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Love In Magic

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It had only been two months since Renee took Bella, who was only about four months old at the time. Charlie was determined to get over Renee. So, he went to the only bar in Forks in the search of a woman who would give him exactly what he wanted. He didn't know her name yet or what she looked like but he would find her. He soon did find that woman in a 5'7 strawberry blond with a British accent by the name of Merilyn McEwan. They talked awhile, getting to know each other. They did this on about two dates until finally Hayden was conceived, They didn't find out for a few weeks but Charlie stayed with her the whole way through.

Merilyn was young though, she didn't want a child, especially with the war going on in the wizarding world and her being targeted for being in the order with the Marauders and Lily. They told her to hide, all of them, even Dumbledore. She was targeted for her abilities, her scream, being a banshee she didn't want to pass that on to her child especially if it was a girl. In the end, she did have a girl, they named her Hayden Genette Swan and Merilyn explained everything to Charlie so he could be prepared. She even gave him the telephone numbers of Sirius and Remus, as well as Molly Weasley, knowing they could help him if she died. When he asked why she couldn't stay, she explained that too, everything, the danger she could cause him for being in Forks so long. A few days went by and Merilyn was no longer in the hospital and she was packing her stuff up so she could leave. She didn't want to leave her child, but she had to, she would not get her child and Charlie, who she now came to think of him as a good friend. She gave one teary look at the sleeping girl in her cot before leaving a note and a ring with Charlie for him to give to her when she turned eleven. With one last kiss to the cheek of Charlie and a kiss on the head of Hayden before leaving the home and apparating away.

Six Months Later...

Charlie is sitting on his couch playing with his daughter when he hears a loud knock on his front door. He places Hayden on her play mat and walks to the door. He opens the door to see two men, one a brunette with a scarred face, the other with black shabby long hair. They both seemed to look like they had been crying and one held a letter in his hand."Hello, what can I do for you?" Charlie says eager to get back to his daughter.

"Hello sir, are you Charlie Swan?" The man with the scarred face asks.

Yes, who's asking?. Charlie asks politely, becoming more serious as the men in front of him both tense.

"I'm sorry how rude of us... my name is Remus Lupin and this is Sirius Black. We're good friends of Merilyn. I believe she told you about us?" Remus says shaking Charlie's hand.

"Oh... yes, she did. Why don't you come inside." Charlie says moving to open the door a little wider for them to come in before closing the door and leading them to the living room before picking up Hayden and setting her in his lap before looking back to the men who are looking at Hayden with sad smiles."So what can I do for you?"

"So I know this may be hard to take in as you've had a child with Merilyn but she wanted us to let you know if anything ever happened to her and I'm sorry to say this but she's passed. She was found and killed by death eaters just a few days ago. She left in her will for us to come and tell you and to let you know that if you need anything we're just a call or letter away or if anything happens to you we would gladly take in little Hayden. Merilyn was one of our best friends and we would do anything for her and, of course, her daughter."Remus took his time saying these words. Watching as Charlie looked down at his daughter with a frown and was clearly tearing up but pushing his tears back, he had to be strong for his daughter.

"Thank you for telling me this, I'll take you up on the offer when the time arrives. Is there anything else?" Charlie asked looking up to the men.

"Yes, she left a locket for Hayden and we'd also like to give you a small picture of Merilyn so she can have it as well." Sirius stated handing the golden heart-shaped locket and picture of Merilyn when she was young to Charlie."We must be off, again if you need any help with any accidental magic or banshee stuff just call or write." The men then stood from their chairs and walked to the door followed by Charlie who was still holding Hayden. They waved to each other and said goodbye before Charlie closed the door, Remus and Sirius were gone in an instant.