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You're Lie In Great Tree Moon

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"It seems you have friends with you.....I wonder if they are just like you?"


Corrin stood in the middle of the battlefield, two side calling for him to join them. One of the family he supposedly was born in and the other he grew up in, who could he choose? They both were special to him, why did they want him to choose? Why couldn't he just.....have them both be his family?


'Choose Corrin, what will you choose?' A voice in the back of his head asked, in his blurred mind he thought 'I wish I could just disappear....'


A sudden snap, he fell into something. It whipped and stretched him like a child playing with it's toy recklessly, he shouted out; reaching his hand for something. 


You chose to disappear, right?


Robin walked down the the dirt road, he needed to clear his head. The long journey finally came to him, he couldn't help it; he was wondering about his relationship with Chrom.


He tried his best, he was the most cherished out of all. Yet some how he couldn't be with him, he was a king; a guy, he needed a women; a heir. Not some memory loss loser mage who could barely handle a sword well.


He tried to match Chrom with girls, but he always preferred to fight along side him; they made a perfect team, but after what Lucina said....


"Not to be rude Mr. Robin but my father would of had it easier with my mother, if you weren't here..."


Damn that shit hurt, honestly he does not know what the hell he did to her; every change she got he would be put down by her words. He didn't understand, was it some stupid teenage thing?


Whatever it was it pissed him off, but he kept it in; because she was Chrom's future daughter; meaning he didn't get with Chrom. He didn't want to make her the bad guy, she was still young and maybe was just having a rebellious issue.


But it reminded him, that Chrom didn't need him; he needed someone who would be with him forever. Not Robin, who still didn't have all of his memories back; he felt like disappearing....being in his own adventure, not following anyone.


And with that, he fell into a portal....


The woods were quiet, that was nice....


The sky was gloomy, that was nice...


The sounds were dreadful, that was nice-


"Kid it would not hurt for you to think of nice things?" Jaralt said to his son, Byleth. The boy nods his head, they were scouting around; like any other regular day as a mercenary.


Byleth grew up emotionless, it wasn't bad per say; he just had a hard time trying to express himself around others. Even with his dad he couldn't put on a normal face front, it was all stone cold.


His dad told him that he was like that since birth, never cried; never laughed, his mother feared that he died. Now he was still the same, he was quite lonely; yes he had his dad and the band of mercenaries, but no one was around his age.


He wanted change, he wanted someone or something to appear right in front of him and give him a new sense of hope.


"Byleth!" His dad, he was shouting at him. What for-?


Suddenly he felt two heavy weights drop on him, he falls to ground. Letting out a painful groan, he slowly tries to push himself up. But something above him was moving, what was that? The weight got off him.


"Shit are you ok? I'm so sorry!" A guy, his voice sounded deeper and more matured then his. He slowly let's himself up and come face to face with the guy, he had white hair and golden eyes.


And he was wearing a very unusual set of clothes, not to mention he looked so familiar to him.


"Who are you-?"


"Byleth! Son, are you ok!?" His father shouted out to him, he turns to him and nods his head.


Another person gets up and Byleth realizes that this one was younger then he or the guy was.


"Ugh, that was a doozy" the boy said, he looked younger but held a strange sense of maturity.


Byleth looked at the two of them, all sharing one question in their heads.


'Who are you, why do you look familiar?'



"I see there's more newcomers, come along now; time is ticking, I was hoping to see you all soon"


[End Of Pt. 1]