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She's Got The Devil's Eyes

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"So, Charlie is back with Linda and Amenadiel," As Chloe eased herself into the penthouse, she couldn't help but feel there was something odd tainting the atmosphere. It wasn’t easy for her eyes to land on the devil’s tall frame, but ultimately, she saw him as he stood over his balcony, seemingly thinking about everything that had happened. "So... You know... it's over," She paused, hoping the devil would respond with something sarcastic pulled from underneath his sleeve, and everything would go back to normal. She was far from a celestial being, but she needn’t be one to realize that what she hoped for would not happen. "Isn't it? Is it over?"

"I'd say yes, detective, but I'd be lying," She could see it in how his back tensed up, she could hear it in his voice and yet, she couldn't give that odd feeling a name. She wasn’t fond of things she couldn't explain. "And we both know I don't do that," the devil turned around and looked at his partner, the only human since the beginning of time that had made him, the devil, bleed. The only human who had managed to break his heart and glue it back together in a span as short as his years on Earth had been. "Tonight we won but we just plugged a hole into a very flimsy boat. Now the demons know I have no intention of returning, they... They'll continue to defy me. It's only a matter of time before they come back to Earth," the trepidation was audible in his voice. His authority had never been questioned before, no one had ever dared stand in front of him and threaten him. Well, before, he hadn’t had something he felt afraid of losing. If there was something he was sure of, was the way in which the demons could get back at him; she was looking into his eyes with naïve hope. He had promised that no harm would ever come her way, and his word was his bond. "Who knows where next? Or maybe they'll just come back for Charlie, or..." He paused, finding it difficult to even think of the meaning of his following words. "Or maybe you.”

"I see," Chloe wanted to say she couldn't see where the conversation was going, but she could, and she really didn’t want it to get there. "So, what... What are you saying?"

"I have to go back." Her entire world fell before her feet.

"So, for how long?" She attempted to sound casual, to keep Lucifer from knowing how she truly felt, but she was unable to. She was utterly transparent, an open book, and the devil was able to read her from cover to cover in a fraction of a second. "Like a couple... A couple of weeks? Or maybe a month? Or—"

"—You were right about the prophecy; we did get it wrong. It is about Hell coming to Earth and we may have stopped it now, but for how long?" Chloe's breath hitched at the sound of his voice. She shook her head, not wanting to believe what she was hearing, or rather, what she would hear next. "I need to keep them contained; they must have a king." She knew what she would hear, she could see the yet to be spoken words floating around them. At that moment she knew all there was left for her to do was to beg, beg that the enigmatic, sarcastic and eccentric devil she had grown so fond of wouldn't leave.

"No, no, no," she actually laughed at the end, unable to believe their luck. It was unfair. Every time she was close to feeling like they were standing on solid ground regarding their feelings, something like that would happen. It was unfair that something had to come and tear them apart. "No, see, this is... This is what I meant, Lucifer, when I said you can't leave me," she knew she would fall apart, it was only a matter of time. She could only hope it wouldn't be too hard to build herself back up again. "Listen, I'm so sorry that... How I acted when I first saw your face, it was stupid and... Please," Lucifer's eyes were on her and she couldn't help but feel small under his gaze, to feel insignificant. Right then, the three little words that threatened to leave her mouth back at The Mayan formed again in her mouth. Maybe it was the fact that she knew she had nothing left to lose. "I... I love you. I love you, please, don't leave," The devil smiled bittersweetly at her.

"You see, we were wrong about something else in the prophecy." She had seen him step closer, she had felt the warmth coming off his body as he approached her, but above all else, she had seen the look in his eyes, begging for forgiveness. "My first love was never Eve," his right hand rose to touch her cheek; its callousness leaving the sweetest and softest caress on her wet skin. She couldn't help herself, she had to cry, she was seeing her love leave her behind. "It was you, Chloe. It always has been,"

And right there, as they stood on Lucifer's balcony, they shared their third and seemingly last kiss. Their lips connected and a useless prayer was sent to the heavens, asking for that kiss not to be their last, asking for them to have another chance. Chloe's hands went straight up for the back of Lucifer's head as she secretly asked God to let that instant last a lifetime, for them to never have to leave each other again. Lucifer's hands reciprocated the gesture, grabbing his detective by the jaw as if she were as fragile as a flower, savoring the kiss and remembering every curve and crevice of her lips, damning his father, yet again, for tearing them apart. 

