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Evil Author Day 2020

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Stiles knew that his choice in location for Spring Break for his last year of his main school time before he moved onto more schooling for his Ph.D. in Robotics was a little strange. Las Vegas though was the place he had always wanted to go for any length of time really and that meant that he was going to go before Spring Break became a thing of the past. Once he was settled into his new internship at Hale AB&O Inc in a few months, he was going to have to spend the free time he had learning from some of the best minds in the field. Stiles still hadn't told anyone about getting the internship. He wanted to wait until after spring break to have the questions start.

The internship had been out of nowhere and Stiles had been so grateful for it. It wasn't exactly paid but what he got instead was his Post-Grad degree paid for as long as he committed so many hours per semester over the next four years to the company as well as a food budget and housing that was in a building that Hale AB&O owned. Lydia had been the one to actually submit the paperwork for it and even bullied him into writing the essay part but never told him what it was for. After years of pinching money to get by on the books and everything else he needed on the scholarships that he had earned to make sure that he could still eat, the money for food was more than Stiles spent on food per week now.

Stiles looked around the bar that he had found that catered to all manner of supernatural creatures, there was even magic that surrounded the building that stopped wolves from shifting to even their beta form. Stiles could feel his own magic being dampened. He could use it to protect himself and others but not to attack. And unlike Harry Potter, charms were not something that could be used to kill and still be considered light by any stretch of the imagination.

A man standing in the corner caught Stiles' eye. Lydia, Jackson, Allison, and Scott were around somewhere so Stiles was alone for now. Which was fine, he would rather that than watching them making out again and again. The man though was staring at Stiles and while the expression might be closed off, Stiles hadn't said a word to the man so he couldn't have offended him.

Downing the rest of his drink, Stiles laid it down on the table where there was no person but a collection of drink glasses before he made his way to the dance floor again. Every time that Stiles turned around, that man was still staring at him. He never got closer to Stiles and he never did anything but stare.

It should have made Stiles feel like he was being stalked. He knew that level of intensity was not normal but Stiles also knew that he was drunk enough to not care and also not so drunk that he wouldn't be able to fight the man off enough inside of the club. It was outside that was going to be the issue. Stiles looked around again but the man was gone. Stiles felt a little upset at that. Had he done something to get rid of his admirer?

A hand closed around his hip, hot and tight. Stiles knew that kind of grip, werewolf. Their bodies ran just a little warmer and their grip just a little bit tighter. Another hand closed around his other hip and pulled him back. He felt hot breath on the back of his neck and then it slid around and a scruffy cheek was rubbing on the side of his neck. The werewolf was scent marking him. It had to be the man. He had been scruffy and the man seemed just a bit taller than him.

"Hi," Stiles said and he knew that even over the pumping beat of the music that his body was still moving to, the wolf would hear him.

Stiles felt the rumble of the chest that meant he was answered in some way but he didn't hear it. It could have been just a pleased rumble for all that he knew. Stiles didn't even try and turn around in the hold. He just moved along to the music, making sure to press into the body behind him. The wolf didn't try and stop Stiles' movements. In fact, he most just moved along with Stiles, grinding his front into Stiles' backside.

Time passed too fast and all too slow at the same time as Stiles danced. He knew that he wasn't the most graceful at it but he had learned to do this kind of dancing in the Jungle back home. He felt a hint of teeth on his neck, stilling him and Stiles let himself be dragged off of the floor towards the bar at the front. The wolf stayed behind him the entire time, it would have felt like something caustic if this was back home but this was Vegas. This was for having fun before they all split up and had to go to various schools along the coast that were out of the LA area. Lydia had been at MIT the entire time, the furthest away but she visited a lot and Skype made sure they all were good to go on seeing her enough.

Jackson had pined but that was perfectly understandable. Jackson had even hung out with Stiles just to make Lydia happy. It had been Jackson talking to him and then Danny, that had helped Stiles figure out that he was gay. Lydia was safe to crush on because he knew that he could never get her. Even back in grade school, after they had become friends when Stiles had swapped partners to be with her and Lydia had figured out that Stiles was smarter than he seemed. Lydia had come out of her shell and started to act closer to the genius that she was. Stiles had finished a half of a GPA point below her and had been happy with that in high school. It had been so much better than even hiding how smart he was.

