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Ashes, Ashes, We All Rise Again

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Izuku sat under the shade of a tree as he looked out over the playground. His green eyes drifting over to his friend Bakugou Katsuki. The explosive blond was starting to distance himself from him, even started to throw mean taunts and jeers his way. All because he didn’t have his Quirk yet. The Doctor said he had one, but that it just hasn’t shown itself yet. 


That was seven months ago, and lots of the kids are now claiming he lied, and is actually Quirkless. No matter how many times he denied the clam, they just continued to mock, and avoid him.


He coughed into his hand, as his stomach churned, and sweat began to slip down his back, and matted down his green hair. He honestly shouldn’t have come out today, he didn’t feel well...Maybe he should just head home? He stood up, and his head spun, and he wobbled as his vision blurred….yeah he needed to go home.


He shuffled over to the others, and when he was half way there he noticed the trio of boys pushing around a kid. He frowned and pushed back his sick feeling, even as his throat and lungs started to itch and burn.


He rushed in front of them as the boy fell to the ground tears, and cries coming from the fallen boy. Izuku frowned, as sweat slipped down his face, and his breaths came in pants. 


“Kacchan! That isn’t nice, why are you doing mean things?” He asked as his body began to shiver on its own.


The blond now also known as Kacchan smiled a scary smile at the trembling boy, “Eh, were just playing! He’s the villain, and were the Heroes!”


Izuku pressed his lips together as a wave of nausea came over him. He gulped down the excess saliva in his mouth and took a deep breath. “This isn’t heroic! You have to stop if you don’t-” Another wave of nausea, “I'll stop you myself!” He finished as he put his fists up, he was shaking even more now.


Katsuki laughed, as the two behind him snickered, “Oh? What can you do about it? You don’t even have a Quirk Yet!.” Just as the three were going to charge at Izuku.


He started to cough.


The cough sounds painful once is died down he took deep breaths for much needed air, when his coughing started again.


Katsuki frowned at the now red faced boy, “Oi? Are you sick or something?” he asked.


He didn’t get an answer as Izuku seemed to cough harder, folding into himself as tears started to stream down his cheeks.


Katsuki took a step towards him slightly panicked now, “Hey! You need to take a breath!”

The two boys took a step away from them. The other boy Izuku tried to help long gone by now.


Izuku let out one last deep and painful cough. This one sounded as if there was something in his throat as a gurgling sound was heard.


Katsuki paled as red seeped between his old friends fingers. He ran over to him just as Izuku fell to the ground.


“Oi, Deku!” He noticed he was sweating a lot and shivering really badly, his lips, and the corner of his mouth red. His breathing had a gurgling sound to it. He turned to the others to tell them to get a grown up, but froze when he saw they were no longer there.


He looked back down to his rapidly paleing friend. He steeled his resolve, and shook Izuku noticing how warm he was to the touch.


Izuku opened his unfocused eyes.


“Come one you have to get up!” Katsuki demanded as he tugged on his arm. Izuku groaned, but with both trying they got him to his feet.


But Katsuki could see Izuku’s legs shake as if they were about to give out again. He quickly turned around and pulled Izuku's arms over his shoulders, and told him to get onto his back. It took a moment, but Izuku was able to get on. He could feel Izuku shaking like a leaf, and his temperature seemed really, really warm…...this was not good…..


Katsuki shuffled out of the park. This was harder than he thought, He was taller then Izuku sure, but not by much, and he was way heavier then he looked.


He just had to get to Aunt Inko’s place, and then she could help Izuku. He just had to stick it out a little. 


Izuku began to cough again, and Katsuki felt wetness on his neck slipping into his shirt. He grit his teeth as he tried to go faster. With every cough, it seemed like Izuku’s temperature was rising, His back was already starting to sweat from what felt like standing next to a fire for too long.


The sun was starting to go down as he continued to trudge on, Izuku coughing happening more often, and the blond could feel tears gather in his eyes when he felt his own legs start to wobble, and his arms wanting to drop.

He couldn’t stop though, he had to keep going! He didn’t want to think that would happen if he took anymore time.


Just as he was walking past an alleyway a dark shadow moved over his head, and a person dressed in black, with a gray scarf was in front of him.


Before he could even yell at the odd guy to move he was on them, his hand on Izuku’s forehead swapping away the hair that was now dripping in sweat. Katsuki glared at him and sneered bearing his teeth, as he took steps back away from the stranger.


“Who are you! Don’t touch him.” He growled as he tried to go around the strange man with the strange golden goggles.


“Kid, What happened? He needs a doctor fast, he's burning up.” the man said as he kneeled down in front of them, pulling out a card on showing it to him.


