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Seven Sinner's

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  "Hey you don't look so good."

  "What do you mean we're angels we always look good, especially me."

  "That's not what I mean and you know it."

  "Really, your just imaging it."


  "We better hurry," he cut his friend off as they zoomed past unsuspecting humans. "Do you remember exactly were you saw him?"

  "No I don't but why do you care so much he's just a human."

  The beautiful angel stopped. "You know its our job to protect them."

  "Yes but..." His friend rolled his eye's as he continued flying leaving him there with a frown on his face "can you please let me finish a sentence!" He yelled after him.

  Ken was stunned as he watched his beautiful friend speed off in the direction of a young male that he mentioned seeing earlier. Ever since Ken brought up the kid the other angel had been determined to find him.

    He just didn't know why.

  "Seokjin!" He called after him once again and once again he was ignored. He sighed as he gave up, turning to go back home.
  Up ahead Seokjin was looking into every ally he passed as he searched for the kid that he had grown attach to ever since he saw him three weeks ago. He had spotted him one day as him and his team did their daily rounds around earth.

  As soon as he saw the young boy with his big brown doe eye's sitting down in a dark corner of the ally hiding eating a piece a bread his heart had clenched painfully.

  He had never felt anything like that and it had taken everything in his will power to leave the poor kid there alone all by himself.

  The next day he tried looking for him again but failed.

   Everyday that went by without him finding the kid he could feel his body growing weaker and weaker. He knew what he had to do and he couldn't be happier to do it. He already had everything set, no one not even his best friend Ken knew what he was about to do. 

  "HEY, get back here!" 

  Seokjin stopped, turning toward the sound of someone yelling. He saw an older man running out of a store with his hand raised. Seokjin tilted his head as he tried to see what or who the man was yelling at. He decided to fly over and see what was going on.

  He was invisible to the humans so it was easy to move around without being seen. He made his way in the direction of the sound of running and was stunned to see that it was the young boy that he had been searching for all this time.

  He looked around as he tried to find a way to intervene without him being seen in any way.

  He wanted to curse when he saw the man getting closer and closer to the kid.

  Seokjin looked around saw an empty ally, landing as he folded his beautiful snowy white wings behind him and materialized hiding his wings in an air bubble so they won't be seen by the human eye. He changed his white rob so that he was now wearing what he assumed was male human clothes that consisted of a T-shirt, jeans, and tennis shoe's.

  He waited until he heard the sound of footsteps. He stuck his hands into his pockets as he stepped out of the ally. The kid didn't see him to busy looking back at his pursuer to notice anyone in front of him. 

  Seokjin anticipated the collision but what he wasn't ready for was how much it was actually going to hurt. Especially because the kid was a lot taller them he first imagined him being.

  The kid smacked right into him causing him to fall backward and Seokjin to take a step back to try and steady himself.

  He frowned as he bent to look at the confused boy on the ground. "Are you okay?" He asked. 

  The kid shook his head as he squeezed his eye's shut to try and ward off the dizziness that consumed him. The man who had been chasing him had finally caught up to them.

  "Hey you damn brat," the man bent to grab the kid by the collar of his shirt as he yanked him to his feet  "you better get ready to spend the rest of your days in jail." The man snared.

  The kid flinched.

  Seokjin frowned. "What did he do?" He asked softly.

  The angry man had looked up, mouth open ready to yell at the person who decided to interrupt his scalding but stopped when his eye's landed on Seokjin. The kid who had been to busy tryinf to get loose and run away finally looked up at the man talking he looked just as stunned as the man holding him.

  "Sir?" Seokjin pressed.

  "Oh umm," the man blushed "is he a relative of yours?"

  "Yes, so can you please tell me what has happened so I can fix it." Seokjin gave him a small smile.

  The man let go of the still stunned boy as he stumbled toward his side to practically hid behind him.

  "He stole from my store." The man said as he glared at the boy.

  "My apologies," Seokjin bowed "I don't have my wallet on me at the moment but if you give me your name, place of business and the amount he owes you I would happily pay you before the end of the day."

  Both the man and kid stared up at the handsome man as he spoke. The store manager looked from the clean, well mannered man to the dirty thief behind him and frowned. "It was only a candy bar that he took please disregard it but if I ever see him in or around my store again I will not ignore it next time."

  "Thank you kind sir." Seokjin bowed once again.

  The man frowned once again as he turned to head back to his shop.