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The voice in my ear, the lips on my skin.

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The office was empty, even the last overworked interns having called it a night. Wei Wuxian’s footsteps were silent against the plush carpet, he really should thank Jin Guangyao for his expensive taste in office decor. Not that Jin Guangyao would ever know he had been in his office, that is if he did his job properly.
“The door on the left.” Wei Wuxian nodded at the words spoken over the speaker hidden in his ear, as usual his partner was straight to the point in his instructions.
The door in question was locked, that wasn’t a problem, Wei Wuxian had picked his fair share of locks, be that during his childhood or in the course of his work.
“I see the computer.” The office was big, lavishly decorated with a massive oak desk in the middle of the room.
“Perfect, insert the drive I gave you and then let me do what I do best.” Wei Wuxian inserted the tiny flash drive and sat back in the oversized office chair while he waited for his husband to do his magic. Wei Wuxian may have been the muscle of this operation, years surviving on the streets as a child making him a shadow, there one minute and gone the next, but Lan Wangji was the brain. A tech genius who had made his fortune in his early twenties, he had given it all up to right the wrongs of the cruel men after his parents had been killed in front of him and his brother.
“I have got it. Leave now.” They had been after Jin Guangyao for months, and finally the long nights and endless stake outs had paid off. Lan Wangji now had access to his files, his schedule as well as his personal and professional email addresses. The rest would be child’s play and Jin Guangyao would be left powerless as his empire of lies and back door deals crumbled around him.
With the flashdrive back in his pocket and door locked behind him, Wei Wuxian is out of the office as if he had never been there. He had told Lan Zhan that the operation would be an easy one and it would seem he had been right.
As if to punish him for his thought, the sound of footsteps and something being dragged up ahead stopped him dead in his tracks. No one was supposed to be in the building at this time and he needed to go down that corridor to get to the elevator, that was the only point of access to the floor. Risking a glance, Wei Wuxian was somewhat relieved to see that his companion was just the cleaning lady. He could easily incapacite her, a little pressure on the right point and she would drop immediately. She would wake up with a headache but wouldn’t even realise he had been there. It was the safest option but from what he could see she had a friendly face and the hint of a smile at the edges of her lips, he would hate to have to cause her any harm. Besides tonight had been too easy and he was bored. Once he was sure she was indeed the only person standing between him and his exit point, Wei Wuxian stepped out of his hiding place and walked up to the cute girl.
“Hello! I didn’t expect to see anyone else here this late.” the girl jumped at the sound of his voice, turning to face him immediately. He had been right about her being cute. The name tag on her uniform telling him his companion’s name was MianMian.
“Who are you? And what are you doing here? No one is allowed after closing!”
“I didn’t mean to scare you. Sorry, I’m Xian. And truth be told I’m not supposed to be here. I was hoping no one would be here. But you are so cute, like a little angel, I know I can tell you and you won’t judge me too harshly.”
“Fine. Tell me then and I will decide if I call the boss to tell him you are here, running about after closing.” Wei Wuxian smiled brightly at her and was pleased to note that he did manage to get a hint of a smile back.
“Well you see, I just started working for M. Cheng and I’m already drowning! He gave me this super important document that I had to get on Gin Guangyao’s desk. Well I put in the pile of papers I needed to send but then I got distracted and I forgot to send it. But my boss is a monster, he will kill me if that paper isn’t on Gin Guangyao’s desk by the morning. I was desperate, I really need this job so I figured I could sneak in and slide the paper until the office door. When he arrived in the morning he would have the paper and I would survive to live another day!” be it his dramatic delivery or the shear ridicule of the situation but he could see Mianmian was fighting to hide her smile at his words. “So you see, you have to understand! I truly didn’t have a choice. I am not up to anything, I am just an idiot and now my fate is in our hands. I can only hope that you are as angelic as you look and you will save me.”
“If what you say is true then I will not disagree that you are an idiot.”
“I swear, I really am. I thought I wouldn’t meet anyone but I am glad that it was you I ran into because I can tell that not only are you beautiful but you are kind and surely someone with such a gentle face could not call security on me.” Wei Wuxian was putting it on thick but he had been told that his smile would melt even the coldest hearts and he was interested in testing a theory.
“Fine. I won't call security but you have to leave now!”
“Oh MianMain thank you. You are so kind, thank you, thank you. How could I ever repay you?!”
“Just leave before someone sees you and I lose my job!” with a kiss on her hand and another smile for good measure, Wei Wuxian was in the lift and on his way out of the building.
“Did you have your fun?” the voice in his ear was controlled and cold but Wei Ying’s heart stopped beating as soon as he heard it. He was only flirting to get out but he had forgotten about Lan Zhan who would have heard the whole conversation.
“Lan Zhan…” the static on the line was clear, Lan Zhan had ended the transmission. Technically, he had made it out of the building, the mission was over but Wei Ying knew that his partner would only cut the line if he was seriously pissed.

