing exactly what that meant, Enji sped up the tempo of his thrusts, pummeling into that twitching hole. Izuku cried out loudly. His blunt nails dug into Shouto’s back.

“Someone’s about to cum.” Katsuki laughed, reaching down to stroke the tips of his fingers over Izuku’s cheek.

“Cum-!” Izuku wailed hoarsely, “Please-! Please-!”

“Cum for me, my little one.” Enji cooed, a bloom of love and warmth blossoming in his chest. Oh, his beautiful little one…he loved him so much, he couldn’t hardly believe how intense this adulation for him was. “Cum!”

Clinging even more tightly to Shouto, Izuku choked out a ragged scream as he obediently followed his Master’s ordered – cumming with a hard shudder, his hole clamping down on Enji’s cock. He continued pumping into him until the quality of his breath settled down to an uneven, shallow pant then switched back to Shouto. Sliding back into his son’s hole, he slipped one hand down to curl it around his waist. No need to hold back now – there wasn’t any reason to keep himself under control. He fucked Shouto hard and fast, just the way he liked. It was a devious, cruel pace in comparison to how he fucked Izuku and Katsuki but this…this was what both he and Shouto loved. This increased tempo quickly unraveled him. Combined with choking on Katsuki’s cock, Shouto only stood strong against being messed with from both ends before he too was cumming. It was a significantly quieter event – he didn’t scream or wail. Instead, every muscle in his back and legs visibly tightened. His ass strained up to meet Enji as he thrust down hard one more time. Rolling his hips, grinding his cock against his spasming insides, Enji leaned down to press a kiss to the crown of Shouto’s head. He loved him…he loved him so much…his precious son, his beautiful pet…his Shouto.

Shouto slumped down onto Izuku. Katsuki’s mouth slipped out of his mouth. Gasping heavily, he moaned softly when Enji slipped free from his gaping hole. Izuku’s flushed face peered up at him. Brushing the tip of his fingers along the curve of his jaw, Enji murmured, “Did it feel good, my little one?”

“Good…” Izuku whispered, turning to bury his face into the palm of his hand.

“Do you want more?”

“Always…but Kacchan first…he didn’t cum.”

Katsuki’s cock was still rock hard and dribbling heavily with precum. Snorting at how adorable Izuku was, Enji said, “Have some fun with Shouto while I rectify that, okay?”

“Okay.” Izuku mumbled happily, already snuggling closer to Shouto.

Panting shallowly, Shouto immediately took advantage of given the go ahead to have some fun. Snaking one hand down, he shifted a little until his cock was lined up with Izuku’s hole and pushed in, sheathing himself inside of his ass. He lightly bucked his hips, pulling beautiful moans out of Izuku. A jealous looking Katsuki looked like he wanted to get involved but Enji grabbed hold of him, dragging him down onto the floor. Pushing his legs up and over until they were dangling uselessly over his head, he got into position behind him, yanked the ribbon off the base of his cock and pushed into his ass, not stopping until he could see Katsuki’s belly bulging out. Moaning loudly, Katsuki reached up to brush the tips of his fingers over where they were intimately connected. This order had ended up being more right than originally expected. He wasn’t going to last much longer. The way Katsuki’s ass was stroking him, squeezing him…he could already tell that he was going to be the first that day to taste his seed.

Digging his blunt nails into the smooth skin of Katsuki’s thighs, Enji focused intently on his flushed face as he began to rock back and forth, shoving his cock in deep. It felt so fucking good! He wasn’t going to be able to hold on. Katsuki’s ass was just too incredible. Panting harshly, sweat rolling into his eyes, Enji made it a couple more thrusts before a bright burst of heat and pressure rushed out from the base of his belly. Slamming down hard, he distantly heard Katsuki squealing at the top of his lungs. His cock swelled up even bigger, forcing the walls of his ass to expand to accommodate the increased girth. There was a twitch then an immense flood of semen poured out of his slit. Trembling, his teeth clenched, intense pleasure rampaging through his body, Enji forced himself to focus on Katsuki. Mouth stretched open wide in a silent scream, his eyes rolled back into his head, body violently shaking, Katsuki’s cock sprayed jizz everywhere as his belly swelled up from all the seed he was pumping into him. Enji lightly pumped his hips, groaning low in his throat at the sensation of Katsuki’s ass milking him.

“So greedy.” He gasped, a fond smile touching his lips. Love…he loved him, he loved him so much. He was so cute!

“More-!” Katsuku gasped dizzily, “More…more…more…mor-!”

