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A storm of emotions

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It was raining when Seigi walked up the stairs to the Éntranger. Fat drops falling from a dark sky filled with heavy clouds. He looked up for a minute feeling a drop running down his face, why had Richard asked him to come just before a predicted storm. Surely Richard must've seen the forecast on tv? Maybe not, the man was after all remarkably caught up in his job.

Richard met him in the hall wearing his grey suit with a blanket thrown over his shoulders. Seigi found himself smiling at the view.

"Seigi, you've arrived. Splendid!" he says easily. Seigi nods, the smile broadening on his face. He's never seen his boss this casual and it feels like Richard is letting him into his bubble a little.

"What was it you needed my help with?" Seigi asks. Richards's eyebrows furrow slightly as he looks back into the main area of the store.

"I've received a box of supposedly counterfeit jewels" Richard mentions as they make their way to the common area. Seigi's body immediately tenses up, the tips of his fingers tingling with a sudden curiosity.

He's a bit surprised that Richard asked him when he knows Seigi's talents lay elsewhere. He frowns looking back at Richard's clear blue eyes searching for an answer.

"Richard both you and I know that my knowledge of jewels doesn't come close to even compare to yours. So... that can't be the reason you invited me?" He finally asks not having the patience to play these games Richard seems to enjoy far too much for Seigi's liking.

Richard looks at him for a moment with a blank face until a small smile creeps upon his face.

"Good for you." Seigi blushes at his boss's praise. So why had Richard called him here? To joke with him, Seigi wondered, feeling indignation bloom in his chest. He wasn't about to be upset he told himself. Besides, it wouldn't be in character for Richard to joke around like this.

"You'd be right Seigi. That wasn't why I invited you." Richard weaves his hands across his lap with a small, mischievous looking smile. Seigi looks away.

On the other hand - he thinks - does he really know Richard that well? Maybe he doesn't know Richard's type of humour.

"So what's your reason," he says trying to keep his face as blank as Richard always manages to keep his (well aside from the irregular slip of emotion blossoming upon his features when Richard forgets to hold that mask he wears).

A small mysterious smile visits Richards face again "how about we start with having some royal milk tea first?" That was not the answer Seigi was expecting but at least that means Richard wasn't pranking him. He isn't sure his boss is even familiar with the term.

"Oh... Okay!" he says a smile infiltrating his features.


As they sit down again Richard takes a sip of his Royal milk tea and sighs with a smile. His blue diamond eyes glimmering as he sets down the tea and pulls the blanket tighter around himself. For a moment Seigi wonders if he's freezing.

"So, Seigi I must thank you for coming over a Tuesday since that isn't even your workday. I hope I didn't tear you from your girlfriend or anything" Seigi freezes in motion, almost choking on his tea.

"Tanimoto-san?" he asks blushing "you know she's not my... I've told you this Richard". He thinks back at the raven-haired angel with her soft features and happy go lucky attitude. He smiles sheepishly as Richard hums.

"Mm," Seigi can not determine the emotions behind his boss's blank face. He can feel his own frustration boil under the surface. He's usually not the type of person who easily hides his emotions and feelings but he doesn't want Richard to see his frustration.

Richard shakes his head lightly the curl that'd fallen into his face once again reverting into its previous position, making his boss look as flawless as always. Seigi sighs to himself, taking a sip of tea to drown out his thoughts.

"I've asked you to stay today Seigi because I have to admit I'm not so fond of storms" Seigi cannot conceal the surprise suddenly evident on his face.

He furrows his eyebrows looking confused "but Richard you're from England," Seigi says thinking of the supposedly gloomy Britain he's heard of. Richard's eyebrows lower, his mouth an even line.

"Very funny, you know I find that joke very inappropriate. Siegi, remember we have to respect peoples fears," Seigi hangs his head low feeling a wave of embarrassment wash over him. He hadn't thought about the fact that Richard might take offence.

"I apologize," he says hurriedly. After a second his brain catches up with what Richard actually said, his eyes widen.

"Wait Richard did you say fears? you mean you're afraid of storms?"

"I couldn't say..." Richard starts looking slightly uncomfortable as if his suit suddenly had shrunk a little.

"So... that was why you asked me to stay... correct? Seigi says slowly.

