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paint me like one of your trash collectors

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“Have you even tried shopping for him!?” Shi Qingxuan slammed her hand on the table with a shout. 

“I have, I have! It’s just hard because he has so much already!” Xie Lian caught his boba from toppling off the cafe table from the force of Shi Qingxuan’s anger.

“Hm, he does wear that Alexander McQueen jacket and Gucci tracksuits all the time— he has too much money to be throwing around when he could be showering you in gifts,” Shi Qingxuan huffed. She waved her fan in front of her face, seemingly useless in the chilled February air but Xie Lian knew it could blow both cool and warm air.

“He bought me an Armani suit and shoes and told me we’re going to dinner on Valentine’s Day….” 

“Hey, hey, does he have friends? Equally rich, hot friends who will buy me Armani?” Her tone totally changed! 

“Only He Xuan, but he would barely count them as friends,” Xie Lian said. 

“Jewelry? He’s always wearing those layers of silver necklaces and earrings and stuff.” 

“All of it’s real silver— the most I can afford is a faux silver Target necklace.” 

“You’re right,” Shi Qingxuan hummed thoughtfully. “Flowers are always nice?” 

“He bought me flowers yesterday with the suit and I’m sure the bouquet cost as much as all my utility bills combined.” Xie Lian slumped back in his plastic chair. This wasn’t going anywhere, and he truly wanted Hua Cheng to feel it was special, not something he picked up last minute from Dollar Tree. 

Hua Cheng would probably love it anyway… but he truly wanted to try and really think about his gift.

Shi Qingxuan grumbled and took a long sip of her boba. “You guys are doing the do, right? How about getting a mold done of your butthole and-“ 


“Wrap yourself up and say you’re the gift.” 

“Absolutely not.” 

“Hm. I read a manga once where a character got his lover a fountain pen because he’s rich and already had everything but he thought the pen would be nice because he’s a writer. You could get Hua Cheng a fountain pen, they’re cheap on Amazon,” Shi Qingxuan said. 

“No.” A spark flashed over his eyes. “He wouldn’t have any use for a fountain pen, but I do have an idea.” 

“That you’re poor and he’ll probably laugh at your weak attempt at getting him something he already has a ton of, but love it regardless because he loves you?” 

“Not- no, not like that.” Xie Lian stood and gathered his coat and remaining boba. “I’ll see you this weekend, I gotta go find it before I have to work.”


Okay, maybe she was right. Not a fountain pen, per se, but a paintbrush. He recalled the little shop he frequented for his calligraphy not far from his apartment. They had all sorts of unique art supplies, crystal inkstones and paint palettes, brushes made from trees infused with wishes and good luck, paper doused in magic to make their craft last forever. 

They were also a discount store with a fantastic clearance section.

He scoured clearance first but, finding nothing but fluttering sketchbooks and color-changing inks, near expired shape-shifting chocolates and heat-sensitive paper. He shuffled to the full price displays with a heavy heart. 

Hua Cheng sculpted, but all the different gadgets and blades and clays made his head spin. He asked an employee and, as knowledgeable as they were, there seemed to be nothing he could get Hua Cheng that would be a little more special than the rest of his tools. 

In the painting aisle, full of canvases taller than him promising to bring the paint to life and palettes of paints to make your art speak, he asked once again if there was anything in particular that stood out. 

“We got these new brushes in,” said the employee. “Perfect for Valentine’s Day.” 

A pair of sleek black brushes with the number size embossed in red at the hilt. The package read it was one hundred percent unicorn hair harvested cruelty-free. The pale shimmer of the bristles, wrapped in the packaging plastic, looked soft to the touch. The two were tied together with a glimmering red string. 

“They’re pretty. What do they do?” The price was a little high for only two brushes, so they must be made to do something special. 

“They’re a pair, the second to be gifted to a friend or lover,” the employee explained. “As you use one you think of your friend and what you want for them. Your wish is supposed to come true, and they’re said to be especially good for couples who want to become closer.” 

Huh. “Okay, I’ll get this.” A plan started welling in his mind, breaking the crest of his forethoughts, and he asked, “Do you know if these are good for calligraphy, too?” 

“I assume so based on the shape of the bristles. Unicorn hair is very fine and flexible, wonderful for all sorts of brushwork.” 

“Thank you for your help,” Xie Lian said with a nod and tucked the brushes into his basket. He also bought two canvases meant to preserve its work and on the way home, he bought supplies for baking. After work, he made the dough for sugar cookies and let it chill in the fridge overnight. 


With two days left, he unwrapped the brushes and picked out one. The glossy handle was soft under his fingers, the bristles light when he dragged over the back of his hand. He dipped the brush in his wet inkstone with ink he saved for special occasions as it was specially made to last a long time, infused with good fortune and while under direct sunlight revealed flecks of gold. A tingle of magic traced his fingers charged by the brush. He didn’t usually like splurging, but he felt a nice ink for gifts such as this is always a necessity. 

He wrote out a brief line of poetry he adored as it reminded him of Hua Cheng on the canvas, 

“I love you more than words can wield the matter, 

Dearer than eyesight, space, and liberty” 

When Hua Cheng had read them from a thick, black tomb to Xie Lian, he had held his gaze, the words “ I love you more” shaped his lips. It stuck with Xie Lian and rang through his heart in an echoing toll of a bell. 

He wished to always love Hua Cheng, and for Hua Cheng to love him back. He wished with every stroke to be able to his fingers every morning and kiss his lips every night, to brush the hair from his eye and drape his arms over his shoulders. 

He wished more than anything that Hua Cheng would like his gifts and love him as he always had. 


The auspicious day arrived. With the frosted heart-shaped cookies (the frosting more green than red and a little runny down the sides) and the canvases and brushes carefully wrapped, he dressed himself in the tailored black suit, the white button-down soft and trimmed to his waist and the crimson silk tie in a neat knot at his throat clipped with silver collar chains. He placed a fresh red rose from a bouquet Hua Cheng had delivered to him that morning in his breast pocket and tied his shiny black oxfords. He clipped the silver Rolex to his wrist, the matching gold one tucked away in the velvet box and placed in a corner under his mattress. They were both gifts from Hua Cheng for his birthday last year, and due to his job he tended to keep them tucked away.

Hua Cheng picked him up in his sleek red Porsche, a tie the exact same shade of the rose in Xie Lian’s pocket smooth on his chest and a black shirt blending into the onyx of his suit. His dark eye glittered at the sight of Xie Lian sliding into his seats, a smile quirking his thin lips. 

“Hello, gege,” Hua Cheng said with a sweet peck on his cheek. “You look stunning in Armani. And the rose is a lovely touch.” 

“Thank you, San Lang.” Xie Lian pulled his hand from the middle rest and placed a kiss on his pale knuckle, the silver ring that scraped his chin warm to the touch. 

“You have gifts? Gege shouldn’t have, you being here is more than I could ask for,” Hua Cheng said pointedly to the cheesy gift bag covered in red and pink hearts. 

“Of course I did.” Xie Lian tucked the bag behind his legs, careful of the canvas wrapped in tissue paper. “I want to thank you for taking me out like this and showing you how much I love and appreciate you.” 

“But what if the restaurant is awful?” Hua Cheng teased. “Like, the food is awful and the only thing worth eating is a side salad so we have to stop at McDonald’s to get you because it was so bad you starved?” 