Katsuki read the card:


Hero License-


Pro Hero Eraserhead


Katsuki felt tears in his eyes again, he may not know who he was, but he was a hero so that means he could help. “I don’t know he just started to cough, and then blood came up too!”


The man frowned as he stood. “Give him to me kid, I’ll take him to the nearest Hospital.” He reached for Izuku and Katsuki moved from him. Eraserhead frowned, as he pulled his goggled up onto the top of his head revealing tired black eyes.

“Kid I need to take him, You can trust me. I swear we're going to Musutafu Hospital, you can run quicker to tell his family.” Katsuki relented as let the man take Izuku who was now holding the small boy with one arm under him easily. Eraserhead handed him a card that had his hero name on it.


“Give this to his parents, so they know you are telling the truth.” He said as he turned and started to run.


Katsuki watched them go, and he gripped the card tightly, as he too started to run…

Not even an hour later the door to the Hospital of Musutafu burst open, and three adults and one kid came racing in. The woman with green hair slammed her hands onto the counter of the receptionist. 

“Izuku! My son was brought in by a Hero!” She cried tears already falling from her eyes.


“Your the kid’s mother?” They turned to see the tired Hero


Inko nodded, “Is he okay?” she asked as Masaru placed a hand on her shoulder in support. Mitsuki eyeing the hero warily as she tried to wipe off the dried blood on Katsuki’s neck and cheek. 


He frowned as he motioned his head in a follow gesture. Once the group was herded away to a more secluded area the man leaned against the wall, and sighed.


“I brought him in, and they went to work immediately….He had a fever of 110F, and they said it was steadily rising….”


He looked hesitant to say the rest, but he took a deep breath, and gritted his teeth.


“They also said that it seemed his lungs were failing as well as his other vital organs….”


Inko gasped, and turned to Mitsuki with a sob as she started to cry anew.


Katsuki frowned at the grown ups huddled together in a crying mess.


Lung failure? What was that? He looked at the Hero who was looking out the window. He moved to him and tugged on his pant leg.


“What’s going on? Is Izuku going to be okay?” He asked.


The man frowned. “I’m not sure, the doctors are trying their best to help you friend. It also depends on how tough, and stubborn your friend is to hang on.”


Katsuki scoffed, and then smirked. “Izuku might be a crybaby, but he is too stubborn to know when to stop. Or maybe he’s just dumb.”


He watched as the man’s mouth twitched as if trying not to smile. “Ah, I have my own stubbornly  stupid friend too.”


Just as Katsuki was going to say something A knock was at the door of the room they were in. The door opened to reveal a Doctor who looked over the one in the room with a solemn look when he landed on the only green haired one. He cleared his throat.

“Miss are you the mother of the boy Mister Eraserhead brought in?” he asked his voice low, and kind.


Inko nodded and stepped forward. “Yes, how is he? Is my Izuku okay?” she asked as she wring her hands.


He sighed as he took off his glasses and rubbed his eyes, “I’m sorry, but Izuku has passed away. Where not sure what was happening, but his body just seemed to be...shutting down.” 


The room was quiet, only to be broken a moment later by a broken sob as Inko fell to the floor with her face in her hands as she sobbed her word drowned out by her cries.


Mitsuki went to her side as she tried to console her the best she could.


Katsuki stared wide eyed at the sight, Izuku was….dead?


But he couldn’t be dead….


His time with Izuku ran through his head, and with each memory a tear fell. 


He started to think about how he had been treating him lately, and he had to swallow back a sob. The next thing he knew he was being hugged by his own crying father.


His red eyes turned to look at Eraserhead, he wasn’t crying but he could see the sadness in his dark eyes as he looked onto the heartbreaking scene.


The Doctor shifted slightly as he cleared his throat, “Would you like to see him?” He asked as Inko nodded still crying.


The rag-tag group followed the Doctor as he led them down a hallway. “He is at the room on the left at the very end.” He said as he looked over them again.


Just as they were six doors from Izuku’s the fire alarms blared off, and the door of his room was engulfed in green flames.


They all stood in shock, as they stared for a moment, only breaking out of their stupor, by the voice of Katsuki calling out Izuku’s name.


“Stay back!” Eraser ordered as he ran a head. He got to the door, and he could feel the head of the flames, and just as he was getting ready to go in, the flames started to die down. He frowned confused.


He walked in, and glanced around nothing was burnt, not even the door. He looked at the bed that was still burning, but as the flames lessened he saw the outline of a figure sitting up in the bed, and when the flames stopped he stared in shock. At the boy who was supposed to be dead, but was most certainly not.


There on the bed was Izuku looking around his hair now long as if it had never been cut in his life. The clothed he had worn here ashes around him. But what really caught other attention would be the green and black wings that were now drooping from his back.


Izuku looked around his seemingly glowing emerald eyes landing on Eraser.


“Ummm hello?”