As Chloe drowned in the ocean of sensations that kissing the devil for the very last time made her feel, her hands sheepishly left his neck and wandered down to the buttons of his shirt, silently asking for permission. At that moment she decided that, if Lucifer was to leave her, they had to at least say a proper goodbye. She desperately wanted him to stay, but if his departure was inevitable, she wanted to remember how being with each other felt. How the most intimate of acts could be if it was between them. She wanted to let their bodies say their goodbyes, too.

"What…?" Lucifer mumbled as he broke the chaste kiss apart, letting his forehead rest against Chloe's. "What are you doing?" He asked, looking straight into her teary, cerulean eyes, actively trying to find anything other than pure sadness in them.

"I..." She didn't know what to say. She didn't know how to give what she wanted a voice. "I... Let me," she said slowly, putting her hands to work and unbuttoning the top button of Lucifer's shirt. She was being cautious, studying all of the devil's expressions as she worked her way down to the second one. "Let us... Let me say goodbye,"

"Chloe," he pulled his forehead away from hers, looking directly into her eyes as she talked through them, begging him to let them have that moment. She lowered her hands even further, undoing the third and fourth buttons of his shirt.

"Please," She was close to begging, trying to hold on to whatever memory of him she had left, and he wasn't even gone yet. She really didn't want to know what living without him was like. "Please," she whispered against his lips, praying that Lucifer wouldn't say no.

"Okay," he mumbled, leaning in and kissing her again. He didn't want to let her go, he wanted to have her beside him for the rest of eternity. He loved her, although words would never be enough to do the feeling justice. "Okay," he mumbled again; voice broken against the lips of his beloved.

Thinking about the grand scheme of things, her life on Earth was just a mere speck of eternity, a minuscule slot of time. They had an awfully short amount of it before she inevitably died and went to Heaven, somewhere he couldn’t follow. He owed this to her, to them, even if the sole idea of making love to her felt like trespassing, like disturbing the perfect relationship they'd had over the years.

His hands fell to her waist, grabbing onto her timidly. It was the first time since the beginning of time that Lucifer felt unsure of his touch regarding a woman, the first time he approached sex from a different angle, with someone who actually loved him and he loved back. All because he really didn't want to say goodbye. He wanted to hold her against his chest for the rest of eternity, to smell the fragrance of her perfume every day, to get to know every single little detail and quirk that made Chloe who she was, and learn them again if ever forgot one. He wanted her to be with him, he didn't want to leave, but he knew he had to. At that moment, when he understood he most likely wouldn’t get to do all the things he wanted, a couple of tears started rolling down his cheeks, getting lost in the kiss.

"I love you," Chloe mumbled with her mouth against the devil's, tasting the saltiness of both their tears. Her hands undid the remaining buttons of his dressing shirt before locating themselves on Lucifer's shoulders, answering to their kiss with the slightest hint of shyness. She loved him so much and she had been so dumb. Right at that moment, with his lips against hers and their hearts on their sleeves, she was wondering why. It wasn't fair, she wanted to have more time, however, she would have had it if only she hadn't been so stubborn. If only she had realized that she loved him sooner.

Lucifer was crying and he didn't care that he wasn’t alone. He was so angry at fate, at his father, at their situation, that he didn’t care about the fact he was showing just how vulnerable he was. He was crying because he loved her and he didn't want to lose her, because he didn't want to go back and because he didn't want their first time to be their last. If only they could slow down time.

Neither of them could pinpoint when it happened, but a second, they were kissing and crying on the balcony, and the next one Chloe had wrapped her legs around his waist, letting him carry her inside and towards the bedroom. She got rid of his shirt and jacket by pulling them off his shoulders, letting them fall without a second thought and finally letting her hands wander around his warm and toned torso. She wouldn't say it, but she had expected Lucifer to make a comment about her letting his jacket and shirt fall to the floor when they were Prada and expensive. He didn't do it and, in a way, it made her miss him already.

