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Tanglewood Days

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It wasn’t Finn’s first time on a plane. He’d flown once before, when he was a kid and his mom scraped up the money to drag him to D.C. to look at the Vietnam Memorial and cry about how his dad was never coming home, and he didn’t even get a memorial of his own. It was kind of a depressing memory, actually, so he mostly tried not to think about it.

Usually it wasn’t that hard; he didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about planes when he wasn’t on them, so the subject of the trip didn’t come up a whole lot either. He wasn’t really thinking about it today either, but ever since they boarded the plane for the flight to L.A. it had been there in the back of his mind, kind of nagging at him every time he let his guard down.

Which was how he got distracted enough not to notice somebody coming down the aisle toward him until he found himself kind of wedged between the back row of seats and some guy he didn’t know.

Finn didn’t know him, but he knew who he was. He blinked and looked down at warm brown eyes, thick, wavy hair and a smile he’d only seen on TV. It had been a great smile then, but it turned out it was even better in person, and when he turned the wattage up a little Finn felt it all the way to his toes.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t...”

“You’re that guy,” Finn interrupted, and yeah, even he knew how dumb that sounded, but in his defense, Will was even hotter in person. “From the show.”

His smile shifted a little, and Finn didn’t know him, so he couldn’t tell if it meant Will got off on being recognized, or if he just thought Finn was an idiot. He really hoped it wasn’t the idiot one, but he got that kind of a lot, so he wouldn’t be surprised.

“Will Schuester,” Will said, then he held out a hand. They were kind of wedged between the last row of seats and the bathroom, so it was kind of an awkward handshake, but Finn still felt a jolt shoot up his arm the second Will touched him.

“Finn...uh...Finn Hudson.”

“Nice to meet you, Finn Hudson,” Will said, then he smiled again and glanced over Finn’s shoulder, and for one crazy second Finn wondered if he was too tall to join the Mile High Club with a hot sort-of-stranger who could technically affect his brother’s standing in the competition.

Before he could decide whether that was a bad idea or a really, really good one, Will let go of his hand and smiled at something behind Finn. He turned his head as far as he could while he was still kind of trapped between Will and the wall, catching a flash of movement that told him they weren’t alone. A second later a flight attendant stuck her head out of the galley to smile at them, and Finn felt his neck start to heat up.

“It was nice to meet you, Finn,” Will said again, and his smile made Finn feel kind of warm from the inside. “If you’ll excuse me...”

“Oh, yeah, sure,” Finn answered, stepping to the right at the same moment Will moved, and just like that Finn was blocking him again. He had no idea if he was cockblocking the guy or if Will just wanted a club soda or something -- he was pretty sure rich people drank club soda, anyway -- but he wasn’t planning to stick around and find out.

At least not if he could get out of the way, but when he tried to move in the other direction Will moved with him.

“Sorry,” Finn mumbled, his whole face flushing, and when he felt a hand land on his waist he blushed even harder. Will smiled again, and Finn was pretty sure he was being kind of laughed at. Then Will’s other hand slid around his waist, and Finn let Will turn him until their positions were reversed.

Once Finn was standing in the aisle and Will was where Finn had started out he kind of smirked, and now Finn was positive Will was laughing at him. “Thanks for the dance.”

Before Finn could come up with an answer that wouldn’t prove he was a total idiot, Will was turning that smile of his on the flight attendant and asking for a Diet Coke. For a second Finn just stood there, staring at the back of Will’s head and committing the feeling of Will’s hands on his waist to memory. When he heard Will thanking the flight attendant he snapped out of it and turned away, navigating the aisle back to his row and dropping into the seat next to his mother.

“You okay, hon?” she asked, frowning at him when he glanced over at her. “You look a little flushed. I hope you’re not getting sick; the recycled air in here will just spread it to the entire plane.”

“I’m okay,” he said, though he had no clue if it was true. “I think I just ran into one of the judges from the show.”

“Oh? Well, I suppose it’s possible. I think this flight started in New York before it picked us up in Chicago,” she said, turning back to the magazine she’d picked up during their layover.

“Yeah,” Finn said, then he glanced down the aisle toward the galley. He couldn’t see Will anywhere, and Finn knew it shouldn’t matter, but he hoped it meant Will was already back in his seat somewhere in Business Class and not joining the Mile High Club with the flight attendant instead of Finn.