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he was seeking for more

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In the shadows he saw four eyes, lit by fire


He'd never done that with a lover before


He was seeking for more

Either early or too late, it was number seven

And it happened

High like a bird with his beak through the window

He saw them, they saw him

But everyone just kept on going

What he saw was different

He should have gone to bed

But instead he stuck around for the mood


--- “Seven”, Men I Trust



London, February 2018


“The guy is an enigma. We’re not going to get many more chances like this one.” 


Rey nudged her glasses back up the bridge of her nose, absent-mindedly twirling her pen with her free hand as she studied the projected images. Enigma was a fitting word for the man, considering they only had two high-quality photos where their informant could positively identify him, accompanied by a slew of grainy CCTV screencaps where you couldn’t distinguish his frame from a small oak tree. 


Kylo Ren. Early 30’s. Six foot something or other. First Order Solutions executive. Emerged a few years ago seemingly appearing from thin air, so those were really the only details they’d managed to confirm. That was all Rey needed to know though. That he was another fucking slime-ball profiting off of the military-industrial complex. A powerful slime-ball, at that. Piece of cake. 


“Rey, are you absolutely clear on what needs to happen tomorrow night?” Holdo’s voice cut through Rey’s train of thought as she re-directed her eyes to the Resistance’s Director of Operations at the front of the dimly lit boardroom. 


“Absolutely crystal,” Rey cooed as she turned began to close her laptop. This is what she lived for, after all. The thrill of being a part of something, anything, that worked towards dismantling this global fucked-up fat cat political aristocracy that was fueled by war-profiteers like the fucks over at First Order Solutions. 


“Glad to hear it. One more time, I cannot stress how badly we need a break here. The man attends two official functions every year, if we miss this opportunity to see what he has, we may never get another shot. Get the information over to Finn and the rest of tech as soon as you can. May the force be with you all,” Holdo nodded as she dismissed the meeting, everyone muttering the mantra back to her as they simultaneously packed up their things, itching to get to work.  


Rey slid the full specs of the operation into her notebook as she stood up, balancing her phone and coffee mug in the other hand as she made her way back out to the bullpen. The office was abuzz with chatter, filled with nervous energy about how they felt so close to getting a leg up, finally. The London outpost of the Resistance, housed beneath an old cathedral in Greenwich, was certainly a fraction of the size of most of their stateside counterparts, but the motley crew certainly made up for it with skill. After all, the London group was somehow trusted handling most of the Resistance’s business in Europe, except for a few agents scattered across the mainland, so they must be doing something right. 


Rey stopped at her desk only to throw back the cold dregs of her coffee and load up her bag, eager to get home and pore over all the information she had just one, or two, or maybe even ten more times before tomorrow. When the stakes were this high, there was no such thing as being too prepared. 


“Alright then, I’m off,” Rey muttered as she tucked her glasses case back into her tote, slinging the whole thing over her shoulder as she turned to her team, giving them a faux curtsy after they began to whoop and wallop. 


“Go get ‘em, scavenger! Little freak won’t even know what’s coming,” Finn Storm, her tech coordinator, hollered from his workbench as he gave Rey a mocking two-finger salute, which Rey responded to with a middle finger and a bright grin. Sure, the stakes were high but they are never too high for Finn to get Rey to laugh. 


“Alright, I’ll do it for you and you alone, Storm. Not like we’re all working towards some common higher purpose here, absolutely nothing else on the line but my commitment to keeping you on-board and employed,” Rey teased, knocking on Rose Tico’s desk as she made her way towards the secured elevator, “Tico, my place, noon tomorrow?”


Rose nodded, beginning to pack up her workstation which was covered with hard-copy print-outs of the venue’s security system, “I’ll bring the binders, you provide the booze.”


“Thatta girl, Connix is due around three,” Rey shot Rose a thumbs up as she boarded the steel elevator, waiting for the doors to begin closing before bellowing “Until then, may the force be with all you bastards!” 


The closing doors gradually silenced the loud and raucous response Rey got until she was finally met with absolute silence as she looked forward at her reflection mirrored in the closed doors. Standing up a bit taller after being slightly appalled at her posture, Rey let out a breath she didn’t realize she was holding. 


Nearly showtime. 




“Honestly, he’s not totally unfortunate looking,” Kaydel mused from her seat at the small table on Rey’s balcony, “It’s a real shame that the hot ones always end up being the totally insane and evil ones.”


Rey snickered as she took a deep drag of her cigarette, exhaling through her nose a few beats later before replying, “Spend maybe 10 seconds skimming the manifest we have on Snoke and come say that to me again with a straight face.”


“I mean, sure, he’s a fleshy bag that vaguely resembles a crumpled up tissue, but Snoke’s not your mark tonight, is he? This Kylo Ren guy, on the other hand, you may be able to have some fun with…”


“My god, you’re truly such a horndog, Connix.” Rey giggled as she turned to look at the sun setting over Brixton, “I’ll have you know I’ve never made a move on a mark, thank you very much. I much prefer the seduce, get them alone, get them to go night-night, take what I need and be on my merry way approach.”


In their line of work, fraternization with the enemy certainly happened on more than a few occasions, even if it wasn’t strictly necessary. Being with the Resistance meant being ready to absolutely anything to get your job done, and sometimes that required a little trip behind enemy lines. While Connix, unfortunately, had a point about the hot ones being totally insane and evil, Rey had managed to avoid temptation the past few years, that was probably one of the reasons she was able to move up the ranks so quickly. Many of her colleagues couldn’t say the same thing, even Holdo had told disclosed to Rey that from time to time she took advantage of the opportunity to blow off some steam while on the job. 


“God, he’s so fucking frustrating.”


Rey looked over her shoulder at Rose, who’d just come out onto the balcony after taking a call from Finn. Sympathetically, Rey grabbed her pack of smokes off the balcony railing and offered them to Rose, arching an eyebrow. 


“Trouble in paradise? Or trouble with the specs?” Rey took another deep drag, relishing in feeling.


“A little bit of both I suppose,” Rose grumbled, shooing off Rey’s extended hand before opening her laptop on the small patio table for the three of them to congregate around. “You’re on the list, entry should be no problem, but unfortunately the micro-cam won’t be fully functional so Finn doesn’t want to risk sending you in there with a prototype. Who knows what kind of scanners security will have. However, I’ll be able to get into the venue’s security system no problem so we’ll still have eyes on you. Transport should be here around 7 o’clock.” 


“Right then. I’ve gone into much stickier situations with much less. Any word on the secondary location?”


“Unfortunately, no. Again, this guy is so hush-hush he’s obviously not booked himself into a hotel as Kylo Ren. Once you’re on the move we’ll be able to see where you end up and go from there.”  


“Let’s finish up this whole, process, then,” Rey muttered, gesturing to her robe and hair that Kaydel had immaculately set in large rollers, her make-up already finished. “Won’t be getting to any kind of secondary location looking like some half-ready crazy cat lady.” 


“C’mon, you’d be able to bring any fool to their knees wearing a bin bag Rey,” Kaydel teased as she headed inside to get Rey’s dress ready, “You make my job easy Kanata!”


“Yeah yeah, alright. I’ll be in in a minute,” Rey rolled her eyes, a bit of pink rising to her cheeks as she nudged Rose to follow Kaydel inside. 


After Rose shut the balcony door behind her, Rey turned back to the sunset as she finished her cigarette. The sky was a brilliant mix of orange and red, fading to a dusky pink that was hidden behind the neighborhood’s skyline. Never knowing where the wind, or rather the Resistance, would take her next, Rey treasured every moment she had in her cozy one-bedroom flat. She’d never really had a home so to speak, but this place and the friend she had here was about as close as she’d come. Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath as a breeze passed through the early evening air, Rey savored the sounds of the city before heading back inside. 


It was time to go to work. 




Rey steeled herself as she stepped out of the car service, nodding graciously to Ackbar as he pulled away from the curb. She looked up at the venue, the Victoria and Albert Museum, accented with large First Order banners hanging from the front of the building. Rey fought the urge to roll her eyes at the sight. 


Why was it the bad guys always got to be so out in the open while the Resistance had to essentially live in the shadows? Darkness was out in the light, while the light was shadowed by darkness. 


She made her way up the short staircase, waiting among all the men in tuxes and women in gowns and their very best furs before she reached the doorman. 


“Mary. Mary Debenham.” 


The doorman, dressed in a black standard-issue First Order grunt uniform, gave her a once-over before turning to his tablet. 


“Welcome, Miss Debenham. Have a lovely evening.” He moved to the side and Rey nodded, giving him a soft smile as she walked past him, entering the main reception area before making her way into the fete. 