Reluctantly Richard hums not meeting Siegis gaze. He's a bit confused as to why his boss didn't say anything form the get-go.

"Why didn't you tell me, Richard, of course, I'll stay with you if you're frightened. Hero of justice and all have you forgotten?" He beams at Richard, suddenly feeling happy to be able to help other than preparing tea.

"No of course not" Richard whispers, smiling to himself.


Seigi is sitting on a sofa as Richard is carefully looking over the package he's been sent. Richard is sitting on the rug with his white gloves on examining the jewels with a concentrated face.

Seigi finds himself staring at his boss and his beautiful face. Those blue eyes as intriguing as the depths of the ocean when they're focused. His boss bites down on his bottom lip and something in Seigi's stomach twists. He exhales quietly before looking away, embarrassed.

Abruptly the first rumbling promise of the storm is heard over their heads and Richard flinches so violently he drops the jewel wedged in between his tweezers and it skips over the floor and in under the sofa.

Richard watches after it with a blank face before he sighs, bringing up a hand to brush over his face. For a moment anxiety is visible on his features before he stands up, his jacket flowing out caught by the air.

"Seigi would you mind?" He asks motioning for Seigi to move to the right. Seigi complies and a moment later his boss sits down rigidly in the sofa beside him. Seigi watches him carefully with worry in his brown eyes.

"Are you alright?" he asks and Richard looks over at him

"I think I'll be fi-" just then the glow from a flash of lightning and the tremendous growl of thunder strikes making Richard fold into himself, bringing up his long legs to his chest. His face hidden from view by luscious, soft-looking locks.

The wrinkle on Seigi's forehead becomes a valley. "Richard," he says softly. "Come?" he mumbles quietly when he sees the hint of an eye between locks of hair.

Seigi leans back and for a moment he thinks Richard is going to stand up and leave with an offended huff. But Richard slowly and carefully unfolds, slowly and carefully edging up until Richard's back is hitting Seigi right in his chest.

The blanket that has fallen off Richard's shoulders Seigi takes and puts over him and his boss. For a moment Seigi forgets to breathe as Richard opens his eyes staring out into the distance without a word leaving his lips. Seigi's astounded because this is so out of character for Richard that he's not sure what is happening anymore.

Richard closes his eyes after what feels like an eternity of Seigi holding his breath.

Richard is so warm and weirdly soft considering his lanky frame. He looks so small now, it doesn't even feel like he's Seigi's boss at the moment. It feels like they're something else. Something Seigi's too scared of defining so he exhales.

His chest is blossoming with warmth and excitement that he knows shouldn't be there but he lets himself - for now - enjoy this feeling of safety. The storm rages on stronger than ever and Richard jerks softly every time it's especially loud.

That lock from before falls in front of Richard's face once more and Seigi feels an unexpected strong want to reach out his hand and play with Richard's hair. Normally he'd be too afraid to do this - in case Richard would get angry but now he's reaching forward to brush back the curl from Richard pretty face.

Richard's eyes flutter open and Seigi whispers quietly "is this okay?" Richard looks at him for a while with a blank expression until he nods shortly and closes his eyes.

Seigi buries his hand in Richards sand-coloured hair, the luscious soft hair grazes his fingers gingerly and Seigi smiles to himself. His heart ticks contently in his chest.

Richard moves a bit laying his cheek flat against Seigi's chest, still silent. Seigi watches his boss, still petting his hair with the same feeling of heat blossoming in his chest. He sees the beauty that every person that's ever seen Richard speaks of. His clear skin, the slight pink dusting his cheeks and the long eyelashes kissing his cheeks. He brushes over his curls with a light hand.

He finds the urge to trace his boss's face with his finger - from his perfect eyebrows to his pointed, delicate jaw. This is inappropriate Seigi thinks. Still, he can't help but stare, abashed.

He leans his head back about to excuse himself when suddenly Richard moves his arms, wrapping them around Seigi's middle and breathing out against his chest with a content look on his previously blank face.

Seigi can feel the puff of air through his shirt and he almost shivers. He exhales in surprise, feeling his boss hug him so closely. After the shock has settled he continues petting Richards hair gently.

He closes his eyes and it isn't long before he's asleep.