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the list of things I’d do for you is never ending

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Tony hated himself right now. 


He should’ve gone to bed hours ago. Or, at least, he should be working on the project he mentioned to Peter. 


Is he going to sleep? No. Is he going to do anything productive? No. 


Is he going to rewatch the videos again and again? 


Yeah. Yeah, he is. 


He knows he shouldn’t. It feels wrong, and he feels ashamed even as he restarts the video. In his lab, he knows no one can see him, but that doesn’t stop the shame from washing over him. 


On the screen Peter is absolutely lovely. He’s making a racket as the others make a mess of him. 


Tony’s hard, and it’s wrong, it’s so fucking wrong. He’s just a kid. He’s just a kid. 


He was barely even eighteen, and he can remember what he was like when he was fifteen - like it was yesterday! 


And he’s him. A silver fox, these days. Gaining in his years. 


Still got it. To an even younger audience. 


He’s currently watching Peter get fucked by men triple his age. 


Yeah, it’s wrong. He knows. 


But he can’t stop watching. 


Peter’s eyes roll to the back of his head, and he can’t sit still. He calls them daddy, and Tony feels pure hatred boil in his stomach. 


He can’t. He can’t do this. 


Tony stormed out of the lab and just didn’t stop. He wasn’t thinking - he was driven purely by lust and need. 


He knocked three times on Peter’s bedroom door and waited. After a moment, the door swung open to reveal a half naked Sam.


Peter’s chest is rising and falling peacefully. He’s curled up in the arms between Steve and Bucky. He’s not wearing anything, exposing the hickies covering his body. He’s absolutely ruined. 


His hair is stuck to his forehead. It’s obvious he showered - had the others bathed him afterwards? Washed him and tucked him into bed? 


Tony couldn’t believe his eyes. 


“What do you want, Tony?” Sam asked, yawning. “It’s the middle of the night.” He’s hanging on the door and glaring at him. 


“I needed to talk to Peter.” 


“He’s busy.” 






This was pointless. 


“Just… Let me talk to him, okay?” 


Tony was too distracted to notice Bucky climbing out of bed. He pushed Sam to the side and got up in Tony’s face. “Talk to him? You want to talk to him?” He grabbed a hold of his collar. “Maybe apologize?” 




“That kid… He is in love with you, moving mountains for you, and you…” He scoffed. “You don’t deserve it, Tony.” 


If Tony was hurt, he didn’t show it. “What do you know, Barnes? You barely know him.” 


“I know enough that he’s in love with someone who doesn’t love him back.” Bucky let go of his collar. “Am I wrong?” Tony was silent. Bucky half-smiled, no joy in it at all, and scoffed. “Yeah, that’s what I thought.” He shut the door in his face. 


Bucky and Sam returned to bed. Peter was latched on to Steve, but he slowly sat up, not releasing his grip. “Huh?” he asked sleepily, rubbing his eye. “Somethin’ wrong?” 


Bucky pulled him close and pressed a kiss under his eye. “Get some rest, Peter.” He didn’t argue. He fell limp into the warmth and was out like a light.


The next morning after the others had left, Peter couldn’t sit still.


He checked the time on his phone again. And again a minute later. And then again. 


He had thirty minutes until he was supposed to meet Tony in the lab. 


How was he supposed to meet him? The man, who he had been crushing on for years now? The same man who laughed at him when he confessed his love? Who’s seen his sex tapes? 


You know, the actual sex god himself who watched wimpy Peter Parker’s sex tapes? 


Yeah, he couldn’t wait. Peter fixed his hair one last time and made his way up to the lab. 


When he entered, Tony looked up. He wore jeans and a button up. He was clean. The lab was unusually neat. “Peter.” He couldn’t speak. He stared at him and gulped. He cleared his throat, but he couldn’t think of anything to say. “So, what’d you learn?” 


“Huh?” he asked. Tony pulled out a chair for him, and he sunk down into it, confused. 


“It was an experience, right? Tell me. Prove to me that you’re not a blushing virgin anymore.” 


“Mr. Stark, I took two cocks at the same time,” he said, looking exasperated. “Two! I’d be ready to take anything you’d give me!” 


The surprise was adament on his face. Peter regretted what he said, but he stood by it. “Well, now you’re just a blushing whore.”


Peter scratched the back of his head. “I learned a lot about what I like.” 


“And what you don’t like?” 


“Well. There wasn’t much of that.” 


Tony was out of his chair. Peter looked so… vulnerable right now. So fuckable. 


The hickies, impossible to hide, littered his neck. Every inch of exposed skin was covered. 


Bucky had no doubt did it on purpose. 


He trailed a finger across the marks and forced Peter to look up at him. “What did you like, Peter?” 