The place was buzzing, high-ranking First Order officers and their companions mingling with global politicians over cocktails and glasses of what Rey assumed was grossly expensive champagne that probably tasted like swill. She stuck to the walls, keeping to herself in various corners of the exhibit halls as she scanned the crowd. This really would be much easier if Rey had a clearer image of what the almighty Kylo Ren looked like. She nursed her drink, foregoing making small talk with other guests to avoid drawing attention to herself. See everything without being seen is what always echoed in her head in settings like this, and it’s exactly why she was very pleased with the outfit Kaydel had pulled for the occasion. 


Her outfit was essentially all black because no other color seemed quite as fitting for this situation, but it wasn’t the simple slip gown she had been envisioning. Instead, Kaydel dressed her in a gorgeous, floor-length gown with an embellished, fitted bodice and detailing that lead down to the numerous layers of sheer black tulle that made up the skirt of the dress. She’d kept it simple with a soft make-up look and her hair in big, loose waves that inched just past her collarbones. Rey didn’t consider herself to be any sort of fashion expert, but she was quite pleased with how everything came together. However, she really wished Kaydel chose something that let her wear a normal bra because these chicken cutlet contraptions emphasizing her bust were less than ideal.


She floated around the event for about an hour before she finally saw him. Even with their very limited intel, she was certain the man alone at the bar at the top of the exhibition hall steps was the enigma that was Kylo Ren. He was bigger in person, Rey mused, dressed in a fitted and immaculately tailored all-black tuxedo with onyx hair that grazed the tops of his shoulders. 


Even in a room packed with downright sinister people, everything about him seemed commanding and powerful. He was all broad shoulders and brooding stares as he turned his back to the bar, making his way to the marble railing and gazing out over the party. His expression gave away absolutely nothing. Truth be told, he looked like he’d rather be anywhere else in the world. 


Rey watched intently as his eyes scanned the room, and it was only a matter of time before they landed on her. No one else appeared to notice him up there, or at least no one else down below dared look up at him because as Rey soon found out his gaze was certainly, intense. Their eyes locked and although she was certain he couldn’t see it from up there, Rey piqued an eyebrow at him, intrigued as he refused to look away.


Well, this might be easier than I thought. 


Quite pleased with herself, Rey refused to break eye contact, the crowd between them seemed a blur as they looked upon each other for either ten seconds or ten minutes. She really couldn’t tell. Eventually, he was the first one to break, his expression still unreadable as he turned away from the railing and walked back to the upstairs bar. 


Well-played, Mister Kylo Ren. Well-played for a walking waste bin. Game on. 


Rey turned on her heel, making her way out onto the terrace that overlooked the museum’s garden. She fished her cigarettes out of her gold clutch that was probably far too expensive and quickly took her phone out, firing off a quick update to her team through their encrypted network. 


SCAVENGER: Mark spotted, don’t need visual confirmation. Have half-heartedly engaged. Stand-by.


Tucking her phone away, she pulled her lighter out and struggled against the breeze to ignite the tip of the slim cigarette, mumbling curse words to herself. 


C’mon, not now.


Rey jumped when a large hand appeared in front of her, seemingly out of nowhere, and lit her cigarette before she could even spin around to see who it was. 


“You know, although the practice is a bit dated, you are allowed to smoke inside here.”


When her eyes settled on his face, up-close, she realized that maybe Kaydel had a point. The guy wasn’t totally unfortunate looking. Now face to face with the elusive Kylo Ren, Rey quickly took in the intimate details of his face. He had a faint, silvery scar that started on the left side of his forehead and raked down past his brow and extended to the neat collar of his dress shirt and his face was dusted with faint freckles here and there, accompanied by a few beauty marks. He was clean-shaven tonight, but upon closer inspection, Rey could tell the man could grow a decent mustache if he felt inclined to do so. His deep brown eyes seemed to search Rey’s face with the same intensity that they had across the room inside. 


They both took a moment to size each other up, taking turns seemingly cataloging the details of the other’s face with feigned indifference. Again, Rey couldn’t tell if ten seconds or ten minutes passed as they took each other in. 


“Oh, I’m aware. What I was not aware of was the fact that apparently cigarette holders are still a thing. They seem a bit dated as well, no?” 


This time it was Rey who lost their little staring competition. Kylo nodded, seemingly in agreement, eyes still fixed on Rey as she brought the cigarette to her lips. 


That’s right, eyes on me big guy. 


“I mean I would argue that smoking, in general, is fairly dated.”


His voice just fit him so well. It was just as powerful and commanding as the look on his face back inside. Deep, gravelly and monotone, probably due to a lack of any sort of emotions or conscience, Rey mused.


“You know those things can kill you?” 


He’s American, noted.  


“At the end of the day, can’t almost anything kill you?” Rey replied with a small shrug, looking up at him through her mascara slicked lashes. Nodding towards the ballroom she continued, “I’m going to go out on a limb and say you’d agree with me that there’s a higher probability of any given person here killing you than some smokes being your downfall.”


“Touché,” He piqued an eyebrow at her, a seemingly amused expression crossing his stern features as he reached inside his jacket pocket, pulling out a pack of American Spirits and lighting one, movements mirroring Rey’s as he took a deep drag. Rey feigned surprise, her mouth dropping open into an o-shape as she raised her brows at him. This earned another wry smile from the almighty Kylo Ren smoke escaped through his long, pointed nose. 


He certainly wasn’t traditionally “hot” by any means, but there was something about him that nonetheless felt magnetic. He seemed to walk around with his own personal gravitational field, pulling unwilling stars into his orbit whether he meant to or not. Rey understood why First Order Solutions had brought him on board. They continued to regard each other in somewhat comfortable silence, his entire presence just felt imposing. Maybe if she had even an ounce of common sense in her body, she’d even be scared of the man. 


“Are you familiar with this crowd then? Not sure I’ve ever seen you at one of our functions.”


“Here with a friend of a friend, last-minute invite,” Rey smiled, taking a sip from her neglected gin and tonic she’d left on the railing behind her. Always keep it vague, always keep it believable. Sure, some of the most powerful people in the world were at this gala, but there were just as many guests who were here purely as arm candy and that was the perfect demographic for Rey to insert herself in. “You said ‘ our functions’, do you work for First Order Solutions?”


“You could say that-”


Before he could complete the thought, the doors opened and the little bubble the two of them had formed was abruptly popped as a man stepped out to join them. 


He was about the same height as Rey in these ridiculous heels, and while he was what some people would consider traditionally “hot” his build was dwarfed by Kylo’s as he saddled up next to him. He looked stressed as he politely nodded at Rey, acknowledging her before turning to Kylo and forcing a hand through his own gelled back hair. 


“Mr. Ren, I’m sorry I didn’t realize you had company,” he cleared his throat before continuing as if he seemed apprehensive interrupting whatever was happening here between his employer and this random guest. “Sn-, uh, you know. He’d like a word with you before the speeches begin.” 


Something flickered in Kylo’s eyes as he curtly nodded before replying with a half-hearted smile. He almost appeared nervous. “Thank you, Dameron. I’ll be inside momentarily.” 


“Of course,” the man, named Dameron, nodded to Rey again as he turned on his heels and head back inside, Kylo’s head-turning to watch him leave before he looked off into the distance, looking past Rey as if she knew what she was going to say next.  


Once they were alone again, Rey broke the silence. It was time to reel this catch in. 


“Ren, as in…” she raised her eyebrows at him as she let her voice trail off, allowing Kylo the opportunity to reply. 


“The very same one,” when he turned back to face her, his eyes had gone dark but retained a fragment of mirth as he registered her expression of feigned surprise. That expression quickly shifted to a very real surprise when he continued with, “I get the feeling that doesn’t matter much to you though. You don’t seem like the type to run for the hills at the first sight of trouble. I like to think I’m quite a perceptive person and I think that if anything, you probably like it when things are a bit more high stakes.”


He took a step closer to her, beginning to close the little distance there was between them with Rey’s back pressed up against the balcony railing. Rey let out a breath she didn’t know she was holding when they were finally mere inches apart, Kylo looking down at her with those dark eyes like the cat who got the cream. 


“If I truly am as perceptive as I think I am, I think that that fun fact might have just made this...” he gestured between the two of them before reaching behind Rey to flick his now long forgotten cigarette butt in the ashtray, “A done deal.”