“Not likely because I consider dry cup noodles as a treat,” Xie Lian laughed. “I wouldn’t care if the food was bad as long as I can spend the night with you.” 

“Gege is much too sweet.” 

They drove uptown to where the grey skyscrapers switched to glittering pieces of art, the parks alight with dazzling street lamps, and the signs glowing with their fortune. 

The restaurant was a low building tucked in a quieter part of the city, but the lack of sound spoke loudly of the riches amongst the residents. The title was alight in the chilled night, arranged simply on the side framed by tasteful greenery. 

A valet took the car, and Hua Cheng led him by his arm up the steps to check-in where they were taken to a secluded booth by a street view window. Hua Cheng ordered a round of waters when Xie Lian interjected. 

“Would you want to do a wine taster, San Lang?” 

Hua Cheng looked at him surprised. “I would but only if gege does. I know you don’t drink and I don’t want to be the only one enjoying the wine.” 

“A little is fine,” Xie Lian said. “It’s a special occasion.” 

They ordered a round of reds and were left alone. 

“What did gege get me?” Hua Cheng started. 

“None of your business until you open it,” Xie Lian said. The gift was in the car and they were already planning to go back to Hua Cheng’s after dinner. 

“Hm. You can tell me and I’ll act surprised when I open it,” Hua Cheng tried again. 

“Not a chance,” Xie Lian said firmly, teasingly. 

The wine was tasty, and the food was amazing. They shared a chef sampler seafood dish of seasonal market fish, heady lobster curry, decadent caviar, and succulent scallops amongst hidden fruity flavors. Each dish came with a mouthful of wine paired with their unique flavor and to finish the night, they ordered a round of their dessert tasting. Caramelized apples draped in butterscotch and cashew, rich pudding that melted the moment it touched their tongues, sweet sorbet twisted with rose petals, and finished everything off with a warming affogato and sweet mignardises. 

Xie Lian was full, pleasantly buzzed, and above all his cheeks hurt from smiling so much. His sweet, handsome, charming Hua Cheng had a spot of pudding on the corner of his cheek and Xie Lian felt no qualms in reaching across the intimate table to wipe it with his thumb. Without thinking he licked the sweet dessert clean and his embarrassment was wiped away by the brilliant blush on Hua Cheng’s cheeks. Huh. 

Hua Cheng footed the bill with a sleek black credit card, not even looking over the check before he tucked the card in and passed it back to the server. 

“The affogato set me over the edge,” Xie Lian said. His pants felt a little too tight for comfort. But it had felt fine eating every single course; the five-course dinner paired with the eight-course dessert didn’t seem like a lot as every portion was only a few bites but it all added up in the end. 

It was a decadent taste of nostalgia he couldn’t get enough of despite the sharp jab in his chest within every bite as a reminder of all he had lost.

“I hope the meal was up to your standards, gege,” Hua Cheng said, his eye twinkling and his cheeks still a tad pink. 

“My standards are wandering Costco and eating all their samples— this is above and beyond anything I could have wanted.” The burn of his old life, his family’s old fortune washed away with bad luck is a sting that will take many more years to get over, but moments like this filled him with new shapes to replace the old, a fondness in place of the sour note black truffle left in his memories. “Thank you, San Lang,” he continued. He put his hand over Hua Cheng’s on the table who turned it over to clasp his warmly. 

“Anything for my gege,” Hua Cheng said with an extra squeeze of his hand. 

They left shortly after. Xie Lian found standing up was surprisingly difficult, the world spun on its axis for a moment and his limbs felt heavy but his head was high in the clouds. Hua Cheng gripped his arm firmly, grounding him back down. 

“Did gege drink too much?” He said teasingly, the barest trace of concern laced his words. 

“I’m fine. Just some water and I’ll be okay in a bit.” 

Hua Cheng tipped the valet heavily and opened the door for Xie Lian before the valet could. The drive was disrupted by the remnants of traffic, but neither minded as they filled the jerking stop-and-go and distorting beeps with wonderful conversation. 

The lights were a little too harsh and the smooth motion of the car made Xie Lian sway slightly. His face felt hot, his hands hotter, but he felt so relaxed against the plush seats with Hua Cheng rubbing the back of his hand soothingly. 

His lips were red still from the sorbet. Xie Lian wondered what part of the dinner he tasted like. 

He shook himself from those thoughts. It’s not that they were below him anymore, no. He and Hua Cheng were very, ah, comfortable with each other now. But the alcohol moving sluggishly through his system, his muddied mind, and the warmth steeped deep in his chest, he couldn’t help but stray. He soaked deeper into the seat, his mind briefly slipping back to the sweetest memories of Hua Cheng’s lips upon his, his long fingers running through his hair, down his shuddering spine, caressing his- 

He remembered a dream he had over a week ago of Hua Cheng melting under his hands and calling his name in the sweetest way. He laid under him with the pink flush spread down to his pale chest and Xie Lian kissed it redder. He pressed his lips down, down, down until Hua Cheng was squirming underneath him, jumbled cries of his name traced his ears and sweet moans caressed his skin and left him intoxicated by his touch. 

It happened once more where Hua Cheng was like jelly in his hands, melting into the bed with tantalizing moans dripping from his lips, his back writhing under his gaze, the muscles flexing with every whispering touch and his firm ass, pink with attention, clamped firmly around him as he penetrated deep. 

The reason these dreams had not come to fruition yet was due to Xie Lian’s own shyness. Hua Cheng gave him all the room to voice his thoughts but never did Xie Lian speak them aloud. A tightness would always seize his chest and he would agree with Hua Cheng’s suggestions. He never minded in the end as he melted under his hands. 

“Gege, are you okay?” Hua Cheng asked softly. They were parked in the underground parking lot to his apartments. 

“Hm?” Xie Lian snapped awake from his drifting thoughts, brought back down by Hua Cheng’s hand stroking the side of his face. “I’m fine, I just need to walk it off a bit.”

A steadying hand was still placed on the small of his back as they walked to the elevators. Seeing his reflection in the mirrored interior was somehow a better wake up than Hua Cheng’s tender touch. His cheeks were pink and his hair was tousled. He tried to smooth down his hair a bit but his hands were full of Hua Cheng’s gift to properly re-tie it to the tiny half-bun. Hua Cheng leaned close and pressed a kiss to his temple. His cheeks flushed warmer.

The apartment was clean as always and they were greeted by his loud, sensitive grey dog. He bounded to Xie Lian, the remnants of a toy hanging from his mouth and his eyes welling with tears. 

“Hello, hello E-Ming! You look handsome in your little sweater!” It was E-Ming’s favorite red sweater, one of his many as he cried if left naked too long. Hua Cheng had a whole drawer dedicated to little outfits, including an Adidas tracksuit to match his own. 

“Don’t stroke his ego, he’ll only beg for more attention later,” Hua Cheng insisted. “And I want you all to me.”

“Don’t be mean, you guys can share,” Xie Lian chided. 

E-Ming was making a valiant attempt to jump into Xie Lian’s arms. He put the gift bag down on the coffee table and allowed him to jump into his lap before he could properly sit on the couch. 

“My handsome little boy, how do you do?” E-Ming was wagging his little stump of a tail so hard his whole lower body was shaking. 

A sour look crossed Hua Cheng’s face and he placed himself directly next to Xie Lian on the couch, a glass of water in his hand. “Make sure to drink all of it.”

“Thank you, I will.” Xie Lian did his best to sip the water with the wiggling dog in his lap trying to place wet kisses on his face. 

