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She needs people who won't run away

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Charles had proposed to Delia and it was finally time for them to get married. They had been planning for a while now, and after the recent events with a certain ghost, he refused to eve speak his name some nobody slipped up, he thought it was time he make Delia his wife. Charles was happy to welcome the woman he loved into the family, but he couldn’t forget about, and not talk about Emily. Emily was Lydia’s mother, and although Lydia had improved, she had never fully recovered over the loss of her mother.

Adam and Barbara would be coming to their wedding, they were all a family now, the ghosts who used to live in the house, and the human family that still did. Sure, they could have left after the events, but they loved the house they lived in, and they had to love Barbara and Adam. They loved the house so much it was the location of their wedding, Charles and Delia couldn’t think of a better place to have their wedding. The guest list was small, only close friends and family, so they would have enough space for everyone. Charles worried that Delia would leave him because eventually she would be bothered by Lydia’s negative energy, and against the zen positive vibes she was sending, Lydia would weigh her down until she just couldn’t take it anymore so she left. Charles would never forgive himself if Delia made him choose, it was Lydia, it would always be Lydia she would always be number one in his life. Surly Delia understood this and she loved Lydia was well right? The way the two of them were acting lately it sounded like she knew, and that she was more than ready to become Lydia’s stepmother. In the back of his mind, Charles was still thinking that Delia would leave him one day, and it would be one of the worst days of his life.

“Hi, dad! Are you almost ready to go?” Lydia stepped into the room wearing the yellow dress she wore the night of the now infamous dinner. Yellow was a happy color, and today was a happy day, today she could not wear her usual black and Goth make up. Lydia wasn’t going to be depressing today, she had made Barbara and Adam promise to tap her on the shoulder if she got overly depressing. Delia and her dad had asked her to be happy today, so for them she could be happy and they could start their first day as a family off right.

Charles was still wrapped in his thoughts that he didn’t hear his daughter come in. Luckily, when she spoke he was pulled from his own thoughts for a while. “Oh, hi Lydia! I didn’t hear you come in. Yes, I’m almost ready." Charles wanted to talk to Lydia about his thoughts, a lesson he learned the hard way when they didn’t talk about Lydia’s mother was that bad thoughts can stay with you for a long time. After a while, the bad thoughts will start affecting the people around you, and the mood will constantly be brought down about ten notches. “Lydia, I’ve been thinking I know Delia has said she’s in this for the long haul, but one day do you think she will leave? Like if the two of us get to be too much for her?” Charles looked at his daughter wondering what she was going to say in response. Hopefully, she had these kinds of thoughts too or at least had an opinion on what he said.

“Yeah, I just came from talking Delia, and she wants you to know she’s almost ready. She and Barbara are just finishing up.” She smiled and listened as her dad spoke. The fact that her dad was having these thoughts was crazy because she was also having these thoughts, this was one of the reasons she vowed to be happy today. “I’ve been thinking about that as well. I don’t think we have to worry because Delia loves us, I don’t think she would have stayed during my darkest days if she didn’t believe we could work.” Lydia gave her dad a smile she had been smiling more lately because after the events with Beetlejuice, her family needed the time to repair and be together. If she was being honest, they were still repairing and they would be for a long time.

Charles listened and nodded Lydia had a point Delia had stayed during the toughest days, she stood by his and his daughter’s side. Delia seemed devoted to Charles and Lydia and they needed someone like her in their lives especially now. “You’re right Lydia. I feel if she was going to leave, she would have left by now right? I love you and I always will but even your lighter days are dark.” Charles gave Lydia a hug he didn’t plan on this conversation getting so deep, but he also had been avoiding the deep emotions and conversations for years now.

“I know that and yes, I feel like if she was going to leave because the two of us she would have by now.” Lydia smiled at her dad, she wanted to make him feel better, and say that the thoughts he was having right now were normal and valid. “I know I’m not the best person because my emotions go up and down, and I’m depressing, but Delia has been with us through all of this. In fact, she’s helped me see the brighter side of things, and I’m so thankful for her.” Lydia hoped her dad would believe what she was saying here.