As he brought his hand back to his side he purposefully grazed his fingertips along Rey’s waist and wow how had she not noticed until now how big his fucking hands were. Her breath hitched as she finally dared to look up at him, amazed by the electricity that coursed through her veins that was set off by the simplest, briefest touch. This, this feeling, that was ignited deep in her belly was certainly an unforeseen complication. 


Shit. I think I’m going to sleep with Kylo Ren. I think I WANT to sleep with Kylo Ren. 


“Why walk away from the table while you’re on a hot streak?” Rey almost didn’t recognize her voice but she was just relieved that it hadn’t cracked, unwilling to clue him in any further on her inconvenient attraction to him. Sure, this was the goal all along, to play the part of a little seductress, get him alone, slip him a night night pill and take what she needed before disappearing into the night, but Rey was coming closer and closer each second to understanding why her colleagues chose to voluntarily sleep with their marks from time to time. 


This time, he gave Rey a smile that actually did reach his eyes before reaching up to push a stray wisp of hair away from her face and Rey couldn’t help but internally melt. 


“Don’t go too far. I’ll find you.”


Yep. Definitely, probably, possibly, maybe going to sleep with Kylo Ren. 


Before she could muster back some witty comeback and prolong their little cat and mouse routine, he was gone. He had disappeared back inside to talk to him, who Rey could assume was the only man whose name could instill even more fear than the hallowed Kylo Ren. Percival Snoke, CEO of First Order Solutions.  


After taking a few moments to collect herself, she pulled her phone out of her bag, firing off another update to her team. 


SCAVENGER: Mark has been engaged, the stage is set, looks like I’ve got a show to put on. Stand-by for eventual movement to a secondary location. 


She wasn’t expecting a response. It was standard for teams to not respond unless prompted to by whoever was working in the field to avoid an agent receiving a risky or inconveniently timed message notification. After closing that conversation, she opened her separate one with just Rose and Kaydel, feeling like a middle school girl about to babble on endlessly about her high school crush. Finn and the rest of her team didn’t need to know about this.  


SCAVENGER: SOS. I think I want to fuck his brains out. 


She lit another cigarette as she waited for a response from her girls, nervously beginning to tap her foot as she waited for further guidance, which didn’t take long as moments later her notification alerts sounded. 


CODE QUEEN: Shut the front door. 


FAIRY GODMOTHER: I knew it. I fucking KNEW IT. I told you he wasn’t half-bad!


CODE QUEEN: I don’t think anything more on-brand has ever happened. You do 25+ missions exactly like this within a year and don’t feel a single ounce of attraction to any marks but when we’re dealing with one of the most dangerous men in the world, you’re ready to throw it down.


CODE QUEEN: The rational part of me wants to say proceed with caution and do NOT break from your standard operating routine, but the much less rational side of me says: DO IT. 


FAIRY GODMOTHER: Listen to the less rational side, 100% hands down listen to the less rational side. This is what you deserve. 


Rey chuckled at Kaydel’s use of clapping hand emojis to punctuate each word of her last sentence. This is exactly the kind of negative influence she needed to throw caution to the wind and “throw down” as Rose so eloquently put it. She knew this was the most likely response and honestly, her mind was already made up before she’d even messaged them. Their approval was just what she needed to dot the last few i’s and cross the last few t’s. She couldn’t help the snort that escaped her when Kaydel followed up again. 


FAIRY GODMOTHER: I just know he’s huge. He has to be. 


Rey couldn’t help the smile that spread across her face as she closed the password-protected messaging feature, throwing back the rest of her drink and finishing her second cigarette before heading back inside where the evening’s speeches had begun. She had a feeling Kaydel was onto something there. 


By the time she stepped back inside, the speeches were in full swing. It took all of Rey’s focus to tune out the voices droning on and on as she continued to walk along the walls. It was all complete and utter bullshit she’d heard about before, First Order Solutions’ specialty was just finding novel ways to regurgitate the same propaganda. She periodically glanced forward at the stage where the devil incarnate Snoke himself was droning on. She noted that Kylo was absent from the other First Order higher up and executives lined up on the stage, donning their full regalia. 


They looked the perfect picture of the war criminals they were. 


Political donations. Tax breaks. Financial write-offs. Cutting-edge tech. Wouldn’t you rather be prepared for a worst-case scenario then be left scrambling to find a new best-case scenario?


Rey finally settled in the back corner of the venue, refreshed drink in hand as she leaned against the wall. She wasn’t alone long before she felt someone sidle up next to her. She kept her eyes trained forward on the stage, not turning directly to address her new companion who was trying not to draw any attention to their conversation. 


“Mr. Ren had to leave the event. He’s asked me to escort you to him if you feel at all compelled to.”


Dameron. Rey looked down to where he had raised his left arm, inviting her to take it.


She did, without hesitation, and accompanied him out of the exhibition hall. 




Rey and Dameron, Poe Dameron, as it turns out, were relatively silent in the car after their sudden exit from the event. They were in the back of a standard-issue First Order Solutions luxury SUV, no doubt contributing astronomical carbon emission to the already grimy London air as they rolled down the street. Poe opted to sit in the backseat with Rey, on the opposite side of the bench. The only interaction between them during the ten-minute car ride outside of Poe's eyes drilling into her profile was Rey reaching over and putting a vice grip on his knee about halfway there since he just couldn’t stop fucking tapping it


For someone who probably is tasked with this sort of thing all the time, this Poe guy seems very on edge. 


They couldn’t have gotten to the hotel fast enough. The car ride over was one of the most awkward experiences of Rey’s 20 something years on Earth and that was a lot coming from someone who’d been in many a car ride in an armored vehicle en route to some schmuck thinking they were about to hook-up. This time around, however, Rey felt a bit on edge herself. 


She had every right to be though, considering she was definitely, probably, possibly, maybe going to sleep with the schmuck in question, a real first for her. Aside from the nerves, there was something else. Some kind of sick anticipation. It’d barely been two hours since they’d parted, three hours since she first met the guy, and six hours ago she wasn’t even certain she knew what he looked like but now thoughts of him were the only thoughts she had.    


As soon as Poe stepped out of the vehicle to walk around the car and open her door for her, Rey quickly peeked into her purse, ensuring she still had service so they’d be able to see where the secondary location was and get eyes inside. She tucked her phone back in her bag as soon as the passenger side door swung open, and Rey graciously accepted Poe’s hand as she struggled to climb down without getting caught up in her dress. Wordlessly, she tucked her arm back into his when he prompted her and let him escort her into the grand, ostentatious and Rey’s opinion, downright tacky, lobby of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park. 


Poe exchanged hushed greetings with some First Order goons hanging out in the lobby on the way to the elevators. As soon as the doors shut in the first available car they stepped into, Poe gently unwrapped his arm from hers and they fell back into their now oddly comforting silence. Poe leaned forward, reaching in front of Rey as he pressed the buttons for two consecutive floors after scanning some sort of badge against the built-in reader. 


Rey’s eyes flicked up to the intricately painted and gold-leafed detailing on the elevator ceiling, watching as they quickly rose. When they reached their first stop, Poe stepped forward, standing in the frame of the elevator doors to stop them from closing as he turned around to say goodnight to Rey. 


“This is where I leave you. His is the only suite on the floor. It was a true pleasure to meet you.” With that, he respectfully gave Rey this odd, half-bow sort of gesture before turning back around and turning to head down the hallway.


When he was five feet away and the doors were beginning to close Rey decided to stick her head out, calling out after the man. 


“Thank you, for everything.”


He stood still for a second before looking over his shoulder and nodding, his expression unreadable. Rey stepped back into the elevator and startled herself when she saw her reflection in the smudge-free gold doors. She’d almost forgotten what she was here to do, why she was dressed to the nines. When the elevator began to lift to the next floor, Rey suddenly had the presence of mind to remember she actually wanted to make a move on her mark this time.


“Shit,” she cursed to herself alone in the elevator as she remembered the stupid, horrible chicken cutlet contraptions that were currently tucked into her dress. While they certainly helped draw attention to her décolletage, or adorable angel tits as Kaydel so eloquently described them, she wasn’t sure that they’d provide the same desired effect if Kylo came face to face with them. 


She reached her free hand down the fitted front of her dress, desperately trying to get the blasted things out as soon as possible. The elevator doors began to open and she began to step out, pausing to finish the job before going to knock on Kylo’s door. She’d gotten one out and managed to shove it in her clutch before a cleared throat caused her to snap her head up. 


Ah, “his suite is the only one on the floor” apparently meant his suite was the entire floor. 


