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The cycle of pain

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When the Joker went feral, there was always someone who would willingly stand be him. Who would do anything for him, even if it meant working against the own benefit. Someone willing to bring huge sacrifices and win fights, if not wars, just for him.

Of course it must be Harleen Quinzel, also known as Harley Quinn. It was widely known how the Joker had the poor, naive girl in his hand. That there was nothing in the world he could do to lose her. Well that wasn’t the truth. Actually it were two, the only difference being that one of them got to be known as ‚Jokers girlfriend‘. The two partners in crime sticking together like nothing else, they seemed inseperable almost. They would go through fires and the coldest of waters for each other. Or better said, one would do that fort he other, who would leave them behind without blinking, if push came to shove.

Until one day a quiet little rumor made its way through the Legion of doom. Just a little truth, that sounded like the biggest and stupidest lie someone could come up with right on the spot. Although nobody believed it at first, it spread like a wild fire. Everyone who heard it, would tell his colleagues, family, friends, pets, anything that had ears. And one day a certain rogue known as the master of fear heard of it.
At first he, much like everybody else in this entire universe, didn’t believe it. It could just not be possible, that Harley finally rid herself of the Joker and was still alive. Both proven though by not only Jokers destroyed hideout, but also by the news confirming it, evoking an unwanted spark of hope in Scarecrow, that made his heart beat faster. Finally had his chance arriven. He could finally be with the Joker! After all those years!

The Legion of doom didn’t stay quiet though, as he was taunted and teased for his alleged crush on the Clown prince of crime. Of course he denied it and told them how silly they acted, but he was open with Two face and bane, as they were his best friends in the whole legion of doom. He expressed his excitement, his fear, his panic and his thoughts about the whole situation to them and they wished him luck. Two face wasn’t quite sure about this and personally didn’t think it was good for Scarecrow to be in a relationship with the murderous Clown. He had seen how Joker would talk about Crane behind his back, how he would claim that Scarecrow would do anything for him and that he could taunt and insult him as much as he pleased, Crane would forgive him. Joker would also get purposely close to him just to get an often embarassed and flustered reaction from him, for which the other Legion of doom members would laugh at him and tease him even more. Two face didn’t like it at all, when they did that to Scarecrow or a friend in general and would try to get him out of these situations as good as he could, by chatting him up, distract him or just simply tell the Joker to fuck off.
Banes reaction was a whole lot different. He was happy and excited for his friend. He really hoped Crane could finally get what he had wanted so long.

Things got even better for Scarecrow, when the Joker asked him to stay in his hideout, since his own had been destroyed. Without hesitating he agreed and couldn’t help but feel the butterflies in his stomach raging up a literal storm.