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One touch is all it took
To draw you in
To leave you hooked

One kiss, you paid the price
You had a taste
Of paradise

Ghost – Depeche Mode


Since their first kiss, Laurie had known that he was making a fatal mistake.

Everything was wrong. Amy's lips were too thin, colder than Jo's lips. Her hair too thick, and too blonde. Her nose was too perfect; her eyes were not vibrant, her gaze was almost blank. Laurie despised Amy's hands, so soft and pale.

Laurie married Amy knowing that the only reason behind his choice was anger, the need to make Jo suffer like he had. He tried to forget her laugh, her sharp eyes, her callous fingers; he almost succeeded.

But now, almost twenty years later, he was still there, looking at his sister-in-law who was running behind her kids. Jo was a bit thinner, older, like he was; but her "joie de vivre" was still intact.

Laurie still longed to taste her mouth, just another time; he had been haunted by the ghost of her lips since that stolen kiss after his declaration of love. He knew it was impossible; his love was hopeless, it had always been.

He had been right: he had looked at Jo loving another man, from afar, with his heart broken, for the rest of their lives . He just could help himself and watched her, even though it was painful; the ghost of one stolen kiss was poison and nourishment; it gave him life, and took all away from him.