When she looked up, Rey wasn’t standing in a mirror image of the elevator bay on the floor just below them. She was instead standing in the middle of an opulent suite, extravagant and undoubtedly very expensive but not as tacky as the lobby downstairs. As her eyes scanned the room, hand frozen down the front of her dress, mid-rescue mission, they landed on Kylo Ren. 


Kylo Ren still in his tux minus the jacket that was now draped over the back of a chair in the suite’s large living room. Kylo Ren standing at the suite’s fully stocked bar to her right, fixing two drinks with the top of his shirt unbuttoned and his undone bowtie hanging haphazardly around his neck. Kylo Ren staring at the hand that was frozen in place, cupping her tit, with both eyebrows raised and a look of genuine amusement on his face as his eyes snapped back up to meet hers. 


Rey could’ve sworn she heard him almost chuckle as he turned back to the task in front of them. 


“The first bathroom is right behind you, take your time,” he called out, his tone slightly teasing as he began to cut up a lime at the bar. 


Rey spun on her heel before he could catch the deep blush quickly racing up her chest, rising to her cheeks. She quietly slipped into the bathroom and locked the door behind her before turning on the cold water faucet. So much for a sexy and slinky entrance, but when would Rey ever do anything right when it came to Kylo Ren? She’d already let herself get this far, and as far as she could tell this was the point of no return. She had the perfect chance to slip in right then, offer to bring the drinks over and slip him a pill then. She could have been in and out in under two hours. But at this point, choices were made and Rey was certain she would not be out in under two hours. Not if she had anything to say about it. 


She finally wrangled the other contraption out of her bodice before hiking her dress up, carefully removing the harness around her right thigh. She folded the simple leather holster up, smiling at her favorite silver and orange dagger before tucking them both into her purse. She had a feeling she wouldn’t be needing that kind of protection tonight. Once more, Rey pulled out her phone to send out a message. 


SCAVENGER: At secondary location. Mandarin Oriental, top-end suite. Talk when it’s over. 


She secured the snap on her clutch after slipping her phone in, looking in the mirror and willing the pink flush to leave her cheeks as she brought a damp cold water cloth up to her neck and blotted the area. Leaning in close to the mirror, she checked her make-up for any smudging and gave her hair a ruffle, trying to bring a bit more volume to her wavy hair. She stood up straight, rolling her shoulder back and taking a deep breath as she reached into her bag one more time, reapplying her rose-tinted lip balm and running her tongue over her teeth. 


“C’mon Kanata. The man wants you, let’s just get the deed done, you want this and you deserve this Rey.” 


She attempted to wait until her nerves were completely settled before stepping outside the bathroom, but in the end, her simple desire to get out there beats common sense. She opened the door quietly, making her way over to the living room area where Kylo was now seated in front of the roaring fireplace, an unoccupied chair right across from him. 


She slowly made her way to the bar, incredibly aware of his eyes flitting to follow her every mood and picking up the gin and tonic he’d left for her. Apparently, he was as perceptive as he’d said earlier, going out of his way to cut her a lemon wedge even though he drank it with lime. Must’ve noticed at the gala. She took careful sips as she moved to sit in the unoccupied chair, coming face to face with him. 


The flickering light emitting from the fireplace was warm and comforting while the harsh shadows it cast across Kylo’s face made him look more menacing than ever. He raised leaned forward, resting his elbows on his knees with his left palm cradling his tilted face as his right arm extended, motioning his glass towards Rey’s. She lifted her glass, the melting ice creating cold perspiration all around the outside of the intricate crystal. Never taking his eyes off his, their glasses clinked and they took deep swigs from their respective glasses, essentially draining them in one fell swoop. 


“I know a face that has questions when I see one. So why don’t I, before we get started on why you’re here, answer a question or two for you? Does that sound fair to you?”


Rey nodded, clearing her throat and taking one more sip for liquid courage before she sat up straight, crossing her legs in front of her and folding her hands in her lap. 


“Earlier during the speeches, why weren’t you on stage? I understand from the friend I was invited by that you’re kind of a big deal when it comes to all things First Order Solutions as of late.”


“Easy. because I like being able to get reactions like the one I got from you earlier. I know you could sense that I was a person of somewhat importance, but seeing the cogs in your pretty little head turn when Dameron so rudely let my name slip was priceless. For me, that makes what we’re about to do so much better…” His words trailed off as he sat back up, now leaning forward with his palms resting on his knees, “Because you know who I am, yet here you are. Practically serving yourself up to me on a silver platter. All people need to know is that Kylo Ren exists and works for First Order Solutions. The masses don’t need a face to the name.”


Rey nodded, surprisingly satisfied with his answer although answering it in the third person was a bit curious. It made sense, who wouldn’t want to remain in the shadows as much as possible? If he could operate at this executive-level without having to give up the freedom of being able to walk down a street unrecognized, why wouldn’t he want to? That was one of Rey’s favorite parts about being on board with the Resistance, because of the covert nature of her team, she didn’t have to deal with the fear of being spotted on the street at any given moment. 


“Do you have a question for me now? Only seems fair,” Rey knew this was a risk, she had only come up with so much background information for Mary Debenham tonight and honestly feared that her normally sharp wit and ability to think on her feet may be dulled by her overwhelming urge to climb into the man’s lap right the fuck now. Kylo nodded, beginning to stand as he finished his drink. He set the empty tumbler on the coffee table before he closed the distance between them with a few broad steps. They were now toe to toe and he looked down at Rey as he hovered over her. 


“Are you scared?”


This question wasn’t new for Rey. She could pull back memories from her foster home days as a child, bratty older boys asking her the very same thing before locking her in a supply closet for hours on end. Her team constantly asked her this question, almost once an hour every hour leading up to a high-risk expedition. It was the last thing Rose had asked her today before she was sent off with Ackbar. This time, the question somehow felt more loaded than ever but Rey’s answer remained the same it always had in the past. 


She looked up at Kylo, setting her drink next to his before leaning back to get a better view of him, “No. Not of you.”


She wondered if he could pick up on the nuances in her voice, if he was so perceptive he could see right through her and see that she truly wasn’t afraid of him, as an individual. She was afraid of them, afraid of what this night might ultimately lead to in the future. He nodded, slowly dropping to his knees in front of Rey. From this angle, he coaxed Rey forward and when he sat up straight, he still managed to be somehow above her eye level, encroaching on her space. 


With far gentler hands than anticipated, he brought his hand up to cup Rey’s cheek, brushing his right thumb across her cheekbone before brushing it over her lips, eliciting a gasp. He moved his left hand to rest it on her knee, nudging her crossed legs apart to make space for himself. 


“Don’t be afraid. I feel it too.”


With that, he finally closed the last few inches between them, craning his head down so their lips could meet. His kiss was firm and calculated but somehow felt so desperate as he lit Rey’s nerve-endings on fire. She instantly brought her arms up around his neck, pulling him down and as close as humanly possible as she deepened the kiss. He was all she could smell, all she could feel, all she could taste as she let out a soft moan when he finally slipped his tongue along hers, his left hand instantly sliding up her leg and squeezing her waist in response. At least she wasn’t the only one getting worked up by simple heavy petting. 


If she wasn’t in such a frenzy she probably would’ve been embarrassed at the fact that she was practically whimpering when he pulled back periodically to work on the buttons of his dress shirt, but she quickly shut up when she was greeted by the sight of a very solid, nearly shirtless Kylo Ren. He was looking up at her with wonder in just his tux pants and a white sleeveless undershirt. 


God, I’m already so gone for this fucker. 


Even out of the power tux, he still radiated the same imposing, powerful energy he had when he was dressed to the nines. Everything about his frame was broad and just big as he sat back on his knees, catching his breath. His pouty lips were already tinged a dark pink from the friction and Rey was sure she was in a similar state if his dark eyes raking over her were anything to go off of. 


Carefully, he leaned back in and Rey began to mirror him before he suddenly wrapped a hand around her ankle and rested the other on her waist as he leaned down and began peppering kisses down the column of her exposed neck. Rey practically purred as she let her legs drop open wider, letting him adjust her as he brought the ankle in hand up to his shoulder, leaning in and hitching her knee over his back. Without letting up on her neck, earning extra moans and whimpers when he left a love bite or two, his hands moved to the bottom of her dress, working almost frantically to push the fabric up to her waist and get it out of his way because apparently, that was a thing that was happening. 


She missed the heat of him when he pulled away and suddenly very aware of how exposed she was. She had spread her legs open languidly and the entire skirt of her dress was now rucked up to her waist, with Kylo kneeling between her legs and taking her in as if she was the greatest thing he’d ever seen. It was at this moment she was grateful for the spray tan and sugaring appointment Kaydel had booked for her earlier this week. Kylo’s eyes flicked up to hers as he leaned down and began slowly kissing from her knee up the inside of her thigh, seeking permission to go further. 