Many had thought it was his ADHD that had made him know as much as he did but it didn't make him retain it all. Learn it all yes as his brain didn't stop but remember it? No.

Stiles felt a drink being pressed into his hand by the bartender. He nodded his thanks and found that it wasn't one of the fruity drinks like he had been drinking the last while after getting his buzz on with this one. It was a Tequila Sunrise. He hadn't drank one of them in about two hours. Stiles drank it halfway before he felt teeth on the side of his neck again. He stilled and an arm wrapped around his waist to start him moving again.

They danced again as Stiles sipped at his drink. He felt drunk and it wasn't from the alcohol but from the dancing and being this close to someone.

"My room?" the wolf asked nearly an hour later, when the drinks were gone and Stiles was wearing out enough that dancing wasn't something that he wanted to keep on doing anymore.

"Fuck, yes," Stiles said.

Stiles woke up in stages. He knew that he was in bed where it was warm, almost too warm. He knew that he was covered in blankets because he couldn't move, they were too heavy on him. He also knew that his neck hurt him like a bitch as soon as he got full into wakefulness. He groaned in pain and tried to move. He stopped when he realized that he couldn't move because of a arm thrown across him.

Grabbing the edge of the blanket, Stiles lifted the blanket and found that he was naked and given the hip and leg that he could see that were tangled with his own, the man with him was naked as well. Stiles knew the arm that was over him. It was the wolf from the night before. Stiles wracked his brain for the name. Derek. He introduced himself as Derek and Stiles had swore when he finally saw his face before they had got to the hotel room that Stiles had seen him before. He had seen him somewhere but the context was very wrong so Stiles couldn't place it. Not even in the harsh light of day.

Stiles didn't hurt anywhere other than his neck and he tried to reach up and touch but as soon as he tried, he found that Derek's nose was there. His face plastered against Stiles' neck. The wolf had probably left a massive hickey there. It was the only sane reason that Stiles could figure out for why his neck ached.

There was one other big glaring reason and it had everything to do with who was in bed with him. Mating bites had to be reciprocated or it was just a bite. Even Alphas could do it with their mates as long as they were human when they made the bite. Stiles knew anything and everything that he could find from good and reputable resources on the Internet. Especially after Scott had been bitten by an Alpha who had run off every single Beta that he had and had gone insane.

The Alpha had been killed by Stiles' dad after a manhunt after he had turned seven teenagers and young adults. The Alpha spark had passed to one of the older adults and a pack had formed. Stiles had started to dig into research to help teach them all they needed and found his own bit of magic inside of himself. The Werewolf Council had helped but Stiles hadn't trusted what they had given out. It had all been truthful but there was a little that hadn't been mentioned. Those parts were okay because Stiles had learned that the information that had been held back had been for a reason and that was to not scare for worst case scenario.

Stiles lived for those though. He planned for it. That was the reason why the Beacon Hills pack had settled as quick as it had. The pack had kind of split up, the older adults staying while the college kids split away to go to college. They were all close enough in the LA area that they could stay a pack, having gotten safe passage for school. After everything that had happened in Beacon Hills, Stiles was pretty sure that they could have wanted to go anywhere for school and the Werewolf Council would have made it happen.

Beacon Hills had been only slightly supernatural and the main residents of the city before the wolf pack had happened was magical users but they liked to keep to themselves. Stiles had found a mentor who had taught him pretty much all that he needed and that mentor had even followed him to LA for college so he could learn all that he would have learned a child. No one understood why Stiles' spark hadn't turned on when he hit puberty like the rest of the magical world. Still Stiles was strong.

The arm that was around Stiles moved again and the hand that it was attached to pressed him back into Derek's body. Stiles gasped as he felt the hard cock pressing between the cheeks of his ass and he moaned as Derek started to rock. Stiles knew that he was still relaxed and loose and probably still slick from the night before.

Stiles wanted. He moved one leg, hitching it up and then reached back with his arm and pulled Derek closer by the hip. "Fuck me."

Derek let go of Stiles' stomach and reached over to grab the bottle of lube that was on the night stand. There was the flick of the cap and then it was being tossed down to the ground. Stiles felt Derek's hand bumping his ass as he coated his dick and then a few fingers were swiped over the rim of his hole. It felt good, he wasn't too sore but just his body remembered what this meant and he wanted it.

