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They didn’t really care that Hinata Shouyou was Gay. They still respected and accepted him.

They don’t really care how he loves wearing skirts sometimes after practice or putting girly clips on his hair. They find it adorable and cute, actually.

They definitely don’t care if Hinata tends to stare at them in locker and shower room, and accidentally voiced out his amazement. Which they pretended not hearing it, or comment on it. ‘Cause it also makes their Pride bigger, knowing someone finds their body attractive.

When the other teams found out his sexuality and also accepted it or just doesn’t care, Hinata was happy. Knowing he doesn’t need to pretend what he is not.

So, when the Volleyball teams decided to get together and have their own 3 days and 2 nights training camp in a rental sports camp near Karasuno. Everyone was on board, especially Hinata who cannot wait to meet his friends from another teams.

When the training camp arrives, the teams present were; Karasuno, Fukurōdani and Nekoma without their Coaches. Who were also fine with it as long as they don’t do anything bad.

After putting their things inside the rooms they will be using for sleeping, Hinata immediately went out to go to the gym.

“Hinata Boke! You’re cheating!” Shouted Kageyama while chasing after the sunnyboi.

Said sunnyboi just laugh and did his best to run faster. “Last one to enter the Gym is a spoilt milk!” With that declaration made Kageyama run so fast also.

They both entered the gym at the same time, which they also don’t want to accept.

“I win! My foot was the first one to step inside”

“Shut up, Boke! My hand was the first one to enter the gym”

“No, I am!”

“If you both don’t shut up, I’ll make you stay on the bench for the rest of the day” Daichi said who just suddenly appeared behind them, with his scary face he do when he’s pissed off.

With that threat, it made the freak duo shut up and made a bow while apologizing.

One by one, people entered the gym and were stretching before playing. When Hinata saw Lev and Kenma, he went running towards them.

Kenma who was busy playing his DS was startled when something or someone hit him from behind and hugged him suddenly.

“Kenma! I miss you” exclaimed Hinata with his Bubbly and Sunny Smile.

Kenma who was still being hugged from behind, tap Hinata’s hands to release him. When Hinata did, Kenma turn around and face Hinata and hug him. Which Hinata hugged him back.

“Hello Shouyou. How are you?” Kenma said. While looking at Hinata’s smiling and cute face.

Before Hinata could answer him, Lev who was just near them hugged them both. Wrapping his long arm around the two smol bois. Squeezing Hinata between them, though Kenma is getting irritated with the thight hug.

When Lev released them, Hinata did not think twice and went jumping on Lev. Who was fast enough to catch him and was able to put his hands on Hinata’s hips to carry him. Hinata put his legs around Lev’s waist for support to while putting his hands on Lev’s shoulders too.

“Hey Hinata! Good to see you again. Cute hairclip by the way” Lev said after seeing his Sun Hairclip.

While the two were busy talking, some people are looking at them with fond smile especially on Hinata. After watching the scene, Kuroo announce the start of practice. Which made Hinata jump down from Lev and went back to his own tem, not before declaring on winning the PG (Practice Game) to both Kenma and Lev.

Before Hinata could come near his team, someone suddenly took hold of his arm and pulled Hinata towards them. Hinata who startled gave out an “eek” and was faced to a very muscled chest.

“Hey hey hey! How are you my Apprentice” said by none other than, Bokuto.

“Master! How are you?” Asked Hinata happily after calming down and realizing who pulled him suddenly.

“Hello Akaashi-san” said Hinata when he saw Akaashi standing beside Bokuto.

“Hello Hinata. Sorry for Bokuto-san, he still haven’t yet learned the proper way of greeting someone” Akaashi said while giving his small smile to Hinata.

While Bokuto was complaining to Akaashi, Suga went to get Hinata and brought him back to the team. When everyone and the teams were ready they start the Practice Game.

After the whole day of practice game, they call it for the night. Everyone went back to their rooms to prepare for the bath. Hinata who was still buzzing with energy went running along with Kageyama who shouted again at Hinata for running first.

One by one, people who were ready to take a bath went inside the biggest bathroom. Well, that’s what Hinata said who just stayed for short time and went ahead first. Saying how he likes to help preparing for dinner. Which Kageyama translates it to “Hinata going out first to have the first bite on said dinner” and went out also to follow Hinata.

While relaxing their muscles and listening to the ruckus happening around them, except for Tsukishima who was annoyed by all of it. They almost did not hear what Nishinoya said to Tanaka.

“Have you seen Shouyou’s tattoo?” Nishinoya said. Which made Daiki and Asahi asked immediately on how he found out about it.

“I saw it back at the club room, when me and shouyou were left to clean the gym. I just saw it accidentally though when he took off his shorts and saw it just below the navel” explain Nishinoya.

“Woah. Who would have thought Shrimpy-chan to be so bold to get a tattoo” said Kuroo, who was smirking while showing his amazement just before Kenma elbowed him on the stomach.

“So, have you seen how it looks like?” Tanaka asked who was still dumbstruck.

“Nope, before I could even asked him about it he quickly change his clothes and went out first” Nishinoya said while getting out of the tub to dry off.

