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Writer's Block

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Iruka stared at the blank word document wishing for inspiration. For months, he’d been stuck on the latest chapter for his Icha Icha fanfic. He had started the chapter at least half a dozen times only to delete it. He’d never had writer’s block this bad before. It was always so easy to get the words to flow before, but now getting a single sentence out felt like a struggle. The worst part was that he felt like he was letting his readers down. 

The teacher sighed heavily and closed his laptop, setting it on the couch next to him. A year ago he’d taken the leap into posting his stories online and had been pleasantly surprised by the reaction he’d received from the community. The Icha Icha community was growing as the books became more popular and there were even rumors of a TV show. It was his guilty pleasure. After he was done correcting homework, he would delve deep into all the internet had to offer about the books. The books were cheesy as all hell, but they had gotten him through some dark times. 

Unfortunately, now his favorite series was causing him stress. He wasn’t sure what changed, but it was driving him crazy. Writing was supposed to be fun, not make him want to burst into tears from sheer frustration. Maybe he should just call it a night and sleep off the depression for failing to write anything…again. He was staring at his laptop dejected when his phone chimed. 

He unlocked his phone to find a message from Sukea. Sukea had been one of his first friends in the Icha Icha community and ran a chat group for authors. Iruka had fallen away from the group as his writer’s block grew worse. He felt a bit guilty that he hadn’t talked to any of his friends in a while. Maybe he was telling him he couldn’t be in the group anymore because he’d been so inactive? He clicked on the message before his anxiety could get the better of him.


Sukea: Hey Ru! Hadn’t heard from you in a while and noticed you’d gone silent from posting as well. Hope everything is okay!

Iruka smiled at the message, touched he’s reached out. Maybe he was being too hard on himself about the whole writer’s block thing. 


Ru: Yeah. Sorry I haven’t been around much. I have been having a hard time with writer’s block and have been feeling crappy about it. Didn’t mean to disappear.

Sukea: No problem. I get it. Want to talk about it? Maybe bounce some ideas off of me? I still owe you that cup of coffee.

He stared down at his phone, heat rushing to his cheeks. When Sukea had found out they lived in the same town, he had immediately offered to buy him a cup of coffee. Iruka had agreed, but the other man had needed to cancel at the last moment. Though he was kind of glad things hadn’t worked out. Sukea rarely posted pictures of himself, but what little Iruka had seen had made him fall in lust with him. He knew if they ever met in person he’d make a fool of himself. His phone chimed again, drawing his attention back to their conversation.


Sukea: No pressure though. Just want to help. :)

Ru: Are you free Friday night?

Sukea: I should be done with work by 6. Meet at like 7? 

Ru: Works for me. Saves me from another Friday night of grading. Where do you want to meet?

Sukea: I think there’s a coffee shop by the ramen place you love so much???

Ru: There is. I’ll see you there!

Iruka stared down at his phone, stomach in knots. It was just coffee…with a friend…that he had been neglecting for months. He groaned and tossed his phone down next to his laptop. He really shouldn’t have made plans with Sukea. They got along well enough online, but what if he was awful in real life? Or worse, what if he was wonderful? He hadn’t dated anyone in a couple of years and he was crushing hard on him. Or maybe he was just overthinking everything and coffee would be great. Maybe Sukea really could help him overcome his writer’s block?