“And before I open your gift I want you to open mine,” Hua Cheng said as he rose to his feet and retreated to the master bedroom. 

“San Lang! You did not have to get me anything else!” The flowers, the suit, the fantastic dinner, all of it was too much! He never needed to go this far for him!

“I don’t but I did anyway.” Hua Cheng came out of the room carrying a long, sleek black box with a red ribbon tied into a neat, puffy bow on top. 

“Hua Cheng no,” Xie Lian groaned. Too much! Everything was too much for him!

“There was an auction in New York for some Qing Dynasty weapons— I saw this on the list and flew over immediately to get it for you.”

Hua Cheng!” His face was reflected back to him in the long box. He gently put E-Ming down and took the box with shaking hands. Steadily, he unwrapped the ribbon and unlocked the clasps. Inside on a bed of white silk was a beautiful old sword, the Qing Dynasty seven-star inlay on the blade and a brass yazi dragon carved into the guard. The leather was worn, and the blade was tarnished with age, but it was a genuine antique sword that must have cost a whole year’s worth of Xie Lian’s rent. 

Hua Cheng rambled on about the sword, the previous owner, the age, how it was built, and everything Xie Lian would want to know of it. Xie Lian was afraid to touch it, the number of centuries passing since its original forging date made him wince. This was more than he could ever need, and here Hua Cheng was giving it all to him like it was nothing- and it most likely true. based on his large apartment with the city skyline view and the shiny Rolex on his own wrist. 

“Gege, gege,” Hue Cheng pleaded, shifting E-Ming further away on the couch. “Please give me my gift I’ve wanted all night!”

The gift was a sad comparison to Hua Cheng’s boundless gifts, a speck compared to the antique now with Xie Lian’s name to it. The meager brush and Tupperware of cookies were nothing but a joke. 

He reluctantly passed it over, the side crumpled from here he pressed his legs into it earlier. Hua Cheng eagerly tore open the canvases, the two stacked atop with the painted one first. He gasped in delight, the sweet words glossy on the stark white. Hua Cheng’s eye roved over the fine calligraphy, his lips mouthing the tender words painted on. He looked over the second canvas with a confused furrow dipping his brow. 

“Open the rest and you’ll see,” Xie Lian egged on shyly. He really didn’t want Hua Cheng to open any of it now. He wished he had his own garden to gift him, a diamond to etch his name on. 

Hua Cheng ripped through the rest with excitement. The box of cookies made him laugh in delight and he did not mind the off-color and happily ate one right there, moaning in delight with every bite around praises for his excellent cooking. 

The last was the brush. His eye crinkled in affection at the beautiful brush and declared it will be the only one he ever used.

“Oh no, don’t do that,” Xie Lian said and went on to explain. “The brush comes as a set of two and I have the other one. They’re made of unicorn hair (harvested ethically) and have the power to bring your desire to life. That’s- that’s what I used to write the calligraphy with.” And I want you to think of me, too, when you paint with that.

Hua Cheng looked up from examining the brush with the softest look in his eye. “Gege, then may I paint you?”

“Me?!” He squeaked. Hua Cheng has a sketchbook or two full of drawings of only Xie Lian but this was somehow different. He was rarely around when he made them. ]

“Of course you, as… my live model, if you would let me.” He suddenly hunched into himself, shy from his own request. 

“I would do anything for you, San Lang.” Absolutely anything. 


He wanted him to pose on his weird circular armchair by a floor to ceiling window. The shyness of his request stemmed from the fact he wanted him shirtless. Hua Cheng helped him remove his coat, placing a rose to the side, loosening his tie, then slowly unbuttoning his shirt one at a time. His fingers traced the worn undershirt and peeled it off, sending jolts of heat through Xie Lian’s skin. He crouched down and removed his shoes, his hands lingering over his exposed ankle and dragging his long fingers sensually over the top of his foot before he stood back up and directed him to the chair. He could see his reflection in the night lit window, the warm light of the apartment and the roaring fire Hua Cheng lit in the lower pit a warm halo. 

“Now sit and hold the flower close. Yes, just a little higher, your elbow in more, and perfect. Stay just like that.” Hua Cheng leaned back, himself sitting on a dining room chair with the canvas balanced precariously on his knee, his suit jacket thrown off and his sleeves rolled up to bare his faded tattoo. Xie Lian had once asked if he wanted to get it touched up but Hua Cheng said he would rather get it covered up by Xie Lian rewriting it completely. 

He first sketched it out on the canvas with long, firm strokes, his eye flashing from Xie Lian posed stiffly by the window then back to the body he built with only a pencil and skill. 

Then, he dragged over another chair and used it to set out his paints- acrylics to dry quickly. He taped up the edges and got to work. 

The moment the black brush touched the canvas, dripped with pale paint, a jolt of heat flashed through Xie Lian. He brushed it off as it was probably lingering side effects from all the wine he had. 

It did not seem the case. A bubbling heat bloomed in his belly and his eyes dragged over Hua Cheng’s lean form hunched studiously over the canvas, a fleshy blob coming to life under his hands. His legs looked very long clad in the slim cut suit pants, the hems hoisted up from him sitting to reveal pale, thin ankles. Xie Lian left a love bite there once and wanted to do it again soon. He snapped his eyes back up to Hua Cheng’s face, wiping his head clean of tantalizing ankles. 

Hua Cheng had long eyelashes. He only ever took off his eyepatch to sleep at night and sometimes when they did it and Xie Lian got the pleasure of seeing both eyes flutter in ecstasy. His cheeks were sharp and angular, his nose long and slim, and his lips were thin and sometimes a beautiful shade of pink when nibbled and kissed just enough. Inky black hair spilled over his shoulder in a loose ponytail most times but tonight it was braided back neatly with only his choppy bangs and the curls of his sideburns framing his slender face. Xie Lian’s favorite was when he let his hair down completely and let Xie Lian wind his fingers through it to pull his head close as he bobbed up and down on his swollen cock, lips stretched wide and looking up with a deep, heady eye from under his thick lashes.

Xie Lian swallowed. He pulled his gaze away from his face and focused on his hands working on the portrait, but his thoughts immediately jumped to imagining them scrabbling over silken sheets, clawing over Xie Lian’s back, holding his own legs high and wide to allow Xie Lian to drive in deep and hard-

Oh gods, he was hard. He wasn’t allowed to move or else Hua Cheng would huff at him to stay still. But he was being flushed full of heat, the images flashed through his mind’s eye of Hua Cheng spread out under him, Hua Cheng bouncing on his cock, Hua Cheng moaning and sobbing for harder, faster. 

Xie Lian has never topped Hua Cheng before as he was always the recipient, but that would be a lie to say he’s never played with the idea. Now more than ever he wanted to tear the canvas from Hua Cheng’s hands, press him into the wide windows, and fuck him hard and deep until he was coming around his cock over the glassy surface. 

Anxiety pinched his nerves, threatening the temperature of the heat, but another spike of hot arousal out of nowhere sent it tumbling away. He tried to squirm minimally, the glances Hua Cheng gave him most likely was him most likely checking the exact movement of shadows playing across Xie Lian’s abs or the correct angle of highlight across his biceps. 

The brush, it dawned on Xie Lian. To manifest their desires… used to bring couples closer. Ah, Xie Lian was a little bit naive, wasn’t he?

