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Atypical Traits

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To most their partnership is unusual, unbelievable. They are both five senses enhanced Sentinels. The first time they had teamed up had been due to an ambush and they had been on opposite ends of the caravan but had somehow ended up next to each other, protecting each other’s back while taking out the attackers. That was when both had realized that there was something off about the other. After the gun fight the two of them had shared one long look that promised a conversation later before heading their separate ways to do their respective jobs.

Three days later the taller of the pair had come striding into the medic tent with the type of swagger that few could match. He had spotted the shorter man just finishing up his rounds and request a consultation in private.

Calling for one of the other doctors to cover for him, the shorter man leads him to a small side tent, motioning him through before closing the flap behind him. “Yes sir?”

“How long have you been here?” the taller man inquires taking a seat after surveying the room and deciding the edge of the bed would be the best place for him.

The shorter one shrugs, “Just over a year, you?”

“Just over two years, I have never seen another person with talents like mine before.”

A smile curves the shorter man’s lips, “I have, meet some Americans, a pair of twins actually, who are like us. Still you’re the first other British citizen that I have meet with the atypical traits. I’m Captain John Watson, M.D.,” he offers his hand to the taller man, dark eyes gleaming while he waits to see how he responds.

“Colonel Sebastian Moran, sniper,” the tall man replies accepting the hand shake.

It’s the first time they touch and the fact that both of them are Sentinels and Guides their senses connect, feel each other out before breaking apart but leaving a small trace of the contact between them.

“Nice to meet you, so do you have any training using your second nature or do you tend to ignore it?” the doctor inquires as he makes some tea after they let go.

The colonel shrugs, “I was a straight Sentinel with all five senses highly enhanced until six months ago when I started getting burst of emotions from others. It’s been difficult keeping everyone out since then. You?”

The shorter man nods, handing him the tea, “Here you go,” before taking a seat on the other end of the bed, “I’ve always had both, it got me tested more times than I care to count, but I always register as a Sentinel, all five sense enhanced but only minorly, sight and touch are actually my best which is handy as a surgeon.” For a moment the two of them sit there in silence before the shorter of the pair offers, “I could teach you how to control it. I learn through trial and error, but it should be easier for you.”

After considering it a moment the taller man agrees before they make an arrangement to meet after the end of his shift to begin. Little did either realize that this would be the birth of such a long term partnership and relationship.

The next several months pass in a blur and any time they are both off duty at the same time they work together on their respective unusual traits. Most around the base wondered if the two Sentinels were lovers but no one would say anything directly to them. Ironically enough, it was after John had worked on two separate Sentinels who had been shot when they had fallen into a zone that he first heard the rumors. Both Sentinels had been pulled out of their senses by a pair of Guides who had luckily enough been nearby and unbonded, a rare thing for military Guides.

Once he had sent them on their way he had sat back at his small desk writing up reports to put in the patients files and thinking about the idea of being lovers with the other Sentinel. Where he is shorter than average, the other is taller than average, where his eyes are dark blue, his friends eyes are light blue, where he is sandy-blonde, the other is a strawberry-blonde. Both like guns and have the hands of someone who uses them with ease, the difference is his hands are callused from using surgery equipment as much as they are from his gun, while his friends hands are callused from using a wide variety of guns. Both are solidly built with little to no fat on them, though in sheer muscle his partner has more of it. It might be intriguing actually, and while he had never shown interest in men before, it did not cause him the panic that some went through the first time their sexuality was questioned.

What he didn’t know was sitting in one of the command buildings his tall counterpart had just heard the rumor from one of the privates running errands for some of the other commanders that they would like to see that. Intrigued he spent most of his time after the meeting but before he went to visit with the doctor considering the idea. He was not surprised to find that it was an appealing idea, after all he had always preferred men to women though he would sleep with either. The doctor was the perfect fit against him, not so short to be annoying, but not to tall to be annoying. Perhaps he could discuss this idea with him. After all, the two of them meshed well, they were the only ones like them on the base. Perhaps it was something they could consider.

