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I would stop for you

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Mu Ge meets Luo Fusheng during one filming where Mu Ge thought that Luo Fusheng was really friendly and he seemed nice.
He was dressed like the people of the 30's years after it's was normal it's was one movie based on the '30s and the mafia.

What he didn't know is that Luo Fusheng was really one underworld leader.
Where he had lots of fights.
So they adapted lots of time the script.
He never went to the set so he didn't know a lot.

Then Luo Fusheng have been near Mu Ge and he introduced "Hello sir, I'm Luo Fusheng, I hope maybe I'm not one bother and that we can be friend"

And Mu Ge thought he was really pretty and say "I'm Mu Ge"

"Nice to meet you"

It's was interesting to be in the set and see the script being filmed.
He enjoyed it and say to himself that he wanted to see it more.

So he goes every day even if it's was 1h and Luo Fusheng was very friendly, he was so friendly, so nice.
They even eat together.

One day it's was raining and he was with Luo Fusheng, he could see his torso because of his white shirt.
He becomes to be a little blushing because Luo Fusheng was near him "We will wait that the storm will calm down" he said to Mu Ge at his ear.

At one moment he didn't know if he was dreaming but he thought Luo Fusheng have kissed his forehead and say "You are cute"

Luo Fusheng had a little crush on Mu Ge and when he saw him smile all he wanted is to stop be one underworld leader.
So he stopped little by little doing fights and stuff like this.

Except one time where he had one bad fight and Mu Ge have seen him hurting and he asked Mu Ge "Would you help me? Just put the alcohol on the wound I will be okay"

Mu Ge have done that and say "I'm worried about you"

"I will be okay" and he kissed his forehead.

Mu Ge doesn't know why Luo Fusheng kisses his forehead.

One day while they were eating together Mu Ge asked the question "Why are you always kissing my forehead"

And Luo Fusheng is smiling and say "Because you are cute, I would love to be with you and I try to be slow because I don't know if you want me. I'm on ex-leader underworld"

"You stopped be one underworld leader"

"Yes for you" and Luo Fusheng was smiling

"I didn't ask you for this, you are free to do what you want"

"But I wanted to do it for you, so you will not be very worried about me"

"Luo Fusheng..."

"I really like you" and he kissed Mu Ge.

They started to be lover after this where all the time Mu Ge says "I'm proud of you, you amazing"