“San Lang,” he called, his voice a little too hoarse. Hua Cheng looked up and froze, his single eye widened when he finally noticed Xie Lian’s hardness. “Come here.”

Hua Cheng was drawn to him as if dragged over by puppet strings. He dropped the canvas on his chair and barely swished the brush around in his water cup before he came over to stand stiffly in front of Xie Lian. 

His hardness was obvious, covered by the canvas before and was now straining against his slim slacks. It made Xie Lian’s mouth water.

He tugged him close by his belt loops and let him fall into his lap, Hua Cheng’s long legs straddling his. He didn’t know who moved first, but they were lip-locked in the next breath. Hua Cheng kissed him deeply, hotly, his tongue roving into his mouth, and he almost wanted to melt under his hands as he always did, but the burning heat in his core snapped him awake. He gripped Hua Cheng’s slender hips and ground him down as he thrusted his hardness up, pulling a sharp moan from him which he immediately swallowed down, taking control of the kiss. Rarely did he lead but when he did, it left him hot, aching to his very bones, and thirsty to swallow Hua Cheng whole. Now the fire burned higher than he had ever felt it and the only outlet was to kiss Hua Cheng back hard enough to inhale his very soul. 

He sucked his tongue and Hua Cheng gasped, allowing Xie Lian to slip his own tongue into his mouth as his hips rolled up again, a muted slide of his cock against Hua Cheng’s ass. Hua Cheng groaned and pulled himself closer, rubbing his hips downward to meet every thrust of his hips, his slender hands gripping Xie Lian’s broad shoulders like a lifeline. He was hot in his hands filling Xie Lian with his intoxicating kisses and drunken moans that filled his body with liquid heat. His lips tasted like the affogato, a note of sweetness buried in his tongue.

The brush, the brush! Xie Lian was pulled from the boiling depths of his mind, burning hot under Hua Cheng’s body, breached the surface with a gasp and Hua Cheng bit his lip. 

“San Lang, what were you thinking of when you painted me?” He didn’t mean for it to come out sounding so dirty yet the crackle of his hoarse voice sent a shudder running down Hua Cheng’s spine. 

“You.” Was all he gave him, his gaze cloudy. 

Xie Lian leaned in and bit the long column of his throat, pressing hot, wet kisses and dragged his tongue over the sensitive flesh. Hua Cheng shook in his lap. “What about me?” He murmured into his neck. 

“You- you kissing me like this,” Hua Cheng gasped when Xie Lian sucked a mark right below his ear, shudders wracking through his body. 

“And?” There had to be more, where had the heat suddenly come from? 

“And you holding me up in your big, strong arms while fucking the life out of me up against the window.” 

Xie Lian froze. “The brush I gave you, San Lang.” He pressed an apologetic kiss into the divot of his collarbones. “I didn’t think it would translate desires like this.” 

Hua Cheng pulled back, running his hands slowly down Xie Lian’s body, squeezing his pecs as he passed and tracing over his abs. He was reduced to putty in Hua Cheng’s hands. “Gege, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make you uncomfortable. We can stop if you truly want or we can do it as we usually do if you’re not ready.” He ran his hands over their crotches where their hardness were trapped and straining, and traced a sensual path up his own body, tugging his button-down up to reveal marble white skin stretched over his sharp hip bones, the dip of his pelvis, roll of abs. Xie Lian was drooling. 

“I’ve- I’ve wanted this for a while, actually,” Xie Lian admitted, a full-body blush consuming him. “I think the brush finally gave me confidence to, uh, act.” He paused and looked away, suddenly shy. “I wanted to give you something, anything, but I couldn’t figure out what. If this is what you truly want from me then I’m more than happy to give it to you.”

Hua Cheng licked his lips and pulled off his tie completely. “Then I am in your care.” 

Xie Lian lurched up to press his teeth into Hua Cheng’s throat, his hands shaking as he tugged opened his pants to bare his cock. It sprung free, already hard and dripping in Xie Lian’s hand. He wanted that in his mouth, to feel the throbbing member pressed deep in his throat as he shook under his hands and tongue. He rubbed the underside of its head with his thumb and followed with a smooth tug. Hua Cheng shook in his arms, shuddering with each pull and swipe of his thumb over the head. 

“Gege, gege,” Hua Cheng panted. “I want you to fuck me up against that window now.” 

“Hold on, we need lube.” Xie Lian held Hua Cheng’s hip firm to his lap to stop his squirming, his hand working his cock to full hardness, the tip already beading pearly white. 

“My left pocket- no my left, your right,” Hua Cheng panted. His head was knocked back and his back arched obscenely, his eye already hazy with lust. The grounding pressure on Xie Lian’s cock felt so good he swore all he needed was for Hua Cheng to rut up against him a little longer before he came in his pants. 

The travel-sized lube was retrieved and Xie Lian couldn’t help but giggle at Hua Cheng’s preparedness. 

“Just in case we got a little handsy and couldn’t make it out of the restaurant,” Hua Cheng said with a teasing smirk to his kiss swollen lips. 

Xie Lian gave him a sharp smack to his thigh, not enough to actually hurt him but enough to jolt him. “As much as I love doing things with you, I refuse to do it in a public restroom.” 

“I could have taken you on the table right there if you’d asked- Aah!” He cut off with a sharp gasp when Xie Lian twisted his wrist just right around his cock.

“Fuck me already, gege, I can take it,” Hua Cheng gasped. Xie Lian pulled him up on his knees and tugged his pants down to bare his ass to the chilly room. Hua Cheng shivered with Xie Lian gently rubbing the globes of his ass as if to warm them up. 

The first tentative finger circled the puckered rim of his hole had Hua Cheng moaning and surging forward to bite Xie Lian’s shoulder, his ass wiggling for more of his fingers. Xie Lian patiently massaged the rim with his lubed finger, the other hand rubbing and groping his ass cheek. 

“You can spank me if I’ve been naughty,” Hua Cheng moaned into his neck. He ground his hips up to try and put more friction on his hole or cock, he didn’t know. 

“Not yet, you’re being so good for me.” It felt easy slipping into this role, so used to receiving Hua Cheng’s affection it gave him a certain rush having this power in his hands. He pressed the finger into his hole, slowly to not hurt him. Hua Cheng gasped and jerked in his hands. 

Xie Lian took his time working the first finger until the slide was easy and Hua Cheng was gasping in his ear. He worked slowly, paying attention to each twitch, each stuttered moan pulled from Hua Cheng. The second worked its way in and he released a shuddering moan that drove down Xie Lian’s spine. When all three were inside and he was loose and twitching he declared him ready and swiftly pulled them out.

Hua Cheng groaned in protest from the sudden chilled emptiness but his breath was taken away when Xie Lian easily climbed to his feet with Hua Cheng held securely in his arms. Hua Cheng was trapped with his pants around his knees and could do nothing but let Xie Lian hold him tight and press him into the window. It was difficult maneuvering them for a moment but Xie Lian got Hua Cheng’s legs thrown over his arms to squeeze his shoulders, his hands holding Hua Cheng up by his bottom to press him firmly between the window and the hard line of his body. Hua Cheng jerked in his grip, his sensitive cock rubbed against Xie Lian’s abs.

Xie Lian used one hand to undo his pants to finally free his cock and quickly rubbed his lubed hand down his shaft. The first touch was electric through his core, brimming with liquid heat.

“Am I heavy?” Hua Cheng asked. 