The house was silent when he arrived. He soon found Lan Zhan, sitting silently in the living room. He doesn’t look up or acknowledge the man’s presence in their home. Conscious that he is going to have to grovel, Wei Ying walks straight over to his husband and sits on his lap, facing him, his legs on either side of Lan Zhan’s waist.
“Lan Zhan, I’m sorry, I wasn’t really flirting. Please don’t be mad. You know I love only you, I was just trying to distract her so I could get out safely.”
“I know.” Lan Wangji had shown no reaction to Wei Ying climbing onto his lap but at least he seemed to be listening to his apology.
“You are the only one I love. The. Only. One. I. Want.” he punctuated each word with a kiss, starting on Lan Zhan’s check, moving down his jaw and across his neck. As he continued to kiss down his neck and towards the neckline of his shirt, Wei Ying finally felt strong arms wrap around his back and pull him tightly against Lan Zhan’s chest.
“You are mine. My operative. My husband. My heart.”
“I am all yours. Only yours and always yours. And you are mine.” Wei Ying could barely get the words out before Lan Zhan was covering his lips with his own. The kiss was intense, hungry and demanding. And Wei Ying wished that it would never end. They had been married for three years and just as he would always be there to reassure his husband that despite his occasional flirting he only had eyes for Lan Zhan, he would also never complain about his husband being a little ruffer as he claimed Wei Ying as his.

Wei Ying was a breathless mess when the sound of something falling in the next room caused Lan Zhan to stop his relentless attack on the sensitive skin of his neck and jaw.
Years of training caused him to be instantly on high alert as he moved off Lan Zhan’s lap and silently looked around the corner.
A smile immediately replaced his worried expression when he saw what awaited him in the next room. The room in question was Lan Wangji’s office from where he monitored Wei Wuxian when he was out in the field. The source of the crashing sound that had pulled them from their reconscialion was the empty mug that A-Yuan had caused to fall to the floor as he tried to climb onto his father’s desk. Lan Zhan had put their three year old son down for a nap on the sofa behind his desk as he was working but he had apparently woken up and decided to cause some trouble.
“A-Yuan what do you think you are doing!?” Wei Ying couldn’t help but melt at the sickly sweet smile on his son’s face. He really should ask for pointers for looking so innocent despite being caught red handed causing trouble.
“Damn with that smile he really would make the perfect agent! He could get away with anything and people would just smile back at him.”
“An agent?! Look at him, he’s already sitting at the desk. My son is going to be a handler! The brains behind the operations to make sure some stupid agent doesn’t get himself hurt.”
“Hey!!” Wei Ying would have put up more of a flight he couldn’t count the number of times Lan Wangji had saved his ass. Anyways, Lan Zhan wasn’t paying him any attention anymore as he sat at his desk, Lan Yuan on his lap as he shows the delighted toddler how to talk into the headset Lan Wangji wears to talk to Wei Wuxian.
“It’s a good thing you two are cute…”
“What was that honey?” Lan Zhan hadn’t looked away from the small boy in his arms but from his tone, Wei Ying was sure he had heard him perfectly.
“Nothing, nothing. Love you.”
“I love you too.” This time Lan Zhan did turn to face his husband, taking his hand in his to bring it to his lips. He kissed the worn red ribbon wrapped around Wei Ying’s wrist before pulling him down to press his lips gently to his forehead.