Rey nodded, reaching down and running a hand through his hair and god, she’d wanted to do that all night. She wasn’t sure she could do this whole teasing thing much longer as she scooted her hips to the edge of the wide chair. Her breath got caught in her throat when he finally worked his way up to her sex. 


He gently pressed an open-mouth kiss against the sheer black lace still covering her, and she could explode just from that, to be honest. It was nothing, however, compared to the sensation when he reached up and pulled the flimsy fabric to the side, fully running his tongue between her folds. 


When his tongue grazed her clit she couldn’t help but drop her head back, getting attention where she needed it the most. Fueled by her reaction, she was almost sure she could feel the asshole smirk against her before flicking his tongue pointedly against her clit again. She couldn’t help but dig her heel into his back, and if the pointed heel of her stiletto hurt him, he didn’t clue her in on it. He remained unwavered, moving both hands to the insides of her thighs, his grip almost a bit too tight as he carried on manipulating her with his tongue. 


His nose bumped her clit as he lapped at her entrance, sighing against her contentedly before slipping his tongue inside of her, bringing a thumb up to work methodical circles over her bundle of nerves with the skill of a first-string violinist. Rey felt the muscles across her toned stomach begin to jump, contracting subtle as she clawed closer and closer towards her release. 


“F-fuck, right there Ky-” she didn’t give a shit how ridiculous she sounded, practically begging the man who looked so at home between her legs to get her off. Her words hung in the air between them as he pulled back for a second, finally visible past the layers of her tulle skirt separating them. His thumb continued to move as he licked his lips, locking eyes with her as he adjusted himself.


“Don’t call me that.”


Rey quickly nodded without even thinking about the weight of his words. She didn’t have long to process why he’d said that before he suddenly plunged two fingers inside of her without letting up on her clit. It took what little restraint she had left not to shriek as her head dropped back again, flush rising quickly from her chest up to her cheeks. 


“Fuck, god, okay, yeah,” she threw her arm over her screwed-shut eyes, allowing herself to just relish in how expertly he was working her over. His filthy mouth was certainly helping her along as he kept his pace constant, disappearing back beneath her blasted dress while his fingers continued to work. 


“Look how pretty your fucking cunt is, so cute and pink, maybe the prettiest I’ve ever seen.” Oh, that one had quite the effect on Rey as she bit down on her thumb to stop from squealing. This man had reduced her to an absolute freak and Rey was almost certain she would most certainly simply die of embarrassment before the night ended. 


“You’re so fucking wet, is this all for me?” The cocky asshole’s tone was almost infuriating enough to warrant a swift kick to the back but Rey couldn’t even muster the strength to do that. All she could do was whimper and nod frantically as he’d replaced his thumb on her clit with his mouth. 


He was so deliciously grazing where she was most sensitive with his teeth as he sucked. She reached down past her skirts and fisted a hand in his hair, her thighs clamping down around the sides of his head and her heels surely digging scratches into his back as she redirected his mouth to the perfect spot. 


“I’m so, god. Ky-, babes, so fucking close,” Rey managed to mumble out, taking the hand that wasn’t still wedged in his stupid soft hair and trying to shove her dress down to get a better view of the man who was already on track to be the best lay of her life. 


She grew frustrated and flopped back, chest rapidly rising and falling as she could feel herself climbing closer to her peak. After hearing her, he became truly relentless for a lack of better words. He’d nudged a third finger in as his tongue didn’t let up, almost actively chasing a restless Rey with his mouth before steadying her with a bruising grip on her hip. 


When he curled his fingers just right, twisting them right up against where she needed them the most, her orgasm slammed through her. While she was normally fairly vocal, she found herself rendered breathless and incoherent as she struggled to catch her breath. Her brain couldn’t form a comprehensive thought, let alone one she could manage to say out loud. Instead, she was all pretty pants and whimpers as she clenched around his stupidly large fingers while her hips couldn’t help but stutter. 


He pushed her through it, maintaining just enough pressure to prolong it for her as long as he could. It felt like it’d been something like five minutes by the time her orgasm was done crashing over her. She was so blissed out you could’ve told her it lasted a whole hour and she wouldn’t question it, little tremors continuing to move through her like waves as she caught her breath. 


He slowed down with her, slipping a finger out and shifting from his persistent sucking and pressure to much more gentle laps as she came down. Eventually, Rey carefully untangled her hand from his hair and brought it up to fix her hair, which she’d tried to nearly tear out of her head at some point. As she began to sit back up, he’d finally pulled both his fingers out and gave her clit one last gentle kiss that sent a shiver down her spine. When he finally emerged from her now very suffocating bundled up dress, Rey nearly came apart all over again. 


Holy shit. He’s trying to fucking kill me. This is not a drill. 


His eyes were almost black with desire. She thought she’d seen him with desire in his eyes earlier already, so maybe this was something more than desire. Not desire, but an all-consuming lust. A shit-eating smirk played at his lips as he brought those stupidly large fingers that had just made her see stars to his mouth, tongue flicking out to taste her on him. His tongue darted out to lick his lips after, covering them in a glossy sheen and he looked obscene. 


In her post-orgasm haze, she found she was able to focus so clearly right now on the details of his face. His scar, the dusting of freckles like her own coupled with a smattering of beauty marks. She had the strongest urge to press her lips to each and everyone and found herself wondering if she’d ever see him with his facial hair grown out.


Get it together, Kanata. That was fun but you know the second you step out of this suite, you are never seeing this man again.


Rey gently shook her head, as if that would temporarily stall the inevitable thought that’d crept into her head. There was no room for emotions here. 


Emotions? Never. Orgasms? Yes, please. 


She managed to finally be the one to catch him off guard at some point tonight, pulling him towards her as he began to stand just to seal his lips in a bruising kiss. He groaned into her mouth, fueled by the thought of her tasting herself mingled with him before finally pulling back, Rey immediately moving to hide her face in the crook of his neck before he could catch the flush that’d returned to her cheeks. Rey hadn’t thought much of just kissing since she’d been around fourteen, playing tonsil hockey with the same older boys who’d made her childhood hell. Her mind was still spinning when he finally slowly sat back on his knees. How could just kissing feel so good?


Rey wanted to pout at the loss of his weight over her but stopped herself when she was greeted by the sight of quite a large crease in the front of Kylo’s now much tighter tuxedo pants. He stood up, adjusting his pants as he moved and extended a hand to Rey to help her out of the deep chair. 


“I have to take a quick phone call-” Kylo essentially whispered as he gently turned Rey around so her back was facing him, guiding her hips with his hands.


“I’m sorry, what?” Rey interjected, suddenly feeling much more alert as she began to spin around to look at his face. This man just gave her an earth-shattering orgasm and now he was just going to go place an order for five hundred more bomber jets or some bullshit like that? The fucker dared to laugh at Rey’s reaction, gripping her hips tighter to stop her from turning around.


“Maybe you can ask me about it later. It’ll be fast, top off our drinks and I’ll see you in there.” He nodded towards the double doors that lead to what Rey could only assume was the master bedroom. He leaned down, pressing a quick kiss and nip to the top of her right shoulder as he slowly unzipped the back of her dress, careful not to snag any fabric. He gave her shoulders a tight squeeze and pressed an open-mouthed kiss that felt way too endearing to Rey’s forehead before walking away, grabbing his phone off the coffee table on his way to the balcony. 


Fix them fresh drinks before going to his room, no problem. Just a nightcap before he hopefully fucks her brains out. Rey was almost upset he was now presenting her with the perfect opportunity to slip him some of the sleep aid crushed up inside the large silver ring on her pinky. While she’d done a lot of dumb things tonight already, even Rey couldn’t turn down the opportunity presented to her right now. She wasn’t sure how long he’d be out on the balcony, so Rey moved to collect their glasses and head back over to the bar with a bit of pep in her step. 


She found herself taking an odd amount of care measuring out the overpriced gin and tonic water, considering she was about to wreck it all with a little bit of pixie dust anyways. Her eyes cast over to the side, watching Kylo’s reflection on the balcony through a hanging floor length mirror. He looked frustrated, back to the floor to ceiling windows as he closed his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose. 


Christ, maybe he was in the middle of brokering a fucking nuclear arms deal. 


She kept her eyes trained on his reflection as she carefully unlatched the top of her ring, tapping the side of her pinky against the top of the glass to sprinkle the sleep aid in. She closed the ring carefully, checking to make sure she hadn’t let any stray powder make a mess on the expensive marble counters. Swirling the glass around to mix it in, she tossed in a fresh lime segment after squeezing the juice into his designated glass and putting a fresh lemon wedge in her own. 