“Not really,” Xie Lian said. Hua Cheng bit his lip to muffle a groan but the jerk of his hips gave away his spike of arousal. He… always liked- to tell Xie Lian how strong he is and how hot his muscles were, but seeing Hua Cheng’s reaction to him manhandling him hammered it in that maybe he really did find his physique attractive. 

“Do it, I’m okay just fuck me like this,” Hua Cheng gasped. His loose braid was a tangled mess with locks spilling out and strands sticking to his humid neck. His cheeks were rosy with a rare flush, lips wet and swollen from Xie Lian’s attention it made him want to reach up and kiss him lifeless. Hua Cheng stared at him reverently, his eye deep with unbridled lust and rosy affection.   

“Okay, I’m coming in. Tell me if it hurts,” Xie Lian said. Hua Cheng nodded and stifled a laugh but was bitten off into a moan by the first slide of Xie Lian’s cock pressing into his entrance.

Hua Cheng sank down slowly, his hands gripping Xie Lian’s shoulders dug deep into his sinews to where it almost hurt. Xie Lian watched for any sign of discomfort, working him open slowly with the head of his cock to get him relaxed. It was hot and tight, a pleasurable grip on Xie Lian’s cock. His knees were turning to jelly, but he refused to cave and drop them. Halfway down Xie Lian stopped and pulled him almost completely off then slowly dropped him back down, spikes of heat and buzzing electricity igniting his core to a jarring degree with only this much attention. The agonizing pace slowly drove him wild.

Hua Cheng was writhing in his grasp, mouth agape and breathing heavy from the stimulation, his hands scratching Xie Lian’s shoulders to anchor him but the spikes of pleasure-pain from his nails pulled Xie Lian in two directions. 

“Gege, I can take it. Fuck me,” Hua Cheng gasped. He shifted his hips to pull more of Xie Lian’s cock inside. “I really want you to fuck me.” 

“Patience, San Lang,” Xie Lian huffed. He didn’t want to hurt him, more than anything he wanted their first time like this to be really good for Hua Cheng. 

He thrusted up slowly, steadily, letting the drag of his cock feel every bit of Hua Cheng’s pulsing insides, the grip pulled shuddering gasps from his lips. Deeper, deeper he drove, his pace unrelentingly slow. 

Hua Cheng squirmed in his arms, his cock pulsing and leaking between them and staining the front of his shirt. “Fas-faster, gege, faster, harder I can- I can take it,” Hua Cheng gasped out. His head knocked back into the window and his body spasmed when the deep drive of Xie Lian’s cock pressed against the edges of that tender spot deep inside. His body shook and he moaned out, “Gege, I’ve fingered myself with almost my whole hand, fucked myself on a dildo almost your perfect shape, I’ve dreamt of me taking you and turning around for you to fuck me hard into the bed.” 

“Oh uh, okay.” By request and his own wavering will, the next thrust up was hard, the slick slide burned with heady friction borne from the sudden startlingly fast pace. He cut loose the threads of worry holding him back and pressed Hua Cheng into the window and fucked up hard into him, sharp moans pulled from Hua Cheng’s throat and burning gasps traced Xie Lian’s fiery skin. The cityscape below, ignited under the black sky traced with satellites, framed Hua Cheng like a picture meant for him only. The glow of the city backlit behind him, the warm light of the room illuminated his flushed cheeks and wet mouth, the collar of his still most buttoned shirt was askew and wrinkled. He slid up and down the window from Xie Lian’s relentless thrusts, twitching and gasping with each upward thrust, the wet sound of their copulating echoed against the thick window. 

“Gege, gege I’m close, close-“ Hua Cheng gasped. His core was twitching and clenching around Xie Lian, his body drawn tight with the oncoming orgasm.

Xie Lian was close, too. His legs were shaking and his core was flooded with molten magma, ready to burst from his oh so sensitive cock. 

“Come with me,” Xie Lian murmured, breathing hotly against the shell of his ear. 

“Only if you come inside me,” Hua Cheng gasped, his eyes rolling back. It was all he could say before Xie Lian pressed in close, trapping his weeping cock between their abs and rutting up into him hard, finally pulling the orgasm from him. 

Xie Lian came from the clench of Hua Cheng’s hole when his body convulsed, hot spurts of cum staining their stomachs as Hua Cheng fell from his crest, Xie Lian following him down, down, down. 

Hua Cheng fell limp in his arms, his body shaking and interrupted by the occasional twitch leftover from his orgasm. Xie Lian sank to his knees finally, unable to hold them up any longer. He pressed his sweat-slick forehead to Hua Cheng’s humid shoulder, listening to his erratic heartbeat and stuttering breath as he washed ashore from the waves of his orgasm. 

“Gege, Xie Lian, that was so good,” Hua Cheng said once he caught his breath. “If you’re up for more I can do it some more.” He leaned in close, his breath tracing the shell of Xie Lian’s ear. “You can fuck me into the bed, make me scream tonight.” 

The one time was more than what Xie Lian could have asked for, but he couldn’t help the hitch of his breath. 

“Not yet,” Xie Lian said. “I want you to finish your painting first and we can recuperate before we go at it again.” 

Hua Cheng sat up, his back pressed against the window smeared with their sweat and cum. His eyes were black holes, swallowing the lights of the city behind him. “Only if you keep your dick out while I paint.” 

Xie Lian bit his lip. Hua Cheng noticed and leaned in to press a tender kiss to the corner of his mouth. “Okay,”  he agreed

They rose shakily to their feet. Hua Cheng stumbled briefly but Xie Lian caught his arm and helped him back into his chair. He wiggled in his seat, shucking his pants and socks off altogether and smirked. “I can feel your cum trickling out of my ass.” He adjusted again, pulling the canvas back into his lap and drying his brush. Without his pants, draped only in his mostly buttoned shirt creased from their lovemaking and stained with his cum, his long legs on display and crossed at the knee. The faint glisten of cum stained his inner thigh and dripped on the chair. 

“Sit down, gege, and don’t be afraid to take your pants off completely.” Hua Cheng waved to the cushioned chair he had sat in previously, the rose still sitting on the arm. He followed Hua Cheng by removing his pants, socks, and underwear and threw them over the arm of the couch before resuming his position on the chair, his limp cock splayed across his thigh and cum drying in his stomach. 

Hua Cheng audibly gulped and started to paint. It took him a few moments to get back in the zone, his eyes lingering too long on the shape of Xie Lian’s muscled thighs and the thickness of his cock. 

It didn’t take long for the brush to work it’s magic once more. As Hua Cheng fell into a rhythm, with broad, wet strokes across his canvas and his eyelashes fluttering to catch each detail of the art and the model, heat started to pool once again in Xie Lian’s core. 


The bedroom door slammed shut, Hua Cheng’s shirt was nearly torn off and tossed to the ground. The LED lights that illuminated the underside of his bed and shelves cast the room in dim light, but with a quick command, Hua Cheng asked Alexa to turn the bedside lamp on, drowning the room in an intimately warm glow. 

Hua Cheng pressed Xie Lian close to the door, caging his body into the cold wood and slid his leg between his thigh. They rocked into a deep, heady kiss, their tongues a slick slide against one another and hands heavy on each other’s shuddering skin. 

“I can’t take it,” Hua Cheng gasped. “You’re too perfect, so sexy and beautiful, how can I possibly stay still to paint your image on the canvas? It’s impossible to capture your exquisite beauty with mere paint.” Xie Lian left hot kisses into his throat as he spoke, pressed perfectly against the crevices of his body, cocooned in his hold. 

