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Kageyama doesn’t know why he just said that one but after seeing Hinata dance with his sister and seeing how his body moves just woke something inside him.


No it’s not his libido, it’s always awake when his with Hinata but the other one that he intentionally forget about when he started getting busier with volleyball.


You see when he was just 6 years old, his grandma loves to dance and sometimes he joins her cha cha time when he’s not busy with volleyball.

He can proudly say he was good but like any other boys, once they found something worth their time, they just forget about that part of them.

So when he reached 9, he stopped dancing with his grandma and focuses his volleyball instead. But after seeing Hinata dance, well he just doesn’t know why he got this urge to dance as well with him.

“What?”; asked Hinata, blinking his eyes.


He can see how Kageyama was also shock from what he just said with how he is blushing. Hinata heard it but Hinata just want to make sure he heard it right.


“Nothing”; kageyama quickly denied.

Before Kageyama can stand up from the bed, Hinata immediately sat on his lap to make him stay, “No Uh, Say it again”.




“Boke what? That’s not what I heard you said, I know”


“Then why ask if you know!?”; scowling Kageyama


Hinata just smiles at him and said; “just wanna be sure that I heard it right, so you wanna dance?”


Kageyama just blushes more making the smaller boy giggle.


“Didn’t peg you as a dancer, Yama yama”; teases Hinata


Kageyama grip the smaller boy’s head, ignoring the painful cry. “How many times do I tell you stop calling me that”


“You don’t have any problem when I call you that when you’re fucking me”; pointed out Hinata


Kageyama blushes again and grip the head one kore time and let go. “When I’m fucking you, I don’t hear anything because I’m busy focusing making you feel good”


“Uhuh, Ok. So, anyway, wanna dance?”; asked Hinata while fixing his hair not that it needs one.


Not waiting for the taller boy to answer, Hinata took his phone and searches for some music, he saw something that he want to try but can’t seem to feel like doing it with his sister. Pulling it up to his screen, he turn the phone so kageyama can see it.


“This! This is what i want to try but I don’t think me and Natsu looks good at it together. So, try it with me”; Hinata said, pointing the video on his phone screen.


What Kageyama saw is something he never tried before and he knows Hinata will look sexy and awesome but with him, he’s not sure.

Hinata stood up and grab the setter’s hands to make him stand up. “Com’on Kageyama, do it with me. You asked to dance with me”


“Tsk”; Kageyama can deny again and stop but this dancer part of him was just asking to get out.

So seeing the taller boy quiet and not stopping him, hinata smile again and both watch the video again.









Slowly, kageyama moves his hands and arms following what the dancer was doing after Hinata told him which of the two dancer he should follow.


Then both tried to do it full body, and as expected there’s a hit here and there, a step toes here and there.


“Ouch Kageyama!”


“Boke, you’re turning in the wrong side again!”


“Touch me bakayama! Put it on my hips”


“Are you stupid?! It shows this way not that way!”


Seconds pass, then minutes, then after an hour of practicing they got it.


So, Hinata opened the app with the camera and choose the song. When the beat started they immediately did the moves they have been practicing.


Once done, both were breathing hard and fast like they just played volleyball. What they saw on the screen is something no one would believe how good both they can dance if they don’t see the video.


Hinata can now officially say that Kageyama got some moves.


“Wow, this is awesome!!!!”; exclaimed Hinata, smiling so big.

Kageyama was just blushing after looking at himself moves like that but won’t deny how good Hinata dance also.




“Please don’t get mad, but I accidentally send it to the team group chat”; sheepishly said Hinata, scratching the back of his head.


When Hinata raises his head and looks up to the setter, what he saw is something he would like not to see again. Kageyama, Smiling.

“Run”; both said at the same time.


At 9pm, you can hear loud noises coming from Kageyama Household one from screaming because they are scared and one from screaming threats.