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Certain As The Sun

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How they had gone from an unexpected reunion of good friends to such a kiss, Jo had no idea, but she was not at all regretting the moment of apparent madness, and was even smiling when they parted and she told him; "This was not at all what I intended when I saw you, but Teddy, oh, it has been too long and... and I have missed you so."

"And I have missed you, Jo, more than you know, so please, tell me that we shall never be parted again, that you will marry me, because as sure as the sun rises with each new morning, I shall love you forever."

She was laughing in spite of herself as she nodded her head and told him, "As much of a surprise as it is even to me, I know I could settle for nothing less, so yes, Teddy, I will marry you."