“I want to serve you any way I can tonight,” Hua Cheng continued. “Use me to make you feel good, fuck me as you like it.” 

Before Xie Lian could protest, Hua Cheng fell to his knees, his hands rubbing up his thighs slow and sensually as he pressed his face into the crook of his hip and thigh. 

“San Lang, no!” Xie Lian grabbed his head and pushed him back. “I don’t want you to do anything else for me tonight except lay back and let me treat you.” Hopefully. One round went pretty good but who’s to say he won’t mess up this time. He was already hard from the paintbrush, aching and hot and he knew Hua Cheng would gladly let him come down his throat and fuck into his face and as much as he loved doing it he wanted Hua Cheng to be worshipped tonight. 

The flowers, the suit, the dinner, the sword. Everything he’s done and more had been things Xie Lian could never deserve but Hua Cheng gave them all freely and asked nothing but to serve him further. 

“But gege-“ Hua Cheng was cut off by Xie Lian stooping down to lift him up easily in a bridal carry. He yelped but allowed Xie Lian to carry him over to the couch set in his spacious bedroom and plopped him down on the ottoman, the skyward windows on three of the five walls alight with the city glow, the small lamplight much like a candle flickering in the dark traced Hua Cheng in a soft gold that defined the sharp angles of his face, the broad shape of his shoulders, the dips and swells of his abs, the jutting bones of his hips, the red swell of his hard cock sitting upright and heavy, waiting politely for some much needed attention. 

Xie Lian fell to his knees, taking his time to trace his hands up Hua Cheng’s lean calves and sturdy thighs borne from plenty of hard cardio he did in his at-home gym, one Xie Lian loved using because it was didn’t smell and none of his weights were sticky like the public one he had a membership to. 

Hua Cheng’s breath hitched with the first touch of his hands on his cock. It was a wonderful weight in his hands, familiar in shape as he had felt every inch of it driving deep into his hole. He gave the tip a tentative lick, the head twitching from the first, wet touch. Salty precome grazed his tongue. He stroked the hot member a few times before he dove down and dragged his tongue from the base of his tight balls to the salty tip, slowly beading with more precome. Hua Cheng gasped under his ministrations, his hands grasping at the ottoman’s edge. 

He took his time laving his tongue over the whole length of his cock, suckling the tip and drawing sweet moans from Hua Cheng. He’s sucked his dick many times before and the only difference now was Xie Lian’s sole focus tonight was to make sure Hua Cheng was fucked boneless after. 

There was a pause where he pulled back, his hand massaging his balls and the other playing with his wet perineum, tracing close to his fluttering, cum-soaked hole but not diving in. Yet. 

Hua Cheng opened his mouth, to urge him on, to beg, Xie Lian didn’t know because before he could shape words Xie Lian dove down and took his cock into his mouth. Hua Cheng choked off into a shout, his hips jerking from the sudden wet heat engulfing his cock. Xie Lian bobbed his head up and down the length, suckling the tip and opening his throat to allow most of the length to press down deep. The hot weight on his tongue, pushing down into his throat had his already aroused cock twitching. He was tempted to reach down and pleasure himself but he refused to take the attention away from Hua Cheng even for a moment. 

Maybe except for his loose hair, which had spilled from the neat half-bun he started the night in and found strands of hair getting in his way. One stubborn lock fell forward and actually got stuck to Hua Cheng’s wet cock and with a growl he pulled his hand away from Hua Cheng’s balls to rake a hand through his hair, yanking the hair tie out completely and letting his shoulder-length hair fall free. With another tug, his lips still around Hua Cheng’s cock, he pushed his hair back out of his face and tucked it behind his ear, tilting his head to make sure they didn’t fall in the way again. 

Hua Cheng was shaking underneath him. His balls were drawn tight, precome coated Xie Lian’s tongue, his hole was twitching with every pull of his cock, ever twist at the base, every press of his tongue. By the tiny, aborted twitches of his stuttering hips and the way Hua Cheng’s arms were shaking so much they nearly gave out of him, forcing him to hold onto the coffee table, he was very close. 

His shaking hand cane up to push back Xie Lian’s hair, effectively keeping it out of his way and giving Hua Cheng something to hold on to. The burning tug on his scalp sent shock waves through his nerves and he moaned around Hua Cheng’s cock which sent Hua Cheng into rolling jerks, moans and incoherent words spilling from his wet, kiss swollen lips. 

Xie Lian looked up from under his lashes, up the lean splay of Hua Cheng’s flushed, shivering body, tense with an impending orgasm. 

“I’m gonna- gonna come again. Can I come on your face? In your mouth? Or will you make me come on- on myself?” Hua Cheng gasped out. 

Xie Lian pulled off quickly and stood up, Hua Cheng’s whole body convulsed with a sob from the orgasm take away from him. He gasped and reached down to grab his dick to send him over when Xie Lian grabbed both his wrists and pulled him up. 

“Not yet, not until I’m inside you,” Xie Lian said. He pulled him to the bed and pushed him down, dragging his body up until he was rested neatly at the top with his head on one of his many decorative pillows. 

“Stay here, don’t touch yourself,” Xie Lian ordered. “I’ll be right back.” 

He turned and left to the adjacent master bathroom, shutting the door behind him where Hua Cheng’s loud groan of protest was cut off. 

It was a weird power rush, ordering him around like that. He doesn’t think he can do this all the time but… he wouldn’t mind topping Hua Cheng again if this was the outcome. 

He caught his reflection in the large mirror over the sink. His cheeks were flushed deep, his lips red and wet from all the kisses he’s taken and given, the dick he sucked to near completion. Dark love bites bloomed on his skin, old ones were faded buds on his neck, chest, and inner thighs. The most prominent mark was the scrapes over his shoulders from Hua Cheng’s nails. He leaned closer to examine them in the mirror, the wounds already scabbed over but the skin still red and angry. He hoped Hua Cheng wouldn’t notice them because he knows he’ll flip out. 

He went back to what he meant to do in here, pulling a fluffy towel out from the cabinet by the large shower wide enough to fit five people easily and went to the walk-in closet at the other end and pulled out a box from a shelf. He had to use the bottom shelf to hoist himself up for a second to knock it down a bit. If his reflexes were a little slower the whole box might have smacked him on the head. 

Inside was an array of toys they used; the little egg-shaped vibrator connected to an app on Hua Cheng’s phone, a couple of dildos, a vibrator that by only looking at sent a shockwave of pleasure up his spine at the mere memory, a stockpile of lube and condoms, and silk rope from the few times they did some light bondage. 

He was after the lube. He knew for certain the one in Hua Cheng’s bedside drawer they usually used was low but Hua Cheng must have anticipated they’d play around tonight and replenished the stock, but he wanted a specific one. A tingling lube they played with once and found it pretty interesting but shelved it to make sure they didn’t accidentally grab that instead of their usual silicone lube. On his way out he grabbed another towel and set out a washcloth for later. 

Hua Cheng wasn’t very patient. When Xie Lian came in Hua Cheng had his knees up and pressed into his chest, one hand pulling his hole open and the other three fingers deep as he vigorously fucked himself. His eye was half open and glazed over, his mouth open with sweet gasps staining his lips. He had taken off his eyepatch, leaving his right eye bare, the sunken in patch of skin waiting to be kissed. 