She picked the drinks up, walking slowly to the bedroom as she tried not to trip over her undone dress. She set the drinks down on the closest nightstand she could find with her hands full in the dark, quickly flicking the headboard apparently, as the whole panel was now backlit and emitting a soft glow through the whole room. 


Rey then turned to the task at hand. Getting out of this fucking nightmare of a dress she loved so much a few hours ago. She looked in the floor-length mirror and couldn’t help but grin at how fucking debauched she looked. Her lips were glossy and kiss swollen, hair hopelessly disheveled, the lovebites along her neck and chest had already begun to darken, the strap of her dress had completely slipped off one of her shoulders. She looked like someone who’d just been well and truly fucked and yet they hadn’t even gone that far. Yet. 


She slipped the dress off of her other shoulder and shimmed a bit until it pooled around her feet. She stepped out of the dress slowly, careful not to step on any of the delicate before she picked it up, tossing it in the general direction of a chair in the corner of the room. Kylo told her to just wait in here, but that wasn’t going to work for Rey. 


Turning back to her reflection, she tried to salvage her hair. She finally managed to get it somewhat smoothed down, leaning in to wipe away some of her now smudged make-up. Standing back up straight and adjusting the flimsy black lace panties that were now low slung around her hips, she took in the rest of her appearance. 


Kylo Ren was right. She was about to present herself to him on a silver platter in nothing but a scrap of underwear and these incredibly painful shoes. The lift they gave her ass was so worth it, she internally rationalized. She didn’t think much of her own body. She knew she was in relatively good shape, largely thanks to her intense training regime and schedule, but sometimes wished she could be a bit more feminine. She sometimes felt rather boyish, like she had too much taut definition across her body where there should be soft, touchable curves like the ones so many of her friends had been graced with. 


Well, whatever. The guy is buying whatever you’re selling him, and who the fuck could say no to a practically naked girl in fuck me heels? No one, not even the fearsome Kylo Ren.


She smirked to herself as she stepped out of the room, putting a bit of a swing in her hips and keeping her chin up high in case he could see her taking long strides towards the balcony. For someone who was about to give herself completely to someone on MI6’s fucking watchlist, Rey sure felt like the powerful one here. She licked over her teeth before putting on her best smile and switching on her come-hither gaze, trying to open the door somewhat quietly on the off-chance she could catch a bit of his phone conversation. He was leaning forward with one palm braced on the wide ledge of the balcony, the fine lines defining his arms and back so visible to Rey in his undershirt. He was irritated as he practically hissed into the phone he was holding to his ear. 


“Fucking listen to me. No. Fuck, okay, yeah, Sn-” he trailed off when he realized he wasn’t alone. 


Snoke. He was talking to fucking Percival Snoke. Yeah, alright, maybe he deserves that sleepy nightcap after all. 


His slight annoyance at the intrusion was visible across his features as he began to turn his head to face Rey, and his expression quickly shifted back to what she’d seen back inside when he’d untangled himself from her dress. Desire. It took what little strength Rey had left to not melt on the spot or just absolutely beam at the man as she took slow steps to close the distance between them, kicking the swing of her hips up a notch. 


“Yes. Okay. I’m going to have to get back to you in the morning. Nope, we’ll talk then.” He stumbled over his words before quickly ending the call and Rey couldn’t help but smile because it was her turn to look like the cat that got the cream. She closed the short space left between them by reaching up and wrapping her arms around his neck, almost purring at the sensation of her bare chest grazing his ribbed undershirt. 


“Sorry babes, I got…” she sighed and looked up at him as she brought one of her hands down, nails grazing a trail down his chest before she tugged at the top of his dress pants, “...impatient.”


“Oh no no, never apologize for this, Jesus Christ,” his hands slid down her waist to her backside, giving her a firm squeeze to punctuate his words. “Let me just look at you for a second…”


He stepped back, taking one of her hands and lifting it as he motioned for her to do a twirl in front of him. She obliged, the chilly night air causing her rose shaded nipples to fully harden before he pulled her back in. In one seamless motion, he reached down and captured her lips with his own, bringing one hand to her waist and the other up to cup her breast, thumb flicking her piqued nipple. 


Rey had put both hands to work unzipping his constrictive pants, only trembling slightly in the cold night air. When they were finally loose enough, Rey was nearly giddy as she slid her hand down the front of his black briefs, wrapping her hand around the warm and welcoming base of his manhood. He shivered slightly at the contact from her cold hand but quickly recovered as he ducked down to capture the hardened peak he’d been working on with his mouth, a hand moving to give attention to the other neglected peak. He was heavy in Rey’s hand as she experimentally began to pump, crudely having freed his member from the top of his briefs. 


The top of his hair was blocking Rey’s view of him, but she clenched around nothing, suddenly aching for him, after just feeling out the length of him. Kaydel was right again. Big, was one way to put it. 


Using her thumb to collect the small slick of moisture that’d already gathered at his tip, Rey lazily stroked the fluid over his length, grinning as he let up on her chest, muffling a guttural groan against Rey’s neck. He pulled back to look at her, his hair wild from Rey’s handiwork and flopping over his face. Rey immediately wanted to look away, his gaze too intense for her when she thought back to their first interaction at the gala. She wouldn’t be the one to break this time either. 


Kylo huffed, quickly realizing what Rey was playing at with her little staring contest. He wasn’t going to just roll over and let her win this time. He maintained eye contact with her as he dragged his fingertips up her sides, resting both hands on her waist as he pressed closer to her. His breath hitched when Rey began to pick up speed. 


“You wanna play this game right now?” His voice was a little ragged, breath picking up as Rey began to twist her hand at the top end of every stroke, smirking to herself when she heard him. “I could spend just about all night out here, just staring at you, so I think you may have met your match.”


Eyes still locked on his, trying to burn the memory of the flecks of amber that shone from them when the city lights twinkled in them. She smiled softly, looking up at him with her best doe eyes before biting her lip and slowly shaking her head. 


“No, I think I wanna play a different game right now…”


She blinked before leaning up, hand still working as she pressed a kiss on the section of his scar under his eye. She followed the mark down to the edge of his white undershirt, leaving a few lovebites in her wake. She only pulled back for a second, allowing Kylo to grunt as he hurriedly pulled the offending garment off, tossing it to the side haphazardly. His hands were quickly back on her waist, digging in slightly as she followed the scar to where it ended, halfway down his right pec. She carried on, slowly beginning to sink to her knees because just couldn’t stop thinking about the way he’d taste, how the weight of him would feel on her tongue, how he’d sound as she made him completely fall apart.


Instead of feeling her bare knees hit the cold concrete floor, she felt Kylo’s grip tighten on her waist, pulling her back up. She looked up at him, pouting as he shook his head, grinning down at her.


“Next time, darling.” He raised his eyebrows, eyes almost pleading. He ducked back down and captured her lips with his, teeth clashing before they fell back into a rhythm. Rey began to feel light-headed when he began pressing feather-light kisses across her sternum. 


“Need to be inside you, please.” His words were murmured against her neck, but Rey could hear the urgency in his tone without seeing his face. She nodded quickly, letting him press her against the balcony railing. She thought when she came out here they’d wind up back in the bedroom, but she wasn’t sure either of them could make it there. Rey barely registered the sound of delicate lace ripping when he ran his hand lower down her side. 


She felt him fumbling around with his tux pants in between them, finally kicking them off after producing a gold foil encased condom from the back pocket. Rey’s arms wrapped around his neck accompanied by her fleeting nips and nibbles around his structured jaw and neck probably didn’t help speed the process up, but she couldn’t possibly be expected to keep her hands off any longer. 


Kylo carefully maneuvered Rey to the best of his ability as she clung to him, seating her on the very edge of the thick balcony ledge and bringing her thighs up to wrap around his hips. He pulled back to hurriedly roll the condom on, groaning as Rey reached down to help him finish the job. She looked up at him as she used her hand to guide him towards her slick entrance, worrying her bottom lip as she concentrated. He teasingly smacked her wrist away, tutting at her with an arched brow. 


“Trust me, I think you’ll want me to handle it from here.” He smirked, one hand steady on her waist and the other wrapped around his base as he began to nudge at her entrance, only to drag the wetness up to her sensitive nub, driving Rey mental with just his tip. 


