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Five more minutes

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When Seigi woke up, he realized two things: the first, that his bed had never been so soft and comfortable; the second, that he could not move because something weighed on his chest.

With his thoughts still slowed from sleep, it took him a few minutes to painstakingly lift his eyelids and realize that the something in question was none other than Richard.

He closed and reopened his eyes a few times, almost as if he wanted to make sure he was really awake. He kept seeing Richard – it wasn't a vision, then – lying on top of him, asleep like an angel. If he was beautiful when awake, sleep gave him a seraphic expression that made him hypnotic.

Although it was an innocent thought on his part, the awareness of his slender and elegant body on top of him made him almost uncomfortable, as if that sudden intimacy was almost an insult to Richard's purity.

Seigi blushed, getting mad at his stupid inner voice. Insult? Purity? It almost seemed like something... scandalous was happening!

He made an effort to think of something else, recalling the events that had led to that situation. They were in the kitchen, near closing time. Seigi was making a dessert and suddenly Richard, who hadn't been looking too god all day, had passed out. Luckily Seigi had caught him, preventing him from banging his head somewhere, and had realized that he was hot. He had immediately taken him to the bedroom behind the study, laying him on the covers. Not wanting to leave him alone, he had sat next to him. He must have fallen asleep without realizing it. How they ended up in that position, however, was a mystery ...

Seigi moved slightly, feeling his legs tingle, with the result that Richard awoke, stretching slightly on top of him and blinking his long eyelashes.

«Richard, are you awake? How are you? I swear I did nothing! You were passed out and I didn't know what to do, so I took you to bed but then–»

«Seigi ...» Richard murmured, silencing him and yawning like a sleepy cat.

Seigi bit his tongue, feeling like an idiot for the ridiculous way in which he had stammered those hasty words. Now it would have been inevitable for Richard to think badly of the situation, after all that justifying himself and getting defensive! He had basically looked like a child caught with the hands in the jam!

"Seigi," Richard repeated, raising one hand and placing two long fingers on the boy's lips, "I can hear the sound of your thoughts. Let me sleep another five minutes ... "

An angel? No, it was something much more ethereal and perfect. There were no adjectives suitable to describe his sweet voice, the flicker of his golden eyelashes, his hair ruffled like a mane. At least, Seigi's vocabulary was completely lacking in that respect.

Richard's hand slid down, resting on his shoulder as if he were hugging a pillow. His breathing returned slow and light. He had fallen asleep again.

Richard smiled, looking at him, his head emptied of any noisy thoughts that could ruin that moment. He closed his eyes in turn and held him close half asleep, feeling an irrational and uncontrollable need to protect him.