“San Lang, I told you to wait,” Xie Lian groused. He dropped the towels and lube on the foot of the bed. His cock throbbed with heat.

“I couldn’t wait. I felt so empty without gege pressed against me,” Hua Cheng gasped. His fingers sped up, the cum and lube from earlier creating a slick, wet slapping sound that filled the room obscenely. 

“If that’s what you want to do then, I can watch.” Xie Lian crawled up the large bed and positioned himself in front of him, finally giving attention to his own cock without taking his eyes off Hua Cheng’s wet and sloppy hole, filled with residual cum and his fingers pushing and pulling the cum out and all over his thighs and sheets. 

The sheets, Xie Lian remembered. He gently tapped Hua Cheng’s thigh and asked him to hoist his hips up for a second which he gladly obliged and let Xie Lian pull a towel folded in half under him. He wanted to lay in bed tonight not having to worry about changing the soaked sheets. Hua Cheng quickly resumed fingering himself with vigor, his thighs splayed open and pushed up to his chest, his free arm curled under his thigh to keep it hoisted up and bared to Xie Lian’s eyes. His puffy hole swallowed his fingers with such ease, his hips twitched every so often from the drag of his fingers over his sensitive walls. Xie Lian’s mouth was so dry watching the feast before him. 

“Gege, gege touch me,” Hua Cheng begged. His fingers fucked himself faster, harder, the squelching slaps echoing in the large room, bouncing off the cityscape windows and drowning Xie Lian in a heat that shot straight to his burning arousal. 

“Hm? I’m perfectly fine with watching you play if that’s what you want to do,” Xie Lian teased. He pumped his own cock firmly, dragging his fist over it, the heat burning his own skin. “I wanted you to come with me inside you but if you don’t want to do this instead it’s fine.” 

“Come inside, come inside,” Hua Cheng moaned. He pulled his fingers out with a slick pop and used both hands to pull his thighs up higher, his knees pressed hard into his chest and his legs in the air shivering from stimulation. 

“Mm, put your fingers back in.” Xie Lian had other plans now, and he knew how much Hua Cheng loved to drive himself to the edge. Tonight he’ll indulge. 

Shakily, Hua Cheng reached back down and slid his three fingers deep into his abused hole. The slide was too easy and each press brought a sweet sigh to his lips. 

Xie Lian watched with interest but suddenly remembered the lube he brought. He quickly reached over and uncapped it, flashing the bottle to Hua Cheng who’s hips jerked at the sight. 

“Do it, do it,” Hua Cheng gasped. 

Xie Lian drizzled the lube over his hole, his fingers even slicker now as he pushed the chilled lube into him with the leftover cum. He shuddered, a moan torn from his chest when the cooling tingles started up, sending wracks of pleasure up his lean frame. His cock swelled, red and dripping beads of precome down the length of his heated shaft. Xie Lian couldn’t pull his eyes away even if he tried. 

Hua Cheng’s pace picked up, back to that punishing speed he had before to where his hand was almost a blur The wet slapping sound of his hand hitting his sensitive skin drove Xie Lian wild, and he gripped his cock and rubbed it hard to relieve some of the deep-seated aching. 

“Inside, help me gege, get inside.” Hua Cheng slowed his fingers, his hips rolling to make up for the loss, and spread his three fingers wide. 

Xie Lian was weak, but not that weak. He shoved his pointer finger deep into the begging hole and fucked it hard at the same quick, hard pace Hua Cheng had set himself. He groaned, mouth falling open and sweet obscenities spilled out all over the sheets, his three fingers joined with Xie Lian’s to pull a symphony of pleasure out of him. The hand holding his thigh up shook, his fingers digging deep into the meat. Xie Lian took pity on his other leg drooping down, shaking from having to hold itself up and pushed it up back hard and wide into Hua Cheng’s chest, baring his even more of his swollen hole to Xie Lian. 

The lube felt like fresh peppermint on his fingers, tingling sensations spilled over his hand and he knew exactly how Hua Cheng felt because Xie Lian had taken this in his own hole before. 

“I want you to fuck me still, fuck me more, won’t you do it? Fill me up again?” Hua Cheng asked between labored gasps, his back a sensual arch on the silken bed as his whole body rolled with pleasure.

“I thought you wanted me to finger you,” Xie Lian said. He couldn’t take his eyes off the stretched out hole.

“Let me come on your fingers then fuck me right after so I can come on your cock too as you fill me up,” Hua Cheng reasoned. He threw his head back with a startlingly loud, guttural moan when they brushed that sensitive spot inside him. 

“Are you sure? Won’t it hurt if I go inside you when you just came?” Xie Lian asked. He didn’t slow his finger in the slightest. 

“No, no, I want to feel it. It’s okay if it- if it gets too much I’ll tell you to stop, yeah?” He argued. His throat was bare, his head tossed back into his soft pillows and the braid nearly undone. 

Xie Lian would love to watch Hua Cheng come a couple more times tonight. On his hand, his tongue, his cock, whatever it may be it sent a shiver of satisfaction down his spine at the thought. 

“Okay. Come for me now so we can get started,” Xie Lian said, the command tracing his words already shaking at the ends from his own heady arousal. He doesn’t think he could last. 

From his words and a few more pointed thrusts, Hua Cheng jerked and came. His whole body shuddered, his fingers pushing the orgasm out in spluttering bursts that painted his sweat-slicked abdomen. There was less than the first time and it made Xie Lian wonder if his next orgasm would be a dry one. 

The sight alone could have made Xie Lian come, seeing him twitch and moan in sweet delirium, his eyes rolled back and mouth agape unashamedly as his cock softened in a pool of its own come on his belly. Instead of allowing himself to tip over the edge, Xie Lian pulled his hand off his cock and used both hands to massage the back of Hua Cheng’s shaking thighs, gently pulling them back down on the bed. Stretched out, heavy and content, he was like a cat bathed in sunshine. His eyelashes fluttered, head lolling as he cracked open his eye and gazed blurrily at Xie Lian still kneeling between his legs with his cock rock hard and dripping. 

“Catch your breath, then we can do it,” Xie Lian said. 

Hua Cheng gulped audibly, his eye glued to Xie Lian’s dick. 

“How does gege want to- oh!” Hua Cheng gasped. Xie Lian easily manhandled him to turn over onto his stomach then pulled him down the bed by the ankles. Hua Cheng moaned openly into the bed as his sensitive cock was dragged across the rough towel. 

“Get up on your hands and knees, San Lang,” Xie Lian said with a pat on his thigh. He rolled over to the side where their restocked lube laid out on the nightstand just as Xie Lian had guessed. The seal was even removed already. He warmed a generous amount between his hands and stroked it over his cock. He was too sensitive in his hands, shocks of pleasure arching through his body. He would not last long, so he had to make it really good while he could. 

When he crawled back Hua Cheng was sitting up perfectly on his hands and knees, the towel straightened out under him and the swell of his ass swaying slightly in the air from exertion. His cheeks were glistening, red from tonight’s abuse, his hole open and winking at him as if begging him to come in already. His cock was flagged between his legs, limp and wet but bright red. Xie Lian rubbed his lubed hands down Hua Cheng’s back, relishing in the shudders pulled from him. 

“I’m ready, gege,” Hua Cheng said with a more aggressive shake of his butt. “Come inside, I want to warm your dick up.” 

“Hm, don’t say it like that, please,” Xie Lian huffed. 