Before she could open up her mouth to say something short and snippy about how this was taking way too long, he thrust up inside her and Rey nearly saw stars. He slid in slowly, but he did not stop until she’d taken him to the hilt, body frantically working to process the new sensation. Slowly beginning to thrust, Kylo kept one hand on her waist to hold her steady and brought the other up to her cheek, thumb grazing her high cheekbones. 


Rey whimpered as his thrusts picked up speed, overwhelmed with how full she felt. When he brushed his thumb from her cheek down to her lips, Rey jumped at the opportunity and flicked her tongue out, sucking the long digit into her mouth and quickly hollowing her cheeks as she looked up at him. His eyes were nearly obsidian, a growl escaping him as his hips became relentless, his hand almost certainly marking her hip with a bruise. She gasped, releasing his thumb to try to hide her face in the crook of his neck. 


“That’s not very fair is it, angel?” He brought his now freed hand up into her hair, fisting his hand in her roots and tugging her head back so she was looking up at him. “Want you to see me, angel, see how well you take me like you were fucking made just for me.”


She nearly was pushed over the edge by just how desperate he sounded. She nodded quickly, needily reaching up and losing her own hands in his hair to tug him down to her. She wasn’t even sure if they were kissing, she couldn’t focus on it as he angled his hips just so and Rey nearly blacked out. Her eyes screwed shut in pleasure, lips pressed up against Kylo’s, just taking each other in as they each inched towards their release. The whole thing felt a lot more intimate than it should, but Rey didn’t have time to categorically assess whether or not the way they were clinging to each other for dear life was too intimate right now.


Not when Kylo Ren was still muttering indecent things against her lips as his hand finally dragged from her waist to her core, pressing fingers to where their bodies met and two became one. 


“You’re gonna cum for me, aren’t you? You’ll feel so good when you cum on my cock angel. Feel how fucking hard you make me?”


All Rey could do in response was nod frantically, pitifully whimper, or mutter a quiet yes, babes against his lips. She was so close, he’d begun skillfully circling her clit with two fingers, timing it perfectly with his deep, rocking thrusts that so deliciously grazed that special spot inside her. She was rapidly reaching her peak again, he was playing her with the skill of a virtuoso. 


She was sure she looked fucked as she leaned back to get a better look at him, one arm slung around his neck and extended the other behind her, leaning back against the railing.


“For you, all for you, I’m so close, please…” She trailed off, giving him her best doe eyes as she looked up at him and earning a now brutal pace in response. 


The cool night air rushed through the space between them, a shiver ran down her spine but it felt heavenly against her flushed skin. Lazily looking up at him through her lashes, Rey couldn’t help but grin at the sight that greeted her. She felt nearly giddy at the sight of the feared Kylo Ren, absolutely falling apart at the seams because of her. He surely did this all the time, but there was a buzz between them, Rey mused to herself, pushing any thoughts of jealousy from her head and allowing herself to just feel right now. She was savoring everything as she raked her eyes over him, she wanted to make this time count.  


His brow was furrowed in concentration as his eyes greedily roamed her body, seemingly trying to commit her every curve to memory. A pink flush had spread high across his chest, probably from exertion combined with the cold winter air whipping around them. His hair was in an absolute state, mangled from Rey’s frantic hands and flopping over his dark eyes with every thrust. When he noticed the way that she was looking at him, he couldn’t help but smirk, shooting Rey a crooked smile as he leaned back down to loom over her. Rey treasured the glimpse she got at the little gap between his two front teeth, determined to commit everything about him to memory. 


Her eyes fluttered shut as their tongues met again. She felt the coil in the bottom of her stomach tightening, dangerously close to snapping. He was giving her absolutely everything she needed like he instinctively knew which itches she needed to be scratched. If his grunts and desperate lips were anything to go by, he wasn’t far behind her. It happened when Kylo found her bottom lip, sucking it into his mouth and biting just as he expertly manipulated her clit with his callous thumb. She gasped and saw white as she came, dragging her nails down his broad, her legs constricting as she crossed her ankles behind his back. She needed him close, close, close, now, now, now. The taut muscles of her stomach jumped involuntarily as she came, grinding her hips back against him with everything she had, chasing the sensation. 


He worked her through it, giving her everything she needed. Small aftershocks rolled through her flushed body, a Cheshire cat grin spreading across her face as an unexpected warmth fell over her. When he slowly pulled out she groaned at the loss, pouting and dazed, wondering if she’d somehow missed him getting off. Her internal question was swiftly answered and Kylo rushed to roll the condom off before discarding it, tossing it to the side. He trailed his fingers through her folds, Rey’s hips involuntarily bucking after the contact with her still sensitive clit. 


She nearly lost it again as she watched what he did next. He brought his hand to fist the base of his still very hard member, using her hot slick to pump his cock. His hand was flying, twisting at the tip with every stroke as he chased his release. 


“Fuck, so hot,” Rey whispered just loud enough for him to hear. She knew just what to say to get him off. “Mark me, babes, make me yours, all just for you…” 


Kylo Ren was the possessive type if Rey had learned anything in their short time together. Based on his reaction, she confirmed that she was right on the money. Rey leaned back on the balcony ledge, essentially offering herself up to him with her open stance. She’d carefully unhooked her legs from around his waist and presented herself to him. He lost it when he watched her bring her free hand up to tease her rosy nipple, taut and hard from the frigid London air. He resisted the urge to let his eyes roll back into his head as he finished, coating Rey’s toned lower stomach with his spend. 


While they slowly pulled apart, almost unwrapping from each other, Kylo stayed huddled over Rey still, looming with his dominating presence. Acutely aware of his eyes trained on her, she brought two fingers down to run them through the streaks that were slowly drying on her skin. Collecting a smudge of his seed, she brought her fingers to her mouth and relished in his taste on her tongue, not letting her eyes leave his. She finally released her fingers with an audible pop, grinning up at him. 


She’d rendered Kylo Ren speechless. He was slack-jawed, murmuring something along the lines of “un-fucking-believable, fucking angel” as he fisted his hand back into her hair, crashing their lips together. Rey couldn’t stop smiling against his lips, small giggles rising from her mouth. She felt floaty, on top of the world still in her post-orgasm haze. He pulled back and gently bumped his nose against hers, leaning back and helping her off the balcony ledge. 


“Fuck, you’re freezing, let’s get inside.”


She hadn’t even noticed how cold it was until he pointed it out to her, and suddenly she was freezing. She suspected it was pure adrenaline that’d kept her warm up until now. He stepped to the side and let her pass him to get inside first as he took it upon himself to collect his discarded clothing and the condom, wherever he’d tossed it. Rey couldn’t help but grab the first blanket she saw when she stepped inside, now fully shivering. She wrapped a grey fur throw from the chaise in the living room around her shoulders, bundling it up around her cheeks as she moved to stand in front of the fire. 


She closed her eyes, letting the heat from the flames lick up her body from her freezing feet, slowly gaining sensation back in her toes. When Kylo came in a minute later, unceremoniously dumping their clothing in a corner by the door, he couldn’t help but chuckle at the sight of her. She looked ridiculous, stark naked under a fur blanket, looking like a perfect picture of innocence even though the flush in her cheeks was from how wrecked she just was. 


“C’mon then, let’s get cleaned up…” He nodded towards the bathroom as he walked by her, giving her ass a light smack. She followed close after him, losing the blanket on the way to the bathroom where he was already brushing his teeth. He’d already slipped a pair of navy boxer briefs on and Rey walked behind him and wrapped her arms around his waist, pressing kisses to the scratches she’d left down the broad plane of his back. She smiled against his shoulder bone when she noticed the blemishes in his milky complexion from her stilettos, battle scars from the time he spent on his knees for her


In front of her, he leaned down, spitting most of his toothpaste into the sink before turning around, leaning down and pecking her lips with his still foamy mouth before chuckling. She rolled her eyes, taking his toothbrush from his hand and rinsing it off in the sink before borrowing it. They’d already swapped bodily fluids all night long, what more was sharing a toothbrush?


The odd feeling of comfortable domesticity settled across the room as she brushed her teeth. It should’ve scared her, but it didn’t. She now craved it. She knew now she’d crave him. This disarmingly beautiful disaster of a man that she was now staring down in the bathroom mirror as he came to stand behind her. She was still naked as he brought his hands up under her arms from behind, cupping a breast in each hand. While it should’ve felt inherently sexual, it didn’t here. She felt comforted and leaned back against him, melting into his touch as he dragged his hands down to splay her stomach. It was only then she realized he’d picked up a warm, damp washcloth and was delicately removing his dried spend from her skin. 