He placed her on his bed with the utmost care, lowering her slowly and helping her lay back as he hovered over her. He broke their kiss only once, stopping to admire the beauty of his wonderful miracle, the woman who had carved her way into his heart and would never leave. Not without leaving a mark. He could only wonder how it was possible that so much love could fit in his heart, how such a dark place he constantly forgot he had was now occupied by the blonde beauty before him. She had changed him but she hadn't made him weaker, no. She had made his heartbeat have a purpose for the first time in eternity, and that could only make him stronger.

His hands wandered down the button line of her dark shirt, undoing button after button and drowning himself in the beautiful masterpiece he had before him.

"So beautiful..." He mumbled, going back to kissing her as soon as the smallest whine came out of her mouth. Their lips connected and for the first time ever they let it grow, they let the kiss evolve into the moment.

Lucifer's tongue tentatively circled the edge of her lower lip, making her mouth finally open and letting them deepen the kiss. It was a sad wrestle between tongues, lazy even, taking it slowly so the moment wouldn't end. Chloe's hands made their way to Lucifer's muscular back, touching everywhere and trying to memorize the feeling of his skin against hers, trying to map out all of the little moles, and the bumps where his wings were hidden. Lucifer, on the other hand, let his hands loose on Chloe's torso, going underneath the fabric of her shirt and trying to get it off of her. She had to lift herself up slightly at one moment for him to toss her shirt aside, and as she did so, she also undid the clip of her bra, letting it set loosely over her breasts.

She moved underneath the devil, trying to seat herself up with her back against Lucifer's backrest. When she did so she let her eager hands trail off through the devil's strong pecs and carved abs, down south towards the buckle of his belt, undoing it in one motion. Once again, she was expecting the typical Lucifer comment, maybe noting how eager she was, or how fast she had undone it but no. It was pure silence on the devil's side as he concentrated on kissing her. He wanted to remember each and every nook of her mouth so when they were away, he would have the memory.

He trailed off, leaving a little path of kisses down Chloe's jaw, all the way through her neck and to her left collarbone. She couldn't stop crying, maybe because she would miss Lucifer like crazy or maybe because he was biting her skin, probably leaving marks all over her neck and left shoulder, a reminder for a tomorrow she didn’t want to ever arrive to.

"I'll miss you so much," she mumbled, letting her hands go up to Lucifer's head and tangling on his black hair, playing and tugging at it as the devil marked her. That night he would be warm and on top of her, but she knew the next day she wouldn't get to have that, which brought her to the decision that she'd enjoy as much as she could. After all, that would be the only chance they got to let their bodies finally know each other.

The devil pulled his love's bra off of her, letting it fall carelessly on the floor before lowering his mouth towards her breasts. It wasn't the first time he had seen them; however, he was so overwhelmed by how soft yet firm they felt, how responsive Chloe was to their stimulation, and how beautiful she looked with her top half completely bare. He was mesmerized.

"So gorgeous, so responsive," he said with his mouth against her left nipple, mouthing at it and leaving kisses all around as he played with the right one in between his fingers. "I love you so much," and Chloe cried harder because not only was she being simulated, having one of her nipples inside the devil's mouth, but she had also heard him say that he loved her for the very first time. He loved her, he really, truly did.

"I love you, too," she moaned, lowering her hands to Lucifer's back and placing them over the bumps where his wings were hiding.

Lucifer suddenly pulled away from her breasts, standing on his knees and finally undoing the fly of his trousers as he kicked off his red bottoms. Chloe kicked off her boots and went to undo her own zipper but Lucifer beat her to it, undoing it himself and going back into a crawling position; mouth close to the heat in between her legs but not quite. His hands grabbed her thighs and went up and down them, taking her a little by surprise when, on one of the upstrokes, he lowered his hands towards her bum and grabbed the waistline of her jeans. He looked her in the eye and silently asked for permission, lowering her jeans over her bum when she nodded and lifted off her backside from the bed to help him take them off. He caught her underwear and in one go his beautiful detective was left naked before his eyes.

He couldn't look away, he couldn't tear his eyes off of the beautiful body that lay in front of him, all covered in goosebumps because of his touch. He couldn't help but feel his cock grow thicker and heavier inside his boxers at the sight, thankful that he had undone his fly earlier.

