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The Snake Pillar doesn’t like Tanjirou. That foolish child is allowed to remain in the Demon Slayer Corps even though he carries a demon wherever, even taking it to missions to slay its kind! The child begs them not to hurt it because it once was his little sister. It’s as if he thinks familial bonds can transcend the differences between humans and the demons who prey on them. Iguro Obanai doesn’t understand him at all.

Obanai’s family was a clan of killers and thieves.

They formed a contract with a demon, a scum of the earth. They gladly sacrificed their own children. In exchange, the demon gave them riches from families it killed. Obanai’s family then used their filthy wealth to fatten him up with sickeningly rich foods. They had it coming. By the hand of a child they readily sacrificed no less. But they were humans. They were murderers, but Obanai was too.

The snake demon he was sacrificed to was rightfully killed by a demon slayer.

It killed entire families while the Iguro clan raided empty homes full of luxury goods, chests of gold, and freshly dead corpses. It had killed his family, too: the women who fed him like a pig to be slaughtered at harvest and the infants those women fed to the serpent. Obanai was supposed to be one of those infants. He would have left his mother’s belly only to be digested in the demon’s stomach. But he survived. And by surviving, he doomed his family to die.

Obanai is the greatest sinner of them all. He walks the earth with a tainted body given to him by his family, a cursed body that was allowed to live at the price of fifty others.

Members of the Demon Slayer Corps can become Pillars by killing fifty demons. Obanai does just that, slaying one demon for every family member who died. How can he call himself a demon slayer, let alone a Pillar? The number of humans he protects cannot change the fact that he committed the crime of killing family: aunts, sisters, his mother.

Even so, Obanai tries his best to atone for all that his family and he, its last member, have done.

惡魔滅殺. Destroy and kill the evil demons.

Engraved on his sword, that is his duty as a Pillar. Every slash of his sword will make the Corps’ goal of eliminating all the demons a bit closer. When the Master summons the entire Corps to his estate to take down their nemesis, Obanai answers the call.

As he stares down Kibustuji Muzan in the ruins of the Dimensional Infinity Fortress, Iguro resolves himself, cluthing his crimson blade. If he dies in this battle, his family’s sinful legacy will die with him. If he brings Muzan down with him, then he will finally live up to his role as a demon slayer. Iguro Obanai hates Kamado Tanjirou for keeping his demon sister. But the Snake Pillar and the Breath of the Sun user are comrades of the Demon Slayer Corps. Together, they will avenge their fallen comrades and all the humans who were killed by demons over the years. When all is said and done, Obanai can finally be absolved of his sins and reborn.