“Now, now.” Enji laughed huskily, sliding his still hard, throbbing cock out of Katsuki’s sloppy hole. Quickly walking over to the toy crate in the corner, he pulled out one of his specially made butt plugs (molded to be the exact same shape of his cock) and hustled back over to Katsuki. He slipped the butt plug inside, effectively stopping him up so none of his cum could come out. Proudly surveying his swollen belly, eager to make it grow even more, Enji picked him up off the floor and deposited him back onto the couch, alongside Shouto and Izuku. Now that he had one stuffed full of his seed, the desire to do the same to the other two trumped everything else. Grabbing Shouto’s arm, he dragged him up off Izuku, got him standing with his back to him, hands braced on the couch and shoved his way back inside him. Curling one arm around his midsection, he slid the other up to wrap around his jaw.

Pressing his lips to his ear, he whispered, “Does Daddy’s cock feel good inside you, Shouto?”

“Yes-!” Shouto gasped sharply, slamming his hips back against Enji to drive his cock in even deeper, “Daddy’s cock feels so good! More-! More, Daddy! More! I want your milk! I want Daddy’s milk! Please!”

Well, when he begged like that, how could he possibly deny him? Crushing him against his chest, Enji slammed forward, pushed a growling groan through clenched teeth and came again, flooding Shouto’s insides with a heavy wave of cum. He distinctly heard the familiar gurgle of his stomach expanding as he was stuffed full of his seed. Sliding his hand down to press it against Shouto’s belly, he shallowly pumped his hips as he kept cumming, adoring the sensation of being able to feel his cock inside of him. Shuddering so hard that he would have fallen over if Enji wasn’t holding him, Shouto came, coating Izuku’s chest with thick ropes of white. Covering Shouto’s neck and shoulders with soft kisses, he waited until the last drip had been squeezed out then repeated the same process he’d gone through with Katsuki. Pull out, butt plug, and set him to the side so he could focus on Izuku.

Taking hold of his ankles, Enji swung him around so his butt was facing him. Panting heavily, those bright eyes looking up at him with such want and love, it made his chest tighten, Izuku eagerly spread his legs open wide in a clear invitation. Chuckling fondly, Enji took a moment to smooth a hand down from Izuku’s collarbone to his crotch, where he gave his plump cock a loving pump, pulling a low, wet moan out of the boy. He pressed in close then easily slipped his cock inside of that tantalizing heat. Gasping wetly, the walls of his ass clenching around him, sucking him in deeper, Izuku bounced his hips in time with Enji’s thrusts. Despite having been fucked so hard, his ass was still so tight. Panting heavily, pleasure sizzling up his spine, feeling himself coming undone from the incredible sensation of that amazing ass, Enji reached down to shove three fingers into Izuku’s gasping mouth. He moaned happily, sucking lazily on the digits. The sensation of that soft tongue grazing over his skin was sublime. Fuck…he wasn’t going to be able to last much longer!

Curling his hands around Izuku’s waist, Enji grunted, “So good-! Going to-!”

“Yessh!” Izuku howled around his fingers, “Yessh! Yessh!”

He dragged him in even closer, smooshing his plump ass to his pubic bone. Throwing his head back, he shoved in all the way, until he could feel the head of his cock bang against the underside of Izuku’s stomach. A loud squeal came from his adorable little one. His hips arched up off the couch, violently shaking as he sprayed a heavy load of cum all over himself. At the same time, Enji came with a snarling groan. Pleasure cascaded through his body, setting all his nerves alight with ecstasy. Nothing…nothing would ever compare to this. There was no pleasure greater than this. Panting shallowly, Enji watched, the corners of his lips curled up in a satisfied grin, as Izuku’s stomach swelled to a gorgeous curve. Not enough, though…not nearly enough. He slipped his cock free from Izuku’s hole and went to get one more plug. Izuku moaned and trembled as he pushed it in, a gleam of dreamy happiness blazing in those beautiful eyes.

Shouto, Izuku and Katsuki pushed up close together on the couch. Their chests hitched. Their faces were bright red. They held their legs apart to show him their plugged asses. In their eyes was the clear plead for more – fuck them more, pump even more of his seed into their bellies, mess them up even more. Leaning down to give each one a sweet, soft kiss, Enji ruffled Shouto’s hair, stroked Katsuki’s cheek and brushed a stray lock of sweaty hair from Izuku’s forehead. He did have work tomorrow but…when they looked at him like that, how could he not give them exactly what they wanted?