That night when the two of them meet up for their nightly talks and drinks, the strawberry-blonde greets him normally, however nearly as soon as the door to the room is closed the taller man cups the doctors face before leaning in to kiss him rather hesitantly. The relief in the air is palpable when the doctor kisses him back, pushing just a bit closer to the sniper. From there the two manage to make it over to the doctor’s bed before the shorter man surprises the sniper by quickly rotating them around so that when they fall backwards it is the strawberry-blonde on the bottom while he straddles his hips and continues to kiss him.

When they finally break apart to breath both are nearly panting and he can feel the taller mans erection through his fatigues between his legs. “So, I take it you heard the rumors and decided to see if there was any value to them?” the doctor chuckles breathlessly as he sits up, still straddling the taller man’s hips.

Smirking, the taller man nods once, rotating his hips against the doctors.

A low moan escapes him at the contact. “While I am willing to give this a try, would you mind overly much if we take it slow? I’ve never been attracted to a man before.”

The strawberry-blonde smiles, pulling him back down to kiss him senseless. “Alright,” he replies, and the two of them spend most of the night cuddled close and kissing.

Time continues to pass in a flurry for the pair. Any time that they both have off has them either out having a drink and discussing how things are going or in sandy-blondes rooms off of the medical tent. When they are in his room they often spend time curled up either sleeping or exploring each other. Despite that they still had not gotten past occasionally gridding against each other and lots of heavy kissing, though in recent weeks they had also added roaming hands to the mix. There were also several times where the two were separated for long periods of time as well since the doctor would have times where he would not be able to get away from the medical tent due to a gun fight or where the sniper would be out doing what he does best, sniping.

By the time their one year anniversary sneaks around the two of them have gotten into the habit of sleeping together any chance they have even though it is nothing more than platonic. Somehow they both manage to get time off so they decided to head to London for the week since the strawberry-blonde actually has a home there that he has had maintain while he is gone. The first night back in London neither one feels up to much of anything so instead they simply sleep curled in each other’s arms.

The following morning comes early for the pair who are well used to being up at dawn in order to complete their normal shifts. So when they both awake without having to listen to an alarm a smile curves the smaller mans lips. “So we have five days to enjoy this before day six we have to return, any plans?” he queries of the taller man.

The strawberry-blonde smirks at him, rolling him over on his back and straddling his hips before leaning down to kiss him long and sensually. “I have a few ideas, for a change we can actually have time to ourselves without having to worry about someone needing one of us.”

Grinning the shorter man bucks up against him, rubbing their groins together before slipping out from under him. “How about showers and breakfast then we can get back to this?”

Groaning, the taller man allows himself to flop down on the bed before rolling over, “If you insist, though I am sure you’d make a perfect breakfast myself.” The smile he gives is downright predatory and sends a thrill through the shorter man.

With a shared smirk the two of them manage to make it to the shower where they are side tracked by the fact it is the first time they had been totally naked together. Which when one considers the fact that both adore having sex, the fact that neither had done much more than masturbate, give each other hurried hand jobs, and heavy petting was amazing. It speaks to the fact that they were both serious about their budding relationship. After striping down, they take turns appreciating the way the other is built.

John had realized that his lover was well built but he had not realized how well built until he got his first complete view of him. Even when the strawberry-blonde had been in the medics tent, it had always been for minor injuries that had not required him to do anything more than remove part of his shirt or all of it. His lover was a well built man, tall and muscular. There were several scars on his body but they did nothing to subtract from his looks, instead they gave him a bit more roguishness to his looks. One thing he truly desired was getting to know every inch of that golden-tan skin and it was something he could do with his slightly enhanced senses.

Sebastian on the other hand loved the fact that his lover was short and solid with not an ounce of wasted space or fat to be seen on the smaller man. He was naturally paler, so the contrast between the sun-kissed parts and covered parts was rather attracting, making him desire to run the flat of his tongue against him and find out if they responded any different. While he had seen plenty of naked men, his doctor was the first he had seen who was so at ease within his own body. There was no major damage that he could see to the smaller man, for which he was quite happy because otherwise he would have to find whoever had harmed him and put a bullet between their eyes.