“I…” He cleared his throat, going stiff when Tony touched him. “I liked… I liked when Bucky would hold my throat, and when they… Well, when they were a little… a little rough with me, I guess. And, you know… when they were mean.” He lowered his voice. “And… The praise was nice, too. And… when they held me.” He was so precious. So, so fucking precious. 


It’d be better if it was him who was taking advantage of him instead. 


“Yeah?” he breathed, tracing his skin where Bucky had choked him. 


“But… Wished it was you,” he exhaled blissfully, gazing adoringly at Tony. “The whole time, when they were fucking me, I imagined it was you. Accidently called Bucky Daddy thinking about you.” 


That was it. 


Without thinking, Tony grabbed the back of his neck and forced a kiss on to Peter, who melted in to it. He made a breathless noise, sinking into him. He gave himself up right then and there without question. 


He could ask him to do anything, and he would. 


Tony picked him up by his hips and dropped him on the desk. “I shouldn’t have let them take you first.” He was already tugging down Peter’s pants and slipping them off. They moved quickly, uncoordinated. Their mouths chased after each other - Peter, hesitant, almost as if he was scared to touch him. 


It wasn’t like with the others. 


Tony lit him on fire. Peter trusted this man with his whole heart. Would let him do anything to him. 


“I wanted you to be my first,” Peter confessed as they broke the kiss. Tony slipped lube out of the drawer and was already working open his abused hole. “I wanted it to be special… with you.” 


Tony didn’t reply to that. He poured more lube on his finger and worked it in. “Firsts are overrated,” is all he managed. “I’m going to put Barnes to shame.” He grabbed Peter’s cock, stroking him slowly while biting the marks over his body. He was going to replace each and every one of them. 


When he looked at Peter, he felt pure lust. A feeling to… control, to dominate. He needed him to be his. 


Peter, meanwhile, was soaking up everything Tony would give him. He was floating, so happy just to be used by him. 


He really loved him. Had so much respect for him. Wanted him to hold him while he fucked him. 


“Are you ready?” 


Peter nodded. Even though he probably wasn’t. 


He was so anxious to please, so eager to have Tony in him, for him to keep his hands on him. 


He just wanted him to love him. 


Tony wasn’t gentle. And he didn’t mind that. He liked it rough. 


But, he couldn’t help but have tears come to his eyes as Tony fucked into him harshly. It was a brutal pace. To be honest, it didn’t hurt physically. 


Something was missing. Didn’t fit right. 


Sure, Peter was floating. Tony knew what he was doing. The sex is great. 


But he can’t focus on it. He can’t think of anything other than the fact that Tony isn’t kissing him gently, isn’t praising him through it, isn’t kissing away his tears. 


“You’re so fucking gorgeous,” he cooed, and Peter smiled - joy spreading throughout his body. It feels good, really good to be complimented by him. 


But, it’s not… It’s not enough. Something’s not right. 


This isn’t how he wanted it to happen. He wanted him to be his first, for Tony to take him somewhere in a grand romantic gesture, maybe just a heartfelt confession for him only. He wanted Tony to take him in a bed and for them to fall asleep together. 


Tony, meanwhile, can’t believe his eyes. Peter trembled, legs shaking wildly, with every single thrust. Every touch, he bucked up into him. He was so eager to be touched, to be held, to be fucked. 


To be destroyed. 


Tony licked his lips and ghosted the shell of his ear. “I think I prefer you like this,” he whispered in that voice of his. The deep, snarky voice Peter had latched on to for years. It made him go crazy. “Ruined, just for me. And I barely had to do anything.” 


Tony came first, and Peter clenched around him even as he pulled out. “Fuck, Peter, you’re so fucking hot.” 


Peter mewled at the compliment, a small pathetic noise. Tony placed a comforting hand on his stomach and another at the base of his cock. He kept eye contact with Peter the entire time - even as he engulfed his cock to meet his hands. 


When Peter came, a feeling of pure bliss came over him. When it faded away, he felt numb. Empty. 


Tony traced his fingers over the marks he had left. “You’re so beautiful,” he cooed. 


“Boss, Pepper Potts is calling for you. It seems her buisness ended earlier than expected.” 


Peter was still. Tony pinched at a mark and grinned, leaning back. “I’ll take the call in my bedroom.” He licked his lips. “Until next time, Peter.” He left the lab without a second thought, and Peter gazed after him.


Peter didn’t want to move. He pulled up his pants, cringing at the uncomfortable feeling. Like a zombie, he left the lab on shaky legs - and not for a good reason. 


He was almost to his room when he stumbled into Bucky. “Hey,” he greeted. Peter hummed at him in response, and Bucky caught his arm. “Whoa, Pete, what’s up?” 


“Nothing,” he mumbled, brushing past him. He walked and walked and didn’t stop until he was safely in his room, leaving a concerned Bucky behind him.


He followed him to his room, knocking a couple times. He got no response. 


If it wasn’t for his superhuman hearing, he wouldn’t have heard him crying softly into his pillow.