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Albus and Severus 3

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“Well isn´t it wonderful, Severus.

“It is not.”

“Those endless possibilities. Just imagine it.”

“I don't want to.”

“Evenings spent together.


“Afternoon tea.”

“I hate tea.”

“Afternoon nap.”


“Romantic evening by the fireplace.”

“Nev... What!”

“Maybe not a romance. Rather pleasant evening by the fireplace.”

„Kill me.”

„Cracking fire and an interesting book.”


“Falling asleep with head resting on each other´s shoulder.”

“Merlin! Have a mercy!”

Albus Dumbledore, former headmaster of Hogwarts, just smiled thoughtfully. He didn´t listen to his successor, Severus Snape. One more brush stroke and his dream comes true. The new painting he and Severus would occupy was almost finished. They´ll be together forever. One painting. One sofa. Two former headmasters, sitting side by side on opposite ends of leather couch with flaring fireplace in the background.

“Christmas came early.”

A pitiful wail.