Eventually the two of them give the other a smile before climbing in the shower to enjoy the feel of the water cascading down their skin without it smelling like it was overly processed. After a quick shower they retreat to the kitchen, the shorter man had dressed in a dressing robe while the taller was wearing nothing but a towel low on his hips. He watches in amusement as the tall man throws together a breakfast for them, grumbling nearly every step of the way that the maid needed to learn to pick fresher food as he does so. Once he is done cooking breakfast the two of them eat up.

“Tastes good,” he tells his tall friend, “If you want I can make dinner later,” he offers.

A smile curves the taller man’s lips as he replies, “We’ll see, I think I am going to try and wear you out instead so we have to order in.”

“Oh really?” the smirk he gives back is almost as predatory as the one he had received that morning.

The rest of breakfast is spent with the two of them taking turns teasing each other. By the time they are done eating, both of them are aroused and it is merely a race to see who is going to top this time around. Quickly the both of them head into the bedroom. If it was a matter of pure strength then the strawberry-blonde would have won hands down, he was physically bigger and stronger, however it always was a matter of intelligence and dexterity in which he meet his match in the short doctor. Almost as soon as they fell onto the bed together they had rolled around trying to determine who was on top until the sandy-blonde had finally flipped him over and whispered in the strawberry-blondes ear.

“Since this is my first time, it would be medically advisable for me to be on top so I can control how fast you penetrate me.”

Groaning the taller man flops back, grinning wolfishly and replying, “Sounds like a plan,” before pulling him flush against the taller form and proceeding to kiss him senseless.

During the next several minutes no words are spoken as the shorter of the pair takes his time exploring the treat laid out beneath him. Slowly he kisses, licks, nips, and touches every inch of flesh from Sebastian’s throat to his hips. Upon getting to his hips, he takes the time to explore every inch around his aching member without actually touching that one part his partner really wants him to touch. When the taller man is just about begging he finally decides to give a sweep of his tongue up the vein running the course of his prick before swirling his tongue around the head of it, trying to mimic the things that he has found pleasurable in the past.

Sebastian is nearly ready to come undone when he pulls roughly on John’s shoulders, pulling him back up his body while one long arm reaches over to the night stand to grab a thing of lube before he slicks his fingers and proceeds to preparing the shorter man’s untried hole. While he does so, the taller man kisses him senseless, not wanting him to notice any of the discomfort that comes with the first few times a person is prepared for anal sex. When he is certain the sandy-blonde will not be injured, the strawberry-blonde lifts his body, settling him against his weeping cock without actually pushing him down. One hand slips between their bodies to guide him in while the other is used to stroke his partner’s ridged length as well.

A gasp escapes the sandy-blonde as he feels each inch of his partner slowly slide into him, giving him the type of full feeling he had never had before. Momentarily he wonders if this is why his female partners seem to prefer having sex with a man to with other females or toys because he cannot imagine that anything else would feel as good. The next bit seems to go in a passion filled blur as his naturally heighten senses focus in on his partner, even more so with his empathy which so rarely engages on its own. So when both Sentinel-Guides start to share their feelings, both physically and mental it sends explosions through them.

To say that the first time between them went far faster than either expected would be an understatement.

However it still felt perfect and set the tone for the rest of the week. The two of them slept together in the strawberry-blondes bed. Showered either separately or together, sometimes doing more than just bathing, other times not. Ate breakfast, taking turns cooking for each other though Sebastian liked to show off that he was actually a fairly good cook despite his complaints about the quality of his supplies to cook with, then spent all day spending time together. for all intent and purposes they were dating, yet neither had bonded with the other. When the week was up they were happy to return to the war even though they had been just as happy to have some time off.

Almost as soon as they were back things seemed to get rough and they went several months unable to do more than just cuddle and sleep on the rare occasions they were both off shift at the same time.

They were well into their second year of the relationship the first time the two of them were intentionally sent to the field together, a group of hostages needed to be rescued but they did not have the manpower available to do recent attacks to send a full team. That didn’t bother either of the blonde Sentinels, they were good shots, one with a sniper rifle, the other with his small hand gun, it had to be a quiet mission, because they did not want to alert the local enemy army to their actions so the two took only what was needed to survive.