"I want to see you," he heard his love say through a shy and low voice. She was laying back on his backrest, showing herself naked to him and allowing him to do whatever he wanted with her body. He only had to look at her in the eyes and he would know. "I want to see all of you,"

He leaned in to kiss her in the mouth and lingered there for a while before pulling away, back to standing on his knees. He teased his hands around his own waistline and pulled down his trousers, delighting Chloe with the sight of his tented, black boxers, and wasted no time before pulling them down to set his cock free. He swore he could hear Chloe gasp at the sight of him completely naked.

"So gorgeous," she mumbled before sitting up and going for the devil's mouth, kissing away all the sadness, all the angst, all his fears. Her hands went to his shoulder and down by his back once again, toying at the two barely noticeable bumps there. She circled them with her fingers as they kissed, as their mouths expressed everything their hearts felt, pouring feelings in the mouth of the other. She pressed lightly on the bumps before pulling away. "I want to see all of you, I wanna see them too,"

"Chloe," he breathed out her name before pulling her in for a kiss that she broke after a couple of seconds, ignoring her request. "I... My wings... They're not beautiful," he mumbled, referring to how they had looked when they were down by The Mayan. Chloe had already seen them and had been terrified by them, why would she want to see them now?

"Yes, they are," she was quick to argue, standing on her knees to face her lover more easily. "They are beautiful because they are a part of you," she allowed some tears to roll down her cheeks as she spoke, placing her tiny hand on the devil's cheek. "They are part of who you are and I love all that you are. I want to see them because I love them. I love you," the devil let out a strangled gasp and a bittersweet smile, thinking about what good he had to have done to deserve such a beautiful woman with such a beautiful soul.

"Very well," he agreed, going down for a kiss as he let his wings unfurl from his back, arching in all their glory.

He heard Chloe gasp before he saw her; blue eyes shining brightly as she faced the proof of divinity once again. And then he felt her as her tentative hand went towards his shoulder and further, touching one of them. It was then when he noticed that his wings were no longer red and burnt, they were no longer the wings of the devil, of evil incarnate. They were the wings of an angel, of the angel he had once been, of the angel he apparently still was. He had to feel how Chloe's fingers went through his feathers to realize he was no longer a monster; he was no longer a threat.

"Oh, dear..." Chloe refrained herself from saying 'God' because she knew how much Lucifer hated it when people did that but still, she couldn't look away. He was truly beautiful, totally naked; body, wings, and soul bare before her, all there for her to watch, love and cherish. "Make love to me," she asked, placing her gaze back in the devil's black eyes.

"Your wish is my command," she smiled small before she felt the lips of her lover back on hers as his weight pushed her backward; the devil lowering her down with the utmost care.

As soon as her back was against the soft mattress and silk sheets, she felt the lips of her lover slide down her jaw and neck. That was before she felt him. He was teasing her opening with the head of his cock, actually unsure if he should proceed or not. He didn't want to ruin things with his beloved detective but once again, that moment would be the last they'd see or feel of each other in a very long time so he might as well try to make the best out of it. Try to make the best memories possible so he could cherish them once her touch and love were physically away from him.

And so, he did. He pushed himself into the tight heat of his detective's body, feeling overwhelmed by how good and right she felt lying underneath him. Together was how they were meant to be; they were to share their intimacy, he could feel it all over his body, throbbing as his blood ran through his veins, blood that could only be drawn out by her, by his weakness.

"I love you," she whispered once again as her ankles locked on Lucifer's lower back, hoping the three little words wouldn't wear out by how much she was using them. She just needed her little devil to remember them, to remember what they had. And with that she cried, overwhelmed by the pressure and fullness she physically felt but also the feelings that clouded her heart, how much that moment felt like a goodbye.

"You're so perfect, my own perfect miracle," he said slowly, finally bottoming out and picking up a pace, making love to his detective in the slowest, most passionate way.

"Look at me," Chloe asked as her hands made their way to the devil's shoulders and then his cheeks, holding him steady so he would look at her. She wasn't stupid, she could tell how much he was avoiding her eyes. He ultimately did, letting his teary chocolatey eyes connect with the ones of his lover. "It's okay," she said, finding it harder to do so as her partner picked up a stronger and faster pace, making love to her so they wouldn't forget.