Charles nodded as Lydia spoke, at least Lydia could admit that she wasn’t the happiest person in the world. “You have a point Lydia and I’m glad you feel she has helped you. Given the most recent events, I’ve seen you be happier, and I like seeing you be happy.” Delia was in his life now, and she would be for a long time as far as he could tell, she made his family better and warmer.

“I like being happier as well. It makes me feel better about life, and about myself to talk to you and what I’m feeling.” Lydia had never been the most open person, but from the moment Delia entered her life, she was being more open and positive.

“Charles and Lydia, Delia and Barbara are ready when you both are.” Adam floated into the attic where Charles and Lydia were talking. He studied them for a moment and smiled wide. “You both look really nice.” Adam loved seeing Lydia and Charles so happy, especially today, they deserved to be happy.

Charles turned even though he could really see where Adam was, only Lydia could see Barbara and Adam, she was alive, but she found the ghosts in the first place. “Thank you, Adam! I’m ready to go. Lydia?” Charles looked at his daughter with a questioning look just to make sure she was also ready.

“Dad, he’s in front of us. Adam, have you heard anything from you know who? I don’t want him popping up, and ruining the wedding.” Sure, Beetlejuice was her best friend, but today he needed to lay low and not pop up out of nowhere, even if not everyone could see him without saying his name three times in a row.

“Good point Lydia,” Charles said turning around again so he was facing the same direction as Adam. “Adam, I can’t let him be here today. If he comes back someday, fine, he’s Lydia’s best friend, but not today.” Charles now had a look of concern on his face.

“I have not seen or heard from he who must not be named since he left. I feel assured he will not pop up today, but I do have a slight feeling he may show up here again any day now.” Adam was a serious person by nature, and even as a ghost, he was serious. Lydia had gone as far as to call him a stick in the mud, and say that he could use some more fun in his life. His tone now was more serious than ever now.

“We just need to remain on our guard for when he comes back.” Charles looked at Lydia one final time, this time studying the pale pink nail polish on her fingernails. “I like this color nail polish on your Lydia,” Charles said beaming at Lydia.

“Yes, I know this sound weird, I miss him, and I just want my best friend back.” Barbara picked her nail polish color, when Delia said Lydia should have a lighter color on her nails just for today. “Yes, Barbara picked this color when Delia said I should consider a lighter tone on my nails just for today.” Once more Lydia looked to her dad, and then to Adam. “Okay, let’s do this,” she took her dad’s hand and walked with him out of the room.

The ceremony was lovely, and they had made it without you know whom being one of those wedding crashers you heard about on the news. The party afterward was even more fun for the family because everyone was so relaxed. Even Lydia had a good time, and she was tough to please most of the time. After all the guest had left and Adam and Barbara were in the attic Delia, Charles, and Lydia finally had the downtime they had been wanting all day.

“Thank you so much for giving me one of the best days of my life Charles and Lydia. I love you both very much,” Delia loved time likes this when they could just spend time just the three of them. She had a plan to work this into the evening schedule, she just needed to think of the right angle to sell Lydia on her plan. This moment right now was a start at least.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that Delia. I really wanted today to be a good day for you, and I’m so happy it all worked out.” Charles knew about what Delia referred too as family time every night, and they would make it work, He hoped they would at least. “I love you so much Delia,” Charles kissed his wife and he loved that he could call her his wife now.

“Today was fun, and it was one of the best says I’ve had in a while because I was so happy for you both.” No negative or depressing comments from her right now, she was exhausted sure, but she also had fun.

Charles and Delia looked at Lydia and then towards each other. They were not sure if she was going to make another comment, but she was really happy right now. This was what they had both wanted for a while, and the fact that she was happy made them even happier.

“I’m so pleased to hear you say that Lydia.” It was getting late, and there would be more time for family time like this, when Delia got her way, and Charles was sure she would get her way eventually.

“I’m glad I made you happy dad and Delia.” Lydia was getting tired sure, but she wanted her dad and stepmother to have time with her out of the room. Also, maybe she wanted to see if she could summon Beetlejuice just to talk to him. “I love you both so much. I’ll see you tomorrow.” Lydia gave her dad and hug as she left.

A few moments later, Charles and Delia made their way to their room as happy as ever.