It was a dangerous thing sneaking up on an entire enemy encampment and the pair spent a few days just getting a feel for the base. Upon learning what the regular routine was like they planned accordingly, they would strike right before dawn. Sebastian would use his rifle and enhanced sight to take out all of the sentries since there was twelve per shift, spaced out around the small town that the army had captured. Once those twelve were down, the two would sneak up close, using a signal blocker to prevent transmissions for help and cutting the power lines to the headquarters along with disabling the generator which they foolishly kept outside. After that they would sneak in and free all the hostages, killing any enemy combatants that they had in their line of fire.

John would also use his guide abilities to keep all of the people they were there to help calm, though that was not something that they were going to put into their report since neither had admitted to the higher ups that they were both Sentinels and Guides.

It was another two days before they were actually able to put their plan to work and took nearly forty-eight hours from start to finish before they were able to radio for a pick up. Somehow they had managed to pick of every one of the soldiers that had been in the base. The locals were grateful to be free but horrified at the price that would probably occur to their community. Most packed their things and left for other towns where they had family, others decided to go with their force in hopes of being protected. All of the hostages survived miraculously though there were a few close to death and several that were either swooning or zoning. Despite his lack of sleep, the doctor had started working on all of the injured as soon as it was safe, he wanted as many as possible safe to transfer. Through it, the sniper stood guard over the area that the doctor worked in until their ride showed up and got everyone out.

After that it became a common thing for the two of them to work together on difficult missions. Over the next three years this pattern would be repeated several times but they never managed to get their time off at the same time, so instead of going back to London, the pair stayed and spent whatever off time their partner had in one of their rooms instead. Any free time was spent doing whatever they felt like together whether it was just spending time together or having sex.

They were also tested several more times by Clan Guides to see if either of them could be bonded, a test that they always managed to fail. It was hard for many of the commanders to believe that the pair of them worked so well together as a pair of Sentinels but they were left to their own devices, everyone thankful that neither of them had ever zoned.

During one of their missions they had realized that they could combine their Guide abilities to strike silently and just as deadly as they did with their guns. It had been completely accidental the first time, but after that the two of them learned to use it in concert. Then during their fifth and final year as partners they had also realized that they could force enemy Sentinels into zones and enemy Guides into swoons, allowing them to capture them for interrogation rather than having to kill them.

It was at the end of the fifth year together when they were sent on a rescue mission that was suspected no one else could do when it happened. A moment that was set to change their lives forever, or so it felt. They had completed the mission and were on the way back with the rescued people when the convoy they were part of was ambushed. The pair had went to work helping the other soldiers drop the enemies but there was just too many of them it seemed. Somewhere along the way, the doctor had spotted one of the rescued children being shot and had fought his way to the side of the little one, using his empathy to keep her calm, he had just about finished patching her up when he felt the sharp sting of a bullet ripping through his armor and turning into a fierce pain as the bullet passed through his shoulder.

As far as he cared, it had been a lucky hit, it had not hit the child he had been working on. Groaning in pain, he sent out a call for his partner to let him know that he was injured before trying to patch his shoulder up the best he could, using a small torch from a car repair kit to burn the wound so it would stop bleeding since he knew that was the only way he was going to survive. The last thing he remembered was Sebastian screaming for him to wake up and being unable to listen.

Three weeks later he had awaken in a hospital back in Britain with no idea how he had gotten back to Britain in the shape he was in. It would be another two months before he would be able to move around on his own. Every time he asked after the others he was assured that the child he had fought so hard to save had lived, but they never would tell him about his unit or his partner. Twice while he was in the hospital he was tested to see if he was able to bond. When he was not, the Clan members had left confused. Eventually he was released into a half-way house where he would do physical therapy and work on the skills to reintegrate into civilian society. He was also forced to see a therapist about his trauma, none of the staff realizing he would be fine if they would just tell him what the hell happened to his partner.

It was pure hell.

In the long run he managed to get transferred from a half-way house to a bedrest for ex-soldiers. There he sought news of his partner from those returning, but no one seemed to know what had happened to him. Eventually he gave it up as a lost cause. While the two of them might not have been bonded, they spent five years keeping each other sane and working together to deal with any situation thrown at them. They had been lovers and friends, as close as any two Sentinel and Guide bondmates ever were.