Sex had fallen to the wayside over the last two years as Stiles had worked his ass off to get the credits he needed and took the classes that were interesting that had nothing to do with his degree. Stiles jerked off when he had the need or the want or sometimes when his mind and body just needed that release but he wasn't feeling like he needed it for anything else.

"Fuck," Stiles said as Derek slid his cock all the way into him.

Derek fucked him like he meant it. It was too fucking good and Stiles felt himself on edge long before he should be. Derek's pace built up until the only reason that Stiles wasn't moving on the bed was Derek's hold on his thigh. Stiles gripped the bed, needing something other than Derek's body to hold onto. They were covered in sweat and Stiles' hold was precarious. It was fucking good. Hands down, Stiles would have sex with Derek again. He kind of didn't want to leave the bed for a day to see how many times he could get fucked by the wolf.

Stiles whined when Derek pulled out of him. Derek chuckled and his lips were caressing the mark that was on Stiles' neck. Then Stiles was being pressed down onto his front on the bed and his hips lifted just enough to where Derek could slip back inside of him. Stiles tried to push up but Derek was there, his body draping along Stiles', his hands grabbing Stiles' and pulling them up to where Stiles was at his mercy. It shouldn't be as hot as it was.

Derek fucked him long and hard from that position. There was no rush to it and Stiles just felt like he was shattered by the time that Derek finally started to fuck him enough to where he was going to orgasm.

It ripped through Stiles with a scream that he muffled down into the bed. He felt Derek follow behind him and he slumped down into the bed. Derek rode him down, his cock staying inside of him. Derek's nose found the bruise that was on Stiles' neck and shoulder and Stile could hear him snuffling into it like he was breathing in the scent of Stiles. Stiles knew that werewolves had better senses of smell and from Scott he knew that Scott loved nothing better than the scent of Allison after they had sex. Where she smelled of nothing but herself, sweat, sex, and most importantly, Scott.

That only happened in mates though. Wolves knew their mates by smell and even though Stiles had seen it happen with both Jackson and Scott, it was still something that threw him for a loop when he read about it. It was something that was out of the works of fiction to Stiles but then again, he had become a powerful magic user randomly. He was living a life that read like a fiction story.

Stiles realized that Derek had not stopped scenting him and that he was not laying directly on him but off to the side, holding Stiles tight to his body. He had seen that move more than once walking in on Scott and Allison in the apartment that they shared in LA. Scott didn't ever remember to shut the bedroom door when they had sex.

Reaching up, Stiles felt at his neck. He felt the rough bits of scabs that had formed from the teeth that had marked him as Derek's. Stiles started to roll over and Derek allowed it but he whined a little. The first thing that Stiles thought was that Derek looked ever better than he had the night before. He was sleep rumpled and soft. His eyes were dancing with happiness and his mouth was sinful. The second thing was that the marking on Derek's neck matched what Stiles knew was the rough shape of his mouth. Derek's was already healed into a scar and there was the small weird shape of one of Stiles' teeth that had formed weird.

Stiles was human but his magic healed him quicker than most humans. He would be more healed by later in the day, enough to where he wouldn't have to wear anything over it. He tried to settle down as he took in what had happened. He remembered night now in a hazy way. He had not been drunk, not on alcohol but the feeling of being with Derek.

"You smell sour," Derek said. His tone was soft and gentle but his eyes were worried. He reached out and touched Stiles' cheek.

"You knew as soon as you saw me." Stiles wanted to be upset but he wasn't. He hadn't done anything the night before that he hadn't want to do. The mating might have been a little something that Stiles shouldn't have done but he knew what it meant. He had known exactly what Derek knowing that he was his mate would mean. They were basically married in the eyes of the Werewolves of the world and once the paperwork was filed, they would be married in the Human part of the world as well.

"Yes. I watched you for a while before approaching you."

"That's how you knew my drink order."

"Yes. You were not drunk when we left and I talked to Scott while you were hailing a taxi to take us back here. He texted earlier and I saw his number flash so I texted him that you were still asleep. He said you would sleep like the dead after how much dancing you did."

"He trusted you?"

