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Bride of a Monster

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The graveyard was silent. She was there with her beloved, Dio, as he stared at the grave that had deteriorated at a faster rate than the other stones around the long abandoned place. It had only been 100 years after all.

“This.” He says, “Is where it all begun. This headstone belongs to the awful man I have the pleasure of formerly calling my father.”

“Dario.” She read the name off the headstone and he nods

“That man abused me every day that he lived. He drove my innocent mother to an early grave… and yet. I wouldn’t be here without him.”

“Fate has an interesting way of playing with us all.” She remarks and he nods

“The worst insult the Joestar’s ever heaped onto me was first, Jonathan asking for me to swear on my father’s honor.” She gasps, she couldn’t believe it knowing what she knew about her master and her lover, “And the greatest insult, was for George to tell Jonathan and his servants to make sure I was buried alongside my father.”

“Dio… I’m so sorry.” She reaches out her arms for him, but he turns away

“It is alright my love. Don’t burden yourself with the thought.” He doesn’t look back at her as he cleans off his fingers, “Are you ready?”

“Of course.”

“You understand when I do this to you, you’ll have eternity, with or without me. Should I die…”

“There’s no way you could lose. Not against Jotaro. I’ve made it so.”

“Alright.” He sighs and turns back around to face her before whispering a soft, “I love you.”

She whispers back a wordless, “I love you too” and smiles as Dio digs his fingers into her neck and starts the process to turn her. She was not unfamiliar with the feeling, having started off in Dio’s mansion in Cairo as a blood slave, to be used as a one time meal and nothing more. However, unlike all those times where he had siphoned just enough blood to get by until Enya brought back some hapless whore he waited carefully and dropped all the blood from her and replaced the human in her with a vile, inhuman essence. When the process was done her eyes snapped open and barred her fangs at the man she loved, looking for anything to use as a meal. Dio offers a freshly deceased body, still full of blood for her and she digs her fingers in and sucks the remaining life out of the poor girl.

“My love.” Those are his first words to her after her successful transformation as he wraps his arms tightly around her, “How do you feel?”

“How… How could you keep this from me?” She laughs softly, yet there was an edge of malice in her words. Her words seemed bloodthirsty and was ready to kill anyone traveling with the Joestars to take Dio’s life.

“It’s intoxicating isn’t it?” He laughs with her and presses his lips onto her head, “Together, we will rule the new world after we get rid of the Joestars.”

“I knew since I was born, I was destined for greatness, but never knew to what degree that greatness was… Until I met you my dear. You showed me the way. Nothing now would give me greater pleasure then ruling by your side. Forever.”

“Let’s get back to Cairo then. We have some Joestars that intend to hurt us that need to be stopped.”

“Wait.” She says

“Yes?” He raises an eyebrow as she calls out her, rather benevolent, stand and destroys the last traces of Dario’s headstone

“Now we may leave.” A sinister smile spread across her lips as she seemingly erased the existence that Dario Brando had existed

“Consider this ceremony like that of my vows.” Dio wraps an arm around her shoulders as they walk away. Dio couldn’t have been prouder in that moment than he was

“My words to you are true. I intend to spend forever with you. You may treat my words as vows as well.”

“I know dear.” He kisses her head one more time before they walk away, leaving Dio’s skeletons behind and setting out a new path for themselves.