After she leaned forward and rinsed her mouth out, setting the toothbrush down, she turned around to face him. He reached behind her, expression not giving anything away as he looked down at her. They communicated silently. He nudged her legs apart and gently brought the warm washcloth down to the apex at the top of her thighs. He gently cleaned the area, eyes sparkling when her breath hitched when he grazed her sensitive nub. 


“Let’s sleep in front of the fire, you’re still shivering.” 


It was a statement, not a question and Rey nodded in response, her body pliant as she let him dress her. He’d grabbed a clean white undershirt and pair of looser boxer shorts for her to wear. He almost seemed embarrassed when he had to explain to Rey that he couldn’t throw her underwear in the ensuite washer because he’d apparently “torn them to shreds” in the heat of the moment. 


Almost every time his hands brushed her skin while he dressed her, she felt on fire. He had taken great care to roll the waistband of his boxers after she’d stepped into them so they wouldn’t slip right off her narrow frame. He couldn’t stop himself from teasing her nipples through the ribbed material of the undershirt she’d slipped into, but eventually, they made their way out of the bathroom. 


Rey made her way back to the heat radiating from the comforting fire, wrapping the blanket back around her shoulders as she waited for him. He emerged from the bedroom shortly, a stack of blankets and pillows tucked under one arm and their two cocktails, long forgotten by now, balanced in his other hand. She sat on her knees on the couch, observing him as he pushed the coffee table out of the way and began to set up a makeshift bed on the floor, spreading the pillows and blankets out across the floor space that was fenced in by the large, cushy suede sectional. 


When he was finally satisfied with his work, he pulled the sheets back, tapping the spot next to him. Rey crawled down from the couch, rushing to get under the covers with him. When she pressed her icy feet to the warm skin of his thigh he hissed, nearly dropping his drink as he picked it up from where it was precariously balanced on the couch. He reclined in their little nest, all but hauling Rey up to rest across his chest before handing Rey her drink, glass slick with condensation. Pushing the guilt from her mind, she raised her glass to clink it against his. 


You cannot feel bad about this now. You absolutely cannot feel bad about this now. You’re a fucking professional, this is your insurance policy. 


“Bottoms up, babes…” She sighed as they toasted, swirling the lemon wedge around in her drink before throwing it back. He mirrored her after murmuring a toast, making a show of picking up the lime wedge from his drink and sucking some juice from it right after. He set both of their glasses to the side before they settled down in the dark room, the glow from the dying fire casting shadows across the ceiling. 


Rey smiled to herself, closing her eyes and letting Kylo usher her into a little spoon position, enjoying the contact while she could. He pressed soft kisses to the top of her head and tops of her shoulders, large hand splayed across her bare stomach under her rucked up undershirt. 


How is it possible to feel so safe in the arms of someone whose own hands have ended hundreds of thousands of lives…


She struggled to understand how this man could be such a monster, but reason set in quickly. This wasn’t a fairytale where an eligible bachelor just swept her on the feet. She wasn't going to wait around for him to cook her breakfast in the morning. They wouldn’t be telling the PG-rated version of this story to their grandchildren in 30 years. She would never again fall asleep to the sound of his heartbeat, loud and thumping in her ears as nausea rose in her stomach. She was now realizing why she’d spent so long with her walls up on the job, refusing to cross any boundaries until tonight, until she met him. She couldn’t deal with the harsh reality that loomed in her head.


This is the end.


In about an hour or so, once he was in a deep sleep thanks to their post-coitus nightcap, she still had a job to do. She found herself quickly drifting off, tongue darting out to moisten her slightly dry lips before fully settling into his strong arms. Her brows furrowed together when she recognized the flavor of lime was still dancing across her tongue. 


Lime mixed with melted ice. No trace of lemon at all, despite the lemon wedge that was very obviously present in the drink she just slammed.


That was the last thing that crossed Rey’s mind before she surrendered to deep, heavy sleep. 




“Miss? Excuse me, ma’am….”


A gentle hand on her shoulder rocked Rey awake as she groggily opened her eyes, the harsh light of London’s temperamental sun blasting through the floor the ceiling windows nearly blinded Rey. When she realized she wasn’t alone, Rey was suddenly wide awake. 


She gasped as she clutched the comforter close to her chest, incredibly aware of her debauched appearance and state. She whipped around and was met with the kind, blue eyes of a housekeeper. Her grey and blonde hair was wrapped into a neat chignon and she jumped back at Rey’s sudden revival, wrinkling the crisp lines of her expensive-looking uniform. 


“Ah, I am sorry,” her accent was thick, some kind of Eastern European was Rey’s guess. “Sorry for the interruption, but it’s, ah, past check-out time.”


Panic quickly sent chills down Rey’s spine. While she certainly wasn’t alone in the suite, she certainly was missing the company of someone very important. She had slept through the entire night. She completely botched the job. She just fucked the shit out of Kylo Ren and all she got was this stupid fucking tank top. 


Rey had done a lot of dumb shit in life, but this took the cake. In her career, she’d never fucked up a job so spectacularly. She’d put her life on the line and while she was totally fine, her risk wasn’t exactly rewarded. 


I mean he did give me two mind-blowing, earth-shattering orgasms, I’ll give him that…


Rey quickly shook her head, snapping out of her wandering thoughts as the housekeeper left politely, muttering something about giving her time to collect her thoughts and belongings and maybe her dignity before she returned to clean the suite. When the door clicked closed behind her, Rey sprung into action, frantically rushing to her phone that was still resting on the bar. 


She only managed to get a glimpse at the time, 11:14 AM, and the fact that she had nearly 50 missed messages and notifications before her phone screen went dark. 


Because that’s what happens when you don’t charge your phone you absolute fucking lunatic.


She mentally berated herself as she rushed around the room, frantically searching to see if he’d gone through her purse, stolen her things, hired a hitman to off her the second she stepped into the bedroom. Instead, she found everything exactly where she left it, save the gown she’d discarded haphazardly in the bedroom the night before. The gown was hanging, smoothed out and draped from a hotel-issued heavy wooden hanger, tucked inside an open garment bag. Her heels were sitting on the floor, neatly lined up along the bottom of the dress. 


Fucking asshole. Real fucking polite


She hurriedly grabbed her shoes and zipped up the garment bag, flinging it over her shoulder before tossing it onto the living room couch. She spotted his blazer still hanging off the back of his chair, pulling it on and buttoning it up over her oversized boxer shorts and tank top. There was no way in hell she was getting back into that fucking gown. Stepping into her shoes, Rey threw her dead phone in her clutch before draping the garment bag over her arm. 


She wasn’t sure what the fuck had happened, but she needed to talk to the team about it immediately. 


Actually, what happened was you let your fucking guard down and Kylo Ren, the fucking future of First Order Solutions, figured you out and switched your drinks, you fucking idiot. You knew it the second you tasted it. You knew it was all too good to be true.


Tears began to well up in Rey’s eyes, she couldn’t turn her brain off and was still stunned by how stupid she’d been. She couldn’t stand to turn around and look at the room, double-checking for any personal belongings. She couldn’t stand to be here a moment longer. As was about to practically sprint out of the room, a piece of hotel stationery on the table in the reception hall by the suite’s front door caught her eye. 


Rey - 


See you next time, angel. 


- B. 


His handwriting was perfect, Rey hated him because of it. The fucking audacity of this fucker. Too much of a fucking coward to even use his fucking name. Too ashamed of being Kylo Ren to even fucking own up to it. Instead, he'd resorted to signing off as "B" based on what? Her calling him babes because he was too much of a coward to hear his own name? He disgusted her. 


She shoved the note into her bag and jogged out to the elevator, mumbling silent “thank yous” to the skies as she rode down to the lobby alone. She half expected the First Order Solutions regime that’d littered the lobby last night to still be here, watching her shamefully make her exit in nothing but Kylo Ren’s tux jacket and some ridiculous heels. 


They were absent from the lobby, any trace of First Order Solutions from the night before was now gone and replaced by the usual London tourist scene. Happy families and affluent London professionals raking their eyes over Rey’s appearance, judgment evident in their expressions. She hurried out to the curb, sliding a five quid note to the bellhop with empathetic eyes who put her in the first taxi he hailed, rushing her away from the scrutinizing gaze of the guests who waited for the valet. 


“Tintern Street, Brixton,” she rambled off to the driver as she settled into the backseat of the cab, drowsiness from her rude awakening beginning to catch up with her. As they pulled away from the curb, Rey rested the side of her head against the cool glass window and let her eyes drift shut. She began to doze off and on for about ten minutes before a sudden realization hit her like a ton of bricks. 


She’d never told him her name.