The look that Derek gave Stiles was strange. Stiles just looked at him though. The face was still familiar but instead of thinking he had seen him during the night at the club, it was very familiar in another way. The way that said he had seen him on a magazine or something like that. Derek was a fairly popular name so that wasn't going to help. Werewolf named Derek though was something that wasn't as common. Stiles looked around the room. It wasn't Stiles' pitiful single that he had paid out the ass for scraping by money from the odd jobs he did for people that allowed him to have freedom to do what he wanted but also gave him money when he needed it.

Stiles saw that the room was massive and the bigger it was also meant it cost a hell of a lot more. Then the fact that it was a single bed and there were rooms off of the bedroom told Stiles it was a suite. A suite in Vegas. The view outside told Stiles what location they were staying in given the view. It was well known that the penthouse suite of the Hale Resort was owned by the CEO of the company.

"Fuck." Stiles sat up in bed and looked down at Derek Hale. CEO of Hale AB&O.

"Stiles?" Derek asked as he sat up as well.

"Oh fuck." Stiles covered up the mark with his hand, he could feel the pain of that and he pressed down harder. He could feel a panic attack setting in. He had mated himself to the man who ran the company who had just hired him. It wasn't going to go over well at all. He was going to be seen as someone who was devious. Everyone wanted Derek Hale. Everyone wanted to be around him, wanted to be him, everyone wanted to be with him.

And Derek had mated him without paperwork to protect his company.

"Okay, Stiles. Breathe for me, please."

Stiles looked up and saw that Derek was right there. Right in front of his face, one of his hands cupped the side of his face while the other pressed against his chest.


Derek started to talk, the words were soft and Stiles could barely hear them. They were soothing though and he was able to start to calm down as Derek's hands never left his body. He pushed against the hand on his chest, breathing in so deep that he could feel it pressed against Derek's hand and then as Derek pushed back, he emptied his lungs.

They stayed like that until Stiles was breathing fine on his own. Derek was the first to pull a hand away but all he did with it was pull the hand from Stiles' neck off and then he covered the wound with his own hand. Stiles felt the pain go away from where he had been pressing it hard. Stiles could see the black lines arcing up Derek's arm where he was taking on Stiles' pain.

"Can you tell me why you freaked out?"

"You're Derek Hale."


"You used to live in Beacon Hills and you are one of the youngest CEOs to ever be put in the position you are after your mother and father retired after nearly dying in a car wreck."

"Yes." Derek was giving him a fond look. "The headquarters for Hale AB&O will be moving to Beacon Hills this fall. The old warehouse district in the city is being torn down now and it's going to go there. I've already been in contact with the local pack and Cora's already working on helping to take over the leadership until I get here when the building is fully finished."

"That's what that is going to be?"

"You know of it?"

"What do you know of the pack in Beacon Hills?" Stiles asked instead of answering Derek's question. If the Hales were going home after being gone for a long time when their company had just go bigger and bigger, that meant that the smaller pack would probably be absorbed into the Hale pack and it was something that Stiles was more than okay with. Stiles could stop worrying about those at home. Beacon Hills was just what it said. A beacon for everything supernatural. The Nemeton attracted them there with no care for what it brought. It was neutral and just wanted those like it near there. A large stable pack would mean that the Nemeton might stop calling creatures to it.

"There are seven wolves, five of them are abroad in school, and a smattering of human friends as well as one Spark. Cora knows the names and has all of that. I was going to meet them this weekend. I was stopping here for a break to unwind a little before heading there to kiss ass all weekend."

"Why not unwind there?" Stiles knew that he had been asked to come home with Jackson, Scott, Allison, and Lydia but he hadn't realized that it was pack business.

"It's going to be tense. I know what happened and how the pack was formed. Mom helped a lot with that without drawing attention to herself."

"Did I tell you my name?"

"Just Stiles. You started to get your last name out but I kissed you." Derek did not look sheepish at that at all. In fact, he looked downright proud that he was able to distract Stiles so thoroughly.

"Stilinski," Stiles said.

"Stilinski is the name of his the Sheriff in Beacon Hills, distant-" Derek looked at Stiles his eyes widened. "You are his son."


"So you know about the pack. Given your age you probably went to school with the five wolves that are in college right now."

"Derek, I'm the Spark."