Suddenly and as if he felt all too vulnerable, he let his wings fold over and shield them in a cocoon, much like they had done the day she had discovered his true self, wrapping them up to protect her from the storm of bullets. Even though he knew they were alone in the penthouse, he felt like that moment wasn't theirs enough, that it wasn't private enough, and he needed to make it as right as it could possibly be. So, he wrapped up his love, his beautiful miracle in the softness and warmth of his wings, letting her see him and only him as he thrust his way into her, making them feel their love carnally for the very first time.

"You're so good," Chloe mumbled in between tears and moans, caressing the devil's cheeks as they went after they climax, as they tried to chase their high. Being honest, both of them knew they weren't going to last, that their moment would be cut short because it'd be far too difficult to hold themselves back. They didn't want to hold themselves back, but they also didn't want their time together on Earth to ever end. Guess they could only do so much.

Chloe came undone first, crying and telling the devil how she felt, how much she loved him and how good he was. She touched rock bottom, climaxing with a high-pitched moan and running her fingers through the softness of Lucifer's feathers as she let herself be taken away by the intensity and bittersweetness of her orgasm. The devil followed soon after, only needing the added pressure of his miracle's orgasm to let himself come undone inside her; his breathing fast and agitated as he buried his face on the crook of Chloe's neck, coming back down from his marvelous high.

And all too quickly it was all too over, far too fast, far too sudden. Lucifer went back to lying beside her as they both tried to get their breathing even; Chloe immediately clinging to the devil's chest and holding him down against the bed.

"Don't go," she breathed out, placing her head just above Lucifer's heart and hearing it beat strongly. "You don't have to go now, you can stay for a while," she added, resting her naked body against that of her loved one and praying that he wouldn't have to go away for one last time. "Please,"

"Okay," the devil said simply, letting his right arm wrap around his detective's waist and pull her even closer to his body.

They stayed in silence for a while, silently crying and hurting over the fact that their carnal goodbyes had been said. Lucifer was staying because Chloe was vulnerable, staying because she was hurting, but she knew he would be gone as soon as she opened her eyes. Like that, it'd be all over.

Just as slumber started to wash over her, she opened her mouth and started leaving small and chaste kisses over the freckled skin of the devil's chest, trying to kiss away his sorrow and let him know how much she truly loved him.

"Don't you dare forget me," she said after a while of just kissing every inch of skin she could, trying to map out his body with her lips. Her voice was sleepy, the devil could tell.

"I would never," he answered, planting a sweet and lingering kiss on the crown of her head, holding on tighter to her body. "I wouldn't be able to, even if I wanted to,"

"Good," she said simply, placing her head back on the sturdy chest and hearing his heartbeat for the last time.

"You're my miracle, Chloe. There will not be a single moment while I'm down there that you won't be on my mind," the detective choked on her own emotions, keeping down a sob from escaping and just letting her tears roll down her cheeks. She couldn't help but feel a tight knot down her throat that wouldn't let her breathe properly.

"Good, because there won't be a single moment where you're not on my mind here either," she answered, telling herself it would be best not to look at him as they spoke because it would make it even more difficult. How naïve she was.

"I love you, my miracle," Lucifer managed to say before his love fell asleep to the sound of his heart and the rising and falling of his chest. "I will never, ever forget you,"

It was barely an hour after Chloe fell asleep that Lucifer found the courage within himself to leave the comfortable bed and the heat of his lover. He found it extremely difficult to leave her, to finally say goodbye, but he would rather have her alive and afar than dead or captured because he didn't do something he was supposed to. He had promised her that no harm would come her way, and his word was his bond.

And so, he left, dressing himself up in the exact same suit he had on when his detective arrived, hoping it'd still have her scent impregnated into the fibers. He unfurled his wings once again and looked back, only to mumble a small and timid ‘goodbye’ and take flight, leaving Chloe and Earth behind for good.

What meaning would life have if one's world was destroyed? Well, Lucifer's world was no longer Earth, it was no longer the free will, the chicks and the booze it offered, no. His world was the blonde, stubborn, tenacious and caring woman who would wake up to an empty bed and a broken heart.

And nothing wakes you up like waking up alone.