Then one days during a walk after he had finished his last visit with that therapist that he had been required to see, he had run across an old Guide friend named Mike Stamford who had asked him to coffee. It had felt weird but had went with it, deciding that even if it was hard, it was time to try and move on. The two had talked for a bit before Mike had asked about his plans for staying in the city. Originally, Sebastian and him had planned on staying at Sebastian’s place whenever they were in London, but with that option gone he had answered he didn’t know. Giving him a funny look the Guide had suggested a flat-share but he had not thought that anyone would want to flat-share with him and said so. With a smirk the older man had suggested he come with him, there was someone that he wanted him to meet.

One short trip later into the heart of Bart’s hospital found them in the labs. There he had seen one of the most striking men he had ever seen before. Both his Sentinel senses and Guide empathy had locked on and scanned him, apparently like what they had come across because his mind had screamed that this man could be bondmate, could replace that empty feeling that losing his partner had caused.

When the tall dark-haired Sentinel, and he was a pure Sentinel, not an atypical one like his partner had been, had asked him to meet to view a potential flat he had not been sure what to do but had agreed anyways.

That was a choice he never regretted in the months to follow. Because while his new friend had no clue that he was an atypical Guide with Sentinel overlay abilities, they worked well together. He started dating female mutes, the regular humans who were neither Guide nor Sentinel. Not once when people assumed he was with Sherlock did he allow himself to imagine that it was a possibility. Instead he took his pleasure in worthless relationships while he protected the Sentinel that he lived with, twice pulling him out of zones but passing it off as luck, rather than admitting what he really was.

When working with the Yard he tended to stay away from Donovan as much as possible because he always wanted to trigger a zone in the foolish low-level sight and hear Sentinel just to give her a taste of what it is like to be bullied. He got along great with Lestrade who was a mid-level all five sense Sentinel with a Guide who really hated his line of work. He didn’t have to avoid Anderson because that stupid mute avoided him all on his own, unnerved by the fact that there was a pair of Sentinels who worked so close together.

While the sandy-blonde was going through all of that his partner was also going through hell. He had not been shot but had felt John call for him and had fought his way to his partner’s side just to find him unconscious and still trying to protect a child with his body. The torch the doctor had used to seal his wound was still burning brightly on the ground next to where he had fallen. Carefully, so not to jar the fragile repair job that his partner had done he had managed to carry him to where the medical team was after the enemy had been clean up. There the doctors, none as skill as John, had gone to work on trying to save his partners life. He had felt extreme pain when his doctor’s heart had stopped beating and felt immense relief it when had been restarted. The second time it had stopped they had not been able to get it going immediately after and one of the nurses had come to tell him that he was dead but they wouldn’t let him in to say goodbye.

Furious he had headed to his room to collect up his rifle and the gun that John had got him as a Christmas present. Not bothering with orders he had gone out after the sniper who had dared to kill his partner. They might not have been bonded but they had still be close, as close as any bondmate couple after five years of working so closely together and occasionally sharing thoughts when their respective empathic talents would connect as they did whenever one of them was stretched close to their breaking point or when they were having sex.

Three week later he had returned to camp to be promptly discharged. While it was not classified as dishonorable, it was close enough that all he had felt was rage. For the first few weeks back in London he had spent his nights drinking at his favorite pub down the road from his flat.

Then one night he had met him, the Guide who had a chance to become the world to him, one that he could bond with, someone who would fill the hole left by the death of his partner. Not that he told any of this to the Guide in question.

The small dark haired Irishman was insane it seemed at times but brilliant as all hell, a true genius with a flair for dramatics and a vengeful streak ten miles wide. He was small, like his partner had been, but not nearly as solid. Instead of having a partner, he now had a boss. One who found it hilarious that there were certain jobs he would not do because he honored the memory of his partner. Well he had found it hilarious after they had a massive fight about it. Eventually the two of them had become lovers, but unlike with his doctor it had not been about mutual pleasure, it had been about power. In many ways it was horrid because it made him long for the days where he knew why his bedmate was with him.

Things continued on that way until that fateful day, that day by the pool when he was told to shoot his bosses enemies partner and had refused as soon as he saw who it was.