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The President and the Advisor

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Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long knew each other since university and they become best friends where they studied hard politics.
Zhu Yi Long was ready to present himself as a candidate for be the president of the country.
He was ready to change the view of the country.
And he wanted that Bai Yu becomes his advisor.

They were so good friends that lots thought they were in a couple but it's only rumored.
Because they were both pining for the other.

When he have presented to his campaign he have fought hard for be the president that people would trust him, he sacrificed lots of stuff so people would believe in him and vote for him.
It's was what have happened.

When he was doing his investiture Bai Yu was close to him and he looked like a Bodyguard

"Thanks for having chosen me and I promise all of you I will work hard so I will make the country proud"

With Bai Yu they worked to make a good government and good reform.
They didn't have lots of time for their privacy or even free time for just relax.

Unfortunately the day they have take one break for relax at one party and Zhu Yi Long is just so overworked that he tells Bai Yu

"I don't feel so good"

"Just rest against me, I'm gonna sit on the couch, you can rest like me. We are normally among people we trust"

"I don't know what I will do without you"

"I don't know too" and Bai Yu take the hand of Zhu Yi Long and kiss it.

Unfortunately these moments were caught in pictures and was leaked the next day.

When they saw it Zhu Yi Long was kinda upset at himself and say "How come I was so reckless"

"It's also my fault" say Bai Yu

"It's never your fault, I should have told you to not do that, I should have been more strong and not sit on the couch"

"Long-Ge don't blame yourself, it's my fault to have kissed your hand"


"Don't Worry I will take care of everything I will tell this is my fault so you are clean and I will leave this place maybe leave for another country"

When Bai Yu was ready to leave, Zhu Yi Long catch him and say "Don't go, don't leave me alone. We will fight it together. We were together since a long time. You are my best friend"

"I'm not excusing for have kissed your hand I always wanted to do that for tell you I love you and also I would want to suck and lick your beautiful fingers," said Bai Yu and Zhu Yi Long is blushing then he tells "So it's your way of telling me I love you," say Zhu Yi Long full of hope

And Bai Yu kiss him "Yes"

Zhu Yi Long kiss him back and said to Bai Yu "I dreamed about this since a long moment I have keep my feelings for a long time because I was scared and because of our privacy"

"I don't mind it because it's was always like this, but it's killed me to see you so overworked so sad sometimes that I wanted to hug you and kiss you for comfort you"

"Now we can do it, because I Want to have my relationship with you and be happy even if it's still in secret I don't care"

They make out for a while until they decide to do not comment about the photos and just said that it's was a thing that they do as friends.

They have found some months later that the photos were leaked because they wanted to make fail Zhu Yi Long so they could do one impeachment.

Their relationship was still secret and professional during time for work but during the night when they are together they like to be cuddled and watch movies eat together and just sleep together curled and even leave some love bites in some parts where nobody could see it.

They have kinda makeout also sometimes in his office.

Some months later they begun to be tired of this and decide "Maybe I will come out, please don't hate me. But I just want to be able to go outside with you, do couple stuff and bring you with me at event."

Bai Yu kiss him "I support you"

Zhu Yi Long do one Interview where he said "The rumor was true I'm with my advisor Bai Yu since some months ago and I'm ready for telling you that I'm happy and that please also respect our private life"

And some newspapers does viral the announcement and publish one photo of both of them with them as president and future first man.

Some months ago they marry where they have the biggest wedding possible.

They become after this one of the couple A-List where when they do apparition they always say that they look so much in love.

Bai Yu is at the side of Zhu Yi Long when he needs to be at some evenement like G20/Onu and he is at official's pictures.

And Zhu Yi Long is proud of this "Here the love of my life, my husband, my beloved"

He was always near him because he knew that some wives would have maybe wanted him so he doesn't hésite to save him sometimes and Bai Yu tell in his ear "My Savior, you know I want only you and I like when you are possessive"