Hua Cheng laughed. “Okay I won’t, but please get in, I need you.” 

Xie Lian instead took his time massaging the swell of his ass, pushing and pulling his cheeks apart and pressing hot kisses to the small of his back. Hua Cheng was shaking under his care, his cock steadily filling once more. When Xie Lian couldn’t take it anymore he rose to his knees, pulled his cheeks apart, and slid smoothly into his hole in one slow push. 

Hua Cheng keened low in his throat, his arms shook and his hole easily sucked him inside. It was hot, wet, and above all gripped onto Xie Lian’s cock as if it didn’t want to let him go. 

He leaned over and pressed his chest into Hua Cheng’s back, pulling the braid completely undone and running his fingers through his hair while Hua Cheng adjusted time the girth again. Xie Lian pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses to the neck he bared, tugging and twisting his hair out of the way to reveal more skin to kiss, to soothe Hua Cheng’s quivering frame. 

“I love you,” he whispered close to his ear. “You’re so beautiful, San Lang, so kind to me, so wonderful. I want to stay with you as long as you’ll let me.” 

“Only if you let me bother you with my presence,” Hua Cheng whispered. “If you let me love you with all of my heart.” 

“You’re never a bother, only a pleasure to be with.” Xie Lian presses a trail of kisses down the side of his neck, across his strong shoulders, tracing the curves of his back, the dips of his spine. “I’m going to move, are you ready?” 

“More than ready. Fuck me until I cry, gege.” 

“I’ll do my best.” Xie Lian presses one more hot kiss to Hua Cheng’s quivering back, pulled out halfway, and thrusted back in hard. 

The harsh pace he set pulled a wail from Hua Cheng’s throat, his body shaking under the relentless pounding of Xie Lian’s powerful hips. 

Xie Lian pulled back, holding Hua Cheng steady, and thrusted hard and fast into his swollen hole, the slick sound of wet skin on skin echoed loudly, matching the erratic beating of Xie Lian’s heart and the blood rushing through his ears. Hua Cheng shook and cried, his body collapsing onto the bed as he writhed under the relentless pounding of his cock, pulling deep-seated moans and wet sobs from his chest. Xie Lian had never seen him like this, so broken down and messy under his hands. He was on the brink of destruction and it was all thanks to Xie Lian. 

Hua Cheng weakly tried to push his hips back onto Xie Lian’s driving cock, but his hips were being held up solely by Xie Lian and the rest of him was trying to stay afloat, scrabbling for purchase over the mused up blankets, his mouth openly moaning and crying out garbled versions of Xie Lian’s name, the sheets slick with drool, and his single eye heavy and glazed, sparkling against the high flush of his cheeks. 

Xie Lian penetrated deeper, finding that sweet, sensitive spot deep inside and nailing it relentlessly. 

Hua Cheng’s words floated up to his ears, muffled by the sheets and the slick sound of their sex. “Harder, y-yes yes right there . O-oh, mhn! I love- love you! I love you, Xie Lian!” He broke off into a high wail as Xie Lian drove into him just right, his body shaking under him, the words slipping, tangled on his tongue. 

“You’re good to me, Hua Cheng. I love you, too, so much,” Xie Lian sighed, sweat dripping down his temple and sticking his hair to his face. 

Hua Cheng was close, teetering off the edge. He needed one last pull to push him spiraling into bliss. Xie Lian pushed him over to his side, throwing his leg over his shoulder to bare his front to Xie Lian so he could see everything. Hua Cheng could do nothing but cry out, grasping the pillows with drool dribbling down his chin and sticking to the wet cloth below. His cock was hard and red, bouncing with every hard thrust and on the brink of erupting. Xie Lian reached over, wrapped his hand around in his long, inky locks, and tugged his head back to bare the lean column of his throat. He leaned over, pressing the firm line of his body into Hua Cheng’s shivering, humid form, his leg hoisted up high into the air and his toes curling in pleasure, and sucked on that oh so sensitive skin behind his ear and he drove his cock deep into his sodden hole.

That was it. Hua Cheng came with a whimpering cry just as Xie Lian couldn’t take the heat any longer. He spilled inside, stars flashing across his vision, just as Hua Cheng jerked and yelled with his orgasm, coming untouched weakly out onto the towel and his eye rolled into the back of his head. Xie Lian rolled his hips slowly, working them both down from the precipice until they were too sensitive and flinched away from the contact. 

Xie Lian pulled out slowly, his knees shaking and his abs burning, figured he didn’t need to do a core workout this weekend. Hot cum dribbled out of Hua Cheng’s twitched hole, the rim red and puffy from the attention. He almost wanted to push it back in but knew Hua Cheng was at his limit for the moment. He steadily helped him lay down, away from the mess on the towel. 

Hua Cheng’s eye was glossy and heavy, tears clung to his thick eyelashes and drool glistened on his cheek. Xie Lian pressed a soft kiss to his high cheekbone and pulled away to head for the bathroom. After a quick pee, he warmed the water from the facet and got a damp washcloth ready. He came back to Hua Cheng still laid exactly as he left him, not even a twitch left in him. 

Xie Lian gently lifted his leg and cleaned up the mess staining his hole, thighs, cheeks, and the dried cum on his stomach. He dried him off with the extra towel and dumped everything in the bathroom hamper. Hua Cheng was still buzzed on his side and hadn't moved a muscle by himself. 

He shut off the lamp manually and crawled into bed. It took some maneuvering to push off half the pillows and tuck them comfortably under the bed. That’s when Hua Cheng stirred and brushed his lips to Xie Lian’s jaw. 

“Thank you,” he murmured. Xie Lian hummed and pressed a tender kiss to the top of his head. He took a moment to awkwardly brush out Hua Cheng’s hair and used the hair tie on his own wrist to tie it loosely back. Hua Cheng hated sleeping with his hair loose. He said he gets tangled up in it. 

Hua Cheng hummed against his chest, content. 

“You’re good to me, Xie Lian,” he murmured. He sounded a little more awake. 

“I’m glad you’re in my life.” I don’t deserve you, he wanted to say, but he knew Hua Cheng would argue with him.

“Where did you get the brushes?” He asked, his voice slurred at the tail ends. 

“An art supply store I frequent. I genuinely didn’t think the night would end like this.” Xie Lian laughed awkwardly. Hua Cheng nuzzled closer, a rumble of laughter echoing in his chest. 

“Shi Qingxuan was helping me pick out things. I’m a little hopeless at gift-giving but her suggestions, albeit bad, helped me figure something out,” he continued. 

“Ooh, like what?” Hua Cheng lifted his head, the half-moon and city lights framed his silhouette like an ethereal halo, a prominent hickey bloomed under his jaw. 

“Haha. The Valentine’s Day standard of flowers and jewelry, and uh, edible butt holes?” 

“Oh, the ones where you get a mold done of your anus and they make chocolate with that?” Hua Cheng’s eye was glittering brighter than the city lights behind him. 

Xie Lian felt his cheeks warm up. He couldn’t imagine putting himself in a position like that. “O-oh that’s- that’s interesting.” 

Hua Cheng laughed a full-bodied rumble that warmed Xie Lian from the top of his head to the curl of his toes. “Don’t worry, gege, I don’t need those when I could eat your ass whenever I want.” 

Xie Lian lightly smacked him, but Hua Cheng didn’t mind— he was too busy kissing the blush staining his cheeks and ignoring E-Ming scratching at the door.