After hearing about Hinata who has a tattoo, no one can blame them on imagining how it looks like.

So, after dinner which they found out that Hinata was the one who mostly did all the cooking and made those delicious foods. They went back to their own rooms to have an early sleep after cleaning their own dishes.

While other people were sleeping or getting ready for bed, some were still loitering outside their room.

Kuroo, Bokuto, Lev and Tsukishima went to have a walk around the Camp they were staying. Which the latter was not happy being drag out from the room.

When they reached to the end of the trail which has a big storage room, they went to peak what was inside of it and all they could see were gymnastic equipments.

Kuroo who was ready to close the door when he suddenly heard whimpering sounds coming from inside or behind the equipments. He gestured for a “shh” to the other three and slowly went inside, which was a shocking that Bokuto was capable of being quiet while slowly going further inside the storage.

What they saw is something that they never expected to see especially when the said Sunshine Boy was lying on his front with his butt high enough for the person behind him, who was pounding him so hard that it made him moan loud enough.

And who would have thought that the person who was thrusting behind Hinata was none other than Akaashi himself, who was so concentrated on hitting Hinata’s sweet spot.

Before Bokuto could shout Akaashi’s name, Kuroo covered his mouth immediately and drag him down to hide. Four of them were stuck on watching what was happening between Hinata and Akaashi, rather than getting out of the storage.

“Akaashi-san” said Hinata while moaning.

Akaashi who heard Hinata, slowed his thrust and waited for Hinata to talk again.

Hinata who felt Akaashi slowing down, slowly raise himself and trun his head to look at Akaashi.

“Can I please ride you Akaashi-san?” Asked Hinata who slowly remove Akaashi inside him and turn around to push the older man to a sitting position while he slowly crawl.

Akaashi who saw Hinata’s shaking form, help him by dragging the boy towards him and impaled him back to his dick.

“Oh! Akaashi-san” said Hinata while adjusting again having something inside him.

“Shouyou, why are you still thight?” Asked Akaashi with his blissful look on having his dick squeeze again.

“Akaashi-san, Please help me hit my sweet spot. I love it when you hit it”

“Don’t worry Shouyou, just make sure to move those hips of your”

While Hinata was moving up and down, Akaashi was thrusting his dick along with Him. Which made them find the sweet spot easily and made Hinata moan so loud.

“Oh yes! Yes! Right there! Yes”

“Daddy! Hit it more”

“I’m near Daddy! I’m cumming”

“Yes, yes, yes! Daddy I’m cumming”

“Daddy’s dick is so hard”

“Daddy, my pussy, my pussy wants more”

With all the dirty words Hinata was spouting, Akaashi was kissing and licking Hinata’s neck and nipples. Concentrating on bringing them both to cum together.

While the two were having sex, the four boys who were spying on them can’t help but getting turned on. Sporting hard ons inside their shorts and some were drooling while the others were jaw slack.

They do know Hinata was Gay but they didn’t expected him getting boned by Akaashi of all people. They didn’t even know they’re in a relationship. Akaashi who was quiet and having his poker face on always is something they did not imagine to be the one doing this kind of things. But that did not stop them from still watching the event going on in front of them.

“Baby, I’m close” said Akaashi

“Wait! I still want more Daddy”

“We will do it again, let Daddy cum first and I’ll do it again”

“Ok Daddy, release inside me. Wanna feel you”

Akaashi who got the Go, cummed inside Hinata. He was releasing a lot that his cum was spilling out of Hinata.

Akaashi removes himself to see the outcome and can’t help by getting hard again. It was just so erotic and with the way Hinata was looking at him like he just gave the world, made him thrust back inside.

“Daddy, it so warm inside. I’m so full”

“Daddy’s gonna make you full much more, Baby”

He laid Hinata down and hold their hands together while he went back to thrusting inside his Baby’s Pussy.

“Daddy, yes daddy”

“There! There! Hit it again Daddy”

“I’m cumming! I’m cumming Daddy”

Hinata releases a lot of cum and it even reach his chest and was cumming again when Akaashi cummed again inside.

The four boys can’t take it anymore and slowly went out the storage room but not before Lev accidentally hit something and made a noise.

“What was that?” They heard Hinata said and they immediately went out of the room and run back to their own rooms. Sporting big bulge which they’re thankful seeing everyone already asleep.

Tsukishima who was quiet all along wasn’t able to sleep immediately, still remembering what he saw. He cannot help it. He found Hinata cute all the time despite getting annoyed by his energetic self sometimes. But the Hinata he saw earlier was super erotic, like he was one of those professional Porn Stars he tend to watch sometimes.

While waiting for him to fall asleep he heard the door opened and hearing whispering coming from it. He knows it’s Hinata so he pretended to be sleeping.

After a minute or two, the door closes and the bed beside him was moved slowly. Any moment now, Shouyou is asleep.

Before he and the other three separated, they promise to keep it to themselves what they just saw. He guess that the promise was made especially for Bokuto who might immediately asked Akaashi about it.

For now, He will go to sleep and try not to imagine what happened earlier.

Unknown to them, what happened earlier was just the beginning.